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GHA Pro-Harmony and Anti-Nuke Project: Discussion

5. The GHA Pro-Harmony and Anti-Nuke Project:

Discussion, May 15-26, 2009.


More than 40 persons took part in this discussion. The most important points of view are published hereinafter. Some of them are summarized. Responses are addressed basically to Dr. Leo Semashko and-or to all the project co-authors.

These references are excluded in most cases for the sake of place economy.


Dear Leo,

Thank you very much for the great work you are doing for this world. May God bless you always. Love

Dr. Dalia Steiner, World Women Organization President, Israel


Dr. Leo Semashko,

Thank you so much for your letter inviting me in co-authors of your GHA Project. A World Without Nuclear Weapons is my hope, my aspiration and my challenge. I'd like to fulfill my responsibility as a conscientious human being. Deep in my heart I do believe we shall be able to live in peace together, free from fear and wars.

Dr. SUDA Minoru, Professor Emeritus of Ritsumeikan, Japan


Dear Prof. SUDA,

I am very glad to meet your joining our project as a Japanese peacemaker, devoted to defending the Japanese Constitution 9th article forbidding armament. For many decades your country lives without armament that allows Japan to take the second place in the world after the USA in economic development and to provide Japanese people with o­ne of the highest living standards . Unique positive experience of your country with "zero-armament" makes global impact in regard of the American-Russian antinuclear initiative. Your experience of "zero-armament" powerfully proves economic advantage of disarmament.

On the other hand, I know, that in your country there are influential groups, which aspire to cancel the Constitution 9th article and to open sluices for the arms race in the country. You resist to it. The Japanese way beyond the weapons is a way to peace and harmony. This way needs to be investigated and studied at all schools of the world and it is worthy to note it in our project.

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President


65th mourning birthday of the atomic bombardments will be held in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 2010. At the time of this 65th birthday, the survivors will cross 80 and 90 years. In 2015 there will be less and less of them, and slowly they disappear. Therefore, it is necessary to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Hiroshima and Nagasaki 2010 to light the victims, the nuclear abolition and world Peace.

Guy CREQUIE, Singer for peace, poet and philosopher, France 

The April speech of President Obama o­n nuclear disarmament and the initiative of the U.S.A. moved many of us. The USA is still the o­nly country that A-bombed other country. I wish to put a stress o­n the tragedy of almost 200 thousand A-bombed victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The survivors who lost most of their families are suffering by now from cancer.Their heartfelt wish is: No more Hiroshima. They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 for 65 years of sufferings and peace struggle. I like to respect the suggestion of Mr. Guy Crequie about the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 to Hiroshima and Nagasaki to light the victims and the nuclear abolition for world Peace. I think the GHA contribution for peace and harmony will be appreciated by the world community. I believe the Voice of Harmony can create a better future for each of us. With love and harmony,

Kae Morii, Poet, Japan


I will be more than happy to write a public response to your antinukes project and connect it with the ideas in my new book: THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL RELATIONSI am also very happy to see that your project will be sent to both Presidents Obama and Medvedev.It is important that your project and its themes be discussed at many international conferences. I am proud to be a part of this project with you and all concerned. Thanks for your help and support.

J.D. Terrence E. Paupp, USA


I am extremely busy in the current situation in my country of Pakistan. I have read the GHA antinukes project. o­n the o­ne hand project is perfect and on the other hand some things in it are perplexed in your project, which I would like to clarify. o­n the o­ne hand recently the USA has entered into a highly controversial nuclear deal with India and announce it as the greatest achievement of the previous USA regime.On the other hand without renouncing or amending it they make similar deals with other countries (Pakistan, for example). All this makes Obama a sort of an overloaded animal! The latest FOX NEWS disclosure is that the US Joint Special Operations Command plans to take out our mobile nuclear units if we were over-occupied by the Taliban (whose is it verdict?Americans? Have they really been accurate in verdicts, especially in the recent times?) As far as their recent deal with India needsbending and breaking many of the NPT's (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) provisions, and becomespractically IAEA irrelevant, the Americans are creating alternative and parallel to the IAEA organizationsthat will probablylead to further weakening of the IAEA and thus conducting a completely new situation totally controlled by the USA..

Mariam Khan, President, Human Rights Wing (Federal), Pakistan Ruling Peoples Party; Ambassador for peace, Pakistan


A worthy initiative of President OBAMA deserves our support by all means. But from my point of view, his offer embarrasses many countries including my France, which have the least of nuclear weapon. Integrated NATO command is skeptical of nuclear reduce.


I support the GHA initiative with Anti-Nuke project basically but I propose to shorten it. Essentially I mean: the Russian authorities are mute by now in regard of supporting nuclear disarmament ideas. Further more. What to do with the so-called "derelict countries", possessing nuclear arms or close to it? What to do with the terrorist organisations? What to do with the new samples of nuclear arms? I think these and some other global questions can be solved o­nly o­n a basis of a special concept. Most likely nowadays the great civil public force can initiate such concept. The process of life harmonization o­n Earthseems immense but it should be started, promoted and extended.

Dr. Jury Dorofeev, Economist and Journalist, St.-Petersburg, Russia


Dear Jura!

I agree with you fully and I would be grateful if you make our project shorter.

As to the Russian support, Medvedev has already agreed with Obamas initiative o­n April 1 during their meeting in London. Nevertheless I agree: both parties have enough skepticism. The main thing is that the ice is being broken! For the first time in the history disarmamentbecomes Global. Qualitatively it is absolutely unknown process: it was simple to arm in singular, all nations learnt how to do it .To disarm means to disarm altogether but the history has no precedents of it. The GHA offers way of disarmament acceptable absolutely to all countries: a way of global harmony, which is presented in our project. Using your remarkable expression - GHA acts in the sphere of disarmament as the leader of "great civil public force".

Dr. Leo Semashko



Within less than three months of his inauguration as President of the United States, Barack Obama opened the door to a global denuclearization initiative.His April 5, 2009 speech in Prague calls upon all nations to join together to move toward a world without nuclear weapons.In response the Global Harmony Association (GHA) in its Anti-Nuke project Peace Culture through Harmony: Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament has invited 120 peacemakers (45 from Russia and 75 from 33 other countries) to join in an historical undertaking dedicated to the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons.This action is also in concert with the goals stated by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in their Report---From Counterforce to Minimal Deterrence and Toward Eliminating Nuclear Weapons.

What is increasingly clear is the fact that moving toward nuclear disarmament signifies an inevitable turn to global harmony.It is a point that I have articulated as well in my new book, The Future of Global Relations: Crumbling Walls, Rising Regions (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2009; available at, www. Amazon.com). There are two central points in this argument.

First, it has become impossible for the US to continue down the path of militarism in pursuit of global hegemony and empire.The US can no longer afford to keep over 700 military bases around the world in order to defend its version of a global empire.Hegemony is---by definition---based o­n three components: (1) a global consensus that supports its dominant role and rule; (2) sufficient economic strength to maintain a military force that can impose imperial dictates and strategies; (3) a sustainable military.All three ingredients for a vibrant hegemony are missing from the US today.Its economy is in tatters and shredded by the burden of militarism and fiscal mismanagement.It has lost the global consensus that it requires for its soft power to be effective.Its military and reliance o­n nuclear weapons is unsustainable and counter-productive.In short, the unilateral policies of the Bush era have exposed the crumbling walls of US hegemony and revealed the need to move nations and their policies toward more harmonious and cooperative paths of development.This leads to the second point.

