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Chapter 11. Global Peace Art. For Harmony - against Terrorism=Militarism

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Chapter 11

Global Peace Art
For Harmony, against Terrorism=Militarism


1.Peace and Prosperity of the World. Abdul Kalam

2.To Abdul Kalam. Dedication. GHA

3.To Abdul Kalam World Harmony Creator. Apostolos J. Paschos

4.Victory of Peace over War. We Love to. Ashok Chakravarthy

5.Peace Haiku Sequence. Ram Krishna Singh

6.September 21: Day of International Peace & Harmony. Kartar Singh

7.We are in Harmony, When Laj Utreja

8.Ancient Olympias Wish Global Peace via Science. Dionysis S. Georgakopoulos

9.GPS: Victory of Peace over War. Fecund Tool for Peace. Takis Ioannides

10.Peace from Harmony Wins the War. Athanassios Koumouris

11.Ode to the Peace Hero. Dimitris P. Kraniotis

12.Love and Peace. Apostolos J. Paschos

13.Revolution of Peace Poetry from Global Peace Science. Muhammad Khan

14.The Weeping Branch, Hilarie Roseman

15.A Peace Carol. Global Peace. Peaceloveology. Ayo Ayoola-Amale

16.Fragile Peace without Science. Delasnieve Daspet

17.Peaceloveology: Love, Peace and Harmony. Maria Cristina Azcona

18.Peace Comes from Harmony. Ime Biassoni

19.GHA Peaceloveology. Celia Altschuler

20.A Natural Result. Edie Woodburn

21.July 4, 2015. Happy Birthday, USA! Reality and Dreams. Teresinka Pereira

22.Women of Peace. Bruce L. Cook

23.Ministry for Peace. Guy Crequie

24.I am a World Citizen for Global Peace. Rene Wadlow

25.To My Palestinian Sister.Ada Aharoni

26.Where is Peace? José Maria Lopera

27.Peace. Zaure Hizatolla

28.Do The Russians Want War? Yevgeny Yevtushenko

29.War Tornado Wanders around the World. Peace to XXI Century. Adolf Shvedchikov

30.No to War! Dedicated to L.M.S. Yuri Tsimbalist

31.Where is the Conscience Border? Tatyana Vorontsova

32.Peace Defeat War. On the GHA Tenth Anniversary!!! Nina Yudina

33.Does a Woman Need War? Svetlana Vetrova

34.We are Committed to Peace. Katherine Semashko

35.To Petro Poroshenko! Elena Sazhnova

36.Peace. Polina Semashko

37.For the Victory of Peace. Stephan Semashko

38.Peace is Life, War is Death. Leo Semashko

39.Russian Civilization: Harmony and Inseparability of World and Peace. Leo Semashko

40.Two Marxes. Leo Semashko, Adolf Shvedchikov

41.Human is Not War but Peace from Harmony. Leo Semashko, Yuri Tsymbalist

42.The Harmonizing Art of Planetary Peace: Music. Leonid Timoshenko

43.Peace Maxims for PEACE. Takis Ioannides

44.Spirituality of Harmonization in Art of Global Peace. Susana Roberts

45.Let us Leave Love for Harmony to Descendants! Yuri Tsymbalist

46.Two of Marx, Two Titans: Two Civilizations. Leo Semashko

47.The GPS First Part Summary. The GPS World Sensation and How it Can be Explained? Why GPS was not Before and Why it is Needed Now? SOCIOKOSMOS and Globalization as the GPS sources. Leo Semashko


Peace comes from harmony of SPHERONS

through science and education.

The GHA scientific peace formula



The majority of Russian-language poems were translated into English by Adolf Shvedchikov and all poems have been edited by Leo Semashko. We would like to stress o­ne important circumstance. The published poems below are very different in quality, to what has affected the translation also. There are some great poems but there is, quite frankly, not very. However, we have published them as a pioneer, written in the genre of innovative poetry about global peace, with the relevant requirements, as a reward for courage of authors, who are not afraid of the possibility of error and gone in an unexplored creative way. We ask readers to take these verses indulgent and understanding the situation from which they came out with dignity although not with the best quality. The poets will be able to lift it in the second edition of this book in a year. Sincere thanks to Adolf Shvedchikov for help in translation.


1. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Poet, President of India in 20022007
Peace and Prosperity of the World

This decade met millions of youth

What did I learn from the youth decade?

Youth have the dream,

Youth have the pain,

Youth have the power.

Our future, the foundation of the future,

Youth and youth, the youth dream:

Can they live in a clean green environment without pollution.

Prosperity without poverty,

Experience peace without fear of war

And happily live in peace, worldwide.

The world needs the great vision of peace and prosperity?

Peace and prosperity of all the nations of the planet Earth.

How to make it, such a vision, a reality?

I see a dawn of beautiful Star,

The dawn of shining vision,

The emergence of enlightened citizens.

The enlightened citizens engulf all the nations

Acquiring Education with value system,

Bridging spirituality of every religion.

And enabling the birth of poverty free world.

All weaving into a beautiful mission of life

The youth seeing the birth of a great star

Radiating peace and prosperity of the world.

30 November 2010, India (Presented at XXXth World Congress of Poets at Taipei, Taiwan)


2. To Abdul Kalam. Dedication

The GHA Global Peace Science (GPS) is dedicated to the memory of a great human, peacemaker, poet, scholar and politician, o­ne of the GPS founders (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585), GHA Honorary Member since 2005, coauthor of The ABC of Harmony (2012: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478), having the GHA Highest Honorary Title: WORLD HARMONY CREATOR (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513), President of India in 20022007,

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who died suddenly of a heart attack o­n July 27, 2015 during a public lecture at the Indian Institute of Management in Shillong city.

GHA is deeply saddened and suffering with the death of the greatest peacemaker of the early 21st century and the GPS founder. GHA expresses its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Kalam.

His death is a great loss not o­nly to India but to whole humanity. But he will live forever in his creativity, in his GPS, in his poetry, in his great contributions to peace culture of India and humanity in general. GHA, July 28, 2015


3. To Abdul Kalam World Harmony Creator

Human is the conscious, the mental,

the intellectual o­ne who has free will,

who has true faith in the word of Christ,

who is a carrier of solidarity of human society,

of gender justice, of communication quality,

as a citizen of race, of genus,

as a citizen of state and nation.

He is the promoter man of equality of peace,

of family, of society, of any state.

Peace is the Harmony daughter,

and bliss is her granddaughter.

Peace is a Gods gift, globally,

for the brotherhood of Christ,

and protection by any cunning discord,

by every dissension

and any leakage of global Harmony,

for the suppression of any war,

of any hostilities and from any human suspension.

The man of God

is the creator of global Peace

and workmanship ofHarmony.

By Apostolos J. Paschos, Dr Nuclear Medicine, historian, poet, writer, lecturer. Greece.

Translation from Greek to English by Takis Ioannides


4. Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy, Poet, India

Victory of Peace over War

Beautiful nature,

Eternal peace,

The creators greatest gift.

Honor or dishonor,

Like or dislike,

For human choice its left.

The nectarine peace

At the threshold of world

Wait for our sensible choice

To choose betwixt,

Victory of Peace over War.


Flowers blossom.

The serene season of spring

Showers solace and comfort.

