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Youth Global Harmony Association (YGHA)


Dominica McBride, YGHA President




To promote peace and harmony through the edification of youth (3-35 years of age) internationally o­n global issues related to individual/intrinsic peace and harmony, interpersonal harmony (including intercultural and interfaith dynamics), community development and accord, global relations, environment/human harmony, and policy/social justice.




To provide educational and edifying programs for youth that promote the above-stated target areas and lead to holistic (physical, mental, spiritual) world peace.


Recruitment strategies:


  1. Social networking
    1. Existing members target interested associates
  2. Cyber networking/advertisement
    1. Advertise to cyber associates
    2. Create a facebook and Twitter page
    3. Create a facebook group
    4. Create a program website
  3. Presentations at local colleges and universities


Initial project:


Interfaith and intercultural program for youth.


Steps in process:

1. Obtain funding

2. Construct a project team consisting of specialists in:

  • curriculum development
  • program development
  • program evaluation
  • youth programming
  • peace and harmony programming
  • education
  • recruitment

3. Create a curriculum and pilot the program.

4. Publish the results


January 22, 2010



Dear Members of YGHA and GHA Advisory Committee for YGHA:


Dominica and I had a very fruitful long call o­n Skype last night, the main topics of discussion of which she has summarized for you. Most immediately, by the end of the call, she felt she had a good feel for the mission and direction of YGHA to accept Leo's nomination of her as the President of YGHA. For that I congratulate her. Thus, now, we have a leadership in the USA and Russia around which to evolve the YGHA membership and programs.


I got the feeling that the youth would like to focus o­n some specific action projects, in doing which motivated youth from around the world can be recruited and involved. We felt that for a starter, the process may be developed with regional focii, as regional components initially o­ne centered in N. America (US/Canada), o­ne in Russia and o­ne perhaps in India, each with specific programs of their particular interest. Other regional centers may be evolved as necessary. In addition, gradually, we can try and do inter-regional interaction programs in which youth from the various regions may be brought to o­ne location occasionally to perform some joint service-learning program to build comraderie, learn about each other's regions, cultures, Faiths, etc., and begin to evolve truly global programs. Over time, a truly international/global organization can evolve with peace and harmony as their action agenda. We discussed several potential types of action programs that could be evolved. YGHA should also investigate potential sources of funding, including the UN, AKDN (Aga Khan Development Network, Zvorykinsky in Russia, etc. A Skype conference call is to be scheduled soon for the N. American regional team to outline their organization, leadership and program. Others may also be organized.


Leo, please comment o­n what we discussed and share your thoughts and guidance about the development of YGHA from here o­n. I would like to invite all YGHA members to communicate with Dominica their ideas, now by email and later via whatever communication resources they develop for this. Also, I would like to invite the GHA Advisory Committee members for YGHA to comminicate with me their ideas for getting regional centers established in their regions, local leaderships and memberships and possibly also the areas of focus of their regional program.

I think YGHA is o­n its way and I wish it a great start and future.


Noor Gillani

Chair, GHA Advisory Committee for YGHA,




Dear Members of YGHA and GHA Advisory Committee for YGHA:

For the sake of completeness, let me also present to you an outline of what I had in my notes as points to discuss in my conversation with Dominica.

Issues to consider in developing YGHA
1. Organizational structure, e.g., global/regional/national
2. Leadership at all these organizational levels
3. Mission/Vision/Goals at all levels
4. Strategy for communication between organizational components and members
5. Membership recruitment
6. Finance (generation of outside funding)
7. Program strategies --- specific projects

Specific Project Areas to Consider
1. Peace and harmony education
2. Peace and harmony promotion
3. Cross-cultural, interfaith dialogs
4. Counter clash of ignorances (rather than clash of civilizations --- there is no such thing as a
Muslim Civilization; this is a gross misnomer and misunderstanding) through education and
correct information rather than the misinformation rife now
5. Nuclear disarmament
6. Environmental preservation
7. Arab-Israel youth dialog
8. Social Justice programs

In several of these programs, a service-learning approach may be useful.

Funding Resources
1. Need to identify these
2. Some possible sources:
- UN
- AKDN (Aga Khan Development Network)
Zvorykinsky Project, Russia

1. Explore existing Youth programs with peace and harmony goals
2. YPF in India (Youth Parliament Foundation ? --- a well-established youth program in India;
Michelle Gillani is researching this)
Dominica and I discussed all of these matters at varying lengths.




Hello, Dominica,

I am happy to congratulate you with YGHA President! Others nominees and objections were not. I am happy to congratulate you also o­n recent successful defense of your thesis for your Ph. D.! You are very worthy, active and competent YGHA President! You proved it also by your, joint with Noor, remarkable Program for YGHA, which I fully share and I suggest it to discuss in YGHA. Let me to add it o­nly with five points.

1. Mass edition of GHA book Harmonious Civilization as manual for schools and universities of states Texas and Louisiana in which since 2000 26 schools of harmony are created (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmony_Science_Academy).

2. Cooperation with a youth wing of the UN Alliance of Civilizations and participation in its programs and grants through: Isabelle Legare

Youth Program Manager

Office of the Secretariat

Alliance of Civilizations

United Nations

866 UN Plaza, Suite 300

New York, NY 10017, USA

Phone: +1.917.367.4192

Fax: +1.917.367.9920




3. Financing of Youth Harmony Academy (YHA) in the USA at the expense of State Department means (if I am not mistaken) that Noor advised.

4. The analysis of Noor, Laj, Ernesto and others offers which have been made since September.

5. Discussion of the curriculum for mini YHA for 8 days in February-March 2010. (I will present this curriculum in the end of January for YGHA discussion. My priority work t the end of December is dispatch of GHA new book).

I invite all YGHA members to discuss Dominica-Noors Program with my additions to December, 15. Everyone can supplement and change it, edit its each point etc.

As to December 15-20 I will try to find YGHA VP for and from Russia. I invite Ivan Ivanov this post (this work will demand from his much less time) and Vasily Smirnov from Novgorod.

Noor, many thanks for your active participation and creation together with Dominica remarkable Program.

I fully support all forms of communications but I am limited in their participation for two reasons: 1. Time, 2. My bad talking English language which I do not wish to torture you and self. In the future when I will have possibility to arrive to the USA for some months I quickly (for 2-4 weeks) will master it as 40 years ago, in postgraduate study, I freely communicated three years in English with foreign post-graduate students. Then I have forgotten the language. Therefore I prefer the written dialogue to the oral.




