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Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Since 2005, GHA is an international NGO uniting more than 500 members in 56 countries and more than o­ne million participants from the GHA collective members in 80 countries.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org


Board: 37 GHA members from 14 countries



GHA Founder and President: Dr. Leo Semashko

Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg, 194356 Russia

Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com; Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253


GHA Mission is:

To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ through harmonious education




Peace and Disarmament from Harmony:

New World Peace Movement for the 21 century

On the basis of a common vision of fundamental cause for world peace in the global social Harmony, scientific picture of which is presented in the GHA collective book of 76 authors from 26 countries: The ABC of Harmony (www.peacefromHarmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478)

Word << Harmony >> we always write with a capital letter, as it implies Harmony o­n spiritual basis.


This World Peace Movement is a positive global alternative to ripened war with Iran, threatening to grow into World War III with nuclear weapons.


GHA 38th Project

Started: September 24, 2012

Approved by the GHA o­n October 5, 2012



Dr. Leo Semashko, Initiator and Project Manager together with the GHA 87 co-authors:

Charles Mercieca, Glen Martin, Ernesto Kahan, Bishnu Pathak, Madhu Krishan, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, David Stringer, Marina Kozlovska, Julia Budnikova, Surendra Pathak, Nina Yudina, Nina Novikova, Heli Habyarimana, Matjaz Mulej, Alexander Semashko, Laj Utreja, Nataly Cherkasova, Jacqueline Ripstein, Maria Cristina Azcona, N.S.Ravishankar, Mariam Khan, Vitaliy Ivachsenko, Vera Popovich, Lida Sherafatmand, Andrew Semashko, Svetlana Kuskovskaya, Alexander Ladugin, François Houtart, Jeffrey B. Peters, Catherine H. Peters, Svetlana Vetrova, Justo Bolekia, Hilarie Roseman, Hedva R. Bachrach,Kamlesh Choure, Silima Nanda, Tholana A. Chakravarthy, Tunde Adekeye, R.L Bindu, Peter Semashko, Nikolai Strelkov, Olga Strelkova, Leonid Timoshenko, Dmitriy Delukin, Hilarie Roseman, Alexander Subetto, Igor Shadhan, Uras Baimuratov, Alla Voronova, Michael Gurov, Maitreyee B. Roy, Erica Lazarova, Ivan Ivanov, Abbas Panakkal, Alla Ivashintsova, Dmitriy Ivashintsov, Zaure Hizatolla, Guy Crequie, Tatomir Ion-Marius, Syed S. Chishty, Zdenka Zenko, Nina Meyergof, Rodica Popa, Muhammad Iqbal, David Egwu, Artem Budnikov, Alain Levier, Ammar Banni, Nikolao Gudskov, Renato Corsetti, Jose M. Lopera, Takis Ioannides, Kanakmal Dugar, Avinash Pareek, Kartar Singh, Arvinder Singh, Marie Robert, Manish Bhatnagar, Edward Karpachev, Robert D. Crane, Alexey Kravchenko, Sarah Carrere, Vladimir Branskiy, Vladimir Shemchuk, Susana Roberts, Manijeh Navidnia,

from 26 countries:

Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, France, Ghana, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, USA


Project Destination:

1. For distribution in the United Nations, UNESCO, among of peace organizations and educational institutions in the world.

2. To create an UN working group of the GHA 7-11 experts to draft the United Nations Treaty for World Peace and Disarmament o­n the Global Harmony Basis.

3. To create a School of Harmonious Peacemakers under the UN aegis.

4. To join the peace organizations to the new Peace Movement o­n the Global Harmony Basis.



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In Russian: www.peacefromHarmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=559

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Copyright © 2012 Global Harmony Association

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Harmony will save peace


The wise sage Confucius said,

"When there is beauty in the character,

There is harmony in the home"

The enlightened o­ne, the Buddha added,

"When there is harmony in the home,

There is order in the nation,

When there is order in the nation

There is peace in the world".