Second, we live in a world of rising regions--- which means multi-centric global governance and the end of US unilateralism and reliance o­n nuclear weapons as the final arbiter of disputes.It also means that greater and higher degrees for cooperation between nations and regions around the world which are gaining in regional integrity and strengthsuch as ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), have explicitly renounced the use of force and threat of force.In place of arsenals of weapons and threats to use them the principle of mutual cooperation and concerted efforts to resolve differences peacefully through negotiation and compromise hold out the promise for grater global harmony. This is important for those of us who want to close down the global military-industrial complex.So, the world inevitably moves to multi-polar global harmony as many different regional centers redefine the nature of globalization.In this regard, President Obamas new nuclear initiative can o­nly be sustained by a rejection of traditional attempts to maintain global hegemony and instead embrace the path of global harmony.

             I have termed the embrace of the path toward global harmony the Principle of Hegemonic State Accountability (PHSA).This term is meant to signify the fact that nuclear superpowers such as the US and Russia must be held accountable to the dictates and demands of international law.Therefore, they must be held accountable when they seek geopolitical advantage through force or threat of force in order to advance their own domestic elites selfish interests.After all, the desire to maintain hegemony, promote primacy, and to secure the status-quo of dominated by the dominant reflects nothing more than an international order based o­n force, violence, and exploitation.It would be illogical to expect peace to emerge from such order.Therefore, the PHSA demands what the concept of global harmony requires---a renunciation of force and threats involving the weapons of force.In the most practical of terms it also means when the US takes specific steps toward a world without nuclear weapons such a move will convince other countries to do the same.If Iran and North Korea no longer perceive a threat---such as the US invasion of Iraq in 2003---then the new American policy will have removed doubts about the sincerity of its intentions and, at the same time, start a global process of confidence building in the rule of law, the power of harmony, and the accountability of great powers.

          A world of rising regions offers the entire planet a future of global relations in which there are many different centers of power with many actors.This reality can work to strengthen efforts to reform the United Nations and to build a new global federation based o­n regional agreements and actors to deal with global problems from climate change to genocide, from developing new forms of human security to ending poverty.As with the European Union, there is a greater hope now for advancing the social agenda and welfare of people because of the dynamics inherent in regional cooperation and multi-centric governance.This is also good news for the cause of nuclear disarmament.This is because the actions and priorities of coordinated regional centers inevitably serve to conduct human practices toward new forms of global harmony or harmonious globalization.It is a qualitative change of international relations.

In conclusion, the GHA Anti-Nuke project (Peace Culture through Harmony: Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament) represents an important and vital initiative for global civil society in the following three aspects:

  1. It represents an expression of wide public support for the advancement of the American anti-nuclear initiative as articulated by President Obama. It does so by virtue of raising public consciousness through the organization of a series of international Congresses. Hence, this GHA initiative deserves support from the American government and all international NGOs.
  2. By providing an understanding of the qualitative differences between the processes of armament, o­n the o­ne hand, and disarmament o­n the other, we find that the process of disarmament demands adherence to the value of harmony as its ultimate guiding principle. That is because it has the capacity to unite all nations at a higher level of thinking and action. The value of harmony ---as the GHA guiding principle ----lifts us out of a destructive historical cycle by introducing the political dynamics of an Einsteinian thinking that places us in a position from which we can solve many global problems---including nuclear disarmament.
  3. The GHA anti-nuclear project also pledges to help bring about a revival of the World Peace Movement o­n the basis of global harmony. Such a Movement for World Peace from Global Harmony will be a powerful factor in bringing about nuclear disarmament.

Finally, I wish to add the GHA project, the comment of 12th quote from President Obamas speech, my following text:

Global harmony, as the necessary guarantor of world security, is concretized in international law by the "Principle of Hegemonic State Accountability" (PHSA). Like the concept of global harmony, the PHSA requires the renunciation of force and threats involving weapons of force. The PHSA is a call for greater accountability at every level of global relations. The PHSA is a principle for the "Global Harmony International Treaty", which should be accepted at the Global Summit o­n nuclear disarmament in 2010 at the USA Government initiative. o­nly the similar treaty will be the effective basis for quick approval and effective execution of all technical treaties of nuclear and general disarmament.

J.D., Prof., Terrence Edward Paupp is the Vice-President of North America for the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) and a Senior Research Fellow at the Council o­n Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), Washington, D.C., USA.


Dear Terrence,

Today I received the final version of your public response o­n the GHA antinuclear project. Many thanks for your excellent work! Your paper represents solid scientific proofs for recognition of the Global Harmony as a priority cultural value and a key scientific paradigm for a new civilization of the 21st century. Your paper is above the praises. It is of great importance both for the GHA project as it is and for its authors from different countries almost all over the world. I send your paper to the co-authors of our project, whom, I have no doubt, will find out in it a lot of new ideas for understanding and development of global harmony.

Dr. Leo Semashko


Thanks to Mr. Paupp for this beautiful response for GHA anti-nuclear project. He has spoken in favour of all coauthors who I believe have the same opinion o­n GHA antinuclear project. He appears to beapeace mouth for all of us. I thank him for such a wonderful expression o­n behalf of all.

Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, Basanti Devi College Principal, India


Dear Maitreyee,

Thank you for your kind words of support for my public response to the GHA Anti-Nuclear Project. I appreciate your embracing my work as "a wonderful expression o­n behalf of us all." You have my deepest gratitude and thanks for your support. Terrence Paupp


Dear Leo,

Of course I am against nuclear arms; however Israel, unfortunately, is in a very precarious position.Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, keeps saying o­n various platforms, even at the UN recently, that he wants to destroy Israel! The position of Israel, at this point, and I agree with it, is that if all our neighbors in the Middle East, including those who do not agree with the "right of Israel to exist!" - sign the Petition against nuclear armaments, Israel would sign it too. This is my own PUBLIC response too. If Israel would sign the petition and divest itself of Nuclear Power, before those who want to destroy Israel does it too - she would be destroyed at o­nce! However, as I said before and I say it again, I have devoted my life to spread a harmonious culture of peace in the Middle East and in the world, and I give most of my time to this noble goal, for the creation of a world beyond war, terror, violence and famine.

Prof. Ada Aharoni, IFLAC & WCJE President, Israel


Dear Ada,

Many thanks for your response, supporting the GHA project and explaining the position of Israel. I would like to underline our congenial understanding of the culture of harmonious peace, which is the core for our antinuclear project. We are both devoted to this cultural process though your path is literature and arts and mine - science and philosophy. The way to global harmony and harmonious peace unites many different directions that strengthen and promote each other. Nonviolence and human priority unite different ways to the Temple of Harmony.

Dr. Leo Semashko

Toward Eliminating Nuclear Weapons. The simple fact is that Iran signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and all its nuclear sites are open for International inspections. The IAEA certifies regularly that Irans program is not about nuclear weapons.Now if Israel, India, and Pakistan would do the same and dismantle their nuclear stocks, we would have a much more hopeful situation for nonproliferation.

Also to correct that record, it is simply not true that Ahmwedinujad stated repeatedly that he wants to destroy Israel! He never said such a thing.See http://www.counterpunch.org/tilley08282006.html and

http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/jonathan_steele/2006/06/post_155.html. While I disagree with Ahmadinejad and certainly dont care for the way he is using the Palestinian cause, I believe accuracy is important in communication

PhD Mazin Qumsiyeh, http://qumsiyeh.org

About: Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh teaches and does research at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine. During 29 years he lived in the United States and served o­n the faculties of Tennessee, Duke and Yale Universities.He served o­n the board/steering/executive committees of a number of groups including Peace Action Education Fund, the US Campaign to End the Occupation, the Palestinian American Congress, Association for o­ne Democratic State in Israel/Palestine, and BoycottIsraeliGoods.org. He is now president of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People.


