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March 9-26, 2009


16. WorldNet of Harmony Centers: “GlobHarmony”

Outline project


Dr. Leo Semashko

and 71 GHA participants from 23 countries

From Russia: 30; from other countries: 42


Project publications:

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=390

In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=365


Mankind though and slowly, goes to harmony

Nicolay Roerich


Universe is a deep harmony. o­nly the person has forgotten harmony language



The person either destroys himself, or survives in harmony

Leo Semashko




1. Population Need in Harmonization Services

2. Needs and demand for harmonization services

3. State of modern system of harmonization services: achievements and lacks

4. Preconditions and necessity of a global network of Harmony Centers

5. Typical Harmony Center

6. Road map of creation of a global network of Harmony Centers

1. Population Need in Harmonization Services


Harmony is the general law of a universe and all existing in it. It has been established during the most ancient times and proves to be true all culture, a science and mankind practice. Harmony is natural and it exists irrespective from consciousness and will of the person. Therefore for the person it is a natural and social norm. Harmony is a normal human life in the consent of its four fundamental spheres: character, culture (consciousness), will and body, which make integrity of any person. All deviations from harmony of these spheres, i.e. from their consent and mutual adequacy, are disharmony and pathology, leaders to death. (The scientific characteristic of individual and social spheres is presented in Dr. Leo Semashko’s works and in the GHA projects published o­n the website: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/).

At intuitive level each person feels a need in harmony, i.e. in the coordination of his four spheres and their infinite displays in the organs, feelings, thoughts, knowledge, actions, relations, qualities, behaviour, etc. Therefore need in harmony and in harmonization services existed eternally, and will exist constantly while a human race lives. Another matter that need in harmony and harmonization services, as well as everything develops and it passed a set of development steps.

We will not concern this extensive history here. We o­nly establish a fact of universal need in harmony and in harmonization services. This need is dual: the need in harmony and the need in harmonization services, but it is o­ne, though accents in it can be displaced with o­ne o­n another. In this project we focus attention o­n the services of harmonization satisfying need in harmony. We will unite their term «harmonization need», including «need in harmony» and «need in harmonization services».

In the first approximation and in the widest sense as harmonization services we will understand the diversified professional help to the person and a family in achievement of harmony (coordination, equilibrium, adequacy, proportionality) of an internal variety of their four spheres and relations with environment. If to speak about people harmonization is necessary for everything, at all age, since conception.


2. Needs and Demand for Harmonization Services


Universal, practically infinite scale of need in harmony and in harmonization services defines the corresponding, practically inexhaustible volume of demand for the harmonization services, similar to demand for a foodstuff and estimated in billions in all world currencies. Certainly, the similar mass demand requires the corresponding, mass supply and so mass advertising.

At equal scale of demand for harmonization services and o­n a foodstuff, these kinds of demand are qualitatively various. The need o­n a foodstuff has the material nature caused by physiological character and organs of the person body. Therefore and demand for a foodstuff is physical. The harmonization need has other, non-material, cultural nature. This need is caused by consciousness and culture, character and integrity of the person. Therefore and demand for harmonization services is the cognitive (conscious, information), cultural and personal.

If the person realizes the own integrity as unity of four individual spheres: character, consciousness (culture), will and a body he/she realized a need of harmonization of these spheres. The realized demand for satisfaction of this need arises at he/she. This demand exists at two levels or in two kinds. In the first, it is demand for system scientific/theoretical knowledge of individual spheres in general, which can be satisfied o­nly in the system of general harmonious education presented in the GHA corresponding, academic, project (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277). Secondly, it is demand for the practical, individual and empirical help/services in harmonization of spheres of the concrete person, which can be satisfied o­nly in system of the Harmony Centers, rendering similar services (see below).

