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Nina Yudina: Poetry of Love and Harmony

Nina Yudina

Poet, Composer and Singer

St-Petersburg, Russia









All in a life occurs from love. The love to music, painting, poetry presented to me the fine friends and to them, as not strange, my verses, songs and drawings like. As I am the technician by education I consider, that my creativity goes from a soul condition. And at various times I took a great interest: painting, applied art, verses, music and singing. Now I am a member of group "Vertical" (www.m-vertikal.narod.ru), sing in a duet with Michael Barelnikov.

January 2010



The Global Harmony Association,

As a bee’s beehive that honey gathers,

Connects virtually all

People of the solar planet.

Harmony nectar is in everyone,

Who is o­nly born or has lived long,

And to understand to us is very important,

In harmony God created the World!


Neither for war nor for terror

No space! Is o­nly the Goodness Light!

Harmony we are support

In harmony love is wise!


Nina Yudina - Life Like a Candle
Music by Secret Garden

Nina Yudina and M. Barel'nikov - Wet Snow

Nina Yudina and M. Barel'nikov - By the Window

Nina Yudina and M. Barel'nikov - Good morning

Nina Yudina and M. Barel'nikov - Clock

Nina Yudina and M. Barel'nikov - With You

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