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Declaration and Treaty: Discussion of Philosophy and Value

3. Declaration and Treaty:

Discussion of Philosophy and Importance

of the GHA Projects.

July 11 to September 3, 2009


If the nuclear disarmament is Utopia, we live in horrible reality. Global Harmony Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament can be a great step for world peace more than the first human being step o­n the moon.

Kae Morii, Poet, Japan


My very dear sister of soul, Kae,

Disarmament is possible when the other half of people dont stop fighting for Peace and we the peacemakers do all we could and reach to our hands to do as a real blessing from Heaven in our mission to be hear.

Susana Roberts, Poet and Writer, Argentina


For document: Global Harmony International Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament.

I was read the document with great interest and positive attitude. Maybe it is realistic, but I cannot sign without some changes:

Create the Plan of nuclear disarmament for 20 years, since 2009, and to consider it as a necessary part of the General and Complete Disarmament Program.

How can we assure that the next 20 years will be safe? Of course that in a negotiation the super powers will discuss the terms, but for me I need to write maximum 5 years.

For document: Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration.

I suggest to replace in page 2:

Harmony is the universal, divine and natural, law, which is admitted a science, religion, culture and is unfolded in universal attributes of dynamic equilibrium and proportionality by Harmony is a universal concept accepted by science, religions and culture as the desire dynamic equilibrium and proportionality. Then I suggest to go directly to:

Global (social) harmony is the conscious coordinated self-restriction and inner balance for the sake of the world survival, prosperity and peace.

Then it is OK until paragraph 16:

Harmony became a principle of a national policy in Singapore, Malaysia, Tunis, Kazakhstan, China and a number of other countries. It became a principle of a regional policy in the European Union. It becomes a principle of a global policy in nuclear disarmament, in relations with the Muslim world etc. It is the inevitable tendency of a modern epoch of harmony globalization.

This is very controversial and for sure in many of these countries the human rights are violated. More over it will produce strong rejections among those who need it sign. I prefer to delete this. The rest is OK. A major problem is how verification, control and correction of deviations will be done.

Prof. Dr. Ernesto Kahan, MD MPH, Israel 

GHA projects need support of a solid international organization, such as UNESCO, for example. This organization itself will be of no doubt interested in the development of the given direction as it coincides with its radical interests and initiatives. Therefore, I believe, it may agree to support GHA, to give it some financial help at the starting point for conferencesand search for new sponsors. UNESCO can promote the issue of GHA Journal, under o­ne of the following titles: Culture of Harmony and Harmony of Cultures, or "Harmonization", or Peace from Harmony, or Sustainable Development Harmony, or Peace through Harmony of Diversity and Sustainable Development or any other variants. I am absolutely convinced that the ideas of diversity and sustainable development need to be firmly connected with the idea of harmony.

Ph.D. Edward Soroko, Principal Scientific Employee, Philosophy Institute, National Academy of Sciences, Belarus. Author: Structural Harmony of Systems, 1984, 264p. New edition: Moscow, 2009.


Dear Leo,

Fundamentally I endorse the basic intent of the Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration and I agree with most of its content, with the right interpretation

HOWEVER I feel quite uneasy about the great number of points that are merely touched upon: 15 in the Preamble, 20 in the General Part (with many subdivisions), and 19 in the Special Part. I have studied Tetrasociology and participated in GHA activities for a long time, so I think I understand. And as a sociologist, I think I can handle a complex matter. There are hundred-and-one ideas that crisscross each other in a variety of directions. Anyone reading it without knowledge of social science would get awfully dizzy for the rest of the day.

The problem is not that the project is utopian. Formally, it is not a Declaration but a summing up of everything you think is important for future civilizations. That would be okay in the form of whole book o­n the subject. A declaration usually is an uncomplicated statement. It is like a flag, a tricolor or something, the meaning of which is easily understood. A declaration in never binding anyway. If you would outline three to four points, people may remember two or three by reading it o­nly o­nce. That would be quite a success.

Reimon Bachika, Prof. Emeritus, Kyoto, Japan


Dear Reimon,

Everything is known by comparison. Our Declaration includes almost 60 points with subparagraphs and it is just about the same length as the Declaration of Human Rights (1948), including 30 articles, with 2-5 subparagraphs each. The UN Convention o­n the Rights of the Child (1989) contains 54 articles, with 2-10 subparagraphs each occupying more than 20 pages. I do not know any International Document put in three -four points. If you or anybody else knows, please, let me know. To my mind an International Document in three to four points may be treated as a frivolous suggestion. It may look like we neglect mental abilities of the public and offend it: they can think about authors of such Declaration: What the hell you think of us? And they will be right. Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President


Dear Reimon and Ernesto,

Many thanks for your remarks. I included some of them in our projects, and the other are left for the future discussions. Let me remind you, that we will keep to ANNUAL discussions and updating of these documents. Therefore we will have time to perfect our formulations in them.

Leo Semashko


Thanks a lot Leo for your information. We will continue working with these excellent documents

Ernesto Kahan


Declaration is a brilliant document that different social current strata must know and begin to accept these changes. Undoubtedly it is constituted by scientists o­n top and it has great consistency. Congratulations to the authors!! In my humble opinion it will need a very good base of organization and cooperation between the different sphere classes; they will need not o­nly technological training but a great training of perfectly organized persons in order the good results and not end up being a Utopia. Undoubtedly it is a long and sinuous way but not impossibly. I admire you as the creator of Tetrasociology. I support this process to achieve this great change towards the harmonization and the nuclear disarmament that could allow the reduction of the poverty in the world.

Susana Roberts


Great documents. The new draft improved them very much.

Ernesto Kahan


I feel similarly. And unfortunately, I will not be able to do any further editing at this time.

J.D. James T. Ranney, Chair

Global Constitution Forums, Former Law Professor, Philadelphia, USA


Dear Leo,

Excellent!.... Excellent! ........ I will try to circulate these documents you sent to many o­n my e-mail list. They are full of challenge and inspiration. I am impressed with your ability to handle correspondence with such a variety of good scholars with such a diversity of philosophy. You proved yourself to be capable of bringing about unity from diversity. I agree with your philosophy and approach 100%. It is obvious that you are guided by heaven to be a great instrument in the promotion of a real world peace. I believe that the philosophy of the GHA needs to be implemented in all schools. This way a new generation will be prepared to replace wars with peace. The world needs badly people of your vision.

Dr. Charles Mercieca, Professor Emeritus,

President, International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), USA

Dear Leo,

Keep up your universally inspiring and deeply harmonizing work.

Francisco Gomes de Matos,

Peace linguist, Professor Emeritus, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil


Dear authors of the projects! Projects are global, fundamental and timely! I support them.

Lucy Alphiorova, Director, Grammar School 76, Chelyabinsk, Russia


Dearest soul brothers and sisters,

All what your mention and propose for the Earth Nuclear Disarmament are wise, valuable and hopeful to be achieved, and all of us will support them in our countries. I do agree with Dr Ernesto Kahan position that the Earth Nuclear Disarmament is a matter of conscience and furthermore I would like to add, of understanding. Knowledge is far away from the understanding. As a student of this life, I propose to be activated immediately towards the proper positive education of the new generation. The kids must UNDERSTAND the real meaning and the danger holding by the WARs of Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and all kinds of weapons. They must UNDERSTAND the real meaning of Values and principals of Life established and agreed via aces by the humanity. They must UNDERSTAND that all their life actions must be done for the common benefit of all humans. THE CHILDREN IS OUR FUTURE HOPE! It is the initial idea of LEO. WE ARE OBLIGED TO EDUCATE THEM POSITIVE, IMMEDIATELY. THEY WILL BE THE BASE OF THE FUTURE HUMANITY

Takis Ioannides, Poet and Writer, Greece


About: Global Harmony International Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament and Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration. I think we are at the threshold of a new era of international understanding and peace. Our efforts have finally found an echo at the other side of a mountain. These documents are absolutely perfect. I congratulate Ernesto, Leo, Ada, Susana, Renato and all the participants of these projects, for making it real and tangible: the constitution of a new political order, internationally.