Lighting our hearts lamp,

The seed of peace they plant;


To nurture a human bondage

That lasts forever in a true spirit,

Yes, why not we lighten others,

With the wick of love and faith,

And choose betwixt,

Victory of Peace over War.


The tempting spells of egoism,

The surging waves of revulsions,

Create fissures amongst humans,

And play havoc with own survival.

Why not with love and concern

Why not with ideals of compassion,

Why not with a resolute option,

We script harmonic association,

To rejoice victory of Peace over War,

And bind ourselves with a true fervor

To usher Global Harmony, forever.


We Love to.

In the deep woods, spectacular and beautiful

The black cuckoo sings a song, remorseful;

Concern over human-conflicts it voices a tale

And the theme echoes across the hills and dale.

Are we so averse to live in peace o­n planet earth?

The caravan of black ants, run hither and thither

Infiltrations and invasions drive them with fear;

What if, if every living being choose to live in Peace?

Lo! Harmony encircles us any time, at every place.

Cannot we aspire to live in harmony o­n planet Earth?

A group of pigeons; like a dispersing cloud, flee

In the far-off habitats they hear human cries;

A mother for her child, a child for mother weeps,

What with enmity and hatred humans shall reap?

Are we not born to peacefully co-existing o­n planet earth?

The stream and deep woods swarm with living creatures,

Without grudge they brace to face all adverse weathers;

But, they feel scared and insecure by human actions

They cannot express, yet, enlighten us with reactions

Are we the o­nly beings vying to have hold o­n planet earth?

As a universal sect of living creatures o­n planet earth

Why cant we make a difference by sharing love and faith?

The bond of universal-love paves a way for pleasant survival,

Yes, why not we ensure buds of love to blossom in o­ne and all;

Hailing to impart, we love to establish Peace o­n planet Earth!


5. Ram Krishna Singh, Professor of English, Poet, India

Peace Haiku Sequence

Quest for PEACE:

Spiritual Flickers


Plodding away at

seasons conspiracies

life has proved untrue

with God an empty word

and prayers helpless cries

I wish I could live

natures rhythm free from

bondage of clock-time

rituals of work and sleep

expanding haiku present

on the prayer mat

the hands raised in vajrasan

couldnt contact God 

the prayer was too long and

the winter night still longer


the souls pursuit hidden

by its own works:

the spirits thirst, the strife

the restless silence, too much

unable to see

beyond the nose he says

he meditates

and sees visions of Buddha

weeping for us

seeking shelter

under the golden wings

of Angel Michael

a prayer away now

whispers the moon in cloud

not much fun 

cold night, asthmatic cough

and lonely Christmas:

no quiet place within

no fresh start for the New Year







Night bombing

leaves the garden

white as death

vultures waiting

for the leftovers

of the sacrifice

whiteness of the moon

and rocks howl with the wind

fear in the veins

in the ruins

searching her photo:


in the diary

searching phone numbers of

friends now alive

awaits his son's

phone call from the border:

dogs and cats wail

a dead voice

calling up at dawn:

drowsy eyes


on her bed rings

the cell phone

crowded streets

moving among the years

wretched faces

shell-shocked or frozen

he stands in tears o­n hilltop

craving nirvana

unmoved by the wind

he sits o­n a rock wearing

peace of the lake

searching peace

in the dark blankness

of minds silence

in silence

one with the divine will

growing within


6. Kartar Singh, Pro vice Chancellor University of Patanjali, India

21 September: Day of International Peace & Harmony

Let this 21st September be special o­ne,

Let the whole universe feel as united o­ne.

Let us make a simple treatise,

Let all of us live in total peace.

Let us live and let others live too,

That is the way to survive as more than two.

Let there be no threat and no tears,

Let everyone live without fears.

Let universal brotherhood be our ultimate goal,

Let peace and harmony be in our souls.

Let the hate of colour, creed and religion disappear,

Let the universal peace and harmony reappear.

Let Panch Sheela (Five principles) be our final line,

Let all of us rise, smile and shine.

Let Panch Sheela be the foundation of harmony,

Let it be the ultimate goal and testimony.

Let the five basic principles rule,

Let us not allow anyone to fool.

Firstly, respect others territorial integrity,

Secondly, NO aggression with any entity,

Thirdly, NO interference with other affairs,

Fourthly, Equality and mutual benefit in all spheres,

Fifthly, accept peaceful coexistence of all countries,

We can thus live in harmony for centuries.


7. Laj Utreja, Director, Global Harmony Institution, India

We are in Harmony, When

Our senses shine brightly in appreciating others

Our minds are lit with the light of understanding others

Our intellects glow in the light of harmony

Our actions shine in the light of service of the needy others

Our words are sweet for the lonesome others

Our thoughts become adorned with the beauty of harmony

Our presence lights the lamps of love spontaneously

We are devoid of lust, anger, greed, attachment, malice and jealousy

We love generously, care deeply , speak kindly and live in harmony

Living in a multi-faith, race and culture society

We believe and think we are just like beads in a rosary

All connected together with the same divine string of harmony


8. Dionysis S. Georgakopoulos, Self-taught Folk Poet, Greece

Ancient Olympias Wish Global Peace via Science (GPS)

Cradle of humanity, glorious Olympia, hail!

And may your inspiration to men never fail.

Let every human heart be warmed by your divine light,

Which beautifies, illuminates and fills souls with delight.

When the nations swarm to the holy land every four years

To partake of your sacred flame, their eyes filled with tears,

They hear from you and from all over Greece

The most ardent wish for LOVE and PEACE.

That men may change their manners,

Giving up hatred, evil and strife,

And that all the worlds leaders

May shake hands, to start a new life.

That they may decide to disarm

And start being humane

To the wretched enslaved nations

That long for freedom in vain.

That they may rule justly

to realize the old dream

That in our world eventually

LOVE and PEACE will reign supreme.

Hail Greece, felicitous mother

of Olympia, the glory and pride

of Ilia, your most beautiful daughter,

where the gods chose to abide.

(It was inspired in Olympia, birthplace of light, in March 1984. This poem has been set to music)


9. Takis Ioannides, Poet, Journalist and Writer, Greece

GPS: Victory of Peace over War

Never moral contraction occur with the war,

only the poorer social classes are called defiantly

to pay the heavy price of the lethal wars,

to feed the ferocious appetites of the creators of wars.

The logical reasoning of man has been jailed in the contradiction of war, and the modern man produces the hazardous quality of global culture.

The predatory contemporary of any scientist

who manufactures the lethal weapons,

and the dangerous and sick minds

who create the humiliation of mankind

by selling and using them, for money and power,

ignore the universal harmony

and the values and virtues importance.

During our present dark war times some of our fellow humans dared to raise their spiritual stature,

and with faith in human ideals offer donated the deposit of their souls, for the mankind survival.

In the name of human dignity and harmonious coexistence of humans

Was build the unique Global Peace Science,

revealing a great message for humanity

that we all together can work to unite our souls

to banish all that divides us, without weapons and wars,

but with the harmony in our hearts.

Fecund Tool for
Universal Peace

The modern human spirit

with the fecund tool of

Global Peace Science,

is able,


To neutralize the objective reason

which nourish the reversal of human values


To assess properly the hierarchy

of those values


To alter the thinking and practice

of modern human

In the harmonious development of both,

the technical and morality


To achieve a transcendental

and simultaneously worldly

Affirmation of Life.



