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Peace Goes from Harmony - Harmony Gives Peace! Which is “the Chicken” and which is “the Egg”?

Leo Semashko


September 1, 2008:
Peace Goes from Harmony!

Harmony Gives Peace and Happiness!


Dear Students, Teachers and Parents, Friends!


September 1 in the Western world the new academic year begins. The Global Harmony Association (GHA) congratulates you o­n this educational holiday! With what motto it should begin in a new, harmonious information society? GHA more than three years offers as such motto the simple words: "Peace Goes from Harmony! Harmony Gives Peace!" It is the most worthy and urgent motto. It expresses a culture of harmonious peace, which releases humankind from the constant industrial wars, terror, violence and hunger. It expresses an educational strategy of humankind. o­nly this strategy will allow it to survive in harmony and to not be lost in industrial self-destruction.


Therefore this motto should be inscribed o­n the walls of all educational institutes worldwide! "Peace Goes from Harmony! Harmony Gives Peace!" It is a true peace culture! It is the Global Harmonious Revolution of Modernity clearing humankind from industrial defects! It is a sole principle of a global survival and prosperity! o­nly it will exclude forever from life of humankind the tragedies of genocide similar to the Holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, Israel and Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, Rwanda and Sudan, September 11 and Beslan, Yugoslavia and South Ossetia and so o­n indefinitely. o­nly International Law "Peace from Harmony" realizes the great ideas of Mahatma Gandhi: "If we are ever to have real peace in this world we shall have to begin with the children", and Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World".


Now, when humankind in next time will be rolled to the new Cuban missile crisis, the strategy "Peace from Harmony" becomes a sole positive alternative of global scale. What can embody it in life? o­nly global harmonious education and a WorldNet of the Harmony/Peace Academies are capable to inhale life in this strategy. o­nly such education can peacefully solve and prevent any armed conflicts.


The Global Harmony Association created the appropriate collective projects, in which strategy "Peace Goes from Harmony! Harmony Gives Peace!"has found detailed development:

  1. Magna Carta of Harmony (2007): http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=3,
  2. World Harmony/Peace Academy Project (2008): http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277,
  3. Harmonization through education instead of militarization (2008): http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=337


These projects are acceptable and are necessary for all peoples, all students, schools and universities. These documents define an educational reform of the new century and new society. They can and should be studied and be taught in all educational institutions. The earlier the parents, teachers, public organizations and governments will understand it, the faster humankind will release from a nightmare of industrial self-destruction, from constant fear of nuclear war or military aggression. For this purpose are necessary humanism, good will, responsibility and reformatory approach of the parents, teachers, public organizations and governments.


Let's o­n September 1 to look inside of itself to find in ourselves the abilities for education harmonizing reform, for harmonious education and self-education and for deep study of a principle: "Peace Goes from Harmony! Harmony Gives Peace!"It is necessary for our children! They should learn it in details at all schools to survive and to live in happiness instead of in fear. It is necessary for our future!


With the best wishes of harmonious education and harmonious peace in the soul and o­n the Earth!


Dr Leo Semashko,

Global Harmony Association President




Dear Brother Leo,


I turned your email into a word-document + added comments, as attached!


A Comment o­n the Above: Peace Goes from Harmony - Harmony Gives Peace - September 1, From: Leo Semashko


Excuse my grim & sceptical sense of the realities of our current world, but which is “the Chicken” and which is “the egg” in “Peace” and “Harmony” as, surely, by the laws of karma, the lack of Peace discourages the development of Harmony as the presence of constant disharmony jeopardizes the establishment of Peace? Can any o­ne reading & addressing this recurrent question of our times come up with an answer?


David Stringer,

Universal Alliance President





Dear Brother David,


Thanks for your information.


As to the hens (“chickens”) and eggs in an industrial society, Global Harmony Associations (GHA) and I, from the very beginning, since February 2005, we speak: "Peace FROM Harmony". It means that in an industrial society, which confidently conducts humankind to self-destruction, true peace can be only the egg and its hen can be only harmony. When humankind will understand this, it will be rescued. For now we debate a problem of “hen and egg” peace can not be and a threat of self-destruction will accrue only. The 20th century, as well as previous, proved, that industrial peace can not be the hen of peace: this peace is cut every time when it favorably to any aggressor: Japan, Germany, USA, USSR, Georgia etc.

The peace can not be the hen of peace and harmony for three reasons. 1. The peace always was in a history and remains until now, especially last four centuries of an industrial society, military peace. It means that it was only break between wars and preparation to them. 2. The industrial (military) peace is a hen of war, i.e. hen, which is capable to carry only the eggs of war but not harmony. 3. The history until now does not know true (eternal and indestructible) peace and the false (military) peace can not produce harmony. Therefore global harmony was not until now. Therefore we should wait the true peace o­nly from harmony and understand that only harmony can gives us the true peace, prosperity and happiness! The military peace can not it give never!


From the military industrial peace we can expect o­nly a nuclear self-destruction. When we shall be lost in a nuclear nightmare that can happen in anyone moment of the industrial military peace, we shall be deprived pleasure to argue o­n peace as about hen or egg. That it has not taken place, we should understand, that is a hen for the true peace and how this hen can sit out an egg of the eternal peace? GHA answers this question clearly and scientifically: o­nly general harmonious education o­n a basis of tetrasociology (it is the hen for harmony acceptable and useful for all) can result in global peace (to sit out an egg of the true peace). The true peace does not exist beyond and without harmony!!! Only harmony is that sole hen, which carries in itself an egg of the true, eternal peace!!! Please, let’s raise this hen, i.e. to build social harmony through general harmonious education, instead of to cut it by our pitiless industrial knifes.


Certainly, true peace and harmony cooperate and mutually promote each other. But this is the far future as does not exist o­ne and another. The "hen" of harmony o­nly still begins to be born in the Global Harmonious Revolution of Modernity and in the GHA projects:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=336


Dr Leo Semashko,




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