María Cristina Azcona, Psychologist, Poet and Writer, Argentina


Dear Leo,

I see that your view as well as the scale of your thinking is a much larger than mine. Many admire you therefore and so do I. My comment o­n the Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration was neither critical of your vision nor of its scale. o­n thinking it over, it is a problem of WHAT and HOW, that is of QUALITY, but not of HOW MUCH.

WHAT and QUALITY: in other words, is the Declaration attractive? Is it easily understood? Will it be accepted as right? I doubt this, if its FORM or its formulation is not good enough. I can IMAGINE your great picture, but I really do not see how all your 60 points cogently fit together. Let us compare with the Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. It is a highly lucid text, as clear and sparkling as a fountain. There are o­nly two ideas that stand out, as mentioned in Article 1: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." The circumstances and contexts of freedom and equality are specified in Article 2. All the other articles clarify human rights in various contexts. (Roughly counted, the word freedom is mentioned 28 times and equality 11 times). So, the vision concerning being free and equal and the rights based o­n these values are crystal clear.

Please note that the Declaration of Human Rights does not mention any scientific or sociological thought or any laws, neither natural nor divine. It says in the Preamble that their view is based o­n the FAITH of the peoples of the United Nations. You very much stress scientific thought and laws. This emphasis troubles me. The WHAT and HOW are closely related things. I have no time now to study the Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration in detail, but in the Preamble alone you mention scientific thinking and laws each three times. You must know that science, especially social science today, is acutely contested. Having your own theory is of course quite important. However, will your view stressing science and laws be easily understood and accepted as right? I doubt it very, very much. To conclude, you are the President of GHA and you must ultimately decide what and how.

Reimon Bachika


Dear Reimon,

I admire your detailed analysis of the Declaration of Human rights and its comparison with the Harmonious Civilization Declaration. I sincerely congratulate you o­n this remarkable work as the great contribution to our project. I am not afraid of mutual compliments; o­n the contrary, I welcome them in any possible way: friendly cooperation comprises congeniality. I always admired and I will admire you and my other friends and adherents and no flies in the ointment will prevent me from doing it. Positive creativity cannot do without positive emotions and mutual feelings of liking. As the well-known Russian poet and bard wrote and sang: Let's pay compliments to each other while we are alive, after all the life is so short.

To continue the sparkling fountain of your comparisons, let us call these documents in short: the Declaration of Rights (DR) and the Declaration of Harmony (DH) accordingly. You found a brilliant course to put DR as the sample for DH. Really, it is the best model for our subsequent perfection of DH which is not limited in time. However, from the very beginning we should understand their basic distinction clearly: DR is devoted to a very important but single aspect of the society to human rights, and DH is devoted to the HARMONIOUS CIVILIZATION as a whole. Agree, it is a very essential distinction. We should not forget or ignore it. It explains partially why there is no science or sociology in DR. First, because the real science/sociology of human rights from positions of their deep structure has not been developed yet. Secondly, human rights do not concern deep structure; they lay o­n a social surface as a family, trade, state, etc. In general it is quite clear without scientific intervention what are human needs, especially after the barbarity of WWII. This idea is excellently expressed in DR.

If we mean the FUTURE civilization it has no social surface today as it does not exist YET. We can speak and imagine o­nLY its deep structure, which can be accessible not to doxa opinion but o­nly for really scientific knowledge of this structure. o­nly from the positions of a similar science we are capable to define QUALITATIVE differences of a new, harmonious civilization from dying, industrial o­ne. This attempt is undertaken in our DH.

You know well, that the main tool of the sociologist as it was established by the great Right Mills is sociological imagination. If you will picture in your sociological imagination a society as the interconnected dynamical unity of four spheres and corresponding sphere classes (= it is a deep structure), covering ALL population without any exception, THEN o­n this social engine and heart you can perfectly gather not o­nly 60 but also 600 and 60000 etc. points of any society and civilization. But I agree with you: the shorter the better. I think, we will make it in the future.

I agree with you also concerning absence of scientific sociology. Such sociology is of no use in the industrial society and it is not capable to arise in it as it is torn apart by many hostile camps and parties, each of which pretend to own social science: remember period before 1990. But this science, as well as any, can be o­nly o­nE o­n everything, for all parties and sides. o­nly harmonious civilization (society) will call for such science. This science can arise o­nLY together with rise this society that has begun since 1990, from the USSR collapse (see about it the book Foreword in more details). Therefore, o­nly Tetrasociology pretends to a role of adequate scientific sociology today which, naturally, became a scientific platform for the Declaration of a harmonious civilization. The new society gives birth to new worldview and a new social science: my first books, devoted to it, have been published in 1991 and 1992. The question about its general recognition is abolished: in due time it will find recognition of all people and the nations the same as mathematics, physics and any science EQUALLY necessary and useful for ALL without any exception. Certainly, it is impossible to forget, that any science exists pluralistically in a set of different, sometimes inconsistent, scientific theories. It concerns Tetrasociology as well.

Leo Semashko


I approve this impressing Declaration o­n nuclear disarmament. I hope it will make impression o­n the irresolute politicians.

Dr. Henry Skvortsov, Full Member of the International Academy of Fundamental Education, mathematician, system analyst and physic-theoretician, Russia


I congratulate you for your initiation and Mariam Khan, Francois Houtart and Edward Soroko for their meaningful contributions to the Declaration of Harmonious Civilization. I'd like to present my views for consideration. Specifically, they pertain to the objective realism rather than abstract academic ideas..

Dr. Laj Utreja, President, Institute of Spiritual Healing, USA


I strongly appreciate your GHA project o­n peace and harmony. It is a fantastic idea. But is o­nly thing that brings question to my mind about how much a society will be able to carry out the concept of disarmament. It is because the term disarmament has an inner meaning i.e. offering information to the rest of the world about the amount of armament I possess ... I think at this stage the meaning of disarmament must be explained properly and what we mean by the word disarmament literally. We in our project will repeatedly refer to the real meaning of the term disarmament and peace.

Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, Basanti Devi College Principal, India


Leo, Laj etc.:

I would like to express the following personal view o­n the item below:

I see harmony as both natural and consciously developed. In my view, harmony is something natural in all human beings, is spiritual in origin, and derives from the fact that God's spirit exists in each of us, making us all spiritual brothers and sisters, causing us all to have a natural sense of harmony for all humanity. However, like its counterparts --- love, compassion, mercy, etc. ---, it needs to be cultivated so it doesn't become dormant in us as a result of counter suggestions by our ego which tempts us with promises of instant gratification towards opposite attitudes, which are focused more o­n our senses rather than o­n our spirit. Thus, it is both natural and needing cultivation. Thus, I am in partial agreement with both Laj and Leo.

Dr. Noor Gillani, Principal Research Scientist, National Space Science and Technology Center, USA


Dear Noor,

Many thanks for your brilliant philosophical explanation of the dual nature of harmony, which I share completely. Your concept of "cultivation" of harmony is especially valuable and new. I consider it as your great contribution to understanding of harmony and to our Declaration. Really, harmony is a natural and divine law which is cultivated by people. And cultivation can be carried out by two ways: intuitively (and emotionally) at unconscious level in mythology, religion, art, national creativity, and etc., when people create harmony but they do not know, that they create harmony as they create it intuitively, at subconscious level. Other way of cultivation of harmony is a conscious scientific way, when people create harmony, knowing laws and qualities of its deep structure, which is unfolded by the corresponding sciences. In connection with your introduction of the important concept of "cultivation", I consider necessary to restate corresponding item of our Declaration:

Harmony is the universal, divine and natural, law, which is shown in general dynamic equilibrium and is cultivated by people in all forms of creativity or intuitively, at subconscious level, or is conscious, o­n the basis of corresponding scientific knowledge, transition to which begins in the present time.

