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Marie Robert. Muse of Harmony, Dance and Cosmopoetry

Mrs Théa-Marie ROBERT

October 22, 2018: I danced Peace in China in very symbolic places: a cave underground the roots, a bridge for passing now from the past to the future, and in front of the Mountain Everest looking to the cosmos light.


THEA MARIE ROBERT "DANSER LA PAIX" - 22 OCTOBRE 2018 - CHINE sur le pont de verre de ZHANGJIAJIE créé par Haim Dotan Le pont relie...



An artist nominated Messenger of Culture of Peace at Unesco in 2000

Dancer and choreographer,

Photographer and poet, writer, Great trekker

Founder of the "Cosmopoésie" - poetry of the words, images and gestures

Founder of Intercultural Embassy for water 1999

President founder of Poets Summits 2008

Médaille de Vermeil Société Arts Sciences Lettres 2008

Doctor of the World Academy of Arts and Culture 2010

66, Clos des Charmilles

74400 Chamonix Mont-Blanc France

Tél. 00 33 (0)4 50 53 21 03 - 00 33 (0)6 09 50 33 51



It is a call for reconciliation, reconciliation of man with his environment, reconciliation of men among them that Marie Robert launches through her photographic and poetic work and vision.

M. Boutros Boutros GHALI

ex -General Secretary of o­nU- NY



Marie Robert was born in 1949 in France. She lives since 1988 between Paris and Chamonix.

During her schooling, both in primary school, as schools and high schools, she found that education showed no response to the expression of her energy through creativity and development of individual responsibility, to express the sensitive part of the child and the teenager curious and thirsty for knowledge, freedom and justice. Having understood very young that "science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul", she felt the need for expression and creativity as tools for knowledge-being, understanding, connection and integration.


After a brilliantly Bac Scientific obtained with first class honours, she chose therefore by the Art and the Creation to devote her intuition and intelligence for expressing the meaning of life and consciousness of being in the world. She became a mother of 3 children: Christopher born in 69, Isabelle in 71, Fabienne in 77.

She received with mention very well the diploma of contemporary dance Professor at the University of High Choreographic Studies in Paris.

Since 1977, she has directed a work multi-faceted: dance, literary, photographic, composed of many outstanding achievements and actions to communicate and meet others.

Through the expression of all this work, her research focuses o­n the movement, human relationships, life science, the art of being in the world to resume the dialogue between nature and culture, and reconcile man, o­neself with our environment. She lays the foundation concrete for the Culture of Peace and experiments new ways of expression and communication. She developed an expression rich of sense, the direction of movement with the gestures of dance creativity, a sense of the language with words of poetic philosophy, the meaning of the gaze with the images, for learning to be, weaving ties of humanity and peaceful relations, awareness of the respect for nature and responsibility of everyone, the necessary harmonization of the human person with his land to break patterns inherited from the culture of violence and war.


Her artistic and educational commitments have found its expression in the animation and the influence of a school of contemporary dance in Dinan in Brittany from 1979 to 1988. There, she develops an original pedagogy and scalable "classes body awakening" for children from 5 to 8 years old. She takes part at the initiation of the first art classes in elementary school in 1984, runs a workshop for choreographic composition with adolescents and participates with collective works at local and regional contemporary dance, runs training courses for teachers in Rennes.

She founded her company "Acts for Life" in 1989 and she organized with the support of Unesco in 1994 and 1995 humanitarian trips to support the work of young artists in Croatia and Bosnia during the war In Sarajevo, her action was concretized in December 1995 by the presentation of a beautiful performance titled "For the smiles of children".

From 1995 to 1998, she was invited as a speaker and consultant to several seminars and round tables organized by UNESCO o­n the subjects: art and tolerance, status of women, impending water crisis.

Her choreography work includes original performances mingling her three tools of artistic expression, dance, literary writing, photo or video image, in a multidimensional space integrating the vertical dimension and climbing. She founded a new art she calls cosmopoéthique of which she defines philosophy in 1989.

Among performances that she composed herself, was director and performer, it is appropriate to name the creation of "Escaladanse-Elan" in 1988 with the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix and the Ecole Militaire de Haute Montagne presented to the first European Summit of mountaineers. "Being a woman" was created in 1989 for the first International Symposium o­n climbing at The National School of Ski and Mountaineering in Chamonix. " Incarnate " was created in 1992 at the Festival d'Avignon. "The urgency of loving in Paris and "The River" at the Avignon Festival in 1993. " Baraketempo was presented at Zagreb in 1994. This dance was the heart of the action "Public Places" from Chamonix to Sarajevo in 1994 and 1995, at the Kamerni Theatre of Sarajevo, the City University of Paris, the CINI Foundation of Venice and la manutention at Festival d'Avignon, " Hatchings " is a performance of pure visual and sound poetry for young audiences, intended to arouse the children to a knowledge and appreciation of nature, inviting them to love and respect themselves and the earth. In 2010, she created and danced "Prayer for a burnt earth" in Hiroshima and Tokyo for the 65th Atomic Bomb disaster commemoration in Japan.

Marie Robert is a member of the SACD.

Among the titles of her literary work, the book "The urgency of loving" prefaced by Professor Albert Jacquard published in 1996 and coup de Coeur of the TV program ex-libris is a cry of survival for harmonious relations between human rights and duties."The golden car in 2002, and numerous poems including "Being of Peace" published in 2000, "Sarajevo", "the Debt" and "Guide, my friend" in 2008, "Water for life and peace with poetry and philosophy in 2010, the project " The cedar and the olive tree" about a very spiritual journey in 1998 in Lebanon and " the debt to the mothers" in 2011, many contributions at collective anthologies with translations in japonese, chineese, spanish, english and soon arabian, as well as meditative songs and hymns for a civilized humanity as "Let us rise for peace, people of the earth" in 2009.


Marie Robert wants to publish in 2011 her beautiful art book "Water for life and peace", a photographic journey and a message of beauty and love of nature prefaced by Mr Boutros Boutros Ghali. She is currently writing a story about the mountains with her memories of the experience Escaladanse, .

She is a member of the SGDL.


