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Chapter 10. Peace Axis: Russia-BRICS-Global Community of SPHERONS. World Peace Planetary Leader in the XXI century

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Chapter 10

Peace Axis: Russia-BRICS-Global Community of SPHERONS.
World Peace Planetary Leader in the XXI century


Russia has "a desire to bring reconciliation in the European
[and world  L.S.] contradictions ... general harmony [and] ... consent

Fyodor Dostoevsky [1]


Putin saves the world from nuclear war by
not being provocative

Paul C. Roberts [2]


BRICS Priority:
To Strengthen International Peace and Security



1. Opposition of War Geopolitics (US/NATO) and Peace Geopolitics (Russia/BRICS). Geopolitics of XXI Century Beginning. Leo Semashko

2. Historically Opposed Priorities of Peace and War in Russia and USA. Leo Semashko

3. Peacebuilding Mission of Russia in Roerichs Definition and its Role in GPS. Leo Semashko

4. Russians Bear the Spiritual Unity of the World. Vadim Tatur

5. Global Community: Support of Russia, Putin and Peace. Germain Dufour

6. The West against Itself. Without Russia, Where Would We Have Been? Johan Galtung

7. Citizen Diplomacy Travel Begins Again  June 2015. Our Travel in Today's Russia. Sharon Tennison

8. Vladimir Putin: Historical Reformer of XXI Century. Off US Military Dictate to Multipolar Global Peace from Harmony through Science and Cooperation. Valdai Forum Speech 2014. Leo Semashko

9. Vladimir Putin at the UN General Assembly o­n September 28, 2015: Harmony as Alternative to "New World Disorder". Leo Semashko

10. Vladimir Putin: The Right Choice is Choice in Favor of Peace. Valdai Forum Speech 2015. Leo Semashko

11. Narendra Modis Speech at the UNGA, 2015: Harmony for Peace & Sustainable Development, Creating a New World Order. Subhash Chandra

12. BRICS as Prototype of the Future World Order. Gevorg Mirzayán, Nikolay Surkov

13. BRICS Priority: To Strengthen International Peace and Security. Leo Semashko

14. The GHA Message to BRICS Leaders: Establish Academy of Global Peace (IAGP) to Achieve Peace through Science. GPS 130 coauthors

15. Departments of Global Peace (DGP) (or Peacebuilding Departments) in the BRICS Governments and their Goals. Leo Semashko

16. Global Peace Science in the BRICS Hands: Alternative to Nuclear War and Creating a Peaceful World Order. 4S Model. Subhash Chandra

17. Sergei Glazyevs Project: Dependence of Russia and BRICS Economy from the USA as Defeat in Hybrid War. Leo Semashko

18. BRICS Peace Matrix 2016: From Global Disorder to New World Order in XXI Century. Subhash Chandra

19. Global Peace Science from Harmony Appeared in XXI Century in Fullness of Attributes, Required for its Use. Muhammad Khan

20. A Cry for Help of Peacemakers: Thousands of them are Waiting for Association and Assistance of BRICS. Leo Semashko

21. The NewSilk Road: Project of Peace from Harmonythrough Science between East and West, Initiated by BRICS. SubhashChandra

22. Resume. Peace  Front of Russia/BRICS as Key Instrument for Global Peace and Collective Security in XXI Century. Tetranet Model. Leo Semashko


1. Opposition of War Geopolitics (US/NATO) and Peace Geopolitics (Russia/BRICS). Geopolitics of XXI Century Beginning. Leo Semashko

The global aggressive policy of war by the militaristic PARTON  US/NATO block  is disclosed in Chapter 9 and proved by numerous facts in it. To this policy is opposed the BRICS countries traditional policy of peace, which is expressed by the BRICS priority "To Strengthen International Peace and Security"[3]. We recall that peace of global community of SPHERONS is described in Chapter 1. Chapter 10 is limited with consideration o­nly the most common characteristics of a peaceful leader  BRICS. Thus, GPS defines a global policy of the early 21st century as opposition between two private groups (PARTONS) of countries: the war leaders  US/NATO and peace leaders  Russia/BRICS. Both PARTONS make different parts of SPHERONS and contrary tendencies war and peace because of the lack of scientific understanding of the SPHERONS overall harmonious nature, which is not yet available to the human consciousness and using. GPS is intended to fill this significant flaw of consciousness and show the way to overcome opposition of the two key PARTONS of modernity nonviolently. To start requires determining the level of development, resources, end goals and the strategy of each of them in our time.

American Empire (including NATO as its military appendage in Europe), as the facts of the previous chapter showed, has consistently demonstrated that its "national interests" and the corresponding policy are relating to each country of the world where they are free to invade, bomb or occupy it, trampling any international law, if that country has an independent policy "not in the wake" of the USA. The world does not know any peaceful and successful US initiative to promote global peace, for the benefit of all nations not in favor of US/NATO militarism. Search o­n this subject o­n the Internet does not give a positive result. Therefore imperial "national" policy of the USA  this is a global war policy in the interests of o­nly one country, against peace and in contrast (in varying degrees) to the interests of all other countries.

To this policy is opposed and non-violently gradually overcomes it the other, peace, "national" policy. It is also becoming a global policy, if it unites many countries and serves to the world in a whole. The national peaceful policy of Russia combined with the national peace policies of other countries in the BRICS, SCO and similar unions  this is a global policy, which coincides with peace interest of all nations within global community as community of SPHERONS.

We recall, that global community is unity of SPHERONS (see chap. 1), which do not need war o­n the objective situation of balanced (harmonic) groups in a single world system of social production. SPHERONS cover the entire population of the world; to what as a single community no o­ne from the outside is confronted. They do not fight with anyone in the world, even if they had suddenly, mysteriously, would want this. While the global community of SPHERONS has not yet formed by legally and institutionally because they are unknown to science but a constant, "background" political aspiration of this community is peace of SPHERONS constituting eternal source of intuitive universal pursuit of peace. It is yet unknown and inexhaustible Klondike of global peace, endless resources of which for the economic and social growth, prosperity and global harmony of all nations will open o­nly in connection with their scientific social cognition in GPS, when it will be understood, recognized and used by the world nations. Today, the peaceful peoples constitute the planetary axis of peace: Russia/BRICS/SPHERONS global community that opposes to WAR AXIS  empire of the US/NATO. The axis of war is disclosed in general terms in the preceding chapter and this chapter is devoted to the axis of peace, especially Russia and BRICS.

Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science (GPS)


2. Historically Opposed Priorities of Peace and War in Russia and USA
Leo Semashko

The foregoing analysis in Chapter 9 shown that the USA history o­n 90% is a constant wars, attacks, occupations, bombings and so o­n, which not o­nly preserved but also increased after the WWII, starting with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 in which was killed more than 200 thousands of innocent civilian victims. The USA entire history is approval of cultural-value priority of war/violence (this is confirmed by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution) and the denial or disregard of cultural value of peace/harmony, which is not recorded in the USA key documents. Therefore, the US has never aspired to peace but always moved to war, in war and through war. (Once again, we recall the distinction of concepts: "the United States as the American people and republic" and "the United States as a political and military empire in the face of the ruling military-industrial elite." Here and in the past, the term "USA" is used in the second sense and use it in the first sense is specified in the relevant piece of text). Therefore it is no accident that the Internet via the query "United States about world without wars" in GOOGLE answers, "no results", i.e. peace and the US  are not related notions of human culture. The USA "peacefulness" is qualified o­nly as "cunning or false" o­n the Internet. It is evident: peace does not exist for the USA and the USA does not exist for peace. The USA is personified o­nly with war and militarism. Humanity is watching o­nly o­ne relentless aspiration of the USA foreign policy: world domination and violence against dissenters. This state is briefly characterized by William Blum as "US foreign policy vs the world" [4, 1538].

Yulia Budnikova, developing the Nicholas Roerichs ideas (see her article in Chapter 6) underlined: "Unlike some other states, Russia has no interest in war. Not historical memory which keeps record of two World Wars in which Russia were involved against its will, nor the culture of the country based o­n Orthodoxy and Russian idea (the priority of spiritual values and service to ethical law) predetermine such an interest. The Reverend Sergius of Radonezh, Builder of Russia (13141392) had bequeathed the Russian people and their leaders Unity, good will and concord of the nonfusing and indivisible Holy Trinity. Principles of peaceful social life in harmony and its unconditional advocacy from any aggressor are the ultimate historical values of Russia to which it remains faithful to the present day."

Peacefulness of Russia received a powerful continuation and development in the sobornost of Orthodoxy, in Russian philosophy of universal unity and so o­n. Russia, mostly, o­nly protected against the aggressors, starting since the Mongol yoke (XIII-XV centuries) and Swedish crusaders (XIII-XIV centuries) and ending with Napoleon (1812) and Hitler (19411945). The peaceful nature of Russian history is disclosed in the book of Boris Mironov's "Social History of Russia" [5]. Peace was always a cultural-value priority of Russia. It is no accident that the monument symbol of the Soviet victory over the worst evil in the history of mankind  Nazi Germany standing in Berlin's Treptow Park (sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich) is a non-degrading the German nation dignity attributes of military defeat but a soldier with a rescued baby o­n hands. Of course, Russia, like other nations, was actively involved in the expansion and colonization of new lands in ancient history. But unlike the US, which killed more than 10 million Native Americans (according to other sources  100 million Indians [6; 7]), it has never engaged in genocide against the local people and always involved them into an independent cultural life as part of a multinational state under the motto: "Peace and Consent/ Harmony/Sobornost." It is enough to stress the fact that to many nations as part of the Russian State the Russian scientists gave written language, o­n the basis of which began to develop a national culture of these peoples, for example, Kazakhs, Tajiks, the indigenous peoples of the North, and others.

Tsar Nicholas II marked the beginning of the state international peacemaking of Russia. He initiated the first European peace (more correctly  the world) conference in Hague in 1898, which was attended by 26 countries, including the United States. "The peace conference was proposed o­n August 24, 1898 by Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Nicholas and Count Mikhail Nikolayevich Muravyov, his foreign minister, were instrumental in initiating the conference. The conference opened o­n May 18, 1899, the Tsar's birthday "[8]. Another example of the greatest global peacemaking mission of Russia is the Soviet proposal to the 14 UN General Assembly in 1959 "Declaration o­n General and Complete Disarmament" [9]. Russia still continues this mission as it evidence the Putins Letter: "Russian Federation has Contributed to General and Complete Disarmament"[10] while the US policy prevents the reduction of nuclear weapons [10]. These are the good emulated examples for the modern Russian and BRICS states to initiate the new global peace conferences, the UN General Assemblies and other dialogues about world peace and the ways to achieve it, including scientific way.

History of Russia accumulated the millennial inner experience of interethnic and inter-religious peace from harmony/consent of dozen nations, deeper others came in their cultural intuition to understanding SPHERONS, which were discovered 40 years ago in it (see Chapter 1). Therefore Russia is objectively come closer than others to the mission of the spiritual and organizational leader of a conscious movement of SPHERONS global community to world peace through the peace science. In other words, it is Russia has the greatest potential to become the organizing center of the peace axis for modern humanity: Russia/global community to oppose and overcome peacefully the global war axis of the US/NATO o­n the peace science base. This worldwide civilizational mission of Russia, which Fyodor Dostoyevsky brilliantly expressed almost 135 years ago as "a desire to bring reconciliation" and "great general harmony" of peoples [3, 455458], it does not contradict and keeps its national interests and serves as the basis of its national policy of peace in a global society. We repeat o­nce again: in contrast to the US, peace and harmony/consent are the values and ideals of Russian civilization, established throughout its history and brilliant expressed it best thinkers: Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Roerich and others.

Why the US and the West have been trying to destroy Russia as a civilization for long time? Precisely because that Russia has always fulfilled the historic mission of peace from harmony, which prevented the negative politics of the Western/American priority of military violence of other nations, opposing to them their own, independent and positive national policy for global peace in the world community.

Russia has all the necessary, historically accumulated, peacemaking resources and preferences before the USA to start and lead a new global peace movement, which is able to disarm and overcome the American militaristic empire nonviolently. The peaceful preferences of Russia o­nce again are: peaceful history, peace mentality of multiethnic and multifaith nation, its constant strong aspiration to peace after many wars and invasions, peaceful international reputation, global peace science (GPS), which not by chance was born for the first time in Russia in fraternal union with the tens other nations in the GHA.

The o­nly condition is lacking Russia  it is a solid, clear and courageous political will and organization to move towards conscious, science-based building global peace leading for itself if not all countries then the most of them. Perhaps GPS, as o­ne of the key advantages of Russia, created in its recent history, will help it to find these political will and organization (see Chapter 8).

On the contrary, the United States is denied historically, mental and cultural any peaceful virtues and benefits except for o­ne, the o­nly inherent to all nations without exception  natural and therefore objective aspiration of the spheral classes of the population, SPHERONS of the US people to peace and peacebuilding. This alone is cause for optimism in the USA peaceful regeneration in distant future from the Empire to a truly peaceful and peace-loving country with no pretensions to global dominance and military supremacy.

The axes of war and peace are irreconcilable: the war cannot be peace and peace does not live in the fire of war. They are not compatible and cannot be either harmonized or tolerant of each other, although such an attempt was historically made after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, but it lasted until February 2014, to the Ukrainian conflict in which the USA supported by all means (political, financial and military) Ukrainian nationalists in the genocide of Russians in Ukraine using them as an aggressive force against Russia. In fact, the USA launched a war against Russia by the hands of Ukrainian nationalists. This war will be long (if it is not nuclear if all parties will refrain from it) and to the victory finish of o­ne of the parties/axes. This war will end a victory of peace over war, when Russia will continue and develop not o­nly the armed defense of peace but will adopt a non-violent methods of social technologies of winning global peace, offered by GPS in this book. The main thing is if Russia, together with the BRICS and SCO countries will become a leader and the center of the global peace axis.

The US has long searched for a way to start, first of all, by other hands, the war with Russia. Now, December 4, 2014, the US Congress, in fact, adopted a law o­n the preparation of the immediate war with Russia (see Dennis Kucinich and Ronald Paul articles in Chapter 9). The USA open preparation of aggression against Russia pushes Russia to become a leader of the global peace-building front against global US militarism immediately. Be patient and wait for more than nothing. When will start the bombings, heaven forbid nuclear, for peacefulness will be no place or time. When guns are shooting not o­nly muses fall silent but also peace. Therefore, Russia and BRICS are primarily responsible for the creation of a global non-violent peacebuilding front against the military threat to humanity.

Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science (GPS)


3. Peacebuilding Mission of Russia in Roerichs Definition and
its Role in GPS. Leo Semashko

For our century, the Nicholas Roerichs (18741947) words are very significant: "It is no coincidence that the Russian word mir means both "Universe" and "peace" at the same time ... .. It is not due to poorness of the language. The language is rich. But these two concepts are univalent in their essence. Universe and peaceful creation are indivisible. By all their symbols and hieroglyphs were the ancient people trying to make this beneficial and salvational tie clear " (See Chapter 3.9 and [11]).

It is the Roerichs definition of peacebuilding and peacemaking national mission of Russia, in which the Roerich Pact 1935 year is o­nly o­ne of its manifestations. It seems, that in any other language and in any other culture does not exist this "coincidence of peace and universe, world" as social identity "of the universe and peaceful creativity", "indivisibility" of peace and society. They express the spiritual essence of Russia throughout its history and its entire culture. Therefore, they constitute the "national idea" Russia, which is also the global idea of humanity. The human universe and its world order are conceived in it as an eternal peace, identity with social peace. The idea of "peacefulness of the world" or the original peacefulness of human and society is the core of Russian spirituality and culture as sobornost. It permeates intuitively and Russian Orthodox Church in its sobornost, and sobornost of Russian philosophy, starting with Khomyakov, and Russian literature with its idea of harmony as sobornost at Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and others, finding the most vivid and complete understanding at Nicholas Roerich.

This "national/global idea of Russia" always distinguished it, often making it the subject of military attacks and attempts to destroy by military force. The last centuries are marked them: in the XIX century  Napoleon, Hitler  in the XX century and the USA/NATO empire  in the XXI century (see Chapter 9). All of them are excluded peace and harmony, all of them the bets are made o­nly to the war and violence to suppress Russia as a cultural and spiritual source of global peace, rejecting violence and war. Russia defended symmetrically, by military means, as in any other way it could not defend themselves in the past centuries.

Now, with the discovery of GPS, at Russia appears other, asymmetrical way to the victory of peace over war o­n a global scale. This is the path of scientific, cultural, philosophical and spiritual development of the peacebuilding mission in Russia. After WWII, peacebuilding mission of Russia in the world has found a vivid expression in the peacemaking leadership of the USSR, in its active promotion of general and complete disarmament, in the creation of a powerful international peace movement and so o­n. With all the ideological, economic and political evils of the Soviet Union, which led to its collapse, its peacemaking leadership was its indisputable historical merit, appealing to all peoples of the earth and relevant to this day. It was beyond the reach for the US/NATO. Today, the world is dominated by militaristic leader in the face of the US empire and its military allies of NATO, which does not have any significant opposition of peace forces, which are weakened in all dimensions, primarily scientific and organizational.

Russia cannot get away from this opposition in the XXI century. We see new attempts with other sides, for example, by the nationalist Ukrainian to weaken and undermine it to split up and make it the easy prey for the military hawks. None Russia's efforts to join global imperial institutions of militaristic world order will not save it from such attacks. Peace-building mission of Russia requires its peacemaking leadership in the world o­n the spiritual basis of GPS, a key value of which is harmony, acceptable to all peoples and cultures as a source of global peace. GPS unites all spiritual peacebuilding forces  science, religion, art and culture in general. GPS will be asymmetrical and irresistible spiritual weapon for global peace in achieving its victory by non-violent and unexpected way for all the hawks. Russia can and must consciously lead peacebuilding mission of humanity in the XXI century and do not shy away from it as it is dangerous for it inherently and defectively for all the peoples with the threating unhindered growth and increasing global military pathology of the US/NATO.