Leo Semashko


This is a great contribution towards the ideology of HARMONY.

Ernesto Kahan


Hello, Leo!

As for me I would in no case slogan outdoors the idea of harmony now. It is a crime or a case for mental hospital. It may result in imprisoning or to mental hospitalization. Your eyes are "curtained off" by your aspiration to harmony, which does not exist and cannot exist in nowadays world. o­ne can find harmony neither in China, nor in Japan, nor in the USA, etc. Chinese government abruptly "applies the screws o­n" or shoots at the oppositionists (watch the News). Harmony is an illusion in our miserable world. It is possible to fight for harmony but o­ne cannot go against the stream for too long. Sooner or later, the ideological leaders will become first to vanish, then - devotees, then sympathizing public... For sure their ideas will come round again, but at a higher level etc., etc...

I do not mean that your mission is misleading. Very much the other way. But please do not create illusions, that social harmony is attainable in the foreseeable future. By no means! The world as a whole is created by somebody according to the law of devouring the weak by the strong. We all eat meat, plants and never miss a bit", that we devour a live being striving to live! How can it be connected with harmony? This is the heart of a trick. And, please, do not swing the harmony flag it smells dilettantism! You communicate mainly with the academicians that have least influence o­n the human fortunes. And harmony flag may be used as a curtain for the black deeds and a great number of crimes, against your personal will, and you, personally, will be able to oppose nothing to it I didnt mean to offence you.

Nikolas Strelkov, Businessman, Ulyanovsk, Russia


Dear Nikolas!

I respect your opinion but I am categorically against its philosophical basis. Let me, please, mention first that according to what you say it turns out that pistols, alcohol, drugs, ribaldry, beer bottle, hooliganism at schools, shops, outdoors, etc are not a criminal and harmony ideas are. Unconsciously you have showed up a secret and poor thinking of the homo industrial. Contrary to it, harmony exists in all countries and in all cultures many thousand years. It is presented in many achievements, the prime list of which for the last 60 years is presented o­n our site: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=371. You, likely, have ignored these historic facts because if you take them into consideration, you would not begin to write such words about harmony and avoid shipping into the wash of brains. You do not know that in Beijing (as well as in all China), people sing in streets the hymns to Confucius as to the founder of the great Chinese culture of harmony and do not consider it as a crime. You do not know that at schools of Singapore the pupils study national Declaration of Religious Harmony and do not consider it as a crime. You do not know, that in the USA schools of harmony counted of tens are created and Harmony Festivals are annually held and are not considered as a crime. You do not know, that in Russia a culture of sobornost, or Russian harmony, exists presented in the masterpieces of outstanding Russian thinkers: Dostoevsky, Roerich etc., not accused in insanity. Why dont you acknowledge THESE cultural facts, and absorb industrial cheap stuff of horror films, apocalypses, plots, lies o­nly? Your problem is here. That is the reason I should not take offence at you. I bitterly regret o­nly that you do not consciously sort out harmony but fill your brain with harmful ideological dust of which definite businessmen make profit and you involuntarily help them. Such cases are usually called sacred simplicity (sancta simplicitas).

Now about the false idea of your philosophy: the world as a whole is constructed o­n devouring the weak by the strong. This old obvious biological idea becomes false when it is transferred to a human beings and society. Hundreds maniacs, including Hitler, have broken their necks o­n it. Yet Plato put a human BETWEEN an animal and God. ANY world religion claims: DO NOT KILL, i.e. do not remain an animal if the Nature and God awarded you reason, which LIFTS you over animal world. The reason gives to a person a freedom to choose: either rise to divine harmony, or fall into the animal-like consuming. It is difficult for me to believe, that you choose the second: I know you for more than thirty years as a noble, kind and creative person. I think, you are under the press of negative influence of Russian initial capital accumulation dustbin. I hope, this temporary consciousness aberration of yours will pass in the nearest future.

Afterwards you will understand o­ne simple idea: universal harmony operates in the nature and society unconsciously and spontaneously, through violence and death. You think that harmony is incompatible with devouring of o­ne type by others. Still it is not so. At unconscious level harmony and corresponding balance of biological types are supported in that very way. o­nly a conscious person and society possessing scientific knowledge of the deep harmony laws are capable to follow these laws peacefully, without violence, in consent. But a long evolution with a sequence of steps proceeds to it.

Physical matter supports harmony at every level: micro macro - and mega - by an annihilation of systems which exhausted potential of internal balance/harmony of different energies/forces. So it goes in Galaxies, Solar systems, atoms etc. In the organic nature a harmony is provided, as you were expressed, by devouring the weak by the strong.

In the social world, until a person and society remain animal, they attain harmony the same way- through violence in all forms, first of all through wars. Absence or lack of reason in social harmony is substituted by violence: the less intuition and knowledge of harmony the more violence. All previous human history is a history of wars and violence with rare and priceless exceptions. Mutual violence and devouring is not at all shameful for an animal. They are shameful for a reasonable human being (from here a universal religious precept: DO NOT KILL goes), incapable to find other way of supporting harmony in the world around. Therefore we find in human history weak but continuous human aspiration to be pulled out from a bosom of animal violence and mutual "devouring", aspiration based o­n sacred spirit ennobling humans over animals. And the bigger scales it reaches, (as, for example, in the bloodiest 20th century), the more powerful it becomes, the more achievements of intuitive harmony we find in it (see list above).

The scale of intuitive harmony cultivation (Dr. Noor Gillani, USA) in a modern industrial civilizationincreases proportionally to the scale of violence, chaos and disharmony of this civilization. Growth of intuitive cultivation of harmony is a preparation and development tendency for a new, harmonious, civilization inside (in the bosom) industrial o­ne, which is today at a critical point of bifurcation as synergetrics inform. This point is the beginning of global nuclear disarmament initiated by the USA and Russia o­n April 1, 2009 in London. o­n this boundary, provisionally speaking, the mankind remains 50 % animal, industrial civilization with simultaneous conscious global movement away from it in the direction of harmonious civilization. This shift and its different tendencies for different civilizations (one dies, another arises) found the first scientific disclosing in our Harmonious Civilization Declaration, the supporter of which you are. Supporting it, you support the academic circles that influence human reason, the most important advantage of the humankind. Therefore you are simultaneously wrong and contradictory in the statement that the academic circles have no influence at all. Strong influence! They are the salt of the society! They give birth to any culture! Victory over animal soul in the person and a society begins in the scientific knowledge of harmony, definitive. You are as an engineer and inventor belong to these people too without understanding of your role in the society. As to the black deeds and crimes under the flag of harmony they can be made under any flag: religion, love, freedom, equality etc. for which these values are not responsible but people o­nly who turn them into black colors.

You do not understand the main difference between harmonism and industrialism. This difference consists in conscious and scientific use of the deep harmony laws. Harmonism, unlike industrialism, reaches social balance/harmony not through violence and wars (first of all, but excepting nuclear war and weapon, capable to destroy all mankind in some minutes), but through conscious cultivation of harmony in all spheres and at all levels o­n the basis of scientific knowledge of its deep laws. o­nly then a person and society will put under the conscious control these laws and will prevent their action through violence and mutual "devouring". Certainly, the person will never be 100 % released from an animal umbilical cord. But he will reduce it to a minimum degree, and the main thing, will put it under the control of reason and will not allow it to dominate over himself and to lower himself o­n the animal level.

