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Peace from Harmony
Chapter 1. GPS Theory: Logic of SPHERONS. Global Sociology and Global Demography

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PART 1. Opening Peaceful Era of Human History from Harmony:

Global Peace Science, SOCIONOME and SPHERONS of Harmony


SECTION 1. GPS Architecture, Revolution of Thinking and Scientific Breakthrough


CHAPTER 1. GPS Theory: Logic of SPHERONS.

Global Sociology and Global Demography


1.1.Logical-Philosophical Hypotheses of Conscious Global Peace

1.2. SPHERONS of Global Peace: Their Discovery and Central Place in Society

1.3. SPHERONS:Necessity, Sufficiency and Coherence. Logical Proof

1.4. SPHERONS: Global Social Structure as Start for Global Sociology and Global Social Science

1.5. SOCIONOME: Synthesis of 16 Elements of Harmony around SPHERONS as their Center

1.6. Criterion for Differentiation of SPHERONS: Life Employment and its Topology

1.7. Definition of SPHERONS

1.8. Tables of SPHERONS in Statics

1.9. Knowledge of Spheres and SPHERONS: Scientific Revolution of Thinking

1.10. SPHERONS: Cause, Source, Guarantee and Actors of Global Peace

1.11. SPHERONS: Spontaneity and Consciousness of Global Peace

1.12. SPHERONS, PARTONS and Historical Types of Classes

1.13. SPHERONS, PARTONS and Causes of War

1.14. Cognitive Levels of SPHERONS and GPS: Philosophy, Sociology, Statistics and Mathematics

1.15. SPHERONS: Network Tetramodel of Theoretical Definitions of Attributes

1.16. Conclusion. Social Structures and their Importance for Global Peace

1.17. SPHERONS: Energy of Soft Harmonious Structure


Harmonious SPHERONS discovered in GPS is objective soft force of

global peace from harmony, overcoming all wars and any weapon.


As Pythagoras recognized an eternal cosmic harmony of the

planetary spheres also GPS recognizes social harmony of

SPHERONS by eternal source of global peace in society and

spontaneously (intuitively), and consciously together with the GPS discovery.



1.1. Logical-Philosophical Hypotheses of Conscious Global Peace


Conscious (scientific) global peace is the ultimate aim of global peace science (GPS). It is based o­n the summarized logical-philosophical and sociological hypotheses presented below. Their justification and proof was taken in the past and this book of GHA (see references, especially 1) and will be continued in subsequent works.

1.Society includes an infinite diversity of resources, processes, structures and conditions, including a variety of peace and war. Diversity is the original ground for harmony, peace and life exists for them but it can be used for war and death. Any harmony is harmony of diversity, without which there is no harmony.

2.Diversity can be combined into groups either spontaneously or deliberately for an infinite number of life goals of a human and society in general, including peace and war. If diversity is not harmonized in its unity and wholeness it becomes a source of disharmony in the form of various clashes, strife, hatred and wars.

3.Quality of purposes determines the quality of association, organization and order of diversity. o­n the other hand, quality of purposes is determined by the quality of social values. The measure of the values ​​is defined by a measure of social harmony, different aspects of which are the values.

4.War requires rigid, unambiguous, monolithic and monistic associations with o­ne military leader with the hierarchy of control subordinated to him. This is disharmonious, one-dimensional type of organization and order, defined by disharmonious o­ne-dimensional war aim as destruction and annihilation of the enemy. By definition, any military operation depends o­n a central commander.

5.Peace is a multidimensional, full-life order, which requires not monistic, o­ne-dimensional but pluralistic, multidimensional paradigms and methods of associations and organizations.

6.By the best of multidimensional methods of peace uniting we recognize the pluralistic four-dimensional (tetrad) order, which has found justification and development in Tetrasociology as global philosophy and sociology of harmonious civilization in the GHA for almost 10 years and earlierin many previous works.

7.Four-dimensionality or tetrad is the best way to understand, explain, express, provide and practically build global peace in its objective essence and cause, which is social harmony. Diversity flourishes o­nly in harmony of peace and not in disharmony of war. So harmony provides flourishing peace, its wholeness and completeness of life.

8.Four-dimensionality (tetrad) and diversity of harmony coincide in order of global peace: harmony is tetrad and tetrad is harmonious. They are identical to global peace as a whole and determine any of its historical wholeness. Tetra-philosophy of harmony pervades GPS and the corresponding peace thinking, providing them with innovative, revolutionary character relatively to the traditional way of thinking. This philosophy of GPS and order of global peace are compactly expressed in SOCIONOME (see below).

9.Social life, i.e. life of society - is always and everywhere a joint activity of people that determines their social nature: "Human is a social being," wrote Aristotle [13]. People live together for peace and not for war. Therefore, joint life is a peace life and the social nature of human is a peace human nature, not military. The key importance in joint peace living of people/population has their communities and their order. They are tetrad and harmonious in deep structure, which gives them peace and survival.

10.The order and way of joint, social life is peace interaction of four permanent and eternal harmonious groups of society at all levels - SPHERONS, spheral classes of the population. Their harmony is a natural norm and the best condition of society life. Deviation from it as disharmony is a social pathology and the source of wars. Harmony serves people for peace and not for war. Peace is harmony and vice versa; and war is disharmony.Kant, more than 200 years ago, identified harmony of people as the source of eternal peace [14] (see special paragraph in the book below).

11.SPHERONS are actors of global peace, its ultimate cause, source and guarantee. They constitute a global social structure, providing harmony and peace of people living together. It makes global peace by a norm of society and war – a private and temporary exception from this natural law. History did not know total (global) wars with the participation of all nations without exception precisely because of harmony and peacefulness of spheral classes. SPHERONS are an instrument of global spontaneous (natural) peace excluding total wars but some of their smaller disharmonious parts were and can be a source of local wars.

12.In the past history, the spontaneous character of SPHERONS defined natural spontaneous global peace of humanity.

13.GPS recognizes a paradigm of global peace from harmony of SPHERONS, for war remains place o­nly in the two historical senses.

a.1. As a private event in the life of separate nations because of partial and temporary social disharmony/pathology to be overcome in the wars at the expense of mutual destruction because of misunderstanding the deep structure of global peace and the inability to follow its path.

b.2. As temporary initial stage of human history up to the scientific knowledge of deep social structure of SPHERONS as actors of global peace from social harmony.

14.Their discovery coincides with the era of globalization, bringing nations together to overcome various borders: national, state, cultural, religious, economic, etc. These boundaries are more often sources of disharmony, discord and war than peace and harmony. Thus, the war is a private exception (disharmony) in spontaneous global peace. The war as this exception is overcome o­nly in a conscious global peace.

15.Conscious global peace for humanity is possible o­nly o­n the basis of appropriate science – the science of global peace (GPS), acceptable and accessible through global education and global media to all people and nations of the Earth as one peace planetary consciousness and thinking. Conscious global peace is a natural consequence of this unified peace consciousness and thinking, which excludes any embryo and cause of war in the bud, consciously and nonviolently resolving all arising contradictions through the GPS knowledge.

We summarize the hypothesis of conscious global peace and its science in the tetra-model of the following key items. They lay the beginning for tetrad harmonious network thinking of GPS - Tetranet thinking in the following chain of concepts:


1.Social diversity

2.Order of tetra-harmony

3.Social (joint and peace) nature of people

4. SPHERONS (harmonious classes of people)

5.Spontaneous global peace

6.War as spontaneous private disharmony

7. Global Peace Science

8.Conscious global peace.


Tetranet thinking of GPS continues and develops Tetranet thinking in the ABC of harmony where it was presented for the first time systematically [1]. The start of Tetranet thinking in GPS is expressed by the following tetra-model:

Model-1. The main hypothesis of conscious (scientific) global peace

The center of this model is SPHERONS that define spontaneous and conscious global peace in a different state of their collective mind: in the absence of scientific knowledge of global peace and in possession of this scientific knowledge. This is possible o­nly when this knowledge is created in the GPS, o­nly after its formation, the first historical attempt of which is made ​​in this book.

The entire book is devoted to discovery and proof of the hypotheses presented as preconditions of GPS, primarily historical transformation of spontaneous SPHERONS in conscious actors of global peace in the 21st century. Since this starts a conscious scientific way of harmonious civilization excluding war and any armed conflict in the root and germ.


1.2. SPHERONS of Global Peace: Their Discovery and Central Place in Society


SPHERONS of social harmony and global peace are integrated by global social structure. They occupy a central place in global peace science (GPS), in its philosophy and sociology, as they accumulate and crystallize all the fundamental elements of social harmony. Therefore, GPS is the theory and empirical stuff of spheral classes, SPHERONS with which it begins and the consequences of which it is completed.

Discovery and understanding SPHERONS became possible about 40 years ago in the system of 16 necessary, sufficient and coherent elements of social harmony, united in SOCIONOME (social genome, see below), based o­n the axiom of social harmony, expressing the fundamental resources for life of society.

Axiom of social harmony: The harmonious existence of a society in any place and at any time is defined by the measure in proportion of four necessary and sufficient social resources: People (P), Information (I), Organizations (O) and Things (T). (Things are any material benefits and services). These resources are expressed in the chain: People (P) – Information (I) – Organization (O) – Things (T). In the acronym: P-I-O-T, or: PIOT [3, 25]. This Axiom of social harmony is the source for science of social harmony, which is the fundament for Global Peace Science (GPS).

The most important law of PIOT resources is that they do not exist in nature as a finished product ready for society’s consumption. Therefore society in its full population, to live, must divide into eternal classes, SPHERONS, which constantly produce the social PIOT resources from natural resources. This is the fundamental reason and eternal law of objective division of the population in every society o­n SPHERONS employed by the production of PIOT resources (see more details below). The Necessity and sufficiency of the PIOT resources define their social eternity and also the eternity of their processes, spheres and the classes that produce them - SPHERONS.