The revival and continuation of peacebuilding Russian leadership at the state level through the BRICS, SCO, EurAsEC and other international associations will be the inspiring and renewing national/global idea of the XXI century. It integrates the power of peacefulness of Russian history and culture of Russia. The N. Roerich merit is the emphasis of peace-building mission of Russia, without which the development of global peace is impossible. This idea is making a key for GPS. If the US historically and spiritually pretends to militaristic exclusivity and domination, causing all the other countries o­n the arms race and military competition, the Russia historically and spiritually pretends to peacebuilding exclusivity and leadership, inspiring all the other countries to peace contest "to shift the arms race into a peace race" in the words of Martin Luther King genius.

If Johan Galtung has defined the main obstacle of global peace as the USA empire, that Nicholas Roerich (after Dostoevsky) identified the main energy to overcome it as peacebuilding mission of Russia together with all peace-loving peoples. This mission in alliance with the BRICS and other countries is becoming o­ne of the main subjects of research in GPS thanks the Roerich contribution to this science.

Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science (GPS)


4. Russians Bear the Spiritual Unity of the World. Vadim Tatur

We generally regard the properties of the Whole  the Biosphere  as a material, informational, and correlational unity (similar to quantum mechanical systems). Each of these properties needs to be expressed by a particular ethnic group as a part of the Whole, though these features are rather cultural than biological, and they are expressed through peoples language and religion Jews are responsible for the material unity of the world, which is revealed by the fact that trade and consequently finance are under their control. They keep the track of the worlds circulation of commodities Anglo-Saxons are responsible for the informational unity of the world, as well as the law It was English that became the language of science and description of general natural laws, the lingua franca of the world of information (full text of article in Russian see [12]).

At the end of the 20th century the scientific progress brought up the question of unity of the whole as a property not limited to the sheer sum of features of its parts. A new property of the world has come into the limelight: a non-forced correlational connection being just a sign of the integrity of the world or, as related to the social medium, of its spiritual unity This is when the Russian World comes to the fore o­n the universal scale. It is exactly now that a new paradigm of natural science is appearing in the Russian World. This paradigm includes integrity as the basis for the analysis of any phenomenon, which is why today the Russian World has become an insurmountable obstacle to the formal unity of the world, the latter being based o­n the old paradigm. It is now that the Russian world is announcing the creation of the New World Order based o­n mutual consideration of interests of all nations, harmonization of relationships, and the so-called non-forced correlation along with the development of world processes (font by me  L.S.)...

Russians are responsible for the correlational unity of the world, or, in other words, its spiritual unity. Today the word Russian does not refer to a purely ethnic or tribal background anymore. It has become a cultural and historic phenomenon that appeared due to the peculiarities of the language with its thousands of years of history that was influenced by the endless spaces and the time of being of Russian people, as well as their peaceful coexistence with other peoples and ethnic groups. The image of the spiritual unity brought by the Russian language influences both the persons perception of the world and their behavior. Spiritual unity might seem slow or clumsy, and is sometimes regarded as a slave-like state of mind. This happens because a person embracing such spiritual unity, even unconsciously, is not willing to lose it, which is why they neglect the material profit, the expression of free will, etc. This correlation unity goes above the material and the informational o­nes, because the Spirit has no shape...no borders or frontiers exist for him.

As a famous Soviet song goes there are no borders for us, in the sea or o­n the land, referring to the Russian cosmism, the aspiration to reach the space and leadership in its discovery, this being the first technological form of unity between the people of Earth as the inhabitants of the Biosphere  Gene The Spirit is in Lords Truth, the Divine Justice, and the Degree of Retention. Something we know since early childhood: God is not the Force, but the Truth. The epochal importance of the October Revolution was not o­nly the aspiration to create a fair state for the first time in the social history, but also the fact that Russian people (like Jews and Anglo-Saxons did earlier) spread around the world and the Russian World became everyones treasure.

In the 19th century, the Russian World announced its mission through the writers and philosophers, in the 20th century through the social creation and the scholars, due to whom dialectical materialism became irrelevant by the 1980s and gave birth to a large noospheric movement with a different idea of the integrity. In the 21st century, after getting rid of the deceptive appearance of the formal philosophy and different forms of historical being, the Russian World as such comes to the world geopolitical stage. Today, it is o­nly starting to fulfill its epochal role

To consider the cultural phenomenon of Russians as a purely ethnic characteristic means to destroy the Russian World. It should not be locked in its autonomy, but rather unlocked, open to the world, the entire humanity. This is the o­nly way for it to accomplish its mission. The Russian World is o­nly starting its movement. The hardship of the start are not a tragedy but rather the completion of the historic part us. It hurts, but the whole world is in front of us.

Vadim Tatur, Vice-President, Trinitarian Academy. Address: Moscow, Russia. E-mail: v_tatur@mail.ru

The GPS Editor in Chief Note. An important and profound article by Vadim Tatur appeared in the Trinitarian Academy edition in December 2014. The article contains a new and interesting interpretation of the Russian spiritual unity dwelling o­n the o­ntology of Russians and rejecting the idea of their ethnical isolation. This unity is always peaceful and by definition excludes militarism. We are quoting the most representative extracts from this article, so clear and obvious, going along with the Global Peace Science as a whole and Russias peaceful leadership in particular so harmoniously that no special comments are needed.


5. Global Community: Support of Russia, Putin and Peace. Germain Dufour

The people from EU 28 member states are broke, they have spent all of their assets and resources, they are no longer credible economically, and they are hungry for a new virgin land to rip apart, and to divide as they have done to themselves over centuries of wars. Russians know better than being "occupied" or "invaded economically". They are not Europeans! They are Russians! They are a responsible people! They are successful! And Russia is the land to protect, to live in! Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War in 1991 because of the economy of his nation was suffering from the unsatisfying appetite of the military. He had the guts to end the Cold War to save his people from a nuclear war. A leader of Peace and Harmony! Why have the United States not followed his leadership in creating an open and safe world? If America had followed his leadership the American economy would not have been bankrupted today. For years after the Cold War ended, American businesses have taken advantages of Russia openness and dragged Russian economy even more down further.

The more than a half billion people from the EU 28 member states are much like piranhas. Piranhas have a reputation as ferocious predators that hunt their prey in schools as a means of cooperative hunting. That is why the 28 member states are re-uniting themselves as the EU, a new Union of predators badly needing of a new prey, a fresh body to eat, and Russians and Russia will do just fine they say. After the feeding frenzy of the piranhas is done, o­nly bones are left afterward. o­nce all of Russia has been 'done' with to the bones and falling apart, guess what happens next! Russians and Russia will be divided. Not even a Soul left! The Russia we know today will become much like the 28 member states: divided, hungry, scared of not having a future for themselves, and the Russian brand gone forever.

Over the past decades, global warming of the planet and climate change were problems mostly created in Britain and in the USA. Now by invading Russia, the people of the EU member states and the USA would destroy Russia's natural resources and practically burn the Oxygen left in our air making it impossible for all life forms to breath and, yes, that would also mean the end of all civilizations o­n Earth. With climate change and the melting of the North ice, Russia will enjoy a new land to appreciate for the generations to come. Their future as Russians is good. They should not lose it to the EU. Russians are a responsible people. Russia is a wonderful place to be born in and with a great future ahead of Russians for many generations to come. They should not lose it all to the EU member states desperate and hungry to invade them militarily and economically. The so called Allied nations of WW II tried to invade the Soviet Union militarily. They failed. Now they are trying again but this time they are more vocal and forceful. They have caused an illegal "coup d'etat" in the Ukraine and trying the same in Syria for the purpose of pushing Russia to react forcefully. We all know the USA mercenaries from the White House are behind the coup d'etat in the Ukraine. We all know Russia resources are again the target of the half billion people from the EU 28 member states and the USA mercenaries.

The USA is invading the world, and the UN can do nothing to stop them. The USA was allowed to invade other nations, change their governments, and has often made lies in speeches to the UN, to the world. Remember what the US representatives told the world at the UN prior to the invasion of Iraq? Lies! All lies! And the leadership of the UN never did anything to reprimand the US representatives and implement hard sanctions for the invasion of Iraq. Where was the UN leadership? What has the UN done to stop the invasion? Nothing! The UN has never done anything to help humanity. And that is a crime against humanity. There is now a Global Community Arrest Warrant against the United Nations Secretary-General. Many reasons! He is a criminal because he had the power and was able to show leadership as per the Charter of the UN but never did anything to follow those principles in the Charter he was supposed to be standing for. To do nothing is a crime against humanity and all life o­n Earth. It is pure disgrace that we now have the UN organization allowing the USA trying to break the friendships between the different communities of the Middle East, creating hate between communities. The USA is responsible and accountable for the civil war in Iraq and in Syria.

In Iraq and Afghanistan you have bombed the place so much and killed at least a million people, committed genocide ten times over, and got those nations back to stone age. All under the United Nations approval! No questions asked! And no American President ever got taken to the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity. Was the Court bias? Obviously the United Nations is an organization promoting and subsidizing conflicts and wars. Promoting conflicts and wars should never be an option at the UN. Diplomacy is the only option. And again, of course, following the lead of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, other nations interested in selling arms to the terrorists i.e. Great Britain, France and the United States, were just waiting the best time to do so. Because Syria is a friend of Russia.

And guess who is next: China. Americans want the people of China to be just like they are: a consumer driven society and the worst polluters o­n the planet. And the invasion of China is their long term economic and military plan. If the United States can destroy North Korea, and its friendship with China, they can destroy China. North Korea is just a strategic military test to see how far and how well Americans can do invading the region without being told off. And what will be China's reaction...? If China does nothing meaningful to stop the invasion then America will continue further its progressive 'democratisation' of the world. But the United States would rather make money in the process, and that means letting rich American corporations getting richer by having the people of China working for them and so, polluting the planet even more o­n their behalf.

As a conclusion to this paper, over time Russians showed the world they were better people then any of the people in the so called Allied nations. During WW II, Russian soldiers, all Russian people, were all heroes and ought to be thank for saving the world from Hitler's invasion. Thank you Russia! You are the best of all Peoples o­n Earth. Global Community approves of what you are doing to protect Russians outside Russia. Dont trust the UN to do it for you. Protect your formidable natural resources and the global life-support systems. You are the o­nly nation left capable of doing so. Global Community is proud of what you have become and achieved. Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War in 1991 and promoted Peace in the world. He was the greatest of all Soviet leaders, and he is my personal hero. Russians are all my heroes for what they have endured during and after WW II. The Soviet Union saved the world. Now let Russia save the planet, and all life o­n Earth. Yes you can! You can do it better than anyone else in the world. If there has to be a third world war, Global Community wants Russia to survive us all because you are truly a better People than all of us put together, than all Life has ever created through the evolutionary process. Russians are the best people the human species has ever had so far. God bless you Russia, and God bless all Russians [13].

Germain Dufour, Spiritual Leader of the Global Community; President, Earth Government, Federation of Global Governments. Address: Nanaimo, Canada. E-mail: globalcommunity@telus.net

Web: http://globalcommunitywebnet.com/


6. The West against Itself. Without Russia, Where Would We Have Been?
Johan Galtung

Jondal, Bergen, Kristiansund: The West  North America and Europe to somewhere in Mexico and Ukraine, declines, outcompeted economically, defeated militarily, confronted politically, contested culturally. But still strong o­n all four, with much to offer in a more egalitarian world. No need to fall further by working against itself.

Take the 70th anniversary demarcation of the victory over nazism, take thousands of Africans drowning in the waters around Lampedusa, Italy, take the Islamic State, take Ukraine  and a country up there in the high North of Europe, Norway. Elections have moved the country from "red-green" to "blue-blue" coloring of the same color blind foreign policy: follow Washington, Our Father, lest Satan should come.

Yes, the Red Army came and liberated Kirkenes 25 October 1944, the northernmost city. Everybody knows Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's three-pronged attack toward Leningrad (the siege), Moscow (to beat Napoleon?) and Caucasus (oil); but not the war for the ice-free harbor of Murmansk, from Kirkenes. King Haakon VII, a Dane elected king in 1905, made a remarkable speech in London, distributed from the air: "Fear of Russians is not a recent phenomenon. New was the fear of bolshevism, added after the Russian revolution. But up till this date we are missing the slightest proof that Russia has had aggressive designs o­n Norway. What we are not missing are the proofs that the fear of Russians and bolshevism is propagated by powers and groups that themselves had aggressive designs o­n Russia. The proofs are abundant in the political history from 1918 till today."

Poland lost 20% of its population; the Soviet Union 27.1 million, 16%, with 1710 cities and 70,000 villages erased; UK 1.1%; USA 0.4%; Norway 0.32%. The Soviet Union may have lost more soldiers close to Kirkenes against nazism than Norway all over Norway during the war.

True, the present King, Harald, expressed gratitude last October. But 9 May is about the whole war: travel to Moscow, King Harald, in the spirit of your grandfather. Problems can be discussed the day after. However, even if Article 5 in the new Norwegian Constitution defines the King or Queen as "holy", Harald may not be permitted by the multicolored consensus ballad "above political parties", choreographed by the US embassy in Oslo. A chance for peace lost.

Take the Islamic state: Norway is sending 120 soldiers  with the consent of the "greens"  slated to train forces against IS. No word about using military o­nly defensively, protecting threatened victims of IS (they are many). Kill o­ne IS, reap 10 new. Consider this.

Norway has more severe problems than declining oil revenues: bullying at work, inability to handle conflict is transformed into medical problems and insurance claims to become, in fact, unemployed. The country is rich enough so far to pay. Add loneliness, look at the movie OSLO, and understand why so many Norwegians, and many, many more French, convert to an Islam offering togetherness and sharing instead. And then they experience their own country thoughtlessly, as kneejerk reflex, attacking the source of their own new salvation. And the front against Islam becomes an ice front, also inside the West.

Take Ukraine. Like for the Islamic state the knowledge of detail is minimal. But there is a compass to go by, religion: Judaism with Catholicism with Protestantism o­n o­ne side, ours; against Orthodox Christianity and Islam, maybe Hinduism-Buddhism, for sure Chinese civilization whatever that may be; lost in all that Eastern mist. This position, that stands, has been prescribed well in advance. From 395 for Ukraine, by those who divided the Roman Empire in a Catholic and an Orthodox part ("universal" and "right faith", not very modest). East of that border running through Ukraine is the wrong Christianity, the wrong alphabet, the wrong location.

From 622 for Islam, by those denying Christ's divinity: the wrong faith, even stranger alphabets, too far away, and dangerously close. Washington, with its geopolitical designs, has an easy job in Oslo. All badly handled, pushing others away by the deep culture of religion-history and simple geography, by lack of consciousness, lack of work to know, feel, and understand, by no empathy. Norway is among the worst, embracing Obama and rejecting Putin more than any other country according to a recent Gallup poll. Extreme ignorance goes well with extremist positioning; pushing neighbors away, embracing the Father substitute in Washington. "Fader Vr, Du som bor i Washington".

Take Lampedusa; a symbolic word  for what? Superficially for thousands of ecological-economic-political refugees. Deeper down much much more: a giant Vulkerwanderung, people, peoples, o­n the move for decades, centuries; colonized peoples seeking protection in "mother countries"; exploited peoples taking revenge  you occupied us, now it is our turn. Actually, all of the above. Rich Norway's offer? o­ne ship, "before August 1". Maxi problem, mini answer.

There is a solution. Encourage, help the African Union effort to emulate the European Union: common currency for Africa, an African (not "World"  W = Washington) Bank, an African (not "International"-I = Inside the Beltway) Development or Monetary Fund. In short, exactly what Gaddafi tried. The Western kneejerk was bombing, killing. And who killed most? Norway, with the "socialist", "leftist" party.

Continue along these lines. Each stupid move not o­nly drives what is East and South of West closer together in Eurasia; by itself not bad. Bad is a USA-EU/Eurasia ice front dividing a world possibly globalizing o­n a reasonably egalitarian basis, not o­n West = universal.

Forget millions of Russians who died to defeat Napoleon; without that no Kiel Treaty 18 January 1814, no Norwegian independence 17 May. Forget 27 million Russians who died to defeat Hitler. 9 of 10 German soldiers died o­n the Eastern front where 2/3 of them were fighting. Without Russia, where would we have been? Continue, and make the West fall further. It deserves better. 27-04-2015.

Dr. Johan Galtung (b. 1930) professor of peace studies is a Norwegian sociologist, mathematician and the principal founder of the discipline of peace and conflict studies. Germany.


7. Citizen Diplomacy Travel Begins Again  June 2015.
Our Travel in Today's Russia. Sharon Tennison

The relations between the two nuclear superpowers, Russia and the U.S., deteriorated so rapidly during the Ukraine build-up to war in 2014 that it seemed to us critical to try to rebuild citizen diplomacy again  even though this attempt feels like David and Goliath with the slingshot. Our 22 Americans from 15 states (and o­ne from South Africa) came together to travel to Russia May 30 through June 15. Our goal? To learn how Russian citizens perceive the situations in Ukraine, Crimea and the Washington-based economic sanctions they are now under. We wanted to get clarifying information from them, to share our views with them, and to examine how to begin new efforts to break through the existing barriers between our two countries.

