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The Adults and Children's pictures about peace and harmony

It is a give to my father from o­ne of peacemaker from Canada during

his sightseeing our old city Krakow

Jan W. Dobrowolski  


Children's pictures about peace and harmony


Siana Shcepanovska
12 age, 7-th class, 124th school, St.-Petersburg, Russia.
Pictures: "Summer harmony", "Cottage peace", "Harmony of a nature" and "Kareliya Peace"

Jessica Robson. Five years.
Australia .  (2005)

Peace and harmony is some girls singing into microphones together 

Ruby Gannon. Six years. Australia

Peace Images. Peace is of a man and a woman rowing the canoe together.

Nitzan Winkler and Almog
. For thirteen years. Israel .

Harmony. Peace.

Katya Semashko
, 11 years, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 62th school (2005)





Dear Leo,

 I just visited the beautiful picture of Katya Semashko, she is delightful, with her Mona Lisa smile, and her bright, intelligent eyes!


With all best wishes,


Prof. Ada Aharoni

22/03/05, Israeli, IFLAC President



Dearest Leo!
Now I saw your granddaughter!
Katya Semashko, 11 years, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 62th school !
What a wonderful girl! Her face tells of lots of intelligence and even wisdom! How lucky you are to have such a granddaughter!


Dr Evelin Lindner, HDHS President

24/03/05, Norway (from Japan)



Dear Leo,

 I have at last found Katya Semashko.  She looks very intelligent and beautiful!  …Hope all is well with you,


Painter Hilarie Roseman,

30/03/05, Australia


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