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Chapter 5. Global Peace Laws

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SECTION 2. Global Peace Architecture.

History Breakthrough


Chapter 5.

Global Peace Laws. Global Nomology. Leo Semashko


5.1. Introduction

5.2. The General Laws of SPHERONS

5.2.1. Logical Laws of SPHERONS

5.2.2. Historical Laws of SPHERONS

5.3. The Spheral Laws of SPHERONS

5.3.1. Spheral Law of Demilitarization of the SPHERONS Economy. Global Peace Disarmament

5.3.2. Spheral Law of Maximin and Minimax for SPHERONS Incomes. Global Peace Economy

5.3.3. Spheral Law of Harmony for SPHERONS Property. Global Peace Economy

5.3.4. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Constitution. Global Peace Right

5.3.5. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Democracy with Priority of Children and Women. Global Peace Policy

5.3.6. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Reserve Currency. Global Peace Finance

5.3.7. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Interspirituality. Global Peace Interspirituality

5.3.8. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Esperanto. Global Peace Linguistics

5.3.9. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Science. Global Peace Science

5.3.10. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Global Community. Global Peace Community

5.3.11. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Psychology. Global Peace Psychology

5.3.12. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Humanism. Global Peace Humanism

5.3.13. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Harmonious Education. Global Peace Education
5.4. GPS Subjects Matrix. Leo Semashko, Subhash Chandra


5.1. Introduction

In the previous section we proved peaceful nature of the human and society, defined objective structure of this nature in a harmonious SPHERONS excluding war and ensuring global peace. Their universal existence was proved statistically. The constant intuition of SPHERONS at different historical figures and thinkers of peacemaking was illustrated. We disclosed the achievements, subjectivism and degeneration of traditional peacemaking for more than a century. The objectivity of SPHERONS as sources of global peace allowed determining a revolution of peacemaking thinking in spheral categories and scientific breakthrough of social cognition in GPS from private branches to universal holistic spheres and SPHERONS of social harmony, from which global peace is born. All these features make the Global Peace Science (GPS) architecture as an integral social scientific knowledge of global peace from harmony. The GPS historical meaning is a victory of peace over war. The actors of this victory are SPHERONS. The conditions of this victory expressed by Global Peace Laws (GPL), which define the architecture and world order of global peace.

In this section we will attempt to build the architecture of real global peace in the key spheral laws, principles, ways and institutions of its permanent sources and actors - SPHERONS based o­n its scientific knowledge - GPS. The laws, principles, ways and institutions of global peace constitute different levels of its architecture, so they separated and treated in different chapters. We must emphasize that the scope of science does not allow us to determine all the details of the future peaceful world order, so its architecture will be presented o­nly in the framework of its laws, principles, ways and institutions in the generalized form. Its details are the task of the future, in fact, infinite, practical projections and private researches at all levels, for all regions and countries at different periods of the future history. The authors no any science, including GPS, are not able to do it and answer all the questions of the future.

The global peace architecture in its science begins with the formation and establishment of its laws. But to do this we need to clarify the terminology. GPS has subject, as defined in the first chapter, very large objective groups / classes of the population - SPHERONS as permanent and eternal peace actors at all levels. Global peace is completely determined and depends from SPHERONS. Therefore, the concept of "global peace laws" is identical to the concepts of "SPHERONS laws of global peace", "global peace science laws", "spheral laws of global peace," and the like. But we confine ourselves to these four concepts. It is important to understand that the laws of global peace are the laws of SPHERONS, spheral laws, the laws of GPS, first discovered and defined precisely in this science, and nowhere else but based o­n the laws of SOCIONOME of "The ABC of Harmony" [1, 40-41]. Therefore, all of these definitions are identical, but they express these laws from different sides: from objective global peace as a whole, from its SPHERONS as actors, from its spheres presented in SOCIONOME and by his science - GPS. Of these, we distinguish two classification groups of GPS laws:

1. General laws of SPHERONS that apply everywhere and always in the social space and time, expressing their 16 attributes (see chap. 1) and

2. Spheral laws of SPHERONS (or, simply, spheral laws or GPS laws), which are always in the social space and time, but o­nly within each individual sphere and its relationship with other spheres.

The titles and brief descriptions of these laws below create the outline of architecture of global peace, highlighting its necessary components and their basic qualities. All of the following laws, expressing the necessary infrastructure changes for future global peace, are subject in our consideration for a period of not less than 50 years, and practically - to the end of the XXI century because of their special complexity and unique novelty. Realistically, this unprecedented process extends to 3-4 generations of the XXI century, which will leave a beautiful memory to the future history by the transition to eternal peace centuries of human history, in contrast to the XX century as the most bloody and bellicose century of world history. The new century is a century of birth of the global peace and its laws of social harmony from the depths of its fundamental elements, expressed in SOCIONOME.

Scientific knowledge about the laws in all spheres of human activity called "global Nomology", which is part of the GPS. The term "Nomology" is defined as follows:

"Social sciences - philosophy, political science, sociology, theory of state and law, economics are studying their individual spheres of human activity. However, there is no science that studies of human activity as a complex organizational-production system, manifesting itself in all spheres of life. This science can be called Nomology" [2]. All the laws of society and its spheres are relevant to global peace as their integral state represented in SOCIONOME (see above), so it is logical to include the Nomology science in holistic GPS.



5.2. The General Laws of SPHERONS

The GPS general laws of SPHERONS are divided into logical, regardless of social space and time, and historical regarding world history.


5.2.1. Logical Laws of SPHERONS

1. The Law of SPHERONS objectivity. Human society and its history at the Earth for more than 40 thousand years is an objective reality. The same objective reality is four spheres of continuous production of necessary resources of PIOT and four SPHERONS engaged in these spheres. Reality and existence of SPHERONS do not depend o­n any subjective opinions about them, or from their ignorance of the people that is, in fact, until now.

2. The Law of SPHERONS social eternity. How much are the eternal human society and its four spheres of production of necessary resources, so SPHERONS are eternal.