No other country has been so persistently maligned in US mainstream media (MSM) over the past decade as has Russia; this demonization has been initiated by a thin segment of Washington's current policy makers and America's compliant MSM. It is said to have started in 2000 when Yeltsin turned over the reigns of the "new" Russia to then unknown Vladimir Putin. I was told by a State Department diplomat that o­n that very day when it was announced that VV Putin would likely be Russia's next president, "The knives were drawn." Actually I think it was even earlier in 1990, when Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, et al, came up with "The Wolfowitz Doctrine." At that time, a fragment of Washington's power structure declared that the Cold War was over, that America was the victor  and a policy was set forth to prevent any country including the former USSR, from getting strong enough to challenge America's superiority in the future (Google the Wolfowitz Doctrine). Another strategy soon emerged  "Full Spectrum Dominance;" that is, whatever power it takes to maintain superiority over land, air, water, subsoil, and outer space o­n the planet. To some, this meant total security for Americans in the future; to others, it meant sinister plotting to do whatever necessary to maintain America's power and hegemony (Google Full Spectrum Dominance).

With the emergence of Vladimir Putin in 2000, a serious effort began to coalesce around Russia to hem her in. Subtly, and not so subtly, Russia found itself being criticized for doing the normal reforms and state-building necessary to put Russia back o­n its feet after communism and the disastrous 1990s. Those of us intimately involved with the collapse of the USSR and its impact o­n 150 million Russian people were bewildered by why Washington's policymakers were deliberately taking a hostile stance to the "New" Russia." A pattern emerged from 2001 o­n. We continued to try to make sense of it until the demonization of Russia and Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, became such virulent attacks that we had to question the intentions and psychology of the Washington's perpetrators. Psychologically healthy human beings don't continuously attack, demean, bully, and sanction other people  or whole nations. The 2014 Sochi Olympic events were the capstone  an all-out effort occurred to blackball Russia's attempt to show the world a healthy and new Russia. Sochi was a monumental success which could not be discounted.

On May 31 we arrived Moscow, now 12 million people  our schedule was packed with simultaneous meetings with journalists, entrepreneurs, think tank leaders, US corporate persons and university faculty and students. We traveled the miles from N to S, E to W, o­n the famed Moscow Metro system with the help of delightful students and travelers who knew the system. Our travelers were stunned by the range of meetings they attended, some three or four of them going out in multiple directions to discuss the issues that divide our two countries. We found total openness, honesty and multiple points of view. Most Muscovites were impressed by the new Russia emerging over the past 15 years  and some were quite vocal about their gripes regarding Putin and the governing system. Our student helpers were from the relatively new Moscow School of Economic and Political Sciences. o­ne of the last meetings, and o­ne that all of the delegation attended, was at their academic institution. The room held about 50 people with long tables o­n all four sides, with all communicants facing each other. Russians o­n the left and Americans o­n the right. Young professor Alexander Abashkin, began with a few informal remarks, gave the floor to me, after which we all quickly introduced ourselves and began asking informal questions of each other, o­ne person having the floor at a time. It was civil, revealing and powerful  there was no party line from either side of the table. We began to deal with solutions for the current political standoff  proposing possibilities for future people-to-people exchanges with both sides being responsible for their own travel money and providing pro bono support for any future activities. As for CCI, we will approach our US lists as we gear up to repeat some of our earlier programs which broke down barriers between our two countries in the 1980s and 1990s.

As this is written, we citizen diplomats are o­n an overnight train from Moscow and traveling into the heart of Russia. The next stop will be Volgograd, the battleground that turned the tide of WWII. It's 6 am, we are approaching Volgograd within the next couple of hours. I arose at 4 am to take in the scenery outside our train windows. This is such a verdant countryside, vast stretches of forests, so full of foliage they looked to be stuffed with solid green trees alongside the tracks. I'm struck by the tiny ancient towns we are passing through, formerly broken down Soviet buildings  now showing newly added repair and paint o­n everything in site. Structures sport new coats of color not seen in the Soviet days. I'm fascinated by their use of the most simple of available products to create beauty. For instance, many carefully designed circular flower beds made of what appear to be old cut-in-half tires. They are painted a slightly different but corresponding color from the main buildings, with the effect being scalloped circular beds of blooming annuals, each about 15 feet in diameter. Why describe something this simple? It's just o­ne small example of thousands of details I'm noticing which are telling me that "Beauty is Back" in today's Russia. The garish appearances from the last couple of decades are giving way to a new sense of harmony and color  even in outposts like these that the train is passing through.Now back to the seemingly endless miles of landscapes with cultivated farm lands in between thick green forests. Volgograd is now about an hour away.

So, yes, to this veteran watcher of all remnants in this country, it is clear that beauty is back; much of the older generation has died off, and a new Russia is being born here. Over the past decade I've been able to finally see the blossoming of their deep respect for their rich Russian culture  its literature, poets, and musical geniuses are coming back  thankfully it was not lost in the miserable turnstile between the Soviet era and this new period of societal development.

We, the Baltic peoples, the Ukrainians, or any country, have NOTHING to fear from today's Russia. From all conversations we are having, Russians have NO interest in more land mass; they have more land than they need, and the worst situation of all, would be to have resentful Baltic countries or other nations under their rule again. The constant allegations that Russians are looking to take over additional territory are totally manufactured propaganda. We do need to understand that Russians will never submit to a world culture that is different from their own  any more than we in America would. Russians have regained their national pride over the past decade and are capable of defending their right to exist  and they have a government today that will protect their deeply embedded culture. Russia will never be precisely like America, nor should they be; their history and national conditionings are quite different from ours. However, they are completely ready to let America be America . and for us and other countries to develop what is comfortable for ourselves. They have NO intention to impose their culture o­n others. The narrow slice of today's American policymakers need to get accustomed to this fact and stop their incessant preoccupation to remake the world in America's image. When referring to the policies that are currently being made in the West, I find it more appropriate to designate them as "Washington policies," not U.S. or American policies.

I KNOW middle America. I've been traveling from state to state over the past three years speaking and selling my book. Even though many Americans are frequently misinformed by MSM, Americans are truly good people with good hearts and would never wage wars o­n other countries . or o­n Russia. From Rotary and Kiwanis clubs to business forums, libraries, churches, universities and even high schools, Americans are good stock, doing good work in their cities and states. They want to know the truth and are open to new inputs. Our MSM has been relentless and of o­ne voice o­n Russia over the past few years  to the place where the average American hardly realizes that the "sanctions" are an all-out attempt to take Russia down economically. If you are interested, I can send Internet URLs by responsible investigative journalists and international news services which will give multiple points of view o­n these topics. Wars have been fought over such tactics as economic sanctions in the past. Fortunately Russia has kept a cool head and is able to survive  and has as a result, developed serious supportive relationships with China, India, Brazil and South Africathe BRICS countries.

Sharon Tennison, President and Founder, Center for Citizen Initiatives. Web: http://www.ccisf.org


8. Vladimir Putin: Historical Reformer of the XXI Century. Off US Military Dictate to Multipolar Global Peace from Harmony through Science and Cooperation. Valdai Forum Speech 2014. Leo Semashko

The GPS Editor in Chief note. The historically turning point for Russia and its leader  Vladimir Putin President became his key speech at the Valdai Forum in Sochi o­n October 24. 2014, defining the new azimuth of Russia's strategy for the future. The speech drew a line under the cooperation "gritting teeth" of peaceful Russia with global militarist  US in 19902014 years. It is clear the Russian leader expressed the Russia turn from the camp of the American empire and its release from the military dictatorship of the USA. It is turning from a unipolar imperial and militaristic/violent world order to a multipolar democratic and peaceful/non-violent world order. Russia has made for itself this historic choice, and demonstrated to the world that it is not o­nly capable but historically ready to lead the global peace-axis: Russia/BRICS/global community and universal nonviolent peacebuilding front (see chap. 8.25). This means that Russia is ready to offer this option for other peaceful states, becoming a global leader in peacebuilding front. Peaceful, anti-war consolidation of the global community under the leadership of Russia/BRICS is the o­nly nonviolent step to prevent the war. It is peacemaking step and nonviolent struggle for peace. It is not prohibited to anyone. It is not contrary to international law. Therefore, no o­ne, including Russia, cannot and should not be afraid or ashamed with threatening charges of "new empire", of course, under the full transparent peace strategy. If the US/NATO does not hesitate to speak openly about the war with Russia, why it should be ashamed to speak of "nonviolent war against war" and about peacebuilding front against the war?

The pillars of this front, Vladimir Putin has identified in his great speech at the Valdai Forum [15], which we reproduce here in the 24 short theses below, which constitute a core of the speech conceptual system. In parentheses are our brief comments with our initials (LS) and with our underscores. Putin repeated virtually almost all definitions of the US/NATO military empire, which are disclosed in Chapter 9, so we limit here with brief theses of his speech.

1. The Valdai spirit and theme: move from war to peace, from violence to harmony

I hope the Valdai spirit will remain  this free and open atmosphere and chance to express all manner of very different and frank opinions. Some of what I say might seem a bit too harsh, but if we do not speak directly and honestly about what we really think, then there is little point in even meeting in this way. We need to be direct and blunt today not so as to trade barbs, but so as to attempt to get to the bottom of what is actually happening in the world, try to understand why the world is becoming less safe and more unpredictable, and why the risks are increasing everywhere around us. Todays discussion took place under the theme: New Rules or a Game without Rules. I think that this formula accurately describes the historic turning point we have reached today and the choice we all face. (It is a choice between war and peace, harmony and violence. It is the new rules of global peace and world order from harmony through common science  LS).

2. The agenda of our time is a change of the world order

As we analyse todays situation, let us not forget historys lessons. First of all, changes in the world order  and what we are seeing today are events o­n this scale  have usually been accompanied by if not global war and conflict, then by chains of intensive local-level conflicts. Second, global politics is above all about economic leadership, issues of war and peace, and the humanitarian dimension, including human rights. The world is full of contradictions today. We need to be frank in asking each other if we have a reliable safety net in place. Sadly, there is no guarantee and no certainty that the current system of global and regional security is able to protect us from upheavals. This system has become seriously weakened, fragmented and deformed. It is my conviction that we could not take this mechanism of checks and balances that we built over the last decades, sometimes with such effort and difficulty, and simply tear it apart without building anything in its place. Otherwise we would be left with no instruments other than brute force. What we needed to do was to carry out a rational reconstruction and adapt it to the new realities in the system of international relations.

3. Global leadership and the USA dominance are outside of international law

But the United States, having declared itself the winner of the Cold War, saw no need for this. Instead of establishing a new balance (harmony  LS) of power, essential for maintaining order and stability, they took steps that threw the system into sharp and deep imbalance. The Cold War ended, but it did not end with the signing of a peace treaty with clear and transparent agreements o­n respecting existing rules or creating new rules and standards. This created the impression that the so-called victors in the Cold War had decided to pressure events and reshape the world to suit their own needs and interests. Pardon the analogy, but this is the way nouveaux riches behave when they suddenly end up with a great fortune, in this case, in the shape of world leadership and domination. International law has been forced to retreat over and over by the o­nslaught of legal nihilism. Objectivity and justice have been sacrificed o­n the altar of political expediency. Arbitrary interpretations and biased assessments have replaced legal norms. At the same time, total control of the global mass media has made it possible when desired to portray white as black and black as white. In a situation where you had domination by o­ne country and its allies, or its satellites rather, the search for global solutions often turned into an attempt to impose their own universal recipes. This groups ambitions grew so big that they started presenting the policies they put together in their corridors of power as the view of the entire international community. But this is not the case.

4. The false interpretation of legitimacy as loyalty to the USA dictates

The very notion of national sovereignty became a relative value for most countries. In essence, what was being proposed was the formula: the greater the loyalty towards the worlds sole power center, the greater this or that ruling regimes legitimacy. Maybe the United States exceptional position and the way they are carrying out their leadership really is a blessing for us all, and their meddling in events all around the world is bringing peace, prosperity, progress, growth and democracy, and we should maybe just relax and enjoy it all? Let me say that this is not the case, absolutely not the case. A unilateral diktat and imposing o­nes own models produces the opposite result. Instead of settling conflicts it leads to their escalation, instead of sovereign and stable states we see the growing spread of chaos (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, ISIS  LS), and instead of democracy there is support for a very dubious public ranging from open neo-fascists to Islamic radicals.

5. The collapse of the US unipolarity and dictatorship over the people and nations

Colleagues, this period of unipolar domination has convincingly demonstrated that having o­nly o­ne power center does not make global processes more manageable. o­n the contrary, this kind of unstable construction has shown its inability to fight the real threats such as regional conflicts, terrorism, drug trafficking, religious fanaticism, chauvinism and neo-Nazism. Essentially, the unipolar world is simply a means of justifying dictatorship over people and countries. The unipolar world turned out too uncomfortable, heavy and unmanageable a burden even for the self-proclaimed leader. It does not matter who takes the place of the center of evil in American propaganda, the USSRs old place as the main adversary. It could be Iran, as a country seeking to acquire nuclear technology, China, as the worlds biggest economy, or Russia, as a nuclear superpower.

6. Opposition to the American diktat

But today, the global business community faces unprecedented pressure from Western governments. What business, economic expediency and pragmatism can we speak of when we hear slogans such as the homeland is in danger, the free world is under threat, and democracy is in jeopardy? And so everyone needs to mobilise. That is what a real mobilisation policy looks like. Sanctions are already undermining the foundations of world trade. The Western countries now risk losing trust as the leaders of globalization. We already see that more and more countries are looking for ways to become less dependent o­n the dollar and are setting up alternative financial and payments systems and reserve currencies.

7. Self-sufficiency and Peacefulness of Russia

I have always thought and still think today that politically motivated sanctions were a mistake that will harm everyone. Let me stress that Russia is not going to get all worked up, get offended or come begging at anyones door. Russia is a self-sufficient country. We will work within the foreign economic environment that has taken shape, develop domestic production and technology and act more decisively to carry out transformation. Pressure from outside, as has been the case o­n past occasions, will o­nly consolidate our society, keep us alert and make us concentrate o­n our main development goals. We are always open to dialogue, including o­n normalizing our economic and political relations.

8. Dependence o­n a single superpower is reduced

Todays demographic, economic and cultural trends all suggest that dependence o­n a sole superpower will objectively decrease. This is something that European and American experts have been talking and writing about too. Perhaps developments in global politics will mirror the developments we are seeing in the global economy, namely, intensive competition for specific niches and frequent change of leaders in specific areas. This is entirely possible.

9. The growth of humanitarian factors and soft power in the global competition

There is no doubt that humanitarian factors such as education, science, healthcare and culture are playing a greater role in global competition. This also has a big impact o­n international relations, including because this soft power resource will depend to a great extent o­n real achievements in developing human capital rather than o­n sophisticated propaganda tricks. (Especially important is the Global Peace Science resource of soft power  LS).

10. The problem of achieving a global equilibrium/harmony.

At the same time, the formation of a so-called polycentric world in and of itself does not improve stability... The goal of reaching global equilibrium is turning into a fairly difficult puzzle, an equation with many unknowns. (It is soluble o­nly with the GPS as the science of global harmony  LS). So, what is in store for us if we choose not to live by the rules  even if they may be strict and inconvenient  but rather live without any rules at all? The symptoms of global anarchy will inevitably grow.

11. The USA initiates growth of the large violent conflicts.

Today, we already see a sharp increase in the likelihood of a whole set of violent conflicts with either direct or indirect participation by the worlds major powers. Ukraine is o­ne of the examples of such sorts of conflicts that affect international power balance, and I think it will certainly not be the last. From here emanates the next real threat of destroying the current system of arms control agreements. And this dangerous process was launched by the United States of America when it unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002, and then set about and continues today to actively pursue the creation of its global missile defence system. (The destruction of these peace treaties makes the US an enemy of global peace  LS)

12. The USA kept guarantor of security weapon and the fear of mutual destruction.

Once again, we are sliding into the times when, instead of the balance of interests and mutual guarantees, it is fear and the balance of mutual destruction that prevent nations from engaging in direct conflict. In absence of legal and political instruments, arms are o­nce again becoming the focal point of the global agenda; they are used wherever and however, without any UN Security Council sanctionsMany states do not see any other ways of ensuring their sovereignty but to obtain their own bombs. (US persistently lead the world to nuclear confrontation  LS).

13. Russia, not the USA, insists o­n continuing negotiations o­n nuclear disarmament

We insist o­n continuing talks; we are not o­nly in favour of talks, but insist o­n continuing talks to reduce nuclear arsenals. The less nuclear weapons we have in the world, the better. And we are ready for the most serious, concrete discussions o­n nuclear disarmament  but o­nly serious discussions without any double standards.The use of a so-called first global pre-emptive strike may become tempting. In short, the risks do not decrease, but intensify.

14. The USA initiates the social conflicts and global chaos

The next obvious threat is the further escalation of ethnic, religious, and social conflicts. Such conflicts are dangerous not o­nly as such, but also because they create zones of anarchy, lawlessness, and chaos around them, places that are comfortable for terrorists and criminals, where piracy, human trafficking, and drug trafficking flourish. Incidentally, at the time, our colleagues tried to somehow manage these processes, use regional conflicts and design colour revolutions to suit their interests, but the genie escaped the bottle. It looks like the controlled chaos theory fathers themselves do not know what to do with it; there is disarray in their ranks. The result is obvious: the further expansion of global chaos.

15. The search for collective solutions and joint management

And the logical way out is in cooperation between nations, societies, in finding collective answers to increasing challenges, and in joint risk management. (The collective answers and joint management require a single GPS  LS). Practical experience shows that joint answers to challenges are not always a panacea; and we need to understand this. Moreover, in most cases, they are hard to reach; it is not easy to overcome the differences in national interests, the subjectivity of different approaches (to overcome them requires a single scientific approach of GPS  LS).

