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Social Genome of Peace from Harmony – SOCIONOME (4x4x4x4): Harmonious Peaceful Humanity Mind (GHA Video Scenario)


Leo Semashko

Videofilm Scenario:

Harmony Social Genome – SOCIONOME (4x4x4x4):

Harmonious Peaceful Humanity Mind

Social Genome of Peace from Harmony



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Social Genome of Harmony– SOCIONOME (4x4x4x4):

Synthesis of Social Sciences in Synergy as Mind of Harmonious Peaceful Humanity.

Overcoming Total Ignorance in Harmony and Global Financial Tyranny

Thriving o­n this Ignorance

TO Global Harmony Day o­n June 21 of the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar



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SOCIONOME: Eternal Natural Structure of Harmony for the Society Spheres and their Correlations at all Levels: Global, Regional, National and Local Including the Human


The Scheme New Title:

SOCIONOME: Eternal Structure of the Society Spheres and their Constant Spontaneous Harmonization by Spheral Classes of Population at every Level: Global, Regional, National and Local Including the Human


pp. 40-41

Likened to the biological genome, this is four-dimensional. Dimensionality and measure of SOCIONOME is (=) 4x4x4x4. This dimensionality is determined by the 16 fundamental, natural and eternal for the society, elements of social harmony. SOCIONOME includes these elements in the infinite universal combinations: 4 resources PIOT, 4 processes PDEC, 4 spheres SIOT, and 4 classes SIOT. Each of these four dimensions - resources, processes, structures, and classes - has four-dimensions. They received philosophical and sociological substantiation in a Tetrism paradigm vision that defines four-dimensionality of SOCIONOME and growing o­n it harmonious Tetranet thinking. Tetrism is unity of Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology as a science of social harmony. They are detailed in the ABC of Harmony. SOCIONOME and the ABC of Harmony are identical in content: SOCIONOME is its scientific top and holistic expression, and the ABC of Harmony is a philosophical and sociological cognitive unfolding of SOCIONOME of natural social harmony.


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The ABC of Harmony Top Cover

It is published here:



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SOCIONOME IS THE GENOME OF SOCIAL HARMONY OF SOCIETY AS A WHOLE. It is a society genome in its integrity and harmony. SOCIONOME is the theoretical top of Tetrasociology as a science of social harmony and harmonious civilization. SOCIONOME integrates 16 fundamental elements of social harmony represented in the ABC of Harmony as the global textbook of Tetrasociology.

Knowledge of SOCIONOME ensures the survival of humanity and prosperity for every part of it, every nation and human being, as well as preservation and promotion of diversity in society and nature.

SOCIONOME knowledge provides a new level of thinking and can solve insoluble and fragmented problems of industrial civilization.

EINSTEIN: Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which they occur.



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Key problems in modern history:

UN: how to see and solve global problems as a whole and in harmony?

State: how to see and solve national problems as a whole and in harmony?

Local government: how to see and solve local problems as a whole and in harmony?

Man: how to see and solve individual problems as a whole and in harmony?


Why are these problems not solved?

Why can the UN not see and also not solve global problems as a whole, and because they grow and destroy the world?

Why does the state not see and not solve national problems as a whole, and because they grow and destroy it?

Why does the local government not see and not solve local problems as a whole, and because they grow and destroy it?

Why can the human being not see and also not solve individual problems as a whole, and because they grow and destroy it?



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The answer to these questions is o­ne:

Seeing and solving them is not partial and of torn mind, but integral, holistic and harmonious. It is based o­n SOCIONOME and the ABC of Harmony.

A holistic harmonious mind can o­nly grow out of a harmonious global education through the systematic study of SOCIONOME and the ABC of Harmony since childhood, with family and school.

It is the task of a new era of humanity, which was opened in the ABC of Harmony – the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment. Since the 21st century a new, harmonious civilization has been born, which is destined to replace the dying industrial civilization. It has overcome the total ignorance of humanity in harmony o­n the way of global harmonious education through the ABC of Harmony.

For over 8 years, GHA has created 46 projects and 7 books of global harmony. These are the first examples that give a harmonious solution to many problems as a whole o­n basis of the ABC of Harmony and its SOCIONOME.


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The ABC of Harmony opened and proved a unique and life-saving truth for the 21st century:

- o­nly social harmony provides the best opportunities, of all conceivable conditions (wealth, economy, politics, government, culture, freedom, democracy, peace, religion, etc.), for the development of every part of humanity, every nation and human, and them as a whole.

This truth is confirmed by the whole of history and flows out from holistic understanding of harmony: harmony is integrity, and integrity is harmony. o­nly all parts of whole in harmony ensure the integrity and life of any phenomenon. Wherever the measure of harmony finishes – it ends up being life.


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All values ​​of humanity - the good, life, love, peace, faith, justice, freedom, equality, brotherhood, happiness, humanism, human rights, sustainable development, survival and prosperity of mankind, of all its parts, nations and persons, - are the consequences and aspects of social harmony. In it, they have merged and exist o­nly in the measure of harmony. THEREFORE NO BETTER HARMONY IN THE WORLD CAN EXIST. If there are other values ​​– they are o­nly aspects of it. This is proved in the whole history of the universe and humanity that exist o­nly because of the harmony of their integrity.

SOCIONOME and ABC of Harmony for the first time allow us to understand this scientific knowledge for society in a whole and in all history.


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All the people, the governments and the UN, have not seen and did not solve global problems as a whole, because they did not know SOCIONOME. Therefore, they have been and remain ignorant in social harmony. This is a typical situation: for example, before the Table of Chemical Elements people were ignorant in chemistry, and so o­n.

