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Suppression of Thought Freedom in Russia,. Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS) and others in Practice of Suppression of Thinking Freedom

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Suppression of Thought Freedom in Russia, 35 years.

Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS):

Dissident Leo Semashko in Practice of Suppression Thinking Freedom


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October 15, 2012


Dr. Leo Semashko:

Open Letter

To Programme Committee of the 4th Russian Sociological Congress

(RSC-4, October 23-25, 2012, Ufa) and

To the RSS Board



In Russian: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=557

In English: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=534


Dr. Leo Semashko is a philosopher and sociologist; State Councilor of Saint Petersburg; Founding President, Global Harmony Association - GHA (www.peacefromharmony.org) since 2005; Author, Tetrism and Tetrasociology as philosophy and sociology of social harmony and harmonious civilization since 1976; PhD; Author of more than 300 scientific publications, including 16 books and brochures o­n philosophy and sociology of Tetrism. Personal page: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253. I am the dissident in Russia 35 years, since 1976, and the ISA member since 1998.


TOPIC: Suppression of Thinking Freedom in RSS and RSC-4


1.Call the Russian and Foreign sociologists, humanists and human right activists to boycott RSC-4 and RSS.

2.Demand from the ISA to eliminate RSS of its members, as well as RSS, as an open heiress of totalitarian Soviet Sociological Association, continues its strategy of suppression of thinking freedom that is a shame for ISA.


RSC-4 Programme Committee: http://www.ssa-rss.ru/index.php?page_id=356#2

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Toshchenko Jan, Chief


Tikhonov Alex


Akimkin Eugenie


Rutelia Badri


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RSS Board: http://www.ssa-rss.ru/index.php?page_id=118

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  1. Mansurov Valeriy Andreyevich, RSS President


  1. Pronina Elena Ivanovna


  1. Daydov Andrey Aleksandrovich


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  1. Kravchenko Sergey Aleksandrovich


  1. Osadchaya Galina Ivanovna

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Dear ladies and gentlemen!


I, Leo Semashko, a professional philosopher and sociologist since 1965, would like to drive your attention to the facts of suppression of thinking freedom, being systematic in RRS as spiritual inheritor of Soviet Sociological Association, where I have always been a dissident since 1976. I left RSS in 2005, when I realized my idea inconsistency as theorist pluralist (tetrist) with it - as inheritor of totalitarian Marxist (soviet) monism, continuing to dominate in the RSS until now.

Let me briefly introduce the facts, unfolding the practice of suppression of thinking freedom in RSS in reverse chronology, beginning from exclusion of my paper from the RSC-4 Programme. My paper title is: The ABC of Social Harmony. Global Tetrasociology of Harmonic Civilization in the 21st Century: Rejection and Attraction (it was published here:www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=533).


Latest fact of September 17, 2012

From: Gavrilov Kirill, gavrilov@socio.msk.ru

To: leo44442006@yandex.ru

Sent: September, 17, 2012, 6:25:00

Subject: Session 1, RSC-4

Dear, Leo Mikhailovich!

Unfortunately, your paper cant be included into the Program of Session 1 Societies and Theories: Reflections, Rejections and Attractions of the 4th Russian Sociological Congress.

Best regards,

Gavrilov K.A., coordinator of Session 1 of RSC-4

- Kindly notice: what a genius refusal, suppressing dissidence! No explanations and motivations! Just Do not let! A greater mind and want was not enough. This is classics in traditional stupid soviet genre of dissidence suppression! Who is its author in this case? Surely, not Mr. Gavrilov: he is the fifth wheel in the RSS coach but its leaders, who are hiding behind the pointsman. As we see, there is o­ne motive, monistic: total rejection and nothing reflection and attraction! Its source is the fear of new ideas, the fear of new theory Tetrasociology, breaking all basics of Marxist monism of RSS.


The 2nd fact, of June 14, 2012. That day I sent to the Co-chairmen of the RSC-4 Program Committee Mr Toshchenko and Mr Tikhonov my following letter:

DearZhan Terentyevich and Aleksander Vasilyevich! Im glad to inform you that today I paid the Congress fee and sent my paper to RSC in Ufa I wanted to register before June 15!

My paper o­n the Session 1 is: The ABC of Social Harmony. Global Tetrasociology of a Harmonious Civilization in the 21st Century: Rejection and Attraction.

Now I ask you to consider my request to the Round table, for 2 hours (90 minutes), at any day of the Congress. Its topic: Tetrasociology as the ABC of Harmony and Theory of Harmonious Civilization. Chairman: Semashko Leo, PhD, President, Global Harmony Association, Saint-Petersburg (one Chairman).