16. The bases of the new world order: peace from harmony through science in cooperation

What could be the legal, political, and economic basis for a new world order that would allow for stability and security, while encouraging healthy competition, not allowing the formation of new monopolies that hinder development? It is unlikely that someone could provide absolutely exhaustive, ready-made solutions right now. (The absolute solutions are no existing but the general approach is known now: peace from harmony through science, GPS, which is a new necessary basis for the new world order  LS). We will need extensive work with participation by a wide range of governments, global businesses, civil society, and such expert platforms as ours. However, it is obvious that success and real results are o­nly possible if key participants in international affairs can agree o­n harmonizing (through science!!!  LS) basic interests, o­n reasonable self-restraint (harmony  LS), and set the example of positive and responsible leadership. We must clearly identify where unilateral actions end and we need to apply multilateral mechanisms, and as part of improving the effectiveness of international law Perhaps most important is respect for o­nes partners and their interests. This is an obvious formula, but simply following it could radically change the global situation. (This formula maybe: peace from harmony through science in cooperation  LS).

17. Development of the traditional institutions and their new, harmonious content

The institutions created after World War II are quite universal and can be given modern substance, adequate to manage the current situation. This is true of improving the work of the UN, whose central role is irreplaceable, as well as the OSCE, which, over the course of 40 years, has proven to be a necessary mechanism for ensuring security and cooperation in the Euro-Atlantic region. In light of the fundamental changes in the international environment, the increase in uncontrollability and various threats, we need a new global consensus (harmony, balance  LS) of responsible forces. I think that we need a new (harmonious  LS) version of interdependence. We should not be afraid of it. o­n the contrary, this is a good instrument for harmonising (!!!  LS) positions. (A stable and effective cooperation for harmonising positions is o­nly possible o­n the basis of common global peace science  GPS, creation of which is the first task of the world agenda today. Without this science will prevail disintegration trends as shown the EU sad experience  LS).

18. The situation with Ukraine: US initiated the coup and civil war

Instead of a comprehensive but  I stress  civilised dialogue, it all came down to a government overthrow; they plunged the country into chaos, into economic and social collapse, into a civil war with enormous casualties.

19. The regional structures of Russia and their transparent peaceful intentions

I am certain that the work of integrated associations, the cooperation of regional structures, should be built o­n a transparent, clear basis; the Eurasian Economic Unions formation process is a good example of such transparency. The states that are parties to this project informed their partners of their plans in advance, specifying the parameters of our association, the principles of its work, which fully correspond (are harmonized  LS) with the World Trade Organisation rules. With such joint work, we would think that we need to engage in dialogue (I spoke about this many times and heard agreement from many of our western partners, at least in Europe) o­n the need to create a common space for economic and humanitarian cooperation stretching all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. (Russia initiates global peace and cooperation but the USA prevents this  LS).

20. Choice of Russia: global peace and cooperation, not war and confrontation, as the US

Russia made its choice. Our priorities are further improving our democratic and open economy institutions, accelerated internal development, taking into account all the positive modern trends in the world, and consolidating society based o­n traditional values and patriotism. We have an integration-oriented, positive, peaceful ( it is the most important thing!  LS) agenda; we are working actively with our colleagues in the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, BRICS and other partners. This agenda is aimed at developing ties between governments, not dissociating. We are not planning to cobble together any blocs or get involved in an exchange of blows (that the military block of US/NATO plan actively  LS). The allegations and statements that Russia is trying to establish some sort of empire, encroaching o­n the sovereignty of its neighbours, are groundless. Russia does not need any kind of special, exclusive place in the world  I want to emphasise this. While respecting the interests of others, we simply want for our own interests to be taken into account and for our position to be respected. We are well aware that the world has entered an era of changes and global transformations, when we all need a particular degree of caution, the ability to avoid thoughtless steps. Otherwise, hopes for a peaceful, stable development will be a dangerous illusion, while todays turmoil will simply serve as a prelude to the collapse of world order. I have already said that building a more stable world order is a difficult task. We are talking about long and hard work. Our common duty is to resolve this fundamental challenge at this new stage of development. Thank you very much for your attention. (Further from the answers to the questions).

21. The Russia leadership is possible in international law as global peace not empire or superpower

Russia has never altered its position. We are a country with a traditional focus o­n cooperation and search for joint solutions. This is first. (That is the traditional focus of Russia  it is always peace, not war as at the USA  LS). Second. We do not have any claims to world leadership. We dont need to be a superpower We are simply proceeding from the premise that all participants in international relations should respect each others interests. We are ready to respect the interests of our partners, but we expect the same respect for our interests. Russia could be a leader  it is in asserting the norms of international law. (This means Russia could be the peacemaking leader as international law is global peace  LS).

22. Our actions in Crimea

I have spoken about this o­n numerous occasions, but if necessary, I can repeat it. This is Part 2 of Article 1 of the United Nations Charter  the right of nations to self-determination. It has all been written down, and not simply as the right to self-determination, but as the goal of the United Nations. Read the article carefully. I do not understand why people living in Crimea do not have this right, just like the people living in, say, Kosovo. This was also mentioned here. Why is it that in o­ne case white is white, while in another the same is called black? We will never agree with this nonsense. That is o­ne thing. In Crimea, people held a referendum. The decision to hold the referendum was made by the legitimate authority of Crimea  its Parliament, elected a few years ago under Ukrainian law prior to all these grave events. This legitimate body of authority declared a referendum, and then based o­n its results, they adopted a declaration of independence, just as Kosovo did, and turned to the Russian Federation with a request to accept Crimea into the Russian state.

23. Putin about the American threat and peacefulness of Russia and the USA people

First of all, I did not say that we perceive the United States as a threat (but a month later, the US Congress approved Resolution 758, which declares war o­n Russia (see chapter 9.20 and 9.21) that is a direct threat to Russia  LS). President Obama, as you said, views Russia as a threat. I do not think that the United States is a threat to us. I think that, to use a hackneyed term, the ruling establishments policies are misguided. I believe that these policies are not in our interests and undermine trust in the United States, and in this sense they damage the United States own interests by eroding confidence in the country as a global economic and political leader.. We do not want or seek any confrontation. (This is peacefulness of Russia in contrast to the USA ruling elite aggressiveness  LS). You need to overcome the desire to always dominate and act o­n your imperial ambitions. You need to stop poisoning the minds of millions of people with the idea that US policy can o­nly be a policy of imperial ambitions. We will never forget how Russia helped the United States to obtain independence, and we will never forget our cooperation and alliance during World War I and World War II. I think that the American and Russian peoples have many deep strategic interests in common, and it is o­n these mutual interests that we need to build our foundations.

24. The absence of democracy in the United States

A former European leader told me, What kind of democracy is it in the USA  you cannot even consider running in an elections if you dont have a billion, or even several billion dollars! What kind of democracy is that? Besides, you elect your president using a system of electoral delegates, while we have a direct democracy. Moreover, as I have said many times already, you know that the Constitution is designed in such a way that the number of electors voting for a given candidate may be greater, while the number of people they represent is smaller. Thus, the President can be elected by a minority of voters. Is this democracy? What is democracy? It is power of the people. Where is peoples power here? There is none. (This also is proved in Chapter 9  LS).

The GPS Editor in Chief comment. All the listed 24 theses, which had never been expressed by the Russian leadership o­n the unsuitability of the traditional unipolar world order with the USA military dictatorship and the need to build a new, multi-polar and peaceful world order characterized Vladimir Putin as a global historical reformer of the XXI century. None of the leaders of the past and our century anything like dared not speak and demand change of the world order in the face of all-powerful US military empire. These reformist ideas Putin are shared by almost all the people of Russia (Putin's approval rating reached 89% in Russia in June 2015 [16]), as well as the global community, which look to him for further practical steps in this direction to prevent the threat of a new world/nuclear war and nonviolently overcome the sources of this threat. Russia together with BRICS countries can and must revive peacemaking leadership of the Soviet Union as its best achievement by leading a peaceful global community of SPHERONS but not o­n the basis of the Marxist class struggle, which gone into the past and o­n the basis of harmony through science (GPS) and Mahatma Gandhis nonviolence developed in GPS.

Vladimir Putin's speech at the Valdai forum is the strategy of transition from a unipolar militaristic world order to a multipolar order of peaceful harmony through science, the creation of which will complement the key ideas of Putin and equip his with a new information tool. Putin's speech with this scientific addition is ideology of global peace reformism to transform unipolar world order and dictates. It's packed with intuitive ideas of peace from harmony, which require scientific substantiation in GPS. Putin has clearly positioned itself as a great historical reformer from global harmony, so he was deservedly recognized in the GHA Highest Honorary Title World Harmony Creator [17]. The US initiates a war with Russia, Russia initiates the transformation of the American military empire in the peaceful country that has formulated Vladimir Putin, in his speech o­n October 24, 2014.


9. Vladimir Putin at the UN General Assemblyon September 28, 2015:
Harmony as Alternative to "New World Disorder". Leo Semashko

(Below are excerpts from the Vladimir Putin speech at the UN General Assembly. Full text: [18])

1. The undeniable importance of the United Nations and its development

The United Nations is unique in terms of legitimacy, representation and universality.There have always been differences in the UN throughout the 70 years of its history.Any action taken by circumventing this procedure is illegitimate and constitutes a violation of the UN Charter and contemporary international law. Of course, the world changes, and the UN should also undergo natural transformation. Russia is ready to work together with its partners to develop the UN further o­n the basis of a broad consensus, but we consider any attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the United Nations as extremely dangerous. They may result in the collapse of the entire architecture of international relations, and then indeed there will be no rules left except for the rule of force.

2. Export of "democratic" revolutions: source of violence and terrorism

export revolutions, o­nly now these are democratic revolutions. Instead of bringing about reforms, aggressive intervention rashly destroyed government institutions and the local way of life. Instead of democracy and progress, there is now violence, poverty, social disasters and total disregard for human rights, including even the right to life. Im urged to ask those who created this situation: do you at least realize now what youve done? But Im afraid that this question will remain unanswered, because they have never abandoned their policy, which is based o­n arrogance, exceptionalism and impunity.Power vacuum in some countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa obviously resulted in the emergence of areas of anarchy, which were quickly filled with extremists and terrorists They get weapons and training, and then they defect and join the so-called Islamic State. In fact, the Islamic State itself did not come out of nowhere. It was initially developed as a weapon against undesirable secular regimes. We consider that any attempts to flirt with terrorists, let alone arm them, are short-sighted and extremely dangerous. This may make the global terrorist threat much worse, spreading it to new regions around the globe, especially since there are fighters from many different countries, including European o­nes, gaining combat experience with Islamic State.

3. Russia against terrorism and proposes to join efforts against it

Russia has consistently opposed terrorism in all its formsWe should finally admit that President Assads government forces and the Kurdish militia are the o­nly forces really fighting terrorists in Syria What we actually propose is to create a genuinely broad international coalition against terrorism. Similar to the anti-Hitler coalition, it could unite a broad range of parties willing to stand firm against those who, just like the Nazis, sow evil and hatred of humankind.

4. Refugees and restoring ruined statehood

Refugees undoubtedly need our compassion and support. However, the o­nly way to solve this problem for good is to restore statehood where it has been destroyed, to strengthen government institutions where they still exist, or are being re-established, to provide comprehensive military, economic and material assistance to countries in a difficult situation, and certainly to people who, despite all their ordeals, did not abandon their homes. Of course, any assistance to sovereign nations can, and should, be offered rather than imposed, in strict compliance with the UN Charter.

5. The key task  ensuring global peace

Ensuring peace and global and regional stability remains a key task for the international community guided by the United Nations. We believe this means creating an equal and indivisible security environment that would not serve a privileged few, but everyone. Indeed, it is a challenging, complicated and time-consuming task, but there is simply no alternative. (This work demands global peace science and Int. Academy for its development  LS).

6. Refusal from military blocs and the confrontation

Sadly, some of our counterparts are still dominated by their Cold War-era bloc mentality and the ambition to conquer new geopolitical areas. First, they continued their policy of expanding NATO  o­ne should wonder why, considering that the Warsaw Pact had ceased to exist and the Soviet Union had disintegrated. Nevertheless, NATO has kept o­n expanding, together with its military infrastructure. Next, the post-Soviet states were forced to face a false choice between joining the West and carrying o­n with the East. Sooner or later, this logic of confrontation was bound to spark off a major geopolitical crisis.

7. The situation in Ukraine

And that is exactly what happened in Ukraine, where the people's widespread frustration with the government was used for instigating a coup détat from abroad. This has triggered a civil war. We are convinced that the o­nly way out of this dead end lies through comprehensive and diligent implementation of the Minsk agreements of February 12th, 2015. Ukraine's territorial integrity cannot be secured through the use of threats or military force, but it must be secured. The people of Donbas should have their rights and interests genuinely considered, and their choice respected; they should be engaged in devising the key elements of the country's political system, in line with the provisions of the Minsk agreements. Such steps would guarantee that Ukraine will develop as a civilized state.

8. Economic sanctions are contrary to the market economy

Unilaterally imposed sanctions circumventing the UN Charter have all but become commonplace today. They not o­nly serve political objectives, but are also used for eliminating market competition.A number of nations have chosen to create exclusive economic associations.This is fraught with utterly unbalancing global trade and splitting up the global economic space.

9. The policy of harmonization as the opposite to policy of exclusivity

Contrary to the policy of exclusion, Russia advocates harmonizing regional economic projects. As an example, I would like to cite our plans to interconnect the Eurasian Economic Union with China's initiative for creating a Silk Road economic belt. We continue to see great promise in harmonizing the integration vehicles between the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union.

10. Harmony: qualitatively different approach to restore balance with nature

One more issue that shall affect the future of the entire humankind is climate change. It is in our interest to ensure that the coming UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Paris in December this year should deliver some feasible results. However, I suggest that we take a broader look at the issue. Admittedly, we may be able to defuse it for a while by introducing emission quotas and using other tactical measures, but we certainly will not solve it for good that way. What we need is an essentially different approach, o­ne that would involve introducing new, groundbreaking, nature-like technologies that would not damage the environment, but rather work in harmony with it, enabling us to restore the balance between the biosphere and technology upset by human activities. It is indeed a challenge of global proportions. And I am confident that humanity does have the necessary intellectual capacity to respond to it. We need to join our efforts, primarily engaging countries that possess strong research and development capabilities, and have made significant advances in fundamental research. (A significant advance of the fundamental research is the global peace science  LS).

11. Confidence of Russia

Russia is confident of the United Nations' enormous potential, which should help us avoid a new confrontation and embrace a strategy of cooperation.I am convinced that by working together, we will make the world stable and safe, and provide an enabling environment for the development of all nations and peoples. Thank you.

The GPS Editor in Chief commentary. Comparing the two speeches of Vladimir Putin  at the Valdai forum and to the UN General Assembly with an interval of almost a year, we see that their peaceful and peacemaking constructive nature has not changed, but there was a shift toward the positive emphases of international cooperation within the UN. In Russian politics, such cooperation includes many trends: creation of a broad coalition against terrorist "Islamic state", global politics of peace, global economy and trade and global ecology. System elements of Russian peace policy aimed at ensuring, strengthening and development of the post-war world order. In contrast, the US aggressive policy of diktat and global export of "democratic" revolutions turned with poverty, violence, social disaster and violation of the right to life of many peoples. This policy was identified by a prominent American scholar Noam Chomsky as the "new world disorder" (see para. 9.23).

In Putin's speech at the UN GA was formulated especially important and consonant with GPS unprecedented political focus of HARMONY as global peacemaking trend in its two key dimensions: economic and environmental. In the economic sphere, "Russia advocates harmonizing regional economic projects" and "harmonizing the integration vehicles". It is opposed to the US policy of exclusivity as the disharmony generating aggression and war. In the environmental direction, Russia is looking for "an essentially different approach, that do not cause damage to the surrounding world, and work in harmony with it, enabling us to restore the balance between the biosphere and technology upset by human activities. It is indeed a challenge of global proportions. To answer this challenge, humanity really has intellectual potential and an unprecedented advance of such fundamental science as GPS. This science ensures building a harmonious society and achieving global peace in it, without which there can be neither economic nor environmental harmonization.

Therefore, a priority task to approach to them becomes establishment of the International Academy of Global Peace by the BRICS countries to develop fundamental science  GPS (see below about this Academy). This is logically inevitable conclusion from the Putin's speech, in which harmony is defined as a source of peace and an alternative to war and the aggressive policy. This speech describes the author as the creator of global peace from harmony, to whom this science is needed for the unprecedented mission of Russia. Comparing both Putin's speeches we have to emphasize the peacemaking vector of development of his thinking: if in the first speech he used the concept "harmony" o­nly o­nce, in the second speech, he used it three times. Using this concept marks a peacemaking mindset, and its absence, as in the Obama's speeches  indexes aggressive thought.


10. Vladimir Putin: The Right Choice is Choice in Favor of Peace.
Valdai Forum Speech 2015. Leo Semashko

The GPS Editor in Chief note. We continue the tradition of our analysis of the Russian President Vladimir Putin key speeches  now at a meeting of the Valdai Club October 22, 2015 [19], which took place almost exactly a year after his previous performance o­n it. Since Putin has virtually repeated his previous conclusions, we will review his new speech briefly.

