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VI. Conclusion

VI. Conclusion


ABC of Harmony + Maieutics of Harmony = Planetary Love:

Birth of a Harmonious Human Identity


The conclusion is devoted to the deepest meaning that underlies the ABC of harmony as a whole: the birth of new harmonious man, and their new human identity in love of harmonious civilization. It happened in its first conscious process, during 9 months (since May 2011 to January 2012) of the collective (about 90 members of the GHA) creation of the ABC of Harmony and its comprehension. This process includes the two traditional subjects: maieutics, known from Socrates and homo industris – a modern industrial man. This process also includes two new subjects to which they are transformed: maieutics of harmony and homo harmonicus – harmonious person at the very beginning of its formation in the process of collective creation and comprehension of the ABC. The latter determines the meaning of the ABC of Harmony. Let usdefinetheconcepts first.

Two and a half thousand years ago the great Greek philosopher Socrates created and successfully used his dialectical method of maieutics to extract the hidden knowledge of person in the process of dialogue with them using skillful leading questions. (Maieutics – Gr. Μαιευτική – literally: the art of midwifery or obstetrics). This philosophical method was brilliantly applied and captured by the genious pupil of Socrates – Plato – in his dialogues that have become o­ne of the greatest intellectual foundations of Western civilization and human thought in general.

Following Socrates and Plato, we, the coathors of the ABC, tried to revive and apply the method of maieutics in completely different circumstances of creation of the ABC and uprising of harmonious civilization, as well as for a new purpose – birth of socially new human. The modern revival of maieutics is an attempt of human mind to comprehend the harmony of the world, society and thinking in the historical situation of the dying off industrial society and its homo industris.

Harmonious civilization can be born o­nly along with harmonious human. A harmonious human of this civilization – homo harmonicus will never occur, and therefore harmonious would civilization never arise, unless they do not open in themselves universal harmony, i.e. the harmonious reason/mind. Hereby, the philosophical method that helps people find universal harmony in their minds to use it as the first tool of conscious building of harmonious civilization in themselves and in the world, will be further referred as maieutics of harmony. In brief, Maieutics of harmony is the art of intellectual midwifery for homo industris in order to become homo harmonicus. An industrial human, ultimately, destroys themselves and humankind, while human harmonious ensures the survival and prosperity of humankind. The transition from o­ne to another is a difficult, long and delicate process of transformation of mind and thinking of people from industrial to harmonious.

Homo industris – industrial human – it is a collective term for all types of private and partial humans from Homo erectus and Homo faber – to Homo cantans – singing, Homo ludens – playing, Homo videns (Sartori) – television, Homo economicus, and so o­n up to infinity of similar manifestations of this human. Homo industris is the most successful from our point of view generalization of historical private person, which got the highest development in industrial civilization. This human, as well as this civilization, completes previous history of domination of different kinds of partial people, societies and civilizations opening up the world scene of history for integral/holistic and harmonious human and humankind. Holistic harmonious person of o­ne global harmonious civilization is homo harmonicus.

Introduction of the concepts of homo industris and homo harmonicus allows us to define to kinds of human beings in the universal concept of Homo sapiens: partial human – homo industris, and holistic human – homo harmonicus. In other terms: homo sapiens-1 and homo sapiens-2: HS1 and HS2, or homo industris – HI, and homo harmonicus – HH. We will use the latter kind of abbreviation.

To determine the current situation of transition from HI to HH let us briefly describe each of them.

Modern HI is willing and is able to create bombs, destroying the world and humanity as a whole – hydrogen, cluster, climate and other partial bombs, rather than harmony of integrity and integrity of harmony. It is related to the HI partial technologies, which allow positive creation of the particularities o­nly, as well as with its partial thought in o­ne, two or three dimensions: monism, dualism and trialism. Acting and perceiving themselves and others as separate beings, industrial people end up being split into numerous partial groups/classes that are not o­nly alienated, but also hostile to each other. Their disharmony is a constant source of social violence, war, murder and humiliation of each other. The HI basic rules are: war of all against all; if you want peace, prepare for war; maximize private gain at the expense of all; every human for themselves, o­ne God for all. Hereby, no o­ne takes responsibility for the whole, for all. So, this whole is bad and cruel, so it dies in the end, destroying itself, so everyone live in it not knowing joy and happiness. Therefore, each HI sees the other o­ne, as an enemy in first place, as something negative or, as a tool for finding their own good. HI makes the main advantage of a person – mind – subject to particularities and their disharmony, therefore being powerless in face of their harmony as a whole. Disharmony is their essence, which determines all their qualities, and of which we have named o­nly a small part.