3. The Law of social universality of SPHERONS. Any human society, even consisting of a minimum number of people - two people cannot exist without the four necessary resources, therefore, without the four spheres of their production and without four SPHERONS whose functions are divided between any number of people, even between the two.

4. The Law of Social naturalness (social nature) of SPHERONS. Human society, its spheres of production of the necessary resources and its SPHERONS not created as a result of conscious purposeful activity of people, and established by God and develop people as a result of spontaneous and very limited in space and time intuitive natural activity.

5. The Law of equal social necessity of SPHERONS. If human society cannot exist without at least o­ne required PIOT resources, then it is unable to exist without at least o­ne essential spheres of production and without at least o­ne SPHERONS. Therefore, each SPHERONS, regardless of its size, which is constantly changing in o­ne direction or another, is still necessary for society and the absence of at least o­ne of them makes a society impossible.

6. The Law of social sufficiency of SPHERONS. If human society for its existence is sufficient the four necessary resources and their four spheres of production, it is enough four SPHERONS employed in these spheres.

7. The Law of social harmony / coherence of SPHERONS. Human society can exist o­nly in a limited range of minimum and maximum agreed (proportionated) with each other spheres of production that determines the harmonious / coherent nature of their SPHERONS.

8. The Law of Social SPHERONS universality (globality). As far as global in all the attributes and dimensions are human society, its necessary resources PIOT and four spheres of their continuous production, so global (large-scale, comprehensive and holistic) are their SPHERONS.

9. The Law of the global social structure of SPHERONS. The deepest structures of PIOT resources and their spheres of production in human society determine the most profound social structure of the population in any social space and time - structure of SPHERONS.

10. The Law of spheral employment, constituting SPHERONS. Employment of people, in the broadest sense of this term, defines their life and coincides with it. The most scale form of employment, of which people do not go out from birth to death and changes its o­nly in space and time is a spheral employment, i.e. employment in o­ne of four spheres of production, which constitutes SPHERONS.

11. The Law of SPHERONS as ultimate cause of global peace. The cause of peace in human society can o­nly be the people o­nly those of their groups, which because of their objective status and their deep social structure are harmonious and exclusive war and violence between them. Such groups are o­nly SPHERONS. So they are the ultimate cause of global peace at all levels of society.

12. The Law of SPHERONS as actors of global peace. Being the ultimate cause of global peace, SPHERONS as the o­nly active resource of society, creating all resources, including itself, are also its actors or creators in all within the social space and time of human society.

13. The Law of SPHERONS as sources of global peace. Being the ultimate cause of global peace and its actors, SPHERONS simultaneously constitute its o­nly source for all within the social space and time of human society.

14. The Law of SPHERONS as guarantor of global peace. As a final cause, actors and source of global peace, SPHERONS simultaneously constitute its o­nly guarantor of all within the social space and time of human society.

15. The Law of SPHERONS spontaneity. The first 40,000 years of human history, SPHERONS act spontaneously due to the underdevelopment of the necessary resources and their spheres of production, including weak and insufficient level of scientific social knowledge of these spheres, limited o­nly their most evident and influential partial branches and related PARTONS. Self-awareness SPHERONS was intuitive. Therefore, this history was largely military and violent.

16. The Law of SPHERONS scientific consciousness. In the era of globalization of human society, which began in the second half of the XX century, with the rapid development of many industries and their closer association in the spheres, there are objective reasons of social cognition of spheres of social production, their resources and employment in them SPHERONS. Humanity is to know yourself o­nly partial (national, state, industry) measurements and o­nly started to knowledge itself and its SPHERONS in a holistic and global scales. To do this, he needs a qualitatively new, revolutionary social science, which began GPS puts in knowledge of the laws of SPHERONS. A key condition for the humanity transition from the spontaneous state of global peace to its conscious state is the creation of Global Peace Science, providing humanity with unified of peace knowledge, the objective o­n its source and therefore acceptable to all nations and people o­n the Earth. All subsequent human history will take place not spontaneous and intuitive SPHERONS, ignorant in the knowledge of harmony, but conscious, armed scientific knowledge, to overcome their ignorance and turns from "SPHERONS in themselves" into "SPHERONS for themselves", using well-known expression. Briefly, this law is expressed as follows: if you want peace - create harmony SPHERONS unlike traditional, false and militarist principle, "if you want peace - prepare for war."

Submitted 16 laws exhaust the logical completeness of SPHERONS, which leaves open forever historical / practical / real incompleteness of their development and implementation in the entire future history. These laws are interrelated and constitute its unity: LAW OF GLOBAL PEACE FROM HARMONY OF SPHERONS as eternal foundation of humanity and its history. Abbreviation: Law of Peace from Harmony of SPHERONS.


5.2.2. Historical Laws of SPHERONS

1. The Law of imminent death any military actor and militarism in general in history. SPHERONS create intuitive or consciously immutable conditions of global peace in all of human history. In these circumstances, any military actor in the face of any militarist groups, nations, empires and civilizations, without exception, however powerful and warlike they were not, in the end, inevitably perish in their opposition to SPHERONS peace proving full senseless war in human society. The unshakable peace power of SPHERONS inevitably condemns to death any military actor in the history and militarism in general as a social pathology. Therefore SPHERONS as peace actors provide in the history, ultimately, the victory of peace over war. But this victory requires the systematic and conscious spheral conditions, which are disclosed in the GPS architecture of global peace. This is the first historical law of global peace of SPHERONS condemns any military actor to death in his war with peace.

2. The Law of exception of global wars from human history. Incommensurable superiority of spontaneous and / or conscious global peace of SPHERONS absolutely excludes any possibility of human history a truly global / total war "all against all": they never had in the history of mankind, and will never be given their full social absurdity of demonstrating the absurdity of anyone, even the smallest and brief war. The possibility of total war of "all against all" in human society o­n Earth and elsewhere is absolutely excluded by peaceful nature of SPHERONS and their inexhaustible potential of global peace.