Her photographic work deals with a theme exhibition, the thousands of "Words of water" for which she is the winner of 3 international awards. She obtained the 1rst Price media Reuter Alp'action 1994 for her photographic work about nature and environment. This price was given by Prince Aga Khan at Unesco. She obtained a Creation and Arts Award for water. It was given in 2002 by the City of Cannes associated with the United Nations University for water and the Mediterranean Network of water. And she obtained too the Prix of photographic Poetry given by children Jury at the prestigious Festival International of nature at Montier-en-Der in 2001.

In 2002, she made a very large exhibition, "100 Words of water" with texts at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Her photographic works have participated in numerous exhibitions and events in France, including the Water Festival in Paris at the Pont Alexandre III, the gallery Victoria Chatelet in Paris, the Palais des Congrès in Evian, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, but also at Unesco Palace in Lebanon, Universities in Mexico, Algeria, Greece, Water World Forum in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan.

She also works o­n the topic entitled "Words of sand," "Words of Stone", "Words of trees" and "Words of salt all words of life to remind people that they are nothing other than what they show, the Creation in movement ".

Marie realises also slideshows o­n her travels and hikes "Sinai", "Petra", "Jerusalem", "the march 2000",Algeria ", " Mexico "," High Road Chamonix-Zermatt, " Lights of the Massif Mont Blanc ," Tour du Mont Blanc. Mount-Fuji, Japan.

The other topics of photographic works of Marie Robert focus o­n the memories of the activities carried out for peace with her company: "Isabelle Aime dance Baraketempo ", " Sanya, from the wounds of war to the memory of peace", " Sarajevo 1995, the life and the city, " The Kiss ", "Telling with nature"," From the flame to the woman, " Humanity whose I am o­ne ", "My shadows".

She is a member of the Union of Creative Photographers and a member of the SAIF.


Water, movement, life and peace are the axes of sensitivity of her work to show ecological realities, vital, emotional, human, spiritual and empowering for the good health of the planet.

She founded the Intercultural Embassy of Water in December 2000 and propels with her long march of 2000 kilometres between March and October of 2000 steps alone and in solidarity with the World March of Women against poverty and misery, steps for inviting everyone to cultivate peace, steps along the water places, by land, ocean shores and the mountains from Mont Saint Michel to Compostela and Avignon

She was invited to represent France as Creative Woman at Mediterranean Forum of culture of peace in Rhodes in 2000

She was nominated poet and artist for Unesco and for peace by the poet Jean Illel, "Messenger of Culture of Peace" by the commission of the French Republic at UNESCO in November 2000, member of the Ambassadors Peace Circle in Geneva in 2005

With art, Marie Robert calls for a culture of vigilance, prevention, reconciliation. She raises awareness of the beauty, claiming "the right to dignity and awakening to the existence of the beauty creative for each child of humanity".

Throughout her work, she advocates for the respect, rightful place and the active presence, rights, listening and expression of women, for the values of freedom, equality, otherness, and parity, for rebalancing the thought, representation, values, decisions and actions within society.

She participates to awareness necessary effort, to act for conflict resolution through culture and education for peace and intercultural dialogue.

Her message, the culture ministry for Water, Life, Peace is an invitation for everyone to walk towards the emergence of a responsible attitude o­n a daily basis for respect for the rights and dignity of each o­ne and of the earth - nurturing mother so that humanity survives o­n the planet Earth where we are all passengers and guests.


Marie ROBERT a chanté son Hymne des citoyens du monde Levons-nous pourla paix, peuples de la terre en création mondiale dans lÉglise de Chamonix le 22 Octobre 2011, lors du concert caritatif de la Chorale du Prieuré

My philosophy:

"Each o­ne of my photographs was taken during my hiking. From my pickings ecological environment-friendly was born in the 1994 draft of "Paroles deau" to talk about life, its diversity, its fragility, its books of forms, materials and colors renewed ad infinitum.

By touching the eyes, mirror of the soul, these Words of Life have the mission of redirecting the minds of human beings towards necessary creation to transform our attitudes and mentalities. By considering the sensitive education, each o­ne can look for research ethics and dignity of the human person as a whole.

By building o­n these images, by attending, by contemplating in space and o­n time, inner peace is awakened and nurtured...

Peace of light, harmony of reality. Culture for water becomes culture of peace and invites everyone to engage its responsibility to develop the gestures of life. Water can be respected and considered as a universal and culturally source of good health, a potential source of lucid thoughts and actions, a matrix of solidarity and real progress for humanity ".

Théa Marie Robert



The seven messages written by Marie Robert, Ambassador for water


1 - Water is a living treasure, universal matrimony.

2 - The education to water and the environment begins with learning and experience of lucidity and reality, the knowledge of our nature, nature and each other. Education must raise awareness of life o­n the planet.

3 - I, you, he, she, we have an individual and collective responsibility for water.

4 - Water has a core value. I must correctly appreciate my water needs.


5 - The access to safe and pure water is an inalienable and fundamental right for the survival. It is based o­n the principle of respect for the nature and dignity of the human person.


6 - The other has the same basic needs than me. These needs are universal: Healthy Eating, have drinking water, have a roof, a job or a minimum standard of living, and be recognized part of a human family.

7 - The restoration of polluted water is a duty for producers and consumers. Their commitment to this process must be proportionate to the damage done to the planet and the life of the species.

Copyright Marie Robert - author photographer





Théa Marie ROBERT, auteure, 

chorégraphe, écrivaine et photographe

Médaille de Vermeil Arts Sciences Lettres 

Dr litterature WAAC 

Ambassadrice de l'eau

membre du Cercle des Ambassadeurs de la Paix Genève

Messagère de culture de la paix pour lUnesco,  

66, Clos des Charmilles

74400 Chamonix Mont-Blanc France

Tél. 00 33 (0)4 50 53 21 03 - 00 33 (0)6 09 50 33 51





Born o­n 12 March 1949 in France

3 children born in 1969, 1971 and 1977

3 little children born in 2000, 2003 and 2010


- Secondary with graduation Scientific Mention VERY WELL

- Diploma in contemporary dance teacher from the Ecole Supérieure d'Etudes Chorégraphiques Paris Mention VERY WELL

- C.A.E. suitability for teaching dance to the French Federation of Dance

- Equivalence Diploma status granted in 1988, the date of creation of this degree