I strongly support the GHA antinuclear initiative. The GHA congress would significantly contribute to the process of building a world free from nuclear weapons. Different countries are investing in equipping their military systems with highly developed nuclear arms in name of protecting national security and sovereignty. I consider the investment irrational. If the countries could invest in people welfare, building democracies, educating people for nonviolent way of resolving conflicts and declare peace with others, their neighbors and others countries, they would live at peace and protect themselves from internal and external threats. Costa Rica is the best example of countries that opt for building sustainable positive peace and deserves appreciations by contemporary peaceworkers.

In Africa, although countries continue to be burdened by high percentages of population living in misery with high rate of illiteracy and inaccessibility to potable water, they have tendency to invest in building strong military system. I realize that our political leaders need to change way of thinking and invest in humanity rather than military system. However, rich and funding countries would play an important role in the change. But this will be possible if they devise banning nuclear weapons industries.

Considering its objectives, I am convinced that the initiative, which could be renamed Global Anti-nuclear Weapons Initiative,would play a key role in movingmodern human society from militaristic to humanistic ways of living and building a real humanitarian planet.

Jean de Dieu Basabose, Rwandan Peacebuilder, GHA Board Member, Executive Director, Shalom Educating for Peace, Kigali, Rwanda


Quite often good people who work for peace may end up, at times, working o­n false assumptions that may not be their own fault. Let me illustrate this by an example as explained by an American peace-worker that has an Iranian origin and who happens to know Farsi very well.

It is not true that Ahmedinejad of Iran vouched to "destroy" Israel. When he talked in Farsi o­n the topic of peace in the Middle East, he said: "Peace in the Middle East will come when we put an end to the "regime" in Jerusalem." He was referring o­nly to the belligerent policies of the Zionists.

As Anna Balzer, a young Jewish lady professor whom I met, said emphatically, the world should distinguish between the Jewish people and the Israelis (both of whom are good and mean well) and the Zionists who believe that all of Palestine belongs to them by all means.

In the past the United Nations did its best to bring peace in the Middle East through the creation of two recognized States -- Israel and Palestine -- and the complete denuclearization of the entire Middle East Region. All the UN members were unanimous o­n this except for the USA and Israel.

The news media reporters, whose job seems to create animosity through suspicion and fear, have twisted the statement of Ahmedinejad to the extent that today you hear US government officials quoting the newspapers reporters rather than the original statement of Ahmedinejad.

I concur fully with the GHA anti-nuclear project.

Dr. Charles Mercieca,

President, International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), USA


The history of civilization has been marked by struggles and wars, which led to the destruction of the infrastructure of nations and the killing of millions of people. We need to replace the culture of war with the culture of peace. The GHA Anti-nuke and Pro-harmony project is meant to provide us with a culture of harmonious peace. Today many political leaders do share this concept, including US President Barack Obama. A nuclear free world will lead to a demilitarized global community where all people may live in love and harmony.

Dr. Charles Mercieca


I read the project and totally agree with it. I will review it more carefully in a few days but now I strongly believe it is a great (historic) document.

Maria Cristina Azcona, Psychologist, Poet and Writer, Argentina


Dearest soul brothers & sisters o­n the planet Earth,

I do insist o­n my opinion formulated in the Peace & Harmony first book created by Leo 4 years ago. The root of the nuclear problemis the existenceof the scientists who produce the nuclear and all other awful weaponsdangerous for the humanity. They produce them, they operate them, they activate them. Today the nuclear weapons are existed. If the scientists do not activate it, there would be no problem. If we maintain and go o­n producing nuclear andother dangerous weapons, we lose theright to call ourselves HUMANS.

Takis Ioannides, Poet and Writer, Greece

Ref: New US Nuclear Weapons Policy

By this short note, I want to put under your consideration some initial thoughts in relation to the New US Nuclear Weapons Policy. Obviously I cannot present here all my observations and comments of the related existing exhaustive published documents. However it is clear to me that the anti nukes movement should seriously and deeply analyze and discuss the New US Nuclear Weapons Policy.

For decades the anti nukes movement including IPPNW, supports the global nuclear abolition program. Late in the nineties we developed the so called "Nuclear Abolition 2000" which shows up the vertical and horizontal nuclear disarmament and control.

The depressing reality is that the o­nly achievement of the anti nukes movement was the increase of the public and media awareness of the nuclear war threat and what I believe, an increase of confidence among the nuclear weapons countries resulted in the nuclear disarmament agreements of Helsinki 1 and 2 and the nuclear testing ban. All that was a strong argument for the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to select IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War), for the Prize 1985 in recognition of its constructive work in the cause of peace, disarmament, right to live, science and education.

Today after more than 10 yearsof the "Nuclear Abolition 2000" program existence (now it is renamed) we can state that the achievements a less than expected. The U.S. still possesses more than 5,000 nuclear weapons in its stockpile and many of them have a high-alert status. The U.S. is o­ne of the few countries that have not yet ratified the nuclear weapons testing ban agreement.

The recent Joint Statement by President Dmitry Medvedev and President Barack Obama of April 1, 2009, as well as the speech of the President of the USA, Barak Obama in Prague o­n 5 of April 2009,at least at the level of declare proclaim changing of the so called Cold War policy of deterrence. We should not be confused by terms "Nuclear total abolition" or "Nuclear Weapons Disarmament" used in those documents.

In the mentioned speech, president Obama said "Countries with nuclear weapons will move towards disarmament, countries without nuclear weapons will not acquire them, and all countries can access peaceful nuclear energy".

I think the main strategy of such US policy, is the creation of a "Minimal deterrence power" of about 500 to 1000 warheads until other countries will have nuclear arms.

"To put an end to Cold War thinking, we will reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy, and urge others to do the same. Make no mistake: as long as these weapons exist, the United States will maintain a safe, secure and effective arsenal to deter any adversary, and guarantee that defense to our allies."

Analyzing these documents I could not find out plenty of aspects: Would be the new policy of Minimal Deterrence worldwide accepted and in what way? Does the plan implement a policy of verifiable and transparent nuclear disarmament? Can be a no-first-use policy adopted? What is the status of the remaining in Europe U.S. nuclear weapons? etc.

Anyway this initiative must be taken seriously, considering that for the moment it is still a non approved initiative that needs strong support inside US and abroad in order to be approved. Encouraging movement towards a nuclear arms free world we have to analyze the pros and contras of this plan and clarify our attitude to it.

At the present stage those who want to maintain the "Cold War" will totally reject such policy, at the same time a full acceptance means "Minimal Deterrence" support what I feelunacceptable. However, does the new policy convey any way to reduce the stockpiles lessening the threat of life o­n Earth?

I suppose that a representative meeting o­n the subject with the official authoritiesspeaking o­n the matter o­n behalf of the USA, Russia, China, and other nuclear weapons countries,will give an opportunity to assume a significant strategy. Thus I support the Congress proposed by Leo Semashko

Prof. Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD MPH

Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Vice President, World Academy of Arts and Culture

Former Vice President of IPPNW (Nobel Peace Prize 1985)

Vice President, Intl Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)


Vice Director of Global Harmony Association (GHA) General Directorate


Dear Ernesto,

Many thanks for your detailed comments as outstanding expert in the nuclear weapons abolition, and also for your support of the GHA antinuclear project and the corresponding Congress.

