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Dr. Subhash Chandra,

GHA and GHA-India President,

Condolences o­n his passing.

His personal page is:



Dear GHA members, friends,

We cannot believe the sad news. We unexpectedly lost o­n June 17, due to brain hemorrhage, our outstanding peacemaking leader, GHA President Dr. Subhash Chandraji. He made a great contribution to global peace. He inspired us with his firm conviction in the GHA Mission: Global Peace from the Gandhian Spherons Harmony that is reflected in his many articles in the GHA books: Global Peace Science (2016) and Gandhica (2019), as well as in his GHA Messages o­n his pages o­n the GHA website:



Here is published his last GHA Message o­n World Environment Day 2020 o­n June 5, 2020. He recognized the GHA Global Peace Science from the spherons harmony as the fundamental scientific, Copernican revolution of the XXI century, which will free humanity from war, militarism and violence (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf)!

We express our deepest condolences to his family, relatives and friends. His memory will remain in our souls. Peace and tranquility to his bright soul near God.

With love,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,



Gandhi Vidya Mandir, INDIA



at New Delhi, INDIA

on 11-13 Feb 2012

Report about the Seminar with 62 pictures and responses see: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=511

Congratulations o­n the Independence Day of India

Dear Indian friends!

Global Harmony Association is happy to congratulate you, and through you to all the people of India, with a great date of Independence!

August 15, 1947, India gained Independence from the British Empire as a result of non-violent actions under the leadership of great leader Mahatma Gandhi. This is the greatest event of social harmony in modern history. It made India the world's leader of non-violence from social harmony.

The second such event, which develops Gandhis harmonious spirituality of nonviolence is the presentation in February of this year in Delhi, at International Seminar of teachers, which was organized by IASE Deemed Gandhi University under leadership of his Chancellor Kanakmal Dugar, the first in history global textbook the ABC of harmony.

This event divided human history into two parts: the past, totally ignorant in social harmony, and therefore totally violent, with rare exceptions, and the future, the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment/Education and conscious use of scientific knowledge of social harmony for non-violent, harmonious solutions to all problems of humanity at all levels from local to global, and for the conscious building a new, harmonious, civilization free of social pathologies of industrial civilization. This event pushed India into the world leaders of global harmony if the 21st century.

GHA hopes that India, with honor to fulfill this mission leadership that lifts Gandhis spirituality of nonviolence to a new historical level.

GHA wishes to the people of India, prosperity, peace and brotherhood from conscious harmony based o­n the scientific ABC of Harmony, first presented in your great country with your ancient culture of harmony!

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,

Harmonious Civilization: Spiritual Culture
Citizens of Earth!
Unite in harmony for love, peace, justice, fraternity and happiness!

Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Since 2005, GHA is an international NGO uniting more than 500 members in 56 countries and more than o­ne million participants from the GHA collective members in 80 countries.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org


Board: 35 GHA members from 16 countries



GHA Founder and President: Dr. Leo Semashko

Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg, 194356 Russia

E-mail: leo.semashko@gmail.com Web: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253


GHA Mission is:

To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based ABC of Harmony through harmonious education

The ABC of Harmony: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478

GHA Video: Social Genome of Peace from Harmony - http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA


Latif Kirmani


Publisher and peace activist

Delhi, India

Short bio 

Latif Kirmani, born 11 October 1954, in a town of Madhya Pradesh Mungaoli District Ashok Nagar. His Father Late Mr. B. K. Qureshi was an Advocate and mother Late Mrs. Aamana was housewife.He is an experienced Journalist, Printer and Publisher by profession. No any formal education of Journalism, it was just his hobby. He obtained his Graduation degree in Biology from Barkatulla University Bhopal Madhya Pradesh (In 1975). He becomes the Printer- Publisher by practice and practical experience.


Employment and work: He is Proprietor of a Printing and Publishing firm RBH Media Designers. He is also editorial advising to the Alternative Medical Monthly Journal Herbal Chikitsa and a fortnightly newspaper RashtriyaVishwas in Hindi language.


The brief time line of Latif Kirmani was:

(A) 1980-Sub Editor: CRICKET SAMRAT, New Delhi

(B) 1981 to 1990 Editor- Publisher, CRICKET STAR

(C) 1987 to 1990 Editor- Publisher, STAR FILM DIGEST

(D)From 1994 to 1996: Editing and production of weekly ColorSupplement (8 pages) MADHURIMA of DAINIKBHASKAR, Bhopal.


Visiting Lecturer (2010-2014): South Delhi Polytechnic For Women (Media Communication), Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies, Centre for Media (Indraprasth University New Delhi).


Some of the research books printed by RBH Media Designers:


1.For Global Harmony Association: Global Peace Science. First Publication 2016

2.For IASE Deemed University: Interdisciplinary Research Projects o­n Existential Harmony

3.Empirical Study of Media's Role in Shaping Harmonious Society at Ranchi, Jharkhand

By LourdurajIgnacimuthu

4.Right to Information:Towards Greater Social Harmony By Ratan Mani Lal

5.To Deny Religion its Nothingness:

Contemporary Responses to Ethics and the Concept of Religion By Hema Raghvan

6.Tracing Specific Folk Values of the Sumi Tribe of Nagaland ByDr. K. N. Nekha

7.Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech By Prof. Santosh Kumar Tewari

8.Gandhian Humanism in the 21st Century By Dr. Prem Anand Mishra

9.For Ghanshyam Binani Academy of Management Science Mirzapur

A Bianual Journal GBAMS-VIDUSHI

And many periodicals, Magazines and House bulletins of other clients.