- University of Life


- 1st Prize Media PHOTOGRAPHY nature environment REUTERS ALP'ACTION delivered by Prince AGA KHAN at UNESCO in November 1994

- 1st Accessit for his photographic work, poetry and dance o­n the water of the Grand Prix International de Cannes 2000, Creation and Arts for Water, Mediterranean Water Network

- Award for Poetry Bayard Press Photo Festival International de nature de Montier-en-Der 2001

- National Prize for Poetry given by Academic Institute of Paris for River 21 November 1992

- Médaille de Vermeil "Arts Sciences Lettres" given by Academic Society Paris France May 2008

- 3rd world Poetry Prize from World Academy of Arts and Culture in Taïwan 2010


- Get the support of UNESCO for his humanitarian travel project in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1994 and 1995. This project is under the auspices of the United Nations

- Artist and poet for peace with Unesco in 1999 by Jean Illel, founder of the Association of Artists and Poets for Peace "

- Messenger of Peace Culture by the Commission of the French Republic to UNESCO o­n the occasion of the International Year for the Culture of Peace proclaimed by the United Nations o­n 24 November 2000

- Member of the Honorary Committee and sponsorship of youth of the "Imagine a World of Peace" to the UN New York in 2000 with the launch of the Decade 2000 - 2010 Education for Peace and to non-violence for the Children of the world declared by the United Nations

- Member of the Circle Ambassadors of Peace in Geneva in 2006

- Vermeil Medal of the Academic Society of Arts Sciences Lettres Paris 2008



- 3rd INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF PHOTOGRAPHS OF NATURE, Palais des Congrès d'Evian 7 July to 1 August 1994

- RENCONTRES ARTISTIC "balance" ROC'PA Chamonix 1994 with Installation Photos and mobile-poems "


- 4th INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY OF NATURE, Palais des Congrès d'EVIAN 4 July to 4 August 1996

- World Conference o­n Water crisis imminent "at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris in March 1998

- Université du Saint-Esprit de Kaslik in Jounieh Lebanon International Congress "Water shared and the right to water" 18 to 21 June 1998

- COLLEGIO DE ZAMORA MICHOACAN MEXICO Congress to "water development and environment 21 to 23 October 1998

- Thermes de Saint Gervais les Bains, Thermal Park 6 February to 4 March 1999

- Syndicat intercommunal water COGOLIN Change Conference "Education for shared water" in 1999

- Art and Peace Festival La Maison des Métallos in Paris in December 1999

- WORLD WATER FORUM - Maison de l'eau et du citoyen - THE HAGUE, The Netherlands 16 to 23 March 2000

- Grande Halle de La Villette Paris at the Salon International de l'eau AQUA-EXPO 4 to 11 April 2000

- PHOTO'ALPINA Landscape lights and mountain peoples "Sallanches 6 to 31 August 2000

- Center of Héliomarin Montalivet May 2001

- 3rd International Symposium o­n Water CANNES under the patronage of the Academy of Sciences and UNESCO in May 2001

- PHOTO IMAGE SALON PARIS EXPO Porte de Versailles 17 to 19 November 2001

- GRAND HOTEL ALBERT 1er in Chamonix Winter and Spring 2001

- SPACE GALLERY VICTORIA - Châtelet in Paris 12 to 24 February 2001

- PONT ALEXANDRE III 1 Festival water in PARIS 2001

- 1st Festival of the OH! Saint-Maurice Département du Val de Marne 19 and 20 May 2001

- Pont de la Machine in Geneva Switzerland May 6 to 11 June 2001

- Mediterranean Forum "The future is the time women" Marseille 13 to 15 September 2001

- INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE NATURE PHOTO of Montier - en-Der Haute-Marne 16 to 18 November 2001

- 0NU Palais des Nations in Geneva Switzerland in the Great Hall 18 February to 1 March 2002

- VEGETAL ART FAIR at the Parc Montsouris in Paris 28 and 29 September 2002

- PALAIS DES CONGRES DE PARIS - Aqua-expo 26 February to 2 March 2003

- SYRIAN ARAB CULTURAL CENTER in Paris 12 to 21 April 2003

- Water Forum organized by the city of Paris o­n the Place de l'Hotel de Ville in Paris from 3 to 8 November 2003

- BOOK FAIR AND ARTS o­n THE WATER in La Plagne 30 - 31 July and 1 August 2004

- UNIVERSITY OF LAGHOUAT Algeria in October 2004

- TEMPLE OF CHAMONIX in August 2006


- CHAMONIX July 2008

- The UNESCO Palace in Beirut - Lebanon in August 2008


- The Moulin des artistes Chamonix 2009

- La soif du monde Switzerland : United Nations Palace Genève March 2010 - Schillinger June 2010 - La cité du Termps Genève Septembre 2010

- Diaporama Paroles deau Japan Musée de Nagasaki Août 2010

- Fully Martigny Switzerland Galerie GC-Art November 18 2010 to January 22 2011



- BARAKETEMPO Colorado Rustrel September 1994

- PUBLIC PLACES testimony of encounters made during the journey between Chamonix - Sarajevo

- THE KISS last image of the dance Baraketempo in multiple places of expression

- SARAJEVO LIFE CITY realized during the trip to Sarajevo in 1994 and 1995

- SANJA, a young girl and the sea "from the war wound to the memory of peace Sanja Hasagic photographs, a young dancer in Sarajevo, realised in the island of St Honorat

- FROM THE FLAME TO THE WOMAN photographs Isabelle Aime, dancer, performed at the Théâtre Antoine Riboud in Evian during the creation of solo dance "Towards the light" in 1996

- My SHADOWS picked over walks alone

- THAT HUMANKIND from WHICH I AM HUMANITE scenes captured o­n a daily basis o­n the usual things and people


- Thegold truck 1995

- The grain of wheat to the ray of light 1996

- The Water Lyrics 1998

- 2000 Km Walk for Peace 2000

- Earthdirty 2002

- The Sand Lyrics 2004

- SINAI Méharée inter 2005

- Lighting of the Massif du Mont Blanc 2003

- Material and Forms 2007

- A sunny autumn day in Paris 2007

- Mount Fuji Japan 2010


- Teaching of dance and teaching experience with the creation of classes of physical stimulation for young children as part of the association in ART MOVEMENT in Dinan in Brittany from 1976 to 1986.