However people live by harmony, rather than disharmony. The reason why disharmony of HI was still not able to kill a human and humanity, is in face that they, like everything in the universe, are involved in global integral harmony, which they follow spontaneously or unconsciously, and which they feel, cultivate and expresses intuitively without knowing it. Just like George Dandin, spoke in prose, not knowing it. HI does not express sensible human as a whole, but o­nly its part. Another part of HI is harmonious person – HH, the existence of which inside is not understood by the vast majority, apart from several people in the history of past. Manifestations of harmony in society and in people are more than enough, but harmony is much weaker than disharmony, when it is unconscious and intuitive. The most important manifestations of harmony among people are love, consent, concord, mutual caring, friendship, etc. In society – it is peace, justice, freedom, arts, especially music and poetry, family institute built upon love and mutual consent, the golden rule of all religions: Do unto others o­nly what you would want they do to you, and so o­n.

If human nature in this respect is dual: disharmonious/harmonious, and the life of human and mankind depends o­n harmony and is determined by its knowledge, then there must be the way from ignorance to knowledge. And the method of this transition is maieutics of harmony. If in times of Socrates and Plato, scientific knowledge about society, human, and their harmony barely existed, though contained a lot of prerequisites for it, then now there is a huge set of partial knowledge amassed, which is waiting and ready for its holistic harmonious synthesis, and which just requires a framework. Such framework of integral harmony (or harmonious integrity) of society and human is created, in first approximation, in the ABC of Harmony. Its 20 fundamental elements/spheres embrace all societies and people, so it is acceptable for all people and nations.

Therefore, the ABC of Harmony is the first step of maieutics of harmony for each of industrial societies and humans. The second step is based o­n the ABC harmonious education in dialogical or polylogical form in group decision making, a small fraction of which is formulated in the special part (10 pages) of the ABC of Harmony. Colloborative decision, comparison, discussion and evaluation of the conclusions from these tasks, as well as synthesis of each of the most valuable and true knowledges is the modern maieutics of harmony as collective intellectual midwifery of industrial people o­n their way to become conscious harmonious people.

Harmonious people are able to consciously build and manage both social and individual harmony as a whole (see the holistic genomes of society and human in the ABC). This conscious ability of harmonious people and their civilization fully discloses harmonious human nature. Harmonious people and humanity complete half-animal and half-conscious prehistory of HI, and begin the truly human, humane and quite conscious harmonious history. This is the true history of Homo sapiens, in contrast to the pre-history of the partial human.

Maieutics of Socrates and Plato was aimed at the birth of universal generalizations, concepts and logical knowledge as a whole. Maieutics of harmony is aimed at creation of the universal, acceptable to all, without exception, knowledge of social and individual harmony as a whole. This is the birth of a harmonious holistic mind which is capable to form and use harmonious and holistic knowledge. o­nly harmonious mind and knowledge of holistic harmony provides the fullness of life to every human and society, freeing it from all social pathologies-disharmonies. Maieutics of Socrates is individual and maieutics of harmony is o­n the contrary collective and social, as Durkheim's collective consciousness.

The first example of this maieutics is given be the co-authors of the ABC of Harmony. This is natural. The reason is in that it can be created o­nly through maieutics of harmony, that is, through the conscious birth of new harmonious knowledge and mind. Maieutics of the ABC has implemented, at least to a first approximation, through the processes of mutual editing (editor – co-authors, co-author – a lot of editors), reviewing and discussion almost of all its parts, which ensured the involvement of each person in its holistic harmony and absence of limitation by private contribution (article, poem or picture).

In a weak form the maieutics of harmony accompanied GHA throughout 7 years of its existence and collective creativity of the preceding 33 projects and five books. In this process, tetradic law of any social activity was born: to prepare a person or a group of people to any activity (any project) means to prepare four internal individual resources (character, consciousness/mind, will and body) and four external social resources (people, information, organization and things). These resources are represented scientifically in the ABC. To certain extent these resources were really prepared by GHA. Harmonious measure of these resources provides a degree of harmony of a result of any social and personal activity. This applies to the ABC itself, measure of harmony of which is determined by the degree of harmony used in its resources, above all, harmony of mind of its creators. We know the limitations of these resources, especially our harmonious mind, so we're talking about the imperfection of the ABC and its inevitable development in future in harmony with growth of harmony of its initial resources, first of all of people in their harmonious education.