3. The Law of the war possibility. The possibility of local and temporary wars o­n stage of spontaneous SPHERONS is determined by armed clashes of PARTONS, private groups, classes and individual nations for their private interests, contrary to the general peace interests of SPHERONS.

4. The law of military democracy into military history of antagonistic PARTONS. Military history of these classes since ancient times has created and perfected a military democracy. Its highest historical expression is the American military democracy, providing USA military world hegemony and almost continuous and endless wars of this state.This democracy, in fact, became a "democracy of war and violence", losing the true meaning of democracy in global military hegemony. But like everything in history, this dominance is also temporary and transient: peace democracy will come to replace the military democracy. This democracy is doomed.

5. The law of new, peace democracy for new, peace history of SPHERONS. New, peaceful history requires a new, peaceful democracy, without which it is impossible, the main actors, which are not antagonistic PARTONS and harmonious SPHERONS. Therefore, this peaceful democracy is spheral, harmonious democracy, or democracy of SPHERONS (See below), which is o­nly possible o­n the basis of GPS and the most conscious groups who seek to realize this democracy. This is a very complex and lengthy historical process.

6. The Law of the war impossibility. The regular impossibility to war comes o­n the stage of conscious SPHERONS and their conscious peace democracy able to prevent o­n the GPS base any conflicts and wars. This science, embodied in SPHERONS consciousness and democracy, becomes identical to the eternal victory of peace over war.

7. The Law of transformation of traditional competition of PARTONS in harmonious SPHERONS competition in the economy, politics, culture and Sociosphere. Competition as a contest of different private producers in different areas for the best forms and quality of production o­n all parameters and compare them - it is an eternal positive driving force of social progress. But traditional disharmonious civilization turned it into an instrument of violence, militarism and the destruction of a competitor, up to the physical. SPHERONS clean competition from its historical distortions, restoring its harmonious and peaceful essence in the interests and for the benefit of all parties, not o­ne.

8. The Law of children priority in society of SPHERONS global peace. Unlike in the past, violent, societies, the priority in which belonged to interests of the most powerful economic, political and armed groups; in the peace-loving societies of global peace the priority returns to interests of children as the most important natural group determining the survival of society and the quality of its development.

9. The Law of women priority in management of peaceful harmonious society of SPHERONS. Among all the parts of SPHERONS their female half, by nature of its peacefulness associated with the necessity of having children and educating new generations, possible o­nly in peace, not war conditions, has priority in the management of a peaceful society and the continuous development of global peace. Priority of the children interests in society, instead of profit, power and weapons, and women priority in society management of global peace - are two sides of the same coin of global peace and its leadership. They are disclosed in more detail below.

10. The Law of SPHERONS justice. Of all the social groups in history, SPHERONS objectively, in their position of equal, necessary, sufficient and harmonious classes of any society, are the most fair in all social relations but o­nly under the historical conditions of their own scientific identity in GPS. SPHERONS justice cannot be spontaneous. Spontaneous justice is a private, temporary, limited and exceptional. Conscious justice of SPHERONS is universal, permanent, unlimited and natural.

11. The Law of SPHERONS happiness. Of all social groups in the history SPHERONS objectively, in their position of equal, necessary, sufficient and harmonious classes of any society, are most happy for the fullness of their social existence in his work and in meeting their needs but o­nly under the historical conditions of their own scientific identity in GPS. o­nly conscious SPHERONS can provide key social condition of universal happiness of the people - global peace from social harmony, which eliminates the worst social misery - war, as the death of people and as a potential threat to the death of humanity in general. Global peace is the greatest happiness, which provides and guarantees the highest human right - the right to life and frees his/her from the violent suppression of this right. War is the greatest misfortune of conscious desire of people to kill each other in any armed clashes and violently trample the natural human right to life.

12. The Law of unity and brotherhood of SPHERONS. Of all the social groups in history, SPHERONS objectively, in their position of equal, necessary, sufficient and harmonious classes of any society, establish unity and brotherhood among the people as o­ne family at all levels of humanity but o­nly under the historical conditions of their own scientific identity in GPS.

Now all laws of GPS are presented as hypotheses, confirmed o­nly partially and marginally. They need to get empirical evidence, clarification and better wording in the future. Presented here a list of these laws is historically the first, purely logical, and therefore far from perfect, is not intended to be definitive, exhaustive and perfection. This is o­nly a stage for further progress of GPS.


5.3. The Spheral Laws of SPHERONS

Here we will discuss the spheral laws limited scale of SIOT spheres of social production, starting with the Technosphere, and employed in them SPHERONS. All spheral laws are formulated in general terms, preclude their detailed study and analysis of their history, requiring special additional studies that are beyond the scope of this book. Some of these laws get more detailed scan at the level of relevant institutions in special articles in the chapter "Institutions" below. These laws are intending to create a general outline of the real architecture of global peace in GPS in the first approximation. These laws are given full effect and expression in conscious activity of SPHERONS. While it is spontaneous, until these laws remain potential, intuitive and embryonic, conscious birth and development which begins with a conscious creativity of SPHERONS in accordance with GPS.


5.3.1. Spheral Law of Demilitarization of the SPHERONS Economy. Global Peace Disarmament

The spheral law of economy demilitarization is the SPHERONS first requirement, which means the complete destruction of the military-industrial complex (MIC) and release of world economy from it by its purposeful transformation in institutions of civilian production. Demilitarization of economy or General and Complete Disarmament takes place simultaneously and uniformly in all countries, without exception, for at least 50 years through an annual reduction of military budgets of each country at 2% per year. Unilateral disarmament is possible o­nly o­n a voluntary basis. Disarmament preserves the balance of weapons up to its completion.

Disarmament will release about $ 10 trillion, which according to official data annually spent o­n weapons without any benefit for people and nature, opposite, inflicting massive damage. $ 10 trillion are two of Africa's GDP annually.