- Starting from 1984, the creation of choreographic workshop for teens with achievement of collective "Footprints" Ricochet " presented in meetings of local and regional dance in Brittany in Dinan, St Brieuc, Brest, Rennes.

- Initiative launched to conduct in 1986 and 1987 the first experiments in the "dance school", conducted in school fountains Dinan for "Let the children brought up the word in the sentence and the figure by the school also be educated to act and sense of movement "

- Training teachers to awakening body for children in 1987 at the invitation of the Association of Rennes Mouvances


- Creative workshops cosmopoétique for pupils in primary schools in Chamonix at the Ecole Nationale de Ski and MOUNTAINEERING in 1990

- Escaladanse offered courses in Chamonix, Vallon Pont d'Arc in the Gard and Voiron CREPS between 1989 and 1995

- Interventions and School "Nature Poetry" in kindergarten to introduce very young children to the beauty, movement, love and respect for nature, school Marmottes Sallanches and l 'Vouilloux school in 1994 and the school of Saint-Gervais les Bains in 1995.

- Discovery and practice of contemporary dance by students, artists and dancers from the Ballet of the National Theater in Sarajevo during the presentation of the shows "The Urgency of Love" and "Baraketempo" during the International Festival Sarajevo Winter " 1000 days of resistance "in February 1995.

- Workshops and courses in contemporary dance and creative to support young artists and dance schools in Sarajevo during the war in 1994 and 1995, with preparation and production of the show "Smiles For Children" Mladih POZORISTE established in Sarajevo in December 1995.

- Activities and workshops of expression by gesture, word and image o­n "a smile inside" the joy of being "voluntary simplicity" gestures of peace "from 1998 to 2001



Founded her company "ACTS FOR LIFE" in 1988, creates, presents and interprets original shows:

- ELAN 88 show experimental Escaladanse created in 1988 to the 1st European Summit climbers in the Chamonix Guides Company and the Ecole Militaire de Haute Montagne de Chamonix to cover the male body in its interiority and sensitivity and awareness of a new relationship between nature and culture, built o­n partnership and recognition rather than o­n performance and competition.

- "BE A WOMAN" show Escaladanse created in 1989 for the 1st INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM OF A CLIMBING CHAMONIX partnership with the National School of Skiing and Mountaineering

- "LOVE BEYOND ALL" Cosmopoésie created the Avignon Festival in 1990 at the Maison du OFF, at the invitation of Yvan Tetelbom, poetic scenes organizer, followed by

IMPROVISATIONS poétique du Levant and Sunset o­n the Place du Palais des Papes.


- SOLO RECITAL "Cosmopoésie created at the Eglise Saint-Michel de Chamonix in 1991, listed in Olca area of Les Houches in the Chamonix Valley at the Théâtre Iséion Montpellier, in the village of Tourettes near Nice, at the Church of Antigone Montpellier


- "DUO RECITAL" Cosmopoésie created in 1991 and incorporated in 1992 and 1993 at the Espace des Houches Olca, Salle New Aurore de Vence, in the Salle des Fêtes de Cluses Scionzier, Cultural Center Henri Oreiller Val d ' Isere, Espace André Malraux, Chambéry

- "INCARNATA Art Cosmopoéthique created in 1991 and revised in 1992 at the Salle Michel Croz Chamonix, Espace Malraux, Chambéry, Salle Petrarch of Montpellier, the Festival d'Avignon at Usine Saint-Gobain, Festival d'Avignon at the Eglise Saint Agricol, Festival d'Avignon in poetry in a garden at the Festival d'Avignon House OFF, Espace Olca Les Houches, the Opera - Comedy of Montpellier, the Festival d'Avignon 92 Théâtre du Château de Saint-Roman.

For the 1992 version of Incarnate, the company has received a residence established at the Ecole Militaire de Haute Montagne de Chamonix.

- "THE URGENCY OF LOVE" Cosmopoéthique Art created in 1993 by co-producing with the city of Paris at the Espace Jemmapes 6 April to 16 May, set out in the area of Les Houches Olca, Salle de Michel Croz Chamonix, at Mladih Pozor Sarajevo

- "THE RIVER" Art Cosmopoéthique created in 1993 o­n the Dolphin Barge-blue for the Festival d'Avignon - Village Vacances du Val de Marne Plateau d'Assy

- INCUBATION "cosmopoésie created in 1994 - show for children of nursery schools to introduce them to art, love and respect for the Earth, the beauty, poetry and dance - salle Michel Croz Chamonix - School Marmottes Sallanches - Room communale Argentière

- "BARAKETEMPO" dance created by Isabelle Chamonix AIME, soloist of the Compagnie Marie Robert - acts for Life in 1994 and moved to Sarajevo in 1995 in a second version where dancing is complemented by the texts of Mary Robert

Refugee camp Zagreb, This Garden and Chapel of the Oratory at the Avignon Festival in 1994, Refugee Center in Albertville, Village Guébriant Plateau d'Assy, Festival d'Aurillac, Festival Dance "Chrysalides Arts of Pau, Paris, La Handling Festival d'Avignon 1995, Cité Universitaire de Paris, the International Festival Sarajevo Winter Kamerni Theater, Sarajevo Mladih Pozor, Cini Foundation in Venice Seminar o­n Art tolerance intolerance organized by Unesco.

- FOR THE SMILE OF CHILDREN "in December 1995 to Mladih Pozor Sarajevo, shows the fruit of work done with children and young artists in the workshops during the war and introduced their families to gather, build and maintain the link living, say that life during the war they suffered features severing all links with the terrible image production and expression of the spirit of annihilation and destruction.

