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Peacemaking Conferences, Universities, Publications, Grants etc


Rudolf J. Siebert

Professor of Religion and Society

IUC Course Director

Director of the WMU Center for HumanisticFuture Studies

andhis colleagues will conduct a course, entitled Future of Religion: Mutual Treatment of Believing and Non-BelievingCitizens, at the Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik, from April 27, - May 2, 2009. Youare invited! If you would like to read the Callfor Papers, please follow this link:http://www.rudolfjsiebert.org/web_publications/Dubrovnik-31.pdf



Don Frana Bulića 4, HR 20000 DUBROVNIK, Croatia

Tel. + 385 20 413 626 / 627, Fax + 385 20 413 628

E-mail: iuc@iuc.hr


International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP)

Dedicated to United Nations Goals of Peace Education,

Environmental Protection, Human Rights and Disarmament

Circulation Newsletter

January-February 2009, Vol. 41, No. 1-2


IAEWP World-Wide News


Bangladesh: Rev. Priti Sarman, Internnational Liaison, is Secretary-General of Bangladesh Buddhist Peace and Non-Violence Society. He brings people together periodically to meditate, pray and discuss various themes and avenues of peace. His e-mail: pritisaram@yahoo.com


Canada: Mr. Fred Schubert, Advisory Board Member, is creating a strong spiritual movement throughout Canada o­n the assumption that true peace emanates from the heart of each individual. His e-mail: hismercy@rogers.com


Croatia: Dr. Nenad Javornik, Secretary-General, is President of Croatian Red Cross. He has developed several humanitarian projects that alleviated the lives of many people. He also travels often to participate in peace projects. His e-mail: nenad.javornik@hck.hr


France: Mr. Boudjemaa Zennouche, National Chancellor, makes periodical trips abroad to promote peace through music. He plays well string instruments and made several CDs of his performances. His e-mail: b_zennouch@yahoo.fr


India: Dr. Surya Nath Prasad, Exec. Vice President, has published recently our annual issue of Peace Education Journal of which he is founder and editor. He has travels often to promote the IAEWP goals. His e-Mail: dr_suryanathprasad@yahoo.co.in


Italy: His Holiness Lama Gangchen, Executive Board Member, travels constantly around the world to promote peace in human hearts that comes through our love and complete dedication toward others. His e-mail: lgwpf@lgpt.net


Latvia: Dr. Tatjana Volkova, National Chancellor, is in charge of the Business School in Riga. She writes articles and travels periodically to give conferences related to business ethics and peace. Her e-mail: tatjana.volkova@ba.lv


Liberia: Mr. Kollie King, Advisory Board Member, is working to help with the implementation of peace education studies and programs in schools around the nation. He is fully devoted to the cause of peace. His e-mail: kollieking@yahoo.com


Malaysia: Dr. Steve Varatharajan, Advisory Board Member, has been instrumental in the successful organization of the recently held IAEWP World Peace Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His e-mail: steve_rajan@yahoo.com


Morocco: Mr. Eldissari A.S.M. is the new National Chancellor of Morocco. He travelled extensively around the world and is now using his valuable contacts to expand IAEWP in many countries. His e-mail: montassiro@hotmail.com


Philippines: Dr. Lily Rodrigo Canlas, International Liaison, is Principal of Jesu Mariae School in Manila where she directs peace educational studies and programs. She is very much dedicated to peace in all of her endeavors. Her e-mail: mgjms@vasia.com


Poland: Dr. Dariusz Kwolek, National Chancellor, represents IAEWP at the United Nations in Vienna. He has been deeply involved in world peace through education and disarmament for several years. His e-mail: instytutmed@wp.pl


Russia: Dr. Leo Semashko, Founder and President of Global Harmony Association, is IAEWP Advisory Board Chairman. He is planning to set up World Peace Academies in several countries as instruments for a genuine peace. His e-mail: leo4442006@yandex.ru


South Korea: Mr. Min Byung Il, Advisory Board Member, has been instrumental in the final editing of Diplomacy Journal, viewed now as o­ne of the best journals in the world. He has good contacts with the Arab world. His E-mail: mihnbi@yahoo.com


Spain: Dr. Beatriz Estabanez, International Liaison, is involved with the Albert Schweitzer International University in Madrid. She participated in several peace conferences to promote peace work. Her e-mail: administration@albertsc.com


Switzerland: Dr. Bert Wolfs, Executive Board Member, is Dean of the SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich, where students from around the world study and get their degrees in Business Administration. His e-mail: dean@sbs.edu


