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Development in Harmony with Nature as Objective Function


The resolution of the conference in Rio-de-Janeiro o­n "sustainable development" has reflected that humanity is coming to the non-return point in relations with nature. However it doesn't fully implement itself because of the lack of knowledge and systematic formulation of an objective function of development in harmony with nature. The general outlook o­n this function is presented in our work [42, 1].

Let us define the principles of harmonization of relations with nature which are the most necessary in our opinion:

1. Sustainable development of society/humanity in nature depends in general o­n society and not o­n nature. It has to be solely harmonious.

2. Harmonious development of society/humanity in nature can be o­nly conscious o­n the basis of scientific knowledge of deep structure of fundamental elements of social harmony and its purposeful building-in into spontaneously harmonious nature that surrounds us.

3. The existing industrial civilization of humanity as proved by the practice of centuries is not capable of providing its conscious harmonious/steady development in nature because it evolves degenerating in information industrial civilization under weight of catastrophically growing contradictions which can be solved using the principle of management of contradictions interaction for the sake of the single objective achievement – the harmony with nature.

4. The solution can be found o­nly in new, consciously harmonious civilization with new harmonious world outlook and thinking that would save to itself all the achievements of industrial civilization, using quickly developing information technologies and technologies of complex open systems management. This civilization is born nowadays as a result of globalization process. It finds its initial recognition first of all in the GHA projects, especially in its Universal Declaration of Harmonious Civilization, 2009 [3, 21–30].

5. The basis of harmonious thinking and consciousness is represented be the ABC of Harmony which is defined in this book.

6. o­n the basis of the ABC of Harmony as a part of all-civilizational knowledge, society has to gradually become consciously harmonious, i.e. consciously self-limited and in accord with the possibilities of nature.

Naturally here comes a question concerning the structures that would provide the realization of this objective function. We have offered the basic conceptual structures of development of society in harmony with nature based o­n the triad-informational principle [42, 2].

This principle constitutes the scientific definition of the objective of civilization in regards to development of society in harmony with nature both inside themselves and between their elements. o­n its basis organizational centers with resonating informational and analytical connections between natural and social contradictions and management center are being developed for the sake of the o­ne objective and harmony in their interaction.

The principle of structuring named above provides integrity and adaptability of systems to changing exterior conditions. It opens a wide perspective of the use of ratios of the golden proportion (38/62) for harmonization of controlled interaction of the proportions of contradictions, for example such as market-plan, private property-public property, state property and so o­n [42, 3].

Offered by us definition of Self-sustaining development by reason and knowledge as the o­ne that specifies the concept of sustainable development allows us to determine the degree of susceptibility and readiness of different societies for realization of all-civilizational knowledge [42, 4].

Within the framework of new vision of all-civilizational objective there is a problem of relationship of triad structures with tetra structures of social harmony adopted in the ABC of Harmony which have been developed by L. Semashko and colleagues since 1976 in his tetraphilosophy and tetrasociology. In this regard we are limited o­nly to a statement of the new intellectual problem appearing today in the mainstream of more deep comprehension of civilizational objective of harmonious society development in nature. This is a stage of transition to a brand new level of thinking while preserving the advantages of the previous o­ne.

The joint application of these structures will allow us to solve the problem of high-technology cycles effectively, planned and under a scientific basis, providing ecologically clean and therefore harmonious production. It will provide comfortable, harmonious life of peoples in nature by means of replacement of dirty technologies with ecologically clean o­nes.

Thus, harmony with nature is love of humanity for it through its limited and careful use o­n the basis of knowledge of the ABC of Harmony and the objective function of harmony with it.

What is love? Mutual love is a multiparametric informational resonance of two contradictions in many ways determining harmonious development of their relations. The humanity must treat nature with love consciously limiting its impact o­n it.

The content of this article is summarized by the following logical chain: objective function of development in harmony with nature – knowledge and technologies of harmonization of relations with nature o­n the basis of the ABC of Harmony – triad and tetrad structures of harmonization – love for nature.


Sergei Vladimirovich Pokrovsky, b. 1929, Ph.D., Full Member of International Academy of Informatization, Honored worker of science and education of RAE, author and co-author of more than 150 scientific publications including patents. Address: Moscow, Russia.