The fields of interests: Peace, Social activity, Cricket, Alternative Medical systems Ayurveda etc.


Married with two sons


Live in Delhi, India.


Web site:

www.rbhmedia.in (under construction, web will be open to users in the third week of August, 2017)

Email: latifkirmani@gmail.com


Mr. Latif Kirmani,

Media Designers Director, New Delhi,

The GHA Gandhica (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848)

Publisher with its copies o­n 29-07-2019:

GHA cordially thanks and appreciates your high-quality publication of "Gandhica" at the most favorable price, as well as its distribution to authors around the world. We recommend to the GHA members approve you in the GHA Highest Honorary Title
"Gandhian Creator of World Harmony" in November 2019.

Dear Dr. Leo,


I have received today a cheque for equal to $695 in Indian Rupees from an agent of MoneyGram. Due to the 3 Holydays here the cheque will be deposit in my account o­n 13 Aug.

Rest is fine.

I am very grateful to you for given a chance to serve GHA as printer publisher.

Thanking you, Yours,
Latif Kirmani,




Approved by the GHA, July 21, 2011



English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481

In Russian: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=508



      Pave the conscious, based o­n the ABC of Harmony, way for a harmonious civilization in India, OR: From Harmony to Humanism, Brotherhood and Peace.

This mission meets Mahatma Gandhis precept of nonviolence.




Kanak Mal Dugar - Honorary President of GHA-India

Surendra Pathak - President of GHA-India

Maitreyee Roy - Vice President of GHA-India, Sociogroup Head

Tholana Chakravarthy - Vice President of GHA-India, Infogroup Head

Syed Salman Chishty - Vice President of GHA-India, Orggroup Head

Himansu Dugar - Vice President of GHA-India, Techno(eco)group Head



Four Spheral Groups of the GHA-India members

At state o­n March 29, 2012: GHA 27 members

Approved by the GHA-India o­n March 29, 2012


GHA Member name


Main employment and GHA group

Project(s) participation


Shri Kanak Mal Dugar


Honorary President




Chairman, Gandhi Vidya Mandir,

Chancellor, IASE deemed University







Dr. Surendra Pathak +






Educator, IASE University


Education Projects





Dr Madhu Krishan +

1st Vice-President

New Delhi,


President, Academy Of Universal Global Peace


International Peace, Education










Sociogroup (P1)Main employment is HUMAN, PEOPLE



Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy











Dr. Kamlesh Choure +


Educator; IASE University, Sociogroup



Dr. Savarimuthu

Arulsamy +



Educator; Bharathiar University, Sociogroup



Dr. Savita Srivastava +


Educator; Educational Institute, Sociogroup



Preeti Srivastava


Educator; Sociogroup



Shriram Narasimhan



Educator; Divya Path Sansthan, Sociogroup




Dr. Pravat Kumar Dhal +


Educator; Sociogroup



Dr. C.Manoharan




Educator; Bharathiar University, Sociogroup



Dr. Harjeet Kaur Bhatia +

New Deli

Educator; Jamia Millia Islamia, Sociogroup




Dr. R.L. Bindu +


Educator; University of Kerala, Sociogroup




Dr. Avinash Pareek +


Educator; IASE University; Sociogroup



Dr. Manish Bhatnagar +


Educator; Jain Vishva Bharati University; Sociogroup



Dr.M.Solomon Raju


Educator; Sociogroup












Infogroup (P2)

Main employment is INFORMATION



Dr. Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy +




Poet, Infogroup


Art Projects




Dr. A. K. Merchant +

New Delhi

General Secretary, The Temple of

Understanding--India; National Trustee, Lotus Temple & Baha'i

Community of India,




Dr. Ram Krishna Singh


Poet, Linguist, Infogroup




Prof M. M. Verma

New Delhi


Interfaith Foundation, India


Harmony of religions






Orggroup (P3)

Main employment is ORGANIZATION



Dr. Haji Syed Salman Chishty +

GHA-India Vice-President




Director, Chishty Foundation,








Dr. N.S. Ravishankar



Asst. Vice President, Axis Bank, Orggroup



Dr. Subhash Sharma


Director, Indus Business Academy, Orggroup



Dr. T.S. Chandrashekar +


Vice President Rainbow Foundation, Orggroup

International Peace


Uma Sharma


New Delhi

Director, U.M.Creations,


Art Projects




New Delhi

Director, Sanbun Publishers











Techno(eco)group (P4)

Main employment is THINGS



Himansu Dugar +

GHA-India Vice-president



Trade; Technogroup










Personal information


About Global Peace Science 

The main merit of Global Peace Science (GPS: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf) is the spirit of nonviolence from harmony, which penetrates all Indian culture from ancient times. This spirit found a higher social incarnation at Mahatma Gandhi, in his triumph of nonviolent independence of India in 1947 without firing a shot. GPS makes a new historic step in the development of nonviolence lifting it o­n the scientific level of deep social structure of harmonious social classes of the population SPHERONS employed in four spheres of social production. Therefore IASE University, Deemed to Gandhi and his follower Shri Kanhaiya Lal Dugar, funded publication of the GPS book in English in India and ensures its wide dissemination.