Hello Leo,

Noor and I had a phone meeting over Skype. We discussed the responsibilties of the president of YGHA, future steps, and considerations for this post and the organization. I happily accept the nomination for President of YGHA. I am very excited about the future of this organization. I have attached the notes from Noor and my meeting.

The next step will be to schedule a conference Skype call with YGHA members. For those of you who are interested, please send me your skype name and times when you are available.

Dominica McBride,

Ph.D. Counseling Psychology,



Topic: Discussion between Dominica McBride and Noor Gillani

Subject: Leadership, responsibilities, and future of the Youth Global Harmony Association

Date: December 2nd, 2009


  • YGHA should focus o­n practice, applying theory to practice
  • Create specific programs collectively


Priorities and steps to be taken:

  • Creating the organization starting with leadership
    • VPs in other countries
  • Organizational structure
    • Global and national
    • Identify key people here and in Canada to help grow
    • India has potential leaders to be active
      • Youth Parliamentary Foundation
  • Mission, vision, goals
  • Develop a language that is universal across the organization/globe
  • Develop a website
    • Link to Facebook and Twitter
    • Link to GHA site
  • Program strategies
  • Strategy for communication
  • Strategy for membership recruitment**
    • Initially through social networking
  • Finance
    • Swiss Foundation for funding
  • Specific projects:
    • Program of peace and harmony education
    • Intercultural and interfaith understanding, focused o­n youth
      • Interfaith Youth Core headquartered in Chicago
        • Training people to run interfaith youth programs
      • A service learning program
    • Nuclear disarmament
    • Climate Change and the Environment
    • Social justice programs
    • Microfinancing


Next steps:

  • Schedule a conference Skype call to discuss the future of YGHA with the North Americans




Dear Noor, Hana and all YGHA,

I admire with achievements of the YGHA Canadian member Hana Dhanji and I am happy to congratulate her o­n the outstanding award! I like also to recommend Hana as YGHA Canadian Vice-president. I hope Hana will agree with this recommendation and will bring the contribution in YGHA.

Let me to return to a question of YGHA President. My consultations with several Russian and foreign candidates o­n this post were unsuccessful. Victoria Osipchik from Belarus also refused from this role. In this situation I am happy to offer Dominica McBride, 1980, M.S., Ph.D. candidate, Huntsville, USA as YGHA President. (I did not receive from Dominica refusal from this post.) Dominica proved as thr YGHA active and competent member. She is interested in YGHA development, in creation of Youth Academy of Harmony in the USA and other countries, and also in search of financing for this Academy. Therefore I consider Dominica as the best candidate o­n the YGHA President post. I bring this question to a vote of the YGHA members within o­ne week to December 5. We will be glad to your responses, and your silence will be a consent sign.

Noor, thanks for your information. I hope for your assistance and support of Dominicas nominee.






This is a recognition of Hana's achievement. Hana is a member of YGHA. Can you please circulate this to the YGHA membership? I happen to know that Hana is very busy right now and in the near future, but if she is at all available, she would be an excellent choice for a Co-VP of YGHA as a Canadian rep.

Hana, Hearty congratulations. We are all very proud of you. Please keep up the good work and I wish you great success in your career preps and after. Please let us know if you will be able to function in YGHA leadership as we go forward.

Jas, You are justifiably proud of Hana. How blessed you are as a mother, and well rewarded for all your conscientious hard work raising all your children.

Warm wishes,




Dear friends,

I regret for Ivan's decision but I understand his as I know for a long time about its chronic illness from which he constantly and courageously struggles and contrary to which he perfectly carried out the functions throughout last five years which we closely co-operated with him. I wish to express to Ivan sincere gratitude for its great contribution to the GHA site and Youth GHA o­n behalf of all GHA members. I also hope for its feasible further participation in them in process of its possibilities which he will define self in concrete situations.

This information coincided with other sad message from the Alliance of Civilizations about a deviation of our project. The corresponding letter which come to Ivan from Isabella Legare November 11, please look below.

Now two strategic problems face the YGHA: search of the new sources of financing for Youth Academy of Harmony and a choice of YGHA new President who will be capable to provide effective search of financing.

I quite share the nominees of Victoria Osipchik (she is from Minsk, Belarus) and Dominica McBride (she is from the USA) o­n a post of YGHA President who were offered by Ivan. However, I ask both Victoria and Dominica to allow us to know your opinion o­n your possibilities to execute function of YGHA President which demand daily not less than 1-2 hours of time for constant contacts inside YGHA and behind its limits. I also begin consultations with other YGHA members o­n this question. After responses of Victoria and Dominica and also after my consultations, I will be ready to recommend concrete YGHA member for a post of the President.

Similarly with a Chair of the Zvorykinsky project Youth Academy of Harmony in Russia which concerns YGHA Russian members. I also like the nominees offered by Ivan: Alexey Shepel (St.-Petersburg) and Vasily Smirnov (Novgorod) o­n this post, but me, as well as others, it would be desirable to hear their opinion in this occasion: whether they are ready and whether they can execute these functions. o­nly after their answers and my consultations I will be ready to the corresponding recommendation. I will be grateful for other opinions o­n this question.





Dear youth partner,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for submitting an application under the Youth Solidarity Fund managed by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.

During the month of October, each of the 530 applications we received were carefully reviewed and evaluated according to criteria such as clarity of project objectives, feasibility of suggested activities, match with the priorities of the UNAOC, sustainability of results, outreach to marginalized youth, etc.

Given the very high number of applications and the fact that our budget allows us to fund a fairly limited number of projects, the selection process was extremely competitive. Regretfully, your application was not included in the small pool of projects which will be supported by the Youth Solidarity Fund this year. This is in no way a reflection of your organizations efforts and commitment to advance cross-cultural understanding, but rather of how popular this program was this year.

While I know this is disappointing news, I would like to encourage you to regularly consult our website at www.unaoc.org to get updates on other youth engagement opportunities.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Warm regards, Isabelle 13/11/09

Isabelle Legare

Youth Program Manager

Office of the Secretariat

Alliance of Civilizations

United Nations

866 UN Plaza, Suite 300

New York, NY 10017, USA

Phone: +1.917.367.4192

Fax: +1.917.367.9920




Dear friends and colleagues,

I must apologize to you.

Unfortunately because of my health and other reasons I can't act as the YGHA President and can be o­nly its ordinary member as far as possible.

I recommend Dominica or Victoria for post of the YGHA President.

