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Alexander Yuriev. Political Psychology of Global Harmonization

Alexander Yuriev


Professor, Doctor of Psychology, Chair of Political Psychology at the St.-Petersburg State University.

Alexander I. Yuriev, Professor, Doctor of psychological sciences, Chair of Political Psychology Department at the St.-Petersburg State University (SPSU). I was born o­n October 6, 1942. The father was the engineer, mother was the teacher. I am married have the daughter.


I finished the day branch of the SPSU Psychology Faculty, o­n which arrived at the age of 27 years. Before I worked at factory "Sudomeh" (1960-1962), served in army (1962-1965), worked at Northern machine-building factory (1965-1969). I have the Government awards of the USSR. With the University end in 1977 I was engaged in professional psychological selection and special psychological preparation of experts for extreme kinds of activity. I am the State Award Laureate of the USSR for workings out in the field of special psychology. I formed as the scientist and the teacher under influence of Prof. Ananiev and Prof. Ganzen. I consider myself as the continuer of work of Prof. Bekhterev, who is the first in Russia political psychologist, the author ‘Collective Reflexology’ (1923) and Leibnitz as the author of the concept of consciousness («New experiences about Human Reason» 1685).


In 1982 I finally passed o­n the scientifically-teaching work connected with creation in Russia of political psychology as a new scientific direction. In 1989 I created the Department of Political Psychology as the first in the USSR at the Leningrad State University. I am the author of monographers: «Introduction in Political Psychology» (SP, 1992) and «System Description of Political Psychology» (SP, 1997). I begun preparation at the country Universities the experts in psychology-political consultation of political parties, public and state figures.



Since 1986 I carried out psychology-political retraining of party and state heads of federal and regional levels in educational Center "Dune" near Leningrad. Since 1991 I guided the preparation of the first "sets" of Governors of Russia and Representatives of the President of the Russian Federation in the educational centre «Aspen Grove». With 1993 for 1996 I worked as the adviser of the Russian Federation Government Chairman Chernomyrdin. Since October 1999 I am the expert of the Center of Strategic Workings in Moscow.


Since 1990 I am a member of the International Association of Political Psychology (IAPP). I am the author of "Ethical Code of the Political Psychologist" and the members of editorial boards of some foreign scientific Journals. I consider policy as a science investigating, projecting, forming and maintaining power and political activity understand as an extreme kind of professional labor activity. I consider that ability to form the political purposes is the main basis for finding of the real power.


I intensively work in studying of innovative political changes in the world, presented by globalisation and a network society. The psychological explanation to innovations I see in changes of the content of the person consciousness, which I understand as a whole system of meaning of the life, values and the purposes of the political person.




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