Conscious cultivation of social and individual harmony in all human experiences will dominate in person reason and become a human behavior priority. This positive way as well as any human achievement is accompanied by negative consequences that a harmonious person, undoubtedly, will be capable to minimize. The same with what you call dilettantism: any direction of human creativity include it at the beginning in mathematics, physics, biology etc. Recollect the beginning of these sciences and the first steps of great human achievements: ship, architecture, car, plane, cosmic rocket, computer and etc. it is a pure dilettantism from the point of view of modern thinking! The end of industrialism is the true end of all previous human history (not to confuse with Fukuyamas the end of history) within the limits of an animal bosom. Harmonism is the beginning of really human history beyond it. It is human history in a bosom of conscious universal cultivation of deep harmony through the coordinated scientific self-restriction excluding immense freedom. Today there is a real transition from humanity prehistory to its true history as Marx spoke. But this shift is not connected with transition from capitalist industrialism to communistic industrialism as he thought. This shift is connected with transition from an industrial civilization in any of its forms, capitalist or socialist, to a new, harmonious civilization. If we understand it, we will never treat our public presentation in the street as a crime or case for the mental hospital. Our presentation will become a flight of Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Richard Bach) whom we read together 35 years ago . Maybe you forget it?

Leo Semashko 



I am in general agreement with your revised statement. But I am not sure I quite understand what you mean by "in general dynamic equilibrium"; it appears to me that in today's world, it may be more in general dynamic disequilibrium! I have made some minor changes in the text.

Dr. Noor Gillani

With due respect to all ideas and views presented, let me o­nce again present my views for consideration:

1.Rigorously speaking, we cannot say that harmony is divine, because the 'divine' is an unencumbered state of independent existence, which is indescribable and immeasurable. The 'divine' is a state experienced by those who are not always available to tell us with clarity as to what that is. At any given space-time continuum, harmony in 'nature' is a state of balance among its constituent elements. o­ne may interpret this observation of 'nature' as 'divine' because of our projected view of the 'divine.'

2.Nature follows natural 'order.' And that's why elements of nature follow their characteristic properties (inherent natural law) to stay in natural 'balance.' All sustaining laws and principles in 'nature' stem from the 'divine.' If 'nature' goes haywire and chooses not to follow those laws, there would be natural catastrophe.

3.Harmony is universal and natural in as much as that the 'nature' is what it is and stays in automatic check and balance (because of inherent properties and characteristics of component elements). Also, 'nature' does not ask for man's permission for its inherent restoration to natural order after man's intervention.

4.And following the above background set of hypotheses, harmony becomes a 'conscious' choice for people to stay in natural 'balance' by following the 'natural' order and avoid catastrophes. And that's why harmony must be cultivated in human societies to maintain natural order.

Dr. Laj Utreja


Dear Laj, Dear Colleagues,

Many thanks for your detailed representation of your position. It is a philosophical system details of which I cannot discuss sharing it as a whole except some moments.

1 We cannot be limited by scientific framework in such a universal and infinite phenomenon as harmony. The science knows very few about harmony. Science, as a matter of fact, yet has not fallen outside harmony cradle; it remains within hypotheses limits about harmony: the science has no exact knowledge of harmony yet.

2. Exact knowledge of harmony is connected with mathematics, and the mathematics of harmony just now shows up intensive development. o­ne of its powerful motors is our GHA colleague Professor Alexey Stakhov from Canada. All of you know his: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=330. Therefore, "precisely speaking", science is not ready yet to a precise speaking o­n the topic of harmony.

3. Besides, the greatest philosophers and scientists Leibnitz, Kepler, Newton and many before and after considered harmony simultaneously a natural and a divine law.

4. Speaking about harmony as a divine law, we reject science - religion opposition o­n this question: we involve in it not o­nly scientists, but also the religious. Not o­nly scientists but simple religious people also think about harmony. They have the right o­n their own, not precise representation of harmony. We cannot limit our Declaration o­nly to a circle of scientists; we should invite everybody, and first of all the religious who make 4-5 billion of the Earth population. We cannot forget them, neglect them and not take into consideration their unscientific and not precise speculations o­n harmony. Therefore the term "divine" in our Declaration has very important cultural and spiritual value for its recognition religious. They will see that the Declaration does not exclude their religious views of harmony. Therefore the term "divine" is not harmful but a useful term for the Declaration and it is preferable to keep than to exclude this term. In our document this term expresses harmony of science and religion.

5. Your term-transition from nature as automatic and natural order of harmony to a conscious human choice of harmony to avoid catastrophes throw a somersault. Noor, in his concept of "harmony cultivation, distinguishing intuitive = subconscious and conscious = scientific cultivations of harmony fills in the gnoseological gap of such somersault and clarifies the essence of your conscious choice of harmony. I included this valuable Noors amendment along with your remarkable addition in our Harmonious Civilization Declaration.

Here I considered also Reimons brilliant idea, that harmony is not o­nly divine and natural law, but social and individual also. In the updated formulation, to my mind, the harmonious compromise of different points of view or as it was gracefully expressed by Reimonthey are neatly integrated and coherent. We will work o­n this document constantly, involving other international organizations discussing problems of a harmonious civilization: Goya's Fund in Japan, International Forum of Harmony at the Peking University etc. The final (at the given stage) edition of our Declaration and Treaty was made with the important amendments by the known American writer Robert Weir whom I sincerely thank and include cheerfully into the list of GHA coauthors and experts. I express warm gratitude to all GHA experts for productive discussion which boosts our Declaration and Treaty o­n a qualitatively higher level.

Dr. Leo Semashko


I am overcome by doubts that the officials will sign the GHA paramount documents. I think that a powerful movement from below should precede it. Remember the collection of signatures under the appeal for peace in the fortieth or fiftieth years? Such world movement of struggle for world harmonization should oblige the authorities to pay attention to this problem. In the Internet epoch the collection of signatures will not make technical complexities.

Alexander Olshansky, Writer, Moscow, Russia 



Dear Alexander!

Many thanks for the warm words and idea of collecting signatures under our Declaration. It is a brilliant idea but it demands free time and energy that I have no at present as they are intended for another matters and projects. However, I will think o­n who would be responsible for the technical aspect of the question.

Leo Semashko


Dear Leo, Reimon and all:

There is no argument that harmony has to be consciously cultivated; this has been categorically stated by all of us.So, our strategy must be built o­n that.There is no controversy about that either.Where the controversy may be is o­n the philosophical matter of what the ultimate source of harmony is:I have stated that it is of spiritual origin, and as such something not o­nly common to ALL of us, but also that its cultivation would greatly benefit from a strategy that is sensitive to spirituality and its cultivation.The two (spirituality and harmony L.S.) are linked.This is a matter of optimism: it gives hope that a global and lasting peace is possible.I think that if we neglect that aspect of any strategy, then we may not be fully successful.The same applies to peace:real peace has to be wanted, from deep within.There are two ways of cultivating peace, --- by emphasizing selfish goals, which will o­nly succeed at most in the short run and o­nly for some clients (who will benefit directly from the selfish goals), and the other is through promotion of general compassion and kindness for all humanity and its environment.Without such FEELING for peace and harmony, there will never be any global and lasting peace.To achieve that, spirituality must be cultivated.Call that divine law or social law, and it is BOTH.Social harmony follows from spiritual sources, which promote unity in diversity.

I believe that the world has gradually moved away from a spiritual consciousness since the industrial revolution, and with that towards materialism and self-centeredness, and away from peace and harmony.For example, globalization is good in principle, but has become a curse of mankind in just a short time, because it is growing without being centered in spiritual considerations.Our ultimate goal must be bed rocked in spiritual consciousness.I know Laj VERY well, and I am sure he will agree with me o­n that count.Let us not get too scientific, and forget our ultimately spiritual origin.And I am a scientist speaking this.

Dr. Noor Gillani


Dear Noor,

You figured out a very important for me question of harmony philosophy in its different aspects: sources, strategy, optimism and balance/equilibrium. I am deepened in this philosophy for more than 35 years. It is presented in my publications counting over 250 items, including 12 books (www.peacefromharmony.org), therefore let me to express my interpretation of your aspects.

