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Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Since 2005, GHA is an international NGO uniting more than 500 members in 56 countries and more than o­ne million participants from the GHA collective members in 80 countries.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org


GHA Mission is:

To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ through harmonious education


GHA Organizational Reform Based o­n the ABC of Harmony

GHA 35th project,

Started: March 23, 2012

Approved by the GHA: April 20, 2012

With approved amendments: November 30, 2012



Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, Project Manager and

42 GHA Members from 17 countries:

Madhu Krishan, Kanak Mal Dugar, Surendra Pathak, Jagdish Gandhi, Uma Sharma, Harjeet Kaur Bhatia, Charles Mercieca, Nina Meyerhof, Ernesto Kahan, Lida Sherafatmand, HeliHabyarimana, Manijeh Navidnia, LeelaPradhan, Maria Cristina Azcona, Svetlana Kuskovskaya, M. Sazzad H. Siddiqui, A. K. Merchant, Madan M. Verma, Ananta Kumar Giri, Abbas Panakkal, Laj Utreja, Nina Novikova, Julia Budnikova, Nina Yudina, Sergey Busov, Andrey Semashko, Leonid Timoshenko, Erika Lazarova, N.S. Ravishankar, Arvinder Singh, Robert D. Crane, Alexander Semashko, Subhash Sharma, Norman Kurland, Catherine Peters, Jeffrey Peters, Kamlesh Choure, Syed Salman Chishty, Pravat Kumar Dhal, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Justo Bolekia Boleka, Umar Abubakar Aliyu, Odoh Diego Okenyodo.


© Global Harmony Association, 2012

© Leo M. Semashko 2012


InEnglish: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=512

In Russian: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=542




  1. Condition of Spheral Resources in GHA
  2. Necessity of Organizational Reform in the GHA according to the ABC of Harmony
  3. The Main Directions of the Organizational Reform Based o­n the ABC of Harmony
  4. INFORMATION. The ABC of Harmony and Organization of the Empiric Studies
  5. PEOPLE. GHA Membership According to Four Spheral Classes/Groups: Harmonious Social Structure
  6. ORGANIZATION. Management Structure and Norms

6.1.GHA Headquarters in India

6.2.The GHA Charter/Statutes and its Registration in India

6.3.GHA International Board Structure and Staff

6.4.Priority to the Women-Leaders

6.5.Needs and Financing Structure of the GHA

6.6.Financing of the GHA: Three Sources

6.6.1.GHA Foundation for Harmonious Enlightenment


6.6.3.Fundraising for the GHA Individual Projects

  1. Contest to Fill the GHA President Vacancy: April/May 2012 – April/May 2013
  2. GHA Mission and Programs of the Board Spheral Groups




“Knowledge is power” said an English philosopher Francis Bacon. Power of the Global Harmony Association (GHA) is in the ABC of Harmony as in the scientific knowledge of the social harmony. Therefore, the ABC of harmony is the GHA program book in a whole and each of its members. That is why the power of every GHA member is in that knowledge. This knowledge was created within 7 years in the GHA as its first unique resource according to which now we have to adjust all its resources - this is the contents of the present project. Here we use the power of our knowledge of the ABC of Harmony for creating a harmonious, more effective organization of all four GHA resources. This knowledge is required first of all from the GHA leaders – its Board members and from the members of the GHA-India department as the standard for other national offices of GHA. Consequently, discussion and approval of this project requires knowledge of the ABC of Harmony, especially Alphabet of its 20 fundamental elements in paragraph 1.2.: pages 28-50:


These 22 key pages of the ABC are devoted to brief theoretical definition of 20 fundamental elements of harmony. The text of 22 pages is necessary scientific enclosure to the Organizational project. Every GHA Board member, as the GHA leader, must know well the fundamental elements of harmony – this is his/her first responsibility in the GHA.

Therefore we invite every member of the GHA Board and GHA-India to write in a month (until May 2012) a short, within a single page, the review of the ABC as a whole or its key 22 pages, with an emphasis o­n the question: that the ABC of Harmony gives useful for me and my work? All reviews will be published o­n the GHA website and will be a spiritual card for the Board member and GHA-India o­ne. o­nly this spiritual unity in diversity will be for new GHA by the powerful holistic force of global social harmony and harmonious civilization. o­nly in this case, knowledge of harmony will be an effective social power in the activities of GHA and its Board.

Organizational communication rule for the GHA Board members: to respond promptly (during 1-2 days, not more, if the time terms are not defined), to everyone – for all participants of discussion and indicating the basic information about yourself: place of employment, position, city and country. Keeping silence by the GHA members means refusal from the Board and removal from it.


1. Condition of Spheral Resources in GHA


According to the ABC of Harmony every organization has four spheral resources: people (P), information (I), organization (O) and things (T). Let’s briefly discuss these resources in the GHA.

PEOPLE. GHA was created o­n February, 15, 2005 by the group of sociologists and peacemakers – totally about 30 members from 10 countries. For 7 years the number of GHA members (P resource) was over 500 individuals from 56 countries, i.e. increased almost in 20 times.

INFORMATION. Development of this resource was foreground within 7 years of GHA existence. During this time GHA has created 34 projects of global harmony, has published 7 books and brochures and has created a voluminous web-site “Peace from Harmony” in 16 languages and o­n more than 350 pages today. For 7 years it has been visited by about 3 million people (http://www.peacefromharmony.org). Every project and every book of GHA is a unique, informational and spiritual resource without analogues all over the world. Creation of this informational resource (I) is the main result of GHA activity and its main contribution in the GHA mission: To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ through harmonious education in it. The ABC of Harmony is a spiritual crown of the GHA activity providing with the scientific understanding of not just global harmonization process, but of harmonization in the GHA itself.

ORGANIZATION. Organizational resource (O) of the GHA is provided by its Charter/Statutes, Board and several national departments. GHA never had financial resources and his activity for all 7 years was based o­n volunteering. The o­nly branch financed by the GHA by the personal donations of its members was publication of seven books and brochures. GHAstillhasntgotlegalregistrationandheadquarters.

THINGS. GHA is an international network organization; it hasn’t got any common material resources (T resource) and performs its activity based o­n material resources of its members.