Therefore harmonization need and demand for it exist at two levels: theoretical and empirical or practical/applied. The system of general harmonious education satisfies the first demand and the network of Harmony Centers satisfies the second demand. The Harmony Academies work at both levels: they develop theoretical and empirical/applied knowledge for harmonization, and also prepare necessary experts of harmonization both for schools of general harmonious education and for Harmony Centers. Harmony Centers embody empirical/applied level of knowledge and the information o­n harmonization, and also corresponding practical skills, ability and experience. Thus, the Harmony Centers network, called to satisfy the person (population) empirical needs of harmonization, supplements and finishes social system of the needs in Harmony Academies. They embody the theoretical and empirical levels of knowledge/information of harmonization and also professional training for schools of harmonious education and for Harmony Centers. o­nly in this system the harmonization needs find the adequate supply and receive universal demand and satisfaction.

The rudimentary state of knowledge of harmonization defines a rudimentary condition of system of the corresponding services of harmonization.


3. State of Modern System of Harmonization Services: Achievements and Lacks


The scale and furthermore borders of modern system of harmonization services outline very difficult in the absence of a science about harmony and systems of scientific criteria of harmonization. Many experts are engaged in harmonization but do not understand that they are engaged in harmonization. And o­n the contrary, some "experts" consider that they harmonize something in the person or somewhere though actually they are occupied by the narrow services far from harmony. We will not go deep into this purely theoretical question now. For criterion of system of harmonization services we take not the most perfect, but reliable enough for approximate coverage of this system. We will consider as this criterion the title of a kind of activity or establishment (firm, organization, etc.), in which the term "Harmony" is used. It is clear, that in the absence of scientific concept "harmony", different people and establishments understand as it, sometimes, very different phenomena, relations, qualities and services. But for today the best criterion does not exist, therefore we will take advantage of it.

Search Internet system "Google" finds in English over 53 million titles with "harmony" worldwide. From them more than 90 % are titles of the most various establishments, firms, and the service organizations in the most different branches. As we see, in limiting scale, the system of harmonization services represents very wide global network. If to narrow criteria of search, for example, under the term ‘Harmony Centers’ is found in English 30 million titles, that in over 2 times is less, than in the first search. This scale can be accepted for extremely low for system of harmonization services. But and in this case it is wide enough.

For comparison, a scale of ‘Beauty Centers’ in English is 138 million. It is in 4-5 times more, than ‘Harmony Centers’. However, it is necessary to consider, that many "Beauty Centers" carry out harmonization services and o­n the contrary: it is a lot of «Harmony Centers» carry out private functions of "Beauty Centers".

The system of harmonization services has many achievements, especially in the field of psychological harmonization. As example, we could name the Institute of psychotherapy and consulting "Harmony" in St.-Petersburg, which since 1988 conducts the wide psychological help and training: http://www.inharmony.spb.ru/. The Center of Harmonious Living in Athens since 1976 with 3500 employees now, head by Robert Najemy, can be as other vivid example: http://www. HolisticHarmony.com. o­ne more example is the Institute of Sirius o­n Hawaii, which since 1985 harmonizes the person and society by means of dolphins (www.planetpuna.com). Such examples it is possible to result hundreds.

However, the system of harmonization services, as a matter of fact, is in embryo as it is deprived universal scientific base. At each institute or the harmonization centre limited understanding of harmony and the specific set of harmonization services is accepted: who o­n what is ready. The united system of preparation of experts of harmonization for different spheres and branches no exist. All these establishments work independently, as a rule are not connected with each other and do not exchange of the staff, experience and information that does their rather limited and ineffective.


4. Preconditions and Necessity of a Global Network of Harmony Centers


By present time, a sharp social and individual necessity of qualitative development of system of harmonization services in the form of the Global Network of Harmony Centers ripened. This necessity is connected with widely increased diversity of social and individual life in all spheres and branches. High level of diversity even more often leads to stresses, to discomfort, conflicts, aloofness and suicides because of inability of the person and the organizations to harmonize diversity and to co-ordinate it at all levels from individual to the global. The information civilization generates immeasurable diversity of the information but it does not arm the person with scientific knowledge of harmony, i.e. a science to harmonize diversity.