1. I interpret your philosophical question o­n the ultimate source of harmony so. You write: the ultimate source of harmony is of spiritual origin. My pluralistic four-dimensional harmony philosophy (Tetra-philosophy or Tetrism) recognizes four sources or four equal o­n importance spheres (or fundamental elements or origins) of harmony: existence (as in Jaspers and Heidegger), spirit (together with knowledge and information as in Hegel), organization (as in Spenser) and a matter (as in Marx).These spheres are EQUALLY necessary, inseparable, mutually include and mutually limit each other. They make a deep structure of world harmony which is reproduced at all levels from elementary particles to mega-galaxies, including the person and a society.

But they can become of different PRIORITY in various systems of the Universe and different human communities. (This priority is often absolutized by philosophers and turns out to be one-dimensional, disharmonious, aggressive, and totalitarian monism: materialism, idealism and etc., which were appeared in the history under corresponding empire colors. It is a special question I will not touch it here: it is considered in my books.) Harmony is equally inherent to four fundamental elements and to their indissoluble unity. They possess equal possibilities to create and to support harmony which is a way of their coexistence as their dynamic balance and unity of diversities. Each from four elements is capable to advance harmony as unity of diversity. Each of them (as well as the others) has no monopoly for harmony. (Monopoly makes any monism false.) Monopoly for harmony is not available to any subject: science, art, religion, philosophy, or ordinary thinking (opinion) etc. Harmony belongs to everything. It penetrates everything and is inherent in all. Whoever owns it and cannot exist without it though far not everybody knows or guesses about it: harmony can be both conscious and unconscious, or spontaneous. Therefore, I fully agree with you, that all people cultivate harmony, but differently: or subconsciously and intuitively, or consciously.

2. I interpret your question of strategy so. You write: if we neglect that aspect of any strategy (spirituality and its cultivation), then we may not be fully successful. I fully share this brilliant idea. Really, it is adequate for a human, unlike an animal, to have the PRIORITY of spirituality (in relation to three other fundamental elements). The matter priority is inherent in animals, which God (nature) are doomed to search every minute for food and safety to survive. A human, as great Plato wrote, is put BETWEEN an animal and God. A human is given by the main (universal, that is why harmonious), distinctive his from animals, quality SPIRIT (consciousness, thinking, knowledge, information etc.), which allows the human beings to move TOWARDS to God or back. But a human possesses here a free choice as Laj underlined; human can choose a way TO an animal or a way TO God as higher spirituality and higher harmony as any God creates harmony from chaos. Therefore, of course, o­nly a strategy of the SPIRITUAL PRIORITY or scientific thinking of harmony an be successful for a society and a man. This thinking cannot be "too scientific". You, likely, will not tell that our Harmonious Civilization Declaration, where this thinking is presented, is "too scientific".

3. I interpret your question of optimism and pessimism so. You write about spiritual optimism and simultaneously approve pessimism: I believe that the world has gradually moved away from a spiritual consciousness since the industrial revolution, and with that towards materialism and away from peace and harmony. Here you name globalisation as an example. If to be limited the frameworks of an industrial world (industrialism) and not to consider a birth in it the harmonious world (see tens its achievements for last 60 years: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=371, it is really, does not leave soil for optimism. But if consider industrialism, its materialism and any of its o­ne-dimensional monisms as the last step in animal development of mankind, o­n the o­ne hand, and o­n the other hand, as an sharp necessity for mankind to turn to spirituality in harmony to survive, - then optimism will occupy the priority in your reason. IF WE DO NOT SEE and DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS HISTORICAL TENDENCY, THEN WE ARE the DOOMED PESSIMISTS. IF WE SEE and UNDERSTAND THIS TENDENCY THEN WE are the INVINCIBLE OPTIMISTS. I am alive o­nly due to this optimism and o­nly it is my credo. Actually, despite your pessimism, you, as well as all our community of global harmony (GHA), also share this optimism. I am assured, that each of us realizes or feels it.

It is obvious, that the mankind should pass still many tragical industrial shocks (more severe crises, wars, terror, ecological accidents, etc.) to be convinced definitively in industrialism helplessness, to say goodbye to it and MEANINGLY to CHOOSE the WAY in the direction of a harmonious civilization or harmonism. This way is paved, first of all, by the GHA projects and in the higher measure our Declaration. It does not leave a place for pessimism and implants harmonious optimism or optimism of harmony. o­nly the harmonious civilization is capable to replace a priority of materialism with the spirituality priority, which sole is adequate to spiritual human nature. Together with a spiritual priority receive a priority love, compassion, kindness and lasting peace about which you speak remarkably. Love and to love it is to live in harmony. Compassion is also a life in harmony with what you are pity. Peace is also a life in harmony. ALL VALUES OCCUR FROM HARMONY and they disclose its higher meaning. From it optimism occurs also. Similarly with globalization: o­nly harmonious globalization or o­nly harmony globalization gives true globalization and is useful to all. Other globalization is monopolistic, imperial, aggressive and totalitarian.

4. I interpret your question o­n equilibrium/disequilibrium so. You write in other letter: I am not sure, I quite understand what you mean by general dynamic equilibrium; it appears to me that in today's world, it may be more in general dynamic disequilibrium! It is quite right! Really, today dominates disequilibrium! But in what way? o­nLY in the framework of industrialism, the disequilibrium measures of which became critical and steadily conduct it to natural death. If we do not pray for industrialism as for an idol and if we know, that a new, harmonious civilization grows inside it to change it (see above its achievements), than we will be true optimists.Speaking o­n this question in philosophical discourse we can present harmony as a certain segment equal to 100 %, where a harmony zero is absolute death, and 100 % of harmony is absolute prosperity: both extremes are absent in the nature and the society. Any life is BETWEEN them, moving in both directions. First half of segment: from 0 to 50 % - is disequilibrium or disharmony, and other half: from 50 to 100 % - is a dynamic equilibrium or harmony. Harmony is inseparable from disharmony. The essence consists in their priority and tendency: movement o­n a harmony way is life; movement o­n a disharmony way is death. Industrialism has fallen to a mark of 50 % and successfully moves mankind in a direction to a zero or death. But its time for this way is countered. Very soon mankind will dump industrialism and will meaningly start to build harmonism, which will lead it in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION, to general prosperity, to 100 %, NEVER reaching this top mark and o­nly ETERNALLY coming nearer to it as wrote Kant. Our scientific projects of a harmonious civilization help its birth; therefore the GHA is the accoucheur of harmonism. This mission gives to spirituality as harmony scientific consciousness colossal optimism and belief in its priority.

5. In summary let me tell about the destiny of harmony philosophy and to compare in the most general lines the two philosophies: of industrialism and harmonism as their ideologies.

Any philosophy, as it is known, is the ideology, i.e. it expresses interests of those or other groups, classes, races, nations, etc. As the history shows, no society and people community can exist without ideology or national idea, which is expressed in everything, even in inscriptions o­n denominations, as o­n all American dollars: In God We Trust. Refusal from ideology, as for example in modern Russia, became the most harmful, spiritual, "disarmament" for it, and deideologization is also a sort of ideology but of the worst rating. The ideology is not the cause of mankind and people troubles. The cause lays in the sphere of ideology choicei.e. its spiritual modality.

An industrial civilization since 17th century created a lot ofdifferent totalitarian monistic ideologies of industrialism: slave-owning, colonialism, fascism, racism, Marxism, liberalism, conservatism, separatism, hegemonism, clash of civilizations, etc. These ideologies split the population into hostile antagonistic groups by those or other private criteria which were erected in the absolute and became ideologically false and for a society they were harmful and pernicious. The idea basis of these ideologies was made by those or other versions of four kinds of monisms: idealism, materialism, organizationism and existentialism (see their detailed analysis in my book Sociology for Pragmatists, St-Petersburg, 1999, in Russian). Today, ALL philosophies and ideologies of industrialism are in deep irreversible crisis and they fall o­ne for another, not being time-tested.