10. Athanassios Koumouris, Blind Poet and Writer, Greece

Peace from Harmony Wins the War

If I could catch the sun in order to send light

in all sunless areas of planet Earth,

you know, I cannot walk,

but I am holding the white flower of Global Peace Science in my hand,

its the unique harmonious book teaching us,

that o­nly Peace from Harmony wins the war.

If your heart and soul are pure and conscious,

If you are able to reach the salutary meaning of Harmony,

if you approach and use it with respect,

then the sun will drop its light to Earth,

and I will send it to you with a white Peace Dove.

Mothers of all nations raise your full of power voice

together with these of your children,

shouting in the ears of the demented humans, that,

the matter of war concerns also you.

You, the power-full humans of planet earth

lets give your hands each other

to convert the war rockets to doves of PEACE.

Translated from Greek into English language by Dr. Takis Ioannides


11. Dimitris P. Kraniotis, Physician and Poet, Greece

Ode to the Peace Hero

You were born o­nce

for a thousand revolutions.

You died o­nce

with a thousand resurrections.

You enlightened eternal ideals

into chests full of dreams.

You blew poets words

into harmonious winds.

You got hurt by faceless wounds,

slapped injustices,

you fought for freedom,

and won for peace.


12. Apostolos Paschos, Poet, Writer, Lecturer. Greece

Love and Peace

Love and Peace

improve the quality of life,

move the human soul,

guarantee the global justice,

are the wisdom of present and future.

Love and peace

are the true global understanding,

the approaching friendship between nations and states,

the equality of education and soul cultivation,

the beginning of progress and civilization.

Love and Peace of the global citizens,

are the chance of rulers who are hostile against humanity, to abolish all wars,

also for those who are slaves of wars.

Love and Peace

are the chance of major powers exploiters,

against small nations bad turn,

of rich countries with passion to covetousness, for swindling money.

Love and peace are gifts of God,

Who now offers them to every man,

and rulers have to offer them,

not suffer the citizens of the world.

Translated from Greek into English language by Dr. Takis Ioannides


13. Muhammad Khan, Chairman, Sindhi Adabi Foundation and Poet, Pakistan

Revolution of Peace Poetry from Global Peace Science

In the 21st century there came from rags of wars

revolutionary idea of Global Peace Science (GPS)

based o­n the values of Global Harmony Association (GHA).

Poets are invited to create scientific new ideas in the

new poems for the GPS book, to teach people

with new thoughts about peace.

The GHA founders lit a revolutionary idea,

which is unique in its nature but requires the support,

creative self-sacrifice and the new poetic imagination.

Muse of peace poetry inspires us to new ideas and images

of victory peace over war in the XXI century

through GPS and its consciousness.

This book is needed for every child, every family,

to sow the seeds of peace from harmony in the hearts,

to achieve lasting peace today and tomorrow.

Poets should discredit militaristic thinking

and the payment of taxes for war, to encourage disarmament

under the laws of peace.

There is no doubt to create peace o­n a scientific foundation

of the societys spherons, discovered in GPS.

as the eternal source of love, equality and peace.


14. Hilarie Roseman, Theologian, Painter and Poet, Australia

The Weeping Branch

I picked the azaleas from the garden 

they were mauve 

and placed them in a crystal vase.

The blooms grew from the dead wood

of the table where we lunched

We were ageing  and in grossed in

the story that was being told.

First of all the outside, the peripheral

that was deemed to be important by others.

But the truth grew out of it

And the truth was not a pleasant truth

And it took a time in the telling

And as each little piece was unfurled

from this hideous fruit, the branch of the azaleas

drooped and a drop of water slipped into the cloth

I do not know why I watched the branch

weeping  for as I glanced back again and again

there was always another drop of water to slip

silently into the white cloth and

dissolve away in the polyester threads

The woman was not weeping  and perhaps

the branch felt for her so strongly that

it took over the grief and the weeping

so that she could tell her story well

And the cloth hid the evidence

When she had left I took the azaleas

out to my son in the kitchen and said..

look...can you see the branch and the leaf

glistening with water? Yes he said

It cried for her I said

Mother you see things where there is nothing

he replied. But can you see the water there? Yes he said

Well, that branch wept, with o­ne drop after another

and she could not, and I could not we are bare!

Our tears are long gone, shed and left our bodies

Running like rivers from eyes that fed cheeks

with salted water, welling and dripping

sliding and then leaving traces and marks

where they had been.

Age takes away the river of tears 

They are all gone  shed and gone.

And the branch weeps for us who cannot

And the cloth waits to receive the water

That will revive the flower of hope


15. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Lawyer, Teacher, Poet, Ghana

A Peace Carol. Global Peace. Peaceloveology


Peace is the sun, moon and stars.

Peace is the heart, mind and soul.

I love their music.


A century bursts like the emptiness of the desert. Minds broke open.

Hearts hold the sun to the earth in new attire.

The truth dresses up above, always above, and spat into life and life again.

The first dawn breaks forth in love.

A science. A mind. An awakening at the heart of the world.

The truth dresses up above, always above, and spat into life and life again

The world is looking for a heart and all of history, a mind to walk out of the clouds.

The truth dresses up above, always above, and spat into life and life again.

PEACELOVEOLOGY (Love is peace  peace from harmony)

With the waking of light, with the waking of hearts, peace is woven true.

With the waking of truth, the soul is love.

The loveliest of the root of immortality

Stuck with beauty like roses, as pulses wake to life.

With the waking of light, with the waking of hearts, peace is woven true.

With the waking of truth, the soul is love.

Hearts like flowers bud and bloom. The earth sings. I hear the song.


16. Delasnieve Daspet, Lawyer, Poet, Writer, Peacemaker, Brazil

Fragile Peace without Science

I have come to think, that peace

Is not entwined in the mind

Of man

Where the strongest rule over

Among all of these nations

Of man

Difference of skin and culture

Creates an ingrained intolerance

That moves the collected consciousness

Each difference worsens this earth,

If harmony cannot be found

For a dialogue to open

Without our full attention,

Without global peace science in mind

Peace will be lost!


Translated from Portuguese into English language by Pedro Silva


17. Maria Cristina Azcona, Writer and Poet, Argentina

Peaceloveology: Love, Peace and Harmony

Light and sweet the spirit floats over the oceans face

Making distances each time lower using the Internet

Peaceloveology is the meeting of philosophy and arts

A new encounter where the sciences are focused to find

The establishment of harmonious peace and love

Peaceloveology is born in the Global Harmony Association

A group conformed by Peace Leaders all around the globe

And their collective book THE ABC OF HARMONY

A marvelous pearl of wisdom that astonishes everybody

Because for first time has found a route to make it possible

The conformation of a solution to the international problem

Lets start the revolution of the ideas and the ideals around Tetrasociology

Where many thinkers from different countries try to discuss the way out

Using the old brainstorming method that comes from the old Sociology

That has not conveniently retaken and reused from new perspectives now

Now you are in front of Peaceloveology and everything ́s will be fine


18. Ime Biassoni, Writer and Poet, Argentina

Peace Comes from Harmony

The world was given us by God

without limits or flags,

time over eternity

made necessary,

but narrow minds

they looked inward.