Taiwan: Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, Internl Liaison, is President of Tai Ji Men Academy and of Federation of World Peace and Love. He has many followers who perform peace exhibitions and entertainment in quite a few countries. His e-mail: info@fowpal.org


U.S.A.: Mr. William Thompson, Director of Public Relations, has just updated our official IAEWP website: www.iaewp.org Computer work and design happen to be the areas of his specialty. His e-mail: thompson@iaewp.org


Editor and Publisher: Dr. Charles Mercieca

P.O. Box 3282, Mastin Lake Station

Huntsville, Alabama 35810-0282, USA

Ph: 256-534-5501 / Fax: 256-536-1018

E-Mail; mercieca@hiwaay.net

Website: www.iaewp.org




Dear Friends and Colleagues;

I am writing to inform you that the International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE-Paris) is organizing a conference about:

 "Excellence in Education 2008: Future Minds and Creativity".

This conference will take place in Paris o­n (July 2-4, 2008).


I do hope you will join the conference.

The website is available o­nline now. You can get more information about the conference if you access the conference website:


In addition, you could access our website:


Finally, we do hope that you could forward this e-mail to your friends and colleagues who might be interested in this field in general and this conference in particular.

You can contact me any time. I will be more than happy if I could be of any help.

With very best wishes and warm regards.


Taisir Subhi Yamin


Heilmeyersteiege 93,

D-89075, Ulm, Germany.

Tel.: (+49) 172-929-7632

e-Mail: taisir@icieparis.net

Prof. Dr. Taisir Subhi-Yamin,(Fulbrighter, ECHA & WCGTC);
Scientific Director, ICIE-Paris;
The International Centre for Innovation in Education (icieparis.net);
Heilmeyersteige 93; D-89075, Ulm; Germany.
International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP).



The 32nd International Course o­n the The Future of Religion:

The Wholly Other, Liberation, and the Rescue of the Hopeless

IUC, Dubrovnik, Croatia,

April 28 May 3, 2008




Professor Siebert and his colleagues will conduct a course, entitled Future of Religion: The Wholly Other, Liberation, Happiness and the Rescue of the Hopeless, at the Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik, from April 28, - May 3, 2008. You are invited! If you would like to read the Call for Papers, please follow this link: http://www.rudolfjsiebert.org/web_publications/Dubrovnik-31.pdf



Don Frana Bulića 4, HR 20000 DUBROVNIK, Croatia

Tel. + 385 20 413 626 / 627, Fax + 385 20 413 628

E-mail: iuc@iuc.hr

http: //rudolfjsiebert.org



From the Middle East to Asia Pacific:

Arc of Conflict or Dialogue of Cultures and Religions?

Seventh Annual Conference

Globalization for the Common Good: An Interfaith Perspective


30 June 4 July 2008

Trinity College, University of Melbourne


Call for Papers


This major international conference is co-sponsored by the Centre for Dialogue (La Trobe

University; Melbourne, Australia), Trinity College (University of Melbourne), the Melbourne

College of Divinity, and the Asia-Pacific Institute for Inter-Religious Dialogue (Australian

Catholic University). It is the seventh annual conference in the series Globalization for the

Common Good - An Interfaith Perspective founded by Dr Kamran Mofid.


The Conference programme is designed to achieve three objectives:

- To explore the far-reaching ramifications of conflict in the Middle East (broadly defined) for

the religious, cultural and political landscape of the Asia-Pacific region;

- To bring together in fruitful interaction the insights of several disciplinary traditions (in

particular religious studies, cultural studies, international relations, history, sociology and law);

- To illuminate and strengthen the connections between the Middle East and the geographic

regions which constitute Asia Pacific, in particular West Asia, South Asia, Northeast Asia,

Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.


Previous conferences have been held in Oxford (2002), St Petersburg (2003), Dubai (2004), Kericho, Kenya (2005), Honolulu (2006) and Istanbul (2007). For background information o­n the initiative and details of previous conferences visit: http://www.globalisationforthecommongood.info/

The Conference is jointly convened by Dr Kamran Mofid and Professor Joseph A. Camilleri

(Director of the Centre for Dialogue and Professor of International Relations, La Trobe University).

The official opening of the Conference will take place in the evening of Monday 20 June 2008.

Further information: Dr Ruwan Palapathwala: Email: ruwanp@trinity.unimelb.edu.au.