I recommend Alexey Shepel of Vasiliy Smirnov for post of the Zvorykinsy project head.

Best regards,




Dear Dominica,

Thanks for your two remarkable responses which I answer together and for ALL as you concern the questions interesting to ALL.

I very much like your consent o­n VP and I am happy to your active participation and your productive ideas. I fully share your idea about creation of a special line of communications and virtual meetings place, for example, through Skype. Unfortunately, my skills in this area are very poor and time is very limited. Ivan and Victoria, I know, could participate in your idea really. Who else could join in it?! Please, let know it to Dominica and others. We recognise Dominica not o­nly VP but also as YGHA moderator. Do you agree with this term? In any case I ask your to be the leader and the organizer in the field of YGHA communications. OK? I also share your interesting idea of a think tank for peace youth Academy of Harmony.

I send to you, as well as Raissa from Ruanda, the list of youth from both Americas.

Dominica F. McBride, 1980, M.S., Ph.D. candidate, Huntsville, USA, Tel: 480-430-9709, dmcbride@asu.edu,

Lizzie (Daiana Ortiz) Roberts, 1985, Catholic University Of La Plata, Buenos Aires, designer, Trelew, Argentina, ldor85@hotmail.com,

Harmony Kieding, 1985, (???) USA, ladyharmony23@yahoo.com,

Hana Dhanji, 1987, Undergraduate Hon. B.A. University of Toronto, Teacher (English classes) Toronto, Canada, Phone: +1416-464-5997, hanadhanji@gmail.com,

I think, further, when the number of participants from these countries will increase, you could divide this group with other VP, for example, from Canada or Argentina. OK?

I also send you the list of youth, which Dr Noor Gillani (he as Dr Laj Utreja are your neighbor) has sent me in a copy:This message is going to my daughter Michelle, to three young children of a friend of mine in Canada, and to two youngsters active in social justice causes, a Turk in Ireland and an Italian in California, --- all of you with a very international background and leanings for peace and voluntary streak, and all of you between 18 and 30, to enter YGHA through me.If you are interested in this initial activity, I need the following info from you asap: name, year of a birth, education (brief), employment, address, phone and email. Time is of the essence.You will be among the first 50 or so potential members of YGHA. Thanks. Warmest wishes, Noor V. Gillani, 29/09/09

Unfortunately, from them o­nly Hana Dhanji responded the consent. I do not know, that others think. We would be grateful to them for ANY response.






I also think having vice presidents and building a strong membership are good ideas. I hope that we can agree o­n next steps and concrete actions to move forward. Leo, I think your suggestions o­n what the members and leadership should do are also good moves. I also suggest creating a line of communication or vitual meeting place to hold cyber meetings, such as Skype or gmail chat rooms. Skype offers group chat rooms and has video; therefore, we could communicate more fluidly and efficiently regarding certain projects. I'd also love to talk to other members and create a think tank for the peace academy. What do others think?




Hello again, Leo,

I also consent to the position of Vice President. Could you send me the contact information for all YGHA members in the USA? Also, are the four points you dilineated to Raissa the same for me, as VP in the US? I think it is wonderful that we have Laj is an advisor, for he and I live in the same city and we could begin to meet o­n this project locally. (What do you think Laj?) Dominica



Dear Raissa,

Thank you very much for your kind response and the consent to be the YGHA Vice-president from Rwanda. From my point of view, each Vice-president of YGHA has four basic assignments.

1. First your assignment is the contacts and organisation of YGHA members from Rwanda, which are four:

1.Raissa Uwineza, 1989, university student (BAC), Kigali, Rwanda, tel: +250 788 229 314, picole07@yahoo.fr,

2.Theophile Nilingiyimana, 1989, secondary school, journalist at Oasis Gazette, Kigali, Rwanda, tel: +250 788 278 041, nilicos@yahoo.fr,

3.Jean Ntawarubara, 1982, secondary school, teacher at Doctrine Vitae College, Kigali, Rwanda, tel. +250 750 248 610, sabosco@yahoo.com,

4.Heli Habyarimana, 1975, Young Scientist, Linguist, Assistant Lecturer AND Library Manager, University of Agriculture, Technology and Education (UNATEK), Kibungo, Rwanda, Phones:250788686324, 250750408115; haheli2001@yahoo.fr,

Please, will come into personal contacts o­n or phone with your colleagues from Rwanda and collect their short Bio and small photos which will be published o­n the YGHA website.

You could invite also in YGHA the new members from Rwanda or other African countries.

2. Second your assignment is to discuss together with your team from Rwanda our project in the UN Alliance of Civilizations, to study the GHA Harmony Academy project (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277) and Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=375) and to prepare your team offers in the curriculum and programme of Youth Academy of Harmony to December 1, 2009. Our Academy will work 8 days in St.-Petersburg in March 2010. In January your team should define, WHO from you will go to Petersburg and will represent your country in our Academy.

3. Third your assignment is the constant communications with YGHA members from the different countries, to participate in all our discussions, to show the initiative and activity in all our questions.

4. Fourth your assignment is to search and collect in your country and in your region of people and information devoted to social and individual harmony. I am sure your national culture, as well as the African culture as a whole, is penetrated by ideas and the facts of social and individual harmony. The majority of these facts, unfortunately, are still unknown to other world. Therefore collecting of the similar facts of national and African harmony in all areas of a life is your assignment as YGHA member and as its Vice-president. It will be your great contribution to a treasury of world harmony. The GHA plans to create and publish the World Harmony Encyclopedia o­n the basis of the facts of national cultures of harmony of China, India, Europe, Africa, Americas etc collected o­n our website Peace from Harmony: http://peacefromharmony.org. It is very big work for many years which cannot be successful without youth.

Such I see your assignments which you could modify and correct together with your friends from Rwanda.

My communications will be continued by the YGHA President Ivan Ivanov who health became better. I, unfortunately, cannot actively participate in youth discussions now as I am VERY busy by end of the GHA new book: Harmonious Civilization which includes itself the GHA last projects the key and crowning from which is Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration.




Dear Leo, Ill be glad to represent YGHA in my country but i would like to get more information about my assignment.

Thank you

Raissa Uwineza

Applied Biology(BAC)

Kigali Institute of Science and Technology




Dear Dominica and Raissa!

As o­ne of Vice-Presidents of YGHA I what to tell you my congratulation with our new assignment.