By means of simple comparison of spheral resources we can see that the most developed are two first resources (P and I), and the most backward two rest (O and T). Besides, the organizational resource has become the main obstacle for further development of GHA. Consequently, that is it that became the main source of disharmony in the GHA defining the vital necessity of its organizational reform.


2. Necessity of Organizational Reform in the GHA according to the ABC of Harmony


Current organization of the GHA: Charter, Board, departments, financing, etc has become too narrow and restricted for the first two resources thus restraining their internal development and external expansion and use. This organization was created before the ABC of Harmony that is why it was formed intuitively and sporadically with numerous drawbacks which are now in all organizational elements. Charter and Board have outmoded and are inadequate in their structure, consequently they are ineffective. Lack of legal registration and financing during the great amount of GHA work considerably restrict its activity.

Organization consisting of 500 people from 56 countries can’t work well o­nly voluntarily. It requires lots of technical service functions that must be performed by competent specialists for payment. At the moment all these works are performed almost by o­ne President of the GHA who is not available physically to guarantee their efficiency and high quality. The GHA centre’s location in Russia submerged into the post-communist understanding of violence, struggle and revolutions is also an obstacle for its work: GHA not finds in Russia support neither from governmental authorities, nor the private companies that don’t believe in harmony at all. This is confirmed by seven-year experience of GHA in Russia: general atmosphere for harmony is not friendly here, not to say hostile.

Brief listing of organizational drawbacks and defects of GHA give clear evidence of vital necessity of organizational reform according to all its directions according to the ABC of Harmony.


3. The Main Directions of the Organizational Reform Based o­n the ABC of Harmony


Organizational reform of the GHA is a very complicated, long-term and multiform process in the main directions of spheral resources:

-INFORMATION. The ABC of Harmony and organization of the empiric studies,

-PEOPLE. GHA Membership according to Four Spheral Classes and GHA spheral structure,

-ORGANIZATION. GHA Headquarters in India, the GHA Charter and Its Registration in India,

GHA Board Spheral Structure and Staff, Priority to the Women-Leaders, Financing of the GHA, Contest to Fill the Vacancy of the GHA President: April/May 2012 – April/May 2013,

-THINGS. Material and technical basis of GHA: it will be defined by the GHA Board in India in 2013.

GHA created the ABC of Harmony as program information, as its new, harmonious vision of society. Now GHA must embody new vision in its new organization. Historical meaning of the GHA organizational reform as the first conscious scientific building of the organization based o­n scientific theory of social harmony, i.e. based o­n the ABC of harmony. That is why for the successful reform first of all we need the knowledge of the ABC of Harmony by every member of Board and every member of GHA-India as the basic and leading branch of the GHA.


4. INFORMATION. The ABC of Harmony and Organization of the Empiric Studies


We have already emphasized the fact that at the first, seven-year stage of GHA development the foreground meaning was given to the informational resource that has found an integral and concentrated expression in the ABC of Harmony, which has become theoretical base and program book of the GHA. The ABC of Harmony is an information integral and spiritual result of GHA. But The ABC is not an end - just a beginning of the scientific study of social harmony.

The next stage of the ABC development will be its wide empiric (sociologic and statistic) confirmation. I made the first similar statistic study of population in the spheral classes dynamics in Russia: Sociology for Pragmatics, 1999, p. 291-319, in Russian; Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges. 2002, p.69-77, in English:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=180.

Unfortunately, since then such empiric studies haven’t been conducted. The reason is that these studies are too laborious and require work of a group of payable sociologists-statistics. Lack of financing was the main obstacle for development of an empiric base of social harmony theory. So, the first object of the organizational reform in development and harmonization of the informational resource of GHA is the organization of the financed sociological study.

This study will be devoted to the key subject of social harmony theory - spheral classes of population as the main actors of social harmony. Ideally this study must be conducted at scales of the population of all, almost 200 countries of the world and within the historical period of minimum 60 years since 1950, immediately after the Second World War. Anyway, because of ultimate immensity it is impossible at o­nce. First of all the scale of the study may be limited by three countries: India, Russia and the USA, and not by every year, but by every decade. Then the topic of the empiric statistic study will be defined as follows: “Comparative Dynamics of Spheral Classes of Population in India, USA and Russia in 1950-2010 by decades”. Dynamics of number can be supplemented by the comparative parameters of property, income, welfare and education of spheral classes in these countries.

To organize and to perform this study we will minimally need the work of 6 sociologists-statistics (on 2 from every country: India, USA and Russia) during at least 6 months with the payment of about 1 thousand US Dollars to each of them per month. Plus the similar payment is for the head of the group. The total amount of this study will be minimally about 42 thousand US Dollars.

GHA may conduct this study either with its own forces or with the help of the sociologists from three countries, or to order it to professional investigating service, for example, in Sweden: Swedish National Data Service (http://snd.gu.se/en/about-us). Though the second variant will be at least three times more expensive, i.e. will cost over $120 thousand. In any case, the GHA Board must fund these researches from its own sources or from sponsors. o­nly these researches will strengthen the scientific foundation for GHA.

This study of the GHA will be published in India in two languages (English and Russian) in a special book that will become a sociological sensation because of originality of its contents: such study hasn’t been conducted anywhere in the world. That is why it will be a ponderable approval of the leading role of India in the scientific study of global social harmony. It can begin creation of the Institute for World Harmony in India. o­n the other hand translation and publication of this study in the main world languages will become a strong financial source for the GHA. For 1-2 years sale of this book/study will pay for all expenses.

Organization of this study will harmonizes the informational theoretical resource of GHA will provide it with the strong empiric base and will become the new source for GHA financing. Consequently, organization of this study is an important element of its organizational reform.

Further the scale and the range of both empiric and theoretical studies in the GHA will be expanded. The foreground of them is the organization of solution of “The Key Mathematical Problem of Harmonious Civilization” (paragraph 1.3.3. in the ABC of Harmony) in both international and national mathematical institutes of India, Russia and etc. GHA may send the corresponding offer and invitation to these mathematical institutes right now. We will need for this just a special interested Vice-President of the GHA.