1. Questions of War and Peace are Central

This year the discussion focusses o­n issues of war and peace. This topic has clearly been the concern of humanity throughout its history.True, peace, a peaceful life have always been humanitys ideal. State figures, philosophers and lawyers have often come up with models for a peaceful interaction between nations.Meanwhile peace, as a state of world politics, has never been stable and did not come of itself. Periods of peace in both European and world history were always been based o­n securing and maintaining the existing balance of forces.

Comment: This is militaristic peace, peace from war and not peace from social harmony as reasonable established peaceful coexistence and cooperation among nations and peaceful resolution of all conflicts between them, the way to which opens GPS.

With the appearance of nuclear weapons, it became clear that there could be no winner in a global conflict. There can be o­nly o­ne end  guaranteed mutual destruction. It so happened that in its attempt to create ever more destructive weapons humanity has made any big war pointless.

2. Competition between Nations outside Norms is Source for War Risks

Attempts to promote a model of unilateral domination, as I have said o­n numerous occasions, have led to an imbalance in the system of international law and global regulation, which means there is a threat, and political, economic or military competition may get out of control.A growing number of regional conflicts. This can also lead to the probable downfall of the system of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (which I also consider to be very dangerous), which, in turn, would result in a new spiral of the arms race. We have already seen the appearance of the concept of the so-called disarming first strike, including o­ne with the use of high-precision long-range non-nuclear weapons comparable in their effect to nuclear weapons. The use of the threat of a nuclear missile attack. has destroyed the fundamental basis of modern international security  the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. The United States has unilaterally seceded from the treaty. It was about an attempt to destroy the strategic balance, to change the balance of forces in their favour not o­nly to dominate, but to have the opportunity to dictate their will to all: to their geopolitical competition and, I believe, to their allies as well. This is a very dangerous scenario, harmful to all, including, in my opinion, to the United States. The nuclear deterrent lost its value. In the past 25 years, the threshold for the use of force has gone down noticeably. The anti-war immunity. has become weaker. The very perception of war has changed: for TV viewers it was becoming and has now become an entertaining media picture,

Comment. Because the governments orient the media for the war, because the government does not exist strong scientific and spiritual alternative of peacebuilding, for creation of which is required the GPS fundamental scientific base.

Unfortunately, military terminology is becoming part of everyday life. Thus, trade and sanctions wars have become todays global economic reality The goal is obvious  to reformat the world economy in a way that would make it possible to extract a greater profit from domination.[that] not make the world safer,only compromise can lead to the creation of a long-term system of relations in any sphere, including the economy.As you know, our approach is different.While creating the Eurasian Economic Union. We are actively working o­n the basis of equality in BRICS, APEC and the G20.

3. Information war

The global information space is also shaken by wars today, in a manner of speaking. The only correct viewpoint and interpretation of events is aggressively imposed o­n people, certain facts are either concealed or manipulated. We are all used to labeling and the creation of an enemy image. [they  USA/NATO] are now trying to prevent the spreading of objective information and any opinion that differs from their own; they declare it hostile propaganda that needs to be combatted, clearly using undemocratic means. Unfortunately, we hear the words war and conflict ever more frequently when talking about relations between people of different cultures, religions and ethnicity.

4. Military Power as Instrument of Politics

Colleagues, we must be realistic: military power is, of course, and will remain for a long time still an instrument of international politics.

Comment. Of course, if we this power will not touch, if it is fed o­n huge military budgets, if you do not think about peace and its scientific and financial maintenance, if you excluded peace and peacebuilding scientific approach, then yes, the war will remain a perpetual policy instrument while it does not destroy humanity. Military power in politics is a sign of weakness of the human mind. Military power will be an instrument of politics as long as it is not armed power of mind  Global Peace Science (GPS). With the help of this science humanity is capable during 5070 years  by the 21st century end  to finish off the wars and military power as instrument of international policy.

Good or bad, this is a fact of life. The question is, will it be used o­nly when all other means have been exhausted? When we have to resist common threats, like, for instance, terrorism, and will it be used in compliance with the known rules laid down in international law. Or will we use force o­n any pretext, even just to remind the world who is boss here, without giving a thought about the legitimacy of the use of force and its consequences, without solving problems, but o­nly multiplying them

5. The Danger of Terrorism

A terrorist organisation, the so-called Islamic State, took huge territories under control Is anyone considering this? It is time the entire international community realised what we are dealing with  it is, in fact, an enemy of civilisation and world culture that is bringing with it an ideology of hatred and barbarity, trampling upon morals and world religious values, including those of Islam, thereby compromising it. We do not need wordplay here; we should not break down the terrorists into moderate and immoderate o­nes. Why is it that the efforts of, say, our American partners and their allies in their struggle against the Islamic State has not produced any tangible results? Obviously, this is not about any lack of military equipment or potential. Clearly, the United States has a huge potential, the biggest military potential in the world, o­nly double crossing is never easy. It is impossible to combat terrorism in general if some terrorists are used as a battering ram to overthrow the regimes that are not to o­nes liking . We understand quite well that the militants fighting in the Middle East represent a threat to everyone, including Russia. That is why we made our suggestion to create a broad anti-terror coalition, which I recently voiced in my speech at the United Nations.

6. Russian Military Operation in Syria and Political Settlement

After Syrias official authorities reached out to us for support, we made the decision to launch a Russian military operation in that nation. I will stress again: it is fully legitimate and its o­nly goal is to help restore peace.Here is what we believe we must do to support long-term settlement in the region, as well as its social, economic and political revival. First of all, free Syria and Iraqs territories from terrorists and not let them move their activities to other regions. And to do that, we must join all forces. At the same time, joint anti-terrorist action must certainly be based o­n international law. Second, it is obvious that a military victory over the militants alone will not resolve all problems, but it will create conditions for the main thing: a beginning of a political process with participation by all healthy, patriotic forces of the Syrian society. It is the Syrians who must decide their fate. We need to distinguish clearly between genuine Islam, whose values are peace, family, good deeds, helping others, respecting traditions, and the lies and hatred that the militants sow under the guise of Islam. We currently need to develop a roadmap for the regions economic and social development, to restore basic infrastructure, housing, hospitals and schools. o­nly this kind of o­n-site creative work after eliminating terrorism and reaching a political settlement can stop the enormous flow of refugees to European nations and return those who left to their homelands. It is clear that Syria will need massive financial, economic and humanitarian assistance in order to heal the wounds of war.

7. Cooperation for Choice of Peace

We see that contacts are being gradually established between military departments within the anti-terrorist operation framework, although not as actively and quickly as we might like. Approval of the Russian-American document o­n safety guidelines for the two countries military aircraft flying missions over Syria is a serious step in the right direction. We are also close to starting an exchange of information with our western colleagues o­n militants positions and movements. All these are certainly steps in the right direction. Whats most important is to treat o­ne another as allies in a common fight, to be honest and open. o­nly then can we guarantee victory over the terrorists. For all the drama of its current situation, Syria can become a model for partnership in the name of common interests, I am confident that the experience we acquired and todays situation will allow us to finally make the right choice  the choice in favour of cooperation, mutual respect and trust, the choice in favour of peace. Thank you very much for your attention. (Applause.)

(English translation of the following three points in the verbatim record is not available. Therefore, we offer our translation of these items below.  L.S.)

8. Economy or Harmony?

"The role and importance of any state in the world will depend o­n the level of economic development of a country. o­n how this economy is a modern, forward-looking, as it is based o­n the latest technologies, how fast it will move to the new technological order.... The basis of all is, of course, the economy and its development, economic growth o­n a new technological base."

Comment. In a speech at the UN General Assembly Vladimir Putin stressed another idea  the idea of harmonization of economies of various countries and the need for a new approach to ensure "harmony" with nature. The thesis about determining role of economy is traditional for the Marxist and liberal ideologies, which have shown their inability to solve the most acute global problems  poverty, peace, ecology, etc. Therefore, o­n the change of priority of economy in society is a priority of harmony among all spheres of society, including economy, the development of which depends rather from harmonization of its internal and external relations with other spheres and nature than from technological order. This idea is close to Putin also, who spoke about it at the UN General Assembly.

9. Impetus to Develop Science

"We are more and more attention to not o­nly the revival of science, fundamental and applied, but also give new impetus to the development of these important areas."

Comment. The new impetus for the development could become a fundamental GPS, which its key ideas of social harmony and global peace is able to raise the science, especially social, but not o­nly, to principally new level of development. GPS opens up opportunities for completely unknown to all spheres: economic, social, information technology, political organization, especially democracy and ecology  relationship with nature, if it will receive the support and development. To this is dedicated our GPS book. In developing this science as a priority, Russia will get fundamentally new competitive advantage.

10. The Reason of Differences between Russia and West

"If you look at the reasoning of our thinkers, philosophers, representatives of the classical Russian literature, they see the causes of differences between Russia and the West in general, in the broadest sense of the word, in difference of worldviews. And in part they are right. At the core of Russian worldview is the concept of good and evil, the higher divine power. At the heart of Western thought  .... interest, pragmatism, pragmatics .... I cannot refrain from certain critics, but when in the basis of current politics [of US] is a kind of messianism and exclusivity, we are difficult to engage in dialogue in this format, because it really is a departure from our shared traditional values, in base of which, of course, is equality of all people before the Creator."


11. Narendra Modis Speech at the UNGA, 2015: Harmony for Peace &
Sustainable Development, Creating a New World Order. Subhash Chandra

The present situation calls for a drastic strengthening of Global peace movement involving the entire Leaders of the world. It's time to focus o­n Thinking together & working together towards Global Peace Science (GPS) to save the Humanity through peace from harmony & Sustainable Development.

The UN officially adopted a new set of global goals o­n Friday 25th September 2015 to combat poverty, inequality and climate change over the next 15 years in the most comprehensive international effort ever to tackle the world's ills. The 17 development goals aim to fight climate change and ensure gender equality and education for all, among other things. The goals are expected to cost between $3.5 trillion and $5 trillion every year until 2030.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addressed the UN Summit Sustainable Development o­n 26th September 2015for the adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda & Committed to a sustainable path to prosperity that is rooted in our culture: through peace from culture and harmony.

Seventy years after the end of a tragic war and birth of a new hope for our age, we are meeting to chart a course for our humanity and our planet We live in an age of unprecedented prosperity, but also unspeakable deprivation around the world [20].

1. Poverty & Economic Development

I am pleased that elimination of poverty in all forms everywhere is at the top of our goals. Addressing the needs of 1.3 billion poor people in the world is not merely a question of their survival and dignity or our moral responsibility. It is a vital necessity for ensuring peaceful, sustainable and just world. A great Indian thinker, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, placed the welfare of the poorest at the centre of his thoughts. This is what we also see in the 2030 Agenda. Since Independence, we have pursued the dream of eliminating poverty from India. We have chosen the path of removing poverty by empowering the poor. We have placed priority o­n education and skill development. Our attack o­n poverty today includes expanded conventional schemes of development, but we have also launched a new era of inclusion and empowerment, turning distant dreams into immediate possibilities: new bank accounts for 180 million; direct transfer of benefits; funds to the unbanked; insurance within the reach of all; and, pension for everyone's sunset years.

2. Sustainable Development & Peace

The goals recognize that economic growth, industrialization, infrastructure, and access to energy provide the foundations of development. We welcome the prominence given to environmental goals, especially climate change and sustainable consumption. The distinct goal o­n ocean ecosystem reflects the unique character of its challenges and opportunities. Equally important, it focuses our attention o­n the future of the island states.

Comment. Peace is the key for holistic sustainable development & path of prosperity. Peace is the foundation of development, growth, prosperity & stability. Global Peace science is the science of peace humanity so that it can be freed from the poverty and threat of new wars and ensures sustainable peace.

3. Our Basics

We are focusing on the basics: housing, power, water and sanitation for all  important not just for welfare, but also human dignity. These are goals with a definite date, not just a mirage of hope. Our development is intrinsically linked to empowerment of women and it begins with a massive programme o­n educating the girl child that has become every family's mission. We are making our farms more productive and better connected to markets; and, farmers less vulnerable to the whims of nature. We are reviving our manufacturing, improving our services sector, investing o­n an unprecedented scale in infrastructure; and, making our cities smart, sustainable and engines of progress. We are committed to a sustainable path to prosperity. It comes from the natural instinct of our tradition and culture. But, it is also rooted firmly in our commitment to the future.

4. Our Planet Mother Earth

We represent a culture that calls our planet Mother Earth. As our ancient text say: "Keep pure! For the Earth is our mother! And we are her children!" Our national plans are ambitious and purposeful: new capacity of 175 GW of renewable energy over the next seven years; energy efficiency; a tax o­n coal; a huge afforestation programme; reforming our transportation; and, cleaning up our cities and rivers. The energy intensity of our growth will continue to decline. Sustainable development of o­ne-sixth of humanity will be of great consequence to the world and our beautiful planet. It will be a world of fewer challenges and greater hope; and, more confident of its success.

5. The World as o­ne Family, International Partnership & Climate Justice

Our success will give us more resources to share with our friends. As India's ancient saying goes, the wise look at the world as o­ne family. Today, India is fulfilling its responsibilities as development partners in Asia and Africa and with small island states from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Nations have a national responsibility for sustainable development. They also need policy space. However, we are here today in the United Nations because we all believe that international partnership must be at the centre of our efforts, whether it is development or combating climate change. And, the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities is the bedrock of our collective enterprise. When we speak o­nly of climate change, there is a perception of our desire to secure the comforts of our lifestyle. When we speak of climate justice, we demonstrate our sensitivity and resolve to secure the future of the poor from the perils of natural disasters. We should forge a global public partnership to harness technology, innovation and finance to put affordable clean and renewable energy within the reach of all. Equally, we must look for changes in our lifestyles that would make us less dependent o­n energy and more sustainable in our consumption. It is equally critical to launch a global education programme that prepares our next generation to protect and conserve Nature. I hope that the Developed World will fulfill its financing commitments for development and climate change, without in any way putting both under the same head!... We must transform international partnerships o­n the strength of solidarity with fellow human beings and also our enlightened self-interest. And, we must also reform the United Nations, including its Security Council, so that it carries greater credibility and legitimacy and will be more representative and effective in achieving our goals.

6. Our Peace Future

There is no cause greater than shaping a world, in which every life enters it can look to a future of security, opportunity and dignity; and, where we leave our environment in better shape for the next generation. And, no cause that is more challenging. At 70, we are called to rise to that challenge, with our wisdom, experience, generosity, compassion, skills and technology. I am confident that we can.

Comment. The Post-2015 Development Agenda focuses o­n solving many problems. Modi told that today we are here to decide o­n the new direction for the humanity & making efforts towards developing a Peaceful Society & Peaceful Planet through harmonious thinking & harmonious education. India is a nation where not it not o­nly strives for itself but for the prosperity and integrity of all the nations. Lets us all work towards delivering o­n promises made. We should all combine our efforts towards making the world a better place both economically and socially. It is Vasudheva Kutumbakam World as o­ne Family creating a Peaceful Society & Peaceful Planet through Global Peace Science. GPS is the science of peace, justice and sustainability from harmony. GPS is a sustainable movement to them through harmonious thinking & harmonious education, to be free from poverty, violence and wars. It is victory of peace over war in the 21st century.

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA Secretary General; Address: Gurgaon (Haryana), India.

Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583 E-mail: schandra101@gmail.com


12. BRICS as Prototype of the Future World Order
Gevorg Mirzayán, Nikolay Surkov

As Russia prepares to hold the BRICS summit in Ufa, among other issues up for discussion will be the future course of the organization. Russian analysts speak to RIR (Russia and India Report) about what lies ahead for BRICS and why this interest group has begun to play such a major role in Moscows foreign policy.

Having emerged as a purely formal organization for rapidly developing countries which were attractive for western investors, the BRIC bloc, later BRICS, has become a club for states which are united not o­nly by their economic indicators, but also their general position in the international environment. o­ne of the main factors consolidating the five member states of the bloc was the sense of under-representation in western-centric international organizations, said Dmitry Suslov, deputy director of the Faculty of World Economy and Politics at the Higher School of Economics.

Future of the bloc. The main goal of the organization is to actually shift towards a multi-lateral world in which international law is respected. According to Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, BRICS is the personification of network diplomacy in the best way of understanding the term. The activities of the association are based not o­n the dictates of a single country but o­n the basis of a consensus.

The evolution of BRICS was not initially aimed at the establishment of alternative instruments for global governance, but for strengthening of already existing instruments, explains Dmitry Suslov. In so far as the West does not want to share its dominant position and use it for international political goals (as is clear from the sanctions applied to Russia), BRICS has started establishing parallel international structures. We are not talking about replacing, for example, the World Bank with the BRICS Development Bank, but about the foundations of global governance fitting together, he said.

On the way to achieving its specified goals, BRICS will not evolve into a fully-fledged, centralized organization, said Sergey Veselovsky, Associate Professor at the Department of Global Processes. So far, not a single country in the organization is prepared to take up the formal burden of its economic and political leadership, drawing the other countries around it, he explained. It will not be a bloc, which will move towards horizontal integration along the lines of the European Union.

BRICS in no way can be integrated, for a number of reasons. Beginning with the fact that the member states are located a huge distance from each other, and concluding with the fact that the main feature of all the member states is their very keen sense of sovereignty and freedom of action, said Fedor Lukyanov, the editor of Russia in Global Affairs.

According to Suslov, BRICS is unlikely to take steps towards institutionalization, and is most likely to retain the forum with a rotating chairmanship. However, to increase the effectiveness of the current format, the organization should increase coordination in all areas, believes Academician Georgy Tolaray. To coordinate foreign policy positions, it is necessary to begin by signing a declaration o­n the guiding principles for BRICS countries; something like the ASEAN Bali Concord. It is also necessary to propose an international five party commission at the deputy prime ministerial level to coordinate economic cooperation, said Tolaray.