How to affirm peace life

that we embrace all

and throw away the military metal

to remain healthy

and always effective and nutrient?

I found peace base in harmony

In love into consent and concord

but it is hurt and bleeding ...

I clasped hands to sing

sublime roulades of peace ...

It was not enough, I had to go there ...

See the other as my brother

hand to the needy

using the word as Einstein,

Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Cassin,

Rabin, Kahan and many more ...

Make an open circle

with a strong magnet attracting

that Israel and Palestine

They join forever.

I love to love without borders

I want your peace and mine,

if a common goal unites us

sit down to talk,

for love to revive in the stars

inhaling aromas of harmony

Israel and Palestine deserves it.

Anger, with or without wrinkles

wet enmity

calls the conflict,

but with a white bow of harmony

destroy the racist poster.

Securities need dreamers

and courage to face evil.

Peace comes from harmony

From love to consent and concord


19. Celia Altschuler, Artist, Poet, Translator, French Professor, Puerto Rico

GHA Peaceloveology

We the children of Mother Gaia

A living spiritual flesh of Nature

wording verbs of Peace and Love

Brush strokes of inner harmony

All that is seen from up above

we diligent earthly messengers

Wings of golden love and joy

We spread the poetical words

of a coming peacefully lighted world

for all matter and life o­n Earth

Like good will hard working ants

we follow our treasured goals

love in its many expressions

a path of intellectual reasoning

that interacts in many ways with

Compassion and Kindness

creating a solid bond between

Science, Ethics, and Humanities

A way to Harmonious Living

as written in the ABC book

of Harmony for Peace Education

a gift for the present world at need

and also for our future generations

With respect for every living thing

and endless walking path to joy

a pride of sharing our similarities

and overcoming our differences

with a smile, a nice word, and hand shake.

We are those angelic earthly messengers

reaching out our voices at this moment

to this world, healing its wounds from

absurdity and collective separation

in order to bring back our humanity to its

Center of Spiritual Harmonious Gravity


20. Edie Woodburn, Poet, USA

A Natural Result

This reveals what the natural result would be if:

People collectively came to the realization that

every human being is a member of the same family,

and with nondiscriminating goodwill ruling their

consciences, upheld religious tolerance, human

equality, and respect for cultural diversity;

People's love for their country became inextricably

entwined with their love for their planet,

and they came to realize that all nations of people

can profit in the most meaningful and enduring ways by

embracing all-inclusive global friendships;

Propelled by a spirit of cooperation

exercised freely, which every government

advocated without attempting to enforce,

communities of people throughout the

earth learned to work together in harmony;

People became contented with being able to earn

everything that they need to survive

along with a few modest luxuries,

caring for all others and therefore wanting

everyone to be able to earn a decent living;

Prompted by concern for all the inhabitants of

earth, mankind renounced the gross materialism

and lust for dominance that arise from self-

centeredness, and discovered there is plenty o­n

earth for everyone o­n it to share responsibly.


21. Teresinka Pereira, Poet, IWA President, USA

July 4, 2015. Happy Birthday, USA! Reality and Dreams

We have a lot to celebrate:

the end of all wars as dream,

and the end of

the blockade against Cuba as reality.

Also: the American people are taking

conscience of police brutality,

walking o­n the streets

requiring justice against discrimination.

We are ready to ask for more:

that the USA leave Venezuela

alone with their political

and social advances,

and stop getting involved

in Latin American countries'

free choice of government

and social-political affairs.

Let the US lives in peace

and harmony with the world!

It is the great life dream for

the American people and Earth!


22. Bruce L. Cook. Writer, Poet and Publisher. USA

Women of Peace

Welcome new age in the winds

Women leading nations

Women leading peace

Regretting past grievances

Fair play replacing injustice

Remembering mens past leadership

When bombs made truth

When God was blamed

Vanity of leaders hiding from view

Men seeking status and wealth

Men loving injustice, blaming tradition

Delighting death-won victories

Protecting roles that perpetuate

Praising formulas and footnotes

Replacing justice with self-interest

Males and females together now

Proving their weakness 

Male leaders used fear

Blocking messages of truth

Binders of censorship have loomed

How can a change happen?

A new Babel fills networks

Small phones hum, unrestrained

All speaking without punishment

Too many for leaders to count

In new age so apparent

Women in council with voice

Women leading with fairness

Women who share mens feelings

Offering so much more

Women of peace pondering still

Knowing mens desires, revenge, anger

Now adding solutions, empathy, caring

Awareness of planet whole

As bombs and weapons sicken all

This age of women who lead

Joining the men who led before

Leading forward, newfound justice

Bringing song, literature, art

An age of harmony for this world


23. Guy Crequie, Philosopher, Poet, Writer and Vocalist, France

Ministry for Peace

The vocabulary

With its raison d'être

Who directs the body

And aiming of the hearts

In the majority of the countries

To protect from the borders

Or to assert surfaces

The deputy Minister

Estimate yourself very honored

Of a marked name:

"Minister for the armies

Minister for defense

Minister for the marine

Minister for the collective security

Sometimes even and alas Minister for war."

With these titles of being able

We assert the action

Of a Ministry for peace

A such vibrato

A fugitive thought

Darkness of a camaieu

With the contempt of the arrogances

Any ambulation

In the long valleys

On the seas turquoises

Close to the silver plated peaks

Guarantor of the life

Your army is this cry

Peace does not have a price

Ministry for survival

Safeguard spirits

Will of cosmos

Called our wishes.


24. Rene Wadlow. President, Association of World Citizens, France

I am a World Citizen for Global Peace

My life is interwoven

with countless other lives,

together we create the wholeness

that is the Earth.

It cannot exist without global peace,

It cannot exist in global war,

In what the Earth will burn

So I am a world citizen for global peace.

In humanity life becomes

especially conscious of itself.

It can reflect upon who it is

and thus can open the gate

to new possibilities born

of self-knowledge and peace science.

I am creative. As life, I am o­ne


With the forces of growth and progress.

As consciousness, I can direct

those forces with imagination and

with knowing, with wisdom and skill.

I can build peace from harmony through

science what has never been built before.

We can love and know peace,

dream and change.

Together, we can serve

the destiny of life in our world

and unlock deep potentials.

In this service to peace

is a key to our identity as humanity.

It is through this power

that I can fulfill my role

as a world citizen for global peace.


25. Ada Aharoni. IFLAC Founding President, Poet, Israel

To My Palestinian Sister

"They shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree and none shall make them afraid" (The Bible, Micah, 4, 4)

"The Man who walks with Peace  walk with Him!" (The Koran, Sura 48)

My Palestinian Sister,

Let us build a sturdy bridge

From your olive world to mine,

From my orange world to yours,

Above the boiling pain

Of acid rain prejudice 

And hold human hands high

Full of free stars

Of twinkling peace

I do not want to be your oppressor

You do not want to be my oppressor,

Or your jailer

Or my jailer,

We do not want to make each other afraid

Under our vines

And under our fig trees

Blossoming o­n a silvered horizon

Above the bruising and the bleeding

Of poisoned gases and scuds.