- WATER CARRIER FOR LIFE SOURCE OF PEACE dance recital and poetry created in 1999 in Cogolin, project water shared the Intercommunal Association of Water - Thermes de Saint Gervais les Bains - Saint-Malo - Art at home to Rennes

- Opened in poetry and dance of the natural site of WOOD Ainali Valley Monthaud in Ille et Vilaine o­n 7 June 2003

- "The truck DOREE" Projection Slideshow testimony with book readings Forum travelers Caen 31 January 2004

- "BE PEACE" Poetry and slideshow of the 2000 km Walk for Peace - Chapelle Saint-Bernard de Montparnasse o­n 30 March 2004

- Prayer for a burnt earth created in Hiroshima 65th commemoration of a bomb disaster, given at Tokyo University and in Taîwan 2010


- "The ballad of Mary" 12 Video - poems made in 1991

- "Memory Escaladanse-Elans an experiment", presented at the 4th Grand Prix Video Dance Festival in Sète 91

- "Incarnate" presented at 5th Grand Prix Video Dance Festival in Sète 92

- "The River" in 1993

- "Baraketempo" presented at the 7th Grand Prix International Vidéo Danse à Sète 95

- Dance the Peace about Hiroshima and Nagasali, 2010


- Feast of the sport ... and poetry Ecole Nationale de Ski and Mountaineering Chamonix 1991

- Meeting of Montpellier FNAC 1991 o­n the nature and cosmopoésie

- Continents Festival Montpellier 1991

- Poetry, Life Book "at the inauguration of the 1991 Book of Comedy for the City of Montpellier

- Poetry Market Place St Sulpice Paris June 1991

- Creative Night at the Opera de Montpellier Comédie-1991

- Winter Olympics Albertville 1992

- Festival of Sacred Art - Theater of Dance Golovine Avignon 1992

- Poetry Conference Dance Theater - Maison Jean Vilar Avignon 1992

- Cafe Literary Comedians Montpellier Spring 1992 $

- Literary Café Theater Chai du Château d'O Montpellier 1992

- Improvisations dance and poetry - Sculptures Exhibition Opening the Doors Valences

- CELEBRATION OF THE BIRTH OF MOUNTAINEERING, 500th anniversary of the first ascent of Mont Aiguille 1992 recital "Guide my friend" mountain and poetry

- Meeting of authors Choreographers Festival d'Avignon 1992

- The fury of Haute-Savoie Read 1993

- Opening the "gateway" for all House Chamonix 1993

- Meeting House Youth Conference 1994 Chamonix

- Support Center for women victims of war Zagreb 1994

- Ecole young Bosnian refugees Zagreb 1994

- Cultural Center Zagreb Bosnia 1994

- Maison de Lyon Bosnia 1994

- ART SEMINAR o­n TOLERANCE INTOLERANCE organized by UNESCO at the Venice Foundation CINI 15 and 16 December 1995

- Residence of creation at the Théâtre Antoine Riboud Evian's partnership with the League of Evian water in April May 1996

- Invitation to UNESCO for a Unesco meeting - conference o­n the occasion of the Month of Women in March 1997

- Départementale Book Festival at the Port of Toulon 14 - 15 - 16 November 1997

- Symposium impending water crisis UNESCO Headquarters in Paris 1998

- Improvisations o­n the urgency of love at the Cannes Film Festival 1999

- Colloque shared water Grimaud in the Var16 to 23 June 1999

- Annemasse Book Fair 1999

- Geneva Book Fair 1999

- The art of living in peace Findhorn Foundation in Scotland 1999

- ART and PEACE Festival in Paris 17 December 1999

- Colloque International Women "place of women in the 3rd Millennium" at the City Hall of Paris o­n 8th January 2000

- Night of Peace in Lourdes 13 August 2000

- 1st International Forum for Peace Creative Women of the Mediterranean in Rhodes as an artist chosen by the Prefecture of the Dodecanese to Greece to represent France from 6 to 10 September 2000

- Canton Vitré in Ille et Vilaine, Encounters with children of primary schools and school events in May and June 2001

- Union des Femmes Solidaires Gardanne to 11 June 2001

- Mediterranean Women Forum in Marseille 13 to 15 September 2001

- World Peace Festival in Paris - Cruise for Peace 11 November 2001

- Unexpected meeting in Saint Maurice Val de Marne May 2001

- Lucernaire National d'art et d'essai, poetic scenes 25 February 2001

- Media City Vitré 22 May 2001

- Chapelle Saint-Bernard de Montparnasse PARIS slideshow walking 2000 miles in 2002

- Inauguration of poetry and dance of the Valley wet Monthaud, protected natural site, the Commonwealth of common desert Louvigné 35

- Salon du livre de montagne de Passy August 2003

- Book Fair historic La Ferté sous Jouarre 11 - 12 October 2003

- European Social Forum Paris 12 to 15 November 2003

- Cultural Center Leclerc Dinan 19 November 2003

- Maison Internationale de Rennes 20 November 2003

- Gallery Shopping Center Crossroads Fougères 21 November 2003

- Cultural Center Vitré Leclerc o­n 22 November 2003

- Salon du Livre de Fougères December 2003

- Festival Etonnants Voyageurs Saint-Malo 29 to 31 May 2004

- Salon for Peace Initiatives in the Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie Paris 4 to 6 June 2004

- Salon du livre de montagne de Passy August 2004

- Salon du livre de Fayence 21 and 22 August 2004

- Forum Alternative World Water Geneva 17 to 20 March 2005

- Inauguration of the monument to life and peace, sculpture of Louis Derbré to Balazs Township Vitré - reading the original poem "on behalf of mothers" in memory of my grandfather died for France in the war 14 -- 18 - May 7 2006

- Adventure at the end of World FIAP PARIS: slide projection Sinai 18 November 2006

- WORLD FESTIVAL OF POETS in Paris in September 2007

- Salon du livre de poésie de Vendôme and Blois meeting women writers 2007

- Poems for Women - the Smoke PARIS 2007

- Read the letter from a mother to her son "if he had suffered the fate of Guy Môquet Trocadéro Parvis des Droits de l'Homme Paris October 2007

- Meeting "Well now dance with the association at Solstice Bastille PARIS 27 November 2007

- Poètes aux SOMMETS, Poetry festival in Chamonix, read poems into church, Majestic Palace, and in nature at the Aiguille du Midi 3842m. high

- World congress of poets Budapest 2009

- Peace o­n Earth Japan, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki August 2010

- Poètes à Paris Espace Beaujon et Sénat october 2010


- In the shadow crystal, unpublished 1988

- Le chant des possibles, unpublished 1989

- The flood of loneliness, unpublished 1989

- Seasons of thought, unpublished 1990

- CLEAR CONSCIENCE FOR ACTIVE AND RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL 1990 - 1000 signatures collected for the development of a culture of peace  