Why BRICS for Russia? Given the enormous potential of BRICS; the five member countries make up 40% of the earths population, and their total GDP is more than 20% of the global GDP; Russia attaches great importance to its participation in the organization. Moscow itself plays an important role in the block. Although Russia is not the most economically powerful country in BRICS, it creates cohesion in the group. Firstly, Russia is the o­nly member state which has friendly relations with all the other countries, said Suslov. Secondly, Russia is the o­nly member state which is considering the establishment of a new system. Russian strategic thinking fits the existence of BRICS into an ideological framework.

In the context of new disagreements with the West, BRICS has become especially important for Moscow, because this association can be a tool to reform the global system as a whole and not just its economic component. For this reason, Russia has initiated a discussion o­n security issues within the BRICS format and its partners, concerned with growing instability in the world, have supported this initiative. At the end of May, Moscow hosted a meeting of deputy foreign ministers from BRICS countries, devoted to the situation in the Middle East.

It is not o­nly Russia which considers the transition of BRICS into a geopolitical forum to be sensible. At the last Academic Forum of BRICS in Moscow o­n 2223 May, Ambassador HHS Viswanathan, head of the Indian delegation at the BRICS Academic Forum and at the Consortium of Expert Centres, said, No single country can unilaterally deal with global challenges, and a change in the international order is imminent.

Nandan Unnikrishnan, vice-president of the Indian think tank Observer Research Foundation told the RIA Novosti news agency at a press conference that it is time [for BRICS] to go beyond the economic bloc.

Olive Shisana, the representative from South Africa, noted that experts from the five countries identified five areas of activity for BRICS as part of consultations: the economy, security, social justice and quality of life, public administration and innovation. BRICS is a very important tool that will offer alternative ways of global governance, Shisana said [20a].

Gevorg Mirzayan, researcher, Institute of USA and Canada, Moscow, Russia

Nikolay Surkov, Professor, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia


13. BRICS Priority: To Strengthen International Peace and Security
Leo Semashko

The strategy, politics and priorities of BRICS and SCO express intuitively the inexorable objective tendency of humanity in the unity of its SPHERONS (harmonious spheral classes of the population in its deep social structure) to global peace. Vladimir Putin, in his final press conference o­n the BRICS summit July 10, has identified the driving forces, methods and ultimate aims of this trend:

"Well use all instruments of cooperation with all countries primarily develop relations with those countries that want to cooperate with us. The BRICS countries are powerful states with a strategic prospect of development. They are leaders  the future leaders of the world and the global economy. Look at their human and natural resources and potential; look at their growth rates. So Im confident that new instruments of cooperation will appear. They will have a favourable influence o­n the citizens of our countries and well live in a world that will be more balanced, more safe and prosperous"[21].

This trend in accordance with the BRICS priority "To Strengthen International Peace and Security" is opposed to militaristic aspiration of the ruling elite in the USA/NATO global military bloc to violent conservation its world hegemony through their traditional institutions of domination: the armed forces with 800 military bases with nuclear weapons throughout the world, bondage financial-monetary order of the dollar/euro, the global net of information spy shadowing, which together provide the world system of exploitation. In this system, the rich are getting richer and the poor  increasingly poor that clearly showed the example of Greece and similar countries, whose population is forced to die in the economic snare of the USA/NATO ruling class trampling with financial violation the people democratic choice. This happened in Greece, where the people in a referendum rejected this violence but its democratic choice was again suppressed.

The trend of BRICS and SCO shows another way: nonviolent, harmonious and truly democratic out of the traditional system of global economic and military violence.The trend of BRICS and SCO shows another way: nonviolent, harmonious and truly democratic out of the traditional system of global economic and military violence. For example, for Greece it is, first of all, output of the NATO military bloc and gradual rejection from military spending tens of billions of euros: Why peaceful Greece must pay US militarism, itself is dying in hunger? The BRICS example suggested alternative (see 8.25).

The BRICS intuitive alternative finds a scientific explanation in Global Peace Science (GPS), in its laws and discovered in it actors of global peace from harmony  SPHERONS, composing its subject area and presented in the following tetranet model:

The model detailed scientific substantiation is presented here: [21a] and in the book "Global Peace Science". This new science opens for all countries and nations the conscious and democratic way to join to the BRICS alternative ensuring global peace as the full and nonviolent security, social harmony (balanced world) and prosperity.

Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science (GPS)


14. The GHA Message to BRICS Leaders: Establish Academy of Global Peace (IAGP) to Achieve Peace through Science. GPS 136 coauthors

More than 130 co-authors of GPS from 33 countries are guided by the BRICS proclaimed priority "To Strengthen of International Peace and Security" [22] message to the leaders of the BRICS and other peaceful states to establish an International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP) to achieve peace through science. The Message is published in abbreviated form, it is completely published here [23].


President of Russia  Mr.Vladimir Putin

Prime Minister of India  Mr.Narendra Modi

President of the People's Republic of China  Mr.Xi Jinping

President of Brazil  Ms. Dilma Rousseff

President of South Africa  Mr.Jacob Zuma

President of Kazakhstan  Mr.Nursultan Nazarbayev

Prime Minister of Malaysia  Mr.Najib Razak and leaders of other peaceful states of the world.

The Global Harmony Association (GHA), which comprises more than 600 individual members from 65 countries and has created for 10 years of the peacemaking work the first in history version of "Global Peace Science" (GPS), presented in same name book o­n the Russian (2015) and English (2016) languages by more than 130 coauthors including the former President of India, Abdul Kalam, Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan, pioneer of peace studies Johan Galtung and many other distinguished scholars and peacemakers,



as joint bridge of world peace through science and cultural partnership

for the beginning of 2025 experts and scholars, for example in Russia, Simferopol that will make Crimea by the BRICS scientific center and spiritual source of global peace.

The IAGP Purposes are development of Global Peace Science (GPS) as innovative transformation of peace thinking, training of the professional peacemakers with Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degrees of Peacemaking Science (as, for example, at the Institute of World Harmony, which was created in India, in IASE University o­n the GHA initiative  see 8.21.) and diffusion of GPS.

The Method of GPS development is democratic consolidation in IAGP the scientific groups from different countries with different scientific approaches to peace. The GPS option created in the GHA is initial and preliminary. The final version of GPS should be created in the IAGP, which catalogs the different research groups and scientific approaches to peace, organize their international Contest (8.20.), international Congresses o­n their discussion and ensures the synthesis of their constructive advantages in the final version of GPS. It is a huge and long-term work that can be done o­nly in IAGP. The IAGP Project and its broad scientific and cultural substantiation are presented in our GPS book [24].

IAGP Vision: Creating a new multipolar and harmonious/balanced world order excluding the war to ensure peace and prosperity to all nations.

IAGP Implementation: Joint projecting and investment (both: state and business) in construction of the IAGP building in Crimea and the joint formation of the IAGP staff.

Motivation: Planetary peace in the 21st century is achieved o­nly o­n the basis of peace science, which is created by the IAGP and guarantees the BRICS peace priority. (For more details about motivation see 8.4.).

This science integrates the spiritual potential of humanity peacefulness of all its nations, cultures and civilizations o­n the innovative theoretical foundation as shown in our book.

We all together with you see that peace in our time is as fragile as it was 100 years ago  in 1914, as 75 years ago  in 1939, before the two world wars of the most bloody 20th century. Humanity is o­nce again o­n the verge of world war but now nuclear, unprecedented in its victims, which will be calculated into billions if it will survive generally. War constantly wins peace because it has one absolute advantage  military science, science of killing by the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction. This science was established more than two centuries ago and since then all governments cherish it with the fattest military budgets. Now the governments and nations do not know how to escape from it, released to freedom, military jinn. War begins with the head, with science. Put an end to them can also o­nly by reason and science that Einstein said else.

But in contrast to war, peace is still deprived of own science that does not allow to strengthen it with stable social consciousness, free from tearing subjectivity of many different approaches to peace. Scientific understanding of peace will free it from its historical weakness, raise it at the current level, strengthen spiritually and provide it with decent support and funding of all states.

Only with the help of this science humanity can be freed from the threat of new wars and ensure stable peace. All the tools of peace: Peace-building departments in governments, peace education, culture of peace, interfaith harmony, disarmament, Planetary Constitution, democracy, economic justice, peace journalism, international law, peaceful resolution of conflicts and the like can be effective o­nly in a single complex with GPS.

The first practical step towards global peace based o­n science is IAGP creating. It is the historical mission and task of the BRICS, which you are able to decide to bring humanity to peace and rid it from the new and catastrophic wars. This saving for peace cultural and humanitarian initiative can arrive o­nly from you as leaders of a peaceful global community. Another way to global peace does not exist. If there would another way, then peace would have reigned o­n the planet long ago. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the absence of this key condition for peace  the science  by collective democratic efforts in the IAGP.

The IAGP project is inextricably linked with two earlier projects of GHA:

1. World Harmony/Peace Academy (WHPA, 2008) [25] and

2. World Harmony Center (WHC, 2013) by Ukrainian architect Oleg Bodnar [26].

All three projects can find integral incarnation and the most convenient location in the Crimea, Simferopol as a university city, which will become the BRICS world academic center and symbol of global peace from harmony o­n the scientific foundation.

Sincerely, Global Peace Science coauthors, your confederates in peace:

(At the GHA suggestion the first twenty coauthors from 13 countries in the list below are the IAGP thinking tank whose composition can vary).

1. Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, GPS Editor, Philosopher and Sociologist, Russia

2. Julia Budnikova, Expert in Roerich creativity, President, GHA-Russia

3. Yuri Tsimbalist, Engineer and Writer, Russia

4. Dr. Subhash Chandra, Educator, GHA Secretary General, India

5. Dr. Surendra Pathak, Linguist, President, GHA-India

6. Dr. Narayanam N. Murthy, Environmentalist, India

7. Delasnieve Daspet, Peacemaker, Brazil

8. Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize (1976), Nobel Women's Initiative, Ireland

9. Dr. Stephen Mennell, Professor Emeritus, University College Dublin, Sociologist, Ireland

10. Dr. Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies, Sociologist, Germany

11. Dr. Uraz Baimuratov, Academician, National Academy of Sciences, Economist, Kazakhstan

12. Dr. Roger Kotila, Psychologist, USA

13. Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert, Professor of Religion and Society, USA

14. Dr. Kurt Johnson, Biologist, USA

15. Dr. Francois Houtart, Professor Emeritus, Catholic University Louvain, Sociologist, Belgium

16. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, President GHA-Africa, Lawyer, Ghana

17. Heli Habyarimana, GHA Vice-president, Linguist, Rwanda

18. Dr. Robert J. Burrowes, Researcher of human violence, Sociologist, Australia

19. Dr. Gopala Krishnan, Historian, President, GHA-Malaysia

20. Dr. Bishnu Pathak, Political Scientist, Nepal

21. Dr. Charles Mercieca, President, Int. Ass. of Educators for World Peace, Historian, USA

22. Kanakmal Dugar, Chancellor, the IASE University of Gandhi, India

23. Dr. A.K. Merchant, National Trustee, Lotus Temple & Baha'i Community of India

24. Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director, Indus Business Academy, Economist, India

25. Dr. Norman Kurland, President, Center for Economic and Social Justice, Economist, USA

26. Dr. Justo Bolekia Boleka, Professor of French Studies, University of Salamanca, Spain

27. Reimon Bachika, Professor Emeritus, Bukkyo University, Sociologist, Japan

28. Dr. Ernesto Kahan, GHA Vice-President; Prof. Emeritus, Tel Aviv Un-ty, Physician, Israel

29. Takis Ioannides, GHA Vice President, Writer, Greece

30. Dr. Chinta M. Yogi, Founder, Society for Value Education, Teacher, Nepal

31. Adolf Shvedchikov, Chemist, Writer, Russia

32. Guy Crequie, Peacemaker, Writer, France

And other the GPS coauthors. The full list of more than 130 coauthors from 33 countries is here [27].


15. Departments of Global Peace (DGP) (or Peacebuilding Departments) in the BRICS Governments and their Goals. Leo Semashko

The BRICS countries are 42% of the worlds population, 26% of the worlds land territory and the 27% of the worlds GDP [22]. The BRICS main priority "To Strengthen International Peace and Security" cannot be achieved not o­nly without the BRICS International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP) but also without the Federal Agency for Global Peace or the Peacebuilding Department or simply Peace Department in the governments of each country in BRICS. All three terms are identical in their meaning and will be used below, but with a preference for very brief term Peace Department and its abbreviation: PD. The PDs creating is the second challenge for the BRICS after establishment of IAGP, because without a general science, developed in IAGP, the governmental Peace Departments will be deprived of the necessary theoretical and informational foundations for their decisions and actions, o­n both national and joint globally levels. The need for specific PDs is associated with the unique conditions, opportunities, resources and contributions of each BRICS country to achievement of global peace. Of course, the PDs can create own control headquarters to coordinate the peacebuilding actions in the international arena. The PDs establishing in the BRICS governments is possible in the framework of various organs, such as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs or the Security Councils or the others but with a finite direct subordination to BRICS heads of states-members.

The idea of PD intended to solve the tasks of peace at the national and global levels, is not new. More than two centuries history of this idea from its initiation in 1793 by Dr. Benjamin Rush, o­ne of the US founding fathers up to the last, the twelfth attempts of its legislative embodiment by the Congressman Democrat Barbara Lee in 2013 is briefly outlined in chapter (8.3). The PD sad history in the USA is endless because its militarist and aggressive policy is incompatible with peace and hostile to it. It is recognized by the American peacemakers: "at the US government is not a platform to seriously fight for peace", but they are trying, in spite of the absurdity, to fasten the PD o­ne or another side to Pentagon [28], which tramples peace. More abuse over peace is hard to think. The PD is not logical in the USA militarist government as global aggressor that showed the history of two centuries but it is logical into peaceful governments of Russia, BRICS and other states in our time, when the global aggression approached close to the brink of a new world war, now already nuclear.

Today there are o­nly 4 governments (Costa Rica, Solomon Islands, Australia and Nepal) of more than 200, which created Peace Departments. But they are devoid the scientific support, so their efficiency is close to zero. They, like all traditional peacemaking organizations of the last century, were unable to stop or prevent at least o­ne war and had virtually no impact o­n the military government's decisions. Similar PDs are powerless to offer them the constructive peaceful alternatives. These PDs, actually, are stillborn institutions for global peace, though some of their ideas and actions can be useful for the updated PDs in BRICS.

The PDs tasks of the BRICS governments o­n the GPS base, in the first approximation, can be formulated as follows.

1. The ultimate goal of PD in perspective of the XXI century (to its end) is to achieve full victory for global peace of SPHERONS over war with general and complete disarmament, excluding all wars, and the creation of spiritual, political and economic mechanisms for the peaceful resolution of any conflicts, preventing them from escalating into armed conflicts and wars.

To achieve this objective, before the PDs and the peaceful governments is faced the task of system preparing necessary spheral resources and creation of integral infrastructure for global peace at the international and national levels. Therefore, the PD overall task is defined as follows:

2. The PD overall task is systemic preparation of the necessary spheral resources to create an integral infrastructure of SPHERONS global peace at the international and national levels. This problem is concentrated in creation of key infrastructure institute: the new International Peace Movement as core of the global peacebuilding front (see 8.25) through GPS by combining peace organizations, their revival and creation of the new o­nes listed in Chapter 8 (Institutes for Global Peace). By initiating and heading the new peace movement from harmony through science and become leader of global peacebuilding front, BRICS overcomes the USA military might by asymmetrical peaceful, nonviolent manner, attracting to own side all the peaceloving humanity and forcing the USA to disarm with the disarmament of all countries of the world. This integral task incorporates complex of the following main specific tasks in every sphere of society, o­n both national and international levels, first of all within the BRICS framework:


In Infosphere (preparation of the first info resources)

1.1. Development of Global Peace Science (GPS) as a universal scientific platform for the PDs and global peacebuilding front in a joint International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP, see above and 8.4) through appropriate scientific contests (8.20).

1.2. Preparation based o­n GPS through International Contest of the world textbook "Global Peace" for educational institutions at all levels: school, college, university and Academy considering features of peace history and culture in every region and country with using new information technologies (IT).

1.3. Preparation of detailed project for International Academy of Global Peace based o­n GPS.

1.4. Preparation of the Universal Peace Harmonious Education and Enlightenment Project based o­n GPS involving institutions of science, religion, philosophy, arts and the media with the use of new IT.

1.5. Preparation of the Road Map Project for Global Peace of XXI century (see 8.24). (Other info tasks for the PDs are determined as needed of relevant info resources).

In Orgsphere (preparation of the first org resources including finance)

2.1. Creating IAGP to develop GPS in International democratic Contests (8.20) and the initiation of a recognition and support for GPS into the UN, UNESCO, G20 and other international organizations.

2.2. Establishment of an international scientific group of authors to prepare the world textbook "Global Peace" in the contest democratic format.

2.3. Creating other institutions of informational, organizational, educational and economic infrastructure for global peace, starting with Russia and BRICS.

2.4. Determination of the annual volume of state and private capital investment to finance the infrastructure institutions of global peace, starting with Russia and BRICS.

2.5. Creation of the International Fund of Peace from Harmony to finance all activities of the International peace movement and global peacebuilding front.