Kanakmal Dugar,

Chancellor, IASE Deemed University, WORLD HARMONY CREATOR

April, 2016


Shri Kanak Mal Dugar

 Global Peace Science Hero: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=697 

Honorary President

GHA Vice-President



Global Harmony Association (GHA)

confers the GHA High Honor

World Harmony Creator



Honorary President, GHA-India:


Chairman, Gandhi Vidya Mandir:


Chancellor, IASE Deemed University:



For an unprecedented contribution to Global harmony, expressed in:

  • English publication of the first in history Global Textbook: "The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking" in India;
  • Organization of the International Seminar of Teachers in New Delhi o­n February 11-13, 2012, which opened the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment by the ABC of Harmony presentation o­n it.


Both events have historic significance as for humankind, opening for him the new spiritual era of Harmonious Enlightenment, which is intended to overcome the total ignorance of the past centuries in social harmony, and as for India, raising it into the world leader of global harmony and harmonious civilization.


Shri Kanak Mal Dugar is included in the GHA Gallery: World Harmony Creators:




May 4, 2012


My Dear Friend Kanakmal,

Thank you very much for your kind response and gratitude to 18 GHA members of 10 countries for their condolences (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481) o­n the death of your loving wife during 56 years.

Please, could you kindly to receive in May the GHA delegation of the GHA President Dr. Subhash Chandra and GHA CEO Mr. Ramesh Kumar to convey to you the GHA's condolences, flowers, prayers and Memorable Letter? Could you make it in Delhi during 2 weeks? Please, let for this Dr. Subhash Chandra know convenient place and time for you.
Dr. Leo Semashko



My Dear GHA President, V Presidents and members,

Thanks you all for your condolence messages o­n the death of my dear wife. We were married for 56 years and she never gave me a chance to think of anything but of being the best life partner. Now I think that I can spend the rest of my life with the help of her sweet memories and with love and sympathy of friends like you.

Thank you all again--

Kanakmal Dugar

Chancellor, IASE Deemed University

President, Gandhi Vidya Mandir

Vice- President, Global Harmony Association


Our dear friend Kanakmal
GHA-India Honorary President,
World Harmony Creator,
IASE University Chancellor,
Gandhi Vidya Mandir Chairman,

The GHA has recently learned about the hard grief that befell you in February - your beloved wife passed away.

GHA expresses the sincere condolences from all the GHA members in connection with a severe, irreparable loss. May the light soul of your wife rest near God. We knew her as a great woman. We pray for her peace.

We pray for you, for your health, for your strong support of Peace from Harmony as the GHA-India Honorary President (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481
). We hope for it that will help you to endure your grief.


We ask you kindly to receive in May the GHA delegation of the GHA President Dr. Subhash Chandra and GHA CEO Mr. Ramesh Kumar to convey to you the GHA's condolences, flowers, prayers and Memorable Letter.

We hope to continue our cooperation and to your support of GHA.

With love,
Sincerely yours,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President,
Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President,
GHA Executive Director, Mr. Ramesh Kumar




Cuando muere un ser querido se convierte en luz. Que esa luz se derrame en su familia.

Ime Biassoni, Argentine, poet


, . .
Ime Biassoni


When a loved o­ne dies, she becomes light. May that light spill into your family.
Ime Biassoni

Yes sir, it is very sad news. May God bless her peace in next world and patience to you to bear the shock of departure of your wife. With regards, 
Noor M . Larik,
GHA, member from Pakistan.

Good evening,

In my turn, I address my moved and saddened condolences to this large humanistic Indian!

The loss to be it expensive which shared its existence is a test, this, whatever can be our philosophical design and or nun of the existence: belief in God monotheist, the law of the universe, the cycle of the rebirths, Karma

India: is o­ne of the countries which gradually becomes o­ne of the headlights of humanity!

Personally, in tribute to this country, I envisaged to record with the autumn celebrates it Song of India the song of India is an adapted popular song of the aria of indiĭskogo gostia of opera 1896 of Rimsky-Korsakov Sadko.

I take part in the sorrow of our friends. Cordially,

Guy CREQUIE, France  

Deep condolences o­n the untimely and sad demise of Mr. Kanakmal's wife.

Ashok Chakravarthy, India, poet


Dear Dr. Kanakmal Dugar;

Heartfelt condolences for your beloved wife passed away sometime ago. This is a great irreparable loss. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Sincerely,

Bishnu Pathak, Nepal


Hi Kanakmal,

I will pray for your wife and rest of your family to be able to overpass this pain


GHA Honorary Vicepresident


Dear friend Kanakmal,

It is with great grief that I receive the death of your honorable wife.

My sincere condolences. May she remain in eternal peace.

Peace and love.

Prof. Ammar Banni, Algeria


Heartfelt Condolences to Sri. Kanakmal Dugarji

Dr. Bindu. R.L, India


Please accept my deep condolences o­n the untimely and sad demise of the wife of our friend Kanakmal. We keep our beloved persons alive in our hearts, memories and prays.

Souls never die, but live forever. Their absence from the life of mortality is really painful. With Love and respect

Takis D. Ioannides, Greece


Prays and prays for our friend Kanakmal.

with you in this moment of condolences..

love, respect, light united all with him!

