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To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically
based ABC of Harmony through harmonious education and GPS

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Dear Members of GGHA

To mark the occasion of "Protection and Children Priority Day" - o­n the Harmonious Era Calendar of Global Harmony Association o­n the 1st of June each year, I herewith attach my poem to mark the exclusive day.


Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

International Poet Review Writer Universal Peace Ambassador,

Vice-Chair, Global Harmony Association,

tacvarthy@gmail.com | worldpeacepoetry@gmail.com

Address: Hyderabad 500 059 [TS ] INDIA

Website: https://worldpeacepoetry.com/



When will the Aching Cries of Children Move Us?


Dear Ashok,

The GGHA sincerely thanks you for the memory and deep spiritual commitment to the "Children's Day of Protection and Priority" in the GGHA "Harmonious Era Calendar", since 2005, which you expressed with your brilliant poem under the refrain: "When will the Aching cries of children move us?" Your empathic poem is published o­n the corresponding, English and Russian pages of our site here:

https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=292 https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=328

The GGHA since the very beginning, 18 years old, since 2005, "was shifted by the cries of children" to the creation of the world's first fundamental Gandhian science of true, global peace - spheronics, which we created in the first approximation, and an elementary primer textbook of which (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1129) we are writing today under the pressure of many obstacles. It gives children real hope for a future, scientific, Gandhian peace without violence, freeing them from the threat of a new world war, the most terrible nuclear war, approaching in 90 seconds. We are deprived of other resources to protect children from war and give them priority in society. But our science will find adherents who love children and implement it.

Best wishes for the children of true, scientific, eternal peace,

With love,

Leo Semashko,

GGHA founder (2005) and Honorary President,

June 1, 2023



Day of protection and priority of children.

When will it come real?

GHA Message, June 1, 2020



Our dear children, our hope and future!


The GHA is happy to congratulate you and your caring and thinking parents about you o­n this day, and wish you all good health, happiness, as far as possible and better prospects in your life.

Can me hope o­n them? Is it possible to wait that society will understand simple thought that its quality in all its spheres and in all senses depends o­nly o­n the quality of children, o­n the quality of childhood. Indeed, in a militaristic world order in which real priority is given to war, weapons, violence, when all democracies stamp the highest expenditures o­n military budgets, the priority of children remains a myth, even if it is proclaimed. In this case, the children are left with crumbs from the militaristic table of the democratic authorities of any kind.

Of course, it is very good that Russia is going to write down the priority of children in its Constitution, honor and praise it (!), the o­nly o­ne in the world. But what is it really worth if it does not have social support for parents, written down in the special Constitutional Law Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents? This GHA law has been offering for 16 years, since 2004: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=211, but all to no avail. Without this law, i.e. without a real vote through parents of every child under 18 years old, behind which there is real, massive and strong support of caring parents, which all authorities at all levels from the municipal to national and global will have to reckon with, children, as always, will be left with crumbs from a militaristic rich table.

Only with this law will priority be given to the future of children / society in 10203050 years, instead of today's hustle and bustle of important but momentary problems of eternal economic crises, shocks in foreign policy, epidemics, etc. Together with the children, the agenda of the future, long-term perspective, which was replaced by the threat of global nuclear ecocide / genocide created for children/future/nature by 75 years old and replaced by o­nly 100 seconds (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924). To maintain it, instead of supporting children, trillions are spent at all levels of militaristic democratic power.

Our dear children! There is o­nly o­ne peaceful and scientific way out of this global militaristic nightmare that violates your first right - the right to life: to study and master the nonviolent cybernetic thinking of the book Gandhica (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848), so that by arming them to build a new, non-violent society and power o­n Earth, excluding war, violence and militarism. o­nly such a society can provide you with a worthy, real priority in peace, love, harmony, equality, justice, freedom and fraternity of all the peoples of the Earth as a single family. Without such a society, there will be no life o­n it.


Long live the children today, tomorrow and always every day!

They are the priority of life and the future!


Dr. Leo Semashko,

Founder and Honorary President of the GHA,

June 1, 2020


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Children Protection Day! From whom? How?

- o­nly through the Gandhian nonviolence!


Dear GHA members, friends,

GHA is happy to congratulate you o­n the Day of Protection and Priority of Children, who remain the most defenseless part of humanity. From whom should they be protected today? How to protect them today? The distinct and effective answers to these questions do not exist until now.

GHA has long been answering them. The main danger and threat to the lives of children is war, aggression and endless violence, the greatest purveyor of which in the world is the USA, as Martin Luther King established. All world polls confirm this fact. All US/NATO wars over the past 20 years, starting with military aggression against Yugoslavia (1999), war and the destruction of Iraq and Libya, aggression in Afghanistan and Syria, killed tens of millions of civilians, including millions of children and mothers, gave rise to endless flows of refugees which millions have drowned in the Mediterranean. This is genocide against children and mothers, which is confirmed by dozens of honest journalists and scholars. Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire wrote in 2014: the United States and the United Kingdom committed genocide against the Iraqi people when, between 1990 and 2012, they killed 3.3 million people including 750,000 children through sanctions and wars. (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=678)

Today, it is necessary to save and protect children from the American militarist junta of the Pentagon/NATO, from its incessant violence, fomented by trillions of military budgets, from its endless crimes against humanity, against children.

How to save and protect? Mahatma Gandhi long ago offered o­ne cardinal way to save and protect children, as and humanity from the plague of violence: NON-VIOLENCE, which, by its ingenious definition, "is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction as non-violence is the unbreakable law of our life."

Militarists and rapists, destroying millions of children and women, naturally, ignore and violate the law of non-violence. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the US peacemaking and children's organizations also prefer to hush up the US/NATO genocide against children. They are also indifferent to non-violence, not understanding its fundamental social basis. It is revealed by the GHA for more than 14 years in its dozens of books and projects, which this year are crowned with the GHJA unprecedented Gandhi book (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). It gives a clear and effective answer to the questions: From whom to protect children? And how to protect? GHA calls o­n all honest and concerned with children people to identify with the GHA Gandhi book o­n the 150th anniversary of its birth!

Long live children in Gandhian non-violence as their best defense! Long live the non-violence of Gandhi in its effective understanding in the GHA "Gandhi book"!

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Founder and Honorary President,

June 1, 2019



On the Day of Protection and Priority of Children of GHA

I attach herewith my contributory poem.May choose o­ne among the Two

Thanking you all

Poetically Yours

Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

# 16-2-836/L, Plot-39

Madhavnagar, Saidabad,

Hyderabad 500 059 [TS] INDIA



GHA Gandhian Poetic Contest: Childrens Priority of True Protection

Dear Ashok and Rosa!

Many thanks for your congratulations o­n the World Children's Protection Day and your pictures and the wonderful poem by Ashokji. We appreciate your care and attention to children. Thank you very much. Your contributions to the childrens protection were published o­n two pages:



          And accordingly o­n the Russian pages:



Unfortunately, about children are less and less remembered and cared even in the GHA, for whom children are our highest humanistic priority and value. For the sake of children, we created the Global Peace Science, The ABC of Harmony and are promoting Gandhi's non-violence and etc. Why did our children's and women's (especially rich American) organizations stayed away from children, from their protection and are deafly silent for the day of their protection o­n June 1? Where is our love for children? Run dry and peter out? Nothing to be inspired and eat? Doesn't Gandhi's non-violence constitute the most powerful source and inspiration for protecting children from their militaristic destruction in the American/NATO world order? Why are our humanist poets and peacemakers silent about this? Forgot children? Or are they afraid of the militarist US/NATO dictator?

We admire the Ashok poems. But we wonder why he still has not offered in the GHA "Gandhi book" a poem dedicated to Gandhi's non-violence as the best protecting children actively promoted in the GHA? Ashok wrote well about this o­n the anniversary of the GHA (see attachment and: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=874). We would be happy if he wrote in the coming days a poem for our new book, maybe with about the title: Gandhi's Nonviolence: GHA Inspiration for the Childrens True Protection. Is this possible for you? Is it possible for other GHA poets, for your lively poetic imagination? Or is it faded and silent?

We announce the GHA Poets Contest o­n this topic, with the poems publication o­n the website and in a special book (if they gather o­n it) for the World Gandhian Poets Forum presentation in India, in October. Maybe this Contest will revive the poetic children's Muse in the GHA? We hope that Ashokji will initiate this Contest and send us his poem o­n this topic by the first. After that, we will be happy to approve him as the GHA Secretary General of the Gandhian Poetic Contest. The similar GHA Contest was first organized in 2005: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=104, and then we tried to repeat it in 2007: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=296. Now there will be a new attempt to revive it for Gandhian Jubilee.
Best wishes for peace from harmony/non-violence,


Womens Global Harmony Association (WGHA)





2018 CHILDRENS DAY Message


Our Message for Children's Protection and Priority Day o­n the GHA "Harmonious Era Calendar" continues the GHA's 10-year tradition in this direction: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=292

The International Childrens day is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm globally. WGHA mothers, parents and adults call of all parents, teachers, governments and the society to recognize their first responsibility towards understanding and harmonious education each child equally and respectfully. We cannot afford to fail our children, if we do; we are bound to fail our present, our future and civilization as well. This day reminds us of our responsibility to make the world a safer, better and happier place for children. The best way to ensure this is to establish the social priority of children by "The Law of Childrens Suffrage Executed by Parents", which is proposed by the GHA for more than 13 years: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=211

We cultivate the scientific language of global peace from social harmony to exclude wars and violence and to taught children and adultsfor the conscious building of a harmonious civilization. o­nly it can be a better world for our children to enable them become great leaders of the new millennium, where all races live in harmony as o­ne family. As we all know children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. Every child matters!


Happy Childrens Day!


From Co-Chairs of the WGHA Board

JD. Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Accra, Ghana


The Women's Global Harmony Association (WGHA) Board
of the 5 Co-Chairs:


Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Ghana: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524


Dr. Rosa Dalmiglio, Italy: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=28


Dr. Thérèse Marie Robert, France: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=467


Dr. Pratibha Garg. India: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=826


Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, India: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481












POEM by Ayo Ayoola-Amale



We build tomorrow o­n fire.

We build the ancestor to humanity,
they yelled our names, the mind,
in the heart of the deepening moonlight wind

with a steady hand we take hold of paradise.

We walk with societys souls like maddened fresh air

in blazing nobility echoing centuries.

We build tomorrow in the world we found

for every child.

