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Foreword: Participants, Authors and Endorsers of Projects

Participants, Authors and Endorsers of Projects


This book is a collection of the projects of numerous GHA members during the years 2008 and 2009. The contributions of each member are as varied as the people involved.

It is important to distinguish for readers the level of each persons contribution. Participants is a general term for all of them. Co-authors have contributed to the maintenance of GHA projects. Endorsers have supported the work of the GHA co-authors in various ways, first of all as the endorsers.

The list of participants is long for each project, with the biggest list containing the names of 120 GHA members from 34 countries for the project titled: Peace Culture through Harmony: Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament. For that project, GHA stated not o­nly the name of the participant but each persons scientific degree/rank, employment, and country.

The participants of all projects are covered by that list. Therefore, in subsequently published projects, o­nly the names and their number are specified.


120 GHA participants from 34 countries

From Russia - 45:


Leo Semashko, Ph.D.,

Global Harmony Association President,

St.Petersburg State Councillor,

Director, International Website "Peace from Harmony",

IAEWP Advisory Board Chair,

Author of Tetrasociology as social science about harmony,

Director, Public Institute of Tetrasociology,

Philosopher and sociologist,

Author more 250 scientific publications, including 14 books,

Address: 7/442 HoShiMin Street, St. Petersburg, 194356, Russia

Tel: +7 (812) 5133863

Email: leo44442006@yandex.ru


1.Andrei Arsenchuk, Engineer, StPetersburg

2.Sergei Busoff, Professor, StPetersburg

3.Yuri Dorofeev, Economist, StPetersburg

4.Natalie Hramikhina, Artist Designer, StPetersburg

5.Ivan Ivanov, Student, StPetersburg

6.Dimitry Ivashintsov, Professor, StPetersburg

7.Abram Jusfin, Professor, StPetersburg

8.Vladimir Kavtorin, Writer, StPetersburg

9.Andrei Semashko, Entrepreneur, StPetersburg

10.Igor Shadkhan, Professor, StPetersburg

11.Alexei Shepel, Postgraduate, StPetersburg

12.Natalie Sidorova, Journalist, StPetersburg

13.Genrih Skvortsov, Professor, StPetersburg

14.Grigory Toulchinsky, Professor, StPetersburg

15.Tamara Trushnikova, Professor, StPetersburg

16.Olga Ushakova, Psychologist, StPetersburg

17.Svetlana Vetrova, Educator and Bard, StPetersburg

18.Alexander Yuriev, Professor, StPetersburg

19.Talgat Akbashev, Professor, Ufa

20.Valery Gergel, Professor, Moskow

21.Nina Goncharova, Artist, Novosibirsk

22.Alexander Olshanski, Writer, Moskow

23.Igor Prihodkin, Educator, Cheliabinsk

24.Alexander Semashko, Economist, Kaluga

25.Petr Semashko, Lawyer, Kaluga

26.Andrei Smirnov, Professor, Novgorod

27.Nikolay Strelkov, Bisnessman, Ulianovsk

28.Tatiana Tselutina, Dr. Sociology, Belgorod

29.Vadim Trifanov, Dr., Mathematician, StPetersburg

30.Peter Sergienko, Mathematician, Serpuhov

31.Basil Smirnov, Dr., Historian, Novgorod


32.Lucy Alferova, Teacher, Chelyabinsk,

33.Anna Butkevich, Esperantist, StPetersburg

34.Vladimir Zakharov, Physicist, StPetersburg

35.Vucheslav Ivanov, Esperantist, StPetersburg

36.Maxim Kazakov, Economist,, StPetersburg

37.Victor Lebedinsky, Engineer, Moscow

38.Eugenie Polishuk, Linguist, StPetersburg

39.Natalie Potapova, Translator,StPetersburg

40.Alexandra Prokudina, Music Teacher, St-Petersburg

41.Tatiana Statevich, Sociologist, StPetersburg

42.Vladimir Strelkov, Worker, Moscow

43.Gulnara Valiulina, Translator, StPetersburg

44.Eduard Shultz, Physicist, StPetersburg





From other countries 75:


