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Leo Semashko

About Global Civil Movement "For Social Harmony in the World"

Some preliminary ideas


The new Global Civil Movement "For Social Harmony in the World" was offered for the first time o­n our International and Multicultural Website "Peace from Social Harmony", in the Great Charter of Harmony. This Movement is created for the support and promotion worldwide building a society of social harmony. China by the first began to build a society of social harmony since 2007. For this Global Movement, first of all, needs creation of Organizational Committee (Orgcommittee), which would develop the basic documents of movement: Mission, Statute of the International Coordination Council, Strategy, Plan of actions, System of the Movement Regional Departments in the world etc. Some authors of our site could enter this Orgcommittee and to promote its formation. For example, Leo Semashko (Russia), Rosa Dalmiglio (Italy), Charles Mercieca (USA), Terrence Paupp (USA) and others. o­n number this Orgcommittee should include approximately 100-120 person, but for the beginning: 20-30. It can be created o­n the basis of our International Site, which now unites 190 authors from 33 countries of the world and is published in 15 languages. o­n this site the separate page "Global Movement "For Social Harmony" is open already.


The representatives of China should borrow in Orgcommittee not less than 40 % of its number. The Chinese side also should at the beginning fully finance this Global Movement and its Orgcommittee, as they will work o­n support of China, which is interested in powerful international support for building a harmonious society both in the home and in other countries.


Building a harmonious society in China and its leading role in the appropriate Global Movement is made China by the SPECIAL pole of the modern world order in the 21st century. This new pole of the world order becomes the important attractive centre for many countries of the world and becomes powerful alternative to the imperialistic aspirations of some countries, aspiring to ratify the world domination and o­nepolar world order. The pole of social harmony will ensure to China a moral leadership in the world and will make the powerful centre of a new multipolar world order.


Very important to give a precise sphere structure for Global Movement "For Social Harmony" from the beginning of its creation. It means, that the Movement for social harmony should unite in itself four directions: 1. Social harmony in humanitarian sphere (education, public health services, social maintenance, pensioners, children, students etc.); 2. Social harmony in information / cultural sphere (science, culture, communication, designing, information service, Mass Media etc.); 3. Social harmony in organizational sphere (policy, law, finance, management, defense etc.), 4. Social harmony in economic (material-technical) sphere (industry, agriculture, transport, construction, trade etc.).


According to these directions the Orgcommittee should have the APPROPRIATE four departments, which should be equal under the rights, responsibility, powers and number. o­nly such, sphere, structure of Orgcommittee will ensure harmony for governance and management with Global Movement "For Social Harmony". If the management body of this movement will not correspond to the requirements of harmony, which is provided o­nly with sphere structure, and this Global Movement never will reach its purpose and will not correspond to the title and destination.



Dr Leo Semashko


Director:TetrasociologicalInstitute and IFLAC Russia;

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