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Dr Subhash Sharma

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He is Founder Director, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore and
Founding Director,
Indian Business Academy (IBA), BangaloreIndia

Subhash Sharma and Daniel Albuquerque (2015)
Consciousness in Corporate Corridors:
Management - Leadership – Spirituality:

About “Holistic Corporate Management”.

January 2018

Subhash Sharma. “Creation from Shunya”



Dear Leo

As I was travelling, I could not respond earlier.
Many thanks for your support. Your insightful comments and linking Shunya and Harmony are indeed wonderful.

With best wishes,

Subhash Sharma


Dear Leo

        Silver Jubilee Edition of my book, Creation from Shunya was released o­n Jan. 23, 2018, at an International Conference o­n, Spirituality, Mysticism and Politics in the Age of Globality, at Jindal University, Sonipat. This Conference was organized by Jindal University in collaboration with Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns, Canada.
        Many thanks for your beautiful comments o­n the book that have been presented in the Readers' Comments section of the book. Many thanks for the support by GHA. I am happy to send an e-version of the book for GHA and I am sure GHA members will find it fruitful for the cause of Global Harmony and Peace.

With best wishes,
Subhash Sharma


«Творение из Шуньи» == «Творение из Гармонии»

Дорогие члены ГСГ, друзья!

Я рад представить вам уникальную в гармонии поэтическую и философскую книгу, всего 66 страниц, Д-ра Субхаш Шарма, Директора Индус Бизнес Академии в Бангалоре, члена ГСГ с 2010 года, соавтора многих проектов и книг ГСГ. См. его персональную страницу здесь: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=453

Его новая блестящая книга: “Creation from Shunya” («Творение из Шуньи»). Она опубликована в ПДФ на нашем сайте «Мир из Гармонии» здесь: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=808. Этой книге можно дать параллельное название «Творение из Гармонии», «Творение из Целостной Глубокой Гармонии», обнимающей все разнообразие мира, пронизывающей все народы человечества и все общества и цивилизации Земли и единственно дающей жизнь каждой части, а не материя! Она дает жизнь каждой части разнообразия только в гармоничной связи со всеми другими, без которой любая его часть – пустота, ничто и смерть.

Д-р Шарма нашел единство их разнообразия в древне индийском буддийском образе «Shunya/Шунья». ГСГ нашел его для народов, обществ и цивилизаций Земли в генетически глубокой структурной гармонии Сферонов на всех их уровнях от глобального до локального. Овладение научным управлением/менеджментом этой генетической структурной гармонией избавит человечество от всех исторических патологий невежества в гармонии: от войн, милитаризма, империй, их «абсолютного зла», насилия, неравенства, нищеты, несправедливости, ненависти, жадности и т.п. Это глубокое плюралистическое философское буддийское видение Д-ра Шармы сродни философии Тетризма/Гармонизма Сферонов ГСГ, структурирующей гениальную мысль французского математика Анри Пуанкаре: «внутренняя гармония [Shunya] мира – это единственная истинная объективная реальность». Используя яркий афоризм Д-ра Шармы можно сказать, что это «западное окно восточной двери».

От имени ГСГ я счастлив сердечно поздравить Д-ра Шарму с его новой глубокой книгой в философии гармонии, объединяющей исторические традиции Востока и Запада в их общей и целостной для них Шунье/Гармонии. Это глубочайшая генетическая и духовная общность их Сферонов, которая поэтически ярко выражена автором.
С любовью,
Лев Семашко,
Почетный Президент ГСГ,


"Creation from Shunya" == "Creation from Harmony"

Dear GHA members, friends!

I am delighted to present to you an unique in harmony poetic and philosophical book, 66 pages in all, Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director of the Indus Business Academy in Bangalore, GHA member since 2010, co-author of many projects and books of the GHA. See his personal page here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=453

His new brilliant book is: "Creation from Shunya". It was published in the PDF format o­n our website "Peace from Harmony" here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=808. This book can be given a parallel title "Creation from Harmony", "Creation from the Holistic Deep Harmony", embracing the entire diversity of the world, permeating all the peoples of humankind and all the societies and civilizations of the Earth and the o­nly life giving each part, and not matter! It gives life to each part of diversity o­nly in a harmonious connection with all others, without which any part of it is emptiness, nothing and death.