Abdul Kalam


We must shift the arms race into a peace race

Martin Luther King Jr.


The ABC of Harmony: the science of social Harmony

Instead of military science


Harmonization through education in the ABC

of Harmony instead of militarization


The above five short epigraphs express the spiritual essence of all the slogans and the concept of a new World Peace Movement


The Movement Slogans, Expressing its Philosophy and Vision as Common Platform:


  1. ‘We must shift the arms race into a peace race’ from Harmony by the way of harmonization through education instead of militarization ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. Social Harmony - key dimension of peace and peacemaking
  3. Global Harmony is alternative to world war
  4. The main reason for any war is total ignorance in Harmony
  5. Any war is a cruel example of total ignorance in Harmony
  6. Harmony against war
  7. Only global Harmony o­n the basis of harmonious consciousness and education is the indestructible foundation for world peace
  8. Harmonization through education instead of militarization
  9. Harmony - dignity and honor of human mind; War - humiliation and shame of human mind
  10. Replace militaristic expansion with peace from Harmony o­ne
  11. Peace should not be a respite between wars and preparation for the new o­nes, but the eternal state of always being in Harmony
  12. Harmony is the common platform for peace talks in any conflict and in the UN. Another common platform for peace does not exist.
  13. Military-Industrial complex - an endless spiral of military engagement up to total destruction
  14. Harmonious civilization - an endless spiral of peaceful co-existence up to full development of each human being and nation
  15. History becomes by peaceful o­nly in the harmonious civilization
  16. The forces of war dominate in industrial civilization
  17. The forses of harmonious co-exist in harmonious civilization
  18. From the militaristic peace culture of the past to the harmonious peace culture of the future
  19. From militaristic industrial democracy to the peaceful harmonious democracy
  20. Tolerance to peace, intolerance to war
  21. The ABC of Harmony - transition from ignorance in Harmony to its knowledge
  22. The ABC of Harmony - beginning of transformation of the military history into peaceful history
  23. Joint schools of Harmony instead of military attacks
  24. The ABC of Harmony - first science of social Harmony
  25. The ABC of Harmony - history first global textbook of world peace from Harmony


The movement slogans are the essence of the GHA harmonious peacemaking vision, presented in the

GHA books and brochures in 7 years:

The ABC of Harmony, 2012;

Russia, Toward Harmonious Civilization, 2010;

Kazakhstan – Harmonism Strategy for the 21st century, 2010;

Harmonious Civilization, 2009;

Harmony Academy, 2008;

Magna Carta of Harmony, 2007;

Harmonious Era Calendar, 2006.



1. The World War III Threat

2. The Peacemaking Crisis: Paralysis of the Peace Movement and the UN

3. Cause of Peacemaking Crisis: Militarist Ideology of Peace and Total Ignorance in Global Harmony

4. Transformation Source for the UN and Peacemaking: Knowledge of Peace Cause Comes from

Harmony. Formula of social Harmony

5. Call to Unite for the Peace Organizations o­n a New Basis of Harmony Knowledge

6. Way Out of the Peacemaking Crisis o­n the Common Platform of Global Harmony


1. The World War III Threat


In the coming weeks, most likely after the U.S. presidential election in the November, it is possible that the war with Iran may start, with a high probability of the use of nuclear weapons and the escalation of this local war to an third world war. The media are preparing the world community to this militaristic victory - every war is a feast of blood for the warlords. If it happens, our children and grandchildren will never forgive us for this world tragedy. Our silence and inactivity will ground and moral justification for this war. So, what can the peacemakers do in the face of a potential World War III?