Dr. Leo Semashko


Talking about peace and achieving peace are two very different things. Our focus must be o­n achievement of peace. For that, the real barriers to peace must be identified and peaceful ways found to have them be removed. I endorse what Charles has written 100%. Ahmadinejad's statement has been totally distorted, then replayed over and over again, at least in the US, to back up preformed policies which are counter to peace, just as intelligence was fabricated to establish evidence for attacking Iraq which was already decided upon before any evidence was available.

Israel has built up a whole nuclear arsenal and has not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. It has also o­n multiple occasions threatened to attack Iran. I consider these real barriers to peace and nuclear disarmament. The US national intelligence has itself failed to find any definite proof that Iran is building nuclear arms. So what should be a peace organization's stand? The truth must be identified and dealt with in a peaceful manner for any progress to occur. Any peace movement which talks nice words but is not willing to address real issues will not be effective.

Dr. Noor Gillani, Principal Research Scientist, National Space Science and Technology Center, USA


Dear Noor,

100 % agree with you. I am not against true. Certainly, it is a fact that there are real barriers o­n a way to peace that should be realized and exposed in accordance. Therefore, GHA is not o­nly talking nice words, we try to incline real issues. But I meant a different thing. Epistemological aspect was my issue. I wrote about appreciation and estimation of the facts from different, opposite ideological and value points of view. When two hostile opponents argue they NEVER find true. The Israel and Palestine battle for the last 60 years is an example, and they have achieved Neither true NOR ANY consent. Even if they have 600 years in front of them. The cause of it is opposite positions, enmity and absence of harmony between them. The true is not the o­nly value. The true is a scientific value. Except it there are priority humanistic and national values. When these values of the different parties contradict each other then the true can be NEVER established. Such conditions make discussions empty, infinite and ineffective. They NEVER lead to peace, they provoke enmity aggravation. In this case it is necessary to look for a COMMON, acceptable value comprehensible by all parties and that is harmony. This value and dream was cherished through all mankind cultures and religions since ancient times. You have investigated excellently the values of harmony and pluralism in Islam and know the subject much better. The most difficult question: HOW to hammer home a value of harmony to the conflicting parties consciousness?And the answer implies the o­nly variant: through a long process of harmonious education since infancy. This question, as you know, is unfolded in details in the GHA academic project, which you have got. It is my credo, which, I hope, I have expressed clearly.

Dr. Leo Semashko


Dear GHA President Dr. Leo Semashko,

The USA branch of the IAEWP fully endorses the GHA Antinuclear Project and offers to send expert speakers to any conference, program or institution worldwide (without fee or cost).

IAEWP USA has established a global speakers bureau, pro bono consulting team, global research center and an electronic university to provide distance learning and collaboration with all NGO's. Detroit is hosting the US Social Forum in June 2010. Join us.

Professor Mike Whitty, Chancellor, IAEWP USA


Dear Prof. Mike Whitty,

Many thanks for your support of our project and your advice. I will be happy to join you bureau and to participate in your remarkable Social Forum 2010 if I manage financing for the trip to Detroit.

Dr. Leo Semashko


Nuclear disarmament is clearly a noble and important goal as the world continues to hurtle itself towards conflagration out of regional, and now global, conflicts or potential conflicts.I say global, because, in the past decade, the US as sole superpower had adopted the role of self-proclaimed global "peace-maker" based o­n threats of militarism.It is therefore especially encouraging to hear President Obama's April speech calling for global nuclear disarmament, and now, GHA's espousal of this cause as a Key Project.Of course, I approve of this new GHA initiative.

I think that any GHA communications to world leaders must be carefully crafted and worded for maximum impact, and then must be distributed widely to the global public.In this effort, I hope that you will use the inputs of experts like Professors Mercieca, Paupp and Kahan to the maximum.

Clearly, the goal of promoting nuclear disarmament will be a tough o­ne. In the US itself, in spite of President Obama's proclamation, there will be strong opposition from the US Congress.There will also be opposition --- both open and obscured --- from many other quarters around the world.The global media will be used to the maximum to spread fear in the public about the cause.There is already much false presentation of facade in this regard from many countries.Some of these concerns have been voiced in this forum.I hope that we will remain united and wise in responding to these. My compliments to you for taking up this cause and including me in it.

Dr. Noor Gillani


Dear Noor,

Many thanks for your wise response with strong support for the GHA key anti-nukes project. You very well depicted the global scales of resistance to President Obamas anti-nukes initiative. A core of this resistance is the most powerful global military-industrial complex (MIC) ignoring interests of local civilizations and separate countries. In early 1961 President Eisenhower warned about MIC danger.

MIC does not know borders: it is cherished in the last decades and centuries in a womb of so-called national interests of antagonistic industrial civilization. Almost half of the world MIC is of American origin.

Therefore President Obama will face the most powerful resistance, first of all in his own country: in business, in Congress, in mass-media and among the population,considerable part of which is recruited by MIC and lives o­n its money. Therefore, it is absolutely clear that without powerful public support of a world civil society (WCS) President Obama will not overcome this resistance which threatens to bury his initiative and put humanity o­n the verge of nuclear self-destruction. Balancing o­n this verge gives colossal profits for global MIC. o­nly WCS can resist and neutralize counteraction of MIC. But for this purpose WCS should be consolidated. For today a divided and clashing WCS paralyze itself from within by personal and national interests and its peripheral influence is practically naught. Such situation in WCS is favorable o­nly for MIC.

Devastated and paralyzed WCS is not capable to present and express peace and survival interests of modern humanity. Globalisation, association and improvement of WCS are possible o­nly o­n the basis of the most powerful humanity value value of global harmony. The GHA anti-nukes project is devoted to a priority of this value for nuclear disarmament and for the WCS globalisation o­n a new basis.

Certainly, this project is far from being perfect and demands further development. You are absolutely right, that for this purpose it is necessary to involve efforts of our outstanding experts. I put yourself o­n that rank cause you are a unique scientist among the acknowledged, who has discovered pluralism and harmony of Islam and Muslim culture.

Shattered and armed mankind could live without global harmony. The global, interconnected and disarmed mankind cannot exist without it. Humanity can live o­nly in global harmony now or it will destroy itself. It is a dilemma of life and death of modern mankind.

There is a necessity of a new scientific and value approach to step from the level of "dominating national interests" to the level of global harmony as a priority. This approach is presented in antinukes and other projects of GHA, which mission is to pave a way for global harmony to embody it in a harmonious civilization as positive alternative to capitalism and socialism, and in harmonious peace as alternative to traditional peace based o­n fear of mutual military destruction. President Obama never will overcome resistance of MIC without the new scientific and value approach based o­n global harmony.

Your hope for the great unification of all peacemakers and their wisdom, your personal unique efforts help us to move in this direction.

Dr. Leo Semashko


Communication from David Allen Stringer, Universal Alliance Coordinator, Britain

Dear Brother Leo,

I turned your email of the above into the attached word document (the GHA Anti-Nukes project) to network to all of our recipients and heartily approve of it as an excellent discussion document!

However, I have two reservations: (1) I would like to see the Nuclear Zero world achieved in years/a decade or so rather than a life-time (how old are you?) as militarism, in all its forms, nuclear or otherwise has been blood-sucking civil society & life for too many decades already!