-ayo ayoola-amale 2016



Dr. Thérèse Marie Robert, France



Responses to Children's Day

Dear GHA and WGHA members, friends,

        Many thanks for your kind, deep and responsible congratulations o­n the Day of Priority and Protection of Children! We received 48 congratulations, poems, comments, pictures, messages and responses from 14 countries. Special thanks to Ayo Amale, the first Co-Chair of the WGHA for her initial Message o­n this landmark day. I published all your feedbacks to preserve all the richness of your different ideas for peace, harmony and welfare of children here:

         In addition, I opened three new pages for the materials o­n children, for Rosa Dalmiglio and Susana Roberts:

Rosa Dalmiglio. Children refugee in ITALY and other European countries:
Rosa Dalmiglio. Peace from the Harmony of the Chinese Women and Children: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=830
Susana Roberts: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=828

         Of course, it was a difficult and long work, which required a lot of effort and time, what caused my delay with the response, for which I beg to understand and excuse me.

         The most important result of this day is that the GHA and WGHA understand their profound responsibility for the fate of children and their mothers in our fragile world, for global peace and harmony, without which there cannot be a life for children and which constitute their first right, as the right of all humankind.

         This can be understood and achieved only through the "Global Peace Science" created in the GHA for 13 years and only through women's leadership in society with a new, spheral democracy free from the ineradicable vices of militarism, corruption, nationalism and inequality, disregard for children and women of traditional democracy.

          With love and gratitude, with the wishes of peace from harmony for children as the future of humanity,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President,



The poem shows the sadness of our souls kept regarding the life of those who are meant to be forgotten and our hearts faint, because it seems there is no way out. Lets tell them there is hope and we shall do something for them , even in words like Ernesto did with his generous keeping an eye o­n them. All my love.

Bella Ventura bella.ventura@gmail.com





Dear Muhammad Faruque Malik,

This complex poem is my protest against the unjust wayin which our society care (I said doesn´t care) of poor (nameless) children of the world.

Unfortunately, o­nly you responded and analyzed it

Ernesto Kahan



The problems and issues being faced in the US society must be a concern or no-concern for o­nly those living in US.

World peace cannot be achieved if big powers keep arming themselves and other countries. If War Is A Policy of the Global Greats, then global peace shall become an ever farther reality. Not o­nly peace but global ecology will further degrade.

The poem "Nameless Children" by Ernesto Kahan is the description of a future that will result as a consequence of un-controlled unscruplous greed for more and more money by those known as Neocons.

Best regards

Muhammad Faruque Malik, farooqids@gmail.com




Nameless Children


By Ernesto Kahan


Nameless children, you were wronged at birth,

So far from the stock exchange

and so close to what they call "a place o­n the periphery".

Now you arrived to the time of death, gas, poison,

pacts of geo-power,

Some say, for hegemony;

Some say, for matters of loyalty;

Say ... and say ... some o­nly to say;

Others ... better not to speak.

I will write a poem,

My neighbor will pray

another will give a lecture,

-something masterful-

In your nameless grave,

nobody will take risks;

I told you -there are problems

in stock exchanges,

oil, arms, regional pacts, Russia, Iran

here and beyond Europe,

sheikhs, caregivers of God,

In the American empire,

with hundreds of analysts

here and there,

among many gods, each

unique -of course!

of the human religions.


Without name you raised, children.

Tomorrow you will not be remembering.

There will be other names,

other poems

and other talks - talks and moretalks


Today, I think of Emma Goldman and John Reed,

their ideals and disappointments,

think of César Vallejo

and Walt Whitman, "the old man".

Today, I'm going to apologize for being born

and I'm going to the aquarium to learn to swim

with the inhabitants of the water,

to eat, love and procreate

to have no government, no honor nor property...




Children First

María Cristina Azcona


Your dark brown eyes, dearest child

Are always blue like the diaphanous sky

Are made of topaz, gold and fairy wings

And have thesimplicity of spherical things


Child, your joyfulness, is our first command,

our thirst and our glory

There are many children who cannot talk to us

Because they are unborn, but also there and real


There are many children who cannot play and smile to us

Because starvation, drugs, corruption, hatred and war

mutilated their brains and entire life.

Before money, health and romance,

you are the first priority


The dearest creature who came to us, o­n Earth

From angels transparencies through air and breath

Your soul is clear as clear mountain streams

And Love is the origin of your childish dreams


Child, your future is in our hand


So, we need to understand

Your needs are first, although you dont complain

You are not unable to express yourself.

This is us who cant get what you may necessitate

And always adult world is leaving you at the end.


Which is your sea, which is your sand

Your bay, your universe, your better place to stand


There are many children who are far away from us

In other cities, without bread,an awful panorama

They are awaitingsolidarity from other countries

But yet there is not a Global Law against their drama


Child, your future is in our hand

So, we need to understand

Which is your sea, which is your sand

Your bay, your universe, your better place to stand


Child, your joyfulness, is our first command,,

our thirst and our glory

Before money, health and romance,

you ought to be our first priority

Lic. María Cristina Azcona




Sharing you an old poem of mine for children in war:


Yearning to smell the perfume of care


For the child of war,

There is danger,

Second after second,

Moment after moment,

Day after day,

The terror of a bomb,

The loss of a beloved,

The loss of the home,

The loss of a limb,


That's the war time,

That's the war life,


The daily terror,

The air of aggression,

The noise of wrath,


Waiting for a moment of safety,

To breathe a serene breath,

Yearning to smell the perfume of care,

To watch the beauty of gentleness...


In the mist of daily terror,

Yearning to feel serenity,

To watch the beauty of gentleness.

The child of war,

Yearning to smell the perfume of care...


Child of war,

May you smell

The perfume of care...

Smell the perfume of care...


Lida Sherafatmand, communications.lida@gmail.com


July, 2014



Dear Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale,

Congratulations to you and all Co-Chairs OF WGHA & All Peace Leaders for our WGHA 2018 children's day message.

I wish you a Happiestnd a Peaceful & Happier life to all

With regards,

Dr.Surendra Pathak




Dear Co-Chairs of WGHA, GHA, and Peace builders,


I hope this finds you well. Kindly find attached file for our WGHA

2018 children's day message. I wish you a fun-filled Childrens day

and a happier life in profound peace!

Warm regards,

Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale




Your poem dear Guy, is a philosophical lyric great work. CONGRATULATIONS!

Ernesto Kahan





To transmit to the new generation the culture of peace


My creed for humanity


It is my confidence in faces


Reflecting the diversity of the five continents


For songs of otherness


Who connect the beings


Bridges in o­ne


Only o­ne heart in different bodies


That of the glance towards the other


Quite as human


Like the rainbow


Connect the ground to the sky


Intelligence of the need


Is the proof of freedom


Moving towards noble intentions


To build itself for new epopees


Mankind o­n this ground


Supporting the dialog and the harmony


Between the generations


So that the buds hatch


Dialog between the civilizations


As is born the scented flower


Under the effect of the dew


And of the breeze of the morning.


Copyright Guy CREQUIE




Poem with my son (for a Syrian child)


You are our son in this life

You knew tragedies

The pain of the sentences

And the heaviness of the existences


But the life is always hope

Love of the parents this mirror

Who helps all the trajectories

To find the good pavement


That of the infinite affection

Who transcends all the diseases

Wars and adventures

Whose lives pay the price of them


You will gain the price of time

The combat against the whims

You will transform your illusions

The poison will become elixir


In the twilight of the past

The dawn of the winners will succeed

That of your own destiny

Made decided victories

And of marked happiness

By your new humanity.


Copyright Guy CREQUIE





By education and the culture

He will know the social world


Let us give him to them knowledge

For better understanding the company

In which young girl or young man

It, where he saw!

Better than it or he controls it

And gives him the direction for its, our destiny


That it or that it, has a high spirituality

without ceases-More marked

So that it or that it opens its heart

With the wealth of the beings of the five continents

Like the arc- en -sky

Illuminate the sky by its beauty


Let us encourage there, encourage it

To serve humanity our Elder

Like a person

Always more kneaded clearness and of kindness.


Copyright Guy CREQUIE




Speaking of Child Protection Day - I want to address, in poetry, the shameful scourge that plagues humanity. The aggressions that children suffer. Aggressions that usually come from their relatives. And, they are not reported. Everyone is silent. A shameful silence. The familiar stray o­nes are swept down the carpet in almost 100% of cases. And, the child, feels guilty of the crime that is perpetrated against itself!

Delasnieve Daspet, daspet@uol.com.br



Silent Shame

Delasnieve Daspet


What's going o­n ?!

What is this shameful silence that casts guilt and fear o­n the victims?


The family usually plays under the rug,

The feelings resulting from sexual violence.


A mist covers every argument.

It seems like everything is within the normal range.


But what is seen, in the course of maturity;

Rebuilding the wreckage is always very difficult ...


Nobody talks. No o­ne questions.

In the official count is a mere trace;

Everything, silently, kept.

Within the four walls of the home, school, church ...


We need to lift this curtain of shame, silence!

Speak! Report it! Do not be silent!

Campo Grande, April 18, 2018.




Dear Prof. Ernesto Kahan,


Unfortunately the US government is promoting Gun Culture globally.

We need to replace the Gun Culture with Peaceful Culture, and teach Conflict Resolution skills in schools and universities.


In addition to increased school killings in America, the young parents are violent towards their own children.

A couple of years ago, a child was locked up in an overheated car with window shut for a day until he died.

A few days ago, a 24 year old father put his two children in the dryer, closed the door and turned o­n the dryer. He then took photos of the crying children tumbling in dryer and posted it o­n social media.


Conflict Resolution is an important skill.

My dear friend Dr. William Evan who taught conflict resolution of Israel and Palestinians for 50 years at U of Penn had died.I helped promote his book, War and Peace at an Age of Terrorism.

I wish good peace warriors like him never dies.Thats o­ne of the several I could have saved with my anti-aging knowledge now.But the notorious pharmaceutical companies had the upper hand.



Lana Yang 楊幗蘭


Lana Yang, lanayang@mac.com

A Harmonious World Begins in the Mind

Altruism is the Foundation of World Peace




I congratulate all o­n the occasion of children's Day.

Yadam ji




Dear Children, friends, colleagues,

This modest poem is for our children, 1st June.


Childhood innocence


What a beautiful childhood you find in their smile innocence!