2. The Peacemaking Crisis: Paralysis of the Peace Movement and the UN


The traditional peacemakers are silent, powerless in the ideological fragmentation. They are unable to oppose this new war without any collective strong and positive alternative. They prefer to remain silent or to lull the world public opinion. They urge not to exaggerate the threat of war, forgetting the sad fact of the wars in Vietnam, Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, etc. Any war is an abomination, for which there cannot be an excessive concern and vigilance. It is obvious that the peacemakers are helpless against the military powers and are unable to do anything more than provide consolation before the war. At large, they were unable to support even a simple peace-making action such as the GHA Petition for Disarmament to the UN: www.peacefromHarmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=529

The United Nations, as we know, has been unable to prevent any previous wars and ensure disarmament indicating its paralysis for peacekeeping. All this is evidence of a profound crisis of peacemaking. Even some of the separate significant achievements have not changed the general picture of the peacemaking crisis in the past decades. The world and its history have changed, but not the peacemaking – it remains where it was. Whether it can this time prevent a new war with Iran, which can grow into a world war - the peacemaking crisis in general raises serious doubts in this.

Therefore, the increasing tension in the world and in the Middle East highlights the urgent need for humanity in the new peace movement. It must be able to intensify the process of reorganization of the UN and peacemakers to prevent new wars and attacks of any size, not by militaristic methods, "If you want peace - prepare for war," but o­n a completely new way of global harmonization through education instead of militarization.


3. Cause of Peacemaking Crisis: Militarist Ideology of Peace and Total Ignorance in Global Harmony


The peacemaking crisis - it is primarily a crisis of the traditional peace conception, based o­n the principle: "If you want peace - prepare for war." This is the militaristic ideology of peace. It assumes o­nly a single solution – the use of military to resolve all armed conflicts, and the o­nly defense of peace with weapons and violence. This ideology puts peace in the humiliating position of a respite between wars and preparation for new wars, as demonstrated by 20th century and the beginning of the new century. Peace in this ideology is subjected to war, conceived as part of the war and as a necessary element and addition of war. This is militaristic and violent peace, by definition. It can not break the war cycle in principle. This peace is based o­nly o­n the force of arms, ignoring the force of mind and consciousness. Therefore, it will never be eternal, universal, non-violent, or lasting and sustainable. Militaristic peace is always o­n the brink of war, as proved by the entire history of the 20th century. The local wars in the militaristic peace have been going o­n for the last 100 years,and the world had not a single day without war. Also, there is a constant threat of the world war. The threat of World War III was born immediately after the Second World War. We even take pride in advocating war with capital letters as if this is a great honor. As if it is the greatest privilege of the human, and not the greatest shame, disgrace and an abomination of his mind. Because the mind in militaristic world, the bets are placed o­n the force of arms, and not the power of mind and consciousness as the ultimate causes of war and peace.

The threat of escalation of local wars in the world o­nes has been particularly high and dangerous in a globalized, highly interconnected and nuclear world. Militarist peace ideology is tearing at all the seams. It is not suitable for peace. Even the UN has recognized that "wars begin in the mind," however, it continues to stake o­n the force of arms. Fact remains that war can start o­nly in the traditional militaristic mind with militaristic peace ideology. How can o­ne find peace of mind with militarist peace ideology? Unfortunately, the peace mind did not exist before 2005, when the "Peace from Harmony" concept originated in the GHA (www.peacefromHarmony.org). Prior to that timereigned the total ignorance in global Harmony as the sole cause of universal and sustainable world peace for united humanity. The total ignorance in Harmony remains the biggest cause of all wars and violence that is well illustrated by the entire history of the UN and peacemaking since 1946.

For example in 1947, the UN’s lack of knowledge of social Harmony created the State of Israel without carefully considering and ignoring the spiritual and social Harmony of the two nations involved, Israel and Palestine. This decision generated a permanent fireplace of military tension in the world and has proved to be the cause of the bloodshed in war, terror and violence for decades. The same is true in all other wars and bloodsheds: the African genocide in Rwanda, the Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the destruction of Kurds, the civil war in Syria, the killing in Afghanistan, and so o­n without end.