According to unofficial data military spending are in 2-3 times more. In disarmament are resources to solve all the problems of humanity: poverty, hunger, disease, education, unemployment, the construction of houses and roads, and so o­n. The economy demilitarization is o­ne of the most important sources of economic growth in world economy and environmental preservation including climate. Global disarmament is the first and most significant conscious step of SPHERONS at the road of scientific global peace. The main meaning of this law and its trend ingeniously formulated Martin Luther King Jr.: "We must shift the arms race into a peace race"! To this topic is dedicated a special article below.


5.3.2. Spheral Law of Maximin and Minimax for SPHERONS Incomes. Global Peace Economy

The spheral law of agreed maximization of minimum and minimization of maximum income, in short: the law of Maximin and Minimax (MM) is the main economic law of SPHERONS, permanent increase the level of economic harmony of different groups and prevent the causes of conflicts. This is o­ne of the necessary conditions for global peace. This law limits the growth and extreme poverty and extreme wealthto harmonize them. The MM law is intended to gradually replace and eventually completely exclude the traditional law of industrial economy and militaristic civilization: "the poor get poorer and the rich richer", which has been in history of the source of numerous wars. The MM law was expressed in different forms by different scientists, the first of its determination in game theory gave John von Neumann [3; 4]. In economic policy of some states it is expressed in a constant increase the minimum wage, pensions and other benefits for the poor and the introduction of various laws o­n luxury, limiting incomes and etc. But the system and global law of MM does not exist until now, that leaves open the reverse trend, exacerbates the economic contradictions between different PARTONS, which often leads them to armed conflicts and wars.

The MM law, with full transparency of all income, profit and property, provided a complete removal of all trade (commercial, business) secrets, is leading to the establishment of a system of mutual dependence of limits of minimum and maximum of income: they can grow to a certain level in proportion to the growth (increase) the level of minimum income. Naturally, these proportions will be different in different regions and in different periods defined by the relevant legal norms, which are set democratically. The MM law sets the channel through which can be the economic harmony, hence global peace. At the boundaries of this channel and beyond arise disharmony: social frictions and tensions as the ground for wars and armed conflicts, which are neutralized the application of this law. o­nly this law will eliminate poverty from the life of mankind, which has always existed and thus close o­ne of the most powerful sources of wars. o­nly such a law would be system global limit for greed of the richest groups.

This law defines the basis for a new, global peace-targeted with priority interests of children, economy of prosperity in contrast to the modern neo-liberal economics with unlimited maximization of profits and revenues, which is always accompanied by trade wars and the like, often leads to a hot war. This proves the militaristic nature of traditional economy in all its forms, especially the neo-liberal, for which war and military production are a major source of economic growth, although the actual military production is a minus growth, it's the economy for impoverishment of the poor and enrichment of the rich. The MM law, together with other laws of SPHERONS replaces this apparent economic minus o­n the obvious plus of economy free from military production, which, ultimately, is empty, harmful to humanity and nature colossal waste of social and natural resources, weakening the Earth potential and balance, leaving a large part of humanity beggars. With this economy humanity cannot tolerate more. o­n the GPS base it can replace war economy to peaceful and harmonious o­ne.

Thus, the MM law eliminates disharmonious liberal law of unlimited freedom for and pauperization and enrichment, which undermines the spheral coherence established in society, creating an unlimited fertile soil for armed conflicts and wars. The specific social forms and legal mechanisms of the MM law within each social space and time will established a harmonious state of SPHERONs at every level in the interests of each of them, maintaining the necessary level of sufficient economic incentive in difference of incomes.(It is similar for realization of other spheral laws through democracy of SPHERONS). The desire to limit incomes/earnings shows, anyway, all modern states understanding how deadly their unlimited freedom.

The MM law contains the powerful tools of moral encouragement for voluntary renunciation of super-rich people from the greater part of his wealth in a special fund to tackle poverty and hunger. The beginning of this noble movement was put about 150 US billionaires (http://givingpledge.org). The voluntary renunciation from part of wealth in favor of the poorest people and countries is a necessary condition for social partnership of SPHERONS and their PARTONS in harmony for the sake of global peace.


5.3.3. Spheral Law of Harmony for SPHERONS Property. Global Peace Economy

Distribution of economic wealth (property) of SPHERONS to various resources, especially material, obeys to the MM law but with the different forms of ownership: state, collective and private. Harmony requires a balance of these forms and eliminates priority and any advantages of any of these. As history has shown, distortion of ownership in any direction threaten the economic crisis and disharmony, which often results in wars and conflicts for that reason. This law makes the owner of each inhabitant of the Earth a certain part of natural resources, providing at least some income from the profits of corporations exploiting natural resources. None of ownership cannot be canceled in favor of another but each must be limited harmonious range which does not inhibit other forms of ownership and do not harm nature.


5.3.4. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Constitution. Global Peace Right

The spheral law of global peace Constitution, unlike the traditional constitutions, since Kant, defining the main source of authority in the people within a particular nation or country, defines SPHERONS as the main parts of the people and the main sources of power.

The first article of the Constitution of the global SPHERONS could be formulated in the first approximation, as follows:

"All power o­n the Earth belongs to its population, which consists of four spheral harmonious classes, SPHERONS, different in size but equally necessary for life of society and every individual. SPHERONS divide all power equally between them at all levels, from the municipal to the global. Spheral division of the population and power defines global democracy of SPHERONS. It is a political guarantor of global peace, excludes all wars and armed conflicts, which were a constant state of previous forms of democracy."

Global Constitution articulates the right of everyone to global peace or global right to global peace as a priority right together with the right to life.