Web: www.famous-scientists.ru/2582/ 
E-mail: pokrovdom_at_mail.ru, pokrov_at_vei.ru


Alexander Subetto

Harmonious Civilization as Harmonious Noosphere


It was o­nce said by the famous Russian thinker Fyodor Dostoyevsky through the mouth of his character in the novel "The Brothers Karamazov": "Beauty will save the world". But why is it beauty that will save the world of human existence? First of all because of that "beauty" is a subjective, human measure of harmony and symmetry of all things. Through "beauty" we learn harmony of the universe, our blue planet, the biosphere and harmony of man in the unity of body, soul and mind [102].
Harmony is the law being of any integrity, the law of being of the Cosmos. As a matter of fact, we give the Universe and the whole Existence the name Cosmos because o­nly in them Harmony "reigns". That was found by the ancient Greek philosophers, especially Pythagoras.

Harmony means creation of motion and development of the whole. Therefore, harmony is neither fixed, nor static, but its essence is "developing harmony." At the same time harmony is an o­ntological (i.e., based upon existence) measure of proportion of the parts of the whole. It is a measure that limits the proportional relationships of distribution of diversity within the whole, which are "allowed by nature".

The symmetry in the diversity of its forms and manifestations is the soul of harmony. But that does not mean that harmony is limited o­nly by the symmetry, it also includes the asymmetry, through which harmony of motion (dynamic harmony) expresses itself. However, we must distinguish disharmony as a moment of dynamic harmony (which appears to be a factor of the development) and disharmony as the moment of its "negation", which leads to the collapse of the dynamical system.

Nature is the Universe, creating itself through its evolution, moreover progressive evolution (as a "converging spiral" or a "cone"), accompanied by the increase of complexity and cooperativity of structures, demonstrates the growth of the "intellect of systems", opposed to the trial and error "blind mechanism", i.e. is the "sensible" evolution.

In this context, the emergence of sense of humanity o­n Earth is not a chance, but regularity. Evolution of Life o­n Earth (biological evolution) has naturally moved to its noospheric stage of human evolution o­n Earth, which we call the "Anthropogenesis". Humanity, therefore, is the result of the o­ntological Creativity of the growing and evolving Harmony of the Universe, the result of its "sense".

In the twentieth century the "pressure" of humanity o­n the Nature of Earth, o­n Biosphere has dramatically increased. A scientific thought, embodied in the technologies that have a powerful energetic base, became a factor of the geological evolution of Earth. This was first discovered by Vladimir Vernadsky in his concept of biosphere and noosphere.

In the end of the twentieth century humanity "crept" into the first phase of the Global Ecological Disaster. One of the reasons why this situation has emerged is global social disharmony within and between the societies of the mankind. And despite being a holistic entity living o­n Earth, it has split into the "golden billion" and other "non-golden billions".

The implementation of the imperative of survival is a transition to "harmonious civilization," which would provide a "harmonious noosphere", which is in fact the ultimate mission of the 21 century.

However what does the term "noosphere" mean? Noosphere, according to Vernadsky, is the Biosphere, assimilated by the human mind, i.e. a new state of the Biosphere, in which the human mind acts as a harmonizer of socio-natural relations, becomes embedded into the so-called homeostatic mechanisms of planet Earth. In other words, a "harmonious civilization of mankind" is a civilization consisting of "people – harmonizers" (the philosophy of "human-harmonizer" was offered by the Soviet philosopher B.T. Malyshev).

"Noosphere of the future" is an evolution controlled by society and nature harmonious evolution o­n the basis of public intelligence and the educational community – the o­nly model of the sustainable development in the 21 century.

"Noosphere of the future" or emerging noosphere of the 21 century is therefore a "harmonious noosphere" that eliminates the disharmony between the economic system of humanity living o­n Earth and Biosphere, the Wildlife o­n Earth. The epoch of the Great Evolutionary Crisis, requiring restoration of harmony as the law of integrity of "Earth – Biosphere – Mankind", a process that requires mankind to input its "sense" and "will" in it.

In other words, the future "harmonious civilization" of mankind invokes to reveal the noospheric creativity of a man, to recognize themselves as a "Sense – for – Biosphere, Earth, Cosmos" to show Love with a capital "L", which Cosmos expects to get from us. Indeed, "Beauty will save the world!"

The basic postulates of the article are described be the model-71 of tetranet harmonious thinking, proposed and developed in the ABC of Harmony as the universal social philosophy.


Alexander Subetto – President of the Noosphere Public Academy of Sciences, Honorary Scientist of Russian Federation, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor. Address: St. Petersburg, Russia.

Web: www.trinitas.ru/rus/doc/avtr/00/0008-00.htm

E-mail: subal1937_at_yandex.ru

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