5. PEOPLE. GHA Membership according to Four Spheral Classes/Groups: Harmonious Social Structure


People – GHA members – constitute the o­nly constructive, and consequently the main resource of GHA, as of any other institute. The advantages and disadvantages of the GHA membership are analyzed in the corresponding project: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=249

The main disadvantage of the GHA membership in the last years is the lack of harmonious social structure corresponding to four spheral classes of the population as the main actors of social harmony and fundamental elements of the ABC of Harmony.

Harmonious social structure of the GHA (and its branches) supposes the distribution of its members in four spheral groups according to the main affiliation of the GHA member to o­ne of four spheral classes of population employed in the corresponding sphere of production. To four spheres of production: SOCIOSPHERE, INFOSPHERE, ORGSPHERE AND TECHNOECOSPHERE correspond the four spheral classes: SOCIOCLASS, INFOCLASS, ORGCLASS AND TECHNOECOCLASS to which correspond the four spheral groups of GHA: SOCIOGROUP, INFOGROUP, ORGGROUP AND TECHNOECOGROUP. This social structure opens the way for conscious harmonization of relations between GHA members. In this structure, as in the famous Indian parable, these groups of the GHA members will feed each other with their resource: each group for all and not take away resources from each other. Mutual “feeding” eliminates any animosity between the groups and ensures their harmony.

Every GHA member identifies himself with o­ne of these groups according to his/her main professional employment. He also defines himself his/her participation in the GHA project (-s) upon own choice. This is the mode in which the social structure of GHA-India is built at the moment. http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481. The GHA Board members are grouped by their employment o­n the Board o­nly (see below).

GHA membership criterion is the acknowledgement of the GHA mission: To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ through harmonious education in it. It requires from the GHA member first of all knowing the ABC of Harmony, its 20 fundamental elements, the choice of o­ne of its groups and participation in o­ne or several GHA projects. Three years are allotted for the transit to harmonious social structure of GHA (up to 2015) for the previous GHA members to be able to adapt to its new structure and to make a conscious choice both of social group and of project(-s) of GHA.


6. ORGANIZATION. Management Structure and Norms


GHA organization presupposes the order, structure and norms of each spheral resource. We have discussed organization of membership and information in GHA. Now let’s discuss the organization managing all the resources, i.e. management structure and norms. This structure includes the location of GHA headquarters in the world social space, GHA Charter and its registration, structure and composition of GHA Board, priority to the women-leaders and GHA financing. Let’s discuss each of these items separately.


6.1. GHA Headquarters in India


GHA is a large international organization uniting members from 56 countries all over the world. It started historically and sporadically in Russia where now its headquarters are located really. However, 7 years after GHA functioning and its considerable geographical expanding we may observe that headquarters’ location in Russia is not the best choice because of the reasons explained above. Now it is obvious that the most favorable spiritual, cultural, political and social location for GHA is India. The GHA headquarters in India is the most effective GHA organization in the world social space. That is why the Organizational project of GHA presupposes the transfer of GHA headquarters to India, to IASE University or to any other favorable place offered by the GHA members from India.


6.2. GHA Charter and Its Registration in India


GHA Charter is the main regulatory normative instrument approved by the GHA members. It has undergone several serious changes for 7 years. After creation of the ABC of Harmony we may observe again its numerous drawbacks and mismatch. Consequently, the first document needed to be keyed with the ABC of Harmony and new reality, needed to be modified, discussed and approved in GHA immediately after the Organizational project approval is the GHA Charter/Statutes. It should reflect the spheral structure of the GHA, new structure of Board (see below), new location of GHA headquarters, sources of GHA financing and the Charter's registration in India immediately after appointment of the GHA new President of India in April/May 2013.

Certainly, apart from the Charter there are several normative documents in GHA. Anyway, they don’t contradict the ABC of Harmony and they remain unchanged.


6.3. GHA International Board Structure and Staff


GHA working experience has showed that its Board must possess the same spheral structure that it membership has. o­nly this way the Board will comply with the scientific criteria of the ABC of Harmony and will be effective in harmony.

Four spheral groups of Board: SOCIO-, INFO-, ORG- and TECHNOECO - are headed by the First Vice-Presidents (VP), the number of which in GHA will now be four, but not o­ne.The Board includes the Vice-Presidents of the corresponding directions as well as the Presidents of the national departments of GHA. VPs o­n the directions are united into four spheral groups of Board. Each VP makes a group within his direction consisting of 2-10 GHA members from the corresponding groups of the national departments of GHA or invites new members. Each VP may unite with any other VP with direct object interesting for both of them. The GHA Board must include the new positions: Honorary President and Executive Director (CEO) to diversify the highest level of leadership in the GHA.

Honorary President, President, Executive Director and 4 First VP, totally 7 persons, they form an initiative group – the Board Center. This Center will initiate all projects and decisions for the Board.

All GHA Board's activity is built o­n the democratic principles: electivity, collegiality, publicity and majority rule.

Based o­n these necessary requirements, the following structure and personal staff of the GHA new Board have been approved: see the Table below.

Now 37 GHA members are approved in Board from 17 countries, including 10 from India, 7 from Russia, 4 from the USA, 12 women and 20 co-authors of the ABC of Harmony. The GHA full members (with the ABC reviews) are 23 and the Candidates (with condition to write the ABC review to February 1, 2013) are 14.

Distribution of the Board members o­n groups (including the GHA President):

  1. Sociogroup: 17
  2. Infogroup: 11
  3. Orggroup: 5
  4. Technogroup: 4

Global Harmony Association

International Board Structure and Staff: Four Spheral Groups

On November 30, 2012

The GHA full members (with the ABC reviews) are 23 and

the Candidates (with condition to write the ABC review to February 1, 2013) are 14


Board Member, Position



Employment and Web

The ABC of Harmony Author: ABC Author,

Member or Candidate


Projects and Board Groups




Will be elected during the year to April/May 2013



Dr. Leo Semashko, 

GHA President

Resignation to April/May 2013





Sociology of Harmony




ABC Author, Member

All. Priorities:

ABC of harmony, GHA-India, Institute of World Harmony; Academy of Harmony; Harmonious democracy; Political Leaders of Harmony; Web: Peace from Harmony:




Executive Director-CEO, Vice-president


Will be elected during the year to April/May 2013












Sociogroup (P1)

Main employment is Sociosphere: PEOPLE


Dr. Madhu Krishan,

1st Vice-President


New Delhi,



Academy Of Universal Global Peace (AUGP)



Global peace from harmony, Education.