Since 1990 in connection with disintegration of the USSR and socialist system the new world tendency of global harmonization (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=336) started to grow intensively. In its frameworks started to develop intensively scientific knowledge about natural and also about social and individual harmony. Arisen and begun to develop the new mathematics: mathematics of harmony (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=330). Especially intensive development has received Tetrasociology as a science first in history about social and individual harmony. The first book about it in Russian under the title “Sphere Approach” has been published in St.-Petersburg in 1992 (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/file/5162/1992-semashko-sferniy_podhod.pdf) though it started to develop since 1976. But by 1990, it was under an actual interdiction of a communistic regime. By present time 12 books o­n Tetrasociology are published already, many of which are presented o­n the website “Peace from Harmony” (http://www.peacefromharmony.org). Tetrasociology obtained the international recognition and the recommendation o­n the IAEWP World Congress in 2008 (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=355). o­n the basis of this site since 2005 the new community develops and has arisen a world organization «Global Harmony Association» (GHA), which created 12 various projects of harmonization (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=336). All this information, scientific, personnel and organizational resources make necessary preconditions for creation of a network of Harmony Centers worldwide o­n the basis of the franchise (transfer of licenses). This network will be similar to other world networks: McDonald's, Telecommunication, Internet, etc. Naturally, that a profit level in a new network, in 5-7 years, will be similar: billions dollars. Details of this question demand a special analysis.


5. Typical Harmony Center


The typical Harmony Center gives personal and family services of harmonization of four spheres of the individual: character, consciousness, will and body o­n scientific basis of Tetrasociology. Depending o­n personnel possibilities the concrete list of these services in each Center differs but their system is o­ne as the system of four spheres of the individual is o­ne. Their kernel makes the following set of services:

- the joint analysis with the client a deep (sphere) structure of individual and family harmony/disharmony;

- female harmonization;

- man's harmonization;

- family harmonization;

- children's harmonization.

- advanced age harmonization;

- health-harmonization;

- education harmonization;

- harmonization of personal culture;

- will harmonization;

- harmonization of body and physical condition, including sexual o­ne;

- habitation and environment harmonization: design-harmony of interiors, lay-out of premises, architecture, gardens-parks, etc.;

- acquaintance harmonization;

- a partner analysis of compatibility and choice of the most harmonious variant;

- harmony index of pair compatibility;

- Marriage Contract of harmony;

- Agreement o­n harmony of children in case of parents divorce;

- work/employment harmonization;

- career harmonization.

- rest harmonization.

Forms of harmonization services in these Centers can be different too, e.g.:

- lectures and seminars;

- consultations;

- trainings;

- meditations;

- road maps of transitions from different kinds of disharmony to corresponding harmony, for example, transition from hatred, misfortune, disbelief, hopelessness, depression, senselessness of a life to finding of love, happiness, belief, hope, joy and meaning of the life, etc.

Services in the Harmony Centers are given by specially trained experts with higher education, who passed o­ne year (paid) course of additional training in Harmony Academy. Its project is prepared in the GHA (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277) and obtained the world recognition in the above-mentioned Congress in 2008.

On the basis of a typical Harmony Center, their global network is created. This network is an universal source of harmonization, called to satisfy the universal human need in harmonization.


6. Road Map of a Global Network Creation of Harmony Centers


The Road Map: outline project of a network of Harmony Centers – formation of group of founders of the first Harmony Center (distribution of payments and profit shares) – a business plan developing for the first Center – selection and rent of a premise for the Center – drawing-up of the Statutes and its registration – personnel selection and its professional training for the Center – year functioning of the Center and practical developing of its functions, techniques and organization – in o­ne year creation of two-three new Centers with attraction of foreign investors and their passage to other countries, etc.

The given commercial project is the last o­ne in the system of the GHA projects providing for creation and functioning of a global network of Harmony Academies, intended, first, for general harmonious education, and then, for a global network of Harmony Centers.


Was approved by the Board, the Honorary Advisory Committee and General Directorate of the Global Harmony Association o­n March 26, 2009

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