I look forward to working with the both of you in our project.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

With kind regards,

Viktoryia Osipchyk

M.Phil, Phd student

of the Institute of Philosophy

of the National Academy of Science of Belarus




Dear all GHA partners,
I am very glad to have opportunity to participate in work of Youth Department of our organization. I am very much thankful to Dr. Edward Soroko from my Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Belarus (Minsk) for kind suggestion to collaborate with GHA and, of course, to Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, who was so kind to support me in my intention to be a part of YGHA.
I am proud to work in such organization which has so high and important goals in development of humanity and which unites so creative, intelligent and outstanding people.

I would be very glad to help in work o­n projects of YGHA, and especially, the new project which we sent to UN Alliance.

With kind regards,

Viktoryia Osipchyk

M.Phil, Phd student

of the Institute of Philosophy

of the National Academy of Science of Belarus



Dear Leo, Ivan, and all (please, excuse my telegraphic way to write today)

I just returned from Budapest were I collaborated with the 29 World Congress of Poets in which I commented about our GHA. o­n next November 6, I will give a conference in Victoria - Argentina o­n the subject Harmony as the way for Peace. It will be a very important poetic and artistic encounter. In a separate mail I will send to Leo the details in order to prepare a greeting message in the name of GHA

This application for a grant in the UN alliance of Civilizations is very well prepared (CONGRATULATIONS!!) and we hope to receive the requested support. However in my experience we should not be disappointed if this time the grant will not granted because there are hundred of requests. Anyway we must be proud of this program.

I will ask a friend of mine in India who is the director of a big college for young woman, if he can help us suggesting ideas for a young GHA meeting in India for alliance of civilizations. Peace and Harmony

Ernesto Kahan



Dear Dr. Semashko,

I just have to convey how amazed I am at how truly international this organization is. The diversity within will serve as rich potential for the academy and the organization's goal.

What are our next steps for the academy? Peace and Light,




Dear Leo:

I'll express my views o­n GHA and YGHA and the project YCHA.

The essential idea behind GHA is trusting the other person from a different background and if we trust the other person then we can live with the other person in harmony. YGHA offers GHA a vehicle in which to start the process of trust at an early age.


Earlier this year I was selected for 'Leadership Huntsville' program offered by the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce. In the very first class they made us undergo certain civil defense exercises (such as jumping from a 30' pole, swinging from a rope 80' high, and walking o­n a rope 30' high). The idea was to develop trust (of the person who will rescue you), listening (for instructions) and communication (to express your preparedness). It was a good team building exercise.


In YCHA, we need to come up with practical set-ups (games, disciplines, etc.) in which people from different ethnic, national racial, cultural and religious backgrounds interact with each other and have to depend upon the other for some thing or the other. This exercise internalizes trust in addition to any theoretical training we may offer. Moreover, anything outside and practical gives them (children, younger folks and the young adults) an opportunity to mingle and interact o­n many levels over and above a classroom instruction.


I think while preparing instruction material for the YCHA project we need to bear in mind how:

1) we'll develop their listening comprehension, 2) their ability to participate and interact among each other, and finally 3) how we can make them trust each other.


Laj Utreja



Hello Dr. Semashko,

Laj Utreja recently informed me that you have consented to my being a part of the Youth Global Harmony Association. I am excited to be part of this organization and the new project described in the application. It looks very promising. I have skills in program development and program evaluation as well as psychology, so please let me know how I can help o­n this project. I saw in the application that there is an evaluation and monitoring component. I believe I can be of service in this area, as well as in the area of program development. Again, I look forward to working with the organization.




Dear Isabelle Legare,
I am the President of the the Youth Global Harmony Association (YGHA).
I am pleased to send you our application for your remarkable grant in the attachment.
I will be grateful for your response to the receipt of our application.
Sincerely Yours,
Ivan Ivanov
YGHA President
Saint Petersburg, Russia
September 30, 2009,

9AM New York time


Dear Mishi, Rafiq, Hana, Safia, Bartek and Elisa:

          You all know a little about YGHA. YGHA is a daughter of the parent program GHA which is a global program born in Russia. GHA is for adults and YGHA is a new program just being born, for the youth. We are in the process of putting together websites for both.

GHA has been around for a little while and is focused o­n promoting global harmony in various areas, such as nuclear disarmament, global peace, peace education etc. The Youth program is up to the Youth members to evolve. There is a President and a committee in Russia, and the committee is still evolving. There is also a GHA Advisory Committee for YGHA, and I have been asked to be its Chair. Its members are from various countries and are mostly faculty members at universities from all over.

We are in the process of creating an early membership (of YGHA) of individuals who would help in germinating ideas for the kinds of programs the YGHA will be focused in. I am personally interested in getting trained in the next few months at an outstanding organization in Chicago called the Interfaith Youth Core in youth Service-Learning programs. I would like to try out such a program here in my town before launching o­ne for an international youth group from various countries, cultures, faiths etc, perhaps next year, if we can raise some funds to sponsor the youth to come to a single location. We are in the process now of generating a proposal to the UN for an initial funding of $30000. We hope also that in the future, the YGHA will become an affiliate organization of the UN.

I know that I do not have much information now for this organization or activity, but if you go with me now, there is a fair chance that we will be able to develop something worthwhile in which you will have a fair chance of contributing to in the way of original ideas for implementation. You may be able to give shape, so to speak, to the evolution of the organization. In this time of clash of ignorances

widely prevalent across the world, it is up to the idealism of the youth to work for global understanding and peace through youth interaction and action of the right kind. You will have a chance also to work with adults with involvement in peace and harmony organizations. I hope you will be willing to give this a try. There is nothing to lose and the commitment at this time is not hard. This message is going to my daughter Michelle, to three young children of a friend of mine in Canada, and to two youngsters active in social justice causes, a Turk in Ireland and an Italian in California, --- all of you with a very international background and leanings for peace and voluntary streak, and all of you between 18 and 30, to enter YGHA through me. I am also cc'ing Dr. Leo Semashko, President of GHA, and Ivan Ivanov, President of YGHA. I believe that this will be a worthwhile experience with a chance to do something of global importance. And you will start at the real root of the new organization.

If you are interested in this initial activity, I need the following info from you asap: name, year of a birth, education (brief), employment, address, phone and email. Time is of the essence. You will be among the first 50 or so potential members of YGHA.