Proposals should be received by Monday 19 November 2007.

Proposals should include:

Title of proposed paper;

A 250-word abstract, setting out relevance to o­ne or other of the key themes

outlined above;

Authors name and institutional affiliation;

o­ne paragraph bio-note of the author.

All proposals will be assessed by an inter-disciplinary panel appointed by the joint conveners, and

applicants will be informed of the Organising Committees decision by 21 January 2008.



Grants to attend Summer Institute
Democracy, Social Movements and Governance in the South


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 6 - 31, 2007


Global Campaign for Peace Education

Newsletter | Issue # 43 | May 2007


The Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE) e-newsletter provides a monthly bulletin of GCPE news, events, action alerts and reports of peace education activities and developments from around the world.Back issues of the newsletter are archived o­nline at www.tc.edu/PeaceEd/newsletter .

**Please add this email address to your "safe sender" list to assure it arrives safely in your inbox.

Dear Friends,


It has been almost five months since the Peace Education Center volunteered to take o­n the duties of coordinating the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE).In this brief period of time members of the GCPE community have shared with us many success stories.These stories often go untold or unnoticed - they are experiences that fall into the cracks of history.Reading these shared experiences I can't help imagining how significant these stories are to those that are doing the telling.There is some relative truth to the old proverb that actions speak louder than words - however actions are o­nly brief flashes in a much richer history.


As peace educators we can find hope in the realization that most decisions and actions (positive or negative) are arrived at via a learning process.Actions are learned and typically value informed behaviors gleaned through a blend of formal and non-formal learning experiences including schooling, the family, religious institutions, friendships, acquaintances, etc.These moments of learning should be considered as historically important as the actions they produce.


Consider the moment when you first learned that peace education could make a difference.How did this change your outlook o­n the world?What new possibilities emerged in that moment?How has your life change because of it?


Now take a moment to contemplate or observe the near opposite.How has violence (direct, physical, structural, cultural) become "normalized" and accepted as a response to conflict?How have/are violent actions and behaviors been learned?What forms of learning might perpetuate violent attitudes and behaviors?


Learning is a remarkable and transformational process.In our present world violence is all too common.Our history of actions - fueled by our history of learning - tells this story well.As peace educators we have a great opportunity to help facilitate the learning of others so that they might write a new history.Facilitating learning in a way in which learning itself becomes historical is our responsibility.Transforming educational policies, practices and curriculum that perpetuate violent attitudes and actions is also part of our comprehensive and holistic task.


The GCPE network exists to help facilitate the necessary learning between and among us that might make such transformations in learning and educational practice possible.As you read the articles and stories shared by other GCPE colleagues below try to imagine the significant learning that took place (and what that learning looked like) that made their actions possible.What might you learn from their experience?


We hope that many of you will join us this August 8-10 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the International Institute o­n Peace Education (IIPE) with a special educational event taking place at the United Nations (see details below).This event, co-sponsored by the GCPE, will be a unique opportunity to learn with and from peace educators from around the world.We invite you to join us at this event to reflect upon the past 25 years of peace education and to envision the learning and actions that may guide us into the future.


In peace,

Tony Jenkins, Coordinator, GCPE

(Co-Director, Peace Education Center; Global Coordinator, IIPE)


News & Highlights

Peace Education in the Field

Action Alerts

Events & Conferences

Training & Workshops

Publications & Research

Jobs & Internships

May 16 2007


Fellowship funding


Fellowship Opportunities
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
Stanford, CA, USA
Applications: June 30, 2007

The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) in Stanford, California, USA, invites applications for its 2008-09 residential fellowships.

This sabbatical fellowship provides an opportunity for faculty to pursue priority research and expand their horizons while engaging in a diverse, interdisciplinary intellectual community. The Center considers applications from scholars in a wide range of disciplines and interdisciplinary areas in the social and behavioral sciences, and humanities.

The Center offers a supportive, stimulating, and peaceful environment in which to work. A CASBS fellowship award is considered a career milestone for any scholar, and most recipients report that the year had a transformative effect o­n later work.

The application form and guidelines are available at www.casbs.org
or call +1-650-321-2052.



ourse: Future of Religion

Professor Rudolf Siebert from USA and his colleagues will conduct a course, entitled "Future of Religion: From the Jus Talionis to the Golden Rule," at the Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik, o­n April 23-28, 2007.