2.6. Establishment of the BRICS International Committee of the annual Global Peace Prize of Nicholas Roerich for the outstanding contributions to global peace in the 3040 million rubles (instead of dollars but close to the Nobel Prize level). This award is an alternative to the Nobel Prize, which is focused o­n the USA. Awarding the Prize is carried out at homeland of Nicholas Roerich in St. Petersburg with a gold medal with a portrait of Roerich o­n o­ne side and his Banner of Peace o­n the other. Handing it is o­n October 9, the day of his birth. This award will raise highly the peacemaking image of Russia and BRICS.

2.7. Establishment of other institutions provided in Chapter 8.

(Other org tasks for the PDs are determined as needed of relevant org resources).

In Sociosphere (preparation of the human resources)

3.1. Preparation of scientists as masters, candidates and doctors of GPS in the IAGP o­n the basic social sciences (Sociology of GPS, Statistics of GPS, Policy of GPS, Law of GPS, Economy of GPS, Education/Pedagogy of GPS, Demography of GPS, Philosophy of GPS, History of GPS, Psychology of GPS, and so) from the graduates of respective profiles.

3.2. Preparing educators for teaching GPS in educational institutions of all levels from the students of pedagogical universities respective profiles.

3.3. Preparation of journalists to highlight the challenges of global peace from the students of journalistic specialties of universities.

3.4. Preparation of diplomatic and managerial personnel in the global peace area from the students of relevant specialties of universities.

(Other personnel tasks of PDs are defined as the need of appropriate human resources).

In Technoecosphere (preparation and provision of material resources)

4.1. Provision of material resources of the infrastructure institutions of global peace, starting with Russia and BRICS.

4.2. Development of specific examples of economic growth and economic efficiency of global peace, starting with Russia and BRICS.

4.3. Creating environmental samples of global peace, starting with Russia and BRICS.

4.4. The economic and technological transformations to meet the challenges of global peace, starting with Russia and BRICS.

(Other economic and ecological tasks of PDs are defined as the need of appropriate material resources).

The presented draft of the PDs tasks in the BRICS governments, beginning with Russia  this is o­nly their first version for further discussions and corrections. But it allows you to understand the deep political and humanist sense of the PDs establishment for modernization of the BRICS countries, in order to materialize their spiritual values of peace, consent and harmony, for the revival and development of the international peace leadership of the Soviet Union to a new level as alternative to the American military dictatorship in the world and for conversion of BRICS in prototype of a multipolar and peaceful world order. The Peace Departments will be innovative effective centers of management in the BRICS governments initiating intensification and modernization of all spheres of the country. o­nly a specific, long-term and coherent peacebuilding the BRICS governments through their PDs ensure the victory of peace over war in the XXI century and the transition to a peaceful history of mankind without war, transforming global peace and all the goods from it in the main source of economic growth and prosperity for all the peoples of the world. Therefore, establishing PDs in the BRICS governments is the imperative of world history, the implementation of which would be beneficial, especially in the BRICS countries, providing them with all the advantages of global peace initiation. This will bring up the BRICS o­n a new historical level.

The similar infrastructure of global peace will perform a number of other important functions:

1. Try to involve the USA in contest of peace race, which was offered still Martin Luther King to save the United States from its wars, or to show to the world how America resist to peace by all means. This will ensure for BRICS, in any case, moral leadership, peace excellence and high international prestige.

2. Respond to the central question: how BRICS and humanity can overcome nonviolently through the soft power of science the USA militaristic empire? As is possible the victory of peace over war in XXI century? It is possible, as many say [30].

3. Provide necessary development of the BRICS peaceful ideology and vision that Alexander Nagorny well stressed for Russia: "There is still much to do, including a fully formation of Russian ideological doctrine, which not o­nly will bring our country to the path of democracy and creativity but also will form the basis of foreign policy course, attractive to the outside world " [31]. A strong example for BRICS of such an ideology and vision is GPS.

This science is in the BRICS PDs hands will equip the technology of soft power with hundreds of methods of nonviolent resistance and opposition to American/NATO militarism to overcome its global aggressiveness. These methods destroy the 200 color revolutions methods developed in the US by political scientist Gene Sharp [32], used by the CIA and Pentagon to overthrow unwanted governments of America. GPS allows you to create a much more effective methods of nonviolent struggle against US/NATO militarism and anyone but requires tremendous work of the PDs and IAGP.

Without a strong positive and humanist ideology, as shown by the sad experience of Ukraine, to resist the growth of xenophobia and Nazism is impossible. This ideology is proposed in GPS called HARMONISM under flag of the universal value of harmony, recognized by all cultures and civilizations. This ideology arms the BRICS governments and their PDs with unique, holistic and effective spiritual tool of building world peace. This ideology and the Peace Departments as its active conductors allow escape from a century-long passive policy of peace and to oppose to the active aggressive policy of militarism the active advanced policy of global peace, which now, in the eve of war, is most needed for BRICS.

It is o­nly important to emphasize o­nce again that without similar government body, without the PDs o­n scientific basis of GPS cannot be conscious and purposeful work of global peacebuilding as it did not exist until now.

Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science (GPS)


16. Global Peace Science in the BRICS Hands: Alternative to Nuclear War and
Creating a Peaceful World Order. 4S Model. Subhash Chandra

The 21st century began with the United States world dominance as the sole superpower in the absence of the Soviet Union, with nuclear threat to humanity. It is the humanitys wake-up call. The present situation calls for a drastic strengthening of Global peace movement involving all the social, educational & political leaders of the world. The world of tomorrow cannot be tamed by the Culture of violence & war but can be tamed o­nly through the Culture of Peace from Harmony through Science.

Therefore, if mankind is to survive, it must require from governments of the recognition, development and application of the SPHERONS Global Peace Science (GPS) as a substantially new manner of social thinking. This requires the International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP) with the objectives of GPS development and preparation of professional peacemakers o­n its basis with academic degrees of bachelor, master and doctor of peacemaking Sciences. The BRICS peaceful countries are able to create such scientific Academy. BRICS is Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, bringing together almost half the world's population and recognizing the top priority "To Strengthen International Peace and Security" [22]. o­nly this Academy will equip BRICS unprecedented and insurmountable  scientific  advantage over a global aggressor (see above 10.12 and 10.13). o­nly this Academy will ensure the highest, scientific level of equal partnership in the BRICS, for which it was created, in contrast to the US alliances under their imperial diktat.

The Global Peace Science Mission in the BRICS peacemaking hands ensures Nuclear Free World and the full victory peace over war to the end of XXI century. The main objectives within this mission are:

Abolishing the nuclear weapons: ending a nuclear threat to humanity,

Ending wars and building bridges of Love & Peace from harmony through science and spirituality,

Moving from culture of war/violent mindset to culture of peace and harmonious mindset.

Therefore the GPS mission in the BRICS peacemaking hands is an alternative to nuclear war and building a new peaceful world order eroding any aggression, militarism and dictate. The militarist mindset is hostile to peace and deprives humanity survival prospect. This perspective can provide o­nly a peaceful mindset and consciousness based o­n GPS. In this direction GPS is an alternative to nuclear war and at the same time it is building new peaceful world order. These two functions within the single mission of GPS are inseparable and can exist o­nly together, reinforcing each other.

GPS is the science of peace, security, sustainability, justice and democracy from harmony for the future peaceful world order. GPS is a movement of creating awareness for nuclear abolition and developing nuclear free world through harmonious thinking & harmonious education. This is the path of humanity to a new, conscious, o­neness of mankind from global peace of SPHERONS based o­n GPS and its harmony with religion and other forms of social consciousness. Therefore GPS is the powerful nonviolent weapon in the BRICS hands to overcome the global aggressors, militarists and warlords.

The GPS Vision of the XXI century: Abolishing the Nuclear weapons (Nuclear Free World) and Building Peaceful World Order is presented in the GPS tetranet 4S-Model of Creating New World Order:


S1  Society, humanity as unity of four harmonious global classes  SPHERONS. In this direction GPS is science to create a peaceful planetary society from harmony of SPHERONS, employed/working in four key spheres of social production of necessary resources. The production of these resources can o­nly be achieved in harmony and peace, o­nly without the war, hostility and antagonism, which excludes this production for life of society and human [33];

S2  Sustainability as balanced evolution with nature of human civilization through inner, social harmony concorded with natural harmony of our Earth 7 spheres. In this direction GPS is science to create a sustainable future through social global peace from harmony, balancing human nature & environmental nature.

S3  Spirituality from o­ne global (natural and social) harmony through science, religion, art, media and other forms of public consciousness. It is the spiritual o­neness of humanity. In this direction GPS is science to create harmonious thinking and peaceful consciousness through harmonious education and culture. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive  Albert Einstein.

S4  Security as abolishing the nuclear and other weapons and also violence. In this direction GPS is science to create a Nuclear Free World through general and complete disarmament from social harmony. The key issue here is the repentance of the US government and legal assessment of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago as a war crime, without which the possibility of the USA new nuclear bombings is legally and morally open [34]. For more details about the model see here [21].

Global peace as a universal and constant attribute of humanity can be conscious o­nly through scientific evolution [35]. GPS is a new philosophical and sociological paradigm of the future for creating a nuclear free and peaceful world in the 21st century.

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA Secretary General; Address: Gurgaon (Haryana), India.

Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583 E-mail: schandra101@gmail.com


17. Sergei Glazyevs Project: Dependence of Russia and
BRICS Economy from the USA as Defeat in Hybrid War. Leo Semashko

(The GPS Editor in Chief Note. We are publishing below the key fragments from the Sergei Glazyevs Project: "About Urgent Measures to Counter the Threats to Existence of Russia" [36]. These fragments relate to the economies of all BRICS countries, although the emphasis is o­n the analysis and evaluation of the economic situation in Russia. Editor's comment is in the end).

"The US is trying to maintain its leadership through deployment of world war. The US aggression against Russia and the seizure of control over Ukraine is an constituent part of the global hybrid (chaotic) war waged by Washington to retain world leadership in the growing competition with China. Russia is selected as the direction of the main attack ... As a result of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the United States seized global leadership at the expense of excellence in development of new microelectronics-based information and communication technological structure and establishment of a monopoly o­n emission of global money ... The USA wants to keep the leadership through unwrapping global war in order to weaken as competitors as well as partners....

The Washingtons unleashed war differs from the previous lack of front-line clashes warring armies. It is based o­n the use of modern information and cognitive technologies with reliance o­n "soft power" and the limited use of military force in the format of punitive operations to punish the deprived of possibility to resist enemy. The bet is done to destabilize internal situation in the country-victim by the defeat of its social consciousness with subversive ideas, deteriorating socio-economic situation, cultivation of various opposition forces, graft of productive elite to weaken government institutions and overthrow the legitimate leadership with subsequent transfer of power to the puppet government. Such wars are called hybrid ... or ... chaotic.

By organizing a coup and establish full control over the structures of Ukrainian state power, Washington relies o­n the transformation of this part of the Russian world into a springboard for military, information, humanitarian and political intervention in Russia in order to transfer a chaotic war o­n its territory, organization of revolution and its subsequent dismemberment .... The organization of military conflict between Russia and the European countries of NATO o­n Ukraines territory is the most desirable scenario for the US, for whom the wars in Europe has always been "good"....

To conduct an independent policy, it is necessary to manage own economic development. By controlling production of the national economy, the adversary can manipulate behavior of the business community, critically affecting the living conditions of society. The war with it in these circumstances cannot be won, making impossible to conduct an independent foreign policy. It follows that the independent foreign policy of the Russian leadership should be supported restoration of national sovereignty and control over production and development of its own economy....

But the most important condition for neutralization of Western sanctions is a shift from external to domestic sources of credit. Repeatedly expressed by Russian scientists and experts of proposals to solve this problem, is categorically rejected the leadership of the Bank of Russia, which continues to orient its policy to serve the interests of foreign capital....

The contours of external control of economic and social life, being not aware and therefore not perceived and not dismantled are no less dangerous than other types of "containment" of Russia. The unawareness and gradualism (routine) appear features of cognitive weapon by which Russia is driven to externally imposed rut, institutional and financial pitfalls, create outrageous threat to national security, the risk of destruction in running full speed hybrid (economic, informational and other, until hot) war ... The contours of external control are added another dogma of the IMF o­n inadmissibility of currency restrictions...

Saving the dependent position of economy entails the defeat in the hybrid war ... The state of economic security is poor ... The main threat of economic sanctions is to isolate Russia from access to new technologies. If it is not neutralized in a few years, our economy would be in a state of irreversible lag....

Russia is set in the conditions of struggle for its very independent existence, where conservation of dependent status of economy from the western core of the world economic and financial system implies defeat in the hybrid war unleashed by the US and threat of loss of national sovereignty. The neutralization of this threat is impossible without changing the model of "integration" into the world economy, the formation of sovereign sources and mechanisms of development, without building a broad anti-war coalition of countries (notably the BRICS) based o­n mechanism of equal partnership, mutual benefit and respect for national sovereignty....

Dissatisfaction with the current global system of the USA undivided domination in it is common to all of the BRICS countries and can serve as a cementing basis for formation of the monetary union through phased weakening dependence from dollar-centric system .... The US imposes mechanisms of unequal foreign economic exchange, in which Russia loses about $100 billion annually The losses of budget due to leakage of capital are 839 billion rubles in 2012 (1.3% of GDP)....

Reduction of taxation for entrepreneurial activity can be offset by the introduction of a progressive income tax o­n individuals, which has become an organic part of life in most developed countries. The bulk of the tax revenues in they account for individuals, primarily to wealthy o­nes. In Russia, by contrast, more than 70% of tax collection falls o­n the legal bodies that suppresses business and investment activity.... The introduction of a progressive scale of tax o­n individuals with the highest rate of 40% would increase the budget revenues 5 trillion rubles. (Only the imposition of 130 billionaires of Russia with 40% tax increase budget revenues by 1.1 trillion rubles)...

Despite the deployed US financial war against Russia, Central Bank of Russia is still guided by tenets of the Washington Consensus, which are subordinate the macroeconomic policy to the interests of foreign capital. ... The Russian economy is working not more than 2\3 of its potential capacity, continuing to be the donor of global financial system .... "

Sergey Glazyev is a Russian politician and economist, Full Member of Russian Academy of Science since 2008. He was a minister in 1993, a member of the State Duma in 19932007, and now is presidential aide o­n economy.

The GPS Editor in Chief Comment. The Sergei Glazyevs Project and Report have a number of undoubted scientific merits in the mainstream of Global Peace Science (GPS), important for its substantiation and development.

Firstly, Glazyevs project is another scientific evidence, now from a position of economic reality, the GPS finding about the US/NATO as a global aggressor (Chapter 9), which extends its aggression, diktat, expansion and exploitation of the world economy, providing itself a whopping extra income through unequal international exchange and the entire liberal world system. This system was created and controlled by the United States. o­nly from Russia the USA seizes each year more than $100 billion as Glazyev shown.

Secondly, Glazyevs project opens a new intricate form of war  a hybrid war, which brings together the political, economic, information and social aggression, covering all four spheres of social life of any country, to destroy it from within and subordinate it to the US dictate if it is not already under this dictate. In this war, the military/armed actions are given as secondary, auxiliary role of intimidating and punitive force.

Thirdly, Glazyevs project shows that hybrid warfare is the USA global war directed against all nations, against "as competitors as well as partners", which is the o­nly way for the US to maintain its global dominance.

Fourthly, Glazyevs project exposed the ideology of American liberalism as an ideology of the USA global hybrid war with the world, both "as competitors as well as partners". Liberalism is a stage of spontaneous, unscientific, subjective regulation of the economic balance subordinated to dominant economic and political subject (PARTON), the last 70 years it is the USA. Liberalism prohibits governmental interference in the economy but does not interfere and encourages its militarization, so liberalism is the enemy of world peace and the source of global war. Therefore, in a truly peaceful society liberalism has no place. In such society, there is o­nly room for GPS as antipode of liberalism. Liberalism is the ideology advocating a total lie and war of the US, rejecting any social science and scientific theory, including GPS (see 4.5), which diverges with it.

Fifthly, most importantly, Glazyevs project has demonstrated the absence of a single conventional economic science, with the exception of some private economic theories. While traditional economic theories, especially Marxism, were debunked and discredited by collapse of the Soviet Union, the liberal economic theory debunks itself as anti-scientific ideology of the US, justifying aggression and global hybrid war o­n world for total domination over it. This ideology distorts all global indicators and indexes in the US favor; look, for example, our analysis of the Global Peace Index (4.3). This finding is confirmed also the Glazyevs project by numerous economic examples.

The opposing economic approaches: classic Marxism and liberalism are derived from a single source  from Marx's labor theory of surplus value. They reveal the limitations of this theory, if from it can be done the opposite conclusions. This theory is scientific in a very narrow range but it is powerless in the system/holistic problems. This theory is overcome and is included as a special moment in the spheral theory of surplus value or more broadly  in the science of global harmony and world peace. In the spheral theory the source of surplus value and any profit is recognized not o­nly direct labor but also totality of spheral conditions of the profit production. Therefore, profit should belong not o­nly to the owner of means of production (capital), but also to society as a whole, in a certain part. This requires limiting the maximum income/profit for capital, as well as law MAXIMIN/MINIMAX (see para 5.3.2).

In the same direction operates and the Tobin tax/law. GPS provides the key justification for all regulators of economic balance, including the Tobin tax, which is defined by the Italian scientist Raffaele Marchetti as a tool of "harmonization" [37]. The first ideas of spheral theory of surplus value were expressed in my first works o­n Tetrasociology: Sphere Approach (1992), Sociology for Pragmatists (1999), Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges (2002), but a holistic basis and the expression it found in the ABC of Harmony (2012) and Global Peace Science (2015) in their SOCIONOME and theory of SPHERONS. Together, they constitute a revolution of economic science, its qualitative shift from the partial theory of surplus value within the narrow confines of Marxism or liberalism to universal, common to all of global scientific economy o­n the objective spheral grounds.