5.3.5. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Democracy with Priority of Children and Women. Global Peace Policy

The traditional forms of democracy exist thousands of years but none o­ne of them has been able to bring peace. Therefore, traditional democracy, rightly, can be described as militaristic o­ne, for which the preparation and conduct of war, the priority of military budgets were the main always. (Some, the relative exclusion constitute the democracy of a few little, neutral and non-aligned countries which, nevertheless, constantly assert military budgets and develop the armed forces.) Therefore, global peace requires a fundamentally other democracy - democracy of harmonious SPHERONS or spheral democracy, preventing and eliminating any armed conflicts and wars o­n the basis of GPS consciousness. The need for such democracy that excludes war and ensuring global peace, expressed spheral law SPHERONS democracy. Therefore, if humanity really needs global peace, it must establish spheral democracy. o­nly such a democracy will provide international policy and right of global peace. The features of spheral democracy as the key institution of global peace are revealed in Chapter 8. The priority of children and women in this democracy, as well as its structural features are disclosed in the following works [5-12].


5.3.6. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Reserve Currency. Global Peace Finance

The existing reserve (global) currency - the US dollar, as history has shown in the twentieth century, is not able to be financial system of global peace for the following reasons.

1. This currency (and all others for it) has been used without restriction for military purposes, so it is essentially militaristic. It has become a major tool for strengthening and growth of the US military empire as a mainstay of modern militaristic world order.

2. Dollar is deprived of any economic value, as it does not provided really, except for the historical traditions of the countries, have accumulated huge dollar reserves as a means of payment.

3. The dollar has practically zero economic value, which is limited to a meager cost of its paper and printing its work machine. In fact, the dollar is pure financial and economic fiction that allowed the US government to create a system of global financial tyranny and exploitation with the highest rate. The o­nly manufacturer of dollars in the world is the US government, which is able to print any number of them without any restrictions. The world domination of dollar and servile position almost every country and every person o­n Earth is well illustrated in Foster Gamble documentary Prosperity (Foster Gamble, THRIVE).

4. The dollar is the national currency created by the dominant militaristic power in the narrow national interests, in principle excludes global harmony, global peace and universal disarmament. Therefore, the dollar will not be able the currency for global peace that shown the past century. The dollar can o­nly be the currency of endless poverty, hunger and penurity for the majority of humanity. Dollar will fall as inevitably as will fall the US military empire and vice versa (Galtung, 2009).

5. These arguments are more than enough to recognize the need to create a new alternative to the dollar's reserve currency as the basis of a harmonious and equitable global financial system, serving not war and terrorism, and global peace. Such a currency can o­nly be a supranational currency of global harmony - "HARMON", a draft of which was developed in the first approximation in the GHA published book "Harmonious Civilization" in 2009 [13, 122-129].

6. What is the international organization today, which is the most adequate to create HARMON or similar reserve currency? The most appropriate and supportive organization interested in creating a new currency is the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), combining the basic non-Western and non-militaristic civilizations (Chinese, Indian, Russian, Brazilian and African) in the face of the largest countries in the world with a population of about 3 bln., accounted for nearly half (43%) of the Earth population and the most suffering from the dollar exploitation.

This currency can be created within the framework of the National Committee for Research BRICS (NCI BRICS: http://www.brics.mid.ru/brics.nsf/0/D5A90C3AA2C05FF344257A31004C5A5E). BRICS began to move towards the creation of an alternative currency system, signed an agreement to create a pool of conventional currency reserves of BRICS, the original size is 100 billion dollars.


5.3.7. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Interspirituality. Global Peace Interspirituality

The Spheral Law of SPHERONS Interspirituality determines their spiritual, above all, religious pluralism, the unity of diversity of which is expressed the harmony of religions (or interfaith harmony) and the recognition of the divine harmony as source of social harmony and global peace from harmony. Interspiritual harmony also includes the harmony of science and religion and other forms of social consciousness of SPHERONS. (This law is disclosed in a special chapter below.)


5.3.8. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Esperanto. Global Peace Linguistics

The Spheral Law of SPHERONS Esperanto expresses the need for their social harmony an additional/parallel single neutral language of international communication - Esperanto, which is justified in a number of works [14; 15; 16]. English as the existing international language is an tool of exploitation, linguistic violence, injustice, inequality and social disharmony, impeding mutual communication and understanding of the peoples and therefore promote the growth of armed conflicts and wars. Social harmony requires a language devoid of these negative qualities. That language is Esperanto, which is dedicated to a special article below. Just like language is able to provide global peace linguistics. However, for a transitional period recommends bilingualism - the use of two international languages ​​- English and Esperanto, to gradually, perhaps over several decades, to move from o­ne to the other. [17] Ultimately, Esperanto is a tool for sustainable and harmonious development of mankind as claimed by Dr. Renato Corsetti, the International Association of Esperanto President [18]. But this question generates a lot of discussions [19].


5.3.9. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Science. Global Peace Science

The Spheral Law of SPHERONS Global Peace Science (GPS) determines the necessity of scientific knowledge of full social harmony of SOCIONOME ensuring global peace of SPHERONS consciously, necessary and sufficiently. GPS is impossible without scientific discovery and definition of SPHERONS as actors, causes, sources and guarantors of global peace within holistic social harmony. o­nly recognized GPS opens the prospect of scientific definition and long-term practical construction of global peace in the subsequent human history. No other knowledge and consciousness is unable to lead humanity along this path in the future. GPS is revealed in its basic qualities and unique advantages in this book. GPS is cementing knowledge that brings together in harmony and other forms of human knowledge including economy, politics, law, computer science, culture, history, religion, morality, technical and natural sciences in their social function and used for peace or war.


5.3.10. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Global Community. Global Peace Community

The Spheral Law of SPHERONS Global Community expresses a conscious formation of a new historical community of people o­n the basis of spontaneously existing SPHERONS opened in GPS. This community does not replace the natural racial, gender, age, national and ethnic communities of people. This community unites them is their common social and conscious / scientific denominator within the GPS. It stimulates the creation of transnational and global communities of people in all directions with full preserving the cultural diversity of nations but neutralizing national sources of hostility, wars and armed conflicts. This community provides conscious global peace and is the subject of global peace anthropology, to which will be devoted a special article below.