You are invited! If you would like to read the 'Call for Papers,' please follow this link


Don Frana Buli_a 4, HR 20000 DUBROVNIK, Croatia
Tel. + 385 20 413 626 / 627, Fax + 385 20 413 628
E-mail: iuc@iuc.hr


New Journal for your publications!


Dear Friend!

 Please consider our new Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies for your publications!

 Most appreciatingly and thankfully,



Evelin G. Lindner, M.D., Ph.D. (Dr. med.), Ph.D. (Dr. psychol.), Social Scientist


Founding Manager of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS, http://www.humiliationstudies.org)

- affiliated with the Columbia University Conflict Resolution Network, New York (egl2109@columbia.edu)

- affiliated with the University of Oslo, Department of Psychology (see http://folk.uio.no/evelinl/)

- Senior Lecturer, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Department of Psychology (see http://psyweb.svt.ntnu.no/ansatte/)

- affiliated with the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris

- teaching, furthermore, in South East Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and other places globally

March 12, 2007


TRANSCEND Peace University TPU o­n-Line


***The worlds first o­n-line university for peace and development studies***

!!!!!Call for applications for the Spring 2007 semester!!!!!

March 19th June 19th 2007

Deadline for Registration: March 10th, 2007


With faculty drawn from amongst the leading scholars and practitioners in their fields internationally, TPU is the world's first truly global, o­n-line Peace University designed for

government and NGO practitioners, policy makers and students at any level working in the

fields of peace, conflict transformation, development post-war reconstruction, rehabilitation

and reconciliation, and global issues.


Since 1996, TRANSCEND has offered more than 800 o­n-site training programs for over

12,000 participants around the world, using the TRANSCEND manual "Conflict

Transformation by Peaceful Means," published by the United Nations. Now, studying

together with professionals and practitioners from around the world is possible through

TRANSCEND Peace Universitys o­n-line courses, offered in cooperation with many of the

leading practitioners and scholars in the field.


In the March 2007 Semester TPU will offer 16 courses in the area of peaceful conflict

transformation, gender, peacebuilding, nonviolence, peace and business, human rights,

peace journalism and many others. You can find the complete list of courses by visiting:



1. Peaceful Conflict Transformation: the TRANSCEND Method, Course

Director: Joahn Galtung, Course Assistants:, Sara Horowitz, Akifumi Fujita

2. Peacebuilding - Implementing Peace Processes in War Affected Societies,
Course Director : Kai Frithjof Brand Jacobsen

3. Transformarea pasnica a conflictelor: metoda TRANSCEND, Co-Directors: Sabin Muresan, Ina Curic

4. Transformacion Pacifica de Conflictos, Course Directors:Gustavo de la Pena, Diana de la Rua

5. Conflict Care & Reconciliation, Course Director: S.P. Udayakumar

6. Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation, Course Director: S.P.Udayakumar

7. Democratization and Development, Course Director: Paul Scott

8. Gender and Militarism, Course Director: Gal Harmat

9. The Human Right to Food, Course Director: Prof. George Kent

10. Mathematics and Peace, Course Director: Johan Galtung

11. Peace Business, Course Director: Howard Richards

12. Negocios Sustenables y Efectivos, Course Director: Sara Horowitz, Dr., Codirector:Jaime Suarez

13. Peace, Gender and Violence, Course Director: Celia Cook-Huffman

14. Peace Journalism, Course Directors: Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick

15. Peace Zones, Course Director: Christophe Barbey

16. Non-violent Political Institutions, Course Director: Christophe Barbey


Cost per o­ne Course: For OECD participants 300 Euros. For non OECD participants 150

Euros. For a list of OECD member countries please visit http://www.oecd.org/countrieslist/


For more information or to apply, please contact the TRANSCEND Peace University Global

Center in Cluj, Romania:

E-mail: tpu@transcend.org

Tel +40-724-380511

Fax +40-264-420298

Web-site www.transcend.org/tpu

Natalia Shelaru, Administrative Director, TRANSCEND Peace University (TPU), Tel/Fax: +40 264420298, Tel: +40 729217096, E-m natalia.shelaru@transcend.org Web-site:www.transcend.org/tpu Mailing address: OP 1-CP 331Cluj-Napoca, 134 919, Romania

Ms. Cristina Barsony

Administrative Coordinator


OP1 CP331

134 919 Cluj-Napoca


Fax 40-264-420298

Telephone 40-724-380551




Mailing address: OP 1 - CP 331

Cluj-Napoca, 134 919, Romania


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