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Global Harmony Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament can be a great step for world peace more than the first human being step o­n the moon.

Kae Morii, Poet, Japan

About: “Global Harmony International Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament” and “Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration”. I think we are at the threshold of a new era of international understanding and peace. These documents are absolutely perfect. They are the Constitution of a new global political order.

Maria Cristina Azcona, Psychologist, Argentina

We need to replace the culture of war with the culture of peace. The GHA Anti-nuke and Pro-harmony project is meant to provide us with a culture of harmonious peace. Today many political leaders do share this concept, including US President Barack Obama. Dr. Charles Mercieca, IAEWP President, USA

The main advantage of the GHA Anti-Nuke project is that it is created o­n the basis of a science about social and individual harmony: Tetrasociology.

Ph.D. Edward Soroko, Belarus.

The GHA Anti-Nuke Project is totally consistent with Islamic teachings of peace and brotherhood. It denies the concept of a ‘Clash of Civilizations’ as meaningless … What we have is, rather, a Clash of Ignorance o­n both sides, with dire need for proper education and instruments for promoting harmony. These instruments for peace, harmony and nuclear disarmament, which are espoused by GHA, President Obama, and the Muslim world, are very timely and welcome. Dr. Noor Gillani, USA

The greatest importance of the GHA Antinukes Project, from my point of view, consists in a new level of thinking and new value approach to the solution of the nuclear disarmament problem. It corresponds to Einstein's methodological idea: “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

Evelin Gerda Lindner, Ph.D. (Med. and Psychol.), HumanDHS President, Global

I whole-heartedly support the GHA Antinukes project, … as it charters to bring peace in the world through harmony.Dr. Laj Utreja, USA

The GHA Anti-Nukes Project both supplements and develops my "Principle of Hegemonic State Accountability" (PHSA), which is described in great detail in my new book, The Future of Global Relations: - Crumbling Walls, Rising Regions (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2009). If the PHSA excludes hegemonism and national exceptionalism … the GHA Project develops the idea of the coordinated restriction of national interests -- or "Global Harmony Principle." o­nly both principles will be able to move us toward a world of nuclear weapons abolition for all.

J.D. Terrence Edward Paupp, USA

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