The UN as peacemakers, especially military leaders do not think about the consciousness of the people who live there, so as to harmonize their consciousness through common education, and eliminate the main cause of the war. This approach would address the root cause for lasting peace. Why the UN and peacekeepers do not do so? Because they are totally clueless in Harmony. They do not know the harmonious consciousness, knowledge and education. We explain the reason for this ignorance by the lack of scientific knowledge and collective consciousness of global Harmony. It first appeared in the Global Harmony Association in 2005 and integrated into the first global textbook: The ABC of Harmony, 2012.

The tension in the Middle East will continue to exist as long as both of these nations do not accept a unified program of harmonious education and enlightenment for future generations. Now, with the creation of the ABC of Harmony, the UN and the Jewish and Palestinian peoples have a real opportunity to correct this historical mistake and set in the region an eternal peace through Harmony. It may take 20 to 40 years of harmonious education (GHA created a special project for this – see below). Similarly, the ABC of Harmony can be applied to all other military conflicts, beginning in the minds. They are needed to replace disharmonious, violent consciousness with a mentality of harmonious peacemaking through education in the ABC of Harmony. Harmonization of consciousness through education, instead of militarization is the way to resolve armed conflicts in the 21st century.

The governments and presidents are also ignorant in Harmony. They do not know this way of conflict resolution and peacemaking. They put their trust in the peace affairs and military force, but not o­n Harmony. They are not aware of social Harmony and do not know how to apply it. The governments and presidents periodicallly contact each other to find avenues to establish peace, yet, every day, they increase military expenditures that are growing fast, feeding maximum profits into the military-industrial complex. This process o­nly ensures sustainable development or more weapons and more war, which undermine global security and the possibility of world peace. The result for humanity as a whole is the loss of life. If humanity commit it and die in war it will be o­nly for o­ne reason: because of total ignorance in Harmony. Therefore, the first task of peacemakers, governments and the UN is to overcome this ignorance and acquire scientific knowledge of global Harmony, which will allow them to make real peace agreements and decisions.


4. Transformation Source for the UN and Peacemaking: Knowledge of Peace Cause Comes from Harmony


The historical crisis of peacemaking by the UN is due to total ignorance in Harmony. It requires a fundamental transformation of both the ideology and the organization o­n the basis of new scientific knowledge of global Harmony, which is presented completely in the ABC of Harmony. If there is historical evidence that weapons cause o­nly violence and war, and not peace, then there is no basis to live in global peace in the 21st century and beyond. This basis can not be weapons as a material force, and not conscious mind engaged in the spiritual knowledge as truly human power. Spiritual scientific knowledge for peace - this is the key question of transformation for the UN and peacekeepers. But this knowledge may have incorrect connotation, which can easily be scientific. The governments have experimented with war and military peace based o­n ignorance in Harmony, and have failed. Any basis for a sustainable peace in the future other than harmony does not exist.

Every nation and humanity as a whole can use the global social Harmony o­nly when its scientific basis becomes acceptable in the collective consciousness. This knowledge and collective consciousness first emerged with the creation of the Global Harmony Association in 2005, which persistently developed it for over 7 years. It resulted in 38 projects and 7 books of global Harmony. They have been integrated in the global textbook: The ABC of Harmony in 2012. It became the boundary of world history, dividing it into two unequal parts: the past, totally ignorant in Harmony, and therefore mostly violent, with rare exceptions, and the future, deliberately harmonious, and therefore non-violent.

There is no need to repeat here this knowledge, since it is presented in a special textbook. Anyone can learn it at their own time and as situations warrant. The knowledge of Harmony is expressed above in pragmatic slogans for the new World Peace Movement as its peacemaking vision. It provides the spiritual and scientific base for joining peace organizations in the face of local and global military threat. Of course, these slogans, as well as knowledge of Harmony, will develop, enrich and complement traditional o­nes, which are redefined in the paradigm of Harmony. For example, the great slogan of Martin Luther King Jr.,‘We must shift the arms race into a peace race.’ This slogan was practically dead and misunderstood for about 50 years and o­nly now becomes clear and show its peacekeeping power in the context of a harmonious paradigm. It is expressed by the Formula of social Harmony – the conscious and voluntary coherence of spheres and spheral classes of society o­n the basis of their scientific knowledge. The voluntary fulfillment of this knowledge is free and rational choice of the individual and humanity. "A peace race," in Martin Luther King Jr.’s genius words, is the permanent result of conscious harmony.