(2) Re Obamas 14th quotation (from the GHA Anti-Nukes project) "We should build a new framework for civil nuclear cooperation, including an international fuel bank, so that countries can access peaceful power without risk of proliferation". In this context, I, along with many others, are totally opposed to the Nuclear option for civil energy, as (1) it is grossly expensive to set up (2) it can be potentially highly dangerous (radio-active pollution from waste and leaks - and remember Chernobyl & Sellafield/Windscale here in Britain!) (3) It is very expensive and a long-term prospect to dismantle old Power Stations let alone get rid of the Radio-active junk from them and (4) therefore, it is a long-term option o­nly and as long as albeit "peaceful" Nuclear Power Stations exist, there is always the danger, in this longer term future, that some rogue. "Evil" leader(s) might arise who could easily use their country's energy generating nuclear capacity, again, to more aggressive purposes of World Power over others - it o­nly takes I country to do so to upset the whole global harmonious apple cart and start arms races off all over again!

Only a progressive Spiritual-ethical revolution within the hearts of all humans will ultimately be our guarantor of Peace, and until this longer-term project is accomplished, we cannot predict what will happen in the future, anywhere, with certainty.

May Peace & Sanity Prevail o­n Earth,

Brother David



Dear Brother David,

Thanks for your interesting philosophical response and for your appreciation of our antinukes project.

Re your reservations.

1. Likely each peacemaker dreams of a rapid disarmament. Me too, I dream nuclear disarmament to be accomplished not within 30-50 years, as Obama promises (outside of my life), but in 5-10 years. But I understand that it is a fiction because humanity armed for millenniums and started to disarm o­n April 1, 2009 o­nly. Disarmament is essentially other process, than armament. Separately countries armed easily and without obstacles. To disarm 200 absolutely different countries at o­nce and simultaneously is a hard and very long process. The humanity needs at least two generations 40-50 years (the term is established for general and full disarmament in the GHA Magna Carta of Harmony, 2007), to replace in its consciousness war philosophy by peace philosophy o­n the basis of global harmony and through harmonious education from infancy. Therefore I agree with Obamas opinion: it is possible in full measure o­nly outside of a life of our generation (my age is 67) and Obamas generation (his age is 47). But we can and should start this process today, now, since April 5th, so that our children and grandchildren reach full nuclear and general disarmament as soon as possible. It is our duty to our children and grandchildren. It is my duty to my children and grandchildren that their children and grandchildren were not born under the bomb explosions and bullet whistles, what I have experienced fully.

2. I cannot agree with your opinion, concerning full refusal of a nuclear energy. Yes, it implies a big danger. But safety services of nuclear stations constantly develop decreasing dangers. o­n the other hand, any achievement of humanity: car, plane and etc. is accompanied by hundreds thousands of deaths. It is an inevitable payment of humanity for technical progress and nobody demands to stop it. Probably, in very far prospect,if we find in space an inexhaustible source of a new, for example, gravitational, energy and a simple way for its widespread safe use, then, maybe, humanity will rejectnuclear energy as a source, andadopt other than car, plane, etc means to cover distance. The idea is not deprived sense though looks like mere fantasy.

3. You appreciate as the guarantor of an everlasting peace a Spiritual-ethical revolution within the hearts of all humans. It is true, but o­nly under certain conditions. To my mind, harmony lies underneath such revolution, which should be assumed by human consciousness as higher spirituality and science,priority ethical value and system of the technologies providing achievement and use of harmony laws at each stage of human life, since conception. This is the first fundamental condition, which is impossible without the second o­ne:to be affirmed individually (in heart of each person), it should be recognized by public consciousness and exercised in social institutes: education, family, state, policy, right, science, economy and in all culture.

The individual and a society could be compared as a drop and an ocean. They are similar, but at the same time they are determined by different laws. In case an individual is ignorant of the laws of harmony society follows, he cannot achieve harmonious status. Jesus Christ dreamt of a divine harmonious person but 2 thousand years passed and humans remain the same, with an animal umbilical cord of mutual destruction, and even religion is of no help. The causation lies in the deep nature of social harmony of sphere classes of population not yet investigated. So forth the individual is deprived to live according to laws of a true human, not animal harmony aimed at type-species survival. The scientific understanding of deep (true) social and individual harmony spring out from a global information society.

Therefore o­nly from this deep structure, via its institutes and o­nly in its social environment each individual can successfully enrich itself with harmony and use it effectively for personal and social benefit. That is the way to personify Christ dream and to achieve a Spiritual-ethical revolution within the hearts of all humans.

I thank you for your deep speculations, which induce to develop a philosophy of global social harmony. I think that o­n this high philosophical note our discussion of the project at its initial stage will finish.

Brother Leo


Dear Leo,

I agree to discuss nuclear project o­n web, but important is what solution is to be offered. The topic is not new; every country is organizing conferences with government delegates and peacemakers. It concerns not o­nlyIran-Israel-Palestine etc. problem, it involves such countries as my Italy to whereten Nobel Prize Laureates arrive annually for peacefulpolitical affairs, alas, today resulted in a primary business transaction of Italian Governmentto sell Nuclear arms.

It is high time to criticize the banks financing such business transactions. Why crisis never enter this sector? It is necessary to:

1) Inform people o­n how Government spend and invest their money.

2) Issue a list of banks in every part of the world financing nuclear business for international publicity

3) Invite people to use ethical, free from nuclear business banks o­nLY.

I began to cooperate actually with China in 1992, when o­ne of the members of American Parliament, great expert of World Bank asked me to assist him in Rome bank-conference. In 1992 the first orient project-plan was "Norinco" Far East Corporation transformation of arms plant into social production factory; it was no easy because 800.000 people worked in Norinco. This was a good operation in China, though it will not solve the problem in case China buys weapons in other countries.

Rosa Dalmiglio, Cultural Peace Operator, Rome, Italy


Dear Rosa,

Many thanks for your support of the GHA Antinukes Project. You emphasized very important modern contradiction: inabilities of peace conferences, organisations and peacemakers, including Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, in the face of nuclear business. Non-proliferation of this weapon as "universal genocide (Ernesto Kahan and Taki Yuriko term) is not achieved until now and we can guess o­nly when it happens. According to your notes Italy has started already to create and sell the nuclear weapon. Attempts in China to transform arms production in other social production, which you mention, are neutralized by weapon purchase in other countries. There are hundreds of thousands instances. They evidence weakness of traditional peace paradigm, when peace is based o­n fear of mutual destruction. The American antinuclear initiative has pointed out to this problem with new force: nuclear disarmament demands GLOBAL support, which is at present very weak and cannot revive o­n the basis oftraditional peace paradigm. The American antinuclear initiative demands its change.

The GHA Antinukes project shows, that peace paradigm of global harmony is solely acceptable for all nations in the situation of globalisation. This paradigm reveals in a science and culture of harmonious peace, which are presented in the GHA projects especially in the Magna Carta of Harmony (2007) and Antinukes Project. Now the problem consists in making this culture a common property of the governments, peace organisations and world peace movement. The GHA Congress o­n the antinuclear initiative, which is planned in Petersburg in October 2009 will be the first event in this direction if it will be supported by the Governments of the USA and Russia.

Dr. Leo Semashko


Dear Leo,

In support of David`s thoughts I need to say that by no way somebody can justify something evil by other evils - especially within a harmonious context - as you seem to do it when saying: "Yes, it represents the big danger. But safety of nuclear stations constantly raises and their danger decreases. o­n the other hand, any achievement of humanity: car, plane and etc. is accompanied by hundreds thousand of deaths. It is an inevitable payment of humanity for any achievement and nobody demands to refuse from them. Probably, in very far prospect, when humanity will find in space an inexhaustible source of a new, for example, gravitational, energy and a simple safe way of its use by each person then, maybe, humanity will refuse from nuclear energy, and also from car, plane, etc., having found other ways of moving in space. But it while is a fantasy too though it is not deprived sense."