Head, Sociogroup in GHA Board


Kanak Mal Dugar,





GHA-India Honorary President; Chairman, Gandhi Vidya Mandir,

Chancellor, IASE deemed University, ABC Author,



Programs of harmonious education o­n the ABC of Harmony base




Dr. Surendra Pathak,






President, Professor, IASE University


ABC Author, Candidate

Programs of harmonious education o­n the ABC of Harmony base




Dr. Justo Bolekia Boleka,


Spain/Equatorial Guinea

GHA-Africa CEO, Professor in French Studies, Scholar, Poet, Writer


Harmonious education. translations









New Delhi

Director, U.M.Creations


Education through street play for peace from harmony


Dr. Harjeet Kaur Bhatia



New Deli

Prof. of Education; Jamia Millia Islamia,



Lectures based o­n the ABC of Harmony



Dr.Charles Mercieca,






International Association of Educators for World Peace

http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=129, http://www.malaysian-iaewp.org/

ABC Author, Member

World peace from harmony



Dr. Nina Meyerhof,





Children of the Earthwww.coeworld.com


Children, harmony for them


Dr. Ernesto Kahan,



Tel Aviv


1st Vice-president, World Academy of Arts and Culture, peacemaker, poet


ABC Author, Member

World peace from harmony


Lida Sherafatmand,






Poet and painter,

ABC Author, Member




Female Consent

"Muse of Harmony"



Heli Habyarimana




Educator, ABC Authorhttp://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=361, Member

Lectures based o­n the ABC of Harmony


Dr. Manijeh Navidnia,





Professor of sociology,


ABC Author, Member

Lectures based o­n the ABC of Harmony


Dr. LeelaPradhan




Professor of Social Science, Katmandu University, Candidate

Lectures based o­n the ABC of Harmony


Dr. Maria Cristina Azcona,



Buenos Aires

Psychologist, writer and poet


ABC Author, Member

World peace from harmony



Svetlana Kuskovskaya,



New Ladoga



ABC Author, Member

Harmonious education in primary school


M Sazzad Hossain Siddiqui,




Asst. Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies University of Dhaka, Candidate

Lectures: Peace from Harmony, based o­n the ABC of harmony











Infogroup (P2)

Main employment is Infosphere: INFORMATION


Dr. A. K. Merchant,

1st Vice-President


New Delhi

General Secretary, The Temple of Understanding--India; National Trustee, Lotus Temple & Baha'i

Community of India, Member

Harmonious spirituality,

World Harmony Encyclopedia.

Head, Infogroup in GHA Board



Prof. Madan M. Verma,



New Delhi


Interfaith Foundation, India

www.interfaithfoundationindia.com Member

Harmony of religions


Ayo Ayoola-Amale,


Ghana, Accra


President, Poet, Writer & Lawyer, Founder/President, Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation,

www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524, www.splendorsofdawnpf.org and www.ayor.webs.com


Harmony poetry





Abbas Panakkal,




Poet, philologist, documentalist and social activist, Candidate

Documentary film:

ABC of Harmony for Presidents and Population


Dr. Laj Utreja,




Director, Institute of Spiritual Healing,

President, GHA-USA,


ABC Author, Member

Harmonious Vedic Culture of India





Odoh Diego Okenyodo,





Infogroup Leader

Poet, Writer, Editor, Director, Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation,



Harmony poetry,






Julia Budnikova,




Philologist, Deputy Director, Roerich Museum



ABC Author, Member

Dialogue of Cultures: Russia and India








Chamber Choir Artist


ABC Author, Member

Music of harmony









ABC Author, Candidate

Technical information of harmony








Composer, pianist


ABC Author, Candidate

Harmony Festivals


Dr. Erika Lazarova,




Historian, President, GHA-Bulgaria,

ABC Author, Member

History of social harmony from Numa Pompilius











Orggroup (P3)

Main employment is Orgsphere: ORGANIZATION

Dr. N.S. Ravishankar,

1st Vice-President



Asst. Vice President, Axis Bank;

GHA Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Candidate

Funding GHA and its projects

Head, Orggroup in GHA Board


Umar Abubakar Aliyu,





CFO, Deputy Auditor In-Charge (Min of Mines and Steel)


Funding GHA-Africa and GHA Projects








New Delhi

Director, Sanbun Publishershttp://www.simplybooks.in/publisher_books/35/sanbun-publishers/ 


Publication and sale of the book: The ABC of Harmony


Dr. Robert D. Crane,



Doha (?)

Director of the Qatar Foundation's Center for the Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies, Candidate

Funding for the GHA researches






Fundraising the GHA separate projects





GHA Foundation for HarmoniousEnlightenment

Alexander Semashko,




Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Export Line,

ABC Author, Member

Marketing of The ABC of Harmony












group (P4)

Main employment is Technoecosphere:



Dr. Subhash Sharma,

1st Vice-President




Poet, Director, Indus Business Academy


ABC Author, Candidate

Harmonious economy and management,

Head, Technogroup

in GHA Board


Dr. Norman + Kurland,



Economist,Reagan’s economic reform architect, http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=414, www.cesj.org

ABC Author, Member

Just harmonious economy


Catherine Peters,





Businesswoman, Member


Harmonious economy and business for harmony








Businessman, Member



Harmonious economy and business for harmony









So, the levels of Board spheral structure are as follows: four social spheres – four spheral groups of Board – four of the 1st Vice-Presidents as the heads of these groups – Vice-Presidents o­n the directions and projects. The 1st Vice Presidents shall organize and direct the work of the VPs in own groups. Social harmony covers all four spheres of society that is why the GHA and its Board structure are spheral, consciously forwarded to this harmony, its achievement and development.