5. Call to Unite for the Peace Organizations o­n a New Basis of Harmony Knowledge


Since 2005, the Global Harmony Association (GHA) is developing a culture of peace from global harmony. For more than 7 years, its mission has been "Peace from Harmony."It revived the campaign for general and complete disarmament (www.peacefromHarmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=529), created a scientific and educational base for this culture, embodied in the ABC of Harmony, and calls upon international peace organizations to join together in the face of a real threat of another world war and create a new World Peace Movement, "Peace and Disarmament from Harmony." Its consolidating spiritual foundation is presented by the slogans above.

The GHA is happy to invite the two past presidents of India: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and Mrs. Pratibha Patil, as the honorable leaders of this movement. The GHA also invites the others political leaders as the honorable leaders of this movement, known for their peace-making merits:

- Former President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Dr. Óscar Arias

- Former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Nelson Mandela

- Former Soviet President, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Mikhail Gorbachev

- Former President of the US, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Jimmy Carter


The GHA is happy to invite the co-founders of a new World Peace Movement the peacemaking organizations (23):

- International Association of Educators for World Peace, President, Charles Mercieca, USA,

- IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Chancellor, Kanakmal Dugar, Sardarshahar, India,

- Baha'i Community of India and the Tower of Understanding, Head, K. A. Merchant, India,

- Academy of Universal Global Peace, President, Madhu Krishan, India,

- World Constitution and Parliament Association, Secretary General, Glen Martin, USA,

- World Esperanto Association, President, Renato Corsetti, Italy,

- Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, Board Member, Ernesto Kahan, Israel

- International Forum of Art for Peace, President, Ada Aharoni, Israel,

- Peace and Conflict Studies Center, Director, Bishnu Pathak, Nepal,

- Association of World Citizens, President, Rene Wadlow, France,

- International Course: The Future of Religions, Director, Rudolf Siebert, USA,

- Peace through Culture Society, President, William Avgustat, Austria,

- Human Dignity and Humiliation Research, President, Evelin Lindner,

- Children of the Earth, President, Nina Meyerhof, USA,

- Global Constitution Forums, Chair, James T. Ranney, USA,

- My Peace, President, Eyal Raviv, Israel,

- Open International University for Peace, President, Steve Rajan, Malaysia,

- Shalom Educating for Peace, Director, Jean de Dieu Basabose, Rwanda,

- New World Community of Love and Peace, President, Jeffrey Peters, USA,

- Interfaith Encounter Association, E/Director, Yehuda Stolov, Israel,

- The Universal Alliance, Coordinator, David Stringer, Great Britain,

- IFLAC South America and Argentine and BILINGUAL MCA, President, Maria Cristina Azcona,


- Movement of Young Peacemakers, Director, Valery Gergel, Russia

Each o­ne of them, in turn, may invite other co-founders of other peacemaking organizations,

co-founders from the Movement World Council, and its Charter.

The Council first actions should be to file petitions to the governments and the United Nations:

1. Iran and Israel must: close their military nuclear projects, voluntarily refuse to use nuclear weapons, as did South Africa, reduce 2% of their annual proportional reduction of military spending, and sign the appropriate treaty under international control, which immediately brings them to the negotiating table.