Another law of PIOT resources is continuity, mutual inclusion "each in each" and the inability to produce o­ne without the others. In their system of mutual inclusion the priority resource determines the quality of their integrity [1, 29; 15, 41-43]. The sum of all PIOT resources expresses the society in statics, S = P + I + O + T, where S - society.

PIOT resources logically require the relevant processes, structures (spheres) and classes (spheral classes of the population, SPHERONS) for their production, without which it is impossible to have a scientific understanding of global peace in society as a social system under GPS.

SPHERONS, spheral classes of people, are the extremely large groups of populations, covering it as a whole, employed in four spheres of social production of PIOT resources and differing in primary (on-time) employment in o­ne of the spheres. They are the actors of social harmony, i.e. harmonious in nature classes, because without harmony between them they are unable to produce the PIOT resources. Therefore they are the ultimate cause of global peace, its natural source, eternal guarantee and creators revealed in this book. For reference to the historical conditions of discovery of these classes and their features, see below.

The four spheres of their production correspond to the four PIOT resources. These spheres differ in subjects and products of their production, which are appropriate PIOT resources but in the past. These spheres combined four necessary processes: production, distribution, exchange (market) and consumption (PDEC) with the necessary parts of PIOT resources, including four SPHERONSemployed in these spheres. The four spheres of production are:

  1. Social sphere, or Sociosphere (S), the subject and the product of which are people (P);
  2. Information sphere, or Infosphere (I), the subject and the product of which is information (I);
  3. Organizational sphere, or Orgsphere (O), the subject and the product of which are organization/s (O);
  4. Technical (economic/ecological) sphere, or Technoecosphere (T), the subject and the product of which are things (T). Four spheres of production: SIOT.

These four basic, constant structures of the social world and every society are societal spheres of SIOT. They are termed Societal because they are extremely large, fundamental, necessary and sufficient macrostructures, with an indissoluble unity which forms the social universe. Spheres as the macrostructures cover all levels of the social world from macro (humanity) to micro (individual) and penetrate them.

The four SPHERONS, spheral classes, employed in this SIOT spheres are:

  1. SOCIOCLAS, people who are employed in the Sociosphere = P1;
  2. INFOCLASS, people who are employed in the Infosphere = P2;
  3. ORGCLASS, people who are employed in the Orgsphere = P3;
  4. Technoclass, people who are employed in the Technoecosphere = P4.

Abbreviation of these classes is the same as the spheres, so they will differ by adding the word "class": SIOT-classes. SPHERONS are very large groups of people and macrostructures of the population, covering it as a whole and in all its levels, from macro (humanity) to micro (individual).

The population number at any level is the sum of four SPHERONS:

P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4.

The products into three other spheres are divided in a similar manner, resulting matrixes corresponding to the basic sphere of statistical indices, which analyzed in detail here [1, 51-54; 16, 48-50].

P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4

I = I1 + I2 + I3 + I4

O = О1 + О2 + О3 + О4

T = T1 + T2 + T3 + T4

The general logic of discovery and definition of SPHERONS in the system of 16 fundamental elements of social harmony in SOCIONOME is presented in this paragraph. Other specifics of SPHERONS, their number and position in society as key actors of global peace, are disclosed below in the appropriate chapters.

A central place of SPHERONS in society and its knowledge is as follows.

1. They are the main productive force and creators of all goods and qualities of society. This is the sole resource of society that creates all other resources, including itself. Therefore, the resources quality and properties of society, including peace and war, are determined by the quality of SPHERONS or quality of people, their constituents. This is law of SPHERONS.

2. The fundamental elements of social harmony, except SPHERONS have been known for a long time in social science. But o­nly discovery of SPHERONS allows us to understand and create a scientific picture of social harmony in wholeness and to express it in SOCIONOME as a key social scientific knowledge of society.

3. SPHERONS define a deep global social structure of society in a whole, at all levels and forever, as the source, priority and actors of social harmony in the holistic system of its values​​.

4. Scientific understanding of social harmony through SPHERONS provides scientific understanding of the entire system of social values. The discovery of SPHERONS paved the way for scientific knowledge of this system, starting with global peace valuewith all the abundance of intuitive approaches to it, some of which are discussed below. Other social values​​: unity, o­neness, freedom, equality, fraternity, love, justice, happiness, and so o­n also get a single scientific explanation through SPHERONS of harmony, which are their integral center and their creators. Therefore, the measure of these values ​​is a measure of social harmony of SPHERONS. Scientific knowledge of these values ​​through SPHERONS complements and develops their past philosophical and religious knowledge.


1.3. SPHERONS:Necessity, Sufficiency and Coherence. Logical Proof


SPHERONS have many attributes, the most important of which are: necessity, sufficiency and coherence.

Four SPHERONSare necessary to ensure the existence of society, its life as a whole and each individual.

Proof. SPHERONS, jointly constituting resource PEOPLE, are necessary because their absence means zero of all PIOT resources, which do not arise without people. o­nly people in society create them. In GPS each SPHERON is necessary as necessary and is constituted of each of the PIOT resources, absence of at least o­ne of which makes the existence of society impossible, i.e. social life and every person. SPHERONS are the o­nly manufacturers of PIOT resources that are not in nature as a finished product with very few exceptions. Therefore SPHERONS constantly produce them. Therefore, zero of any SPHERON is zero for any society, the person and their life. Therefore SPHERONS are a necessary condition for the life of society and every individual. o­nly humans/people can produce all the resources, including itself. Other resources are not able to produce anything. Therefore SPHERONS are not o­nly an essential resource of any society but they are objectively a priority resource over all others. This was proved by Adam Smith still [5].

Four SPHERONS are sufficient to ensure the existence of society, its life as a whole and each individual.

Proof. Four SPHERONS are also sufficient as are PIOT’s four resources, which are continually and permanently produced by them. SPHERONS are sufficient as there is no single social needed resources, they did not produce. For the production of resources, PIOT accesses these four spheral classes; SPHERONS are sufficient. As it is logically impossible to add to PIOT resources another resource or to remove any of them, as you cannot increase or decrease the number of SPHERONS. They may not be insufficient or superfluous. Therefore, four SPHERONS are sufficient to ensure the existence of society, its life as a whole and each individual. Necessity and sufficiency of SPHERONS define their social eternity.

Four SPHERONS are coherent (mutually consensual/coordinated, harmonious) to ensure the existence of society, its life as a whole and each individual.

Proof. SPHERONS are inextricably linked, mutually included through the changes people make in them (see below) and are interdependent, both among themselves and with all other fundamental elements of society in certain measure, which determines their social harmony or coherence. SPHERONS cannot exist outside of harmony as the PIOT resources. Harmony or coherence is a mode of social being of SPHERONS, PIOT resources and society in general. Anything out of harmony or coherence of their existence is impossible. SPHERONS are coherent (harmonic), as they may exist and operate (be actors) o­nly within certain limits and permissible boundaries/proportions, both among themselves and with all other social elements. Outside these boundaries and proportions they fall within disharmony, where they begin to break down and die o­n the measure of intensity of their disharmony. Coherence, harmony is the best, most optimal for all elements, including SPHERONS the state of their wholeness and unity, to which they aspire constantly as the first condition of their existence. This aspiration is natural, i.e. spontaneous law of society as a whole. Therefore, four SPHERONS are coherent or harmonious, to ensure the existence of society, its life as a whole and each individual.

Harmony has many synonyms: commensurability, proportionality, equivalency, consistency, consensus, proportion, balance, coherence, concord, consent and others. Among them, the terms of proportionality, consistency and coherence are preferable. The most preferable scientific term is coherence, which is predominantly used in this book.

Necessity, sufficiency and coherence of SPHERONS determine all their other attributes: natural character, objectivity (independence from mind and will of the people), eternity, universality, integrity, spontaneity, consciousness and others that will unfold gradually below.

May be more visible and therefore more convincing will be a similar proof of necessity, sufficiency and coherence of the four elements - earth, water, air and fire (sun, primarily). The traces of this analogy are scattered in a variety of evidence of ancient philosophers in the first millennium of BC, starting with Thales, Anaximenes, Anaximander, Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Empedocles, Plato, Aristotle, etc. [17]. The human, like all living things, they said, cannot exist without the four elements - earth, water, air and fire (sun). Missing/zero of any of these elements, or suppression of o­ne element eliminates the others, i.e. their disharmony makes life impossible. Indeed, try to imagine life o­n earth without any of the elements: no sun, no air, no water or no land and you will realize that life is impossible without either of them. o­nly together and in the certain measure are they necessary, sufficient and coherent (harmonious) conditions of human life. SPHERONS and the elements are similar. Absence of at least o­ne of the elements (earth, water, air, fire - Sun) makes any organic life impossible; we also cannot imagine a person's life, and thus society, without any of the SPHERONS, o­nly which constantly produce the PIOT resources. o­nly by working together and in a certain proportion (harmony, coherence), these resources and their generating classes - are necessary and sufficient for social life of a human. People's life is impossible without these resources and the SPHERONS producing them.


1.4. SPHERONS: Global Social Structure as Start for Global Sociology and

Global Social Science


SPHERONS, as the necessary and sufficient classes of any society, constitute its eternal and universal and therefore global, spheral social structure at all levels and in all social formations. The statistical facts illustrating global social structure at the school level and some countries are presented below in a special chapter. This structure, and its constituent SPHERONS, is necessary, sufficient, coherent (harmonious) as the eternal structure of humanity. Its knowledge provides humanity with a fundamentally new perspective of development in its new civilization common to all peoples - a harmonious civilization, excluding war and other social pathologies of industrial civilization that are disclosed in detail below.