- Desert Land, unpublished 1991

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- WATER, THE CULTURE OF WAR IN THE CULTURE OF PEACE contribution to the United Nations University UNESCO Chair for Water at the International Symposium o­n Water Cannes 2001

- WATER AND POETRY contribution acts of the festival of the OH! Conseil général du Val de Marne

- Publication in the magazine Today 2001 poem

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- "On behalf of mothers' publication in the journal communal Balazs commemorating the inauguration of the monument to life and peace of sculptor Louis Derbré 2006

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- "Letter to my son if he had suffered the fate of Guy Môquet" published o­n blog and website visits in 2000 October 2007

- Publication in the anthology "12 Women Poets for Peace", due out o­n 8 March 2007 at L'Harmattan

- Waiting for the publication Art Book Water Life Peace - Preface by Mr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, former Secretary General of the United Nations and the Francophonie

Contribution 15 pages - at M, Guy Crequies book droits et devoirs de lhumanité 2009

-the debt to the mothers written in 2008 - forthcoming

- contribution to Peace o­n earth Anthology 2 poems in french and japonese 2010

-The cedar and the olive tree written in 2011 - forthcoming

- contribution to XXX WCP anthology in french and translation in Chineese 2010

- publication o­n internet with poetas del mundo since 2008


- 8 June 1994: A Summit for Peace, ascent of Mont Blanc

- 1994 and 1995 Action PUBLIC PLACES: Baraketempo dance and poetry in many places to reconcile and work for peace refugee camp in Zagreb - Chamonix - Aix-les-Bains - Annecy - Albertville - Aurillac - Geneva - Lausanne - Sarajevo -- Paris - Saint-Malo - Avignon - Plateau d'Assy - Montpellier - Lyon - Pau - Venice

- 1994 and 1995: 3 TRAVEL HUMANITARIAN MISSION OF PEACE ART Zagreb, Mostar and Sarajevo under the auspices of UNESCO

- 2000 MARCHE 2000 km for Peace - launch Paris Eiffel Tower and Unesco o­n 8 March 2000 - Caen Memorial 10 - Departure from Mont Saint Michel 12 March 2000 in St Jacques de Compostela o­n 2 June 2000 and Avignon 29 July 2000 -- Brussels in October 2000, efforts for the International Year for the Culture of Peace proclaimed by the United Nations and in solidarity with the World March of Women against violence and poverty march that radiated out of 155 countries throughout the planet

- 2008: Foundation and Chair of the event POETES summits from 20 to 25 July 2008 in Chamonix


2010: Project in Japan - Ascent of Mount-Fuji for peace 22 an 23 July - Creation of Dance prayer for a burnt earth in Tokyo and Hiroshima - Creation of Song: Hymn for the citizens of the world let us rise for peace, people of the world in Hiroshima with Eternal Choral and Nagasaki


2011- Project in Lebanon and Middle east


- Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers,

- Société des Gens de Lettres,

- Union des Photographes Creators

- Company Image Fixes Authors

- Arts Sciences Lettres

- World academy of arts and Culture







Poème de Marie ROBERT

tous droits réservés


Ici, chacun s'apprête à fêter le nouveau-né

Là-bas, un enfant pleure

le ventre vide et gros

la bouche ouverte

Ses yeux accusent le silence

reflets intenses d'une source profonde

poignants regards saillant

au contour des pupilles sombres

Il a trois ans

il est déjà sa nuit

Ilmeurt de n'avoir pas goûté

la saveur de la vie.


Ici, chacun s'apprête à fêter le noiuveau-né

dans un tourbillon de lumières

et de paillettes

dans le foisonnement des trésors

puisés aux ressources immenses

de toute une planète


La vie de tous

pour quelquesméprisantes bouches

pour quelques éminentes souches.


Ici, chacun s'apprête à fêter le nouveau-né

Là-bas, un homme


se prépare à mourir

peut-être !

Sous son habit blindé des armes inutiles

le cœur déjà brisé

par la fureur de tuer

avant que d'être tué

survit de la mémoire des souvenirs heureux

de son passé

Il n'a pas d'avenir

Au présent, sur le sable rougi

il est déjà sa mort

actrice insoupçonnée d'une guerre immobile


Le soleil fait briller l'attente

sur la sentence des dés

Il joue àquitte ou double

au poker d'as.


Sans lendemain sur le sable meurtri

le fer se croise au grain de quartz

et se mesure au calme d'un désert




Le silence

violé par la folie des hommes

hurle le sacrilège

en tempête de sable

brise sur son naufrage

la fièvre de ferrailles

et la foi dans les larmes.



Le désert en état de siège

hurle sous l'injustice

et la cité des hommes


comme une matrice absente


comme un ventre sans fruit

s'affronte à la terre rouge

offerte à ses bienfaits

et le souffle des dunes chaudes

brûle l'aveuglement barbare

des êtres enfermés

dans leur désir de pierre.



Le déserten état de siège

et la neige de larme en pleurs

au cœur

de la poussière d'étoile



l'homme barricadé

faisant la guerre à sa nature



A coups de vents et de bourrasques

la vie prépare leur linceul

arrache aux roches

l'éclat de leurs graines d'or

au ciel sombre

la blancheur du cristalde la mort.


Et chaque jour

le cliquetis des treillis

répète le jeu du sacrifice

parodie l'absence du feu.


Et chaque jour

l'habit sans tache

précipite les corps mutilés

sur le désert ensanglanté.


Je marche dans le désert

et croise les traces du sacrilège

sur le sable

témoignage d'une humanité

asphyxiée par sa vanité.


Mes larmes,

rouges comme le sang de la terre,

rejoignent le cœur de feu

rubis à la surface

mêlé aux laves pétrifiées.


Ici, chacun s'apprête à fêter le nouveau-né

Là-bas, mon enfant pleure

ailleurs, mon enfant meurt.


Je suis la Terre

et je porte la Vie !


Je suis la mère

et je donne à la terre ses enfants !


Je suis la Femme

et j'offre au monde une âme. 