Thanks. Warmest wishes,

Noor V. Gillani,



Dear Noor,

Many thanks for your inspiring message for your daughter and to your young friends! Please, let me o­nly o­ne specification. The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is created de facto o­n February 15, 2005 (almost 5 years ago) together with its website Peace from Harmony:
www.peacefromharmony.org. The five years' history of our community is reflected o­n this website, which from the very beginning included many young people. Now we together with you begin formation the Youth GHA de jure. Therefore YGHA exists DE FACTO with 2005, and DE JURE since September 2009, when we created its first structure. Further we will write the YGHA Statutes o­n the basis of the GHA Statutes, which would be remarkable to register not o­nly to Russia (here it is very difficult procedure), but also in the USA and as affiliating to the United Nations. This your idea is very perspective for youth in all senses and I fully share it.

I send below my yesterday's letter to the YGHA members with a draft of our request (in the attachment) to UNAoC in discussion of which your young friends could take part. This request unfolds the YGHA key direction and mission. We with Ivan will be happy to include in YGHA list your recommended friends if we receive the necessary information: name, year of a birth, education, employment, address, phone and email.




Dear Leo and Ivan,

I have forwarded your request to a young sociology student in the USA, who is a member, with Hilarie and myself, of Bernie's Sociological Imagination Group (SIG):


Dear Christian, Is this something that would interest you? Leo Semashko is a social theory 'activist,' who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is author of several books that promote Tetrasociology as a study of naturally occurring sphere classes, that necessarily work to reproduce each other. It's sort of a "deep structure" understanding of why society endures, despite wars, violence and all the other problems that challenge human existence. It's like the AGIL formulation in Talcott Parsons' theory of social organization, but with applications to current problems. I edited the English translation of o­ne of his books of readings, which includes contributions by Bernie Phillips and Hilarie Roseman. Ivan Ivanov also lives in St. Petersburg and is a recent addition to Leo's growing collection of intellectuals in Russia who seek to solve the problems of society by equalizing the influence of 'sphere classes.'

You might want to correspond with them in some manner, to find out what they are about. I will not forward your information, however, as that is completely up to you.


My Theory of Social Action is compatible with Leo's formulation of sphere classes, as well as with Parsons' AGIL formulation, so I have no difficulty accepting his work. I differ from each when I introduce transitional elements, in my Theory of Social Change, to show what happens during periods of societal upheaval and transformation. Without these elements, which include six forms of "power shift" within and between sphere classes, it's impossible to analyze what is happening during periods of societal disorganization and reorganization.


Like Bernie and Hilarie, I am able to look at what happens within individuals, as well as within groups and larger social entities. Individually, we each have parts of a huge societal puzzle. Our task is to find ways to put the puzzle pieces together. Perhaps that will be your contribution, together with the YGHA, if you choose to participate with that group in seeking funding for their newly formed organization. They are idealists, hoping to apply their idealism in ways that benefit society. Harmony is a worthy goal. Achieving it might not be possible, but working toward it is a worthy endeavor. Becoming effective in this pursuit is our current challenge. Working together is o­ne way to do this, possibly the o­nly way to accomplish it in our lifetimes, yours especially. Good luck in your current studies, and in all that you aspire to achieve.

Most sincerely,

Martha Ross DeWitt




Application for the UN Alliance of Civilizations Grant

Dear friends,

This letter devoted to our request is written in two languages: in Russian (below) and in English. It is caused by bilingual structure of our group. Further we will use in our correspondence o­nly English language.

We with Ivan Ivanov, the President of the Youth Global Harmony Association (YGHA), warmly thank all young people who agreed to join to YGHA and we are happy to congratulate you with your inclusion in our organisation.

Let us present the YGHA staff for today (it constantly grows), and also the YGHAAdvisory Committee staff.

YGHA: 15 members from 9 countries:

From Russia:

  1. Ivan Ivanov, 1985, the GHA web designer, St-Petersburg, Russia: ivanov.ivan.spb@gmail.com, Mob. 8-960-286-61-80;
  2. Andrey Semashko, 1984, Businessman, St-Petersburg, Russia: email - no,

Mob. 8-906-279-1128;

  1. Peter Semashko, 1984, Lawyer, St-Petersburg, Russia: spit@inbox.ru,


  1. Vasily Smirnov, 1983, Historian, Lecturer, Novgorod, Russia: smirnvasiliy83@yandex.ru, http://vkontakte.ru/id6036914; Mob.- 8 906 204 20 86;
  2. Alexey Shepel, 1984, Historian, Post-graduate,St-Petersburg, Russia: shepelspb@mail.ru, Mob.-8-905-235-68-59;
  3. Maxim Kazakov, 1984, Businessman, St-Petersburg, Russia: maxim@unotrade.ru,

Mob. 915-02-77;

  1. Andrey Arsenchuk, 1986, Engineer, St-Petersburg, Russia:arsenchuk@gmail.com,

Mob. 8-952-357-49-90.

From other countries

  1. Vassiliki Ioannidou, 1989, champion of World and Europe in youth Taekwondo, Athens, Greece, takis.ioannides@gmail.com,
  2. Victoria Osipchik, 1981, M.Phil., post-graduate student, Minsk, Belarus, osipchik@mail.ru, Mobil: + 10 375 29 760 58 42, Home: + 10 375 17 245 47 40;
  3. Lizzie (Daiana Ortiz) Roberts, 1985, Catholic University Of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Trelew,Argentina, ldor85@hotmail.com,
  4. Harmony Kieding, 1985, USA, ladyharmony23@yahoo.com,
  5. Massimo Ripani, 1984, university degree, not working, Teramo, Italia, massimo.ripani@gmail.com, tel. 3494386856;
  6. Sebastian Koren, 1985, student, Lendava, Slovenia,sebakoren@gmail.com,
    Phone: +386 (0)409759021;
  7. Satja (Mulej) Bratec, 1987, student, Maribor, Slovenia, satjamb@gmail.com,

Phone: +386 (0)40650432;

  1. Ankhi Sen (Sanyal), 1979, M.A.,M.Phil.,Lecturer, Kolkata, India, ankhi.sen@gmail.com, ankhi_sen@rediffmail.com, Phone:9830112110;
  2. Dominica F. McBride, 1980, M.S., Ph.D. candidate, Huntsville, USA, Tel: 480-430-9709, dmcbride@asu.edu,
  3. Hana Dhanji, 1987, Undergraduate Hon. B.A. University of Toronto, Teacher (English classes) Toronto, Canada, Phone: +1416-464-5997, hanadhanji@gmail.com,
  4. Raissa Uwineza, 1989, university student (BAC), Kigali, Rwanda,tel: +250 788 229 314,


  1. Theophile Nilingiyimana, 1989, secondary school, journalist at Oasis Gazette, Kigali, Rwanda, tel: +250 788 278 041, nilicos@yahoo.fr,
  2. Jean Ntawarubara, 1982, secondary school, teacher at Doctrine Vitae College, Kigali, Rwanda, tel. +250 750 248610, jbntawarubara@doctrinavitae.org,


YGHAAdvisory Committee: 12 members from 8 countries:

  1. Dr., Professor Noor Gillani, Principal Research Scientist, National Space Science and Technology Center, Expert in Islam, USA: gillani9999@gmail.com,

He kindly agreed to be the YGHAAdvisory Committee Chair:


  1. Dr. Charles Mercieca, President, International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), USA, mercieca@knology.net,


  1. Professor Ernesto Kahan, Doctor, Poet and Peacemaker, Israel: EKahan@post.tau.ac.il;

http://peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=338.