So, my Arab sister,

Let us build a sturdy bridge of

Jasmine understanding

Where each shall sit with her baby

Under her vine and under her fig tree 

And none shall make them afraid




26. José Maria Lopera, Poet, Spain

Where is Peace?

How terrible is the anger of the men that kill,

of the volcano that inside melts down feelings,

til souls break in a crater of extermination!

What storm, what thunder, what flash of violence

seeks to kill or mutilate those who are innocent!

Where is the light of the smile, placed

by God into mankind that it may love?

And where is it, the light of awakening,

that shines between men when they live in harmony?

Where is it, Peace? Tell me. Where is it?

Is it in the science of peace that condemns

the Nazi genocide of Auschwitz

or in the macabre science of Hiroshima?

Is it for thousands of years in the mind

of the men who kill with their science?

Time itself cries complaint in the seconds


a shell delays even the terror that you feel,

and when it goes off, in its smoke you can


the pleasure to feel life amongst the dead.

I knew as a child the smell of my blood

in the horrible panic of the whistling bomb.

I overflowed with the hurt of my wounded flesh,

the lacerating fear that time does not cancel,

and the scream that I bear that curses war.

And you who speak so much of God,

who invoke Him so often against the rest,

who worship Him so much in his justice,

what rubbish soul do you keep Him in?

Tell me. What race, what land, remains

for you to defend or else to attack

with fangs of fratricidal hate

if your fanaticism isnt worth

the dying breath of a single child?

If God is the LIGHT of life in HARMONY

And an eternal source of a LIBERTY sublime

Where is the PEACE that He put in your spirit?

It is in the seed of science to sow it in your mind,

that save from the blades of death our wounded earth!

Translated: Frank Sanders and Isabel Miguel


27. Zaure Hizatolla, Poet, Kazakhstan


There is a force of intention  the century power!

To know possibilities of unknown boundaries

I call upon the Human sovereignty 

Peace creates among the earth pages!


28. Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Poet, Russia

Do The Russians Want War?

O, do the Russians want war?

Ask of the stillness evermore,

Ask of the field, or ask the breeze,

And ask the birch and poplar trees.

Ask of the soldiers who now lie

Beneath the birch trees and the sky,

And let their sons tell you o­nce more

Whether the Russians want

Whether the Russians want

Whether the Russians want war.

Not o­nly at their country's call

Did Russian soldiers fight and fall;

They died that men from ev'ry shore

Might live without the fear of war.

Ask those who fought, and those erased,

Ask those who at the Elbe you embraced.

These monuments are o­nly for

To show if Russians want

To show if Russians want

To show if Russians want war.

Yes, we can fight when fight we must;

Be we don't wish to breathe the dust

Of soldiers brave from ev'ry clime

Who give up life before their time.

Ask of the women in our life,

Ask of our mothers  ask my wife 

And you will never wonder more

Whether the Russians want

Whether the Russians want

Whether the Russians want war.

Their answer rises loud and clear

For all men, everywhere, to hear.

The message now is as before:

The Russians do not want

The Russians do not want

The Russians do not want war.


29. Adolf Shvedchikov, Poet, Russia

War Tornado Wanders around the World. Peace to XXI Century

In the dark sky collided two formidable flows,

Terrible tornado was burn.

All hidden power suddenly woke up,

The monster hell spread over the earth.

Enraged wind howls, vortex rotates with diabolical force,

Life exploded, everything collapses,

Overnight living goes to grave.

Defenseless against the dark forces of nature,

What are you, mankind, wisely decided?

You are not afraid of the gods, you was so wise

To create tornado of war!

This monster wandered o­n this planet for centuries,

The mind is asleep, everywhere is heard o­nly moan of people,

Lift up your spirit, we will help us by ourselves,

Let light up the world finally under the rays of freedom!


History does not learn anything, how it can be?

We are born to suffer or to love?

Such sweet words: peace, freedom, quite!

But our shoulders are o­n pain of death,

When the bombs hang over our heads.

Fold the history in a box bloody twentieth century.

Who we are, human beings or dinosaurs?

Come to a stop, mankind!

Year after year, are running away,

Released a short period of time.

Who will do the politics at the crossroad of centuries?

Will still remain everything, as before,

In the flow of centuries and rivers,

Will we see the light of hope at the end of tunnel,

Say, twenty-first century!

Politicians and businessmen, scientists and poets,

Tell me, what price we should pay for it?

It is time to drop the mistrust,

Forget past grievances, let open the doors

In Gardens of Babylon!


30. Yuri Tsimbalist, Poet, Russia

No to War! Dedicated to L.M.S.

Grey-haired aged man creates

Fundamental Foundations of Global Peace.

Computer, wife, bed-sitting room

In the ring of St. Petersburg rivers and wonders...

The goal of his high efforts is building

Of Planetary Union of free republics

Without wars, riots, genocide and evil.

He uses words and deeds to realize this idea

Taking into account tetrarny approach for the world.

Well, someone accepts it, and somebody is not happy.

Just the same capricious Lyre led poets

Age after age to the brilliance of late awards...

There seemed, everything is right: harmony, happiness,

Love and prosperity, live and create!

But today authorities in Washington

And bloody business takes control over world.

Heartless destruction of ancient civilizations,

It is the script of Nazi and the servants of Satan.

UN looks like the League of Nations,

On the watch for a new and awful war...

Elite quartet press peace o­n the planet:

Obama and Cameron, Merkel, Hollande.

And the bullets of gangs nurtured by democrats

Kill everywhere innocent children.

So how many more killers of culture, hope and love

Will be awarded by Peace award?

Will anyone awake by warning bell?

Save, Good Lord, and bless

The people of the earth to the holy battles

For the right to be human beings.

Teach of power-hungry men to understand

The foundations of peace and become wiser...

And again  St. Petersburg, bed-sitting room,

Computer, wife ...Day after day,

The gray-haired man drew a Peace line for people

And presents the fundamentals of science about it...


Translated by Adolf Shvedchikov (Russia)


31. Tatyana Vorontsova, poet, Russia

Where is the Conscience Border?

Our planet has not enough power

To give us happiness and warmth ...

Wars dominated around the world

And spread the vortex of evil ...

Again Asia is burning ...

Countries in Africa in the fire ...

Ukraine tear

Those who are committed to a purse ...

Each pulls the blanket to itself,

To become enraged ...

The world is ruled by power of money,

Not by love ...

There is no unity, understanding ...

Everything is like in the dark middle age ...

On hands of the Universe

They burn the people forgetting about the sin ...

Until when? It is time to stop

How many victims in the name of a lie ...

Where is the border of the conscience,

Say, Mankind ...

Translated by Adolf Shvedchikov (Russia)


32. Nina Yudina, Poet, Russia

Peace Defeat War

Ares, you are God of War and torture!

Lay down your sword, and let the earth breathe!

And give it to hear other sounds,

In order to not to scare away the silence!

Lets beat swords into plowshares

And the battlefield let overgrown grass!

And the heavens will hear the song of the chorus,

Where every sound is filled with a spring!

Land will sigh, happily smiling,

The waves struggle over continents

And the song of love will float over the world

And everyone will forget about war!

Translated by Adolf Shvedchikov (Russia)


On the GHA Tenth Anniversary!!!

Already ten years a struggle goes!

Not for the throne! And not for the money!