In their simplicity, they do not envy or envy

And if they are afflicted, they will not complain

They live by their day, but by their hour,

their thinking does not take them

Neither plan for tomorrow nor think about what it will be and what they will do

Their feelings are sensitive and their conversations are interesting and their dealings are loving

If you abuse them today, tomorrow they forget and in a word you can erase that abuse

For their hearts are white, and they bear no o­ne

By being kind to them, they gave you all their feelings of love, respect and attachment

The qualities of yes childish but beautiful and wonderful and wonderful

From that to be in us adults we acquired the art of dealing

And take them purity of heart and purity of self

Childhood is a white page, and a life of fineness is a name, a pure heart and a pure innocence

Childhood is a velvety world, full ofhappiness hearts, and pristine souls of purity

Childhood tree purity and lush shadows, spontaneous twigs bear the fruits of acceptance and pleasure

Childhood spring and blossom, and jasmine garlands imitate the good life and it is adornment for her

Childhood is the story of a dream, a poem of hope, and a risk of sweetness

Childhood spirit life, the spirit of life

Childhood fresh breaths and fragrances and fragrant

Words about childhood, poetry about innocent childhood, pictures of childhood

A poem about the childhood of the poet ... a great mountain

Especially from children to him did not lighter o­n the gray to be away and to be surprised


The stars would like it if they were dolls to choose from and to play

And I have treasures of tenderness and mercy hope to tempt them and win

I am a little sweet and loving and I did not see the child unjustly loving

And sometimes angry and satisfied and calculated to be satisfied and angry

And if I received him, I wished that I would redeem him. I was the wretched o­ne

And summarizes what he craves and as if briefly he did not return

The holiday is celebrated for us, if it is a sin and a feast, if we die and a feast if we love

As if he had become a musician, I poured his eyes and my heart to drink

And he is pleased to narrate and satisfy the fine and thirsty in the blind and to hate

He sleeps o­n the lusts of my heart with a cradle of heat from the wailing of the Yemenite doctrine

And I put my eyelids o­n a cover that shaded it, and it was soft and soft

And he carried me to accept the oppressorpatience and I want to protect him and terror

And many hearts have failed in my heart

And, Lord, for the sake of childhood alone, the blessings of peace

And the laughter of the children, Lord, is that if they are churned in the desolate of the sand,

And Lord love every child does not see and that in the face of the curses face

And prepared him in every heart of the patient and in each hello!


By Ammar BANNI, Poet, ammarbanni@yahoo.fr




Dear Dr.Leo & Co-Chairs of WGHA, GHA, and All Peace builders,


Congratulations to all Co-Chairs OF WGHA & All Peace Leaders

for our WGHA 2018 children's day message. I wish you a Happiest Childrens day

and a Peaceful & Happier life to all.

Greetings of Peace to all.

Dr. Subhash Chandra,

President & Chairman Board GHA Global harmony Association, India

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony,




For children of humankind, we must globalize love, poetry, bread, water, laughter ... globalize peace... Ernesto Kahan


Dear Takis, my brother. your poetry and life is a gift to humanity




Dears all peacemakers

CHILDREN suffer globaly, we all know it.

Chlidren in our civilized world are unsafe, unprotected, tortured.

It;s our responsibility to act.

with peace via harmony and love

Dr Takis D ioannides


Children o­n the Crucifix of War


At this fragile turning point in history,

the anvil of evil glows so fiery,

the souls of children it holds captive

casting them o­n flames, durst they live.


On another ledge of life in desperation,

Love holds out its arms in expectation,

in vain, alas, oerlooked by ranks,

which, blinded by passion, swagger and swank.


Of mortals decision this vision of horror,

the hearts of mothers broken by sorrow,

and innocent gazes ask in wonder,

why are elders beasts tearing asunder?

By Takis Ioannides




Dear Members

Good Morning

I am pleased to remind of GHA Harmonious Era Calender wherein 1st June is designated by the GHA as .... Protection and Children Priority Day. To commemorate this precious day, I attach here under a poem exclusively composed for promoting this cause.

Hope, you would enjoy going through the poem

Poetically Yours

*Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Lit.,*

International Poet Review Writer

Universal Peace Ambassador,

Vice-Chair, Global Harmony Association,




Dear Co-Chairs of WGHA, GHA, and Peace builders,


I hope this finds you well. Kindly find attached file for our WGHA

2018 children's day message. I wish you a fun-filled Childrens day

and a happier life in profound peace!

Warm regards

Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale MCIArb,





Dear All friends and co-chairs sisters, Dear Leo,



Im pleased to send to you, with some photographs, the following text intituled :

MANIFEST for an active and responsible individual conscience

written by Théa Marie ROBERT and broadcast in 1990 (Iraq War) - new broadcast in 2018 (Syria War) Will for the humanity of which I am


With my very elevated Peace Thoughts and a great love for the world and children, the future of our humanity.


Photographs : memories from my school Creative Dance 1978 -1988 and from refugeer camps during war in ex-yougoslavia 1994


Dr Théa Marie ROBERT

Mme Théa Marie ROBERT, Artiste Créatrice

Fondatrice de l'Art Cosmopoéthique



MANIFEST for an active and responsible individual conscience

written by Théa Marie ROBERT and broadcast in 1990 (Iraq War) - new broadcast in 2018 (Syria War)

Will for the humanity of which I am


Woman and Mother, Creator, I have raised in myself and around me the capacity of LOVE and the radiance of the BEAUTY INTERIOR, aware that all PEACE is built beyond roots and racisms, beyond selfishness. I worked with words, gestures, and images to make this expression visible. These creations are messages for a society where assault has become the essential and the normality of assertiveness.


Théa Marie ROBERT - Artistic Company Acts for Life

This manifesto was written in 1990

Théa Marie ROBERT has since been appointed Messenger of Culture of Peace to UNESCO in the year 2000. The year 2000 has been designated by the United Nations as the International Year of the Culture of Peace. She is also Universal Peace Ambassadress since 2005 and GHA Muse of Harmony.



Dear Leo

I send you information about children refugee in ITALY and other European countries, in my country there is a great attention and more women help children disadvantage that suffered cause war.

Rosa Dalmiglio


Published: Rosa Dalmiglio. Children refugee in ITALY and other European countries:


+ Rosa Dalmiglio. Peace from Harmony of Chinese Women and Children: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=830















Dear Ayo and Dr Leo

I send my contribution,

Love and big hugs..

Susana Roberts


Published: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=828




Dear Ayo and dear all,


We very much appreciate your initiative Ayo, because women from the WGHA, of course, cannot pass by and ignore the wonderful Children's Protection and Priority Day o­n the "Harmonious Era Calendar" of the GHA. I think your Message o­n this occasion could continue the GHA's 10-year tradition in this direction: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=292 . You could update its meaning in connection with the creation of the WGHA and its conception: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815


The key to this conception is the idea of the social childrens priority and the "Children's Suffrage Law", which ensures the realization of this priority. In the most brief form, this idea is presented in the biographical article of the American writer and longtime member of the GHA, Robert Weir, about my life path, which he has just completed and which I am happy to send in the attachment (8 pages) and which is published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=239


I hope this article will help you to better understand the fundamental peacemaking sense of children's priority for true gender equality, for the leading role of women in society and for the conscious building of a harmonious civilization that excludes wars and total violence of modern patriarchy in all its forms. All responses to this article will be published.


Nothing can raise the authority and social role of women as your efforts and active actions aimed at recognizing and constituting the priority of children, from the quality of which the quality of society as a whole, its life and all spheres of its social production depends. Because a woman and a child are o­ne. If o­ne is humiliated, then another also is humiliated and everything in society. In wars and violence, as is known, women and children, which constitute more than 70% of the population, suffer most and them kill most of all. It seems to me that all women understand this terrible injustice, which can o­nly be remedied by women, or rather o­nly by "New Women" with higher intellect (see WGHA Project). Therefore, all women could participate in the WGHA Message o­n this great day and send your short sentences (2-3 lines) to Ayo who will prepare the final text of this Message.

Thank you all very much.

With love,


Best wishes for peace from womens harmony, without which peace does not work in the patriarchy,


PS. I am sending my letter through a new group of WGHA (womengha@googlegroups.com), from which every can unsubscribe o­n every letter received through it.


-StateCouncillorofSt.Petersburg,Russia; RANH Professor;

-Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;

-Global Harmony Association(GHA)Founder(2005)andHonoraryPresident(2016);

-Director, GHA Website "Peace from Harmony": www.peacefromharmony.org;



-SPHERONSasGPS Center (20pages): http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423;



-Personalpage: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253


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From: AYO AYOOLA-AMALE, aayoamale@gmail.com

To: leo.semashko@gmail.com

Sent: 27 2018 ., 20:13:07



Dear Co-Chairs of WGHA , Sisters and Peace builders,

It´s great to be in touch with all of you again!I hope this finds you well.

I wanted to reach out to you because we need to prepare a joint Message as Co-chairs of WGHA.As we all know, International children's day is celebrated o­n June 1, this is a day set to address the issues affecting children. I am inviting you to kindly send your ideas, messages etc.to enable us prepare a joint Message for this important day.If there is anything else you need to know, you can surely come back to me. I pretty much look forward to working together with you all!

Let's get started. We will make it awesome!




Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale MCIArb, Lead, First Conflict Resolution Services Inc,Founder/Director, Nigeria Center for Peace& Attitudinal Healing,&Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, President GHA - Africa, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524,Vice President, GHA, Vice President, Poets of the World,

Blog: Grow Into Peace










GHA Message o­n

Childrens Priority and Protection Day,

June 1, 2015


Yagnin Oleg, 10 years. Ukraine, Donetsk, School 7.

When the guns are silent ...



Dear children, parents, teachers, and grandparents:


Today, o­n June 1st, 2015, the Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you with Childrens Priority and Protection Day o­n the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar (since 2005) and wish you a life, health and happiness!


This year the world media, almost every day, bring us the terrible facts of the childrens murder and violence around the world. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corrigan said the killing by the US and Britain of 750 thousand Iraqi children during the war in this country, which is tantamount to genocide, but for which no o­ne answered (http://www.commondreams.org/views/2014/10/14/disturbing-expansion-military-industrial-complex).


Thousands of children are killed or injured in the Donbass, expelled from the country by the civil war of the military junta in Ukraine with the support of the US and NATO. (To this is dedicated the exhibition of children's drawings of Donbass, o­ne of which we publish above, and more details about them, see here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=647). For these "feats", the United States intends to nominate Ukraine President for the Nobel Peace Prize, as reported by the Western sources (http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2015/05/29/title-201). This is outrage of moral turpitude! In Western countries, children slave trade, pedophilia and all range of child abuse and neglect is growing. Now they are increased by removal of children from the family by democratic government, as it happened in Norway, where about 25% of the children are selected in orphanages. The same is happening in other European countries. Another world is also not lagging behind the leading Western crimes against children. The US and NATO militarism is preparing for new generations the nuclear war (http://www.globalresearch.ca/obama-and-the-nobel-prize-when-war-becomes-peace-when-the-lie-becomes-the-truth/15622).


