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Leo Semashko. Address to Esperantists of the world

Dear Esperantists of the world!


The Board of the International community Peace from Harmony uniting hundreds scientists, philosophers, poets and writers from tens countries of the world welcomes the next World Esperanto Congress. Between ours communities exists much in common. As is known, the Esperanto founder Zamengof has created language Esperanto for peace and general brotherhood of the people. Our purpose is the social harmony and harmonious peace. The modern sense of these universal values of humankind is opened in two our documents: Harmonious Era Calendar (2006) by 38 co-authors and published in 17 languages, and Magna Carta of Harmony (2007) by 43 co-authors, from 16 countries and published in 8 languages. The value of harmony was proclaimed in the most ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, Mexico, Africa, China, Greece, and many others. Harmony is an entirely human concept, for which there is evidence in every century of human history. Harmony is accepted by all cultures, but in every o­ne it is expressed distinctly. Harmony is multicultural and polymorphic. Harmony is acceptable for all peoples, groups, cultures, and religions. In all religions, God creates the world from chaos, and makes it harmonious. As the great Italian sculptor and poet Michelangelo wrote, "In HIM, chaos was milled into harmony." The great German philosopher, Gottfried Leibnitz, established the world divine law "harmonia praestabilita" (preset harmony) three centuries ago. However, until now, the value of harmony was not recognized as a universal, global priority. It has now become possible o­nly within the framework of a global, information civilization. A practical embodiment the priority of harmony found in the decision of China "to build a society of social harmony" (October 2006). A cultural embodiment it has found in our two documents: Calendar and Magna Carta of Harmony.


The movement to social harmony becomes by global and integrating the different peoples and cultures process of modernity, which needs general language. Esperanto, developing more than 100 years and covering millions people all over the world better others approaches for this purpose. We call Esperantists of the world to recognize related to you ideas of social harmony and harmonious peace expressed in the Magna Carta of Harmony and to announce Esperanto as language of harmony, peace and brotherhood. We call you to distribute a study of Esperanto in global communities of harmony and peacemaking. We call you to open a role of Esperanto as language of the harmonious peace in more details and concretely. We call you more widely to develop, to translate and to distribute o­n Esperanto the Harmonious Era Calendar, Magna Carta of Harmony and other documents, and also scientific works and art products devoted to social harmony. We call you to create poems, plays, songs, hymns of harmony o­n Esperanto. We call you to carry out the subsequent World Esperanto Congresses under general motto of Social Harmony and Harmonious Peace in various aspects: art, culture, bilingualism, religions, family, children, education, social care, equality, environment, policy, economy etc.


We CALL the WORLD ESPERANTISTS TO RECOGNIZE a PRIORITY of INDIVIDUAL And SOCIAL HARMONY FOR PROVIDING with the GLOBAL INDESTRUCTIBLE PEACE Presently. It will be the social contribution of the world Esperantists to a Civilization of Harmony! We count the mission of the modern Esperantists consists in harmony, which at the same time will give a powerful pulse for development, distribution and statement Esperanto at a modern level. The modern humankind has not enough Esperanto to create a harmonious peace!


The Board of the International community Peace from Harmony: 11 persons.

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