5.3.11. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Psychology. Global Peace Psychology

The Spheral Law of SPHERONS Psychology defines the internal similarity of global social structure SPHERONS and the internal psychological structure of each person (atomic unit of SPHERONS), which is expressed by the Psychological Genome (PSYNOME) of human [1, 42-43]. Disharmony of the personal and social within PSYNOME-SOCIONOME universal structure is o­ne of the most important sources of wars and conflicts. Harmonization of socio-psychological relations o­n this line, i.e. the internal (personal) and external (social) peace is a necessary condition for the global peace from harmony of SPHERONS. To this topic a special article below is devoted. This law explains the similarity of SPHERONS in their individual, psychological depth that defines their equality through identity of their deep structure o­n a personal level.


5.3.12. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Humanism. Global Peace Humanism

The Spheral Law of SPHERONS Humanism defines a global humanism of humanity through global peace from harmony. Any other humanism capable of war, armed conflict and violence is pseudo-humanism limited by certain narrow limits so it cannot be considered as a true humanism. Consequently, o­nce there are still wars and violence, then, so far there is no true humanism. It comes o­nly with SPHERONS together with social recognition of above law guaranteeing global peace from harmony. It will be a true global peace humanism as a universal humanistic morality of SPHERONS. To this humanism a special article below is devoted.


5.3.13. Spheral Law of SPHERONS Harmonious Education. Global Peace Education

The Spheral Law of SPHERONS Harmonious Education and learning defines the basic, non-violent educational path of all subsequent generations of mankind to global peace through the universal compulsory harmonious education from early childhood. Just like education in the conventional Global Peace Science will provide a truly scientific global peace consciousness excluding all sources of wars, because it will be able to find a harmonious solution to any problems in all spheres of human life at all levels, from the individual, family and municipal to the global o­ne. This will be true peace education as education for global peace, to which a special article below is devoted.

The architecture of global peace also includes all its basic levels:

Individual (internal) peace of the human from harmony of its spheres,

Family peace from harmony of its spheres,

Nation peace from harmony of its spheres,

World/global peace of mankind from harmony of its spheres.

These levels are considered in the preceding and following chapters.

The named spheral laws define the necessary for SPHERONS as actors of global peace components of its architecture and world order, without infrastructure of which SPHERONS global peace cannot exists any level. This means that if humanity is to secure global peace, its SPHERONS must consciously create the architecture of global peace and infrastructure of its world order o­n all levels in the holistic system of listed components:

1. General and complete disarmament;

2. Harmonized/coordinated/coherent minimization of the maximum and maximization of the minimum of income;

3. Harmony of the state, collective and private property for all;

4. Constitutional division of the population/people into four SPHERONS with an equal division of all branches of power between them as the basis for spheral democracy;

5. Spheral democracy with children's suffrage, priority of their interests,equal participation of men and women, with constant internal opposition and mutual control at all levels;

6. Alternative currency of peace and spheral democracy HARMON (or similar);

7. Harmony of religions: interfaith or interspiritual harmony;

8. Global neutral language of international communications - Esperanto;

9. Global Peace Science (GPS);

10. Formation of the new historical communities of people - SPHERONS;

11. Global peace humanism as a universal humanist morality of SPHERONS;

12. Global harmonious education and enlightenment of SPHERONS.

Only under these conditions and through these institutions SPHERONS can ensure global peace, and o­nly they can create these conditions/institutions consciously. Other social actors for them does not exist, i.e., no o­ne else anything like not able to create and ensure universal recognition and application for them. o­nly under these conditions/institutions can be the victory of peace over war in history with a win for all parties, including the warlords. The answer to the question - how can be this victory - gives GPS.

The number of submitted laws and related infrastructure components of global peace can be expanded and the titles and definitions of the laws can be improved. These laws operate spontaneously in the military history of mankind, to the middle of the XXI century (suspended) until SPHERONS remain spontaneous. But over the past centuries and millennia they have prepared some initial background in the field of action of each law. The scientific study of quality, measures and forms of these premises of global peace, i.e. its architecture in different periods of history in different countries is a huge volume and complexity task for history of global peace we o­nly skimmed in the third chapter. Their study requires special, spheral integral Academy of Social Sciences for Global Peace from Harmony (see below.).

In conclusion of this chapter, we quote a few philosophical observations of great French writer Andre Maurois about science and society, together with our comments. Andre Maurois wrote: "We have learned, obeying nature, manage it" [20, 11]. But to govern society without war, we will learn o­nly obeying his social laws that we do not know and need to know in GPS. We have not learned to obey the society, its laws, because they do not know us, so we have not learned to control it and its elements turns out of war and terrorism.

"At the beginning of our (XX L.S.) century the most knowledgeable people had seemingly every reason to think that entering a new golden age ... In fact, the Golden Age (XX century as a flourishing industrial civilization L.S.) turned out to Age of Fire and Shame (emphasis added L.S.). Despite their knowledge and might, modern people are unhappy as ever. "How pure gold was despicable lead?" ... His power over nature the human used not for the building and to destroy. Politics and Economics (Social Sciences L.S.) not kept pace with development in physics and biology (science L.S.) ... Really unfortunate human race will destroy itself along with the planet, serving as a refuge to him? .. Salvation of mankind is in the hands of humanity ... Either we will provide each other's hands or destroyed each other in a nuclear war "[20, 12-13]. This means: either harmony or death! We have gained knowledge in the XX century but o­nly the natural sciences, and might - o­nly material but not social. We have o­nly the simplest half of knowledge and primitive half of might. The second, main half of knowledge is knowledge of the social, knowledge of society as a whole in harmony, excluding self-destruction and ensure the survival and prosperity of all nations. In this knowledge, the first and main science is GPS providing social might, i.e. the first of all global peace, the knowledge and ability to live in a harmonious world between nations and people through this science. We will learn to control the world and build it o­nly consciously obeying the social laws of peace from harmony, SPHERONS laws, which are disclosed in GPS.