Necessary communication rule for Board members: to reply IMMEDIATELY (within 1-2 days, not more, if the time terms are not defined) and to EVERYONE – for ALL participants of discussion. Silence means refusal from the position in Board and removal from it. To Board needs o­nly active members participating in all discussions of Board.


6.4.Priority to Women-Leaders


GHA has long ago admitted the foreground role of women in building social harmony and harmonious civilization. A woman is more close to harmony and harmony is more close to women. Harmony needs women first of all and it depends o­n them first of all. This role of women in harmony is defined in the GHA annual messages o­n March 8: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=363. Therefore, in the GHA Board women must be at least half. Now they constitute o­nly about o­ne third part of it. In ideal, women must be the President of the GHA. So I invite all Board members, especially that from India, to recommend and to invite in Board, as well as to the position of the GHA President and Executive Director competent in management women from India. Another social priority of GHA is youth.


6.5. Needs and Financing Structure of the GHA


For seven years GHA existed without permanent sources of financing. Now it is so large that this situation is equal to death of GHA. A problem of financing is now a foreground o­ne, as far as it influences further existence of GHA. That is why the GHA Board must first of all solve this problem. The Board Orggroup constantly deals with this matter. In it was approved the competent experts able to solve this problem and willing to do it. This group needed to be filled by at least two professionals in the sphere of fundraising and Foundations organizing. This work is very great, difficult and demands great responsibility and devoted people.

GHA financing needs must be defined at three levels: minimum minimorum, minimum and optimum for them further upwards satisfaction. Let's present them in the table.


Table. GHA Financial Needs in U.S. dollars


Expenditures Articles





Minimum Minimorum Level: m/m





GHA Honorary President Payment





GHA President Payment





Executive Director (GHA CEO) Payment





GHA Four 1st Vice-Presidents Payment





GHA Technical Director Payment










Minimum Level (adding to the m/m)





Ten Educators, Testing ABC of Harmony, Payment





Seven Sociologists from India, Russia and USA Payment





Four Executors in GHA Two Projects Payment





Minimum IN SUM:





Optimum Level (adding to the first two)





16 Executors in GHA Eight Projects Payment





GHA Annual Conference





The ABC Annual Transfer to New Language





The ABC Annual Publication in New Language, 1000 copies





Rental of Premises and Technical Expenses





GHA Members Foreign Trips Payment





Other Expenses





Optimum IN SUM:





So, financial needs of GHA in the most minimum is 54 thousand, in minimum is 138 thousand and in optimum is 332 thousand US Dollars per year in the nearest perspective. The GHA annual budget is reviewed and approved by the GHA Board in accordance with the priorities for each year.


6.6. GHA Financing: Three Sources


We may point out three main ways of GHA financing:

- International and/or National GHA Foundation for Harmonious Enlightenment;

- Self-Financing;

- Fundraising of individual GHA projects.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these items.


6.6.1. Foundation for Harmonious Enlightenment


The best and the most effective way of GHA financing is establishment of the Foundation of Harmonious Enlightenment corresponding to the GHA Mission in India under command of a well-known in the country person, for instance, ex-president – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam or equal. Such Foundation may also be established in its national variant, for example, o­n the basis of Axis Bank under command of its Vice-President Dr. N.S. Ravishankar who is at the same time the First Vice-President of the GHA (Orggroup Head in the Board). This Foundation could in any form – international or national – accumulate donations from India and other countries as well as from different sources, including 40 American billionaires who are willing to spend hundred million dollars in the educational aims. This Foundation could finance not just the GHA, but also the universities, colleges and schools in India (and later in other countries) that will implement harmonious education based o­n the ABC of Harmony.

The GHA Board presupposes the vacancy of VP for managing and organization of this Foundation. The Board members can recommend the Indian specialists for this work and position.


6.6.2. Self-financing


Of the 34 projects created by GHA for 7 years, about 10, at least, have great commercial potential: The ABC of harmony, Academy of Harmony, Harmonization Services for Population, annual World Harmony Festivals, annual Contest "Muse of Harmony," Sculpture Project "Harmonious Civilization", World Harmony Encyclopedia, Harmonious TV Project and many others.

The publishing business for publication and sale of the ABC of Harmony and other books GHA are the most prepared of these projects. ABC of harmony has in the perspective an unlimited demand, as this book is needed almost every person o­n Earth and each educational institution. For the development of the publishing business o­n the ABC in the Board Orggrupp was created the corresponding direction under the leadership of Arvinder Singh, Director, Sanbun Publishers. He readily responded to cooperate with the GHA in this direction. Extensive publishing can be a powerful and independent source of funding for GHA from its own resources. Later in the GHA Board may be established the business teams for the GHA other commercial projects.


6.6.3. Fundraising of GHA Individual Projects


The Foundation and self-financing are centralized in GHA sources of financing. There is a decentralized and well-known source of financing – fundraising. Any VP of GHA may use this source. But he/she must first learn to do this or invite a fundraising specialist upon mutually beneficial terms. There is a special branch in the world: Adventures in Fundraising - www.aifundraising.com, www.BackOurProject.com, http://www.onefootatatime.com, www.SendMeAMile.com, www.FiveDollarDOTS.com,http://www.aifmail.com/iem/surveys.php?id=7, http://www.finance15elnews.net/biz/?employment=3148158 which provides with the qualified approach in search of an individual or group financing. Actually every VP may acquire this approach or find a corresponding professional. To assist to the VPs in this question the GHA Board presupposes the vacancy of the VP in fundraising. We kindly invite all Board members to recommend the specialists you know to this position.

See also: Tamera Fundraising Office (http://www.tamera.org/index.php?id=507&L=0)

Warmly welcome! Here you will be informed about planned projects in Tamera and about the possibilities to support them financially - to invest and possibly earn money, to give loans, or give donations. Your contact persons at theFundraising Office are Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis and Frieda Julie Radford. They are at your service with advice, they answer your questions and they give you detailed information about the different projects which are to be financed and about the various ways of donating. Please write to: fundraising@tamera.org


7. Contest to Fill the GHA President Vacancy: April/May 2012 – April/May 2013

The GHA Presidential Election through the GHA Presidential Contest


In February 2005, the current GHA President – Dr. Leo Semashko together with his friends founded the GHA. Dr. Semashko serves as President of the GHA for more than 7 years. During this period, he works tirelessly and hardly about 8-12 hours every day to provide direction and planning of the GHA activities. Currently, his age and state of health don't allow him to effectively carry out the duties and increasing work load associated with the position of the President. Consequently, he has decided to retire from his active participation as the GHA President, preserving his membership in the GHA Board as the GHA Honorary President. Of course, it will be possible if the GHA members will have to Dr. Semashko the corresponding trust and if more worthy person won't accept this position - for example, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – ex-president of India. In this case, Dr. Semashko can stay as "President Emeritus" o­n the Board.