Knowledge of global social structure means the emergence of global social science in all its branches and their unity in the holistic cognitive complex. But first and foremost, this structure gives rise to a global sociology, and then the global statistics, demography, economics, history (the first example of a global, spheral approach to history from position of its four spheres/sectors belongs to Fernand Braudel [18]) etc.) This may be equivalent to a scientific revolution and the scientific breakthrough in social cognition, which has lagged from natural scientific knowledge for more than a century due to the dominance of Marxist and similar private scientific approaches to society (see below). A new social science based o­n SPHERONS harmony can ensure global peace. Traditional social science, as we have seen over the past centuries, was unable to provide it. It could provide o­nly war in the appropriate military science, which arose more than two centuries ago and which is now growing in all countries in military institutes and academies. But many pieces of traditional social science are useful for global peace so they should be preserved and retained in GPS, as illustrated in this book.


1.5. SOCIONOME: Synthesis of 16 Elements of Harmony around SPHERONS as their Center


The functions of SPHERONS as actors of social life, harmony and global peace are inseparable: by creating social harmony they create a global peace and vice versa, providing a social life as a whole in any of its functions. SPHERONS as the sole creative resource for all other social resources occupy an active constructive center of all 16 fundamental elements of social harmony. Creating other elements of harmony, they create themselves, and they create themselves in that measure and quality, to whatever they produce for other elements. It is their universal dialectics within the wholeness of SOCIONOME. So SPHERONS are determined and disclosed in it together with other 12 elements of harmony: PIOT resources, PDEC processes and SIOT spheres, which are more detailed in the ABC of Harmony with their tetramodels [1, 25-33]. These 16 basic social elements constitute a single and eternal social genome - SOCIONOME. It expresses the constant, unchanging relationship and dialectic of these elements in any society as a whole. SPHERONS as the center of SOCONOME, occupy the first, key place in it in Sphere-1 (Sociosphere). They are presented as the products of this main, priority sphere of society, producing SPHERONS for all spheres of society. The quality of SPHERONS, including peacefulness of their particular groups, are determined by the quality of the Sociosphere and its resources, including peace science and peace education. When peace science is absent then peace education are minimized or equal to zero and peacefulness of people remains at an intuitive level.

SOCIONOME is presented in the following integral scheme:

More details o­n SOCIONOME see [1, 38-43] and Video: http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA

Note. o­ne of the important applications of SOСIONOME is its use as an information, statistical/economic and mathematical simulation model at all levels of society from family and school to the country, continent and the world at large. A comparison of these models shows a measure of harmony and disharmony between these objects and levels in their dynamics that provide a harmonious management, without which it is impossible to harmonize their fundamental elements consciously. Their conscious harmonization is a source of peace and it overcomes the most serious disharmonies as causes of wars and armed conflicts. See below special paragraph in the book about it.

SOCIONOME reflects the indissoluble unity of 16 fundamental elements of social harmony, which form a constant (eternal) system of natural conditions of global peace at all levels from the family to the planetary community, the deep system center of which constitute SPHERONS.

The general law of SOCIONOME and every element is its eternity (constancy, immutability) as the foundation of any society and at the same time but in other respect its permanent historical and infinite local variability of the specific content in a different social space and time. This is similar to how the human genome is o­ne for all people but it is infinitely different for particular groups of people. This law is named in GPS as the law of immutability/variability of its fundamental elements, primarily SPHERONS.


1.6. Criterion for Differentiation of SPHERONS: Life Employment and its Topology


SPHERONS as a whole and individuals, which make up them, differ by a criterion of main (on-time) employment in o­ne of the four spheres of society. Employment of people o­n-time - this is their universal life characteristic from birth to death. All other properties of the people, o­n which they differ, - labor, property, income, power, education and the like - are its partial manifestations and products.

Life employment as the central philosophical category of Tetrasociology was detailed in many previous works [1; 13;] Here we o­nly summarize their conclusions o­n employment to understand the scientific definition of SPHERONS.

Employment of people is the defining substance of social being in all its parameters. All that existed, exists and will exist in the society is a product and form of employment. It is the source of all social resources, processes, structures, classes and states. (Still Adam Smith unfolded in detail the source of the wealth of society is people, their employment and labor [3]).

Employment defines a holistic way of life of people which is qualitatively different from ways of being of other social resources. It expresses the highest productive priority of people as their employment creates, converts and constructs the social world in all its parameters. By volume, it is identical to the category of "life", "life time". But life is inherent in other resources, and employment applies to o­nly humans covering their life from the first to the last moment.

All the life-time of people is employment of production of various social resources, including and above all themselves. It is identical to plurality of human life practices, including individual (production of itself as a resource) and social (production of other resources) employment. Employment is a wider activity as it includes the inactivity - sleep, illness, inactivity and other passivity. It is much broader than labor as to assessing whether the human aspect is inherent and non-labor, consumer, leisure, transport, etc. employment. Employment connects all the components of social diversity in a multi-dimensional wholeness.

Employment as the time of life for people coincides with the social time and defines it. It defines the social and individual time, in which is created, expanded and transformed the social space. Employment is identical to the human resource P (people), which is structured and integrated by SPHERONS. Therefore, employment is identical to SPHERONS and vice versa. Social time (employment time of SPHERONS) creates social space in all its diversity. Therefore SPHERONS are the creators of social space and global peace in it as well as their historical spontaneity (lack of self-awareness, own harmony) which leads some of their parts - separate nations and groups to private wars and armed conflicts in the local social space.

Employment is the same multi-dimensional concept as is the social world, which is created in it. It is identical to it because it is produced from it. Therefore employment can be defined as a continuous social space-time, which has its own topology and requires study in the corresponding topology. Multidimensionality of employment is expressed and studied in its multidimensional topology, which includes its statics, dynamics, structuratics and occupatics considered in ABC [1, 28-33]. GPS is o­nly limited by statics and dynamics.

Within the multidimensional topology of life, employment among its parameters varies its sectors, clusters, types, forms and characteristics in two dimensions: statics and dynamics.

Sectors of employment differ in two levels of employment: 1. Social sector and 2. Individual sector, including family and individual.

Clusters of employment differ in two major subjects of people: 1. "I" as the subject and the product of life employment from birth to death in such processes as eating, sleeping, recreation, diseases, communications, learning, etc., forms a cluster of employment – self-production or autopoiesis; 2. Any other, manufacturing (economic) employment usually formally established by the norms of labor activity of society or informally associated with the production of any resource PIOT except "I" – is labor employment or labor. (Detailed analysis of labor employment was made by John Maynard Keynes [16]).It is a part of self-production as "seniority (work experience)" or "experience of labor activity" of person. Autopoiesis is defining employment, from the quality of which depends the quality of labor employment. Autopoiesis belongs in the Sociosphere together with the necessary branches of production of people as the main productive force in society that makes this sphere a priority and a first consideration. Sociosphere, for this constant reason, is the main and defining sphere in society, rather than the economic sphere, Technosphere.

Types and spheres of employment differ in subject and product of PIOT resources in the labor cluster, forming a myriad of industry employment, which are grouped into the spheres of employment and are expressed below in the tables of spheres and SPHERONS employed in them. This is the main line of construction and development of GPS. Labor employment has a number of well-known classifications: secondary, permanent, part-time, irregular, shadow, conditional and partial employment, which are not considered here.

Forms of employment differ in their value for the individual and society: a useful and harmful. Under this employment is divided into socially and individually useful, as well as individually and socially harmful. The useful (positive, creative, constructive) is employment creating or preserving PIOT resources and their harmony. The harmful (negative and destructive) employment is breaking PIOT resources and their harmony, or using them without benefit to the individual and society. This includes employment in wars, violence, crime, drugs, terrorism, sabotage, pollution and destruction of the environment, etc., as well as employment in preparation for the war and other destructive activity.

Distinction of useful and harmful employment, to a certain degree, is conditional and relative: the useful for society and the individual may be useful at o­ne time and harmful in other conditions. The useful for society can be harmful to the individual, and vice versa. The useful for o­ne group may be detrimental to others. Here employment conflicts arise. Any employment encompasses the inherent aspects of benefits and harms: all depends o­n their measure, proportion and priority. To maintain their socially acceptable proportions, to limit or prevent harmful employment stands a third form of employment - prophylactic or security employment. It is aimed at prevention (prophylaxis and limitation) of destructive and harmful employment, to ensure the safety of the individual and society. The dangers of destruction and harm exist as much as types of employment. There are many types of security and employment of security. They are divided by spheres and sectors/branches for social and the individual.

Characteristics of employment differ for a variety of properties of its kinds and forms. Among the main characteristics of employment are distinguished primarily: productivity - unproductivity (P/U), efficiency - inefficiency (E/I) and spontaneity/consciousness (S/C). The Multidimensional topology of employment of people and SPHERONS is represented by a corresponding table.


Table. Multidimensional topology of employment of people and SPHERONS


Sectors, Clusters, Types and Forms of Employment



P/U, E/I, S/C



P/U, E/I, S/C

Sectors of employment:

1. Social

2. Individual



Clusters of employment:




Types of labor employment o­n branches and spheres



Forms of employment by value












Individually- harmful









This table without pretending to be complete, o­nly defines in GPS the basic parameters of SPHERONS and their multidimensional topology of employment, their groups and individuals, as well as linked with these parameters the causes of global peace and sources of private wars. This table prepares definition and tables of spheres and SPHERONS below. The definition of employment of human and its basic o­n-time spheral type allows us to establish belonging of the human in every period of his life to o­ne of four SPHERONS. This is the appropriate SPHERON’S (class’) belonging.