  1. Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, Basanti Devi College Principal, Kolkata, India:

maitreyee25@rediffmail.com, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=317;

  1. Dr. María Cristina Azcona, Bilingual Poet and Writer, Argentina, azconacristina@hotmail.com, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=36,
  2. Dr. Matjaž Mulej, Professor Emeritus,Economy, Maribor, Slovenia: mulej@uni-mb.si, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=64;
  3. Dr. Edward Soroko, Institute of Philosophy, Minsk, Belarus, eduard_soroko@mail.ru,


  1. Dr. Laj Utreja, Founder, Institute of Spiritual Healing, USA, ish0001@aol.com,


  1. Dr. Kusein Isaev, Professor of philosophy and sociology, Kirghizia: kusein@elcat.kg,
  2. Dr. Henry Skvortsov, Full Member of the International Academy of Fundamental Education, St-Petersburg, Russia: gskvortsov@yandex.ru,
  3. Lucy Alphiorova, Grammar School Director, Chelyabinsk, Russia: dinagimn76@rambler.ru;
  4. Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, St-Petersburg, Russia: leo.semashko@gmail.com,

http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=253;

The main subject of this letter is our collective request for the UN Alliance of Civilizations Grant (UNAoC) in $30,000 in the two languages. Please, look in the appendix the application form, filled I with Ivan, which deadline is September 30, 2009. This form is filled by us as the answers to questions which are formulated in corresponding Guideline:


In connection with very deadlines, we invite you to state your urgent remarks and wishes to September, 29 inclusive (and also corrections of your data). We invite all of you also to PUBLIC discussion of our project: Youth Cross-cultural Harmony Academy (YCHA) up to October 7, 2009 inclusive. Thanks.

Best harmony wishes,

Dr. Leo Semashko




Youth Cross-cultural Harmony Academy (YCHA)

This form is filled according to Youth Solidarity Fund 2009 Application Guidelines:


September 30, 2009

1. Your Organization

Name of organization: Youth Global Harmony Association (YGHA) as the youth department of Global Harmony Association (GHA).

Overall goal: We aspire to pave the realized way for a harmonious civilization by the global harmony projects, harmonious education and cross-cultural dialogue at all levels: global, regional, national and local.

Members - type and number: international, about 30

Key areas or work: peacemaking, peace culture, education, cross-cultural dialogue, science of social harmony

Year of creation: 2005

Average annual budget (in US$): 5,000 7,000

Headquarters location (city, country): St. Petersburg, Russia

Phone number: 7 812 513-3863

Fax number: 7 812 513-3863

Website: www.peacefromharmony.org

2. Project Coordinator Contact Information

First name: Ivan

Last name: Ivanov

Position in organization: Youth Global Harmony Association (YGHA) President

Date of birth: January 18, 1985

Gender: male

Email: ivanov.ivan.spb@gmail.com

Phone number: 8-960-286-61-80

3. Project Overview

Project name: Youth Cross-cultural Harmony Academy (YCHA)

Note. Please, do not mix two similar abbreviations: YGHA and YCHA, which designate DIFFERENT subjects: the first is the organisation, and the second is the educational institution.

Timeframe - start date and end date: November 2009 May 2010

Location of activities - city(ies) and country(ies): St-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk in Russia; Minsk in Belarus; Calcutta in India; Buenos Aires and Trelew in Argentina; Maribor in Slovenia; etc.

Category of grants - Small grant OR Large grant: Large grant

Total amount requested in US$: 30,000

Exchange rate used:US$1 = 30 in local (Russian) currency


4. Project Objective(s)

State the overall objective(s) of your project. What do you want to achieve? The overall objective of our project is to create the first international YouthAcademy of Harmony which will focus o­n preparation of students of the last year, graduates of universities and the young specialists with specialization of school teacher, to make them capable to organize and to teach the classes which can harmonize consciousness, thinking and behaviour of pupils as the future actors of the constant intercultural and interfaith peace dialogue o­n a base of harmony as the uniting value of the most different cultures and religions, excluding enmity and violence. Harmony is a general and uniting value of the most different cultures and religions.

Our objective in the SMART criteria:

Specific: harmonious education for children and youth,

Measurable: number of the young people who have got harmonious education,

Accountable: simple and clear,

Realistic: high

Time bound: has the beginning but has no end. We wish to find the harmonious educational tools which is fostering since childhood a strong mutual respect, deep scientific understanding and long-term positive harmonious relations between people of different cultures and religions.

5. Analysis of the Problem(s) or Issue(s)

Describe the problem(s) or issue(s) the project aims to address. Why is this project necessary?

By the reason of increasing migration of human resources and the population St.-Petersburg (about 5 million people) as well as other large cities of Russia and other countries face a becoming aggravated problem of racial, national and interethnic enmity. Because of this the number of murders and violence constantly grows in St.-Petersburg and in other large cities of the world. The deepest reasons of this enmity are family and school education, which is based o­n traditions of racial, national and interethnic confrontation and absence of the general and uniting cultural values. Our project offers unified harmonious education both for indigenous population and for migrants o­n the basis of the general cultural value of harmony. o­nly such education is capable to solve this deepest problem in perspective. Therefore our project is necessary and has to be realized with inevitability. The question consists o­nly in time.

6. Project Activities

Describe the activities you will implement to address the stated problem(s)/issue(s) and reach your objective(s). How will these activities help you reach the project objective(s)?

The YGHA activity for achievement of the project purpose:

1. Selection of a youth international team from 15-25 teachers and experts for St.-Petersburgs Youth Cross-cultural Harmony Academy in Russia.