In the recent past the ideologies of slave-owning, colonialism, fascism, racism and others failed together with the crash of corresponding empires. Collapse of the USSR and socialist camp in 1990 became Marxism crash. The modern financial-economic crisis, began in September 2008, the more terrible shocks of which are still predictable, became crash for liberalism as to a leading ideology of industrialism. The liberal slogan of industrialism: Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood was good for the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries; it was limited and insufficient for the 20th century and it became unusable for the 21st century as the age of a new, harmonious civilization. Why? Because unlimited freedom from positive value is transformed into a negative o­ne, consecrating freedom for wars, atomic bombardments, nuclear weapon, terrorism, genocide, violence, uncontrolled emission of reserve currency and other social pathologies of modern industrialism: because equality was limited to the weakest form of equality in front of law; because brotherhood appeared to be unattainable for industrialism which simply forgotten it; because freedom, equality and brotherhood are deprived any mutual internal determination in this ideology. They remain broken off, forming the broken off, o­ne-dimensional and disharmonious industrial consciousness which, finally, is the reason of all problems and pathologies of industrialism: wars, violence, hunger, hostility, etc.

The industrial ideologies appeared to be incapable to give the responses to modern challenges, to solve the aggravating global problems, to offer the ways for treatment of social pathologies of industrialism and to work o­n forestalling, creating constructive and positive models of a new civilization of 21 century. Albert Einstein made the exact diagnosis to these ideologies: Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. It means that the ideology and thinking of industrialism are powerless in front of the future and are helpless in the present. It creates the most important and deep crisis of industrialism, generating finally all its other crises, - crisis of non-ideology or ideological crisis, when ALL ideologies of industrialism are collapse.

The harmonious civilization history, which begun since 1990, demands a refusal from the monistic o­ne-dimensional and totalitarian ideologies of industrialism and recognition of the harmonious pluralistic (multidimensional) ideologies providing constant increase of a level of social harmony (unity and consent) for the most different groups of the population of mankind and each country. Therefore the new civilization (harmonism) is accompanied by continuous search of harmonious pluralistic ideology. This search can name reidealogization or New Enlightenment, etc., historical meaning of which consists in overcoming of the most important and deep ideological crisis of industrialism o­n a way of creation of the paradigms for NEW LEVEL of THINKING as Einstein spoke.

The coherent (integral and united), multidimensional and harmonious consciousness is required to a harmonious civilization. The problems and pathologies of industrialism are solved o­nly at the level of harmonious holistic and pluralistic thinking, a kernel of which is value and concept of harmony expressing the universal and multidimensional law of harmony. This law is unfolded in our Harmonious Civilization Declaration. The scientific knowledge of laws of social harmony allows understanding of the deep reasons for peace, prosperity, positive freedom, real equality, brotherhood and happiness for all people and nations, which relieve them from the pathologies of industrialism. Therefore Tetraphilosophy as well as Tetrasociology is the first ideology of the harmonious civilization resisting to all ideologies of industrialism but synthesizing and keeping in itself ALL their ideological advantages. Unlike monistic o­ne-dimensional ideologies of industrialism it is pluralistic and multidimensional (four-dimensional). Unlike totalitarian, imperial and aggressive ideologies it is true democratic and peaceful. Unlike the private, broken off and disharmonious ideologies it is holistic and harmonious, all groups expressing key interests of all groups, classes, races, nations and mankind as a whole, that is inaccessible to any industrial ideology. It replaces absolutization and eternal ideological war of the monistic ideas by their harmonious synthesis which limits them and provides the eternal ideological peace and effective partnership for the blessing of all mankind. It is an essentially new level of thinking and ideology. It is a level of harmonious thinking and the ideology, corresponding to a harmonious civilization. It is a new level of spiritual quality.

Therefore the philosophy of harmony which we discuss is ideology of a high spiritual arrangement and urgency, which is impossible to be found in o­ne book recollected. You can ask me: why such remarkable harmonious, pluralistic and multidimensional philosophy (tetra-philosophy) is for so long 35 years - not recognized? The answer is easy: for dominating industrialism the harmonious, pluralistic and multidimensional philosophy is not necessary. It needs disharmonious, monistic (any colour: white, red, brown or green), o­ne-dimensional and aggressive philosophy. It needs o­ne-dimensional and aggressive Huntingtons with ideas ofclash of civilizations, space wars, world plot, world empire and others to split the population into aggressive clans to any sign, to hold it in a fear as a herd. It is easy to manipulate herd through fear and enmity, to divide and to rule it and to swing profits from it. Industrialism needs the philosophy of o­ne-dimensional fear and immense freedom but not multidimensional harmony.

Fear feeds military budgets which grow faster other expenses. Fear feeds a military-industrial complex and gives highest military profits. Fear feeds alcoholism, drugs, criminality, terrorism, religious fanaticism, consumerism and both other sweet and bitter forms of the population suicide. All industrial institutes and values degenerate now. Industrial democracy serves o­nLY as scenery of this fear and the manipulation tool. Industrial freedom is transformed into PATHOLOGICAL freedom having profit from fear and lies. The state and all institutes of the society which are wallowed in corruption and neglect by interests of the population are subordinated to service of fear and its oligarchs. Therefore they carry Huntingtons at hand and finance them without restraint. Industrialism greedily discusses their ideas, drums these ideas at free schools, representing history as history of wars o­nly and animal violence. Industrialism twists these ideas for 24 hours a day o­n all screens and in all mass-media.

Industrialism shoots, as John Kennedy (and many others: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana etc.) or slings mud ANY LEADER of peaceful and harmonious strategy, as Barrack Obama, for instance. Pathological society needs pathological consciousness. Pathological society creates pathological consciousness and pathological ideologies o­nly. For industrialism it is unprofitable to speak about peace and harmony: they give neither fear, nor manipulation and military profits.

Therefore the harmonious, pluralistic and multidimensional philosophy CAN not be recognized in industrialism. Therefore I remain for 35 years dissident: 15 years since 1975 to 1990 at socialism in the USSR, and 20 years, since 1990 under capitalism in Russia. (The white industrialism does not differ, in essence, from the red industrialism). Therefore I have not received any cent from the state or other institutes for SCIENTIFIC researches. Therefore I have published my books o­n my own and means of my friends, to which I am very grateful and without which I would not survive. The harmonious, pluralistic and multidimensional philosophy is necessary o­nLY for a harmonious civilization and those people who are capable TODAY, contrary to all (Kipling), to understand and recognize inevitable character of evolutionary transition from industrialism to harmonism. The harmony philosophy is the FIRST spiritual need of a harmonious civilization without satisfaction of which at least as a first approximation it will not be born and will not lift a head.

The GHA Harmonious Civilization Declaration has accurately expressed both this transition or world change and its philosophy. We, including you and other GHA member, are its co-authors. This Declaration expressed our historical optimism and our harmonious scientific thinking in which it is impossible to be "too scientific" as you were expressed. It is the new spirituality, opened to a science of social harmony. We have taken responsibility to open it to other people in all our forms of harmony cultivation: in our projects and books, in our conferences and lectures, in our pupils and followers, in our way of life, feelings, thought and behaviour. Certainly, we and our life are still far from harmony ideal, but we differ from the others because we accepted it, recognize its philosophy and step o­n a long and difficult way to its temple.

For industrial people this historically innovative ideal seems to be a crime or a case for mental hospital, as o­ne of my old friends from Russia gracefully expressed. I am accused by industrialism for this crime for the last 35 years and I remain the "eternal" dissident. But now there comes historic breakthrough from industrialism to a harmonious civilization which does not realize itself without corresponding philosophy of the harmony embodied in projects of global harmony. Its first 19 projects which are crowned with the Harmonious Civilization Declaration are created in the GHA by our collective creativity. o­n a way to a temple of harmony they are a pledge of our optimism and a priority of harmonious spirituality now and in the future. Now its destiny depends upon us.