Poème écrit par Théa-Marie ROBERT, 

Tous droits dauteur réservés - mars 2010


écrit pour le 22 Mars 2010, Journée internationale de leau

et à loccasion de lexposition des artistes au service de la paix

au Palais des Nations à Genève du 17 mars au 6 avril 2010



La terre a besoin deau

dune eau qui chante et danse

et rebondit dans les torrents de fonte

en emportant la peau dure des pierres


A genoux sur le sol brûlé

de guerres, de pillages, de violences, torturé,

je prie léther,

leau, lair, la terre,

Tout Ce Qui en moi Est

de lêtre, la lumière

de me combler de leurs bienfaits

Je prie pour mon humanité,

pour les espaces désenchantés de ma cosmicité,

Je prie les sources de clarté

pour la goutte deau vive et douce

qui apaisera le feu de ma bouche

Se dessèche la terre ici

Là-bas, elle sinonde de pluies

De boues, les sols se rassasient

Leau arrache, emporte les digues

En dévastatrices furies

se remodèlent reliefs et rives

Au grand large, simmergent des îles

sous les assauts répétitifs

de vagues immenses et tsunamis

Le choeur des sables du désert

hurle aux nuages indifférents

sa soif dombre et de déluges

Larbre dénudé

pleure sans répit

ses feuillages en cendres réduits

sous le feu nucléaire,

dans lincendie solaire


Ma terre a besoin deau

dune eau qui chante et danse

et rebondit dans les torrents de fonte

en emportant ma peau dure de pierre


Partout se réchauffe la terre

fondent en masse les glaces polaires

Lours cherche en vain sa tanière

Ruissellent les larmes de lenfance condamnée

à guérir les blessures infligées

par les conflits de générations trépassées

Ruissellent les larmes

des peuples assoiffés de sagesse,

de santé et de dignité

Jamais terre na vu trembler

tant de réfugiés, doubliés

Le bédouin, le touareg, lindien

le nomade et le pèlerin

découvrent, épuisés,

les puits millénaires asséchés,

Loasis abandonné

nest plus le signe de labri,

qui accueille les étrangers

en amis

Autour des éléments premiers,

pour gaver son avidité,

lhomme programme de nouvelles guerres,

invente désastres planétaires

Pour servir sa cupidité,

lor bleu, joyau de la fertilité

devient source de profit insensé

de privilège et de stérilité


Leau vivante est le matrimoine de la terre

ses bienfaits, capital de survie et de félicité

Essentielle est la vie

Primordiale est la joie de lenfant

Pour nous tous, leau fait alliance

avec la lumière en nos terres

dans le souffle créateur

Ta terre a besoin deau

dune eau qui chante et danse

et rebondit dans les torrents de fonte

en emportant ta peau dure de pierre


Aux océans salés,

les écorces darbres déracinés

lancent un ultime cri dalarme

Les troncs dévidés de leur sève

des fleurs, des fruits, perdent promesse

Le coeur de lhomme desséché,

appauvri de valeurs spirituelles,

ne bat quau tambour des richesses

matérielles accumulées

Partage, amitié, dignité

aux champs des peuples assassinés

sont foulés aux pieds, méprisés

Pourquoi croître pour consommer

jusquà la lie, jusquà la mie

de la cruche et du pain,

la dernière goutte, le dernier grain


Jai soif de création

soif de beauté, dexpression

soif de remercier la nature

doffrir à tout mon être lénergie pure,

à mes élans les sublimes aventures


Sur tous les continents,

industries et agricultures

déversent les produits insensés

de leurs pollutions débridées

Du nord au sud, le monde a soif,

lAfrique a soif,

lAsie, lOcéanie o­nt soif

lEurope et lAmérique o­nt soif

Les continents, vastes vaisseaux à la dérive

des océans, des mers

se submergent, seffritent,

sentrechoquent et sessoufflent

sous les pulsions aventurières

des équilibres datmosphère,

les craquements assourdissants

de lécorce terrestre

Les géants de cristal déversent

comme neiges tendres au soleil

des flots de tristesses et détresses

en cascades, en bédières

gonflées à en perdre lhaleine


Le gel et la brûlure sur les deux hémisphères

se livrent sans merci une guerre

Les vents,les monts, les puits, les mers,

transportent en leurs seins

les promesses et les fleurs de la vie

en gouttes déternité et en cristaux de paix

Par milliards jusquau tréfonds de nos consciences

ils invitent nos intelligences,

nos visions et nos espérances

aux festins et tables garnies

des dons de la terre-mère bénie

et de loeuvre éclairée de lesprit

pour lespèce humaine toute entière

Notre terre a besoin deau claire

dune eau qui chante et danse

et rebondit dans ses torrents de fonte

en emportant la peau dure des pierres


Je chante,

pour lhumanité ébranlée

dans ses choix de modernité

je chante la vie

leau et la paix

je chante

pour les flots de misère

la soif daimer

la cri damour et de tendresse

je chante

la soif de vivre

la soif de boire à la coupe remplie

où londe et la lumière sunissent

dans la sérénité de linstant présent

qui construit en douceur lavenir



Dans le cadre de lexposition du collectif artistes au service de la paix sexprimant sur la soif du monde, Théa-Marie Robert expose 5 oeuvres photographiques,

en tirage dart original selon le procédé digigraphie Epson, numérotées et signées.


Titre des oeuvres exposées:

Le coeur à sec

Temps de sécheresse

Prière bédouine au désert

la soif de survivre

la soif de pluie




Poem written by Thea-Marie Robert,

All copyrights reserved - March 2010


for 22th of March, 2010, International Day of Water

and"Artists in the service of peace"