2. Moratorium o­n attack o­n Iran for two years, during which the UN approves two Treaties.

3. The UN Treaty of World Peace and Total Disarmament through Global Harmony (its motives and proposals are presented in the GHA relevant drafts:

www.peacefromHarmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=529, and


4. The UN Treaty o­n Global Harmonious Education as Spiritual and Scientific Base for World Peace (its preliminary project for Israel and Palestine was created in GHA:


5. Create a UN working group of 7-11 experts of the GHA to draft the UN Treaty of World Peace and Total Disarmament through Global Harmony.

6. Create a School of Harmonious Peacemakers under the UN aegis, may be first for Israel, Iran, and Palestine in Jerusalem or in Tehran o­n the basis of the GHA preliminary project:


7. Invite Civil Society representatives from Iran to be present o­n international platforms like the World Civil Society Forum at the United Nations.

Just like international actions postpone and avert the threat of another world war. The UN approval of the said Treaties will open the long-term perspective to build a world peace o­n the basis of global Harmony through harmonious education and consciousness that will eliminate the grounds for any war. We cannot accept the “right” of the unilateral action of sovereign nations to make war as they see fit.We must abide by the rule of democratically legislated acceptable law in the world that makes war and the threat of war impossible.

This rule will provide the legal basis for harmonious (non-violent) solutions to all conflicts and will eliminate war.

However, today’s dying military-industrial civilization and its democracy does not provide a truly democratic law from a scientific harmonious perspective. Therefore, prevention of the impending world war requires powerful peace protests and world wide harmonious education. It can be accomplished o­nly democratically through global Harmony peacemaking movement. The peacemakers and their organizations are the first social components of this movement. Correspondingly, we must bear the responsibility for the prevention of war with Iran which can very easily lead to World War III.


6. Way Out of the Peacemaking Crisis o­n the Common Platform of Global Harmony


The failure of peace organizations to transform and unite o­n the basis of a new spiritual basis of Harmony will o­nly mean o­ne thing: degradation and degeneration of industrial peace movement together with degeneration of industrial civilization.

The voluntary association at least some peace organizations o­n this basis will mean their way out of the crisis and the beginning to build a new world peace movement o­n a new spiritual platform of global Harmony. Therefore, the GHA should call the international peacemaking organizations to unite o­n this basis to prevent the war with Iran and others. It is today the GHA highest mission, as the o­nly GHA is carrier of scientific knowledge and the collective consciousness of global Harmony.


Dear God, Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things seen and unseen, open our minds and hearts and guide us to a peaceful harmonious solution between Iran, Israel and the USA. We believe you have heard us, and we give thanksgiving.

Hilarie Roseman, Painter, Christian thinker, Australia


The project is open to join by new authors and new peace organizations through the

GHA Ambassador of Peace from Harmony and Coordinator of "Peace and Disarmament from Harmony" Movement – Dr. Bishnu Pathak, Peacemaker, Kathmandu, Nepal,

Email: pathakbishnu@gmail.com



Discussion ended, the Project is approved


Dear friends, GHA Members,


I am happy to report that after a long and difficult discussion, the GHA unprecedented Project: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony (PDH) is completed and approved by the GHA 87 members from 26 countries. We included in it and the approved disarmament project as there is no peace without disarmament. The disarmament project is open to sign it (www.peacefromHarmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=529) and the second project (PDH) is open for new ideas and amendments.


I congratulate you o­n the GHA new peaceful achievement. October 5, 2012 marks the GHA’s new World Peace Movement for the 21st century: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony. This movement will ensure world peace from Harmony and prevent all wars.


I received many ideas and amendments to the project, which greatly enriched it. The project could not be developed without your involvement. Thank you for your contributions.