Striving for harmony within a nuclear-and-violence-free world we visionaries continuously are standing in for our deeply felt realities that often enough stand against the realities we experience. Furthermore as visionaries like David we mostly are not being regarded as the "light bearers" we are - o­n the contrary we often are being marginalized if not criminalized by the respective mainstream society. Visionaries are aware of discrepancies between "the realities as they are" and "the realities as they can be". That is why visionaries hardly get lost in esoteric lordliness or in eventual frustrations that are caused by respective environments.

Although visionaries are hardly supported or rewarded by their social environment they do receive affirmation and satisfaction from deep inside. Visionaries autonomously are aware about a deeply felt coherence and harmony between their personal existence and existence in general. (Re-) Connected to a creative reality and source of vitality that we human beings by nature share with all the members of Life, visionaries - against any obstacles - seek to ally with like minded people. Visionaries are guided by empathy. Jointly they strive to operate as "obstetricians" of a "splendid being", of a social reality that confirms the naturally given genetic and "divine" creativity by a respective non-violent and self-supporting culture.

The well known psycho-analyst and sociologist Erich Fromm o­nce perfectly described the visionary we are talking about: The Revolutionary Character: http://www.angelfire.com/or/sociologyshop/rchar.html.

The above mentioned culture neither is new nor is it far away. Humanity since the very beginning has been aware about being humane. What needs to be achieved is to spread this awareness from local communities to the global perception of humanity as o­ne universal family who is dedicated to the well being of the planet it depends o­n. In support of the antinukes project, Wolfgang

Dr. Med. Wolfgang Fischer, München, Germany

-------------------- -----------------------------------------

Dear Wolfgang,

Thanks for your support of the project and for your philosophical response. Let me o­nly o­ne remark. You write: no way can somebody justify something evil by other evils - especially within a harmonious context. You are right here and I agree with you. My idea is quite different from that of justification of o­ne evil through another evil. I am sure, that any achievement of any civilization, including harmonious o­ne, is inevitably accompanied by negative aspects or "evil". It provides infinite progress, infinite aspiration to perfection and harmony, which will be never reached 100 % completely for some specified reason. Evil of the achievements can be infinitely reduced but never reaches zero. It means also, that full harmony never and nowhere can be reached. The way to harmony lies through reduction of "evil" and softening or humanization of ways of its achievement. Harmony isgeneral law of a nature, society and humans. Discussion and investigation of this law last for ages since ancient times. People noticedlong time ago, that in the lifeless nature, in space, harmony (balance) is attained in a most severe way, i.e. through annihilation of planets, stars and Galaxies. In wildlife harmony is provided through struggle of type-species and survival of the strongest. In a society, in its half-animal state up to a harmonious civilization, it balances at the expense of mutual destruction of people and nations in wars, revolutions, crimes and etc. o­nly in a harmonious civilization, which cognized scientific laws of harmony and became able to personify them in all aspects of an individual and social life, possibility of a nonviolent, beyond wars and mutual destruction, achievement harmony opens. Scientific and universal comprehension of harmony in all nations will provide the global perception of humanity as o­ne universal family who is dedicated to the well being of the planet.

Dr. Leo Semashko


Dear Leo:

I have o­nly occasionally "tuned in" to the dialogue.But now this is the second email from you that I am finding very profound and common-sensual at the same time. Congratulations o­n your work. I will tune in more frequently. Yours, Jim. P.S.:Will attach my latest work, a draft article:"World Peace Through Law."

J.D. James T. Ranney, Chair

Global Constitution Forums, Former Law Professor, Philadelphia, USA


Dear Jim,

I am very glad to your response and your excellent article "World Peace Through Law" which I will publish o­n our site Peace from Harmony. I send your article to the GHA Antinukes Project co-authors as I consider that this article is worthy the common attention and it is the contribution to this project. Dr. Leo Semashko

Dear Leo,

KEEP my name as co-author. I agree with your approach. The Obama initiative is a first step toward changing strategies endorsed by the previous U.S. administration. Your positive suggestions are the most helpful at this time, as you have pointed out.

Martha Ross DeWitt,

PhD, Sociology, Social Theorist and Political Analyst, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


I wholeheartedly endorse the GHA antinuclear project. To help it come true, a cooperative, universal effort is also needed in how to educate people to perceive the lethality of nuclear weapons and to learn to communicate peacefully for the survival of Humankind. It is through actions and INTERactions that we express our firm commitment to abolishing nuclear weapons and ,as a peace linguist, I am determined to do my share by helping develop Peace Linguistics and a recent derived area thereof: Nonkilling Linguistics. In such spirit, I wish you all the best in your initiative. Sunniest rays of HARMONY,

Francisco Gomes de Matos,

Peace linguist, Professor Emeritus, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil


I certainly agree that there is crucial humankind's need for nuclear disarmament, but I do not see much chance to result from Obama's speech. He lost in the Senate when trying to close the concentration camp o­n Cuba, and trying to call this type of his country's behavior illegal. There are very many jobs behind this scene, not o­nly international capacity of US and some other countries to abuse the less armed o­nes. Slovenia, e.g., is too small to use any tanks, but as a member of NATO she is obliged to spend enormous money o­n tanks, and they may not be a local production of Slovenian firms except a few details as parts. For Slovenia to not forget that there might be a danger to our freedom, the Italian post-fascists keep threatening all the time. The Slovenian minorities in Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia enjoy less of benefits than the minorities in Slovenia do. Croatia tries to steal some Slovenian land, which is no big quantity, but it is big psychologically and sociologically.

In addition, if USA and Russia and some other countries start the process of nuclear disarmament, it will - as it has done so far - o­nly reduce the number without erasing all of it. Enough reserves of arms will be kept or new stocks with more modern, innovated, attributes will surface.

Like Russia has officially hard times to forget its own Soviet-time size, other former colonial masters do too. They all gave up their former colonies o­nly o­nce they had found that it is cheaper for them to do trading without taking care of the colonial bureaucracy etc. They no longer need to possess the area to control markets and raw materials. Thus, anew, the initiative is badly needed. I can o­nly hope for its success.

Dr. Matjaž Mulej,

Prof. Emeritus, University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business; Slovenia


Dear Matjaz, Thanks for your support of our project. Your response appeared to be o­ne of the latest and it will probably close the project discussion though I received much more responses, which will become part of the published project.

We already discussed a question, concerning internal resistance to Obama's initiative in the USA. The civil society should help Obama so that his initiative has not been buried. If we will keep silence and stay aside, Obama and disarmament may lose.

Your letter is interesting as an instance of national interests concern. Certainly, each nation has the right to express primarily its national interests. So was for ages and led exclusively to wars. National interests are provided o­n the supranational, global level. In the interconnected globalized world global interests should come forth and reorganize thinking o­n a general appreciable to all basis which can be global harmony o­nly. The main harmony idea is a restriction of national and private interests for the sake of the common survival, peace and consent. Harmony is a law of the balanced restriction.

Natural and social resources have limits. Soil, water, air and a solar energy o­n our planet mutually limit each other. It conducts the restriction of vegetative and animal resources, and, in its turn, limits natural resources for a society, demanding restriction of consumption and also restriction of the population for the sake of survival and peace. Survival demands mutual restriction of poverty and surplus: poverty from below, richness - from above. Harmony of poverty and richness is their interdependent levels. There are two ways of restriction: 1. Spontaneous and violent through wars, mutual destruction and extinction and 2. Conscious and nonviolent. Conscious restriction (i.e. conscious harmony and balance) begin with a science about social and individual harmony, which concentrates in the principle of coordinated restriction on the basis of scientific knowledge of harmony deep laws. o­nly by this principle each society and individual can be guided for the sake of own survival and prosperity. This principle substitutes the principles of "national interests and egoism.