1.7. Definition of SPHERONS


SPHERONS consist of people employed in different spheres. This is the natural human diversity of SPHERONS and SPHERNONS’ diversity of people as a spontaneous inner law of society. The person simultaneously belongs to all SPHERONS, as each day he/she is employed in every sphere ​​at least the minimum time passing, usually unconsciously and spontaneously, from o­ne sphere to another, and therefore, from o­ne SPHERON to another. His/her time is divided into two main parts: employment of himself (self-production, autopoiesis) in Sociosphere and labor social employment in all or some spheres. The most part of the person’s life is employed in autopoiesis - this is time from birth to labor activity, a daily time to restore o­ne’s own strength and skills - sleeping, eating, consumption of other goods, hygiene, recreation, communication, learning, etc., and time after labor activity to death. It is employment in Sociosphere.

At each stage of the labor employment the priority and basic o­n-time is employment in o­ne of the four spheres of social production, in which he/she is busy the most time and usually trained professionally thereto. His class, spheral belonging to o­ne of SPHERONS at each stage, is determined by this criterion. Therefore SPHERONS (spheral classes) are "soft", without the tough economic, juristic and other boundaries that do not prevent them to be the deepest in society and the most important and eternal for its structure. It also does not prevent the individuals simultaneously belong to a few other social groups, differing in property,income, education and many other private stratification criteria. These groups are historically transient and limited, partial in relation to the population and o­n surface of eternal SPHERONS. Therefore, SPHERONS (harmonious spheral classes) are the permanent, eternal, extremely large groups of the population, including all people without exception, differing in the main o­n-time employment in o­ne of the four spheres of society. This is the SPHERONS scientific definition from the ABC of Harmony, which is reproduced in GPS.


1.8. Tables of SPHERONS in Statics


The detailed content and concrete social filling of SPHERONS can o­nly be understood in conjunction with structure of the spheres in which these spheral classes are employed. In accordance with the law of immutability/variability, each sphere and every SPHERON has infinitely varied historical expression and spatial content in different countries and centuries. GPS limits this diversity on for the time since the 20th century and o­nly four very different countries to start: India, Kazakhstan, Russia and the USA (see below for the Program of statistical study of SPHERONS dynamics in these countries since 1950 for decades up to 2010).

This endless variety requires a common denominator to ensure comparability of SPHERONS and spheres of different countries as well as in o­ne country but in different historical times. o­nly this will provide them with a single scientific knowledge and understanding. The common cognitive denominator, providing compatibility of SPHERONS and spheres in different dimensions is seen in the tables of the branches’ structure of spheres and employed in these branches the groups of people in according to statistical indicators/indices. The first such tables were compiled back in 1981-1992 [1] and then revised and published in 2002 in the book "Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges" in more detail [13]. This is a most complex and laborious classification and technical work. We reproduce these tables here to reveal in the basic details with reductions and refinements.

The structure of SPHERONS Tables (spheral tables) in statics is simple as the following.

First, in the tables two main levels of the spheres are expressed: 1. Level of labor employment of people in the branches - "Social Sector", and 2. Individual employment level of people in the family and self-production - "Individual sector."

Second, in the tables are two columns, which express such parameters of spheres and SPHERONS as: 1. Subjects/Products, 2. SPHERONS Resources.

The subjects and products of spheres, which are both subjects and products of SPHERONS’ employment, serve criterion of belonging of any branch to the relevant sphere and the employed in it - to the corresponding SPHERON. Insofar as the spheres produce their products o­n principle as "similar from similar" (this principle was formulated by ancient thinkers), as their subjects and products are the same and coincide. They differ o­nly in quantity and quality. For example, the subjects and the products of Technosphere are things, but things - products - differ from things-subjects (raw materials) by quantity and quality.

The resources express necessary toolkits of each of the SPHERONS to produce spheral products from subjects through them. Continuity of SIOT spheres and the SPHERONS employed in them is that product "outputs" of them are the resource "inputs" of others, without which spheres and SPHERONS cannot exist: it is clearly expressed in the SOCIONOME Scheme.


TABLE-1. Statics of SPHERON-1, Socioclass or P1



Subjects /

Products: P =

P1 + P2 + P3 + P4


Employed in Sociosphere

Resources I1, O1, T1 for SPHERON-1


People (P)

Teachers, etc.



People (P)

Doctors, etc.


Sport, Tourism

People (P)

Coaches, etc.


Social Care

People (P)

Social workers


Other (Church, Philanthropy, Trade Unions, etc.)

People (P)

Priests, Philanthropists, Trade unionists, Rescuers, etc.






Family, family employment

Family (P)

Non-laboring parents, children, family members


Individual, individual employment = autopoiesis

Individual (P)



Notes to the table.

1. People/population (P) is the product of Sociosphere. People/population is produced for four spheres, therefore P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4, where:

P1 – is employed in Sociosphere; P1 constitutes SFERON-1 or SOCIOCLASS,

P2 - is employed in Infosphere; P2 constitutes SFERON-2 or INFOCLASS;

P3 - is employed in Orgsphere; P3 constitutes SFERON-3 or ORGCLASS:

P4 - is employed in Technosphere; P4 constitutes SFERON-4 or TECHNOCLASS.

2. The employed in Sociosphere (P1), i.e. SFERON-1 consists of two parts: the professionals working in social sector of this sphere (P1w) and all non-working (P1n) employed in the individual sector with self-production (pre-school children, students, housewives, non-working pensioners, disabled unemployed, etc.) and in the households. Therefore, the number of SPHERON-1 is the sum of employed in all sectors of this sphere: P1 = P1w + P1n

3. To every SPHERONS a socially useful labor corresponds: P1w are employed by humanitarian labor, P2 - information labor, P3 - organizational labor, P4 - material labor.


TABLE-2. Statics of SPHERON-2, Infoclass or P2



Subjects /

Products: I=

I1 + I2 + I3 + I4


Employed in Infosphere

Resources I2, O2, T2 for SPHERON-2


Information (I)

Cultural workers, etc.



Information (I)

Scientists, etc.



Information (I)

Artists, etc.


Media, publishing and advertising

Information (I)

Journalists, Publishers, Advertisers, etc.



Information (I)

Designers, etc.



Information (I)

Communicators, etc.


Information service

Information (I)

Programmers, etc.



Information (I)



Family, informational employment

Information (I)

Non-laboring parents, children, family members


Individual, informational employment

Information (I)



Notes to the table.

1. Information (I) is the product of Infosphere. Information is produced for four spheres, therefore:

I = I1 + I2 + I3 + I4, where

I1 - Humanitarian information of SPHERON-1. I1 is required for it to produce people;

I2 - information of SPHERON-2.I2 is required for it to produce information;

I3 - organizational information of SPHERONS-3.I3 is required for it to produce organizations;

I4 - technical information of SPHERONS-4.I4 is needed for it to produce things, material wealth.

These clusters of information constitute the spheres of information or informational spheres of each SPHERON.

2. The number of SPHERON-2 is the sum of employed in all sectors of this sphere.


TABLE-3. Statics of SPHERON-3, Orgclass or P3



Subjects /

Products: O=

O1 + O2 + O3 + O4


Employed in Orgsphere

Resources I3, O3, T3 for SPHERON-3


Organization (O)

Political figures, etc.



Organization (O)

Lawyers, etc.


Army and security

Organization (O)

Military, policemen, etc.


Tax Inspectorate

Organization (O)

Tax officials



Organization (O)

Managers, etc.


Banking and Finance

Organization (O)

Bankers, Financiers, etc.


Non-governmental organizations

Organization (O)

Relevant workers



Organization (O)



Family, organizational employment

Organization (O)

Non-laboring parents, children, family members


Individual, organizational employment

Organization (O)



Notes to the table.

1. Organization (institutes, order, norms) (O) is the product of Orgsphere. Organization is produced for four spheres, therefore: O = O1 + O2 + O3 + O4, where:

O1 - humanitarian organizations (schools, hospitals, etc.) of SPHERON-1. O1 is necessary for it to produce people;

O2 - informational organizations of SPHERON-2. O2 is required for it to produce information;

O3 - administrative organizations of SPHERON-3. O3 is required for it to produce organizations;

O4 - technical (economic) organizations of SPHERON-4. O4 is needed for it to produce things.

These clusters of organizations constitute the spheres of organizations or organizational spheres of each SPHERON. Each cluster organizations combine 4 types of organizations: political, legal, financial, management. To every sphere of society and each SPHERON corresponds its own organizational area of politics, law, finance, and management. Each SPHERON has his own money as an organizational tool of its sphere: social, informational, administrative and economic money, the formation of which was unfolded in detail by Juri Vasilchuk [17].

2. The number of SPHERON-3 is the sum of employed in all sectors of this sphere.


TABLE-4. Statics of SPHERON-4, Technoclass or P4



Subjects /

Products: T=

T1 + T2 + T3 + T4


Employed in Technosphere

Resources I4, O4, T4 for SPHERON-4


Things (T)



Agriculture and forestry

Things (T)

Farmers, foresters



Things (T)




Things (T)



Trade, marketing

Things (T)

Traders, etc.


Housing and household services

Things (T)

Workers, repairmen, etc.


Fish industry

Things (T)



Conservation of nature

Things (T)

Environmentalists etc.



Things (T)



Family, material employment

Things (T)

Non-laboring parents, children, family members


Individual, material employment

Things (T)



Notes to the table.

1. Things (T) are the product of Technosphere. Things are produced for four spheres, therefore: T=

T1 + T2 + T3 + T4, where:

T1 - humanitarian things (buildings and equipment of schools, hospitals, etc., housing, food, etc.) for SPHERON-1. T1 is required for it to produce people;

T2 - informational things (buildings and equipment of institutions of science, culture, media, etc., books, televisions, computers, etc.) for SPHERON-2. T2 is required for it to produce information;

T3 - organizational things (administrative buildings and equipment of institutions of politics, law, finance and management, office equipment, etc.) for SPHERON-3. T3 is required for it to produce organizations;

T4 - technical things (industrial buildings and equipment of enterprises of the Technosphere, the means of material production) for SPHERON-4. T4 is required for it to produce things. These clusters make things realm of things, the economy or economic spheres (physical environment) each SPHERONS.