I was not attended o­n Russian Sociological Congresses since 2000, from the 1st o­ne in Saint-Petersburg. Perhaps something has changed in our sociological community for this time. Thats why I hope and expect inclusion of my paper to the Session 1 and inclusion of my Round table to the RSC Program its o­nly 2 hours- 90 minutes!

The main topic of my paper and of the table will be the ABC of Harmony by the 76 authors of GHA from 26 countries. The presentation of this book o­n 11 February 2012 in Delhi at the International Teachers Seminar openedthe new epoch of the Harmonious Enlightenment of the humanity, which the first time in history is called to overcome total ignorance of the past centuries in social harmony.

The book has got wide international resonance (it is also published in English). Some foreign universities are going to open departments of Tetrasociology under various names but based o­n the ABC of Harmony. I hope that this time I wont have any difficulties as it usually in Russia for a new fundamental book o­n Tetrasociology. Or there is still the rule: No prophets in the homeland?! Surely, I will be glad to present you samples of this book in Ufa as to my old friends and colleagues. I will be glad to meet you. Best harmony wishes, yours sincerely, Leo Semashko

- Surely, I didnt get the answer:silence and neglect are the well-known soviet methods of dissidence and thinking freedom suppression. Old theory is afraid of comparison and competition with the new theory, and using its administrative and numeral domination it kills the new o­ne. My old friends acted as enemies. But I forgive them, as I understand their organic inability to deny Marxist education and conscience at their age.


3d fact.In February, 2010 after the publication of the GHA other fundamental book o­n Tetrasociology: Harmonious civilization (2009) with the first in the world and in history scientific theory of the civilization, changing the industrial o­ne, I sent letters, suggesting to discuss the book at the Scientific Councils of the Philosophy Institute and Sociology Institute of the Academy of Science (practically the same people as at RSS). Those letters are published here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=457.

- Naturally, I didnt get the answer again: silence and neglect are the well-known soviet methods of thinking freedom suppression.


4th Fact

For the first time in my life in 2001 my article, Tetrasociology as Sociology of Four Dimensions. For Problem Raising, in Journal: Sociological studies. 2001, 9, p. 20-28 was published in academic sociological magazine. In 2002 a devastating article, Natural Science and Sociology. About Appropriateness of the Notions Transmission, in same Journal, 2002, 3, p.12-18 of o­ne of the Marxists theory leaders, academician Michael Rutkevitch was published. The author groundlessly and unreasonably accuses me in transmission of the physics notions to sociology and put a simple stamp of full scientific insolvency o­n Tetrasociology!So easy to suck it from the finger when there is a huge desire to suppress dissent! More stupid argument is hard to imagine! But the sociological subordinates understood correctly their boss: not a single magazine ever accepted my articles again. I replied to Mr. Rutkevitch, but naturally my reply was not published as well: hard to risk before boss with the reply of some miserable dissident! But I published it in two languages in my fundamental book of 2002: Tetrasociology. Responses to challenges here:www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=206. The book was successfully presented in 2002 at the ISA World Sociological Congress in Brisbane, Australia, in more than 10 sections, where it received a lot of praiseworthy responses as well as critics, what is natural for a new theory. Since then I regularly took part in all the ISA and many IIS Congresses, where was no suppression like it was in Russia, in RSS, which I tied to forget in scientific aspect.


5th Fact. In 2000 I published my book: Tetrasociology as Revolution of Social Thinking and the Way of Harmony and Prosperity for the 1st Russian Sociological Congress with the epigraph: Revive Sociological Pluralism of Maxim Kovalevsky and Pitirim Sorokin through 80 years o­n a new level. But pluralism stayed forgotten and my poster I Search Sociology, which I carried with me caused just smile: RSS no wanted and can revive pluralism and freedom of thought. I was deprived of speech, and o­nly colleague Love Zhoi suggested nobly I use her time for my presentation.


In 2012 I began to think, that for the past 12 years the total bellicosity with dissent has gone from the RSS forefront. But now I see that I was wrong: in Russian sociology everything remains in the old way, but modern times require for it radical change! Sociology still cant become a full-fledged science. It still cant overcome creeping empiricism, about which Pitirim Sorokin said, that even thousands of empiric studies cant replace a grand theory. In Russia it cant become pluralistic, still remaining diehard monistic, and therefore bellicose, thus even Sorokin after Kovalevskiy dethroned Marxist monism in sociology about a century ago this fact is being ignored in the Russian textbooks for sociology.


I have skipped innumerable examples of dissent suppression for the period of 35 years in the intervals between of the mentioned facts and before them in the evil soviet epoch. These facts are expressed in different forms of refusals of my work in departments, publishing my articles, my speeches at sociological conferences etc. The practice of suppression of thought freedom still remains to dominate in RSS. It is an intolerant practice of suppression of the elementary human and scientists rights.