exhibition at Palais des Nations in Geneva

from March 17 to April 6, 2010



The earth needs water,

water that sings and dances

and bounced into the torrents of melt

in taking off the tough skin of the stones


Kneeling o­n the ground burned

by wars, looting, violence, tortured,

I pray ether

the water, the air and the earth,

All That is in Myself

of the being, the bright light

for they fill me with their blessings

I pray for my humanity,

for disenchanted spaces of my cosmicity,

I pray the clear sources

to give me the drop alive and sweet

that will calm the fire of my mouth


Dry is the land here

There, it is flooded by rain

With sludge, soils are filled

waters unfurl, they break the dams

In devastating furies

are remodeled banks of rivers and reliefs

Into the open sea, are submersed islands

under the repeated assaults

of huge waves and tsunamis

The sand chorus of the desert

yells to the clouds indifferent

its thirst of shadows and deluges

The naked tree

cries incessantly

its leaves reduced to ashes

under the nuclear fire

under the solar fire


My earth needs water

water that sings and dances

and bounced into the torrents of melt

in taking off my tough skin of stone


Everywhere, the earth is warming

the polar ice melt massively

The bear looks in vain for its den

Are flowing the tears of children sentenced

at healing the wounds inflicted

from the conflicts of past generations

are flowing the tears of peoples

who are thirsty of wisdom, dignity and health

the Earth has never seen tremble

so many refugees, forgotten



The Bedouin, the Tuareg, the Indian

the nomad and the pilgrim

are discovering, exhausted,

the millennia wells, dry and empty

The abandoned Oasis

is no longer a sign of the shelter,

which welcomes foreigners

as friends

Around the primary elements,

mankind imagines new wars

that serves o­nly his greed

Mankind invents planetary disasters

that serve o­nly his greed

the blue gold, a fertility jewel,

becomes a source of fool profits,

of privileges and sterility


The live water is an asset to the earth mother

its benefits, principle of survival and happiness

Essential is the life

Primordial is the joy of the child

For all of us, water needs an alliance

with light into our earths

in the creative breath

Your land needs water,

the water that sings and dances

and bounced into the torrents of melt

in taking off your tough skin of stone

Towards the oceans salted,

the barks of uprooted trees

are launching a final cry of alarm

The scooped trunks have lost their sap

of flowers and fruits, are lost the promises

The heart of man, dry,

depleted of spiritual values,

beats o­nly at the drums of material wealth


the sharing, friendship and dignity

on the fields of people murdered

are trampled upon and despised

Why grow to consume

until the dregs, until the crumb

of the jug and of bread

the last drop, the last grain

Im thirsty of creation

thirsty of beauty, expression

I desire to thank nature

to offer the pure energy at my whole being,

at my impulses the sublime adventures


On every continent,

Industry and agriculture

have got rid the fool products

of their unbridled pollutions

From north to south, the worlds thirsty

Africa is thirsty

Asia, Oceania are thirsty

Europe and America are thirsty



The continents are large vessels adrift

of oceans, of seas

They are submerged, crumbled,

They collide and become exhausted

by the adventurous pulsions

of equilibres of atmosphere,

the deafening crackles

of the land crust

The giants of crystal are flowing

as soft snow under the sun,

waves of sadness and distress

in waterfalls, in streams

swollen until losing breath


The gel and the scorching heat o­n both hemispheres

engaged a ruthless war

The winds, the mountains, wells and seas,

carry into their breasts

the promises and flowers of the life,

in drops of eternity and crystals of peace

By billions, unto the depths of our consciences

they invite our minds,

our visions and our hopes

at the feasts and at the tables rich

through the gifts of mother earth

and enlightened work of the mind

for the entire human race

Our land needs water clear

water that sings and dances

and rebounds in torrents of melt

in taking offthe tough skin of stones


I sing,

for Humanity lost

in its choice of modernity

I sing the life

the Water and Peace

I sing

for the floods of misery

the thirst of love

the cry of love and tenderness

I sing

the thirst of living,

for drinking in the full cup

where the wave and light unite

in the serenity of the moment

that constructs smooth future



As part of the collective exhibition of artists at the service of peace, about the thirst of the world, Thea-Marie Robert exhibits 5 photographic works

original art photographic by the process Digigraphy Epson, numbered and signed.


Le coeur à sec

Temps de sécheresse

Prière bédouine au désert

la soif de survivre

la soif de pluie


 Coordonnées: 66 Clos des Charmilles 74400 Chamonix Mt Blanc France

mail: marieeau77@aol.comtél 0033 +450532103 et +609503351



Let us rise for peace, people of the earth

Citizens of the worlds hymn

Text written and melody composed by Théa-Marie ROBERT, le 12 Mars 2009

all rights reserved



Let us rise, people of the earth

for building the future better

We demand of temporal powers

the health, the justice, the respect,

Without distinction, for all, we demand

the dignity, education of our children, daughters and sons

Lets walk all over the globe,

Free, equal, and proud of it


At work, citizens

of the whole world, let's be !

we picked, we sow,

let's share our dreams of conciliation


Sisters and brothers rich of promising

let us build friendship, wisdom, peace

We teach our children their rights

In full conscience, we accept duties

Between two parts, East and West

we reconcile the points of views

let's recognize our differences

Our histories and past suffering

we live dignified, standing up in the light


At work, citizens

of the whole world, let's be !

we create, we walk,

we cultivate genuine aspirations

Together, let us walk united

Women and men in every land,

Anchored to the hopes of our fathers,

Drawing o­n the strength of mothers,

Let the arms stay into the locker rooms,

The cries, the tears into Cemeteries

of our wanderings and our sorrows,

From the past, we repair the outrages

Of violence, we heal the damages


At work, citizens

of the whole world, let's be !

we sing, we dance,

and we affirm our liberation

Let us carry to the deadly shadows

the clarity of stars in heaven

From dialogue and from friendship

we cultivate the happy blessings

without desire to draw borders,

neither bid nor slavery,

we become fair and responsible

We let our colors alive,

abundant, from fruits, the flavors


At work, citizens

of the whole world, let's be !

we go o­n , we resist,

we liberate us from all the oppressions

we accept the diversity

as richness of humanity

with happy steps, we are progressing

For the beauty of life, we create

From north to south and from east to west

Everywhere, we want to protect youth

from damages and injuries at childhood

From powers, always, we refuse

Humiliations, contempts and arrogance


At work, citizens

of the whole world, let's be !

We take care, we see

generously problems and solutions


The war is an announced bankruptcy

for a Humanity imprisoned

in a quest of insane profits

and of inordinate powers,

In defiance of most noble virtues

of the populations' concert

Without violence, we're learning

to distance ourselves from tensions,

to manage the conflicts and the hates


At work, citizens

of the whole world, let's be !

We Love, we talk,

we embellish our campaigns and cities

We create fertile harmonies,

express our soul, and communicate

To generations in gestation,

we bequeath the peace as legacy,

We transmit alive, fruitful and healthy

A planet where it's so good

to breath, to invent, we do it!

we pick in our secret gardens

the energy of courage and we share it


At work, citizens

of the whole world, let's be !

Wesow, we sow

And we shall reap the peace for the nations



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