Susana Roberts, Argentine


All my best regards and love in this sad moment.

Bella clara Ventura, Argentine

Respected Sri Kanakmal Dugar,

My heartlyfelt condolences to Sri KanakMal Dugarji and family. Best Regards,

Prof. Leela, Nepal



Pravat Dhal, India


My heartfelt condolences for the loss of your dear wife

May her soul rest in peace. Best regards,

Sarah Carrere Mbodj, Colombia


Dear Mr. Kanakmal,

Kindly accept my deepest condolences o­n the death of your beloved wife.

May her soul rest in peace Amen. Kind regards,

Dr. Ayo Amale, Ghana


Shri Kanak Mal Dugar


Born in Sardarshahr, Rajasthan o­n 17th July 1942 with a socio-spiritual heritage, to Shri Kanhaiya Lal Dugar who was known as Swami Shri Ramsharan when he took to Sanyas(renunciation), Shri Kanak Mal Dugar is a multifaceted personality. Treading o­n the path of his divine father, he shouldered the responsibility of Education and Social establishments of Swamiji from 1970.


Starting as the member of Executive committee of Gandhi Vidya Mandir, a society formed by his father in 1950 and subsequently as its Vice President in 1973, today he is the Chairman which has established IASE Deemed University having in all 16 institutions comprising Engineering, Ayurveda, Humanities, Women, Education, Veterinary colleges, Agriculture Research Center and several schools. He is working as the Chancellor of the University since 2007.


To widen his network of social service he established Rotary Club in Sardarshahr in 1972 and became its founder President.


Kanak Mal is maintaining the path crafted by Swamiji to inculcate the value based education right from 1951 when no o­ne thought of it, whose vision was that any education if imparted without values would create disharmony in the society. Swamiji inculcated the sense of sacrifice and values amongst the teachers and staff too which is continued by Kanak Mal with special interest.


Due to his deep interest towards Education and Research especially o­n spiritual and social value inherited from his renunciatee father, in 1977 he conducted the archeological survey and rejuvenation of 1500 year old Osia Temple complex in Rajasthan which not o­nly removed the mismanagement and the exploitation by the priests but also revived the socio economic development by the developed tourism. He formed a trust for this movement in 1976 named as Sachchia Mata Trust, Osia where he continued as founder President for 15 years developing self sustainability by making more than 200 rooms for tourists lodging amongst other activities.


Likewise he is associated with several other Social and Spiritual institutions. He has versatile knowledge in socio-cultural and spiritual fields right from Music, Art, Yoga, Hindu scripture Bhagvad Gita to Agriculture (mainly Organic), for which he is practioner and promoter. He is an ardent promoter of Ayurveda too, to revamp the Indian Heritage medical science.


He has been promoting the Gandhian values for self sustainable economy through different social projects and conducting and participating in National and International seminars for Global Peace and Harmony.

Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM), founded in 1950 as a sequel to its founder's dedication to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi whose assassination spurred a revolution in his heart and soul. His name was Shri Kanhaiya Lal Dugar. Born and brought up in Sardarshahr in the erstwhile princely State of Bikaner in a very distinguished and wealthy family, yet, Shri Kanhaiya Lal Dugar was spiritually inclined since his childhood.

Mr. Dugar's idol was Mahatma Gandhi because of his faith in God, secular approach and 'Vishwa Bandhutwa'. He was in Bombay(now Mumbai) when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. At that moment of profound grief, he felt as though some supreme power ordained him to dedicate his life in the worship of God through the service of mankind. He then went to Matheran, a nearby hill-station. There he had a dream in which Gandhi ji came out of a hut to bless him whilst he was teaching young children in a hermitage.

Shri Dugar went to Wardha and consulted Acharya Vinoba Bhave and other Gandhians like Kaka Kalelkar, Kishorlal Mashruwala, Krishnadas Jaju, Shriman Narayan Agarwal and Madalsa Ben. For establishing the institution, some of them proposed Delhi , some Wardha, some Jaipur, and so o­n. Finally they looked to Vinobaji who said 'Spread  Light Where It Is The Darkest, Spread Education Were Illitercy Is The Highest'; the reference was obvious - Kanhaiya Lals home town of Sardarshahr , in the starkest desert  region of Rajasthan.

A project was conceptualised there and the name of Gandhi Vidya Mandir was decided. Later o­n, Shri Dugar consulted some other prominent persons like Dada Ravishankar Maharaj, Swami Sharnanand, Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Acharya  Tulsi  and Jayaprakash Narayan. Sardar  Patel had promised to lay the foundation stone of Gandhi Vidya Mandir but unfortunately he passed away. Devised as India 's first Rural University University , its foundation stone was laid in 1955, by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India.

The dream took form and flight. Mr. Dugar, the young 'grihasth', born with a silver spoon in his mouth, volunteered to give up all the luxuries of life, making that ocean of sand his home. He contributed Rs. 5 Lakhs which was a princely fund in those days. Searching for a suitable location near Sardarshahr, he and his colleagues visited an old temple of Shri . Hanuman, and saw some deer frolicking at a distance. They followed them in enchantment  and saw a pair of Shami trees and sat beneath these trees for a prayer. Shri Dugar felt, eureka, this was the site he was searching for. From that day till now, o­n every Tuesday, an all faiths-prayer is held by the entire  fraternity of Gandhi Vidya Mandir.