THEORETICAL SUMMARY. What hides behind the mentioned and not mentioned similar facts of dissent suppression practice? The historical confrontation of two paradigms of consciousness and thinking.


First paradigm it is the traditional o­ne-dimensional, and therefore disharmonious, paradigm of outgoing disharmonious industrial civilization. This is totalitarian monism in all its ideological colors from red and white to black, and in all its social forms from racism, Nazism, Marxism (including trialism) to neoliberalism and fundamentalism, based o­n absolutization of o­ne or another social part or particular. Monism is a spiritual forefather of the industrial civilization and at the same time its ideological product, slave and grave digger, devouring its children and masters. It has led such its forms like colonialism, nazism, sovietism (USSR etc.) to its natural end and logic crash and has brought all its other forms to the verge of degeneration nowadays.


Second paradigm it is conscious, scientific, four-dimensional, holistic, and therefore harmonious pluralism is a philosophy of Tetrism and its social theory Tetrasociology. This paradigm synthesizes all the achievement of monism, including the four spheres of social production from Marx. They are synthesized o­n the base of ideological and social harmony, fullness and integrity, overcoming gynecological partiality and disharmony of monism. Thats why this paradigm becomes a spiritual forefather of a brand new, harmonious, human civilization, providing humanity with survival in the known mortal industrialpathologies and harmonious stable progress in nature, based o­n harmonious spiritual culture, consciousness and thinking.This paradigm has found its conscious and scientific expression in two program collective books of the GHA in Russian and English languages: Harmonious civilization (2009, by 120 co-authors: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379) and the ABC of harmony (2012, by 76 co-authors: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478).


The ABC of harmony is especially valuable as the first global textbook of social harmony and harmonious civilization in the world and history, which allows to overcome total ignorance of the past centuries and rises the human mind to a new level of the network four-dimensional harmonious thinking and consciousness- shortly tetranet of thinking. Sociology has risen for the first time to the level of integral, and therefore harmonious (or harmonious, and therefore integral and holistic), social science o­nly in Tetrasociology. The main achievement of the ABC - is SOCIONOME - social genome of society as integral, holistic scientific pattern of the deep structure of society and its harmony. It joins together with psychological genome all 20 fundamental elements of social and individual harmony. Socionome is similar to biological human genome or to the table of chemical elements. The way there is no scientific biology and chemistry without them, there is no without SOCIONOME the full-fledged scientific sociology and social science in general, including economics, political science, management etc. Thats why the historic sense and meaning of ABC is the sensation of the 21st century as aturning point of the global consciousness, education and worlds history from industrial to harmonious.

There is nothing more practical than a good theory, said physicist Boltsman. Traditional partial and particular sociology doesnt and cant have a good theory by definition, thats why it is marginal and serves o­n smal errands for capital, and generally stays almost useless in social aspect. Tetrasociology is a good theory in all aspects, useful for society in all its spheres and for every people and human, and therefore it is very practical theory, what is approved by about 40 projects of GHA, created by him o­n its basis during 7 years: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472.


An outstanding American philosophe Glen Martin, co-author of the ABC, recognized it and Tetrasociology as New planetary paradigm,fundamental revolution in science and paradigm shift in human consciousness (the ABC, English original, p. 296: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=489). I cant but say about other outstanding world figures reviews: Abdul Kalama, the former president of India; Norman Kurland, the architect of Ronald Reagans economicreform etc.: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=506. Of course Tetrasociology is not perfect and will be developing endlessly. It is obvious that Tetrasociology not a verity at the final instance. But it gives an opportunity of a wise, and therefore non-violent decision of global problems appeared at the level of industrial, monistic, partial and disharmonious thinking, and therefore unsolvable o­n this level. As Einstein genius noticed, that the humanity problems cant be solved o­n the same ltvel of thinking that they appeared. Tetrism rises it o­n the level of integral and harmonious thinking, capable of solving global problems of humanity in a whole. This was mentioned by many foreign scientists and thinkers in their articles in the ABC.


And what the RSS say? It couldnt see this all during 35 years. RSS couldnt oppose to Tetrasociology anyone worthy positive theory; it turned to be above its head, as they say. RSS preferred to suppress it with all measures and refused to discuss it o­n its Congress in Ufa, together with the saving idea of social genome socionome. No o­ne from RSS, infected with the ruinous virus of the absolute verity and indisputability of Marxist monism, even tried to consider carefully and access the ideological essence and social value of Tetrasociology, to invite me with the report or lectures, to table for the scientific council, to organize a public discussion in a magazine etc. for 35 years, limiting o­nly by labeling. Thats why I can lecture Tetrasociology, even after the USSR collapse, o­nly underground without advertising it. Some praiseworthy responses from colleagues were just an exception from the rule of sweeping denial of dissent as a spiritual and organizational strategy of RSS.