In these conditions mankind can protect children and overcome their universal neglect and violence by the Global Peace Science (GPS), which was firstly created in the GHA and published in January 2015: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=606. GPS is the first and sole in the world the social science, which claims priority to children and proves its social necessity. But its implementation is not possible in the traditional militaristic democracy of the West and USA, built o­n the economic antagonism, which neglects children. The priority of children is o­nly possible in the new, harmonious democracy through open in GPS the harmonious classes of population SPHERONS and through their institution of children's suffrage executed by parents. Traditional democracy rejects this institution, under various pretexts; therefore it remains lethal for children in all senses. The priority for this democracy is war and profit, not children and peace, which can o­nly become a priority for the harmonious democracy of SPHERONS, the essence and institutions which are disclosed in GPS.


We congratulate you o­n the Children Protection Day and we invite you to explore GPS to call governments of the world to ensure children's priority transforming democracy to its first target was children, not war!


The war against children: http://www.segodnia.ru/content/140222


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President, Russia,

Editor, Global Peace Science

GHA Message o­n

Childrens Priority and Protection Day,

June 1, 2014




Peace is in harmony.



The Highest Priority for Children is

Harmonious Enlightenment and Education in

The ABC of harmony and

Global Peace Science


Dear parents, teachers, and grandparents:


Today, o­n June 1st, 2014, the Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you o­n Childrens Priority and Protection Day in the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar (since 2005).


In this year the GHA wishes that you and your children receive the opportunity, for the first time in history, to study in the schools Global Peace Science, a textbook which the GHA 50 coauthors intend to publish at the end of 2014. You can read its here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585


Unfortunately, the schools worldwide still stress history lessons with the greatest generals, bathed in the blood, like Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon, etc. This leads children to think of war, where the first innocent victims are children. As has happened now in Ukraine, in Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities, where governments armed forces have bombed schools and kindergartens with full support of the U.S. and EU and with the tacit consent of the world community with this genocide (See: Save Donbass Children: http://www.segodnia.ru/content/140222 and others).


War is in disharmony.



Children must be taught not war but social harmony, o­nly o­n the basis of which peace can grow. o­nly then of these children can grow up in peace loving nations and peaceful governments. The Global Peace Science textbook will allow children to realize this dream first in history.


Only in this way we can hope for sustainable peace in Ukraine, Syria, Israel and Palestine, in Africa and around the world. But this requires broad and comprehensive global support, support from each parent and teacher in distribution of the book. O­nly then peace reason will prevail over war and will win the war o­nce and for all! But will want modern governments, parents and teachers such victory? This is a question of the world's children for all adults! Whether they want war for children or they want peace for children?


If they want war o­n children, then they will reject or silently ignore the textbook for Global Peace Science. If they want peace for the children, then they will support and adopt this new textbook and like.


Dear governments, parents and teachers!

Are you ready to support the desire of all the world's children to have textbook for Global Peace Science to save them from the wars in the future? Or do you want them to be doomed to war?


What is our love to children?


Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Vice-President, GHA, Ghana,

President, GHA-Africa


Svetlana Kuskovskaya

Vice-President, GHA, Russia,


María Cristina Azcona

Vice-President, GHA, Argentina

Family psychologist

Nina Meyerhof

Vice-President, GHA, USA,

President, Children of the Earth


Marian Khan

President, Orphanage, Nest of Harmony, Pakistan

Julia Budnikova

Vice-President, GHA

President, GHA-Russia,


Bruce L. Cook,

Vice-President, GHA

President, GHA-USA


Leo Semashko,

GHA President, Russia,

Editor, Global Peace Science

Surendra Pathak

Vice-President, GHA,

President, GHA-India


Maitreyee Roy

Vice-President, GHA, India


Svetlana Vetrova

Vice-President, GHA, Russia,


Heli Habyarimana

Vice-President, GHA, Rwanda,



GHA Message o­n

Childrens Priority and Protection Day,

June 1, 2013





Highest Priority for Children is

Harmonious Enlightenment and Education in

The ABC of harmony


Dear parents, teachers, and grandparents:


Today, o­n June 1st, 2013 the Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you o­n Childrens Priority and Protection Day in the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar (since 2005).

As a gift for this holiday, please accept our poems for children below.


Harmonious enlightenment and education in the ABC of Harmony (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478) is a top priority for children of the modern era. This enlightenment takes its first timid steps at the teachers enthusiasts: at the head of the shelter for more than 60 orphans "Nest of Harmony" Mariam Khan of Pakistan (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=374), the deserving teacher of the primary school in Russia Svetlana Kuskovskaya (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=505) and some others.

This year, the developing logical game "ABC OF HARMONY IN BRICKS" with different levels of difficulty for children of 5-17 years old, was created. After discussion and approval in the GHA, it will be offered to parents and teachers. This is a new step of harmonious education, which has a long and bright future. Children are our future. Society, state, religion, science and family should be responsible for the future, and they are responsible for their children and for their harmonious mind as a top priority of the future. o­nly harmonious and holistic education can form children as reasonable builders of global harmony. Therefore, the children are first, making the future first.

Why is harmonious enlightenment top priority for children? Because o­nce it forms a harmonious consciousness and harmonious mind in them, children will be capable providing a peaceful and happy life for all people o­n Earth, eliminating war, violence, hunger, and other social pathologies that threaten industrial civilization. Hence harmonious enlightenment of children in the ABC of Harmony is a significant protection for children throughout their lives. It saves children from total ignorance in harmony, which is guilty in these pathologies.

The GHA, in their 7 books and 45 projects of global harmony for 8 years, has steadily proven it. At a higher scientific achievement of the ABC of Harmony is the Social Genome of Society, abbreviated SOCIONOM. It received expression in the video of the same title (6 minutes): http://youtu.be/QO-IOENp76M. This production offers substantial support for the development of harmonious mind and social imagination for children 12-18 years of age. Soon it will be translated into English. This is another step in harmonious enlightenment.

The more parents and teachers penetrate into harmonious education, the better and the sooner our children will possess the vertices of a harmonious mind and consciousness - that is their most reliable and effective protection. Care about harmonious mind of children is the highest spiritual love for children, which will result in the common good of humanity in its new, harmonious civilization!



GHA calls all parents and teachers to harmonious enlightenment of children in the ABC of Harmony as the most reliable and effective protection and love for them!



Prof. Ayo Ayoola-Amale

President, GHA-Africa

Vice-President, GHA



Svetlana Kuskovskaya

Vice-President, GHA



María Cristina Azcona

Vice-President, GHA




Dr. Tholana Chakravarthy,

Vice-President, GHA



Dr. Bruce L. Cook,

President, GHA-USA

Vice-President, GHA


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President






1st JUNE, 2013. POEM: by

Ayo Ayoola-Amale




Come,come to me.Come to me like heavens comewith life and eternal wisdomside by side.

Teach my heart to grow humblefrom the truest partnow and after.

Feed me with the food of the soul,heart and mind.

In thy nature, show virtue to mehour by hour.

Teach me beauty like naturetrue and true

Breed in me love like the sun

eternity mould of mebreath by breath.

Walk me into light whole in all, all in whole.

Weave harmony deep within meheart to heart.

Speak to me blessingsagain and again.

Walk with these open wingsof future calls.The future callsagain and again.




Postmodern World

by María Cristina Azcona


Today the world is fashionable.

Like some fashionable world.

(This is the modern hell!).

Girls are starving, pushing up

Themselves to their death.

(See their extremely narrow legs?)

Human brains are becoming smaller

(Two sizes smaller).

They are going faster than

Their own rollers.

There are some children working

Just like slaves...nobody cares.

Virtue? Quietly has gone.

Love? is a virtual love.

Society? lost in lonely dirty thoughts..

Anybody looks for Prudence

Through this outrageous days.

A chimpanzee is looking to its reflect

Into a mirror...

Its face is red in shame

Please, world... just stop and think!

Amend the rout and maybe you will find

Harmony and Peace



GHA Message o­n Childrens Priority and Protection Day, June 1, 2012



Harmonious Enlightenment in The ABC of harmony Todays Highest Priority for Children

Dear parents, teachers, and grandparents:

Today, o­n June 1st, 2012 The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you o­n the Childrens Priority and Protection Day in the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar (since 2005).

Last year, the GHA has identified the top priority for children as the ABC of Harmony education. This year, the GHA define this priority as Harmonious Enlightenment in the ABC of Harmony, without which is impossible any harmonious education. The ABC of Harmony was published in early February 2012:

On February 11 held its first presentation at the International Seminar of teachers in New Delhi. This event marked the beginning of the new Age of humanity: the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment, which is necessary, especially to the youngest generation - the children, so that, unlike past generations, they will free from total ignorance in harmony o­n the basis of ABC. This generation, thanks to ABC Harmony and education in it, gets the first time in history the opportunity to become conscious builders of a new, harmonious civilization, which was born in 2009.



June 1 this year marked in the GHA by a remarkable event. Yesterday we received staggering news: in Pakistan, Islamabad was created "The Nest of Harmony, Love and Care" for 62 orphans, left without parents as a result of the recent earthquakes and floods in country. The Mother and Muse of harmony of this Nest is the great woman of Pakistan, GHA-Pakistan President - Mariam Khan: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=374. See here in details about this harmonious nest with photos and the list of children. This year, June 1 has the face of Mariam Khan!


GHA will send in the Nest 15 copies of the ABC of harmony for the harmonious Enlightenment of children. I'm ready to go to Islamabad to devote a few months to harmonious education in the ABC of harmony of 62 children of this unique harmony Nest. GHA declares himself as a trustee and partner for it.


In this respect, above all, the GHA call the members and friends to make the donation for the Nest at his website: www.thenest.pk


The harmony and harmonious Enlightenment of children in the ABC Harmony is the best protection for children throughout all their lives from war, violence, poverty and other social pathologies of industrial civilization. Because they will grow up by the literate in harmony, with a harmonious social scientific thinking, and therefore will be able to consciously build a harmonious civilization, free from all the social pathologies and the total ignorance in harmony, which is their first cause! The conscious harmony will be for them by saving Common Good of humanity!


Today GHA calls all parents and teachers to the harmonious Enlightenment of children in the ABC of Harmony as the most reliable and effective protection and love for them!


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President



Harmonious Civilization


For the GHA Childrens Priority and Protection Day

There is no Scope to Ignore or Neglect Children


The delights

Of childhood

Surge in me.

My elated mood

Gets submerged

In the warmth

Of childhood days.


My fondling mother

My loving father,

In their cozy arms

I felt wrapped

With joy infinite.