Shri. Dugar constructed a mud and thatched hut encompassing the two Shami trees. Leaving his huge mansion, he stayed in this hut, named 'OmKutir' (Picture above), with his family for the next twenty years.

The first lesson was delivered by the renowned Saint-poet Shri Viyogi Hari (picturer above) in 1952, to three students. 50 years later, there are about 10,000 students o­n a campus of 1,200 acres. The teachers and students are from all castes, creeds, religions and come from different States of India . The availability of sweet and adequate drinking water in all its wells, in a scarce and saline water zone, is  the proof of blessing from Almighty.

Characteristically, the lessons in social engagement and humanistic values are taught here not just through lectures, but teaching by doing or learning by doing. To inculcate the sense of compassion and altruism, students are taken out to villages, where they mingle with the masses, try to know their woes and needs. They also go over to the places where there are large-scale sufferings, perennially or caused by a disaster. Ours was the first, and probably the o­nly University-team, to reach the Tsunami affected areas of Tamil Nadu and Pond Cherry, earthquake affected areas of Bhuj, Gujarat and flood-hit areas of Barmer in Rajasthan. The Relief Team, with a well-equipped medical van, doctors, paramedical staff and our student-volunteers served the hapless masses in an exemplary manner.

Emphasis is laid o­n inculcating concern for rural upliftment and o­n developing vocational skills and training. Fifty-three villages are served through village-libraries, dispensaries, mobile dispensaries, vocational training centres, agriculture and animal husbandry programmes, drinking water supply programmes and homes for destitute children.

The founder Shri Dugar had renounced his entire wealth for the cause of education and the welfare of society at large, and embraced Sanyas, thence after known as Swami Shri. Ramsharanji. Fifty long years he spent in service of mankind selflessly. He had realized that his end was closing in, and while conversing with someone, he uttered, this body of mine can no longer serve others; rather it needs to be served. He than went into Samadhi and left for his heavenly abode.





Prof. Surendra Pathak

Global Peace Science Hero: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=697

GHA-India President
GHA Vice-President





Prof and Head

Department of Value Education (Chena Vikas Mulya Shiksha)


EDUCATION:all from Dr. H S Gour University of Sagar, MP (http://www.dhsgsu.ac.in/)

M. Tech. (Applied Geology),

M.J.M.C. (Master of Journalism and Mass Communication),

U.G. & P.G. Diploma (Yogic Science),

Ph.D. (Journalism & Linguistics).




IASE University: Sardarshahar, Rajasthan (http://www.iaseuniversity.org.in/)

Professor and Head, Department Value Education,

Director Research and Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Project Director, Interdisciplinary Research Project and world Conference o­n Existential Harmony 2012-2015 (http://existentialharmony.org/)

Somaiya Vidya Vihar : Mumbai

Former Director, Jeevan Vidya Study Centre (2007-2010)

Makhanlal Caturvedi National University of Journalism, Bhopal, MP

Lecturer Journalism (2000 to till date)

Assistant Director, Project: History of Journalism in India after independent

Incharge, Department of Science Journalism

Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya University, Chitrakoot, Satna, MP

Lecturer Journalism (1993)

Dr. H S Gour University of Sagar (1992)

Lecturer Journalism & Mass Communication (Adhoc)




President: GHAIndia (Global Harmony Association) www.peacefromharmony.org),

Special Consultant: IAEWP (www.iaewp.org),

Member, WCPA (www.wcpa.biz/),

Member Scientific Advisory Board, Deep University Press (www.deepapproach.com)

Member, Advisory Board: Ground Report India (www.groundreportindia.com)

Member Editorial Board Global Peace (an international Journal of Philosophy, Peace, Education, culture and civilization)




Honorary association:

Bureau Chief, Newsleaks (News Portal: New Delhi), South - East Asia (www.newsleaks.in/)

Advisor: Paryavaran Urja Times (Raipur)

Editor:Sarthak Samvad (Bhopal)

Subject Expert: Samagam- Journal for media and cinema (Bhopal)


(During 1994 to 2000)

Former Chief Sub Editor: Free Press (Indore),

Former General Manager: Free Press (Raipur),

Former Editorial Advisor: Swadesh (Raipur, Bhopal),

Former News Editor: Deshbandhu (Bhopal)

Former member Editorial Board: Media Mimansa (MCRPVV Journal, Bhopal)




Participated and presented a paper and chaired some sessions in six international seminars and more than 24 national seminars and edited Seminar Proceedings. I was convener of international Seminar o­n Teacher Education for Peace and harmony, New Delhi




Conducted more than 35 Jeevan Vidya Workshop (Human Values) (seven-days each) at Somaiya Vidya Vihar, Mumbai University, IASE University, Gujrat Vidyapith, Lok Bharti, Sanosara, Gujarat Based o­n Madhyasth Darshan-Shaastitvad Propounded by Shri A Nagraj, Amarkantak, MP (http://madhyasth-darshan.info)




Date of Birth: Dec 4, 1962


Postal Address:

Residence: Teacher Colony (Gurujan Vihar), IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahr, 331401, District Churu, RAJASTHAN

Office : IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahar, 331401, Dist-Churu, Rajasthan, India, Phone: 01564 223625, Fax- 01564-220057, 2236827

mobile: 09414086007 Email: pathak06{@}gmail.com,




Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy




Sociogroup Head



Principal Basanti Devi College

147B Rash Behari Avenue.






Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, Litt.D




Infogroup Head

GHA Vice-President


Poet - Review Writer
H.No. 16-2-836/L, Plot-39
Madhavnagar, Saidabad






Dr. Haji Syed Salman Chishty




Orggroup Head



Gaddi Nashin - Khadim e Khawaja Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty (r.a.)

Director - Chishty Foundation

Postal Add : Chishty Manzil

Jhalra Street

Dargah Sharif

Ajmer - 305001



Tel : +91 145 2429473

Cell : +91 9829174973






Himansu Dugar

Techno(eco)group Head



Global Harmony Association (GHA) INDIA

Approved by GHA o­n August 23, 2011

The GHA-India Board meeting was held o­n the auspicious occasion of Indian Independence Day,15th August at 1600 hrs(4pm) IST at Institute of Advanced Studies in Education(IASE) deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahr, Rajasthan. Following office bearers were physically present:

Shri Kanak Mal Dugar Honorary President, GHA India

Dr. Surendra Pathak President, GHA India

Dr. Motilal Sharma Vice President, GHA India

Dr. Syed Salman Chisty Vice President, GHA India


Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy Vice President, GHA India joined the meeting o­n Skype and Phone line.

The meeting was chaired by Shri Kanak Mal Dugar.

The meeting was conducted of following agenda:

1.Shri Kanak Mal Dugar: Independence Day and Gandhi Vidya Mandir University for Universal Brotherhood and Humanism from Harmony in India - 30 minutes

2.Acquaintance with each other (each tells about himself 1-2 minutes), approval of the new Members and other office bearers: 30 minutes. 

3.Global Education as Harmonious Education of Global Harmonious Civilization: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=440 (new address!) discussion: 20 minutes.

4.Possibility to establish the Department of Harmonious Civilization at IASE: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=465  discussion: 40 minutes.

5.Annual programme, Board meetings, Workshops, Seminar and conferences etc.: 30 minutes.

6.Constitution of Regional Chapters (six in India) (?) 15 minutes.

7.Creating the Commission of 3 members o­n the development of the GHA-India Charter to February 15, 2012 15 minutes.

Following are the minutes of the meeting:

Agenda No.1)

Speaking o­n the 1st agenda of the meeting about Independence Day and Gandhi Vidya Mandir IASE University for Universal Brotherhood and Humanism for Harmony in India, Shri Kanak Mal said that Independence starts from liberation from all bondages inside and outside every individual, then the Humanism is liberated and made free from all bondages and slavery.

Regarding Harmony he said harmony begins from own self when o­ne thinks of relinquishing o­nes own rights and fulfill all his duties then o­nly stable and perfect harmony can be achieved in society, nation, world and nature at large. This is the royal way towards harmony in every society. He said that the difference between man and animal is that animal lives for themselves and man lives for others. Man has sense of duty and responsibility to live in harmony with everybody. This is what is the first lesson taught in all schools and colleges of Gandhi Vidya Mandir not o­nly to the students but also to the teachers.

He said that after prolong efforts & struggle with Satyagraha (peaceful and non-violent pursuit for truth) India got Independence and demonstrated that Global harmony can o­nly be achieved through peaceful ways. Gandhiji said, Do justice even to your enemy.

Agenda No. 2 & 3)

As per the agenda No. 2 everybody gave the brief introduction about themselves speaking in their turns and spoke about their vision, mission, experience and action about Global Harmonious Education.

Shri Kanak Mal told how he has got the values of peace and harmony from his father Shri Kanhaiya Lal Dugar who was born in o­ne of the wealthiest and still very harmonious family, renunciated all his wealth and became a monk. He established this society Gandhi Vidya Mandir, which is run maintained by him now with the values taught by his father to work for the larger interest for global peace and harmony.

Dr. Salman Chishty said how right from generations from 11th century they have been safeguarding the spiritual heritage of Sufi saint Hazret Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty in Ajmer Sharif where people coming from whole globe, from all walks of life of various religions are received and blessed in same way. Salman Chisty said right from his college days he was interested in comparative studies of different religion and travelling in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia and finally working in Rajasthan he has realized the thought of Sufism which says that all soul coexist in the world belonging to single lord, single creation. So everyone has to realize that how they have to dedicate their time to serve the world where they have come.

Advocating the vision of Global Harmony Dr Chishty recited the blessed last sermon of Hazret Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty as follows:

Love all and hate none.

Mere talk of peace will avail you naught.

Mere talk of God and religion will not take you far.

Bring out all the latent powers of your being

and reveal the full magnificence of your immortal self.


Be surcharged with peace and joy,

and scatter them wherever you are

and wherever you go.


Be a blazing fire of truth

be a beauteous blossom of love

and be a soothing balm of peace.

With your spiritual light,

dispel the darkness of ignorance;

dissolve the clouds of discord and war

and spread goodwill, peace and harmony among the people


Never seek any help, charity, or favours

from anybody except God.

Never go to the court of kings,

but never refuse to bless and help the needy and the poor,

the widow and the orphan, if they come to your door.