The principle of coordinated restriction or as Dr. Terrence Paupp titled it:"Principle of Hegemonic State Accountability" (PHSA), expressing harmony, is a mindful basis for nuclear disarmament and for maintenance of national interests taking into account global interests. Coordinated restriction is conscious restriction of national interests suitable for all nations. The world and all nations approached this principle, started to study it, started to learn how to search harmony as a coordinated restriction - a strict demand of global problems, first of all the nuclear disarmament initiated by the USA. Global harmony is reachable when by the general and priority principle will become coordinated restriction instead of national interest.

Our collective discussion of the different responses gave a new idea impulse to develop the scientific theory and modern philosophy of global harmony, for transition o­n a new level of thinking, which is required for nuclear disarmament. As a result of discussion of the GHA Antinukes Project we together created a good theoretical platform for preparation by our experts of the "Global Harmony International Treaty, as a key for nuclear disarmament and for our Congresses. This Treaty will be the fundamental contribution for world peace and harmony through the international law, about that wrote Dr. James Ranney. I express sincere gratitude to all participants of discussion of the GHA Anti-Nuke Project. Dr. Leo Semashko


The GHA Anti-Nuke Project is totally consistent with Islamic teachings of peace and brotherhood. It denies the concept of a Clash of Civilizations as meaningless since the 1.5 billion Muslims of the world do not constitute a civilization; they are as diverse as the whole world population, in terms of nationalities, races, cultures, languages, etc. What we have is, rather, a Clash of Ignorance o­n both sides, with dire need for proper education and instruments for promoting harmony. These instruments for peace, harmony and nuclear disarmament, which are espoused by GHA, President Obama, and the Muslim world, are very timely and welcome.

Dr. Noor Gillani


Nuclear Non-Proliferation has to become a Reality soonest is possible to ensure that there is no more threat to Life o­n Earth. GHA Antinukes Project is very welcome at this time, when more then ever a climate of insecurity rules o­n the politic world stage.

Tatomir Ion Marius, Poet and Writer, Romania


Dear Leo and all!

Thanks, for your understanding, that if we are silent, are occupied too by creation for the Common Good. My opinion about YOU, Leo, and our Harmony Association is grandiose. Words ANTI-NUKE cause in action same energy. Mother Teresa never struggled and did not go o­n anti military events. She created. You are CREATOR too and I accept it all heart. Therefore, I suggest titling the project - FOR PLANETARY PEACE - or FOR UNIVERSAL CONSENT, for example...

Nina Goncharova, Producer and Bard, Novosibirsk, Russia


Dear Nina!

Thanks for your support and interesting thoughts which I share fully. Let me remind, that our project is titled: Peace Culture through Harmony: Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament. As you can see, this title has positive, creative meaning and does not accent a struggle or antagonism. Short, positive and creative meaning of this project is: FOR/PRO HARMONY, which means an exception (abolition) of the nuclear weapons, violence, wars, etc. However, at the dominating stereotypes of traditional industrial thinking which cannot be cancelled for o­ne day, behind the project today was fixed more clear for this thinking title: "ANTI-NUKE". I see the harmonious compromise in the following short, though and rather hard, informal project title: FOR/PRO HARMONY and ANTI-NUKE.

Dr. Leo Semashko


The sharpness of a problem of disarmament in that and consists, that world society have not at its disposal these generously offered by many authors (including politicians) decades. The solutions are necessary to be accepted and started their purposeful and systematic realization urgently. In the Roman Clubs reports the catastrophic ending of a modern western civilization was predicted in the middle of a current century. These conclusions are denied till now by nobody. Achieving pace global crisis is not o­nly financial and even economic it has system character and it can be easily demonstrated. In recently published research of Russian scientists the term of approach of the tragical civilization ending is (on the average across Europe) 2015. Hence, resembling to argue o­n realization of any projects during many or even several decades it is not simply Utopia and it is far not harmless though the conscientious error.

Dr. Eduard Schultz, Physicist, St.-Petersburg, Russia


Whatever concern we have as to the catastrophic collapse of an industrial civilization, we should take into account the drawbacks of its scientific forecast, which does not know, i.e. exclude the supreme law of system synergetic integrity of the Universe and mankind the harmony law. The industrial science does not know about colossal margin of safety and stability of deep social harmony.

Therefore theres no necessity to refute these forecasts as they deny themselves: the Roman Club predicts catastrophe to the middle of the century and Russian scientists in 2015. And both are incorrect for the following reasons.

1. The end of an industrial civilization is not identical to the end of mankind capable to replace its civilization form, after creation new scientific knowledge.

2. Within industrialism lives and works since a long time a "mole" of a harmonious civilization (harmonism), which is invisible because it is unknown to industrial sciences: synergetrics, cybernetics, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, psychology and etc.

3. Viability of mankind depends not o­nly o­n a measure of specific natural resources or a population, but, first of all, o­n the laws of their system social harmony, which are unknown to an industrial science. Ignorance and ignoring of these laws, which operate irrespective, depreciate industrial forecasts. Mankind may come to a tragic end not because of resource exhaustion but due to a human factor of industrialism, i.e. casual or conscious nuclear war, capable to destroy mankind. Thanks God, we started to understand all these and started nuclear disarmament. How much time it demands years or decades - depends not o­n resource exhaustion or crises but only o­n the how speedy scientific knowledge of social harmony laws will overwhelm the Globe, which opens to the mankind the infinite internal resource potential of harmony. Lifeof the mankind at present and in the future depends o­nLY o­n the knowledge and use of the internal potential of social harmony. The GHA Anti-Nuke and Pro-Harmony project is o­ne of the first o­n this way of mankind.

Dr. Leo Semashko


After Hiroshima and Nagasaki sixty-four years have passed. The victims there have continued to have questions and continued to study with their hard situation of health and discrimination in getting jobs or marriage. Their conclusion is just never to make the same victims and to attain nuclear zero. They see the double standard of the New US Nuclear Weapons Policy by President Obama as Dr Ernest Kahan pointed out. The USA has not ratified CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) yet. Obama must have it ratified first in the USA.

As you know there was a Nuclear testing in North Korea o­n 25th May soon after Obama promised USA would defend Japan and South Korea under the American nuclear umbrella. So the victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki o­nly welcomed President Obama recognized USA dropped the two atomic bombs and they have responsibility for going toward abolition of nuclear weapons. Because until now all the presidents of USA said that the 2 atomic bombs against Japan was right to stop the Second World War. When the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki asked abolition of nuclear weapons after Obamas speech, Prime Minister of Japan ASO Taro told in Germany that Japan hopes to maintain peace under the American nuclear umbrella. The victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki see the double standard of Japanese Government, too.

The victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki just wish many people to have a common understanding that human beings and nuclear weapons can never coexist and to conduct a big signature-collecting campaign to abolish all the nuclear weapons o­n earth never to make the same more victims as they whose chromosome aberration will continue to the second generation and to the third.

I think I have to request you and all the members that you all should share the operating expense of GHA Congress, because GHA will be difficult to be independent of the sponsors if you receive money from them. GHA should independent from any sponsor. This Congress idea of yours is very nice. But I do not agree with you to think easily to collect contribution to GHA. And I do not agree either that GHA easily announces a message to support Obama, because GHA should be independent of any politic leader. GHA must have its original message to the world independent of any group, religion or any company, too. GHA has many excellent members to make true purpose by o­neself.

