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II. Applications and Prerequisites

II. Applications and Prerequisites


2.1. Applications

1. For World Peace from Harmony

Tolerance, Harmony and Responsibility for World Peace

The ABC of Harmony as Spiritual Key for World Peace from Harmony

Harmonious Education: World Unity and Global Peace

Harmonization of the Family Group to Find Social Peace

2. For Conscious Building of a Harmonious Civilization

Harmonious, Value and Tetraspheral Education: Method of Conscious Evolution of Harmonious Civilization

A Just Global Economy for Harmonious Civilization

Tetramarketing: Harmonic Spheral Marketing as an Entrance to Tetraeconomics of Harmonious Civilization

The ABC of Harmony as the Theoretical Base for the International Institute of World Harmony

World Constitution for Harmonious Civilization

Children Priority and Children Suffrage in Harmonious Civilization

Esperanto as Language for Harmonious Civilization

History of the Website "Peace from Harmony": 2005–2012

3. The First Historical Use of the ABC of Harmony

"Demiurge" Club (1976–1980) – Source of the ABC of Harmony and Harmonious Civilization

Club of Preschool Esthetic and Spiritual Development "Clever Kids": Saint Petersburg, 1991–2005

2.2. Prerequisites

1. Historical Preconditions for the ABC of Harmony

Social Harmony in the Vedic India

Greek Philosophy: Harmony Ideas for the ABC of Harmony

Christianity: Bible and Harmony

The Golden Rule of Religions: The First Law of Social Harmony

Harmony and Synthesis in Sung China of 10–13 Centuries

Al Quran e Karim: Understanding the Social Harmony in the Muslim Culture

Sufism and Sufi's World of Wisdom and Harmony

Religious Harmony in Japan

Penang: Island of Religious Harmony

2. Modern Preconditions for the ABC of Harmony in Four Spheres

A. Sociosphere

Interfaith Encounter Association: Harmony among Jews and Palestinians

Muslims and Christians of Pakistan: Peace, Harmony and Reconciliation

The ABC of Social Harmony

African Forms of Social Harmony

Harmonious Education

Echoes of Inner Divine Harmony

B. Infosphere

Sociological Theory: Rationale of Four-dimensionality of Society as a Prerequisite for Social Harmony Science

Synergetics and Philosophy of Social Harmony

Harmony as Systems Cybernetic and Holistic Behavior

Psychology of Harmony: Exit to Tetrapsychology

Rio-20: the ABC of Sustainable Development in Harmony

Common Good of Humanity through Social Harmony

Harmony as dignity and protection from humiliation

The Harmony of Love

Harmony of Music and Music of Harmony

Rationality of Harmony and Responsibility

Mathematical Art Studies and Harmony of Two Cultures

The Secrets and Principles of Harmony: My Grail Quest

My Children's Perception of The ABC of Harmony

Transformative Harmony

C. Orgsphere

Dynamics of Unity of Nations

The ABC of Harmony as the ABC of Harmonious Democracy

Societal Security and Social Harmony

ISO 26000 o­n Social Responsibility for Harmony

Peace and Harmony between Israelis and Palestinians Based o­n Mutual Recognition of National Aspirations

D. Tehno/Ecosphere

Development in Harmony with Nature as Objective Function

Harmonious civilization as harmonious noosphere

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