2. The number of SPHERON-4 is the sum of employed in all sectors of this sphere.

The SPHERONS compiled static tables, their employment and their spheral resources together with their statistical proof below well illustrate the absolute, indubitable reality and eligibility of SPHERONS. These tables allow you to determine, at their development, many other qualities of SPHERONS which are extremely important to ensure conscious global peace and prevent wars and armed conflicts between some private (national, religious, etc.) elements of their groups. These qualities include the standard of living of SPHERONS, level of their ownership, education, scientificprobability, level of accessibility and participation in the distribution of power and financial resources, etc. They will be partially unfolded in subsequent chapters.

Modern social science, still not knowing the spheral division of the population (i.e. SPHERONS) naturally is unable to equip people with such information to provide conscious global peace. The science of global peace (GPS) disclosed in this textbook is intended to overcome these scientific gaps. The empirical, statistical evidence of SPHERONS and their key social attributes is presented in the book’s special chapter below. Naturally, the scientific picture of SPHERONS in each country and the world can and will be supplemented in the future by a picture of their dynamics, for example as for 60 years (since 1950) or 110 years (since 1900) and a comparison of these paintings. But this is requires colossal labor input for the scientific task of further development of GPS in special scientific organizations proposed below.


1.9. Knowledge of Spheres and SPHERONS: Scientific Revolution of Thinking


The tables presented a new level of social knowledge, consciousness and thinking. This is associated with a new quality and scale of subjects of social thinking and consciousness. Traditional, industrial and predominantly militaristic thinking operates with the concepts of branches, which are the parts of spheres, as well as the concepts of private groups and classes of people employed in these branches, which are the parts of SPHERONS. In GPS these private branch groups received the name of PARTONS (see below). The numerous branches of activity and (employed in them) the diverse professional groups, with rare exceptions, which are temporary, historically transient and geographically limited. A comparison of the key characteristics of spheres and SPHERONS employed in them with branches and PARTONS employed in them is documented in the following table:


Table. Comparison of Spheres/ SPHERONS and Branches/PARTONS





Branches are any social activities with any social or natural subjects. Branches are parts of spheres.

PARTON is any particular group of people employed in any branch. PARTONS are parts of SPHERONS.

Spheres are extremely large, eternal, necessary and sufficient areas of social activities, varying in subject PIOT. Spheres consist of branches. SPHERON is very large part of the population employed in o­ne of spheres of society producing o­ne of PIOT resources. SPHERONS are consisting of PARTONS.


They are temporary, historically transient, with a few exceptions

They are eternal as society itself, enduring, historically constant, no exceptions


They are limited in localized closed favorable space, with rare exceptions

They are globally ubiquitous, inherent to all habitats of social resettlement

4.By number

By number they are numerous almost endless o­n diversity in space and time

They are quantitatively limited: four spheres and four SPHERONS but capable include multiple, almost endless branches and PARTONS


They are deprived the status of social need; society can exist without any of them with a few exceptions

They are social needed as the absence of at least o­ne of them makes impossible the existence of society


They are deprived the status of social sufficiency for rare exception

They are sufficient that do not require any additions or exceptions

7.Coherence (harmony)

Dependence of society harmony from harmony of branches and PARTONS is weak, insignificant and indirect

Dependence of society harmony from harmony of spheres and SPHERONS is strong, direct and immediate at any level

8.As subjects of thinking and consciousness

Consciousness and thinking by branches and Partons are traditional, industrial, disharmonious and militaristic mostly unable to rise and know global peace and society as a whole

Consciousness and thinking by spheres and SPHERONS are an innovative, scientifically revolutionary, harmonious and peaceful by nature and definition, able to know global peace and society as a whole from harmony of spheres and SPHERONS


Knowledge, consciousness and thinking of the spheres and SPHERONS employed in them received in the ABC of Harmony name: four-dimensional, harmonious network thinking which is abbreviated Tetranet thinking [1]. Thinking of the branches and PARTONS employed in them has been called the branch or industrial thinking. The analyzed qualities of each and compared between them show that global peace is attainable at the universal thinking level of spheres and SPHERONS instead of the privatelevel of branches and their groups. Global peace demands a new level of thinking. It is unreachable at the private, branch level. A table comparing these two types of thinking proves the old idea of ​​Albert Einstein: "The problems are unsolvable at the level of thinking at which they arose." The problem of conscious global peace arose in industrial civilization. This problem is unsolvable within the level of industrial thinking, even peacemaking, which is powerless to solve which became evident over more than a century of its history, which is briefly analyzed below.

Another essential element of the scientific revolution of peace thinking is the inclusion of harmony in it that is very important to understand peace causes and sources from harmony. Harmonious aspect of the scientific revolution opened and defined the Prince of Wales in his book Harmony (2010) [18]. Joining in thinking, consciousness and knowledge spheres and harmony, and thinking of the spheres of harmony, constitute an innovative, scientific revolution of social thinking as a whole, a scientific breakthrough in the social sciences in general, including knowledge and thinking of global peace in GPS. o­nly from the standpoint of Tetranet (spheral and harmonious) thinking can the human open the causes, sources, guarantees and actors of global peace, as well as its other properties and conditions. The scale things are visible from the tops of knowledge and thinking.


1.10. SPHERONS: Cause, Source, Guarantee and Actors of Global Peace


Theoretical deployment of SPHERONS, their qualities and their key role in society inevitably leads to the scientific conclusion that SPHERONS are the ultimate cause, natural source, eternal guarantee and absolute actors of global peace in the world scale of human natural history o­n the Earth. SPHERONS are logical beginning and practical end of GPS, the entire content of which is a proof of this conclusion through the details of universal creativity of SPHERONS, creating all social PIOT resources in all SIOT spheres in peace and for peace. SPHERONS covering all people without exception, express the life of society and every person not in part but in a whole, in which war, armed conflicts and other disharmonies are o­nly temporary and local deviations of some PARTONS from harmonious norm.

The universal harmonious nature of SPHERONS provides a powerful deep potential of natural global peace, which cannot overcome any o­ne militaristic group, nation, empire or civilization in human history. The indestructible potential of global peace of SPHERONS was manifested in history in two ways.

First, all militaristic groups, nations, empires and civilizations, without exception as powerful and warlike they were not, ultimately, perished ingloriously in their war with peace, proving the utter meaninglessness of war in human society. This is the first law of global peace of SPHERONS: any militaristic group, nation, empire or civilization is inevitably doomed o­n death in its opposition to peace.

Second, the disparate superiority of natural global peace of SPHERONS absolutely excludes any possibility from human history a truly global "war all against all": they never existed in the history of mankind, and never will. This is the second law of global peace of SPHERONS: a possibility of total " war all against all" in human society o­n Earth and elsewhere is absolutely excluded by peace nature of SPHERONS and their disparate potential of global peace. The guarantors of this law are SPHERONS, which constitute the peace social nature of human and exclude its militaristic interpretation that was defined by Thomas Hobbes as “war of all against all" (this question is specifically analyzed in a separate chapter below). SPHERONS make a person in principle a peaceful social creature with unconscious but firm intuitive advantage and priority given to peaceful relations with other people. The military and aggressive attitude to which is estimated into individual and social consciousness, i.e. in all of human culture as a killing pathology unlike the peaceful norm.It is written down by commandment "not kill" in all religions.

The resolute margin of strength for global peace is ensured by universal qualities of SPHERONS: eternity, necessity, sufficiency and coherence. Neither wars of the past were unable to shake this margin of strength. Any fantastic weapon and no militarist forces which hold them, if they care about their own lives and they do not tend to suicide, are unable to destroy it. If there are fantastic weapon capable of destroying the Earth and humanity in a few minutes. There is a theoretical possibility of similar scenario along with the self-destruction of similar groups. But it will not be a global war of SPHERONS, for this is excluded in principle. It will be conscious and pathological self-destruction of the Earth and humanity by crazed suicide group, who have seized upon in any way to create this fantastic lethal weapon.But this is an infinitesimal possibility (theoretically not equal to zero) in comparison with an endless margin of strength of SPHERONS’ global peace.


1.11. SPHERONS: Spontaneity and Consciousness of Global Peace


SPHERONS exist as spontaneous, natural and intuitive social power and energy as long as they do not possess the scientific knowledge of their structure, characteristics and laws, and until they learn to consciously use their dignities and advantages. It is known well that the conscious, scientific use of the laws of nature raised human from animal to homo sapiens, from savagery and barbarism to civilization. There is no doubt that the conscious, scientific use of the laws of social nature of SPHERONS has raised humanity from fragmented and warring military local civilizations, religions, cultures and nation-states to a single global harmonious civilization without war. This civilization of SPHERONS, knowing deep laws of social harmony, consciously builds, keeps and develops global peace excluding war in the bud.

Like any new civilization of mankind, the harmonious peace civilization of SPHERONS occurs in connection with the discovery, distribution and general use of new knowledge, in this case in connection with the Global Peace Science (GPS), which was first presented in this book. This scientific knowledge is a turning point in the history of SPHERONS from their spontaneous/natural position and quality to their conscious state and quality. In this scientific knowledge SPHERONS first self-identify themselves and recognize themselves in the fullness of objective attributes and advantages, transforming humanity in an entirely new, peaceful historical community of people, which opens a fundamentally new era without wars and armed conflicts.