The global peace architecture disclosed in GPS is a breakthrough of history, its qualitatively new, peaceful and truly humane, without wars, dimension and condition. GPS opens before humanity a real opportunity to learn to manage a society without war, obeying to natural laws of SPHERONS. It opens to humanity a real opportunity to replace the XX century - the Industrial Age of Fire and Shame, by the new, turning XXI century - the True Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity from Harmony o­n a solid foundation of scientific consciousness of global peace.

In conclusion, we must emphasize an important circumstance o­nce again. Although the existence of SPHERONS was proved both theoretically and statistically in the first two chapters but built o­n their basis the architecture/infrastructure of global peace and its laws, principles, ways and institutions remain hypotheses and waiting for new evidence in the new researches.They may well require a new proposal to reformulate the laws and rewrite the GPS relevant paragraphs.

5.4. GPS Subjects Matrix.

Leo Semashko, Subhash Chandra

The subjects matrix (S-matrix) of GPS was created to express the GPS system subjects area within transition from the architecture of knowledge of SPHERONS (see 1.5.-1.7. in GPS book: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585) and their laws to the architecture of global peace. Simply put, S-matrix expresses the architecture of global peace in its key structural blocks. In it the systemic unity of diversity of global peace is defined by the formula: One Earth ~ o­ne Humanity ~ o­ne Harmony ~ o­ne Peace = o­ne Global Peace Science (GPS). Where tilde ~ is a sign of the unity and indivisibility in this matrix of the five different elements, which together reflect a fundamental super structure of global peace. The equality sign is a sign of inclusion of the first four elements in the GPS object and GPS unity with them. Or else: the first four express an objective system subject of the fifth as knowledge about it. Therefore, GPS S-matrix is forming method and description of the architecture of global peace in this science. It expresses the GPS universal scale combining five universal structures: Earth, humanity, harmony, peace, and science of peace in o­ne super structure of GPS.

The Earth (planet, nature) universality is expressed through universality of its seven spheres: litho-, hydro-, atmo-, iono-, bio-, noo-, cosmosphere, which are presented in SOCIONOME (see 1.5. in GPS book).

The universality of humanity is embodied its 4 spheres and 4 SPHERONS of global social structure, including the entire population with all its groups, without exception, which produce society (noosphere) in all its diversity (see chap. 1) and which is defined in the ancient Indian Vedic tradition as "One World - o­ne Family" ("Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam").

The universality of harmony covers all natural and social spheres and all the relationships between them, o­nly because they exist. Therefore harmony is a way of existence of nature, society, human and peace; therefore, social peace is - "from harmony" or "through harmony" of SPHERONS; therefore SPHERONS are cause, source, actors and guarantors of peace. Disharmony, antagonism and struggle of classes/groups (PARTONS, see 1.12) in social harmony system is o­nly a particular or extreme case in global harmony of SPHERONS, hence the theories of antagonism and struggle of PARTONS in its knowledge is o­nly a special case/deduction of general theory of harmony of SPHERONS as Newtonian mechanics is a special deduction of Einsteins general theory of relativity. The special cases and deductions of social harmony are historically transient and degenerate forms in an endless evolution of its perfection, search and selection of the most effective forms, ways and institutions of SPHERONS harmony.

The universality of peace covers all social spheres and relations between them as any antagonism (disharmony) between them as well as between them and the natural spheres may become the source of o­ne or another war. Therefore, the causes of war can be infinitely many and a cause of global peace is o­ne global harmony but in all its infinite variety. Therefore war is primitive state of humanity and peace is infinitely complex in the integrity of its diversity. This explains its (global peace) inaccessibility to the past history of a variety of different civilizations over more than 10 thousand years until the present day. At this stage o­nly GPS can provide holism and adequate complexity of the spheral harmonious thinking able to explore, to understand and to build conscious global peace of SPHERONS in its first historical form, which will constantly evolve in the future.

Here manifests the universality and uniqueness of GPS as necessary and sufficient element of global peace as well as four others. Global peace as a universal and constant attribute of humanity and the way of its existence, survival and sustainable development can o­nly be scientific and conscious. Therefore, GPS also is included in the subject of the fundamentally new, revolutionary scientific thinking in its epistemological function of self-knowledge. In this function GPS is a new philosophy as philosophy of the future, born in the 21st century. Its sources, stages and content were discussed in the books of Dr. Leo Semashko for almost 30 years (since 1976) and in the GHA eight books for 10 years, since 2005 (see 7.1.)

S-matrix determines the GPS subject not o­nly from the standpoint of global peace but also in terms of their possible military destruction, which is identical to the impossibility of global peace. As long as nuclear weapons will exist until our planet and humanity will be in danger of full military destruction. Concern of their conservation from this threat and its exclusion through global peace, i.e. liberation from war, its sources, actors and its infrastructure is a task and function of GPS, which are included in its subject and make its organic aspect of security. But GPS is not limited this negative aspect, putting forward a positive priority of building global peace of SPHERONS. Therefore GPS is, first and foremost, the science of peacebuilding, in which the security feature is a derivative and secondary from peacebuilding priority.

S-matrix can be represented by the following tetramodel, elements of which are listed in the formula above with their some details:

1. o­ne Earth (planet, nature, 7 spheres) ~ 2. o­ne humanity (noosphere, society, 4 spheres and 4 SPHERONS) ~ 3. o­ne (global) harmony of SPHERONS (their spheral laws) ~ 4. o­ne (global) peace from harmony of SPHERONS (their values, ways and institutions) = 5. o­ne global peace science from harmony of SPHERONS (spheral thinking, knowledge and science).

Model-17a. The GPS Subjects Matrix

This model clearly presents the relationships and attributes of universality, uniqueness, necessity and sufficiency of the structural blocks for the architecture of global peace, which are expressed in the general theory above (see chapters 1-5). Each of blocks of this model is detailed in the corresponding models of this book and in the ABC of Harmony. The complete picture they get in the social genome - in SOCIONOME (see para 1.5).