As we see, the refusal for me to participate in the Congress is not an ordinary fact, but the link of the long (35 years) chain in practice of suppression of thought freedom and dissent. I understand that I provoke fire of new innumerous attacks o­n me and o­n Tetrasociology with this letter. But Ive got used to them during 35 years, and they are not frightful for me and for my theory: they are intellectually impotent towards it. To rephrase an oriental wisdom, I can say o­nly o­ne thing: dogs are barking, the wind is blowing, and the caravan Tetrasociology is going, developing and finally will win in the born harmonious civilization of the 21st century.It will inevitably win, because there is no other alternative for humanity to survive and to prosper but to capture a single global harmonious thinking and consciousness through the global harmonious education, which will displace many partial monistic militant consciousnesses of degrading industrial civilization, integrating all its merits. This s a turning point in the worlds history through breaking of consciousness and thinking. It is inevitable. Many people, beginning with Vladimir Vernadsky, long time ago felt this coming greatest shift of human thought, as he defined it. Recognition of it by everyone is just a matter of time. Each practice of dissent suppression is powerless towards this inevitable tendency. This can o­nly slow it down, that is worthy o­nly moral blame.



  1. I call the Russian and foreign sociologists, humanists and human rights defenders to boycott the RSC-4 and RSS.
  2. Demand from the ISA to eliminate RSS of its members, as well as RSS, as an open heiress of totalitarian Soviet Sociological Association, continues its strategy of suppression of thinking freedom that is the shame for ISA.


The concerned colleagues with civil responsibility could express your demands to the RSS Board and the ISA President o­n the emails with a copy me. The emails are above. All you letters will be published o­n the GHA website. Thank you very much for them.


Dr. Leo Semashko



Mr. Mansurov, RSS Presidents answer


Dear Dissident Leo Semashko!

And all this noise because you raised of the Session Secretary answer, not the RSC-4 Program Committee and, moreover, did not RSS. I inform you that the Program Committee at its meeting 15.09.2012 made the decision to move your paper to a meeting of the Round Table-1 "Non-classical Sociology in Russia and the World." The text of your paper will be published in the Congress materials, as well as all members of Congress,

Sincerely, RSS President, a "spiritual successor of the Soviet Sociological Association and the bearer of obsolete totalitarian Marxist (Soviet) monism", Professor V. Mansurov. 19/09/12




The RSS president does not hide his pride as the spiritual successor of the Soviet Sociological Association and the bearer of obsolete totalitarian Marxist (Soviet) monism! - He say, crushed and will crush freedom of thought! And NOBODY will prevent us! No comments, as they say. Pathetic response! About the idea essence - to say nothing! This is idea and moral degeneration of totalitarianism! Therefore again: it is no apology or explanation, o­nly humiliation and a terrible fear of noise and publicity! In the silence by the officer so nice to press freedom and the rights of others!

As for the Round Table - it's a cunning subterfuge of the official: he knows that there will be 3-5 people. No more. What is not a way to suppress a new theory!

The same is true with the publication: it remains unknown to publish my report or not else. Even if it will publish, that all know that the collections of Congresses no o­ne reads but their papers. Itispracticallya puretrash.

Dr. LeoSemashko

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------


Kazakh Academician, Prof. Uraz Baimuratovs Letter in the RSS

In defense of dissident Leo Semashko


                             LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF RSS!


         I recently read o­n the internet the Open Letter to the RSC of Dr. Leo Semashko, President of Global Harmony Association, the world-famous social scientist in the field of social harmony, about the refusal to him to participate in your Congress.

This fact made me regret, and I could not stay indifferent to it, as to me are dear your honor and prestige as Kazakhstan and Russia are the friendly countries and strategic partners.

         Dr. Leo Semashko has close to me ideas of harmony, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact o­n the development of Russian sociology.

         I have a lot of Russian friends and fellow scientists, and as a friend of Russian scientists, I would recommend to you, dear colleagues, the best way to make amends for this unfortunate fact to invite Dr. Leo Semashko to act o­n a Plenary Session of your Congress with his paper (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=533). It is a brilliant and innovative in social science paper, which will make the world honor to your Congress - and, as is customary in the world, to pay him the costs associated with its participation in the Congress. That would be highest worthy and ethical solution of the misunderstanding. Such a friendly gesture will make you honor and raise in the eyes of the scientists of Russia and the world image and the level of your Congress.

        Thank you in advance!



Dr. Uraz Baimuratov, Director, Institute of Finance and Banking Management, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the author of the book: The Harmony of Society and Economy: Global Paradigm / / Volume 6. Selected scientific papers. - Almaty: Economy, 2010. - 360 pages, in a series of more than 20 of my other books.

October 7, 2012



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