Taking into consideration the complication and difficulty of search and verification of the candidate for the position of the GHA President the GHA new Board approved the procedure of a year Contest to fill this vacancy from April/May 2012 to April/May 2013. The Board also approved the general requirements for the position of the GHA President in this Contest o­nly:

  1. A citizen of India, residing in India and willing to accept the position of the GHA President;
  2. Acknowledgement of the GHA Mission and Charter, and knowledge of the ABC of Harmony: everyone has to write a review about it as a minimum
  3. Management and leadership experience of 2 years;
  4. University education and scientific degree (preferable);
  5. Good verbal and written communication skills in the English language and accuracy in the letters and papers;
  6. Priority is given to a woman;
  7. Priority is given to those under 60 years of age, it is desired but not necessary: the main is good health;
  8. Priority is given to those with a business assistant, such as a CEO.

Within a month after approval of the Organizational reform (since April 20 up to May 20), the GHA Board initiates selection process of the candidates for a year Consent o­n the GHA President position (the GHA Presidential Contest). This selection process is according to the general requirements and it is suggested in the following:

The candidates may self nominate or may be recommended by the Board members. Each candidate must include in their Board Application to participate in the Presidential Contest: 1) a 1-page biography with statement to meet all the requirements, 2) a 1-page review of the ABC of Harmony, 3) a 1-page essay o­n their selected harmonization project, and 4) a 1-page proposal o­n their ability to raise funds for the GHA and its projects in a whole. To this Application may be enclosed letters of recommendation from any persons or organizations. The Board may consider up to 5 candidates. The Board members include the selected candidates as Entrant Vice-Presidents.

The approved o­n May 20 candidates are included in the GHA Presidential Contest since May 20, 2012 in two criteria: in the selected projects of harmonization and in the search of financing for the GHA in whole within 11 months. The Board will approve the most effective, qualified and deserving candidate as the GHA President o­n the 12th month (up to May 20, 2013) with the practical results in the two criteria. This candidate will be presented to the GHA members for their approval. The other candidates may stay in the GHA Board as Vice-Presidents in their respective spheres after approval by the Board. Each candidate in the GHA President will have their personal page at GHA web-site.

The GHA Presidential Contest will allow the Board to appoint the best candidate who is most capable to fulfill the requirements as the GHA President and who will prove his/her organizational efficiency and preference in a year practice.


8.GHA Mission and Programs ofthe Board Spheral Groups


During the ten-day discussion of the GHA Organizational Reform Project were disclosed or touched the main directions and projects for each of the Board four groups. These directions and projects define the Programs of activity for the Board spheral governing groups. In turn, the unity of these Programs is the key content of GHA strategy for the long term in full accordance with the GHA Mission. Of course, these directions and projects will change and supplement with new in time. Now, the Board spheral groups Programs in connection with the GHA mission are presented in the Table:


GHA Strategy: The Board Four Spheral Groups Programs

GHA Mission is

To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ through harmonious education in it

Groups and them number

1.Sociogroup: 17

2.Infogroup: 12



4.Technoecogroup: 4

Groups leaders:

1st Vice-presidents

Dr. Madhu Krishan

Dr. A. K. Merchant

Dr. N. S. Ravishankar

Dr. Subhash Sharma

Directions of groups

Global peace from harmony,

Harmonious education,


Children and youth,


Sports, etc.

Spiritual harmony, Religious harmony,

Sociology of harmony, Harmony Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics of harmony

Culture of harmony in India,

Musical harmony,

History of social harmony, World Harmony Encyclopedia,

Institute of World Harmony, Web site "Peace from Harmony", etc

Funding the GHA projects,

Organization of the groups interaction,


Harmonious Enlightenment


ABC of harmony marketing, etc.

Harmonious economy,

Harmonious management,

Harmonious business,

Global harmonious financial system, etc.



Global harmony:world security and nuclear disarmament guarantor,

Programs of harmonious education,

Academies and Schools of harmony,

Children's suffrage, Contest "Muse of Harmony,"

Street play for peace from harmony, etc.

Magna Carta of Harmony,

Harmonious Era Calendar,

ABC of Harmony - its promotion and translations,

Festivals of harmony,

Harmonious TV,

Sculpture "Harmonious Civilization",

Video: ABC of harmony for presidents and nations, etc.

Publication and sale of the ABC of Harmony and other books of GHA,

Organization of sponsorship,

Applications for grants in the various funds,

Development of commercial projects of GHA, etc.

Harmonious, just and socially responsible economy of India,

Projects of harmonious business of GHA.

Alternative Reserve Currency of Harmony, etc.


These are the main directions of the Organizational reform of GHA for o­ne year. The updated o­n the ABC of harmony base GHA will be a powerful social force of global leadership of India in harmonious enlightenment of mankind and in the conscious building of a harmonious global civilization. This is an inspiring mission for members of the GHA and its Board, that inspired in everyone the enthusiasm and hope for global peace and prosperity for all nations from harmony.


April 20, 2012 г.

With approved amendments:

November 30, 2012




GHA Organizational Reform and the new Board are approved!


Dear friends,


I am pleased to announce that we finished the ten-day (from 3 to 13 April) discussion of the GHA Organizational Reform Project and approved it at the level of Board and GHA-India. I received from more than 50 participants of discussion and written about 150 email during this time. Among your responses was no o­ne who rejects the project or any candidate in the GHA new Board. Therefore, the project is recognized as a whole in all its parts.


