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Letter to the UN Secretary General

15. Letter to the UN

Global Harmony Association (GHA)

September 15, 2008



TO: Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

United Nations, 38th Floor

New York, NY 10017


Copies to: The Governments of Russia, Georgia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, USA (new); the Orthodox Churches of Russia and Georgia; the European Union, the United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF and international NGOs.


SUBJECT: The GHA Project of 70 authors, professors and experts from 22 countries, titled "Russia – Georgia: Harmonization through Education instead of Militarization" (In the enclosure, 8 pages).


Your Excellency:


Let me offer for your attention the named project o­n behalf of its 70 co-authors from 22 countries. This project is prepared as a practical application and further development of the sixth principle of the agreement between French President Sarkozy and Russian President Medvedev o­n August 12, 2008 for the resolution of conflict between Russia and Georgia. The harmonization project is constructed o­n the basis of a uniform and long-term system of harmonious peace education for the populations in the disputed region. This education transforms the hostile relations into relations of peace. It creates qualitatively new opportunities for a "soft," educational change of consciousness of people, which excludes an opportunity for recurrences of humanitarian catastrophe. Therefore, this project overcomes the deep socio-cultural sources of the conflict, which are rooted in the consciousness of the populations. It transforms this territory of the conflict from a zone of militarization into an area of harmonization, providing indestructible peace and, hence, full security in this region.

The harmonization project has not o­nly local but also international importance because it can be used, with necessary modification, in any "hot" area of the world. This project approves a new measurement (harmony) of international relations and new principles of world politics: "Harmonization through Education instead of Militarization," which is asymmetric to military force, is an alternative to double standards, and can be used in any crises. This project opposes the force of weaponry and encourages the force of universal harmonization and knowledge, which is favorable to all peoples without exception. It is the new global approach and the way of peace coexistent within conditions for the birth of humankind’s new harmonious civilization.

A huge innovative educational potential of this project consists in the creation of the World Harmony/Peace Academy (WHPA), which would prepare the teaching staff of harmonization and give to each country of the world an historical opportunity to become a cradle of world harmony and a leader of global harmonization. Similar chance does not give anybody in the world, except for GHA. This project will ensure that any country, within five to seven years, the potential to realize milliard profits from new harmonious education and its innovative technologies.

We believe that if the United Nations should miss this historical opportunity the UN would lose its initiative and world leadership in global harmonization.

Therefore we, the 70 co-authors from 22 countries of the world, hope that you will focus your attention o­n this project and will render it necessary. We ask a very modest amount of financial support — $27 millions for three years ($9 million per year) — to establish the Hamony Academy as the UN first Institute in the world. GHA hopes that the parties will find in our harmonization project the common good for everyone and everything, to recognize its value, and to apply it under the UN aegis in a zone of the conflict between Russia and Georgia.


Dr. Leo Semashko

GHA President

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