But this idea remains a hypothesis to its deeper and detailed study in future spheral researches, we put just the beginning for them. The development of a spheral, global, objective and peacemaking economic science based o­n the GPS scientific theories of spheres of social production, SPHERONS, SOSIONOME, social harmony and the others  it is the next stage of development of GPS from social harmony, in which the economic balance/harmony is o­ne of the four required components. GPS offers a general way to create a holistic economic science, providing economic balance, which will be control democratically by all classes (SPHERONS) in every society through its democratic bodies, first of all through truly democratic and peacemaking, spheral government (see Chapter 8, para 8.9). Only such a science and conscious regulation o­n its base will free the economy from the class antagonism, disharmony and militaristic direction and ensure it fully peacefulness through the inner, economic harmony/balance.


18. BRICS Peace Matrix 2016:
From Global Disorder to New World Order in XXI Century. Subhash Chandra

1. Global Disorder. The 20th century was the most murderous in recorded history. Instead of the new world order, we have growing disorder. The international architecture set up after World War II, which received a new lease o­n life in 1990, is proving unable to cope with the challenges of our time. We are groping with new uncertainty. Whether it is in peace and security, climate change, international justice or global trade, there has been little progress. The Security Council is unable to ensure peaceful outcomes to crises like Libya, Syria and Ukraine. o­n the contrary, we even hear talk of a new Cold War said Kofi Annan [38].

2. New Threats to Humanity in 21st Century and its Future. The futures of our planet and humanity are inextricably woven together Peace, Poverty, Population explosion & Climate Change: the three are major threats to humanity. The biggest agenda of 21st century is how to save the Humanity & how to create the Global Peace & harmonious civilization? And how can create the New World Order? Peace and harmony is a basic prerequisite. Peace and harmony can bring a peaceful and stable order to society, and they are a necessary condition for the survival and holistic development of mankind.

3. Global Peace Science as the Science of Peace, People & Planet for saving the humanity & creating the New World Order in 21st century.

The modern shift of human thought is a transition from o­ne dimensional, industrial, disharmonious and partial thinking, powerless before the global harmony of the whole, to four dimensional harmonious holistic tetranet thinking, the ABC of which is unfolded in this book. It is the ABC of language, thinking, worldview and spiritual culture of harmonious civilization, starting from the 21st century, and the second axial age (Karl Jaspers) in the history of human thought. This greatest shift of human thought generates enthusiasm and happiness of the new civilization free from the horrors of the outgoing o­ne![39].

4. The Global Peace Science Mission in the BRICS peacemaking hands ensures Nuclear Free World and the full victory peace over war to the end of XXI century. The main objectives within this mission are:

1) Abolishing the nuclear weapons: ending a nuclear threat to humanity,

2) Ending wars and building bridges of Love & Peace from harmony through science and spirituality,

3) Moving from New World Disorder (hatred & violence) to New World Order (Peace & Harmony) in 21st Century,

4) Transforming from culture of war/violent mindset to culture of peace and harmonious mindset.

5. BRICS Peace Matrix 2016. Peace, People, Partnership, Planet & Prosperity (5Ps) are the five pillars for New World Order in XXI Century. It is the GPS 5 Ps Model/Matrix for BRICS to make harmonious world order.

The first pillar is Peace. Peace is not just the absence of war. Peace comes from social harmony through science  Global Peace Science (GPS). Peace is about community of people, about working together, sharing & caring each other, helping each other to live better and eliminating poverty: nearly 1/2 of the worlds population  more than 3 billion people  live o­n less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty  less than $1.25 a day. Peace is about partnership o­n all levels. Peace is about the planet  how to save & protect the planet through sustainable development goals? Peace is the foundation for progress, development & prosperity. GPS is the science of peace, justice and democracy from harmony. GPS is a movement to them through harmonious education, to be free from poverty, violence and wars. GPS is saving the Earth planet & Humanity.

6. Sustainable Development Goals for welfare of humankind are: 1. End poverty, 2. End hunger, 3.Ensure healthy lives, 4. Ensure quality education, 5. Achieve gender equality, 6. Ensure water and sanitation, 7. Ensure energy, 8. Promote economic growth, full employment and decent work, 9. Build resilient infrastructure, 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries, 11. Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, 12.Sustainable consumption and production, 13. Action to climate change, 14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources, 15. Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, 16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies, 17. Global partnership for sustainable development Within the goals are 169 targets and 304 indicators [40]. The UN Sustainable Development Summit projected this new set of 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) for the next 15 years to replace the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that were in place from 2000 to 2015. GPS unites, summarizes and develops these goals, targets and indicators into a coherent system of scientific knowledge about global peace from social harmony. The UN declared also the International Day of Peace 2015 as Partnerships for Peace  Dignity for All which aims all segments of society to work together to strive for peace [41].

GHA calls to inspire all World & BRICS Leaders to Think together & Act together with revolutionary change to create a Peaceful & sustainable world & developing New World order through Partnerships. For more details, see [42].

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA Secretary General; Address: Gurgaon (Haryana), India.

Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583E-mail: schandra101@gmail.com


19. Global Peace Science from Harmony Appeared in the XXI Century in
Fullness of Attributes, Required for its Use. Muhammad Khan

Global Peace Science (GPS) emerged in the Global Harmony Association (GHA), which was founded in 2005 by Dr. Leo Semashko. It is a great phenomenon of the world history and culture of mankind. In the very beginning its movement was somewhat slow but later it has expanded and accelerated by the efforts of GHA leader and its members. Bravo to our President, he was not discouraged. These efforts have been praised by many members of the GHA. For example, a poet and writer from Greece, Vice-President and Cofounder of GHA Takis Ioannides recently wrote: "Dear Leo and members  Peacemakers of GHA, GHA is a carrier and expression of culture, organized and coordinated perfectly. With diligent creators are. With projects are identified by scientific criteria, therefore safe. With a sense of responsibility towards humanity, GHA cares such as the identity, origin and quality of its works to be judged o­n the objectivity of science and not the political subjectivity. With main target to create a well-governed and peaceful Global Society, GHA is none government organization which respects and ensures the labors and achievements of its members (November 1, 2014).

Dear readers! We must not forget and have remembering the countless victims and irreversible destructions of the World Wars. We must not forget the American atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was very dreadful scene. Hundreds of thousands of guiltless people were perished in a very short time, including numberless women and children. In order for these crimes against humanity are not repeated, they should be excluded by conscious establishment of science-based global harmony, from which comes global peace. It is the GHA simple but deep formula: peace comes from harmony through science. From it a chain of ideas was developed gradually: 1. Social harmony  2. Science of harmony (The ABC of Harmony)  3. Four harmonious spheral classes of the population, SPHERONS (it is the Leo Semashkos great scientific discovery in his Tetrasociology)  4. General harmonious education in science of harmony  5. Harmonious social institutions: state, democracy, economy, media and others  6. Conscious (scientific) global peace, excluding any wars and armed conflicts.

Global Peace Science (GPS) book is not merely a book; it has been developed into unprecedented holistic social science (GPS) about all parts of a chain and formula of global peace from harmony through science. Each part of this formula is a special theory, character and symbol of Global Peace Science, which is characterized its three distinctive qualities: global actors of peace from harmony, scientific (spheral) revolution of peaceful thinking and the highest humanistic morality of scientific and civic ethics. This ethic requires from each of us active discussion; it will give the quality of GPS, its dialogue and consideration undoubtedly.

The GPS key concepts are SPHERONS  four spheral harmonious classes of the population as universal actors of global peace from harmony, which are employed in four spheres of social production and provide a permanent production of the four necessary and sufficient for human life resources: people themselves (P), information (I), organizations (O) and things (T) (material goods and services). SPHERONS is the GPS main attributes, of which are logically derived and theoretically develop all its other categories expressing the architecture of global peace. These SPHERONS are:

1. Socioclass:

People employed in Sociosphere; subject and product of this class are P.

2. Infoclass:

People employed in Infosphere; subject and product of this class is I.

3. Orgclass:

People employed in Orgsphere; subject and product of this class is O.

4. Technoclass:

People employed in Technosphere; subject and product of this class are T.

Economic activities are kept running in all the spheres. It is the complete description of all the macro preconditions of global peace from harmony of people/population through SPHERONS. Peace was not having science until now. Before the discovery of these classes and their theoretical analysis in Chapter 1 and their statistical (empirical) evidence in Chapter 2 GPS cannot was. Therefore peace was weak always in contrast with war. Hence the main objective of our peacebuilding project is an attempt to create GPS that peace conquered the war forever.

The discovery of SPHERONS as a natural soft power, winning all wars and any weapon is a revolutionary contribution of our project in solution of global peace problem. According to this science, peace will be achieved not through the readiness to war and the threat of war, but through the conscious construction of social harmony among all private groups within SPHERONS at all levels and in all societies through a global harmonious education in GPS since childhood. Of course, our project  it is o­nly the first and far from perfection attempt but it will give impetus and mark the beginning of a new kind of scientific activity aimed at ensuring global peacebuilding. GPS is a science, under the umbrella of which the new ideas and new inspiration for poets and scholars of social sciences emerge. GPS was born in the fullness of all attributes necessary for global peace in the XXI century.

Muhammad Khan, GHA member and Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony; International Writer and Poet; Chairman: Urdu, Sindhi Adabi Foundation, Karachi, Pakistan; Advocate: Sindh High Court, Karachi. E-mail: yunushavaida@gmail.com


20. A Cry for Help from Peacemakers: Thousands of them are Waiting for
Association and Assistance of BRICS. Leo Semashko

In the world there are hundreds of thousands of separate peace organizations and individual peacemakers, the political energy of which is dying in powerlessness, fragmentation and lack of a global unifying center, resources and assistance. Of course, this does not apply to those few, mainly American organizations that exist to grants and budget of the US government, State Department, CIA and Pentagon, but the purpose of which under the banner of peacemaking is not peace and masking of the American military empire, although they also ask for donations as, for example, the governmental US Institute of Peace, immersed in the war (see Swansons article about it in Chapter 12). We are not talking about them. We are talking about honest and brave peacemakers who, in spite of everything and contrary to all obstacles, doing their best for the sake of world peace. Millions of these peacemakers across the globe await association and assistance from Russia and BRICS as global peace center.The leaders of these countries need to know the mood prevailing among the peacemakers to use their colossal potential. In this book, it is published a lot of articles that reflect their moral and intellectual attitude. Below we publish an excerpt from o­ne of thousands of letters from despair peacemakers (it was published in full in Chapter 9.49).

"October 24, 2014. Dear Leo, "Commons Dreams" (independent peacemaking Internet Journal  LS) was here for you in the dark days of 2001 as Bush's global War o­n Terror began, highlighting the lies in the administrations post 9/11 arguments. We were here for you bringing you the truth as the Obama administration continued the now endless war. And now in 2014 we are still here for you as the voice of sanity, reason and reliable analysis. We can o­nly do this because we are non-profit. We sell no advertising. We rely o­n support from you, our readers, to keep us moving forward. And it is your support that has kept us fiercely independent. We are writing you now because Common Dreams needs your help to keep moving forward. It is absolutely critical that we meet our fall fundraising goal of $50,000. Can we count o­n your help today? We have to stop this endless war. We have to stand together. We wont be silenced. But we cant do it without you. With deepest gratitude, Bethany Snow for the whole Common Dreams news team: http://www.commondreams.org/donate.

This strong letter calls for a peacemaking BRICS governments to take decisive actions, a huge range of which is scheduled in this book GPS. The peacemakers do not hope in anyone in solidarity aid.

Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science (GPS)


21. The NewSilk Road: Project of Peace from Harmony through Science between East and West, Initiated by BRICS. SubhashChandra

The world faces old and new threats to humanity in 21st Century economical- poverty & population issues; environmental crisis- climate change; and peace & security challenges that are more complex than our multilateral and national institutions are currently capable of managing.

This article expresses o­nly the GHA idea and proposal to develop project "New Silk Road" in BRICS o­n base of GPS as o­ne of the key projects for Global Peace of East and West, Asia and Europe. New Silk Road (NSR) covers three BRICS countries: China, India and Russia, as well as a number of countries in central Asia and Europe. It is not o­nly economic but also political and peacebuilding project, which requires a fundamental scientific substantiation in Global Peace Science (GPS) within the International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP), which we proposed to establish in Simferopol (see para 10.14). The mission of this project is: "To strengthen the international relations and cooperation through peace and partnership for peace."

The fundamental structural foundation of the New Silk Road (NSR) project 2016 is a system: One Planet  o­ne World Harmony  o­ne Global Peace  o­ne Silk Road  o­ne Global Peace Science (GPS), in more detail about it see [21a]. This project is able to integrate o­n a single scientific basis the rich historical and contemporary achievements of all cultures and civilizations, through which the NSR runs.

It will meet the high demands of our time, which were well formulated by Kofi Annan, in his Nobel speech: "In new century, we must start from the understanding that peace belongs not o­nly to states or peoples but to each member of those communities. The sovereignty of states must no longer be used as a shield for gross violations of human rights. Peace must be made real and tangible in the daily existence of every individual in need. Peace must be sought, above all, because it is the condition that enables every member of the human family to live a life of dignity and security" [43].

Development and implementation of the project "New Silk Road" will be an innovative contribution to building world peace and in the establishment of new peacemaking thinking o­n scientific platform that will provide the BRICS, as the author of this project, the high international prestige at its unique economic efficiency. It will be creating a Peaceful Society & Sustainable World through GPS as the science of peace, sustainability and democracy from harmony. GPS is a movement to Peace from harmony and Partnerships for Peace to create a new world order [21a].

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA Secretary General; Address: Gurgaon (Haryana), India.

Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583 E-mail: schandra101@gmail.com


22. Resume. Peace  Front of Russia/BRICS as Key Instrument for
Global Peace and Collective Security. Tetranet Model. Leo Semashko

The previous chapter outlined a well-organized global militaristic front with the US/NATO leadership acting as a world aggressor of geopolitics. This chapter was presented the global peacebuilding front (Peace-Front) with the Russia/BRICS leadership acting as a global peacemaker of geopolitics(see also 8.25). But it has hardly formed in this mission and insufficiently organized that does not allow it to actively and effectively counter to militaristic front through nonviolent, peaceful means. As defined, the main reason for this weakness of the BRICS Peace-Front is the lack of appropriate science  Global Peace Science (GPS), without which there cannot be the effective organization and resultative actions of this front. In Chapter 10, in addition to Chapter 8, were presents the proposals and general outlines of the necessary institutions for this front to overcome its indicated weakness. The first turning point and a decisive action o­n this way is the establishment of the International Academy for Global Peace (IAGP  see 8.4) BRICS in the Crimea in Simferopol as a university city, to which was devoted the collective message of more than 130 coauthors of GPS (see 10.12). This message is practical center of Chapter 10. Without GPS the BRICS alliance will never become a global peacebuilding leader and never will achieve the victory of peace over war in the 21st century. BRICS and its Peace-Front without GPS never overcome the subordinate position in geopolitics from the USA/NATO global aggressor and will not provide the nonviolent collective security from this aggressor.

Understanding the key conditions of a BRICS necessary transformation into global peacebuilding leader capable to overcome nonviolently the USA/NATO global aggressor gives Tetranet model below. It summarizes and generalizes the constructive ideas of Chapter 10 in the following chain of concepts:

1. SPHERONS (population) of the BRICS countries (42% of the world population), and the BRICS peaceful governments, expressing the SPHERONS peace interests 

2. Development of Global Peace Science in the BRICS International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP) 

3. Organization of the BRICS Peace-Front, its system institutions and nonviolent actions 

4. Nonviolent overcoming global aggressor of geopolitics, complete disarmament and victory of peace over war in the 21st century.

Tetranet Model-21b.
Global Peacebuilding Leadership of BRICS:
Victory of Peace over War in the 21st Century

This model expresses a common frame and final result of the BRICS peacebuilding front, which brings together all peaceful countries in nonviolent overcoming the global aggressor and in conscious (scientific) building global peace in the 21st century.

We have not touched in this chapter the thin but very important issue of cooperation of the BRICS Peace-Front with the US/NATO military front to prevent a nuclear war. Of course, the BRICS Peace-Front should use every opportunity in this area if the goals of BRICS and USA coincide, for example, as within the elimination of the terrorist state ISIS, which threatens the lives of all people o­n Earth. Unfortunately, we now see as US militarism is inconsistent even within this shared goal, trying to find any opportunity to use ISIS terrorists against Russia, BRICS and other peaceful states. We see that the US refuses to cooperate even in their purpose of destroying ISIS: for the USA is more important to destroy the legal regime of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria than the ISIS terrorists. Therefore, the question of cooperation between the two opposing geopolitical fronts requires a special investigation in the future, in the BRICS International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP  see 10.12).

Another equally important issue is initiation of the International Tribunal for the USA war crimes against humanity since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that killed more than 200 thousand innocent civilians (other war crimes the USA see 9.30 and others in Chapter 9) to the premeditated bombing a hospital of organization "Doctors without Borders" in early October 2015 in Afghanistan, which killed 22 innocent doctors and patients of the hospital [44]. All those endless crimes against humanity of the USA are for them not o­nly "shame without borders" [45] but also legally responsibility for them. Unfortunately, in 70 years no organization, including the UN, initiated a similar responsibility of USA. Obviously, this can and should make the BRICS Peace-Front. o­nly it is able to overcome the impenetrable wall of silence of the US war crimes against humanity for 70 years.

Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science (GPS)



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