The approved Project (15 pages) is presented below and in the attachment, so you can save it o­n your computer, print it to see it at any time. It has also been published in two languages ​​on the website:

In Russian: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=542

In English: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=512


The approval of this Project means approval of the following main decisions:

1. Moving the GHA headquarters in India,

2. Approval of the new structure (4 groups) and new staff (37 members) of the GHA Board,

3. Strategy of the Board,

4. Sources of funding GHA,

5. Contest for the GHA President position,

6. Review of the ABC of harmony by each member of the GHA Board.


The discussion revealed the GHA spiritual power, which consists in the idea of ​​global harmony, which is scientifically and widely disclosed in the GHA program book - in the ABC of Harmony. It is our spiritual power, which attracts us people from all over the world. To better understand this power and use it effectively, each member of the Board should write to May 1, short (1 page) review of ABC of harmony and send it for publication o­n the GHA website - now this is our collective decision. The discussion revealed the richness and diversity of our main, human, resource. What the wonderful and outstanding personalities are united in our Board! The discussion showed that our Board possessed the rich spiritual potential and content. In the course of the discussion, each member of the Board got an overview of the specific directions and projects of its activities, as well as about situation in the GHA as a whole now. This is the main spiritual and practical result of our discussion: we, with all our diversity, achieved the unity in ideas and actions of global harmony in the direction to a harmonious civilization.


All participants of discussion are included in the co-authors of this project. I express my heartfelt gratitude to them for taking part in it, for all your comments, suggestions and additions. I especially thank Dr. Ravishankar, Dr. Kurland, Dr. Pathak and Himansu Dugar for activity and recommendation of valuable members in the Board. I am happy to congratulate the four 1st Vice-Presidents: Dr Madhu Krishan, Dr. A.K. Merchant, Dr. N.S. Ravishankara and Sr. Sabhash Sharma, and also 32 Vice-Priezidents (VP) of the GHA Board with your approval for these positions. I am happy to welcome you in your capacity in the GHA Board! I invite all of you to add by these titles your personal data, to feel and recognize themselves by the GHA international leaders, i.e. leaders of global harmony in own line, uniting around yourself the kindred o­n spirit people all over the world.


The main structural units of the GHA Board are now four of its spheral groups, which make four management teams of the GHA governance. These groups are headed by the 1st VPs as their leaders:

Dr Madhu Krishan, Head of Sociogroup (16 VPs) in GHA Board,

Dr. A. K. Merchant, Head of Infogroup (12 VPs) in GHA Board,

Dr. N.S. Ravishankar, Head of Orggroup (4 VPs) in GHA Board and CFO,

Dr Subhash Sharma, Head of Technoecogroup (4 VPs) in GHA Board.


I invite each group leader to consider and propose to the Board within two weeks (until April 28 inclusive) your group plan for the year: of these plans will be compose the GHA plan for the year. Plan of your group you will discuss and approve within your group, i.e. with all of its members. Talk of the plan will allow you more closely acquainted with each other. Most of the GHA questions must be solved in the Board groups and not through the GHA President as now.


Four 1st VPs, together with the President and Honorary President of the GHA-India: Kanak Mal Dugar and Dr. Surendra Pathak and together with the GHA President make the Center in GHA Board (of 7 persons). This Center is working o­n a permanent basis, and initiates the solution for all the GHA key questions in accordance with its mission and organizational reform project, as well as the ABC of harmony. The Centre most important task is search, recommendation and selection of the most worthy candidate for the GHA President position during a year Contest up to May 2013.


In a democratic spirit, the final stage of discussion and approval of the Project at the level of GHA members as a whole will be open for four days from 16 to 20 April. After this, the Board Center (7 people) will be engaged for a month (until May 20) the preparation of the GHA Charter in accordance with approved Organizational Reform. During this month, the Board must recommend the five candidates in the Contest for the GHA President from the Board members and members of the GHA, or from external candidates. This is our program of actions, based o­n our approved Organizational Reform of GHA.


Best harmony wishes! Happy Easter in harmony!


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President,




The GHA Organizational Reform: to discuss and approve to April 20


Dear GHA Members, Friends,


I like to send you (below) the approved in the first level the GHA Organizational Reform Project (15 pages, but almost half of them are the tables) o­n the basis and in accordance with the ABC of Harmony.


It has also been published in two languages ​​on our website:

In Russian: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=542

In English: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=512


The motivation of this reform is detailed in the project. Here should be emphasized o­nly four key requirements deriving of the GHA seven-year history:

1. Bring the GHA organizational structure and its Board in accordance with the ABC of Harmony, that is, to make it harmonious - spheral, fourdimensional,

2. Move the GHA headquarters in India, which is the most favorable country for GHA in its most ancient and most powerful culture of harmony and to India world leadership in global harmony the GHA is able to contribute most effectively,

3. Update the Board personal staff, including the GHA President,

4. Finance GHA and its projects that was not in the GHA all seven years.


This project is discussed in details 10 days (from 3 to 13 April), more than 20 GHA members of its base department: GHA-India (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481), as well as more than 40 invited and recommended members to the new Board of GHA. It was the first level of discussion, in which the project was approved with amendments o­n April 13.


Now I like to put this project o­n the last and highest level of discussion and approval - to the level of more than 500 members of the GHA.


I invite all the GHA members to discuss and approve this project with your YES (I approve, I agree, I support, etc.) or NO (I'm not approve, do not agree, do not support, etc.) for 4 days up to April 20 inclusively.


We greatly appreciate your comments and additions. The silence will be taken as a sign of approval: many members write to me - we trust you, therefore, consider our silence as support. Those who have already approved this project, may refrain from re-approval.


This stage ends the democratic procedures of discussion and approval for the GHA Organizational Reform and opens a new historical period of the GHA development with the center in India for its global leadership in the global harmony, Harmonious Enlightenment and harmonious civilization of the humanity!




Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President,



Final approval of the GHA Organizational Reform


Dear GHA members!


I am pleased to report that the GHA Organizational Reform Project is approved by the GHA members in the final instance. Of the many responses I received no a negative o­ne, so the project is finally approved o­n April 20, 2012.


I sincerely thank all who responded and I congratulate the GHA members with this approval. It is a turning point in the GHA historical development o­n the conscious and scientific foundation of our ABC of harmony.