These characteristics of SPHERONS define two main forms of global peace: a conscious and spontaneous. All previous human history until 2014 - is the history of spontaneous global peace with an almost continuous row of local wars of all sizes from small armed conflicts to the so-called world wars, covering a dozen countries. All subsequent history, starting 2014, since the creation of GPS, is the history of conscious global peace with many and many of its steps and stages. The first of them, as the initial steps of humanity o­n the construction of global peace will be discussed in general form below in a special section dedicated to global peace architecture.

The scientific awareness of SPHERONS not weakens but greatly enhances their natural, spontaneous social harmony and global peacemaking energy, lifting them of the darkness of ignorance to the light of clear understanding and rational systematic use. This immeasurably strengthens and raises the value of conscious global peace over its spontaneous and intuitive being, transforming it into a reliable general method of peace coexistence of all nations o­n the planet forever.

SPHERONS’ consciousness began with the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment, which started with the establishment o­n February 15, 2005 of the Global Harmony Association (GHA), together with the opening of its website "Peace from Harmony" (www.peacefromharmony.org), which began to publish the books, articles and projects of GHA dedicated to global harmony, peace from harmony, spheral classes (SPHERONS) as its actors, etc. The number of visits to this website has reached 5 million, o­n the order of 3-5 thousand visits every day now. The official opening of the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment is connected with the publication in Russian and English of the GHA’s two program books: 1. In 2009 Harmonious Civilization by 119 coauthors from 34 countries [19]; and especially 2. In 2012 The ABCs of Harmony for World Peace by 76 coauthors from 26 countries [1], presentation of which was organized o­n the International Conference of Teachers in New Delhi o­n February 11, 2012 (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=540) in Gandhi IASE University. The evolution of Harmonious Enlightenment is presented in more detail below in the review of the site, its 7 books and 50 projects of harmony which were created in GHA for its 10 years of its life.

Of course, the activity of o­ne small international organization during 10 years with the mission of conscious scientific development of vision for harmonious civilization of SPHERONS is o­nly the prelude for a new large historical path of evolution of consciousness of a new era with a new social science and new institutes and academies of its development, the first outline of which is presented below.


1.12. SPHERONS, PARTONS and Historical Types of Classes


For over four thousand years the different practitioners and theorists were allocated different classes, estates, and castes as the private groups of people, which we unite in o­ne concept - PARTON. History is replete with examples of classification or stratification of people, i.e. their division into classes, PARTONS o­n different particular grounds and indications. We can distinguish at least five major grounds/indications of separation of people o­n PARTONS: spiritual order, property (wealth), soul qualities, power and employment. The major historical types of classes are logically summarized in the following chronological table (a refinement and development of similar table in 2003 [20]).


Table. Classes, PARTONS in History






Hinduism Religion

 Since the 17th century. BC


Four castes/varnas: Brahmins (priests), Kshatriyas (warriors), Vaishyas (merchants, ranchers and farmers) and Shudras (servants and laborers) + Harijans (untouchables) outside the castes

Spiritual order

Numa Pompilius - the second Roman king

8. BC


Three classes: artisans, farmers and tradesmen

Employment in the branches

Theseus, king, Athenian state beginning

8. BC


Three classes: Eupatridae – aristocracy, Geomori – farmers and Demiurgi - craftsmen


Employment in the branches


Solon, elected the first archon in 594 BC

6. BC


Four classes-categories by the number of produced medimns of grains

Property (wealth)

Servius Tullius, penultimate king

6. BC


Six classes-categories o­n cost of ownership

Property (wealth)


427-347 BC


 Three estates: philosophers, warriors, workers + slaves, outside the estates

Soul qualities


384-322 BC


Three classes: rich, middle, poor

Property (wealth)




Two main classes: exploiters and exploited

Property (wealth)




Two main classes: upper and lower

Soul qualities




Two main classes: controlled (majority) and political,ruling class, elite


 Theory of stratification (M.Weber, P.Sorokin, L.Uorner and others)

Since end of XIX century

Europe, USA

Three main classes: upper, middle, lower (working)

Property and income (+ sometimes prestige, power, etc.)

Tetrasociology and GHA



Russia, West and East

Four spheral classes, SPHERONS: Socioclass, Infoclass, Orgclass, Technoecoclass. They differ o­n employment in spheres rather than in branches, so they are fundamentally different nature than PARTONS, employment in branches.

Employment in the spheres


This table shows the variety of classes in history and the variety of theories and bases of their allocation. Each historical epoch distinguishes their classes, castes, and estates as PARTONS, which are historical forms of spheral classes, or SPHERONS constituting their deep and abiding structure. Historical forms of classes, due to the limited and o­ne-sidedness of their bases (branches, soul, property, power, etc.) distort the harmonious essence of SPHERONS and often became actors of disharmony, inequality, antagonism, war and violence. All classes presented in the table, except for classes of allocated by Numa Pompilius, were active participants and initiators of wars. Numa Pompilius o­nly was able to provide Roman classes (the Roman people) peace during 43 years (see separate article about Numa Pompilius below).

SPHERONS, which combine particular types of employment in universal employment, become the need of a new, harmonious society and a new era of globalization. These classes, as well as a new society, are more dynamic and open, even, in some sense, a "virtual". But basic necessity of modernity in SPHERONS, more precisely, is in their discovery, dictated by the need to harmonize the development of spheres o­n all continents and in all countries to jointly solve growing global problems and challenges. They can be solved o­nly o­n the path of social harmony which consciously can go o­nly SPHERONS.

        SPHERONS are not new in the real social world and its history except for our limited sociological knowledge about them. The social world is not fully known to people for a much greater extent than the natural world because the first is immeasurably more difficult than second. In addition, social science lagged behind the natural and engineering sciences for more than a century because of the dominance of Marxist ideology in the last century with its primitive notion of classes. This primitivism inherited liberalism as an ideological heir of economic Marxism at all its aspects, unlike its ancestor. The social world requires accelerated development and qualitative renewal of the social sciences, as well as much more complex and subtle theoretical methods of scientific knowledge of bringing people together. Humanity is o­nly now coming to the level of social science, with positions of which become visible and distinguishable SPHERONS as the deepest foundation of social world.

        Until now, they exist as the spontaneous forces unknown to the social sciences and hidden away in the dark depths of the social. o­n the visible, accessible traditional sociology, surface of social world they act in the form of either stratification or branch’s classes of industrial society. They are the classes of inequality differing in inherently unequal and private grounds of wealth or property. Therefore, these classes are today the actors of disharmony, uneven development, social selfishness, mutual alienation, branch’s restrictions, antagonism, war, violence, etc. SPHERONS, by contrast, are classes of equality, distinguishing people not by the private base of wealth and universal criterion of employment. Therefore, they are actors of social harmony, equitable development, social partnership, spheral universality, o­neness of all nations, their solidarity, peace, non-violence, etc. The branch’s classes, PARTONS are seen as some private and distorted case of SPHERONS retaining their undiscovered secret.

Why do SPHERONS still remain spontaneous and unknown? Because, first, in an undeveloped, branch and o­ne-dimensional industrial society, there is too little attention given social need in knowledge and use of universal and harmonious actors. It can live without them and knowledge about them. Secondly, there was no appropriate social theory and thought capable of seeing and knowing their deep and holistic harmony. As a wild man is not needed, and therefore an unknown car, so humanity at its stage of branch’s development is not needed, and therefore unknown as SPHERONS. Due to the uneven and o­ne-sided development of mankind, in it is always dominated o­ne or another private class of a mainly economic sphere. Social necessity of these classes was to keep its economic and political domination by all means, the most effective of which is violence. Therefore, the private classes were needed o­nly in theories of class struggle and dictatorship, as in Marxism. The efforts of their ideologists could o­nly create theories of class struggle and dictatorship and military violence.

      The new harmonious society and era of globalization begets a new awareness of new social problems and needs. They require SPHERONS with new social needs and abilities to solve global problems. There is a social need for them as actors of a new era with the appropriate objectives, forces and means. SPHERONS are able to give theoretical and practical responses to the challenges of modernity. They know how they can be transformed from spontaneous and passive "class in itself" in the active and conscious "class for itself." They create the necessary theory and universal values​​ focused not o­n the property/wealth but o­n social harmony that embodies peace, justice, freedom and equality. Moreover, the question they pose is not in the plane of the antagonistic alternative: "harmony or property", which led to a new round of war and violence, and in the plane of the reorientation of their priorities to ensure their complementarity, cooperation and continuity of humanist cultural tradition.

        This process leads to the appearance o­n the historical scene of SPHERONS as new and harmonious actors. Parallel to this process is an effort to expand and deepen the process of recognition of the community of SPHERONS. This community creates "spheral harmonious identity." Awareness of spheral identity has just begun and lags behind the development of SPHERONS. Transition from awareness of branch’s identity to awareness of spheral identity of the population is a necessary condition for the formation of SPHERONS as conscious actors. Without the awareness of their harmonious identity they are impossible as conscious actors who understand themselves, their mission, strategies, tools and technologies, primarily for global peace. In this harmonious direction they transform consciousness and practice of PARTONS as their organic parts, eliminating the causes of war between them, and minimizing conflicts between them.


1.13. SPHERONS, PARTONS and Causes of War


The conscious SPHERONS of future history define conscious global peace for very different nations and social groups (PARTONS) in all their diversity and in all situations. This opportunity for them opens universal scientific knowledge of global peace represented in GPS. SPHERONS by definition and in their objective position in society cannot be the cause of war, neither spontaneously nor especially consciously. The causes of wars between them are eliminated by their key position in the social harmony thanks to which they exist, and their fundamental attributes: necessity, sufficiency and employment equally inherent in all of them.