This is your mission, to serve the people

Carry it out dutifully and courageously



Dr. Motilal Sharma who studied with Shri Kanak Mal, started his career as a primary school teacher in Gandhi Vidya Mandir and rose to university Professor finally to join Asian Development Bank which made him work in Pakistan and other nations of South Asia and Asia Pacific to realize the fact that Harmony starts from self and develops by giving respect for others faith. Harmony cannot be taught, it can be learnt by giving opportunity to others.

Introducing herself as the President of the disabled children organization, 'Beautiful Mind at Kolkata, India and Principal of Basanti Devi College, Kolkata Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy said that Harmony is inherent human quality. We should work to live together, work together. She said she is proud for a country like India having varied culture and numerous problems but still able to live and work together.


Dr Surendra Pathak introduced himself that he has multidisciplinary qualifications right from M.Tech. (Geology) to Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication to Phd in Journalism & Linguistics. So he expressed his interest to work for the Agenda No.3 dealing with Global Education as Harmonious Education of Global Harmonious Civilization.

Elaborating the introduction of Surendra Pathak, Kanak Mal said that he is a specialist of value education who has been expert to teach the values amongst the highly qualified and enlightened people.

Dr Pathak read his paper o­n Global Harmony through Chetana Vikas Mulya Siksha (Value Education through Developing Consciousness, i.e. Human centric philosophy of Existential Harmony).

The paper would be posted separately.


Regarding the approval of new members they said that they would consult Dr Leo to give more guidelines and took the suggestion of Dr. Maitreyee as she being the old member of GHA. It was decided that any respectable person who is having interest and ideological commitment to work for peace and harmony having respect for culture and heritage can become the member of GHA with the final approval from the global President Dr Leo. Regarding the addition of new office bearers it was decided that let the present six office bearers work and show some good results then o­nly they can think of adding more.


Agenda No. 4)

Regarding the Possibility to establish the Department of Harmonious Civilization at IASE it was decided that they would try to first establish a Chair for Harmonious Education in the Value Education department of IASE Deemed University. Later with the cooperation of Chisty Foundation the budget and plan to start the new department would be finalized for which Dr. Motilal Sharma has taken the responsibility of giving its blue print.

Thus, after the establishment of a Department an Institute of Peace and Harmony would be established.


Agenda No. 5)

Regarding Annual Programme, Board Meetings, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences it was decided that a workshop o­n Teacher Education for Peace and Harmony is going to be conducted o­n 24th September, 2011 at India International Center, New Delhi.

The Board meetings would be done quarterly. So, the next Board meeting would be done in November 2011 which would finalize about the Annual meeting to be held next year in November 2012.

Agenda No.6)

The constitution of Regional Chapters would be formed in the next board meeting of November 2011. Dr Motilal Sharma proposed that Maitreyee could take up Kolkata and Dr Ashok Chakravarthy at Hyderabad as the Regional Chapters.

Agenda No.7)

Regarding the creation of commission of 3 members o­n the development of GHA-India Charter to Feb 15, 2012, Dr. Motilal Sharma would make the draft and finalize in the next board meeting.

Vote of Thanks was given by Dr Surendra Pathak.


Respected Dr. Leo, Prof. Ernesto Kahan and dear friends of GHA,

First meeting of GHA-India was held o­n 15 August, 2011 at Gandhi Vidya Mandir It was chaired by Kanak Mal Dugar, Honorary President GHA- India. Herewith enclosed is the minutes of the meeting for your approval and subsequent posting o­n the website.

Thanking all

With Harmony Best wishes,

Kanak Mal Dugar


Respected Honorary President of the GHA-India Kanak Mal Dugar,

Thank you very much for your brief but very informative minutes of your wonderful meeting GHA-India o­n August 15! I was happy to publish these minutes o­n our website:

I like to invite the GHA members to approve this protocol as fully sharing the GHA mission for three days before August 23, 2011. If there are changes, I'll put them o­n the website.

I am pleased to emphasize that the speech of the GHA-India each member was filled with a deep sense of social harmony for both India and the world. Each performance is original in content and form, particularly interesting is Salman Chistys poetic form. At the same time, in all diversity, all the performances were in harmony as a single orchestra. This is a very important event for GHA as a whole.

Perhaps the GHA-India most important decision was the o­ne to establish a Chair of Harmonious Education in IASE University. That would be the world's first such department. The ABC of Harmony - the world's textbook, which is now preparing GHA - would be its first textbook. I would be happy to head this department, and invite in it the professors from India, Russia, United States and other countries. I could start this work from the beginning of 2012 after the publication of The ABC of Harmony. As you can see, your meeting created a rich opportunities and unfolded the new prospects for the global harmonious education.

The GHA-India, devotees of the values ​​of social harmony, with inspiriting and enthusiasm paved the conscious way for a harmonious civilization. They confirm o­nce again the words of the great American sociologist Margaret Mead: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the o­nly thing that ever has. With this the words of great Nelson Mandela are concordant: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World.

The GHA-India now has all the advantages and benefits to join to the office the dozens of new members from among the students and teachers of Gandhi Vidya Mandir and IASE University.

We heartily wish GHA-India success and new world achievements in the way of harmonious education to a harmonious civilization.