Why it is the matrix? - Because the first four building blocks creates their unbreakable and multi-dimensional superposition, overlap, penetration and interdependence. Why it is the subjects matrix? - Because it outlines the objective area of GPS and its architecture. Of course, it can have a variety of other expressions: table, statistical, holographic, mathematical, etc., some of which are presented in part below.

Logic of this matrix is simple. If we interpret humanity as a unity of private hostile social groups, classes, nations and similar PARTONS, then into the place of social harmony we put discord and antagonism, which generate wars, displacing peace. o­n the other hand, if we discover a deep social structure of humanity as a unity of harmonious spheral classes SPHERONS, then we find in them the fundamental basis of global harmony; and global peace from harmony gets its ultimate cause, source, actors and guarantors to exclude any war and ensure historic victory of peace over war. These are two fundamentally different logics of war and peace, which explain them from different objective foundations (PARTONS SPHERONS) and from different levels of their knowledge. But these logics are interconnected: the logic of war and struggle of any classes and groups is an extreme, temporary and degenerating case of the logic of harmony.

The second logic - logic of peace - depends from the discovery of objective harmonious classes - SPHERONS and their transforming from spontaneous (intuitive) in the conscious o­nes. This transformation of consciousness can take place o­nly o­n the basis of GPS knowledge, which SPHERONS will get through the global harmonious education and other spiritual forms of the similar quality and scale. GPS is the theoretical basis of the highest and most excellent SCIENTIFIC peace global education of civil society, which does not yet know of such education. GPS also serves as a tool and platform for integrating other forms of spiritual peacebuilding: religion, art, social sciences and so o­n (see chap. 7).

This matrix allows also identify and explain the existence in our times of peace-loving countries in their unity to achieve global peace and opposing them aggressive militaristic countries and blocks hostile to global peace. Of course, hostile to peace can o­nly be elitist, aggressive-minded ruling classes PARTONS (see 1.13).

Peace in the architecture of SPHERONS is a normal harmonious state of mankind. The war in this system is disharmony, pathology, HIV infection or cancerous tumor devouring the planet and humanity. Peace from harmony of conscious SPHERONS is a complete healing from this tumor, sustainable development and prosperity of both the nature (planet), and humanity in the unity of all its diversity of peace loving peoples, societies, cultures and civilizations.

The GPS S-matrix is another expression of social integrity, holism and completeness of SOCIONOME (see 1.5.). In its content and logic it and S-matrix are identical but with a different decryption of structural elements and for different epistemological functions and tasks. S-matrix is the most compact expression of global peace architecture, detailing blocks of which are implemented in the models of respective spheres and their laws in the first approximation in the chapters above and below with a focus primarily o­n humanity (noosphere, society).

S-matrix is a key to understand the integrated and holistic system of GPS in its entirety. GPS and its matrix may be based o­nly o­n the notion of SPHERONS. Their discovery allowed the GHA, for the first time in the history and more than two centuries after the emergence of military science, to create an unprecedented science of peace - GPS. The discovery of this science, in turn, will allow humanity to come out in the 21st century to the way of radically new, peaceful history, eliminating war and closing traditional, militaristic history. It will be a historical and civilizational breakthrough o­n the basis of GPS revolution of traditional militaristic thinking. In the GPS framework will qualitative change our understanding of the key social institutions of economy, politics, democracy, media and education, their transformation from a militaristic to peacebuilding o­nes. Some of these institutions will analyze briefly below, in Chapter 8 within positions of S-matrix.

Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the key importance of GPS together with its fundamental discoveries of SPHERONS, SOCIONOME, S-matrix and other unique cognitive tools for a radical change of human history and thought. They will ensure building global peace in the 21st century and "shift of the arms race into a peace race" as brilliantly foresaw Martin Luther King Jr. Their final outcome is a general and complete disarmament and the historic victory of peace over war. As Albert Einstein wrote, "we shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."

The traditional Western thinking, dominating in our time and in contrast to the thinking of other civilizations - Indian, Chinese, Russian, African, etc., in its mainstream showed in history ineradicable militarism in numerous wars, in the creation of military science more than two centuries ago, in a continuous arms race, and now, within the framework of the US and NATO, came to recognition of nuclear war (http://www.vz.ru/politics/2015/6/5/749253.html and http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com), which excludes the survival of humanity. The Western thinking has become militaristic contagious "infection" for other nations, states and cultures. The West does everything for the war: military science, military-industrial complex, priority of military budgets, the arms race, and etc. But for peace it does almost nothing: peace infrastructure and its financing are virtually zero. The West nurtured a major threat to global peace - military empire of the US/NATO, which threatens all other civilizations: o­nly it waged the wars in almost all parts of the world for the past 70 years after World War II; o­nly it has military bases o­n all continents, etc. (see chap. 9).
        Militarist mindset is hostile to peace and deprives humanity the survival prospect. This perspective can provide o­nly a peaceful thinking and consciousness based o­n GPS and o­nly global peace dialogue o­n this basis. Therefore GPS is an alternative to nuclear war. Could be another alternative? GPS has intellectual potential not o­nly to prevent it but also to provide up to the end of the 21st century complete disarmament and the historic victory of peace over war, i.e., the transition from the military past history to a peaceful future history without war. This is the historical mission and meaning of GPS.

Dr. Leo Semashko

Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005; State Councilor of St. Petersburg; Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony; Author of more than 400 scientific publications, including 16 books in many languages; Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia; Director, GHA Website Peace from Harmony: www.peacefromharmony.org; Editor in Chief, the GHA 8 books during 10 years, including "Global Peace Science" (2015).

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Dr. Subhash Chandra,

GHA Secretary General and GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583;

Board of Trustee Global Peace Foundation, India; www.globalpeace.org;

Associate Professor (Hon.) at Intercultural Open University (IOU), NL;

Chief Advisor at Central Institute of Business Management, Nagpur, India;

Address: Gurgaon (Haryana), India; Email: schandra101@gmail.com



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