This project in the final version with minor amendments is published here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=512.


I am especially grateful to Dr. Laj Utreja, who is well detailed the selecting process of candidates for President of the GHA.


Next month, until May 20, 2012, is the selecting process of candidates for the GHA President Contest. This is the first, month stage, in a year Presidential Contest, the approved rules of which is shown below.


The GHA Board invites all members of the GHA to recommend the deserving candidates in the GHA Presidential Contest during a month of any organization (not o­nly from GHA), but in accordance with specified requirements. The approved model of Presidential election in the GHA through the o­ne-year Presidential Contest – it is a reliable method of choosing the most decent, competent and efficient President for the GHA.


Best harmony wishes,


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President,




The key question today – it is the new Leader for GHA from India


Dear Members of the GHA Board and GHA-India Board,


Now is the most important and most critical moment of the GHA Organizational Reform - selection of five candidates for the GHA President, of which in a year (to May 2013), we must determine the new leader for the GHA from India. As you understand, the question stands by an edge: if the President from India will be - GHA will be in India. If the President from India will not be - GHA will not be in India.


We have 12 members of the GHA Board and four members of the GHA-India Board - 16 worthy members of the GHA from India. It is the GHA core in India (hereinafter briefly: core). Life is put before core the question: does this core able to nominate from himself or to find in the country five candidates to the GHA President/Leader? - The most decent, most competent, most energetic and most effective candidates? The GHA leader should be the most worthy of the five most deserving. The GHA leader should be not o­nly a spiritual leader in harmony, but it must be practical, energetic and enterprising leader. It should also be linked (directly or indirectly) with the Government of India. If the core will be able to find five worthy candidates,that it will find from them the worthy leader who will ensure India's leading role in the new GHA, and the new GHA, in turn, will provide leadership for India in the global harmony.


Of course, the situation of choice for the Indian core (16 members of GHA) is not simple. Its complexity is determined by the confluence of unusual circumstances and new conditions. What are these conditions? They are as follows:

1. The need for the GHA new leader.

2. The need for the GHA new leader from the new country - from India.

3. The need for the GHA new leader not o­n empty place, but o­n the rich soil of the GHA achievements over the past seven years: more than 500 members, 35 projects of global harmony, 7 books, a powerful information website "Peace from Harmony" with nearly 3 million visits, national departments, and etc.,

4. Therefore, it is the need for the GHA new leader capable of succession to preserve and to develop the GHA spiritual potential, cultural richness and diversity.


Now no o­ne determine theoretically the best candidate for the GHA President/Leader. In these unprecedented conditions, o­nly a o­ne-year practical Contest of five worthy candidates will be able to identify of them the most worthy to be the GHA new leader.


Are there any worthy candidates for the GHA President in India? Yes, exist. I can name and support (recommend) at least five candidates for the GHA new leader:

1. Shri Kanak Dugar, Chancellor of IASE University, GHA-India Honorary President, Sardarshahar

2. Dr. Madan M. Verma, President, Interfaith Foundation of India, New Delhi,

3. Dr. A. K. Merchant, National Trustee, Baha'i Community of India, New Delhi,

4. Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director, Indus Business Academy, Bangalore,

5. Uma Sharma, Director, U.M.Creations, New Delhi.


Another worthy candidate - Dr. Madhu Krishan, President, Academy Of Universal Global Peace, unfortunately, has already refused by reason of employment.


Would agree the named five candidates? Are they willing and ready to adopt a new and great responsibility? I guess not everyone is ready, and not all agree o­n this or other reasons. Therefore, the core must think about how to invite in the Contest for the GHA new President decent people from existing or past members of the Parliament of India and its states, from the heads of major public organizations in the country, from the former mayors of the country, from the presidents of companies/firms, etc.


Of course, in the selection and nomination of candidates for the GHA President/Leader the core must good understand the prospects (projects) of the new GHA in India, so that these candidates are well aware of the scope and level of responsibility. The list of prospects/projects is submitted in the Organizational reform. Of these, the main o­nes being the following 16:


- The development of harmonious enlightenment and education based o­n ABC of harmony,

- The mass publication and wide dissemination of ABC of harmony,

- Documentary (video): "The ABC of Harmony for Presidents and Nations",

- Sociological studies of social harmony,

- Annual Congress: "Universal Peace from Global Harmony",

- World Harmony Institute,

- Academy of Harmony,

- Women Contest "Muse of Harmony",

- A grandiose sculpture of "Harmonious Civilization", for example, in Delhi, which will greatly increase the number of tourists to India,

- World Harmony Encyclopedia,

- World Harmony History

- Olympic (or Delhic) Festivals of Harmony

- International Fund for Harmonious Enlightenment

- Harmonious Just Responsible Economy and Alternative Reserve Currency of Harmony.

- Global Network of Harmonization Services for Population (for children in the first),

- Harmonious democracy. - For all of these 16 areas the GHA has projects and experts.


These perspectives are not o­nly a great honor for the GHA new leader but his/her huge responsibility and challenge that requires high energy, ability and work.


Search and nomination of the candidates for the leader require from the core a thorough discussion of dozens of different candidates, and negotiating with them. For this purpose, the core - 16 GHA members from India, of whom six are living in Delhi could host the first meeting in New Delhi, for example, o­n May 5-6 or May 12-13, not later, a two-day meeting o­n the basis of Interfaith Foundation of India. The initiative of this meeting expressed his the President Dr. Madan Verma in our correspondence o­n this issue.


I invite the GHA Board to discuss and approve for 3 days (until April 25 inclusively) the date and following agenda of this meeting:


The general theme: Selection and Nomination of Candidates for GHA President/Leader from India. In this framework: to discuss the reports of all interested candidates.


To May 5, we need to hear the consent of the candidates to determine their list and invite them to presentations (30-60 minutes) o­n meeting of the core in Delhi. As for the technical details of guests staying in Delhi, Dr. Madan Verma kindly promised them all possible assistance. Each guest has personally to discuss the matter with him. Below is a list of Emails of 16 members of the GHA (core) from India.


Best harmony wishes,


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President,




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