Certainly, it also depends from development of mathematics of harmony which is being excellently developed by Prof. Stakhov, Peter Sergienko and others. However, Stakhov stresses the limitations and narrowness of this mathematics which does not extend to the area of social harmony. The tetra-pluralistic philosophy and sociology of harmony qualitatively widens its horizons. Tetrasociology for the first time gives the chance for development of the essentially new mathematics of social harmony and social fractals which can be titled as Tetra-mathematics. But it is a theme for other discussion.

Dr. Leo Semashko


Dear Leo,

Thank you for understanding and appreciating my need to create a separate, but complementary approach to initiating changes in Global Society. As it takes shape, I hope to fully utilize the ideas formulated in your theories, as well as methods formulated in mine, which require step by step consciousness development for the creation of contracts, which is a known technique for creating an environment conducive to changing behavior. Since it does require a systematic framework and gradual implementation, and the kind of patience you have demonstrated in creating "Peace from Harmony" and the GHA, "Global Harmony Association," our paths will go in different directions, for a time, but I want you to know I'm fully supportive of what you are doing. I just can't be a "full" participant, now.

Martha Ross DeWitt,

PhD, Sociology, Social Theorist and Political Analyst, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Dear Martha,

You like Leo and in a complementary way, you are two of the consciences of wisdom for humanity. Very taken at present as lyric singer for peace, I have less time to reflect o­n the correspondences of the network.

Guy CREQUIE, Singer for peace, poet and philosopher, France 



Dear Leo! Dear colleagues!

I would like to express my point of view o­n the concept of "harmony" because Dr. Leo Semashko mentioned my name in his letter. Indeed, in October 2009, Publishing House "World Scientific" plans to publish my book "The Mathematics of Harmony. From Euclid to Contemporary Mathematics and Computer Science" http://www.worldscibooks.com/mathematics/6635.html. This large book (11 chapters, 700 pages), written by me in English, is the culmination of my 40-year-old researches in this area.

In order to exclude any misunderstanding about my "Mathematics of Harmony," I would like to limit clearly areas of applications of this mathematical theory. Here I would like to give an analogy with Shennons theory of information. After publication of Shennons works o­n information theory, the boom associated with unduly broad application of this theory appeared. In a small note, "Bandvagon" Shannon clearly restricts the area of application of his theory for the solution of telecommunications tasks - and no more. Shennon's information has a clear quantitative definition;it is expressed through the entropy of the information source.

Speaking of "Mathematics of Harmony", we must give a clear quantitative definition of "harmony," which can be a subject of mathematical study. Is this possible? Yes, perhaps. The Russian philosopher Dr. Shestakov, o­ne of the classics of the Harmony Science," asserts that there are, at least, three different understandings of harmony: mathematical, aesthetic and artistic (understanding of social harmony is absent at Dr. Shestakov L.S.).

The notion of the "mathematical harmony" goes back to the Pythagoreans, who led all things to numbers and relations between them. In mathematical sense, the harmony is defined as equality or proportionality of parts with o­ne another and with a part. This understanding was reflected in a certain numerical proportions. However, as Shestakov wrote in the book Harmony as an aesthetic category, 1973], the mathematical understanding of harmony fixed primarily quantitative definiteness of harmony, but it does not reflect an aesthetic harmony, its expressiveness, connection with beauty.

Thus, the Mathematics of Harmony is studying a harmony o­nly from quantitative, numerical point of view. The most striking examples of mathematical understanding of harmony are the "golden section", which has a strict geometric and algebraic definition, and Fibonacci numbers, which are expressed with a simple recurrence relations F (n) = F (n-1) + F (n-2). But in recent decades, several important generalizations of the "golden section" and Fibonaccis recurrence relation were obtained. First of all, this so-called p-Fibonacci numbers, which are generated by the recurrence relations F (n) = F (n-1) + F (n-p-1), where p = 0, 1, 2, 3, ....

When p = 0, this recurrence relation generates a classical binary sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, ..., and when p = 1,the classic Fibonacci numbers. A ratio of two p-Fibonacci numbers creates the golden p-proportions. This is a series of new mathematical constants: 2, 1, 618, 1,465, 1,380 ... The Belarusian philosopher Eduard Soroko used this idea (Structural Harmony of Systems, 1984) for his "Law of Structural Harmony of Systems", which greatly expanded a number of new "harmonic proportions", which is the golden p-proportions ."

Recently, a number of mathematicians (Shpinadel, Gazale, Kappraff, Tatarenko) came to another interesting generalization of the "golden proportion". Thoseare "metallic proportions, the roots of the simple algebraic equation x ^ 2-mx-1 = 0, where m> 0 is a given positive rational. The formula for the "metallicproportions " is expressed through the number m; while when m = 1, this formula sets the classical "golden proportion".

From these elementary mathematical reasoning, it is clear what is a object of the Mathematics of Harmony." This is a theory of new recurrence relations, new "golden" algebraic equations and new mathematical constants, which express a more broad class of "harmonies" than the classical "golden proportion" or the classical Fibonacci numbers.

But it is not even the main thing. Applications of these results in modern mathematics, computer science and theoretical natural sciences are the most important. And here we obtained amazing results. Every scientist knows, or at least heard about hyperbolic functions, which were used by Nikolai Lobachevski in his "hyperbolic geometry". The number of e a base of natural logarithms - is their base.

A general theory of hyperbolic functions, called "golden" Fibonacci goniometry, was created in the "Mathematics of Harmony." The metallic proportions are bases of all these new hyperbolic functions. And since the number of "metallic proportions" is infinite, the number of new hyperbolic functions is infinite too.

This idea was used by Alexei Stakhov and Samuel Aranson for the solution of "Hilberts 4-th Problem, which for more than a century not to be solved in mathematics. Already this example is sufficient to prove the highest efficiency of the "Mathematics of Harmony." But there are other new results of fundamental character obtained in the "Mathematics of Harmony." This is - first and foremost, a new "golden" interpretation of Einstein's special theory of relativity and the "golden" interpretation of the Universe evolution, beginning with the "Big Bang".

But there is another unique application of the Mathematics of Harmony.This is the creation of a "Golden" Information Technology and the development of the" Golden "Scientific Revolution.

Those who want more detail to get acquainted with these results and the Mathematics of Harmony, I recommend to read the following articles:

1. A. Stakhov. Diracs Principle of Mathematical Beauty, Mathematics of Harmony and Golden Scientific Revolutionhttp://atss.brinkster.net/Noosphere/En/Magazine/Default.asp?File=20090110_Stakhov.htm

2. A. Stakhov B. Rozin. The Golden Section, Fibonacci series and new hyperbolic models of Nature. Visual Mathematics, Volume 8, No. 3, 2006 (http://members.tripod.com/vismath/pap.htm)

3. A. Stakhov, S. Aranson. Golden Fibonacci Goniometry, Fibonacci-Lorentz Transformations, and Hilberts Fourth Problem. Congressus Numerantium, 193(2006), pp.119-156 http://atss.brinkster.net/Noosphere/En/Magazine/Default.asp?File=20090512_Stakhov.htm

Therefore, despite the seemingly very "narrow" interpretation of the concept of "harmony" in the "Mathematics of Harmony", this "narrow" interpretation has led to the creation of a new mathematical theory, which is an alternative to the development of "classical mathematics".

I am sure that the Mathematics Harmony is just the first step in exploring such complex scientific concept as harmony. But I am sure that it is very important step in the creation of the Science of Harmony, which can transform all modern sciences and education. Sincerely yours,

Alexey Stakhov

Doctor of Sciences in Computer Science, Professor

President, International Club of the Golden Section

Director, Institute of the Golden Section, Academy of Trinitarism

Awarded by the Honored Diploma and Medal Knight of Science and Arts from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

http://www.trinitas.ru/rus/002/a0208001.htm, http://www.goldenmuseum.com/,

http://sites.google.com/site/alexeystakhov, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=330.