Best harmony wishes,

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,




Priya Agrawal



The ABC of Harmony for World Peace


by Priya Agrawal*


Though World Peace and Harmony are large topics to understand, the ABC of Harmony has presented them in just few pages. The slogans Peace comes from harmony and Harmony gives Happiness has given a wide spectrum to the world. The great thoughts of Abdul Kalam, Vladimir Vernadsky have been presented with a big explanation of it. This book explains us How beautiful is the world in harmony!. The main goal of this book is itself expressed in the title. Many slogans have been used to take the world towards the royal path of harmony. No desires, be utilized is a truth because till the evils like greed, selfishness, desires, idleness, feeling of inequality and intolerance persist in the society conflicts remain unresolved.


When there is beauty in character

There is harmony in the home.

When there is harmony in the home,

There is order in the nation.

When there is order in the nation,

There is peace in the world.


These poetic lines indicate that we are the o­nly o­ne to start for the peace and harmony in the world. We cannot expect others to bring peace unless and until we dont apply the concept of peace. The character, consciousness, will and body language plays a key role in bringing peace in the world. When these basic things of a person are beautiful, then and then o­nly it can create harmony in the house. When there is peace in our home, it will spread in our neighborhood. From neighborhood it will increase to a particular area, from area to the society, from society to the country and finally from country to the whole world.

No o­ne is other, no o­ne is another.


When no o­ne is another, we all are the same of the creation of Nature or the creation of his master. o­ne will be able to understand the meaning of harmony when he will come to know the concept of that, is not the person who died, father of a child? Is he not the husband of his wife? Is he not the dearest to his mother? Is the blood of the person who died and who created the terror different? Cant he start the journey towards the peace from ourselves?


Harmony can also be brought by the new way of looking at the world. The people need to change their way of seeing the world. The way we see the world it looks the same. If we look at the world with hatred the people will look at us with the same behavior. If we give and try to feel the love with the people then we would also gain love from the people.


Harmony of the world is hurt due to war and terrors which take place due to the ego of the person. Many groups of people think that their religion is the best and they create hatred towards other religion. Thus ego is developed in the mind and thus he harms others. Thus it is a necessity to drop down the ego and live with brotherhood.


To put an end to war and terror, first we need to put our heart at peace. We dont need to bring peace, peace itself will bring peace.


There is no need of doing any prayers but o­nly o­ne prayer, "Oh God, Our Lord!! You have created us with love as the best part of your beautiful and good world harmony. Bless us with harmony with nature and each other to leave in peace."


* Priya Agrawal, Child Poetess,

Member: Global Harmony Association (GHA),

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony among the World Children,

Author of Aatank se Aman Tak' - Book o­n World Peace and two other books,

Education Studying in 11th Std.,


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Published: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=506





Priya Agrawal - Child Poetess

Author of ' Aatank se Aman Tak ' - Book o­n World Peace

Education Studying in 11th Classroom









CONTACT - +91-9327546066, +91-9825336293

Winner of prestigious National Balshree Awards for Creative Writing.


Winner of America's prestigious Skipping Stones Youth Honor Awards for Multicultural International Understanding for the year 2012 - o­nly girl to receive from the subcontinent and amongst Top 10 children of the World.

Priya Agrawal, 16 years of age, from Ahmedabad, India is a child poetess and author of three Hindi Poetry books at the young age. Apart from being writer at the young age, she excels in Academics also. She has scored 99.75 percentile in Std 10 examination and intents to do Computer Science with specialization in Robotics after 12. Her future vision includes meeting President Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, World Level Awards and have foreign study with full Scholarship.

Author of 'Do Pal ' (2008) collection of 70 Hindi poems o­n various issues like Save Girl Child, Women Empowerment, Child Labour, Anti Smoking, Save Trees, Population Explosion, Poverty, Menace of dowry, Education System, Culture etc.

Author of Khiltey Phool Chatakti Kaliyan (2009) - collection of 80 poems o­n National Integration, Love, Humanity and Character Building.

Author of ' Aatank se Aman Tak ' (2011) - collection of 50 poems o­n World Peace in the memory of Martyrs of Mumbai Terrorist attack.

Priyas poetry has received the messages from Indias President, His Holiness Dalai Lama, Commonwealth Secretary General, World Peace Foundation and many national dignitaries.

Books selected by RRMR foundation for distribution in libraries.

Written over 500 poems and over 700 couplets.

Selected amongst Top 111 Women writers of India of 21st century by ' The Sunday Indian '.

Youngest Invitee at the age of 14 at 7th International Writer's Festival, Wardha (Maharashtra - India ) in 2011.

Interviewed by Doordarshan National Network, All India Radio and private T.V channels for her poetry talent.

Interviewed by various prestigious publications like Bhaskar Group, Times of India Group, Spenta Publications, etc.


Website: www.wix.com/priyapoetess4u/india

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FAMILY BACKGROUND: Grandfather Lt. Shri Dharampalji Agrawal was associated with World's biggest Cow Shelter 'Gaushala'. Grandmother Smt. Liladevi Agrawal is a pious lady and a house-wife. Father Shri Narendra Agrawal is a Clairvoyant Fore teller and Energy Life Coach. Mother Smt. Anita Agrawal is a Cosmic Healer. Elder sister Riya Agrawal pursuing MBA Finance. Brother Uttaransh Agrawal is a National Chess Player and studying in 6th Std. Whole family works for the Education of poor slum children.


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