2. Preparation of the training program for this team o­n the bases of harmonious thinking, education and intercultural behaviour.

3. Preparation, translation into the basic languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Esperanto) and the publication of the small manual o­n bases of harmonious thinking, education and intercultural behaviour.

4. Preparation, translation into the basic languages (English, French, Spanish and Chinese) and the publication of YCHA project.

5. Holding of a week training of this team in St.-Petersburg o­n the bases of harmonious thinking, education and intercultural behaviour.

6. Regular holding of the harmonious education lessons in o­ne of interethnic schools of St.-Petersburg and in o­ne of its Universities.

7. Realization of the item 1, 5 and 6 in large cities of other countries: India, USA, Argentina, Belarus, Greece etc. at the expense from other sources.

7. Target Audience

Who are you targeting in your activities? How will you select participants? How will you ensure gender balance? What is the total number of youth you are planning to reach/involve?

- The target group of our project are the young graduates of universities, first of all pedagogical o­ne, which YCHA will prepare in harmonious education and also students of the schools, with whom the YCHA graduates will spend studies/lessons.

- We will select the project participants o­n special system of criteria for teachers of harmonious education (har-teachers). The basic criterion is a direction o­n tolerance, respect and harmony, excluding enmity and violence, and also mastering by a complex of corresponding knowledge in philosophy, sociology and psychology.

- The gender balance is o­ne of key requirements of harmonious education. In our project it is ensured approximately with equal number of women and men in the YCHA team.

- We assume, that in our project for 6 months we will reach/involve about 150-250 young people from the target group as each of the 15-25 graduates of our Academy will conduct lessons, at least, with 10 pupils of interethnic schools of St.-Petersburg.

8. Sustainability

How will you ensure sustainability of your projects results and impact? We plan to find new sources of financing in the course of realization of this project to maintain its development, continuation and expansion not o­nly in Russia but also in other countries the next years. It is the o­ne aspect of our strategy. Another aspect consists in transforming of the YCHA into commercial self-supporting educational institution that will ensure to it a stability in the future.

9. Match with UNAoC Priorities

How does your project contribute to the UNAoC priorities? What is the value added of your project? Why should it receive funding?

- The YGHA priorities and its educational project completely coincide with three of four priorities of the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAoC): youth, education and migration. We also are aimed to promote understanding and reconciliation among cultures globally and, in particular, between Muslim and Western societies. We also aspire to moderate, and in the future to overcome, their during times of heightened cross-cultural tensions, polarization and mutual fear through the o­ne harmonious education equally necessary and appreciable for them.

- Our project adds a new value of harmony in these priorities. Harmony is the most ancient value of the mankind, all cultures and nations of the world. But in the split world it was marginalized. However, the new interconnected global world demands harmony as a key condition of a survival, peace, consent and prosperity for all nations and cultures o­n the Earth. Therefore, our project should receive financing under the Youth Solidarity Fund. Moreover, we believe that this project can become o­ne of a new key long-term projects for the UNAoC globally and receive the strong support in all aspects.

10. Outreach to Marginalized Youth

Will your project reach out to marginalized youth? How? - Our project is focused o­n two marginalized youth groups: young graduates of universities, who often is the unemployed, and children and youth of migrant's minorities.

. We are aimed to solve their problems through harmonious education, which gives to the first group new professionalism and helps the second group to overcome the intercultural barriers.

11. Monitoring & Evaluation of Impact

What type of monitoring and evaluation methods will you use? - We will use social statistical monitoring in corresponding indices and also quality standards.

- We will evaluate our project upon completion in the same indices and standards.

- The basic method is the special statistics which is presented in the corresponding statistical tables and forms, which express results and impact of our project.

12. Partner(s)

Do you have partners in this project? Who are they? What is their role? Will they receive any funds? - We have two basic partners:

1. The Global Harmony Association (GHA), a branch and department of which we are. Our youth participated in creation, to some extent, the GHA all projects, first of all its academic project 2008: World Harmony Peace Academy (WHPA): http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277. This project is a basis of our project. Our youth is in the constant creative contacts with our senior colleagues from the GHA. It unites more than 300 peacemakers, scientists, professors, writers and artists from 48 countries of the world, who share the general aspiration to the global harmony providing harmonious peace beyond wars, violence and other social pathologies.

2. The International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) uniting about 55 thousand teachers from more than 60 countries of the world. It is the UN affiliation and it is dedicated to UN goals of peace education, environmental protection, human rights and disarmament. The IAEWP approved GHA academic project o­n the 18 World Peace Congress in October 2008 in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. In the Congress Resolution is written: The modern tendency of global harmonization requires general harmonious education. Therefore, the World Harmony Peace Academy (WHPA) as the generator of general harmonious education will inevitably be created Support creation of the WHPA national branches in the different countries of the world Ask Governments to study prospects of educational reform in each country o­n the basis of the WHPA Project http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=355.

- Our partners play a role of voluntary advisers and the assistants who are not demanding payment. Therefore, any sharing of funds received under the Youth Solidarity Fund will not be with them except for special cases.

13.Budget: What are your main categories of expenditures? What are the total expenses for each category of expenditure?

Budget for large grant of up to US$30,000 (submission phase)


Travel expenses for 25 participants, including 17 from Russia and 8 o­n o­ne from 8 countries: Belarus, Kirghizia, India, USA, Italy, Slovenia, Argentina, Greece (visa, tickets, room and male for 7 days)


Training sessions (room rental, salary of trainers, interpretation)


Production of educational material (preparation, translation and publication)


Production of DVD with video of all training sessions (video production, copying of DVD, distribution among participants and partners)


Salary of two managers, secretary and administrative expenses


Travel and visa to Budapest for Council of Europe training (November 8-15, 2009)


Total Amount Requested



14.Executive Summary. Project objectives? Problem addressed? Project activities? Target audience? Sustainability? UNAoC priorities, value-added, funding rationale? Marginalized youth? Monitor & evaluate impact?

We want to achieve/create the first Youth Cross-cultural Academy of Harmony (YCHA) in a miniature, from which as from a seed, the powerful worldwide Academies of Harmony could grow and develop. They will provide a new, qualitative level of mutual understanding, intercultural and interreligious respect and consent o­n the basis of common value of harmony.

This project will help to overcome growing polarization of cultures, religions and civilizations and to exclude the sources of their aggravating enmity. Harmonious education since the childhood is o­ne of the most effective and necessary tools for solution such problems.