Dr. Leo Semashko's comment:

Professor Alexey Stakhov, the talented founder of mathematics of harmony, speaking about its limits, wished to underline two restrictions:

1. The mathematics of harmony in the form of golden section and Fibonacci numbers, at first step of its development, is limited to a proportion (harmony) of two parts o­nly and does not extend to a proportion of the bigger numbers of parts.

2. The mathematics of harmony in this form does not extend to the social harmony, a fundamental cell/proportion/section/fractal of which includes the four base elements repeatedly sharing in all social spheres and forms.

It means, that Stakhovs mathematics of harmony is elementary, two-dimensional, which demands addition in a kind of "higher harmony mathematics, four-dimensional at least to be adequate complexity of a society and capable to express social harmony.

Mathematics of social harmony and social fractals is possible o­nLY o­n the basis of scientific multidimensional sociology which allocates fundamental elements of social harmony and their infinite proportions, sections and fractals in all social spheres and at all levels of the social world: global, regional, national and local and also at the level ofindividual. Sociology OPENING possibility for such mathematics of social harmony is Tetrasociology. The first attempt of construction of four-dimensional mathematicians (Tetra-mathematics) of social harmony in frameworks of Tetrasociology is undertaken by other talented Russian mathematician Peter Sergienko at the beginning of 2009: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=ru_c&key=373 (in Russian).

Therefore, the mathematics of harmony is not restricted within an elementary, two-dimensional, form but presupposes a set of n-dimensional theories underlying development from elementary to the higher, four-dimensional mathematics of SOCIAL harmony to Tetra-mathematics. However, the role of elementary mathematics of harmony remains supreme as it opened a road for this principal new direction of mathematics which expects rapid development in the near future of a harmonious civilization at its first step.


Dear Friends,

I enjoyed very much reading the letter of Alexey Stakhov o­n "Mathematics of Harmony", It is great to be part of GHA, a group composed by intellectuals of such impressive level.

Prof. Ernesto Kahan


End of WWII - Japan signed unconditional surrender o­n September 2, 1945. Today we are reminded that WWII was fought for international interest, not national interest. Nazis and Japanese had relentlessly slaughtered millions of people and were unstoppable. Despite the atomic bombs, Americans were viewed as heroes that ended the suffering of innocent people. Today, Americans were sent out to fight for national interest or even personal revenge. This is why they return with injured body and injured mind.

Lana Yang, journalist and peacemaker, USA


>>This is why they return with injured body and injured mind.<<... not to mention diminished prestige in the world and incurring of enormous national debt and eventual suicide.

Dr. Noor Gillani


Dear GHA Members! Dearest Ernesto, Noor, Maria, Charles, Reimon, Bernard, Laj, Nina, Edward, Susanna, Ada, Robert, Mariam, Martha, Dimitris, Guy, Rosa, Evelin, Lana, Francisco, Takis, Lucy, Eugenia, Taki, Henry, Ivan, Nicolas and many others!

At the end of discussion, I warmly thank you for your strong support of the Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration from all continents of the Earth! o­n behalf of the GHA 12 experts who created this Declaration draft, I express sincere gratitude for your acknowledgements and thanks in our address. Despite strong distinctions of responses, they are o­ne in its appreciation. The Declaration makes us the members of a united spiritual family, as well as all people of our planet. The Declaration has a manifold meaning which you underlined in your responses:

1. It defines fundamental social conditions making possible a true (harmonious) peace, nonviolence, nonkilling, nuclear and general disarmament, eradication of poverty, corruption and others incurable social pathologies of industrialism.

2. It defines a cardinal change of the values priority, which turns from freedom to harmony during the civilization change, i.e. at transition from industrialism to harmonism. At all the doubtless achievements of eternal value of freedom its priority in industrialism for four centuries of its existence led mankind to freedom of selfdestruction in nuclear war or in the system global crisis of economy, finance, policy, ecology, consciousness, moral, education, massmedia, state and other institutes wallowed in the incurable corruption, criminality and neglecting world population interests. Industrialism under the flag of freedom killed hundreds millions of people and constantly, daily, kills not o­nly thousands of people in a "peace" time by hunger or in wars and crimes but also the best humanity children: Mahatma Gandhi, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Princess Diana, and now - Michael Jackson! (I can mention hundreds more names!) Who from the best children of mankind will be freely killed tomorrow? And how many they are killed freely in a germ, in infinite free war with children, in free abortions?! BILLIONS! Freedom of industrial avidity made freedom pathologic. Pathologic freedom of industrialism threatens mankind with freedom of self-destruction in the most different ways at a free choice: or in nuclear war, or in a global economic crisis, or in ecological and climatic accident, etc. A rich choice is created! All pathologies of industrialism, including most monstrous of them, including nuclear universal genocide (Ernesto Kahan and Taki Yuriko) are free! But the fat industrialism-killer is the last beggar in positive spirit: it is incapable to give a freedom of positive choice and positive alternative to mankind. Such freedom can give o­nly the new harmonious civilization, a priority in which passes from pathologic freedom to the scientific self-limiting harmony. Basic priorities, signs, inevitability and thinking (consciousness) of such civilization are a newly announced in our Declaration.

3. It is the first scientific Document of the first conscious civilization, what harmonism is. Industrialism, as well as all previous civilizations, rose, developed and die spontaneously. Harmony as a deeply hidden in the bowels of society universal law remained inaccessible and unnecessary for consciousness of the last epochs. People were its unconscious, therefore helpless, puppets, as Greek heroes in the hands of Olympic Gods in great poems by Homer. Now, when the mankind became really o­ne interconnected family, the general SCIENTIFIC harmonious consciousness and thinking are necessary for it. Basic concepts of such thinking are presented in our Declaration. o­nly scientific harmonious thinking is capable to provide a value priority of harmony and to make harmonism the FIRST conscious civilization in the history, in which through harmonious education since childhood to EACH person will be given an EQUAL possibility to participate knowingly in building of a harmonious global family through the belonging to the global harmoniously equal and brotherly sphere classes.

Global equality of conscious harmonious participation is a true equality and a brotherhood (lost in industrialism) of people o­n the Earth in a united human family. o­nly science of social harmony gives chance for equal and brotherly social participation through its universal knowledge. This knowledge and the ideology based o­n it overcome o­ne-dimensionality of industrial thinking and narrowness of the industrial ideologies limited the close frameworks of numerous and hostile industrial groups o­n all spectrum of differences: gender, age, nation, religion, culture, trade, education, richness, etc. Scientific ideology of social harmony as consciousness of the sphere (equal and brotherly in harmony) class belonging harmonizes these distinctions, overcomes their separation, alienation and animosities. All people are equal, brothers and positively free in harmony. - But o­nly in that case when they find its universal general scientific knowledge accessible to all people inevitably since earliest childhood and conception. THENharmony becomes a priority and a way of life of mankind and each person. THEN it will overcome its own spontaneity, weakness and limitations of the last civilizations. THEN it will be embodied in a new human civilization, which found its first understanding in the GHA Declaration.

Everyone has the own way to the Declaration and participation in social harmony. Ernesto from Israel realizes his way through nuclear disarmament; Susana from Argentina - through social spheres; Takis from Greece through understanding of history; Kae from Japan through comparison of the GHA projects with an exit of the man o­n the Moon; Francisco from Brazil - through nonkilling; Mariam from Pakistan - through human rights; Martha from the USA through contracts of social harmony; Maitreyee from India through love cultivation in pupils; Henry from Russia through innovative education; etc. But we are united through understanding that the Declaration of the CONSCIOUS harmonious civilization should be SCIENTIFIC. Its unique importance consists for the present and the future in it. We find brotherly love, heart and the centre of a o­ne human family in this general scientific and ideological spirit at all its levels.

Dr. LeoSemashko

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