  1. Dr. Ghassan Abdallah, Palestine
  2. Prof. Ada Aharoni, Israel
  3. Dr. Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina
  4. Prof. Reimon Bachika, Japan
  5. Prof. Ammar Banni, Algeria
  6. Mr Jean Basabose, Educator, Rwanda
  7. Dr. Tholana Chakravarthy, India
  8. Dr. Renato Corsetti, Italy
  9. Dr. Guy Crequie, Poet and Philosopher, France
  10. Rosa Dalmiglio, Intercultural Peace Art Manager, Italy
  11. Dr. Martha Ross DeWitt, USA
  12. Prof. John W. Forje, Cameroon
  13. Dr. Mona GamalEl Dina, France
  14. Dr. Stephen Gill, Poet and Writer, Canada
  15. Prof.Ananta Giri, India
  16. Prof. Will Hoonaard, Canada
  17. Takis Ioannides, Poet and Writer, Greece
  18. Tatomir IonMarius, Poet and Writer, Romania
  19. Muhammad Iqbal, Poet and Writer, Pakistan
  20. Prof. Ernesto Kahan, Israel
  21. Helene F. Klingberg, Poet and Writer, Norway
  22. Dr. Dimitris P. Kraniotis, Greece
  23. Dr. Rose Lord, Poet and Writer, USA
  24. Prof. Charles Mercieca, USA
  25. Dr. Nina Meyerhof, USA
  26. Kae Morii, Poet and Writer, Japan
  27. Prof. Matjaž Mulej, Slovenia
  28. Susana Roberts, Poet and Writer, Argentina
  29. Dr. Maitreyee Roy, India
  30. Dr. Bernard Scott, England
  31. Prof. Rudolf Siebert, USA
  32. David Stringer, Poet and Writer, England
  33. Claude Veziau, Composer, Canada
  34. Robert M.Weir, Writer, USA
  35. Prof. Jiang Yimin, China
  36. Prof. Alexey Stakhov, Canada
  37. Prof. Edward Soroko,Belorussia
  38. Manager, Rama Narayana, India
  39. Poet, Taki Yuriko, Japan
  40. Prof. Patricia Rife, Ph.D., USA
  41. Dr. Lana Yang, MBA, USA
  42. Dr. Laj Utreja, USA
  43. Dr. Leonid Beluy, Academician, Ukraine
  44. GDR. Prof. Sir Varant Seropian, Lebanon
  45. Heli Habyarimana, Postgraduate, Rwanda


  1. Mohammed Attah, peacemaker, Nigeria
  2. Dr. Sun Dongrong, China
  3. Dr. Mohamed Elmontassir, Morocco
  4. Prof. Jean Faullimmel, France
  5. Wolfgang Fischer, Philosopher, Germany
  6. Lama Gangchen, peacemaker, Italy
  7. Dr. Noor Gillani, USA
  8. Jean Hareremina, peacemaker, Burundi
  9. Dr. François Houtart, Belgium
  10. Prof. Tarek Heggy, Egypt
  11. Carol Hiltner, peacemaker, USA
  12. Albert Kunihira, peacemaker, Uganda
  13. Dr. Evelin Lindner, Norway
  14. Prof. Francisco Matos, Brazil
  15. Dr. Arlester McBride, USA
  16. M.Ed. Alexander Mercieca, USA
  17. Prof. Terrence Paupp, USA
  18. Dr. Surya Nath Prasad, India
  19. Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, USA
  20. Dr. Steve Rajan, Malaysia
  21. Prof. James T. Ranney, USA
  22. Eyal Raviv, peacemaker, Israel
  23. Prof.RamKrishna Singh, India
  24. Dr. Dalia Steiner, Israel
  25. Dr. Yehuda Stolov, Israel
  26. Mr. Lee Jon Young, journalist, South Korea
  27. Prof. Rene Wadlow, France
  28. Dr. Mike Whitty, USA
  29. Cori Wielenga, peacemaker, South Africa
  30. Dr. Zhai Zhenjie, China


Coauthors' 34 Countries:

  1. Algeria 1
  2. Argentina 2
  3. Belgium 1
  4. Brazil 1
  5. Byelorussia 1
  6. Burundi 1
  7. Cameroon 1
  8. Canada 3
  9. China 3
  10. Egypt 1
  11. England 2
  12. France 4
  13. Germany 1
  14. Greece 2
  15. India 6
  16. Israel 5
  17. Italy 3
  18. Lebanon 1
  19. Malaysia 1
  20. Morocco 1
  21. Nigeria 1
  22. Japan 3
  23. Norway 2
  24. Pakistan 1
  25. Palestine 1
  26. Romania 1
  27. Russia 45
  28. Rwanda 2
  29. Slovenia 1
  30. South Africa 1
  31. South Korea 2
  32. Uganda 1
  33. Ukraine 2
  34. USA 17

More detailed information o­n the GHA projects participants is o­n the Website Peace from Harmony in "Authors" section:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_a. The Profiles of 38 of them are in the end of this book.


Translator o­n the English language is Leo Semashko

The English text editors are: writer Robert Weir, USA, and Natalya Potapova and Gulnara Valiulina, Russia. Leo Semashko is the primary editor.

Book publications:

In Russian: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=405,

In English: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379.

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