The spontaneous SPHERONS of past history determine spontaneous global peace as its ultimate cause but do not provide it consistently and for all peoples and groups because of ignorance regarding laws of global peace and the inability to peacefully solve social problems and conflicts. The antagonistic, conflicting among themselves private historical (temporary) classes and groups, PARTONS, exist o­n the surface of SPHERONS. For example, like Marxist economic classes in a state of the class struggle accompanied by numerous wars. The cause of all wars is not SPHERONS and partial contradictions of partial PARTONS, unable to peacefully resolve the rising between them disharmonies of property, income, power and other. Such disharmony dominates in all past civilizations, especially in an industrial civilization, defining its military character and neutralizing spontaneous harmony of SPHERONS in some time and in some countries and regions.

Therefore, an objective source and cause of wars is different social disharmonies between private historical and local PARTONS (groups, nations, ethnoses and classes) o­n different subjects, qualities and criteria, which distinguish them. Only some of PARTONS o­n employment and the middle position (the middle classes) can bring peace to a very limited social space and time of favorable conditions.

One of the best examples of modern disharmony may be conflicts which reached the armed clashes and led to many victims within the so-called Arab Spring or Arab revolution - a global wave of protests and hatred that began in Tunisia in 2011. The sociologists who studied this process concluded that its heart and core is "social inequality." According to them, the result of neoliberal globalization became "adverse consequences for many people while at the same time it created vast wealth concentrated in the hands of a small minority." This led to a "new international cycle of contention fighting against social and economic inequality" [21]. In this, as in all such cases, social and economic inequality of Partons: the poor majority and rich minority as obvious social disharmony and pathology became the cause of armed conflicts and mass protests. A similar situation occurred in the Ukraine in February of 2014.

Disharmony of PARTONS is the ultimate cause of all wars, armed conflicts and mass protests, for which they are directly responsible, along with their leaders and governments, which headed o­ne of the warring PARTONS, usually o­n the side of the rich ruling minority. Wars are usually needed and begun by the ruling elite governments and not the people. The spontaneous SPHERONS are not able to control and promote harmony of PARTONS as their parts and they are powerless to ensure their peacefulness. Therefore SPHERONS may be seen as indirectly responsible for the violence of PARTONS but o­nly indirectly, as they cannot be causes and sources of wars, armed conflicts and mass protests.

PARTONS dominate in all disharmonious past civilizations. Consequences of their domination in every sphere are oppression and violence of other spheres and classes in the following forms:

1. Economic violence (oppression and exploitation), which is carried out by economically dominant classes/nations and apply not o­nly to other spheres but also in nature. Economic violence is a priority in industrialism/economism. It manifests itself in continuous competition and trade wars often escalating into hot war.

2. Political and financial violence, which are inseparable and they are implemented by the financially and politically dominant classes/nations. These are manifest in continuous political and financial wars, violent revolutions and wars between states.

3. Information (cultural, linguistic, etc.) violence, which is implemented by the information dominant classes/nations and manifested in continuous information and ideological wars.

4. Social (humanitarian) violence, which is implemented by socially dominant classes/nations and which manifests itself as religious, gender, intergenerational, between nations, etc. conflicts and wars an extreme form of which is genocide - the physical destruction of a nation or another large group. These facts are evaluated as a crime against humanity.

These wars are accompanied by the use of weapons, crises and degradation which ultimately lead to the destruction of the whole - a separate state or civilization. Suppression of partial classes in other spheres and classes, i.e. society in general, violence and war in it - is the first sign of a typical social pathology and disharmony. It is also a manifestation of ignorance of social harmony (coherence) of spheres and SPHERONS. All forms of PARTONS’ violence over the whole as a whole over the parts are excluded by conscious SPHERONS, which are able to establish scientifically acceptable for all parts the corridors of social harmony to prevent all wars and conflicts between them.


1.14. Cognitive Levels of SPHERONS and GPS: Philosophy, Sociology, Statistics and Mathematics


GPS, as was shown in the first approximation above, is general scientific methodology to know peace and war, more precisely, the methodology of building peace and methodology of eradicating war. The center of this methodology is SPHERONS, harmonious spheral classes of the population owning the GPS science, i.e. science of building peace and eradication of war. The capabilities and effectiveness of social mission of SPHERONS in building peace and eradicating war depend primarily upon the degree and depth of their self-knowledge in the GPS. Simply put, from the depth and solidity of this science, the central subject which constitutes SPHERONS. Complexity, multidimensionality and multilevel profile of SPHERONS and global peace require adequate complexity of their knowledge and its methodology.

The integral character of SPHERONS and global peace as a result of their activities requires using the whole spectrum of social knowledge and the entire set of social sciences, which is located o­n their evolutionary ladder between the four largest and most fundamental steps:

1. Philosophy of SPHERONS and global peace,

2. Sociology of SPHERONS and global peace,

3. Statistics of SPHERONS and global peace,

4. Mathematics of SPHERONS and global peace.

Other branches of the social sciences: demography, economics, political science, law science, cultural studies, ecology, and the like, putting SPHERONS and global peace in the center of its scientific research, are located between these four stages. They are also closely interconnected as closely linked together in a single system their fundamental subjects presented in SOCIONOME.

Philosophy of SPHERONS is defined in the issues of their objective existence, their necessity, sufficiency and coherence of their peace nature, etc., which are considered in part above and further will be discussed below. These questions open two new interconnected branches of philosophical knowledge: 1. Philosophy of SPHERONS and 2. Philosophy of global peace. 

The global sociology of SPHERONS is defined in the issues of their central place in society as its social structure and as social actors, including global peace. The questions of sociology of SPHERONS were was discussed above and will be discussed further below. These questions open two new interconnected branches of sociological knowledge of global level: 1. Sociology of SPHERONS, which found development in Tetrasociology, and 2. Sociology of global peace.

The global statistics of SPHERONS is defines in the issues of quantitative account of these objective social subjects in national statistics and their integration into the spheral, global statistical indices which form from global statistics. The questions of this statistic was discussed above, and concrete statistical examples of SPHERONS from different countries and at different levels, as well as their statistical studies will be presented below in the second chapter. These questions open two new interconnected branches of statistical knowledge of global level: 1. Statistics of SPHERONS and 2. Statistics of global peace.

Mathematics of SPHERONS is defined in the issues of mathematical computation of optimal harmonious proportions of the various fundamental resources and elements of global peace for different levels and situations o­n the base of the model SOCIONOME. The elementary, arithmetic but fundamental quantitative approach to these proportions is the mathematics of harmony based o­n the golden section, which was developed Alexey Stakhov about 20 years ago successfully [22]. But the arithmetic of harmony requires additional algebra of harmony, called Tetramathematics of spheres and SPHERONS. The problems and questions of this mathematics are widely considered in the ABC of Harmony [1, 51-56], so they are not repeated in this book. These questions open two new interconnected branches of mathematical knowledge of global level: 1. Mathematics of SPHERONS and 2. Mathematics of global peace.

The formation of new branches of social science illustrates an innovative role of GPS in the development of traditional social knowledge and its transformation into a global knowledge. These cognitive levels, as well as many intermediate social sciences will be touched in the following chapters and sections of this book as they are needed for the disclosure of different qualities and functions of SPHERONS.


1.15. SPHERONS: Network Tetramodel of Theoretical Definitions of Attributes


The completion of theoretical analysis of SPHERONS in the first Chapter of GPS is a generalizing tetramodel with full list of their 16 scientific definitions: they are objective, eternal, universal, natural, necessary, sufficient, harmonious (coherent), global, social structure, spheral employment, GP (global peace) cause, GP source, GP guarantee, GP actors, spontaneous and conscious. Of course, this list can be corrected in the future.

The network tetramodel of these definitions (attributes) of SPHERONS gives them a visual representation in a theoretical space of thinking. This model allows connecting and grouping them in different combinations, which greatly facilitates their knowledge, and o­n the other hand, enriches our process of thinking. It is very important for further scientific analyses SPHERONS, as well as for education in this knowledge in schools, colleges and universities. In the center of this complex system model is a simple model of four SPHERONS: 1.SOCIOCLASS, 2.INFOCLASS, 3.ORGCLASS, 4.TECHNOCLASS, each of which possesses the attributes listed in their definitions:

1.Objective Reality, 2.Eternal, 3.Universal, 4.Natural, 5.Necessary, 6.Sufficient, 7.Coherent, 8.Global, 9.Social Structure, 10.Spheral Employment, 11.GP Cause, 12.GP Source, 13. GP Guarantee, 14. GP Actors, 15.Spontaneous, 16.Conscious.


Model-2. SPHERONS’ Attributes


The attributes of SPHERONS can be presented in a simple table, in every cell of which can enter the attribute definition.

Table. Attributes of SPHERONS






1.Objective Reality








































9.Social Structure





10.Spheral Employment





11.GP Cause





12.GP Source





13. GP Guarantee





14. GP Actors















The readers studying GPS could fill this table independently using this textbook which will provide them with better understanding and mastery of this key knowledge of GPS.

In the next section will be constructed a similar tetramodel but practical attributes (consequences, manifestations, qualities and definitions) of SPHERONS. Both models are studied, developed and corrected by all the social sciences that explore SPHERONS. The finite number and quality of attributes inherent SPHERONS is determined, eventually, these sciences.

This model summarizes and illustrates two key theoretical outputs of the first Chapter of GPS:

1. The origins of global peace rooted in the deepest depths of society and the individual - in SPHERONS, which include all population and everyone, without exception, providing them with peacefulness and global peace in nature through the eternal attributes of mutual harmony. If separate individuals, groups and nations, because of their narrow-mindedness and ignorance in peace essence, are still capable of killing each other and contriving a fratricidal wars among themselves, the basis of society God and nature include the absolute and eternal causes, sources, guarantees and actors of global peace - SPHERONS, belonging to which has remained a secret for everyone and terra incognita for all.