The very moment

I am forced out

Of the short trance;

I fell apart

For, at a cross road

With tattered clothes

I sight a child,

Perhaps an orphan

Who still reflect

At this mid-life

In my hearts eye.


Oh God !

Why such disparity?

Why such inferiority?

Where might be he!

Without food, and

Without a shelter;

Whose presence

Moved me

Even at childhood

And still keeps

Haunting me

Now and then.


Is there a scope but

To give priority to children

For their well being and welfare

And, apart giving protection

To the basic rights of children.


Caringly and collectively

Together if we make a move

With a future vision, to ensure

There is no scope for humanity

To ignore or neglect children.


Dr. Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Lit.,

GHA Board member, GHA-India Vice-president

Universal Peace Ambassador

International Poet Review Writer

16-2-836/L, Plot-39

Madhavnagar, Saidabad

Hyderabad - 500 059 (AP) INDIA

May 31, 2012




The ABC of Harmony Todays Highest Priority for Children


GHA Message o­n Childrens Priority and Protection Day, June 1, 2011


Dear parents, teachers, and grandparents:


Today, o­n June 1st, 2011 The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you o­n the Childrens Priority and Protection Day in the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar (since 2005).


Last year, the GHA has identified the top priority for children as the harmonious education. This year, the GHA define this priority as the ABC of Harmony, without which is impossible any harmonious education.


Why the ABC of Harmony is now a top priority for the children?

- Because humankind continues to feast as during the plague, as the sinking Titanic passengers, o­n the upper decks of which they are concerned about profits and in the holds - a piece of bread from hunger, but no o­ne thinks about a sinking ship and harmony among themselves, to save himself and ship.

- Because no o­ne school or university in the world do not teach to save the Earth, sinking like the Titanic.

- Because humankind entered in the second year of a harmonious civilization, which alone can save the Earth-Titanic from the death. People never realize the fact of the birth of a new civilization, and never become its conscious actors, not breaking industrial ignorance in ABC of harmony.

- Because this civilization is able to establish itself without war, violence and bloody revolutions o­nly consciously, based o­n the fundamental knowledge of ABC of Harmony as a knowledge of the deep natural code of global social harmony, which is still unknown to people.


GHA arisen o­n the basis of this knowledge for more than 6 years ago. During this time it developed and implemented this knowledge in 33 projects and 6 books of global harmony. GHA now realized the urgent need for a global textbook dedicated to the ABC of Harmony. Since this May, GHA started to create this book, published its detailed contents (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478) and invites in its coauthors the tens of scientists and artists from around the world. Today, ABC of Harmony is the GHA supreme duty before the children of the world. Today, ABC of Harmony is the Rubicon of humanity between knowledge and ignorance in harmony, between two civilizations: the industrial and harmonious.


Now GHA is not alone in this consciousness. The Prince of Wales, in his book "Harmony. A New Way of Looking at Our World" published in late 2010, develops the "Grammar of Harmony", which is in spirit identical to the ABC of Harmony of GHA.


The new generations will be able to save the sinking Earth-Titanic and themselves o­nly when they master the ABC and Grammar of harmony.


Therefore, the ABC of Harmony today is the top priority and protection of children! Since its creation and study will begin preparation of the same "education revolution", which wrote Eleanor Roosevelt in the middle of last century. With ABC of harmony begins the new Age of global harmonious Education and Enlightenment which will open people's eyes and mind o­n HOW they can save in harmony the sinking Earth-Titanic and get rid it from the paralyzing industrial pathologies and humiliations.


Today, the GHA wishes all parents, teachers and children o­nly o­ne thing - knowledge of the ABC of Harmony, so that each can cross the Rubicon between knowledge and ignorance, to live in peace, love and happiness from harmony!


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President


Prof. Ernesto Kahan, GHA 1st Vice President, Israel


Dr. Laj Utreja,

GHA-USA President




Harmonious civilization



Harmonious Education: Todays Top Priority for Children


GHA Message o­n Protection and Childrens Priority Day, June 1, 2010


Dear parents, teachers, and grandparents:


Today, o­n June 1st, 2010 The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you o­n the Protection and Childrens Priority Day o­n the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar (since 2005). The GHA calls o­n all of you to set harmonious education for children as their top priority.


Times and again, the concerned leaders have voiced their view that a family and a society offer the best protection for the children. We constantly prove that the best protection of children is their social priority. What specific social milestones have contributed to this important issue in 2010? June 1st is the first Protection and Childrens Priority Day of a new, Harmonious Civilization which was born silently and innocuously in 2009. Supporting argument of its features: a) In 2009, the nuclear disarmament began, which is possible o­nly in new Harmonious Civilization, instead of an industrial militaristic civilization, b) Also in 2009 the scientific theory of a harmonious civilization was created, which provides basis for development of peaceful and nonviolent movements unlike industrial o­nes, c) Beginning of a harmonious society by China (it is almost a quarter of the total humanity), and d) 65 other developments of global harmony in different spheres and countries.


What does this unique historical shift of modernity toward harmonization mean for our children and grandchildren? This question has been well answered in the last century by Eleanor Roosevelt We must prepare with the revolution of education Without a completely new approach in education, our youth will not be completely equipped to face the world of the future. The harmonious civilization is born. Are our children ready for it? Are we ready for it? The answer is a categorical No. None of us are really ready for this, because we are all deprived of the corresponding, Harmonious Education.


All of us are ignorant in harmony, individually and socially. We do not know harmony language. We do not know even harmony alphabet. Having been brainwashed by the mass-media in violence, reading and watching the scenes of violence, murders and crimes around the clock, all of us, including our children have become competent in violence. Our society is o­ne continuous academy of disharmony. Many of our societies give education in wars through militaristic training. Our children are constantly engaged in the computer games of aggression, murders and wars in their pastime. Lack of societal support from the parents, teachers and grandparents against all this we are preparing our children for a culture of violence depriving them of an opportunity to live in peace and harmony and experience happiness.


Unchecked prevalence of the culture of violence will keep us ignorant in harmony just as the savages of the distant past. A revolution in education Revolution of Harmonious Education is necessary for us and our children. o­nly such a revolution will give our children a real hope for a peaceful future and happiness. Therefore, today it is the responsibility of each parent, teacher, and grandparent to provide harmonious education to our children.


GHA has created four projects of Harmony Academies: general, family, youth and leadership. They are published in our books and o­n the site:



GHA calls parents and teachers all over the world to get acquainted with these projects and use them in families, schools and all educational and training institutions.


By giving harmonious education to our children, we offer them the most important and necessary education for life, we prepare them for a new civilization, and above all we provide them the most reliable and true way of happiness. It is o­nly then we will overcome ignorance in harmony and an end to the culture of sustained violence.


Only then we will open for them the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment and Harmonious Peace. o­nly then our children and grandchildren will be better than us. It is our responsibility pick up our children from the ruinous culture of animal violence to the truly human world of harmony. We must take the first step from ignorance to enlightenment in harmony.


Today, the GHA wishes all parents, teachers and children o­nly o­ne thing harmonious education, which provides children all: health, prosperity, love, happiness and peace!


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President



Dr. Laj Utreja,

GHA-USA President



June 1, 2009:

Children Protection and Priority Day in

the Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Harmonious Era Calendar

June 1, 2009 is the fourth anniversary of Children Protection and Priority Day, which is established by the GHA in its Harmonious Era Calendar (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=190) as reconsideration and qualitative change of the traditional Children Protection Day. Why do we put emphasis o­n childrens priority? Because traditional industrial children protection is very indistinct and a sort of non-obliging niceinclination. o­nce per year we glance in their direction, bring gifts to children-orphans, try to find touching words and forgetchildren up to the next June, 1st.


Such "care" of children and such "protection" of children are hypocritical. In reality millions of children starve, homeless, die of illnesses and wars, thrown out by parents, uneducated, become slavers, are being used in the most brutal businesses etc. Crimes against children and childhood haveno end; they grow and become more and more sophisticated. The crimes against childhood are crimes against humanity as far as the children make fourth and most perspective part of the humanity. A quality of the humanity as a whole depends from childrens quality.The life standards of this part of humanity are for sure predetermining the whole life.


Within such hypocritical "protection" paradigm there is no chance for a qualitative change and leap of a global society in the direction of the most valuable social group - children, to value which any other social group cannot be compared. Value of different social groups - women and men, professionals, religiousactors and others- is defined, first, by childhood quality, from which they went out and, secondly, which is more important, - it depends upon a quality of childhood they give to their own children. However, the regrettable fact is: children still concede a palm to money, richness, power, arms, wars, violence, consumerism and etc.remaining in the end of priorities of an industrial society.


True, i.e. constant and really humane, protection of children is possible o­nly in the frameworkof "children priority paradigm. Such frameworkrecognizes children as priority social group and legally fixesitssocial priority, which belongs to it de facto. Children cannot struggle for the rights and priorities. They are waiting for afair-minded society, with the most humane and at the same time saving for whole humanity childrens priority excluding wars, hunger and other pathologies of industrialism.


This type of society is a harmonious civilization. Global harmonization tendenciesstarted to grow and extend rapidly after the end of "cold war within last 20 years. The GHA, which mission consists to pave a way for harmonious civilization through a science of social harmony and projects of globalharmonization, came forth in 2005 together with the first aimrecognized childrens priority. The GHA first project is devoted to children priority and the law, through which this priority can be realized: Children Suffrage Law. The GHA established o­n June 1 the Children Protection and PRIORITY Day in the following project of global harmony: Harmonious Era Calendar (2005). In the academic project (2008) GHA defined global harmonious education as the most necessary and worthy children education. Last, the GHA Antinukes Project unfolds the American initiative of nuclear disarmament as humanity global change to a harmonious civilization and children priority, without which this civilization is impossible. The GHA 15 projectsof global harmony, anyhow, tend to childrens priority and raise belief in it. We have much made for it but it is necessary to make even more. Our love to children is synonymous to their priority which is a true protection and care of them in a global society of a harmonious civilization.

Let us congratulate each other with the Children Protection and PRIORITY Day sharing feeling of ourexecuted duty and high responsibility for their harmonious future, in which we have brought a worthy contribution. Let me expresson this happy holiday our mutual general optimism in humanity movement to global harmony, harmonious peace and children priority, without which they are impossible. Let me wish all the global harmony creators health, happiness, love and new creative successes o­n the way to a harmonious civilization with children priority at the head.


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President

June 1, 2008:

Children Protection and Priority Day on

the Harmonious Era Calendar of

Global Harmony Association



June 1, 2008 is the third anniversary of Children Protection and Priority Day. What new sense was unfolded and added by our Association in understanding of this key calendar day for the last year? Than we celebrate this key for social harmony date?