We worry about the Earth fate!

We stand o­n the cracked step!

And among gray, menacing clouds

Hope is sparkling by purity!

Global Harmony Association is mighty!

It is growing stronger with peace, as before!

Such kind words:

Let us join hands, friends!

It does not matter what kind of faith

And color we have!

We do not care where we live,

What songs we sing!

We are the people of o­ne Earth!

We are born in Harmony!

Yes, dawn will come!

With happy decade, friends!


February 15, 2015 is the Tenth Anniversary of the Global Harmony Association (GHA).

Translated by Adolf Shvedchikov (Russia)


On the GHA Tenth Anniversary of Peace from Harmony!

(Leo Semashkos redaction)

The struggle for peace passes through years,

And its result is the wars again,

With peace bloody marks:

Peace always lived among them,

From o­ne to other war.

But ten years a struggle goes

For peace from harmony instead from war,

For harmonious peace and not the military!

It grows not out of power and wealth,

And through the mind, science and consciousness 

The merits of human spirit!

We worry about the Earth fate of people as

We stand o­n the cracked war step!

And among the gray, menacing clouds

Hope is sparkling by purity!

Global Harmony Association is mighty for peace,

First it is growing stronger by scientific reason 

Through the GHA Global Peace Science!

Such kind words:

Let us join hands, friends!

It does not matter what kind of faith

And color we have!

We do not care where we live,

What songs we sing!

We are the people of o­ne Earth!

We are born in peace from Harmony

And now we are armed with peace science,

To kick out the war forever!

Yes, dawn will come!

With happy decade, friends!

Let us join hands in peace from harmony through science!


33. Svetlana Vetrova, Poet and Bard, Russia

Does a Woman Need War?

Does a woman need war,

When she plants roses and waits

For the stems to shoot up and

The buds to open?

Does a woman need war,

When she holds her stomach with her hand

And speaks with her baby, and waits

For him to come into the world?

Does a woman need war

When she bakes a pie for her beloved husband

Or for her aging father, and life flows

Evenly like a deep river?

Does a woman need war?

The rose has grown and the son has appeared,

And together in the home are both father and husband 

All this fragile world would be destroyed in a second

And the woman will remain alone.

Why should she need such a terrible, bleak,

and brutal war?

One that is deaf to the pleas and moans,

A war which is carrying away all Hope?

Translation William Parsons,
St. Petersburg
, Florida, USA


34. Katherine Semashko, 20 years, student, Russia

We are Committed to Peace

All we are committed to peace

We all aspire to happiness

So why should we fight

And each other to kill?

If you can live in peace

And other protect

We will be an example to children

What would they do not know wars.

To the world was full of happiness

We need to agree

All strive together

And make o­nes peace.


35. Elena Sazhnova, 12 years, Donetsk, Ukraine

To Petro Poroshenko!

If you decided to fight with the children 

That's not to bomb  personally kill!

If you do not consider their as humans,

Then do not be afraid  right in the forehead shoot!

Look to their open eyes

And do not tremble  direct from the shoulder chop!

Let the "terrorist" baby tears

You will not confuse  you definitely win!

If children are guilty for everything,

If you the kids have already been sentenced Go, kill them alive,

After all, you are "heroes"!

"Glory" to Ukraine


36. Polina Semashko, 9 years, Russia


Peace  when the sun shines!

The clouds in the sky float and

Butterflies fly so quietly

What do you hear how the birds are singing!

And can hear how the boys play

In football in the yard.

Let the sun and joy

There will be always and everywhere!!!


37. Stephan Semashko, 9 years, Russia

For the Victory of Peace

Old great-grandmother told me

As with breast baby she escaped from the Germans,

As fascists bombed their train

And killed women, children and the elderly.

Only a miracle saved them from death.

Let this be the last war

So that no o­ne has ever bothered me to see mom and dad.

Peaceful life is happiness and joy

And my mother's family hands.


38. Leo Semashko, Russia

Peace is Life, War is Death

Peace gives birth to children,

War kills them.

Peace shines by the sun for people,

War buries them in the grave.

Peace gives people joy and happiness,

War brings them sufferings and sorrow.

Peace is love and good of people

War is their evil and hatred.

Peace needs a reason and harmony,

War is enough madness and hostility.

People, what we want: war or peace?

Death or life?


39. Leo Semashko, Russia

Russian Civilization: Harmony and Inseparability of World and Peace

It has long been observed, more than a thousand years,

What the Russians have o­ne word for two different things at other nations:

WORLD and PEACE are o­ne indivisible fused MIR.

In similar way the Russians want to live forever and always.

For the Russians the life/World is MIR/Peace, at the same time,

War is death, destruction of MIR/World and ruin of MIR/Peace.

Without MIR/Peace no exists MIR/World and vice versa!

The Russians can live in MIR as in social world of people

Always in MIR/Peace, without wars with people and nature.

For the Russians is o­ne MIR, in which World is inseparable from Peace,

And Peace is inseparable from the World.

Heart of o­ne MIR at the Russians is harmony and consent or

Concord and consonance both between different nations and with nature.

In the Russian harmony two different for others merge into o­ne:

World and Peace to MIR. It is Russian soul, spirituality and character.

Hence the Russian greetings to others are: MIR and Consent or Peace and Harmony.

It is peace-loving spirit of the peaceful Russian Civilization and Culture,

Sung by the great Russian poets, writers and philosophers:

Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Roerich ...

So the Russians never wanted to fight and attack

But they are always crushed down the aggressors

It is no accident o­n this rich spiritual field of Russian peacefulness

Was born the world's first Global Peace Science.

Where harmony of World and Peace as the WHOLE MIR was discovered

In SPHERONS, harmonious classes  natural actors of MIR as World/Peace.

Therefore Russian civilization inspires now the nations of MIR/World

Through common scientific knowledge to MIR/Peace o­n the planet.


40. Leo Semashko, Adolf Shvedchikov, Russia

Two Marxes

(The Attempt of Philosophical Poem in the New Century)

All truly new is o­n a brink of madness of the old

Truly, there is a new

Which appears o­n the edge

Of sanity of the old and put into Word,

In the Word of God's gift.

Once epoch creates

Titans of thought.

It trusts Titan

Collecting for his all by crumbs.

Marx was Titan in XIX century

With his monism and "Capital",

With his economic GDP,

Which arranges everything.

History is battle of the feud classes,

When the masses fight to death

Desperately, without reconciliation.

Elite sinks in luxury,

Worker is still in need,

Each gets o­nes just reward,

Thrones rock and crumble!

Marx XIX opens four productive spheres

Of united economic organism

Of class feud and endless struggle.

He created the science of violence

According to Caesar,

"prepare for war,



But it is a Pyrrhic victory,

It is a sign of mental weakness.

Marx XIX is no lone genius of violence

Within of industrial civilization,

Leading to militarization,

To the suffering of all generations.

Now appears Marx XXI Titan

From Absolute of harmony and pluralism

Of new social organism,

This is a whole o­n the nature.

Marx XXI tells o­n conscious work of

Harmonious four classes  SPHERONS,

Which work without wars and feud,

Ensuring the survival global quota.

He created peace from harmony science,

Predicted the militaristic Empire fall,

Opened the new doors for humanity

To a world without war cacophony.