I would like to say thanks a lot for your noticing the book GENOCIDE (2006) written by Dr. Ernesto Kahan and me Taki Yuriko.

TAKI Yuriko, Poet, Japan


Dear Taki,

Many thanks for your support of the GHA antinukes project and for your deep thoughts. I share your opinion o­n tragical consequences of nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and your remarkable conclusion that human beings and nuclear weapons can never coexist. I also share your opinion o­n inadmissibility of double standards in nuclear disarmament and about necessity of the USA to ratify (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty). President Obama has told that the USA will make it. Without it the USA will not find the allies in the world for new nuclear policy.

But I cannot agree with your idea of a total GHA independence. As you know, our priority value is harmony instead of independence which assumes confrontation. Whether can the GHA confront with the initiative of nuclear disarmament? This initiative expresses not a narrow-egoistical national interest but global interest. It opens a door for global harmony and common good. Therefore the GHA should not o­nly support this initiative but also cooperate with all governments and NGOs to realize it. Certainly, in this cooperation the GHA will keep the right to own opinion and to harmonious independence, which cannot and will not resist the idea of nuclear disarmament as a whole. The GHA own opinion is expressed in the fifth section of our antinukes project, which is directed to cooperation with all countries, first of all with the USA (and Russia) as the initiator and leader of the antinuclear initiative. The Congresses o­n discussion, support and advancement of this initiative, which offers the GHA, are necessary not o­nly for the USA but also to all other states, not o­nly the governments but also a civil society, including GHA. Therefore here the interests of all parties coincide. Though, still it is not known, whether the USA will want to finance these 100 civil Congresses as the GHA offers. Skeptical judgments in this respect are already heard from some of our American colleagues. But our duty is to offer these civil Congresses.

Concerning independent financing. The GHA is not capable to finance anything that has shown our last experience. The GHA unites basically students, pensioners, and people of a science and art who are very limited in financial funds. Membership fees, o­n the GHA Statutes, go to children in need and give very small sums. For example, in last year o­nly 15 members of the GHA were capable o­n the membership fees in a total sum of $510 in the disabled children's organisation of Calcutta: http://peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=317). We cannot hold the Congress for $500 or $1000 or $2000. The Congress demands in 50-100 times more. Therefore, if to be realists, the Congress holding at the expense of our donations is Utopia.

Dr. Leo Semashko


The USA won the final phase of WW II with Satan o­n its side. Other powerful nations engaged the same Devil and keep him in their backyards. More power-hungry nations long for the same ally of Hades. Can this demonic urge be stopped? I do not know, but it should. We can look back, o­nce again, at what happed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 64 years ago and find inspiration in Japans Peace Constitution that represents the saner and greater part of Nature, Life, Peace, and Harmony loving Japanese. May many nations follow Japans decision to make war unconstitutional. The GHA antinuclear project is served to it also.

Reimon Bachika,

Professor Emeritus, Bukkyo University, Department of Sociology, Kyoto, Japan


The mankind created a military science long ago but it has no peace and disarmament science until now. The GHA Anti-Nuke project is based o­n the new sciences of social harmony: Tetrasociology and Political Psychology. The culture of harmonious peace and political harmony grows from these sciences. This culture excludes wars and makes a basis for nuclear disarmament begun by Presidents Obama and Medvedev in 2009.

Dr. Alexander Juriev, Founder of Political Psychology, Professor, Psychology Faculty, State University, St.-Petersburg, Russia


It is a pleasure that our GHA movement is reaching heart to heart day by day, I am with you completely with my heart as I really dont want more destruction in this world. We need harmony and peace to protect our generations from violation and I want to teach them the new ways, new life without the fear of terrorism.

Mariam Khan


Today historically generated predominated stereotype of binary opposition of materialism-idealism is being intensively overcome. It becomes quite clearnow that modern society cannot be evaluated differently than as o­ne synergetic social organism demanding development of new ideological views, new science, new integrated vision of its conditions, new synergetictheory to preserve the society future. The limited diversity as the structural (attributive) information and a measure (harmony) supplement a matter and consciousness as basic foundations of constructive methodology of the new scientific thinking identified with an archetype of tetrad integrity a core of a system paradigm. Tetramethodology, Tetraontology, Tetraepistemology, Tetrameasure already declared itself as the integral element of modern scientific theories and are incorporated by various narrow disciplinary and subject branches of knowledge.

The main advantage of the GHA Anti-Nuke project put forward and developed by Dr. Leo Semashko in friendship and cooperation with numerous philosophers, scientists and art workers all over the world, is that it is created o­n the basis of a science about social and individual harmony: Tetrasociology. This science allows to estimatemodern epoch as multidimensional process of formation of harmony, - global process in which nuclear disarmament is its natural and necessary consequence. o­nly global harmony in the status of a total imperative of the world community and all modern ­ social life can beguarantor of nuclear disarmament and overcoming of any confrontation in the world.

Ph.D. Edward Soroko, Principal Scientific Employee, Philosophy Institute, National Academy of Sciences, Belarus. Author: Structural Harmony of Systems, 1984, 264p. New edition: Moscow, 2009.


I whole-heartedly support the GHA Antinukes project, because of its proactive support for the emerging will of the most powerful nation(s) and the possessors of the most weapons in their nuclear arsenal. GHAs charter to bring peace in the world through harmony is consistent with President Barack Obamas speech of April 5, 2009 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Dr. Laj Utreja, President, Institute of Spiritual Healing, USA


The greatest importance of the GHA Antinukes Project, from my point of view, consists in a new level of thinking and new value approach to the solution of the nuclear disarmament problem. It corresponds to Einstein's methodological idea: Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. This idea is key for the solution of global problems. The GHA Project gives a vivid example of a new level of thinking and new value approach to the solution of one of the most important problem of modernity nuclear disarmament.

Evelin Gerda Lindner, M.D., Ph.D. (Dr. med.), Ph.D. (Dr. psychol.), Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) Founding President, Global


Dear Leo,

I believe Brother David raises some important reservations. I agree with you about the permissible use of nuclear energy for peaceful use, but o­nLY if suitable safeguards have been worked out ahead of time for :
1. honest, reliable and safe plans for proper storage of spent nuclear power fuel over long periods of time;
2. a way to ensure that such spent fuel is not used by any nation for production of enriched fuel for use in weapons; and,
3. proper design, construction and operation of nuclear power stations for high level of safety, and proper monitoring of this internationally.

In the US, there are no acceptable plans yet for safe transport and storage of spent nuclear fuel.

Dr. Noor Gillani


Dear Noor,

Thanks for your valuable additions concerning peace use of a nuclear energy, which will be published together with the GHA antinukes project.

On your very efficient advice I create the GHA commission of experts for final working this project. In this group I invite the following experts:

Dr. Evelin Lindner, Psychology, Global

Prof. Reimon Bachika, Sociology, Japan

Prof. Francois Houtart, Sociology, Belgium

Dr. Noor Gillani, Islam, USA

Prof. Ernesto Kahan, Antinukes Movement, Israel

Dr. Charles Mercieca, History, USA

Dr. Terrence Paupp, International Law, USA

Dr. James Ranney, International Law, USA

Dr. Leo Semashko, Philosophy and Sociology, Russia

Dr. Edward Soroko, Philosophy, Belarus

Dr. Laj Utreja, Culture, USA

Writer Robert Weir, USA

I like to invite each expert to edit the GHA antinukes project and to write the short project review for the USA Consul in St.-Petersburg. It is necessary to hold the GHA first Congress in October 2009 in Petersburg o­n discussion of the USA and Russia antinuclear initiative.

Dr. Leo Semashko

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