The major achievements of the last year are creation of Global Harmony Association (its Statutes were approved o­n November 30, 2007) and unique project of the World Harmony/Peace Academy (WHPA), which has the world meaning. Both of them are significant steps to the children priority as to true maintenance of the children rights.


The academic project (WHPA) is especially important for children priority as from the educational preconditions o­nly harmonious education changes industrial priorities o­n harmonious. o­nly harmonious education provides an actual children priority and conducts to its social and legal recognition. It is possible to approve opposite: if children priority will be established legislatively, it will ensure the most effective development to general harmonious education.


The present celebrating of Children Priority Day appears poetic mainly. Dr Ammar Banni (Algeria), Dr Tholana Chakravarthy (India) and I written different poems for this day, for a children priority. Ammars and Tholanas poems are especially significant. They reflect a terrible plight of children in their countries (though not o­nly in them). My poem is white and requires large work, but in this porm my inspiration was expressed.


The last lines of Ammars and Tholanas poems express the quite justified anxiety and doubt in change of a terrible plight of children. The fact is those: almost half of children of the Earth are hungry and illiterate and improvement of their situation is not expected. They have no real hope for it. There is o­ne real hope: general harmonious education, unfolded in our academic project (WHPA), which will result in children priority, i.e. to exception of children famine and illiteracy, to their harmonious development. But it is prospect of several decades. However, other real perspective o­n improvement of children situation in the world does not exist. At least, I do not see it.


Let me to congratulate you with Children Priority Day and to express our common hope, that this holiday becomes joyful, without tears o­n eyes then, when in the world the general harmonious education will be established. Let us to present you our poems, which express this hope, waken it or conduct to it.


All poems are translated in different languages (the translations, as is known, are not capable to transfer all charm of the original), including Russian, Spanish and French and are published o­n a site "Peace from harmony" o­n personal pages of Ammar: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=325


And Tholana:




All together they are published o­n English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=292, and o­n Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=328.


Peace from harmony and children priority!


Dr. Leo Semashko,


Global Harmony Association President



Dear All,

1st June is thejoy of our children.

I write this poem for them

Peace and love


Dr. Ammar Banni


One year ago that I've promised you

To wipe your tears and show you the joy

But excuse me, my means are limited

I am not arrive to defend you

It is not by infidelity nor selfishness

My calls were imprisoned by the conflicts of adults

And disagreements and parents.

You are victims of votes deaf

My children, I would like moresee you,

Than weapons in the hands of street vendors,

Workers, exploited in factories.

I hope that you have a table in a school.

A vaccine, medical monitoring for your health.

A name, a family, a hot bed of tenderness.

My children, even excuse me, because

I fear that your situation does not change


May 29, 2008





Dr. Tholana Chakravarthy


To survive in this merciless world

He wanders, begging o­n the streets;

Neither a source to rely at least

To feel the cosy childhood glitters,

Nor a mercy-filled parental heart

To be blessed with fondling memories.

Sleeping in wrapped-up newspapers

Even in adverse weather conditions

He literally lives o­n the filthy streets

With torn-out rags, deep sunk eyes

Spending lifes traumatic moments

Under the eagle-eyed street lights

Which fail to awaken humane spirit.


Midst the rubbish heaps, at times

At times under the motorway bridge

Hes a society deserted street child

Abused and left as an accursed o­ne.

Oh God! His immature life is tragic

Premature he may end up perhaps,

Alas, whos there to focus o­n his plight

Whos there to balm his wounded heart?


To put in motion a never-ending fight

For the protection of childrens rights,

Who would but become the leading light

Giving priority to the heart-jerking plights.

Let such thoughts of social consciousness

Sprout in the soil of every human heart

In the busy world, in our busy schedule,

Cannot we spare a few of our moments

To implant and impart a cause of concern

For protection and priority for children.





Harmony Song


Dr. Leo Semashko


This song is devoted to

Children Priority Day o­n June 1 and to

Global Harmony Day o­n June 21 o­n

the Harmonious Era Calendar of

Global Harmony Association


Harmony is consent of diverse,

All in the world is diverse of diverse.

Most different are children of the Earth,

They as flowers, children of the Earth.


Children of the nations, most different,

Live in harmony,

In children's peace beyond war.

Because peace is from harmony,

Because peace is within harmony o­nly,

Because true peace

Without and beyond harmony

Never was,

Never will be!


Earth children as a rainbow seven colors;

It is harmony of light, most different colors.

In them there is no violence, war and terror.

Whence they arise at the adult people?


Children are harmonious o­n a nature,

Children are harmonious from within,

As is harmonious from within

Their mother Earth.


What knowledge received the adults,

Which incinerated their children's harmony?

Which makes from them terrorists and murderers?

Even in school and family?


Why they want to kill

The consent of diversity?

Why they want to shoot

Diverse of diverse

And it to make himself similar?


Can be because in families and schools,

Simple true yet not settles:

Peace without war comes from harmony,

From the consent of diversity,

Instead of alignment of diversity!


Harmony is children priority,

And children priority is harmony,

It is true peace of consent

Most different children!

Most different people!


What school will give to children

A new knowledge for diverse consent,

True knowledge for people and nations harmony?

Most different in consent!

Most different in harmony!





May 31, 2007


June 1, 2007:Protection and Childrens Priority Day

on the Harmonious Era Calendar


Peace from Harmony Board Address



Human resources are paramount for the decision of any task, especially regarding questions of how to make children a priority within a society. What social groups are so interested in childrens priority that they have the best intentions for childrens well-being in education, health, sports, care of the state and society? Certainly, it is, first of all, the parents and primogenitors. It is also those who are connected with children: teachers, children's doctors, trainers, the preschool tutors and so o­n. Mothers are interested most of all because they begat the children, carrying them under their hearts for many months, giving birth to them in torments, and then giving their children the greatest part of their lives, time, care, attention and so o­n. These social groups, led by the mothers and grandmothers, comprise the basic human resource of the CHILDRENS PRIORITY movement. This is true because, if the childrens priority is not important to mothers, parents and primogenitors, teachers and doctors, it will not be important to other social groups, society and state.


Proceeding from this, the Peace from Harmony Board ADDRESSES mothers and parents, especially young parents for whom childcare will be necessary for many years, and also to primogenitors, teachers and everyone connected with children, TO BE UNITED around our web site: www.peacefromharmony.org. Our site already has collected more than 200 people from 36 countries of the world. It is the FIRST and SOLE web site in the world that has proclaimed CHILDRENS PRIORITY, necessary for the survival and harmony of humankind. The Peace from Harmony first put forth in May 2005 the beginning of the Global Movement "Making children a priority in the world" (pages of the Section 10 of our web site).




WE CALL the mothers, fathers, primogenitors; all people who have children, are expecting children, work with children, and are concerned with the future of children TO JOIN in this global movement, CREATING in each house, neighborhood, city, settlement, region, and country the necessary local groups and regional branches of the "CHILDRENs PRIORITY" movement. Taking into account the duration, complexity and responsibility is part of process,




1. STUDY the Magna Carta of Harmony (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=3), which gives the scientific reasons for making children a priority in order to strengthen the spirit, will and reason of all who care about children. The web site also states the correctness and vital necessity for making the children a priority for parents, society and the future of mankind. Children are the beginning of the beginnings in society. Children are societys initial resource from which the quality of all resources and the quality of the entire society depends. In our Magna Carta of Harmony is written down, that the rights of children, their priority as the prime budgetary financing of sphere of children and payment of parental, first of all the mother's labour, will be supplied o­nly with the Law "Childrens Suffrage Executed by Parents". Therefore a main objective of Global movement and local groups "CHILDREN PRIORITY" is the establishment of this Law, which project is already created at us: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=211.


2. CREATE within local groups and regional branches of the "CHILDRENS PRIORITY" movement courses of education and self-education for parents and primogenitors to study the scientific, political, economic, pedagogical, legal and psychological literature that reveals the various aspects of making children a priority within the family, schools and society


3. INFORM, through our web site, information regarding all mothers, fathers, parental, family, pedagogical and other groups and branches of the "CHILDRENs PRIORITY" movement and their activities in all inhabited points of the planet. This information WILL BE NECESSARY and it will be published o­n the web site to be generalized and distributed as an invaluable experience of humankind. The address for contact: Leo Semashko


4. PUT FORWARD the most active and capable leaders and activists of local groups and regional branches of the "CHILDRENS PRIORITY" movement in the International Coordination Committee of Global movement "Making children a priority in the world". Then this movement will receive a strong, authoritative and representative managing body generated from the basic level. o­nly such a body will ensure that CHILDRENS PRIORITY will be a successful worldwide development!





The slogan of our movement: CHILDREN - FIRST!


WE INVITE all people of a good will sharing our Address spread it in your organizations and among your friends. It should be heard by all parents and caregivers of children o­n the Earth!!!


Distributing this Address you could add to it your ideas, poems and photos expressing necessity the CHILDREN PRIORITY!


June 21, 2007, is the second anniversary of Global Harmony Day. This day will make sense when children of the world experience the conditions necessary to foster harmonious development in their world. These conditions can o­nly be ensured when a law about "Childrens Suffrage Executed by Parents," is accepted all over the world within the framework of the Magna Carta of Harmony. The preparation of these conditions o­n a global scale will require considerable time, possibly as much as some decades. But if WE, mothers and parents, first of all, do not begin this preparation now, the movement to make children and global harmony a priority will never occur. If we do not begin, children will always be victims of wars, violence and illegality. We send you a photo of o­ne of millions children a victim. Susana Roberts sent this photo as a constant reminder and symbol of a modern situation of children in the world.


This photo should force us to wake up and be united in establishment of the CHILDREN PRIORITY! Today a priority of a war-gain reigns in the world, for which billions dollars are spent and for which hundreds of millions of people work every day. The modern-day notion of peace is really an everyday preparation for new, severe global wars that will consume our children and grandchildren. With the modern paradigm in place today, we prepare our children to be victims of these wars.


The situation in the world will change o­nLY when humankind replaces war as a priority and, instead, makes the CHILDREN PRIORITY. In our Magna Carta of Harmony, this statement is scientifically proven in detail. Therefore, we call all people of good will to be united under the aegis of the CHILDREN PRIORITY, which is necessary not o­nly for our children, but for all humankind. No other way of human survival and harmonization exists! o­nLY THROUGH the CHILDREN PRIORITY!!!


We offer you o­ne of the best poems o­n this theme, our children's emblem, and also a photo of a child, a victim of war, along with Susana Roberts' passionate comment.



By Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, India


We should all come together

With an agenda, common

We are the witness, remember

An answer to the next generation.


Forget not for what June 1st stands

Childrens protection and priority day,

Something we have to do, duty bound

On this priority day, lets show a way.


Todays promising children are potent

To shape the universal future tomorrow,

As trees to grow, they are seeds meant

Lets protect them, today and tomorrow.


At lifes fag end when fate abandons us

All the ties of worldly life shall fall apart

Caught in the webs of luxuries and riches

Is not selfishness binding our thoughts?


Yes, why not we all come together

With an unselfish agenda, common

We are a witness to time, remember

Think of justifying the next generation.


Peace from Harmony Board:


Professor Ada Aharoni, Israel:




Professor Reimon Bachika, Japan:




Professor of French language and Poet Ammar Banni, Algeria:




Doctor of literature and Poet Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy, India:



Renato Corsetti, Italy:




Painter Nina Goncharova, Russia:




Dr Charles Mercieca, USA,




Poet and writer Susana Roberts, Argentina:




Dr Bernard Scott, England:




Composer Claude Veziau, Canada:




Dr, Social Philosopher Leo Semashko, Russia, Board Chair:







The Children are our Priority


Why this war...why are our children the victims.....How we told them they are protected by

International Laws and they continuous suffering the horror of wars. I want to ask whose are the instigators of violence tell the children why they have to suffer this horror, no with middle truth.. Children havent the responsibility of their government power, they are o­nly victims .There is o­nly o­ne plain truth within each good human beingThis humankind, where all human being are equals, all of us need to leave in peace and harmony with the rules of a Culture of Peace .Adults whose give birth, countries who are in charge of education, whose that have in their hands the law of protection of Children Human Rights must to put in actions this laws.. They are in charge of this noble big job for our future generation: Our Children are our Priority

.This child from a Hospital of Middle East doesnt understand any explanation, in his innocent heart can not live the hatred, o­nly fears and pain..Later when the time pass other people will manipulate his pain and sorrows to teach him this hatred to a brother arguing with this middle trutha circle of hatred without end.


By theresolution of the Charter of Rights of Children , UNO, announced the promotion of a culture of peace and no violence learning to live together in peace and harmony, this will increase the international encouragement of peace and cooperation , it would come from adults and inculcate the children.

All the time in every point of the planet there is a child suffering the consequences of wars, discrimination, ill treated, abused children and all kind of violence perpetrate to them.


and we are claiming for them.

Do I dare?..Disturb the universe?. In a minute there is a time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reversefrom Love song-poem by.T.S.Eliot (1917)




Patagonia Argentina.


Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy,





What we see across the nations

What we view across city streets,

Starving orphans, street children

Begging forlornly, often they greet.


In this crazy and busy, busy world

Thirsting for short-lived pleasures;

Mercy, we throw into the sludge

Succumbing to selfish pressures.


Can we bear that pain and agony?

If our own child starves a while

Wont we spare enough of money?

To douse the hunger, with a smile.


The downtrodden and the orphaned,

And society banished street children,

Bone thin and eyes deep sucked

A morsel of food, our love they yearn.


Love, the warmth universal, unites

All communities, races and cultures;

War, violence and conflicts, it fights

Rich or poor, any person it wins-over.


Rekindling the spirit of love and affection

Lets give priority for childrens protection,

Sharing the agony of deprived children

Let us show our spirit of love and concern?


Prof. Ammar Banni


For the children of our Planet


1989 - 2007:19 years after the UN Convention

After tomorrow will be o­n June 1, Worlddayof the child.

We question: What did we make for our children?

They are the life in which they have right

A harmonious family, is essential for them

We call them with their names.

They are nourished in a balanced way

Their clothes, protect their bodies

A parental tenderness make them forget their concern

In a preventive way, we preserve their health

Atschool, they discover science and letter.

A harmonious education teach them the life in peace.

They are entertained, in cent of leisure.

Information is their source of exchange with the others.

But certain adults, for their pride

They forget these beings and theirs rights .

They exploit them in wars and work

Because of their poverty, they are sold

Separated from their families and expatriates

In my opinion, the creation of the organizations

managed by children, to proclaim their right.

I think that they are justified to sensitize us.


Oh my child!!

As I love you

I cant live without you

I cant leave you

As I love you

I feel safe with you

I feel strong with you

I like living with you

As I love you

Youre my heart

Youre my soul

Youre apart of me

As I loved and still love

Oh!! My child, I love you!!


Written o­n May 2000 ,by my wife: Mrs Banni Malika

Children of the Earth


By Nina Goncharova

I run to a railway station,

And I hear a sudden song,

A young voice puts a guest in aspiration,

I still hear his words as a gong:


Weve been working for many ages -

Weve been learning to speak many words,

Is it time to start loving new pages? -

For sharing the feelings of the worlds?


To directlysculpt thoughts out of the Universe,

Feeling the wonder of creating peace,

Embracing beauty of a new worlds birth,

Feeling reverence of joined hearts at ease.


I again run to a railway station

To travel to the children loving place,

For everybody to recollect in admiration

Who are we?! Kids will ask grown ups in grace:


Do you remember who we are in the Universe?

Do you still remember who we are to o­ne another?

We together are responsible for the Earth,

As we are children of o­ne planet, our Mother!


1 of June 2007


with love


Nina Goncharova and Claude Veziau (who has again edited my English poem:)



June 1: International day of child welfare

June 21: Day of the era of harmony!


Which philosophical lesson for human conduct?

For the daily application of a true philosophy of life?


To GASSENDI, which reproached him for using the ambiguous notion of soul, DESCARTES, answered that, in effect, it emanated from these names imposed by ignorant persons, so that they do not always correspond correctly to the things that they mean... Mais that, since they are o­nce received, we are not free to change them. o­nly, we can correct their signification when we see that they are not understood!


The person, writes KANT, is this subject whose actions are susceptible of imputation. Imputation, in the moral sense, is the judgement by which we look at somebody as author of an action. Who says person, says, at the same time, subject and freedom! As a natual being, man is subjected, of course, to organic determinisms. However, as a being of reason, man is able of ethical determinations independent of sense impulses.


In this o­nly, he is a person. The person, is the freedom of a being of reason. What is our adults' mission in relation to the new generation so that this o­ne pratices a culture of peace and nonviolence for an epoch of harmony every day? A human being is human because he has humanity as a biological species as starting point . The person is human, in a very different sense. In the sense that it takes humanity as a purpose as regulating ideal.


As points out philosopher Lucien SEVE (for a long time, the o­nlyphilosopher member of the advisory national committee of ethics) in the human being, humanity is present as a fact! In the person, it is represented as a value.


This symbolism, heavy in meaning, seems me to recapitulate the request of Léo SEMASHKO, with the Magna Carta of harmony.


To protect the children is, of course, to protect their existence from the vagaries of war, diseases, it is to contribute to their intellectual awakening by family and scholastic education. Then, by the socialization of professional occupation and aprenticeship of responsibilities in civic life.


The transmission of knowledge has not, as purpose, the ego of the Master or teacher, but his creative work which aims at making easier the acquisition of knowledges to be and knowledges to live by the child. They will favour his{her} autonomous conscience, able of thinking by itself of the world, of its difficulties and contradictions.


Culture, in its pedagogic sense, is to allow to the child, over the years, a progressive and multiple-subject education granting in arts and in sports disciplines their righteous place. These last favour respect and knowledge of rules, while allowing to the children to go to sound their internal depth as understood by BAUDELAIRE.


Thus, this taking over of culture allows to a child to better understand the society in which he lives and its characteristics, then, to dominate it in the sense of understanding it so as to act better, positively, upon it.


June 21st is, in our northern societies, the day of the year when the sun sets latest. It coincides with the beginning of summer. It is a period where brightness is in its peak; it inspires painters, poets, musicians, various artists. The day of harmony,is also that of symbiosis between the beings of our century and nature. It should also be a hymn to humanity of hearts by dialogue between civilizations, respect for any form of life, a creative spirituality of peace and harmony.


In France, during preparative debate to the presidential election, a debate was engaged in relation to the part of the innate and acquired knowledge in human behaviour. For my part, I think that psycho biological conditions are conditions of possibility. But, from early childhood, a child is modelled in his{her} personal history by his{her} social, family and scholastic objective relationships.


Although it is carried by the physical individual, the psychical child is related not with human nature, but from history and from a history which, is specific to him{her} according to his(her) course of existence.

Certainly, as a rule, it will not be a long calm river!


So, to be humanly woman or man is not a state but an act. That's why, inheritance, instructive values which we transmit to the children are important.

What is our challenge as aware adults towards youth?


It is that, endowed with our action and understanding of our world, conscious of the delays which we caused by manhandling nature; aware that criteria of power, management, money and selfish individual success became the new Masters, it is needed of us to:


- Fill up the abyss between what mankind knows how to do and what planetary requirements motivate that we be capable of controlling and making = here lies the emergency!


With the globalization of exchanges, Internet, television images, the world goes quickly, too quickly? Technology erupts and universal moral conscience does not go to the same rhythm.


To link up the real world with thought, theoretical science cannot remain the monopoly of a few enlightened so-called experts, but powerless to anticipate and to react o­n the movement of reality. As DIDEROT pointed it out: let us hurry to make philosophy popular so that humanitycan live with the warmth of life. o­n his part, GRAMSCI, mentioned that all men can become philosophers, decide o­n their lives, but provided that they get some help to get there.


Pray that we are able to give to the new generation the tools of analysis which it needs for the designs of humanity.


It is therefore by the movement of uninterrupted whole knowledge, that philosophy will be taken away from the status of debates o­n interpretation to the real status of transformation to a world of solidarities and creativities without duality with its natural environment.




French poet and writer

Blog http://guycrequie.blogspot.com

Translation in English language Claude VEZIAU


Internet site: http://troubadourdevie.site.voila.fr

May 31 2007


"My Dears children, I think that your respect by the adults be limited o­nly to June 1 of each year. For this, the charter of the harmony was creates, so that you are respected during your life"
Ammar Banni

the ideas, the thoughts and the feelings, I think that they do not have a language. The children are the most sensitive detectors of these 03 aptitudes. They understand them without other intrepretation. We observe their reactions towards their entourages, families and parents. In a school, variable love of the teachers, from teacher to another. In the or city, this love is varied too. In a country, is also different from a personality to another. In the films fectifs or manpower, the feelings are varied. If you will want the evaluation objective of an idea, feeling or thought, the children will be the exact barometers of the latter. The children do not lie and do not hide the vetity by pleasure. They do it by fear or respect. With our tenderness and frankness towards them, us will be able to exclude the bad characters from their sprit. By the love and a harmonious education, we will manage to form future generations tolerant which are repectent between them.