The project objectives we can reach, first of all, through preparation of the teachers of the most different disciplines of social and humanitarian knowledge. Preparation of such teachers is provided with scientific knowledge of social and individual harmony.

Our project first of all is aimed to the young teachers and children of migrant's minorities.

We plan to provide stability of our project in the future by the additional financing of other countries and regions of Russia and also by the YCHA transformation into commercial self-supporting educational institution.

The YCHA project completely supports and develops the UNAoC high and noble objectives. Our project adds to them a universal value of harmony and offers for the UNAoC the qualitatively new and most effective tool of realization of its objectives: harmonious education through the Academies and Schools of Harmony. Therefore our project is worthy all-round support from the UNAoC and should receive its financing.

Two marginalized groups: jobless teachers and children of migrants will be involved in our YCHA project through system of studies/lessons of harmonious education.

We will monitor and evaluate our project through the certain system of statistics and quality standards. In this system we will also document the impact of our project.



Dear Ankhi and Modhuchanda and Angana

I have forgotten to speak top you regarding our YGHA Team. I am forwarding Prof Leo Semashkos mail to you. You can understand why YGHA is formed. I have been recommending your name for becoming a members of the team and participate in the deliberation. I shall request srijita and Chandraboli to become the member of the team. It will be a really rich team to involve in the peace mission from India. Please involve Arka in the team. Please inform the detailed required by Prof Semashko in this regard. Please go through the letter of Leo and give your feed back. I shall be glad if our student of Ist Year class can join. Hope Ankhi has the phone number of the students. Talk to them forward the message to them. o­ne or two students of ours will be the right choice to include into the group. Thanks. Didi.





Dear Leo,
Attached please find a very brief Bio and picture of me, as per your request. I have invited a couple of youngsters to YGHA and will ask others over time. I shall send you info o­n that as soon as I hear. I am very busy till Oct 10, but after that will take more active role in YGHA activities, including preparation of proposals for funding of YGHA activities. I will be happy to serve as the Chair of the YGHA AC.
You are doing a great job, and with increasing Obama thrust for anti-nuke treaties, things are looking a little brighter for the world. Regards




Dear Leo,

I think this is a wonderful initiative, o­ne in which I would very much like to be involved actively. I think that o­nce set up, a great activity for the youth would be a service-learning program, which are becoming a critical part of youth linking for harmony, peace, interfaith and intercultural understanding. There is a great organization in Chicago called the Interfaith Youth Core (ifyc.org), which provides training in such activity. I am thinking about going to Chicago at some point in the near future to get such training. Then, I can run a Youth Service Learning Program for YGHA. We can bring the youth together, even from different countries, to participate in these and build the seeds of understanding and harmony for the future of our world. The involvement of the UN in such a program could be great.





Youth GHA: Organisation, Grants and Updated Strategy for Search of Financing

Dear harmony friends!

The life pushes us o­n the new strategic steps. For the last weeks I received some messages o­n youth grants as in the area of the United Nations, UNESCO, EU and other international organisations, and in Russia in the area of youth innovative competitions under the Russian President aegis. They offer from $2 thousand to $1 million dollars o­n the most various innovative projects. The nearest youth competition o­n $30 thousand to September 30 declared the Alliance of Civilizations of the United Nations (UNAC). The GHA can participate in these competitions if we create the Youth GHA in our context.

Almost for 5 years the Global Harmony Association (GHA) created the colossal information resource presented in 19 projects of global harmony in the most different branches and spheres of a society. The higher generalization and quintessence of these projects, as you know, is Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration: http://peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=375. The GHA Projects can be enough easily expanded, added new projects and are transformed to innovative commercial or noncommercial projects both at national level and for various international funds, associations and corporations. The GHA colossal information potential has the same colossal financial equivalent. Therefore GHA projects provide and deserve worthy financing, first of all in the area of numerous international and national grants for innovative projects of youth.

In connection with these circumstances, I suggest to add the GHA strategy by youth strategy or a youth policy and mission. This strategy should receive organizational form. I suggest to create inside GHA o­n a basis of its Statutes, which will demand the corresponding modernization, a new organizational department/branch: GHA Youth Wing or Youth GHA (YGHA) and also Advisers Committee from GHA 5-10 senior members.

YGHA should be constructive, realistic and consequently focused o­n financing of GHA projects through youth international and national grants. To whom as not youth to be in avant-garde of realization of GHA global harmony projects, which pave a way to a new, harmonious, civilization in which the youth will live, create the destiny and to bring up the children in happiness and harmony. Simultaneously YGHA will be provided with a life and development to GHA projects created by the senior generation. It will be a worthy link of times and generations for the sake of a new civilization, free from wars, violence, poverty and other social pathologies of an industrial civilization. YGHA becomes also an embodiment of our primary priority of children and youth. Thus, from all points of view, creation YGHA as tool of our youth strategy will be the GHA effective solution and development in new conditions. Needless to say, that YGHA creation and successful work are possible only with the constant help and participation of GHA members of the senior generation.

At practical level I offer the following scheme for YGHA creation. Within first week we, GHA senior members, offer to the GHA young members and also to our children and grandchildren at the age 15-30 to enter into YGHA international organizational team and to discuss together with them this message and GHA Declaration. For the first steps a number of this command at 5-15 young persons (+ about the same number of GHA senior members as their assistants and advisers) will be quite sufficient. The next week this team, with our help, establishes among themselves information communications and confirms the program of prime actions with orientation to receive the international and national youth grants to GHA projects in corresponding updating. In the third week YGHA team prepares with our help the application o­n the UN international civilization grant o­n $30 thousand to September 30.

I invite all GHA members and friends publicly to discuss this initiative, to accept participation in it and to state your offers o­n the YGHA President and the Vice-president nominees.

I invite the young members (to 30 years), with knowledge of English language to express the desire to enter in YGHA team and to declare it publicly.

I invite the GHA senior members to recommend in YGHA your children and grandchildren that they have publicly informed o­n the desire to enter in YGHA and the data: name, age, education, employment, address, website (if it is), phones and email.

I invite GHA senior members to be a part of the YGHA Advisers Committee and to declare it publicly.

To YGHA organisation I invite GHA young members from Russia: Ivan Ivanov, Andrei Semashko, Peter Semashko, Alexey Shepel, Andrei Arsenchuk, Maxim Kazakov and Vasily Smirnov.

The YGHA organisation opens before us essentially new prospects and provides our youth, hence, our future, the mechanism of practical realization of our projects and their financing. It will give worthy employment and payment for our youth.

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President,



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