But o­nly 10 of the 23 invited peace organizations responded:

1.Global Harmony Association, President, Leo Semashko, Russia

2.International Association of Educators for World Peace, President, Charles Mercieca, USA

3.IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Chancellor, Kanakmal Dugar, Sardarshahar, India

4.Academy of Universal Global Peace, President, Madhu Krishan, India

5.World Constitution and Parliament Association, Secretary General, Glen Martin, USA

6.Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, Board Member, Ernesto Kahan, Israel

7.Peace and Conflict Studies Center, Director, Bishnu Pathak, Nepal

8.New World Community of Love and Peace, President, Jeffrey Peters, USA

9.The Universal Alliance, Coordinator, David Stringer, Great Britain

10.IFLAC South America andArgentine and Bilingual MCA, President, Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina


These organizations form the core of a new World Peace Movement: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony (PDH). However, we need at least 30-40 peacemaking organizations from all continents for this movement to begin to work. Therefore, the first task of the GHA and the movement Coordinators is to find 30-40 peace organizations within 2 months (or sooner in view of the threat of World War). For the PDH organizations, the first practical common goal is to organize them to sign a Petition of Disarmament to the UN at: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=529


The GHA must work with peace organizations and persuade them to join a new World Peace Movement o­n the common scientific and spiritual platform of Harmony of this project. For this purpose, GHA needs 3-7 PDH Coordinators that may help identify 30-40 peacemaking organizations to join to this movement in 2-3 months. They will elect the PDH World Council and work its Charter.


In this regard, I invite anyone who wants to be a PDH Coordinator to respond within two days to. It is a great work. Of course, I will also work with you as a team. The more the Coordinators, the better.


The Peace Movement o­n the basis of harmony will overcome the UN and peacemaking crisis in the 21st century.


With love, best Harmony wishes,


Dr. Leo Semashko.

GHA President



Translation of the GHA new peace project in other languages


Dear GHA members:


Our unprecedented project of the new World Peace Movement based o­n harmony requires translation into as many languages ​​as the number of the GHA members and peacekeepers speaking different languages from different countries. In this regard, I am pleased to invite the following GHA translators to translate this project (please see the updated version of the project in the attachment) into the following 20 languages:


Spanish - Maria Cristina Azcona: you may update your translation of the new version

French - Heli Habyarimana

Hindi - Surendra Pathak

Telugu - Tholana A. Chakravarthy

Italian - Renato Corsetti

Esperanto - Renato Corsetti, Nikolao Gudskov

Urdu - Mariam Khan, Muhammad Iqbal and Harjeet Kaur Bhatia

Arabic - Ammar Banni

Hebrew - Hedva R. Bachrach

Persian - Manijeh Navidnia

Greek - Takis Ioannides

Romanian - Tatomir Ion-Marius, Rodica Pop

Ukrainian - Marina Kozlovska, Vitaliy Ivachsenko

Japanese - Kae Morii

German - Olga Michel

Kazakh - Zaure Hizatolla

Bulgarian - Erica Lazarova

Slovenian – Matjaz Mulej

Portuguese - GHA solicits a translator

Chinese - GHA solicits a translator


The GHA will appreciate your significant contribution to world peace if any o­ne of you is fluent in any language and is willing to translate the project. The translation of the GHA peace project to different languages ​​will make it a truly project of world peace from global harmony.


With love, best Harmony wishes,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President,




Dear GHA members as peacemakers,

As reported by the world media,it is highly likely that war with Iran can break out in the near future. We can no longer remain silent and do nothing about this global militarist threat that can easily escalate to a world war just before our eyes. Our children and grandchildren will never forgive us if it happens. Our silence and inactivity will send our concurrence in support of this war. In the face of this anticipated war, we, the GHA members should call upon the international peacemaking organizations to resist the war o­n the basis of global harmony.

For this purpose, we’ve prepared a new GHA project (see attachment, 3 pages) for your discussion, comments and approval by your public YES or NO by 28 September inclusively. The GHA project is the establishment of a new World Peace Movement: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony (PDH). It is published at: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=532

We’ve already included the discussion of the project by the Board members and the GHA members, as we do not have the time to list individual discussions in view the approaching war. We will appreciate your suggestions, comments and amendments. Thank you.


Best harmony wishes,


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President



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