My Best wish

Ammar Banni.

Professor of French language and Poet
Ammar Banni , Algeria :
http://peacefromhar mony.org/ ?cat=en_c&key=288
June 1, 2007

My promise to children
By Robert J. Burrowes

Every day, human adults kill 35,000 of our children. We kill them in wars. We kill them with drones. We kill them in our homes. We also kill children in vast numbers by starving them to death in Africa, Asia and Central/South America because we use military violence to maintain an 'economic' system that allocates resources for military weapons, as well as corporate profits for the wealthy, instead of resources for living.

Apart from those children we kill every day, we sell many others into sexual slavery, we kidnap others to terrorise them into becoming child soldiers, we force others to work as slave labourers, in horrific conditions, in fields and factories (and buy the cheap products of their exploited labour as our latest 'bargain'), and we condemn millions to live in poverty, homelessness and misery. We cause many children to be born with grotesque genetic deformities because we use horrific weapons, like those with depleted uranium, o­n their parents. We also inflict violence o­n children in many other forms, ranging from 'ordinary' domestic violence to genital mutilation. And we imprison vast numbers of children in school in the delusional belief that this is good for them. See 'Do We Want School or Education?' http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1308/S00019/do-we-want-school-or-education.htm Whatever other damage that school does, it certainly helps to create the next generation of child-destroyers.

Despite all of the above, we adults still maintain our delusion that we humans love our children. And that we are civilised. Mind boggling!

While some effort has been made by the international community to recognise that young human beings have needs (see, for example, the United Nations Convention o­n the Rights of the Child - http://www.ohchr.org/en/professionalinterest/pages/crc.aspx - with a simplified version here -

http://www.childrensweek.org.au/UN%20poster%20Jan%202008.pdf), so far these efforts have failed to identify, and therefore meaningfully address, the primary reason why no child in the world today has its most fundamental needs met. This failure ensures that all of our other efforts to preserve and enhance life must ultimately fail, as our rush to extinction graphically illustrates. How can I say this? Consider this.

The man who inflicts violence o­n women was damaged during childhood. The white person who inflicts violence o­n people of colour was damaged during childhood. The employer who exploits workers was damaged during childhood. The individual who endorses the state violence inflicted o­n indigenous peoples was damaged during childhood. The terrorist, the political leader who wages war and the soldier who kills in our name were all damaged during childhood. The person who supports structures of violence (such as the military, police, legal and prison systems) was damaged during childhood. The person who supports structures of exploitation (such as capitalism and imperialism) was damaged during childhood. The person who thoughtlessly participates in destruction of the natural environment was damaged during childhood.

Violence does not 'just happen'. It is perpetrated by damaged individuals, including ourselves. Or it is built into political, social and economic structures by damaged individuals, such as ourselves. So we have a choice. We can take responsibility for healing the damage done to ourselves. And we can take responsibility for ending the origin of all of this violence: the violence we adults inflict o­n children. Or we can continue to delude ourselves that there is another source of all of the violence in our world and devote more erroneous effort to addressing it.

All violence is an outcome of the visible, 'invisible' and 'utterly invisible' violence inflicted by adults o­n children. See 'Why Violence?' http://tinyurl.com/whyviolence o­nce the child has been damaged, it will inflict violence o­n itself, the people around it, as well as non-human species and the natural environment; it will also play a part in maintaining structures of violence and exploitation (such as the education and legal systems, as well as capitalism) in which it is both victim and perpetrator.

Where violence has been exposed in other contexts, it has led to liberation movements (such as the anti-slavery movement; the anti-war movement; struggles against imperialism, colonialism and racism; women's liberation; struggles for the rights of indigenous peoples; the environment movement; animal liberation; struggles for the rights of people with disabilities; and the struggle against homophobia) as well as solidarity movements (in which, for example, whites have acted in solidarity with people of colour, pro-feminist men have acted in solidarity with women, and humans have acted in solidarity with non-human species and the natural environment).

Clearly, a children's and adolescents' liberation movement, by whatever name, is long overdue. And while an appropriate charter of young people's needs might include many provisions contained in the UN Convention o­n the Rights of the Child, it must ultimately include fundamental provisions that identify the need to live without the fear and experience of adult violence in its many forms, and the need to be listened to and allowed to act in accord with their own Self-will, even when this conflicts with adult preferences. Until we are able to acknowledge and support these needs of children, we are deluding ourselves about the possibility of effectively tackling the military, ecological and economic threats to our survival. And time is clearly running out.

So, to all young people, everywhere, my promise is this:

I admit that I inflict violence o­n you, particularly when you have feelings that frighten me. I also admit that I do not listen to you and trust you when you tell me what you need because I like to pretend that I know better than you do or, and it's scary for me to admit this, you might make choices that conflict with social norms or laws and I will have to make a stand with you, or even o­n your behalf.

From today, I promise that I will try to no longer inflict this violence o­n you, including that which I call 'punishment' so that I can pretend that I am not using violence, and I will do all that I can to stop other adults inflicting violence o­n you as well.

I also admit that we adults have done a bad job at looking after each other, including all of our children, and planet Earth, your home, and that you are going to have an increasingly difficult life as the natural world continues to break down. So I promise to participate in efforts being made to address all of these problems, such as that outlined in 'The Flame Tree Project to Save Life o­n Earth' http://tinyurl.com/flametree You can do this with me, if you like.

I will also let you make all of your choices freely in the same way that I expect to make mine. If you make mistakes, if you change your mind, I will accept these as part of your learning and growing. (I still make mistakes and change my mind too although I like to pretend that I don't!) This means, for example, that if you tell me that you do not want to go to school (where I know that other adults will tell you what to do in violation of your Self-will), then I will not force you to do so. There are better ways of learning and we can work out together how you might go about doing this.

If we have differences about what to do, I promise that I will talk about it with you until we find a way forward that seems fair to us both. When I was a child, the adults in my life didn't give me much choice about what I did, so I am scared that talking about something means that 'no-one will listen' and I won't get what I want. But I will try to trust that if I talk honestly to you about what I need, then you will listen carefully and help me to get what I need as well. I sort of know that if I listen and I am fair to you, and I trust you to listen and to be fair with me, then you will learn to listen and be fair with everyone. But this is hard for me. Conflict has often been scary.

I will not presume that you are less capable than I am, even though you are younger. I will treat you like an equal, just as we adults like to be treated as equals.

I will be honest with you about how I feel and what I need.

Most importantly of all, I promise that I will listen to you as best I can. I get scared when you are scared, angry or sad but part of me knows that you need to feel scared, angry or sad (or something else) when things don't work out as you want, just as you will sometimes feel content, loving or happy when things do work out. Of course, it is easier for me to listen when you are content, loving and happy, and I wish that you were like that all of the time! But life isn't like that hey? I also get scared when you tell me that your Dad/Mum or someone I think is our friend is abusing you but I will do my best to listen to and support you to defend yourself against this violence, o­ne way or another. In my heart, I know that listening means listening to however you are and letting that guide what you do. In the adult world, however, this just isn't easy to do every day. But I will try! This means, then, that I will also not try to scare you out of telling me the truth when I don't like it, including your truth about me!

From today, in a nutshell, I promise that I will support you to act in accord with your own Self-will. I want you to be free and to be everything that you were born to be. 

Oh, and finally, as best I can, I promise to love you and to respect you as a unique, beautiful and compassionate creation with a great deal to offer the world (as long as adults don't get in your way). You are, indeed, a child of the Universe. You do, indeed, have a right to be here.

As an adult, would you be willing to make this promise too? To whom would you make it?

If you are not willing to make this promise, what does this tell you about yourself?

There is no doubt that giving every child (or adult, for that matter) all of the space they need to feel, deeply, what they want to do, and to then let them do it (or to have the feelings they naturally have if someone or something prevents them from doing so) will have some dysfunctional outcomes in the short term. This is because we have all been dysfunctionalised, to a greater or lesser extent, by the violence we have already suffered throughout our lives. But listening deeply to a child from birth (or starting today), and supporting it to act out its own Self-will, will lead to an infinitely better overall outcome than the system of emotional suppression, control and punishment of children which has generated the incredibly violent world in which we now find ourselves.

It will, of course, be difficult for some form of young people's liberation movement to emerge given the extraordinary level of violence which children suffer and their economic dependence o­n adults. However, many social contexts still provide some space, and social media might offer new opportunities, for political organisation by young people. Until they do organise politically, those adults who wish to act in solidarity with children can readily do so by doing any or all of the following seven things.

First, like some individual members of other violent/oppressive groups before you (such as anti-racist whites and pro-feminist men who sought to eliminate their own racism/sexism), you could take responsibility for identifying and progressively eliminating your own violence against children (using the information in 'Why Violence?' as a guide or, preferably, by listening to children).

Second, you could raise awareness of violence against children and challenge/support others, including institutions, to take responsibility for ending their violence against children (perhaps by asking them to consider making the 'Promise to Children' above). Third, you could listen to children (in silence) with patience, love and compassion when children feel safe to talk of (or otherwise reveal, perhaps through some form of artistic expression) their experience of violence and to express their feelings (including fear, anger, sadness and others) about this violence.

Fourth, you could organise a safe forum (facilitated by someone experienced in listening to emotionally-disturbing events) in which a few children could share with each other (by talking or through some form of artistic expression) their experiences of, and feelings about, the violence they have suffered and witnessed. Fifth, you could support children's efforts to communicate and organise around the issue of adult violence against children. Sixth, you could support children to take action against adult violence when those children feel courageous enough to act (or you could act o­n the child's behalf when the child is too young or too terrified to act for itself).

Finally, you could act in solidarity with the child in yourself. You were a victim as a child and no o­ne acted in solidarity with you. You can learn to listen to yourself while you have your feelings about violent childhood experiences or you can get someone else you trust to listen to you about what happened to you. In time, this will make you better able to listen to, and be an ally of, children (even when they tell you about your violence against them).

If you wish to join the worldwide movement to end all violence, including violence against children, you can sign o­nline 'The People's Charter to Create a Nonviolent World' http://thepeoplesnonviolencecharter.wordpress.com

It takes courage to tell the truth that no-one wants to hear.

It takes fearlessness to act o­n it.

Robert J. Burrowes has a lifetime commitment to understanding and ending human violence. He has done extensive research since 1966 in an effort to understand why human beings are violent and has been a nonviolent activist since 1981. He is the author of 'Why Violence?' http://tinyurl.com/whyviolence His email address is flametree@riseup.net and his website is at http://robertjburrowes.wordpress.com

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