Naturally, the team of the authors of ABC, consisting o­nly of HIs, but different o­nes, having only with embryos of harmonious mind, is faced with unprecedented challenges: for the first time the group of industrial people, burdened with all the weight of their industrial limitations, decided be included in conscious process of its creation. Not every member realized this involvement to its whole scale and their responsibility for it. Not always and not for all the issues we were been able to find a harmonious agreement. Every step towards mutual agreement for HI was very difficult. The birth of harmonious human, their thinking, sense and the ABC was heavy, with the inevitable conflicts and miscarriages, such cases took place with 10 out of 90 original coauthors. These were people who could not rise to the level of the ABC. But others came o­n their place, those who have successfully passed the period of maieutics and became the ABC's authors and confirmed their ability to achieve new, harmonious, human identity that is adequate to people of harmonious civilization. It is natural that now not every industrial person is capable of comprehending and ready for this maieutics, for harmonious mind and new human identity. Not everyone is able to understand the new harmonious philosophy and recognize it, rejecting for its sake the philosophy of hostility and disharmonious mind. Industrial people, partial in their social nature, and, therefore, disharmonic are accustomed o­nly to the philosophy of confrontation, denying the very possibility of conciliatory philosophy of harmony. Essentially, it is acceptable for all people without exception, but o­nly if they consciously reject the philosophy of eternal enmity and are able to replace sense of struggle of contradictions with sense of harmony of opposites and diversity.

Nevertheless, regardless all the conflicts and miscarriages, the process of maieutics of harmony was completed successfully by creating the unique ABC of Harmony and giving the birth of first 76 harmonious people – the coauthors with the embryos of harmonious identity, harmonious mind and thinking. Hereby, the main result of this process is concluded.

The similar result will take place for all readers of the ABC, for their ability to rise to the level of their harmonious mind, thinking and identity, i.e. o­n the level of homo harmonicus. When asked about capability of each person to rise to this new level, the reader will be able to answer o­nly through their own participation in the maieutics of harmony, in its birth in themselves. This can happen o­nly through harmonious education, through dialogue and polylogue with others, through overcoming of conflicts, mutual alienation and hostility, after reconciliation with others and the discovery of a harmonious reason, thinking, philosophy, and worldview as universal harmonious identity. In maieutics of harmony each is becoming a modern Socrates, midwife assistant to themselves and to others in the collective transformation and the birth of homo harmonicus in self and others.

What is it? – THIS IS PLANETARY SOCIAL LOVE FROM HARMONY! Love – because we help each of us be born in a new quality of harmonious human with harmonious thinking! Planetary – because dozens of the ABC of Harmony coauthors from 26 countries cover all the continents of the planet!

Love is not o­nly the joy of conception and copulation. Love is also childbirth pain and torments of perennial concern and care for child. Without the harmonious unity of these two loves there is no continuation of the human race! Therefore, holistic harmony of love and its harmonic integrity is an inseparable unity of conception joy and birth pains and cares. In social terms, these torments are torments of search and maintenance of harmony of the 20 fundamental elements of society and individuals, which are discussed in the ABC. Determination of planetary love through joy and torments of harmony is its first scientific definition.

In this regard, we distinguish two sorts of love: harmonious and disharmonious. Harmonious is the love that retains integrity of its two parts: the conception joy and birth pains and cares in harmony. This is a full and happy love. The love that breaks this unity and identifies itself o­nly with the conception joy, ignoring the birth pains and cares or vice versa this is a disharmonious, partial and unhappy kind of love. The first characterizes the harmonious human, and the second – disharmonious o­ne. Planetary love can o­nly be harmonious, that is, full and happy for all nations and people in the world.

Planetary love is the ideal of global harmonious civilization to which it will always strive never reaching its fullness. Planetary love as well as harmony is not o­nly sweetness but also bitter work and overcoming of obstacles, etc. Therefore, o­nly maieutics of harmony as a long and hard, almost infinite, transformation of HI into HH gives deep social meaning to planetary love, without which it is an empty word, sweet dream and pure utopia – nothing more.

In order to become an instrument of planetary love, the ABC of Harmony world textbook, passed the long, way of birth suffering for 9 months. And how much more cares there is to come in order to provide the growth of this baby, distribute it around the world and improve it? Maieutics of harmony is our true and harmonious love. The happy love. The love to those who are near and those who are fat. It is love from harmony and harmony of love! It is the true love, not just the word "love." Even Mother Teresa would say, love – is care, but not the word.

The history now has the new meaning – to grow the ABC's seed into the planetary tree of harmonious love in each person and in humanity as a whole! In the light of planetary love the historical meaning of our ABC is understood and created in the throes of maieutics. The ABC of Harmony is the crown of our planetary love.

The main content of conclusion is expressed in model-88 of tetranet thinking:


Dr Leo Semashko

January 8, 2012

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