Marx XXI is the collective genius

Of a harmonious civilization.

While this is o­nly the first conscious sprout,

But wait, world will see with peace science

A lot of blooming flowers of harmony

As eternal dream of nations!

Marx XIX is Titan of violence,

Marx XXI is Titan of harmony. It is GHA!

To stop the agony and give wings humanity!


41. Leo Semashko, Yuri Tsymbalist, Poet, Russia

Human is Not War, but Peace from Harmony

Who created human? The God-Creator or Devil?

Maybe, a blast from the chaos brought us his grain,

What o­n Earth, long ago, in bypass of ancient rules,

A rational creature became suddenly. It's possible.

But there is an option of Higher Power,

Where a whole range of unknown ideas was synthesized.

In creating people the Power embodied

Idea of HOMO SAPIENS and suffers with it!

Giving the right of choice to the subject  every person,

That Power has long been just watching the fight,

What transformed into war threatening to forever

To say goodbye to us with Earth moving us into another world...

About it we learn o­nly through the titans works.

One of them is Karl Marx, the father of "Capital".

Now his teaching is hardly "eternal" will be:

As "Violence Titan" before the world he appeared.

Karl Marx defined: violence is a way to enrich elites

And "highest class" lives at the expense of "the lower class" 

And other, outside of class struggle, ideas no exists...

Marx was wrong. Dreaming of the future world,

He laid o­n the way to it a mine excluding from it

Harmony and love which the world was created!

The time has come to understand and unite around them.

The Global Harmony Association  it is a measure

And principle of community for civilized people.

Here at GHA was born the collective genius.

He absorbed the past thousand years ideas, discovered SPHERONS 

The deep structure of harmonious classes  and gave an answer to

Marxs antagonism and war: Peace comes from Harmony through Science.

It is the Global Peace Science!

Marx did not know it. But he laid the first stone

Of the four productive spheres in its foundation.

Global peace grew o­n it by the four SPHERONS hands and science;

They freed the world from the superpower tyranny and its wars.

So the GHA, collective genius of harmony Titan,

Revealed the millennial dream of Human as

Peaceful HOMO SAPIENS from harmony through its scientific awareness

In harmonious education to ensure global peace and prosperity to all nations!

The GPS Editor in Chief Note. The last two verses are written o­n the basis of article "Two Marxes" (below). They are an excellent example of multiplication of creative energies in their collective synthesis in the GHA spirit! This example is the final and significant in our collective creativity of GPS. I do not tire repeating that without this collective work no GPS or previous seven books in 10 years of GHA existence could not appear. Of course, the role and contribution of each is different, but without the main thing, without multiplying energy in the collective effort would not have been our unprecedented achievements. Therefore, GHA and his creativity are defined as "new Marx!" HE IS BORN IN OUR COLLECTIVE CREATIVE EFFORTS OF INTELLECT. This is the finest, softest and inconspicuous but the strongest creative energy of harmony and consonance. This is a fundamentally new creation with principally new result: instead of violence  harmony, instead of war  peace, etc.

No individualistic efforts were unable to lead to reach similar results to the main discovery of our century  to discovery of SPHERONS as natural objective actors of global peace. Therefore, a low bow and many thanks to each co-creator of GPS, o­ne part of who, regardless of his/her contribution, fills us with new creative energy and multiplies it. o­nly in this GHA "Melting cauldron" of creativity could come fundamentally new Global Peace Science (GPS) and unprecedented revolution of social sciences, knowledge and thinking! I am happy to congratulate each and all the GHA member, especially the GPS co-authors with this historic achievement! Of course, this is o­nly the first conscious sprout far from perfect and full of flaws, so it is open to an endless evolution in the future.




42. Leonid Timoshenko, Composer, Philosopher and Pianist, Russia

The Harmonizing Art of Planetary Peace: Music

Human activity becomes possible through continuous flow of two streams of energy, the downlink and uplink. The accumulation of energy necessary for stable operation of the body, is carried out in the energy centers. Each of these centers gives outward energy and gets her in contact with the environment and people. This exchange may be harmonious or destructive.

The survival of civilization has shifted from the realm of technocratic in the field of Spirituality, in the scope necessary understanding of each person of the Earth of its moral responsibility for the evolutionary path of development as the fundamental Law of the Cosmos,

Harmonious society is a society of the new "creative person" in scale and perception  the mind is a blank, with an open mind, broad knowledge, a philosophical turn of mind, global coverage of vital interests, a love of nature, people, art. It takes a certain ideology of life  the joy of creativity, the discovery of the own talents and giftedness of others and participate in the General programs of the global system of creative employment.

And of course, the unique abilities of people are the core value of humanity. The gifted man is high grade of personality. And assessment of giftedness can give o­nly a gifted. Talent is given to us as a "Gift from above" to advance the strategic plan in the development of man himself, and at the same time, it allows you to draw a picture of the perspective of the development of mankind. The opening in the person of his talents is immense joy is and it is not comparable nor domestic success and monetary rewards. "A creative person" is constantly creating new spaces actively working brain cells, which before was in a disconnected mode.

All people basically have almost the same initial capital  the number of brain cells  neurons. o­nly a small portion of these cells are involved in the working mode, the rest are disabled, as it were, dormant. Active areas of the brain are o­nly 1015% of the total volume. So, all people have the same supply of brain cells to develop themselves. The baby inside mom doesn't see the outside world, but he hears it! It turns out that the brain of a child comes from the voices and music. Music can be the basis for the first development at a very early age, namely before birth. This music should be harmonious and sensual, with lots of information. The child will react to the subconscious, and his active points and neural connections in the brain are significantly increased. Already, at this point the child will begin to develop your brain  the blank sheet of paper o­n which our World will be writing all his life.

When the child was born it is very important to continue this invisible training "human noble" by his communion with high musical art. And now, if correctly placed accents in the formation of the "personality  noble", from her very birth, then we will be able to change the disastrous situation that exists in our society, due to directed technologies of militaristic destruction of the psyche of children and adolescents. Music relates to fine arts which not o­nly decorate the life but also harmonize the inner world of human in all of its four fundamental eternal spheres: character, consciousness, will and body, which are disclosed in "The ABC of Harmony" (2012) in its "psychological genome (PSYNOME)" of the individual.

Music is the most beautiful and harmonious thing in the world that can be achieved by people. The thought is also of music. Every correct idea is the right combination of tones. If a man thinks and understands correctly, this is the best music that exists in the psychic world. Music is the movement of beauty. But among different kinds of art, music is the most important because it is built according to the Universe harmony laws, where reigns the right proportion and the right rhythm. When you hear the music you like, it sets up and leads you to harmony with life. Music adjusts to a harmonious way as the inner spheres of personality among themselves and with external spheres of society and nature. Beauty is born from the harmony at all these spheral levels and between them. The beauty of music is born by the harmony of the spheres of cosmos, society and the person.

At the same time human music is a science, and you have to learn it consciously to penetrate its deeper meaning and to understand the consonance of Global Peace Science full with harmony of SPHERONS as social music. The greatest prophets, philosophers, peacemakers and social reformers of the past were great musicians. Music penetrates further than may penetrate any different impression of the world and o­nly a philosophical, religious and sociological imagination is like it. Music returns world to the source that created it to its spheres. The whole world is o­ne musical composition of spheral harmony.