The ABC of Harmony and its SOCIONOME raise thinking and solving social problems to a new level of harmonious and holistic four-dimensional mind. It is able to see and solve problems holistically and harmoniously at all levels from the individual to humanity.


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SOCIONOME is a model of synthesis and synergy of social sciences: sociology, statistics, economics, demography, political and legal sciences, informology, ecology and others. SOCIONOME transforms social knowledge in the global knowledge of Integrated Social Sciences. SOCIONOME holds a global knowledge of all the social sciences. Therefore SOCIONOME is a global harmonious social knowledge. THIS IS A GLOBAL SOCIAL SCIENCE AS A WHOLE.

Through global education, it becomes the property of spheral classes of the population, which are converted from the spontaneous to the conscious actors of global harmony. SOCIONOME as a global social science of harmony - is THE MIND OF A o­nE HARMONIOUS HUMANITY AND HIS LEADERS. This is the mind of spheral classes as conscious actors of global harmonious civilization. THIS MIND IS ZEITGEIST, ARROW OF HARMONIOUS CIVILIZATION AND SPIRITUAL GUARANTOR OF GLOBAL PEACE.

Therefore SOCIONOME is:

1. Overcoming total ignorance in harmony and based o­n it the global financial dictatorship and tyranny.

2. Elimination of all economic and financial crises.

3. Prevention of any war, terror and violence.

4. Establishment of global harmonious democracy of the spheral harmonious classes of population.

5. The sole eternal source of global peace, social justice, prosperity of the peoples and sustainable development of humanity in nature.

6. Preservation and development in harmonious unity of all humanistic and natural diversity.


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The ABC back cover, picture with Abdul Kalam.

"The ABC of Harmony is the dawn of a shining, harmonious vision of peace and prosperity for all the nations of the planet Earth! Together with it, the enlightened citizens will emerge, capable of building a harmonious civilization of peace and prosperity o­n the planet Earth!"

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

President of India, 2002 – 2007



Dr. Glen Martin, President, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (www.wcpa.biz);

President, Institute o­n World Problems; American famous philosopher:

The ABC of Harmony is "Our New Planetary Paradigm, the fundamental revolution in science and paradigm shift in human consciousness." (The ABC, p. 296).


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Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, Manager and Editor in Chief of the ABC of Harmony:

The ABC of Harmony and its scientific acme – SOCIONOME has many unique virtues, the key among them are:

- The first encyclopedia, philosophy and holistic scientific knowledge of the 20 fundamental elements / spheres of deep natural structure of social harmony o­n every level from global to local, including each person.

- This is a level of holistic social thinking and the harmonious human mind.

- The philosophical basis is Tetrism (Tetraphilosophy & Tetrasociology) as a four dimensional pluralism, which provides a full, rather than partial, gnoseological approach to social and individual harmony.

- The first in history global textbook of social harmony. It is accessible to all nations and cultures. It opens the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment and Global Education of humanity in the 21st century, overcoming the total ignorance in harmony. It expresses, in the first approximation, the worldview of harmonious civilization born in 2009.

- The symbol of the second Axial Age of humanity, its turn towards the new world order without wars, terror, violence, hunger, poverty, with the new human – HOMO HARMONICUS, for whom the highest value lies in the maximization of inner and social harmony, rather than profit.

- This is not the end but o­nly the beginning of scientific knowledge of global harmony and formation of the initial nuclear of spiritual culture for harmonious civilization. This language, thought and worldview are open to unite the whole humanitarian diversity of humanity.

- It is integration of social knowledge in SOCIONOME as the model for all social sciences. This model has many aspects: sociological, statistical, economic, demographic, cybernetic, synergetic, political, legal, financial, ecological, etc.

- This integral social knowledge overcomes social pathologies and provides global harmony of humanity as a whole not by violence but by the harmonious mind, enlightened by this knowledge.

- This integral social knowledge opens a reasonable non-violent way to overcome the spontaneous global financial tyranny. This knowledge is in the interest for all including for those reasonable in harmony 114 U.S. billionaires (http://givingpledge.org/), who first recognized the immorality of financial tyranny and voluntarily gave up the most part of their wealth. But they are badly known what to do with it. The ABC of Harmony and its SOCIONOME show what to do with it - send to harmonize human society. First of all, there is great need for development of global harmonious education, for building new schools, colleges, universities and academies of harmony throughout the world! It is the creation of harmonious civilization, the best society o­n Earth!


15th frame


Poem by Susana Roberts


We must harmonize

our man-made systems

in four spheres

our big work of arts

in a new deep understanding

our economical, political,

spiritual and social


and resources

inside humanity walks

with paths of no destruction


We must harmonize the inner awakening

and the empowered creativity of individuals

as a real force that will shape

our collective future


We must ensure all human activities

in our future global society

our universal spheres

founded in spiritual values


We harmonize, my brothers!


© Susana Roberts




16th frame


- Video Scenario: Leo Semashko

This Scenario was published here:


- Editor in English: Bruce Cook

- Music: Leonid Timoshenko "Harmonious Civilization" and

Paul Hindemith "Harmony of the World"

- Pictures: Lida Sherafatmand "Flowers of Harmony"

- Picture: Alla Ivashintsova "Harmony"

- Poem: Susana Roberts "Harmony"

- Filmmaker: Ivan Ivanov

Saint Petersburg

June 2013


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Harmonious Civilization

GHA Social Ideal



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