2. The decisive transition of the human and society to global peace is linked with a new level of knowledge and thinking of homo sapiens, which is a transition from the spontaneous to conscious state of SPHERONS and everyone in them through the necessary for this universal science - GPS - and through general education and enlightenment in it. This transition is expressed o­n model theoretically by the blocks 15 and 16, which crown a long and arduous process of knowledge of their previous attributes. Practically this transition consciously was started in GHA ten years ago, which took it to get closer to this science and create it in the first, but far from perfection form.

The more complex and deeper essence, the more time and efforts require its knowledge from the human and society. The GHA source and GPS first idea - the idea of SPHERONS emerged almost 40 years ago, in 1976, in the student club "Demiurge" [1, 119-120]. The motto of this club was "Know yourself." Know yourself was long and difficult knowledge, in 40 years, of their social involvement from birth to death to SPHERONS as absolute, eternal, and the deepest roots of global peace. The search of global peace truth from Demiurge to GHA, within the tenth year of its life met with the SPHERONS final Tetranet model, which reveals global peace secret to every person of good will, intuitively aspiring to it. In it two opposing aspirations merges into a harmonious dialectic: 1) the original, divine creation of man not for war but for peace, the key truths of which were hidden away from human mind for millennia, and 2) a tireless search for these keys by thousands of thinkers throughout human history to understand and use them. The efforts of GHA, the authors of this book and their results represent o­nly a step but turning in an endless intellectual search and practical approximation of humanity to conscious global peace. This step has an exact historical time - the 21st century, 2014. By the tradition of the GHA, its innovative knowledgeis not a mystery but belongs to everyone so there are no restrictions o­n its distribution and participation in it.

1.16. Conclusion. Social Structures and their Importance for Global Peace


Here we summarize the previous information about social structures and their importance for global peace. There are two clusters of social structures: 1. Artificial and 2. Natural.

1. Artificial. The artificial (man-made) structures are created by people and they are the private and partial structures of very different sorts. They are temporary, historically transient, unequal, and usually disharmonious, violent and militaristic, which excludes global peace as a whole and constitutes a permanent fertile ground for constant local wars and armed conflicts. Some examples of these structures are named above: the castes of ancient India, the free and slaves in ancient Greece, the feudal lords and landless peasants in Middle Ages, the capitalists and proletarians (Marx) in an industrial society, the upper and lower classes of Pareto, the ruling and managed classes at Mosca; the upper, middle and lower classes in modern stratification etc. Other examples of similar structures, primarily nation-states, will be discussed below. In the traditional partial structures the conscious global peace is unattainable, as has been evident in all prior history. o­nly certain partial classes (PARTONS) of employment and the middle classes are able, under favorable conditions to ensure local and temporary peace, but no more, like ghostly islands of peace in the historic ocean of wars.

2. Natural. The natural social structures are universal, constant and eternal structure inherent in to the very character of society and humanity. Global peace is possible o­nly within the framework of similar structure, but which o­ne? The natural structures include sex/gender, race, age and employment (SPHERONS), of which the first two are constant, static, and the second two are dynamic. The gender and racial structures do not provide global peace, although it is long established empirically, historically and intuitively that women in their natural maternal nature are much more peaceful than men. Therefore, in global peace the priority role will belong, by the natural law, to women that are considered in more detail below. The age dynamic structure is o­ne-dimensional as it is determined o­nly by the time, so it is not able to provide a global multi-dimensional and constant in dynamics peace. The dynamic structure of spheral employment, i.e. SPHERONS are multi-dimensional, covering all necessary and sufficient social resources (PIOT), processes (PDEC), structures (SIOT) and classes - SPHERONS (SIOT-classes) of any society in the past and the future and it is presented in general in SOCIONOME, see above. o­nly this structure in its eternal nature is harmonious (internally balanced, coordinated and coherent), as shown above, therefore, this structure is the key for global peace. Therefore, global peace requires a natural, universal and eternal social structure of SPHERONS, which is discovered in Tetrasociology [20; 16, etc.]. It was studied in GPS theoretically (above) and empirically, statistically in the next chapter. The relations and superposition of the natural social structures were discussed in more detail here [16, 77-80]. The global social structure of SPHERONS is realized in partial structures, a conscious manifestation of which in the future will ensure conscious global peace locally and everywhere. This is explored in the following chapters and sections of the book.

Of course, the study of natural and artificial social structures in the framework of global peace is o­nly just beginning, and is not enough; their scientific history is yet to come but for our, the first step is sufficient. The theoretical proof of SPHERONS is presented in the first chapter of GPS and their statistical, empirical proof - in the second chapter. These classes - SPHERONS were opened in Tetrasociology almost 40 years ago and almost 10 years their concepts were used in the GHA in its seven books and 50 projects of global harmony (see below). SPHERONS is the scientific quintessence of Tetrasociology.

The link between social structures and war and peace is direct and is proved in GPS in all chapters. The private disharmonious structures generate the particular (local and temporary) wars aspiring to absorb the neighboring parts, for example, the neighboring countries and etc. The harmonious eternal structures of SPHERONS provide spontaneous global peace interrupted by private wars, which prevent can private harmonious structures intuitively and spontaneously in the past history, and therefore locally and temporarily, and consciously and purposefully in future history therefore everywhere and forever. But in both cases these partial structures are manifestations and expressions of the global and eternal social structure of SPHERONS.

The transformation of private disharmonious structures into harmonious may be realized not spontaneously but o­nly consciously as SPHERONS evolving from “classes in itself” into “classes for itself”. These are Marxist termini but in this case they are quite acceptable for GPS. The classes in itself are spontaneous SPHERONS deprived of their self-consciousness, and the classes for themselves are conscious SPHERONS awaking their purpose and role in society o­n the basis of scientific knowledge of social harmony. The turning step from spontaneous and intuitive harmonic structures to conscious and purposeful is scientific (Tetrasociological and Statistical primarily) GPS knowledge of SPHERONS. This knowledge through global harmonious education in GPS turns SPHERONS of spontaneous groups into conscious actors. The political, economic and other private structures/mechanisms of building process of global peace in the local space and time are disclosed in the following chapters. The inextricable link between peace and harmony is revealed through the structure of SPHERONS as actors of social harmony and social peace simultaneously and together. This relationship is the subject of GPS.

The immediate impetus for targeted scientific study in this link was the concept of "harmonious peace", first introduced by the famous sociologist and peacemaker Ada Aharoni in 2004 and combined the notions of peace and harmony, which have become key for the GHA and GPS. The theories of SPHERONS and social structures in GPS are related to traditional theories of classes as well as Einstein’s physics and Newton's mechanics; the second is a particular case of the first. The ways to war and peace from the social structures go through the relevant motivational and mediating matters of intuitions, emotions and knowledge.

The links of considered social structures with war and peace are presented by the following chains and tetramodels of concepts in Tetranet thinking:

1.Spontaneous SPHERONS - 2.Spontaneous disharmonious PARTONS - 3.Intuition and thirst for war - 4.Local wars

1.Spontaneous SPHERONS - 2.Spontaneous harmonious PARTONS - 3.Intuition and thirst for peace - 4.Local peace

1.Conscious SPHERONS - 2.Conscious harmonious PARTONS - 3.Knowledge of peace in GPS - 4.Local and global peace

Model-3. Social Structures of Peace and War


The lower two models express the deep structural logic of war and peace in the past military history and the top model express the deep structural logic of universal global and ubiquitous peace in the future peace history of humanity.

The scientific and conscious way to peace in each country begins with the definition of the fundamental social structure of SPHERONS in their statistics, which are presented in the following chapter.

GHA: Dr. Leo Semashko and GPS coauthors,


1.17. SPHERONS: Energy of Soft Harmonious Structure.

        The soft but universal and eternal structure of SPHERONS creates and defines soft force, harmonious peaceful energy of society, which can be defined as "societal" energy or "spheral" o­ne. It provides a natural, elemental stability, survival, development and prosperity of mankind in all of its longest cycles, regardless of the knowledge of this energy. It is clear that knowledge of new energy immeasurably increases the power of humanity and its capacity for survival and evolution. SPHERONS’ energy disclosed in GPS is capable, in its scientific knowledge and use, to free humanity from all its "infancy pathologies" or social epidemics of pre-harmonious era: from wars, terrorism, violence, hunger, inequality, ignorance, militaristic democracy - in essence "anti-democracy", predatory exploitation of nature and people, absolutization of the material and humiliation of human spirituality and other incurable epidemics in this epoch. Therefore, GPS is the science not o­nly a global harmonious peace but social health of humanity as a whole, in all its four spheres.

Social health of society as a whole, which provides global peace as a "normal" temperature of a healthy social organism, is determined by the harmony of its spheres, SPHERONS employed in them and their energy. It is the economic, political, spiritual and social health, in contrast to modern total pathologies in these areas and dimensions. "Formula" of human health and ensuring its soft force or societal power, as well as Einstein's formula of physical energy, where it is determined by the product of the mass and the square of the speed of light – is very simple. The energy of any society at any level is equal to the energy of its four SPHERONS: ES = SP1 + SP2 + SP3 + SP4, where the ES - energy of society, SP (1, 2, 3, 4) - four of its SPHERONS, harmonious classes, and + - sign of the product/summation. This is generalized formula of mutual multiplication of energy (or other positive qualities) of SPHERONS. It expresses multiplication of energy of each SPHERON in connection with its harmonious connection with energy of others SPHERONS. It expresses the opposite neutralization or reduction/redemption of societal energy in disharmonious, military or any other opposition of PARTONS, i.e. SPHERONS any parts.

We do not know now, how to count and mathematically calculate the augmentation or reduction of societal energy of SPHERONS in general and at every level of society in particular, but their statistics formulated in its foundations in the next chapter and developing mathematics of social harmony will do this in the future. GPS is not Pallas Athena, who was born fully armed from the Zeus head. It requires a long development, like any science.

Dr. Leo Semashko and GPS coauthors




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