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Merit of the tetrasociological discoveries in comparison with merit of Marx's discoveries

Leo Semashko


Merit of the tetrasociological discoveries in comparison with

merit of Marx's discoveries


Marx: "I do not belong to a merit of discovery of classes and class struggle. I belong to a merit of discovery of their dependence from a historical way of social production and end of class struggle in dictatorship of the proletariat, which conducts to classless society".


PARAPHRASING Marx, I can tell: I (in my tetrasociology) do not belong to a merit of discovery of four spheres of social production: it belongs to Marx. I belong to a merit of discovery of their (spheres) of equal necessity and sufficiency for any society, i.e. their social universality, which historically changes o­nly by change of their priorities, which Marx perceived wrongly as primary. At Marx and in Marxism the primacy of material sphere, i.e. materialism, is the most fundamental theoretical thesis. At me and in tetrasociology the most fundamental theoretical thesis is the EQUAL necessity of each sphere, i.e. them pluralism, their JOINT sufficiency for existence of ANY society, that EXCLUDES any primary of any sphere. But it does not exclude their DIFFERENT PRIORITIES in different historical epochs.


I belong to a merit of discovery of so universal (natural) deep structure of harmony (objective aspiration to mutual assistance, proportionality and mutual equilibrium) these spheres, which excludes between them any struggle, antagonism, mutual exclusion, but does not exclude the temporary conflicts and imbalances, which are overcome in due course.


I belong to merit of discovery of the universal sphere classes ENGAGED in harmonious spheres of social production. Therefore the sphere classes always are harmonious, mutual assistanceand concordant (when they realize itself), that, however, too does not exclude between them the temporary conflicts and disagreements, which are overcome in due course and they NEVER conduct to war, antagonism and mutual destruction. The main merit of tetrasociology is discovery of CLASS HARMONIOUS SOCIETY, which classes are not the private, industrial, antagonistic classes of Marx and ETERNAL, UNIVERSAL, HARMONIOUS SPHERE CLASSES. The similar classes were not known to Marx and anybody another up to tetrasociology.

So, Marx spoke about classless society (in sense of absence of private, ANTAGONISTIC classes – the SPHERE CLASSES HE SIMPLY DID NOT KNOW) as ideal. I speak about SPHERE CLASS society as an ideal, adequate and harmonious society appropriated to an internal nature of humankind in general. But it becomes those o­nly at a level of an information society, when the universal information and its priority allow a social science in tetrasociology to rise o­n a level of SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE and COMPREHENSION of the HARMONIOUS SPHERE CLASSES of SOCIETY as the eternal actors of social harmony. Their social harmony before this remained by spontaneous and weak, subordinated to disharmony of the private antagonistic classes. Only in an information society their harmony becomes conscious, controlled and manager, overcoming PEACEFULLY, without antagonisms, violence and class struggle all social disharmonies (contradictions, conflicts, disagreements etc.) between them. o­nly in this society conscious sphere harmony becomes conscious energy of a constant survival and prosperity of humankind.


It is the merit of my discoveries in tetrasociology. Therefore not Marxism but tetrasociology is a universal science about society, which becomes possible o­nLY at a historical step of an information harmonious civilization. o­nly tetrasociological science is necessary for this civilization and o­nly it creates the preconditions, necessary for this science. Therefore tetrasociology is a science about a harmonious information civilization, about the laws of a deep (sphere) structure of social and individual harmony in this civilization.


The list of tetrasociological discoveries.

1. Laws of a deep (sphere) structure of social and individual harmony.

2. Sphere classes of the population as the actors of social harmony.

3. Sphere democracy and Sphere state, in which the authority in all branches is divided fifty-fifty between the elected representatives of the sphere classes.

4. Sphere sociological statistics allowing quantitatively to express the qualitative sphere dynamics (changes) of society and the man.

5. Sphere information-statistical technology allowing to count the variants of sphere dynamics for a choice of optimal /harmonious.

6. Sphere sociocultural technology of prosperity through harmonization, basing o­n general harmonious education and priority of children.

7. Sphere management as conscious application of the laws of sphere harmony for self management of harmonious development of society and individual.

8. Harmonious peace culture as true, indestructible, global peace occurring from social harmony and existing o­nly in its environment.


These discoveries provide a survival of humankind, its sustainable harmonious development, prosperity of all peoples in the common good of harmony and its deliverance from all global challenges, traumas and pathologies. They are the epoch-making discoveries.


These discoveries are submitted in details in my books o­n the site "Peace from Harmony" www.peacefromharmony.org



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