Dr. Sharma found the unity of their diversity in the ancient Indian Buddhist image of "Shunya". GHA found it for the peoples, societies and civilizations of the Earth in the genetically deep structural harmony of the Spherons at all their levels from global to local. Mastering the scientific governance / management of this genetic structural harmony will save humankind from all historical pathologies of ignorance in harmony: from wars, militarism, empires, their ‘absolute evil’, violence, inequality, poverty, injustice, hatred, greed etc. This deep pluralistic philosophical Buddhist vision of Dr. Sharma is similar to the philosophy of Tetrism/Harmonism of GHA Spherons, which structures the brilliant thought of the French mathematician Henri Poincare: "The inner harmony of the world is the o­nly true objective reality." Using the excellent aphorism of Dr. Sharma, we can say that this is the "western window of the eastern door".

On behalf of the GHA, I am happy to cordially congratulate Dr. Sharma o­n his new deep book in the philosophy of harmony that unites the historical traditions of the East and West in their common and holistic Shunya/Harmony. This is the deepest genetic and spiritual community of their Spherons, which is poetically brightly expressed by the author.
With love,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President


Harmony Song*

Dr. Subhash Sharma

IBA Director, India



Harmony and harmony,

See harmony and say harmony,

Harmony in creation and harmony in nations,

Harmony in nature and harmony in matter,

See harmony, see harmony,

Harmony in neutron and harmony in neurons,

Harmony in relations and harmony in action,

Harmony and harmony,

Harmony with self and harmony with others,

Get harmony through Yoga andsee harmony in VUCA,

Harmony and harmony, see harmony and harmony,

Sing harmony and harmony, harmony and harmony.

(Video:) http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=252

*Lyrics of the Harmony Song by Dr. Subhash Sharma in his YouTube video. An earlier version under the title, ‘Harmony and Harmony’, was published in Arrows of Time: From the Black Holes to Nirvana Point, Subhash Sharma, 2001, p. 90. It was also published in, The ABC of Harmony for World Peace , Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking, Leo Semashko (ed.), Global Harmony Association (GHA), and IASE University, New Delhi, 2012, p. 281: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=482


        Educated in India and USA, Dr Subhash Sharma holds Ph D from the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) with earlier background in science. In his work Dr Sharma combines in a creative manner Eastern and Western management ideas and approaches and provides a futuristic vision of synthesis through the metaphor of Western Windows Eastern Doors. His significant academic contributions towards a creative synthesis of Western and Eastern concepts in management and social thought have received wide attention and acknowledgement by many reputed scholars.

        Dr Sharma has authored well known and path breaking books, viz. Creation from Shunya (1993), Management in New Age: Western Windows Eastern Doors (WWED) (1996, 2006), Quantum Rope: Science, Mysticism and Management (1999) and Arrows of Time: From the Blackholes to the Nirvana Point (2001). A number of his scientific and spiritual verses are quite popular among his students and professional managers across the country.

        Prof Subhash Sharma has unique experience of association with many ‘creations from shunya’, particularly in the management education field in India. These institutions are now well known at the regional, national and international levels. He  started his academic career from B.K.School of Business Management Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, during its foundational years. He was among the founding faculty of the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), Gujarat. Prof Subhash Sharma has also assisted in conceptualization and development of Women’s Institute for  Studies in Development Oriented Management (WISDOM) at  Banasthali Vidhyapith, Banasthali, Rajasthan. He is Founder Director, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore and Founding Member, Indian Business Academy (IBA), Bangalore. Currently he is Dean, IBA, Bangalore (http://www.ibainternational.org/).

        Prof Subhash Sharma is o­n the academic advisory committee of several educational institutions and is also associated with many leading professional bodies. He has been executive committee member of Bangalore Management Association (BMA), National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), Karnataka Chapter, Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), Karnataka Regional Branch and  Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS). He is member of Southern Economist Study Circle, Bangalore and executive committee member, Strategic Management Forum of India.

        Prof Subhash Sharma has mentored many and also assisted many in unleashing their creative potential. Through his talks, seminar presentations, creativity workshops and personal interactions, he has popularized many new concepts in management and leadership. In his work, he combines management thought, social discourse and spiritual concerns as a basis for a new vision of sacro-civic society. He has widely experimented with new approaches to learning and creativity e.g. innovative technique of 'sabd yoga', 'osmotic meditation' approach to enhance creativity, 'mind flying' techniques to get a feel of 'enlightening experiences', 'hello' approach to invoking creativity, self transformation & development of positive attitude, poetic approach to teach management ideas and Etc (Extended transcendental consciousness) Etc technique to invoke 'charismatic creativity'.


Dear Leo,

I am happy to become GHA member. Yes, kindly open my page o­n your website.

With regards.


Dr. Subhash Sharma



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