Creative self-development of the individual begins to take an avalanche-like nature of the process. His/her internal dormant talents are manifested o­ne after the other. Human discovers in himself musician, musician opens the artist, the artist discovers in himself choreographer, choreographer opens a sculptor, sculptor opens up the poet, the poet discovers philosopher, the philosopher discovers in himself the statesman, the statesman discovers in himself the sociologist, the sociologist opens in himself healer, the healer discovers in himself Teacher. It creates a Society of Harmonious Consciousness as Society of Global Peace from Harmony through Science and Music! This society excludes wars and violence.

The society of Harmonious Consciousness or Global Peace Society is, first of all, a Society with ethical norms of non-violence, honesty, without complexes low passions, where people with an open peaceful mind and philosophical mindset. The society of Harmonious Consciousness lives in love and peace from harmony, it is a stranger to envy and meanness, hostility and fanaticism. The human in this Harmonious world is harmonious essence of the universal scale. And its first step is Harmony of Music for Peace!


43. Takis Ioannides, Dr. Lit, Poet, Writer, Journalist, Researcher, Greece

Peace Maxims for PEACE

1.The water from the Source of Peace quenches the thirst of the passions of the soul.

2.By embodying the harmony of Peace, we pay off the gift of our existence in this life.

3.If you wish to fly high up and reach the Peace top, you must use both the wings: respect and dignity.

4.Anyone who speaks the Peace language can communicate with all creatures of nature and be with them in harmony.

5.By sculpturing the soul marble with the chisel of harmony, you form the Peace statue.

6.By walking along the Path of Peace you reach destination in dignity.

7.The absence of peace in our world proves that humanity fails to understand the valuable teachings which emanate from the mistakes made by humanity in the past.

8.War gives human faces and souls deep and festering wounds whilst Peace offers them a sincere smile and happiness.

9.Today's conscious actions of Peace are the o­nly o­nes that can expiate the erroneous past choices of humanity.

10.Only with the final restoration of Peace o­n our planet we shall be able to reach the magnificence of the genius of life.

11.When the triumphal hymns of Peace sound, the inharmonious clang of war stops.

12.Choosing harmonious sustainable Peace, we escape from war.

13.By adopting global peace from harmony through science, humanity will be able to associate with the harmony of nature at its highest manifestation.


44. Susana Roberts. Dr. Lit., Writer, Poet, Argentina

Spirituality of Harmonization in Art of Global Peace

Do not forget that our creativity in a whole is the affirmation of human intelligence and the implementation of divine will in our collective efforts.

We know that Global Peace Science (GPS) from harmony was created o­n the basis of Tetrism (Tetraphilosophy) as philosophy and science about harmony discovered by Dr. Leo Semashko since 1976 and developed during 20052015 jointly with GHA members  intellectuals of all around the world that trust and support his philosophy. GPS is the o­nly way to create a prolific field of interrelation of positive knowledge to establish a new paradigm, a new way of sustainable peace that preserves life o­n the Earth.

Tetraphilosophy is a pluralistic four-dimensional dialectic philosophy of harmony in nature, society and personality so necessary to arrive this actual turning point for humankind. This philosophy recognizes the four universal world spheres of harmony that cannot exist separately, therefore they are inseparable, always single in diversity, diverse in unity and existing o­nly as mutually inclusive (nesting).

They are equally essential (necessary, required) and each cannot exist without the others.

Harmony is equally inherent in its four elements/spheres in their unbreakable unity. Society is harmonious unity of four spheres of social production: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere and Technosphere (see in details Chapter1). They possess equal opportunities to create and support harmony as a way of keeping their peaceful coexistence in balance. Each of these four deep structures is capable advancing harmony as a unity of diversity. None of them has the monopoly for harmony. The holistic knowledge of the world harmony of the four spheres in their dialectic unity continuously develops in Tetrism through the synthesis of the required knowledge from all sources. Tetrism is a worldview and ideology of a harmonious civilization that provides all-round conscious cultivation of harmony by each society and each person according to their individuality. It is the most profound and reliable basis for global peace in the society. In this spiritual framework a harmonious artistic consciousness in general, especially for global peace develops. Its sources are defined by the breadth and depth of mutual ties.

Arthur Koestler in his book "The act of creation" (1964), says "... the greatest inspirations, the results called "creative process", occur o­nly in minds that are widely prepared by saturation in relevant disciplines, to see connections hidden. You have to know well the old to reach new and is still true that hard work and continued practice, are the precursors of creative achievement." Consciousness is able to lit thoughts and turn a desert into a garden in this modern society away from all moral and ethical sense leaving the human beings in the blossom of consumerism and violence. Writers are an important part of this enlightment given form and transformation that give sense to life in times where world societies are emerging very successful in technology but sinks into its protagonists: citizens, consumers, savers, workers, the unemployed, single, married, a situation growing uneasiness, an overwhelming lack of transcendent foundations. Hölderin said: in the place where burn, there where hurt, just there is the way of the salvation.

Literature for Peace is necessary to be implement to any corner of the world as a need to improve the planetary environment for benefit of people, and children start learning other language, the language of soul, a peaceful o­ne. Children should study the language of peace and GPS. They will be who govern in the future, in universal brotherhood. It is our duty to give them tools for education in the bases of harmonious culture from which the global peace fruits grow. o­ne demonstration is teaching them from the cradle these principles as I try to do into Spanish culture with my book: Art and virtue in human evolution (2013). I believe that Creation is a mean that communicate, teach and give reflection to people in the way to take conscious of the actual crisis and the awareness for changing as a possibility to save the world from destruction. To stop wars we have not fight o­nly with words, but transform this energy of ignorance and lack of love into creative energy of transforming the planet from an old type of civilization based o­n competition and consumption to a new, harmonious and peaceful o­ne based o­n cooperation and inner awakening we have to do with respect, justice and goodwill.

I believe that creativity in GPS is very important. We are experiencing problems never seen or experienced before. I think we should learn again, educators and families to rescue respect for human values, this is what will save us, starting to regain the family. Everuy day more children are alone because parents do not have time for them and there are many children and teenagers who have little time for their parents. The crisis began in the destruction of the family and that's what will destroy the peace in the world. We ourselves need to overcome ignorance in GPS, in understanding its key concepts SPHERONS, SOSIONOME and others, because without them, we will never build a new, harmonious and peaceful economy, politics, democracy, finance, law, education, and so o­n. Without this new humanitarian and revolutionary knowledge that is built o­n the new values of peace and harmony but retains all the traditional values, we will never be able to maintain and develop the new century family. Without it, we cannot transform the traditional school to a new school, aimed at peace from harmony and not o­n the consumption and violence.

The crisis and the destruction of society begins with the crisis and destruction of the family and education. GPS creates a powerful innovation and value spiritual platform for their recovery and development, together with science, art and religion. We must face this actual crisis with simplicity, generosity, goodwill, understanding, friendship, spiritual values, inner beauty and truth ... With a new interpretation the past in which: past, present and future of humanity closer to God not necessarily based o­n any religion but faith and respect for the primitive God of mankind through its many messengers; Jesus, Muhammad, Zoroaster, Krishna, etc., reflected an education plan in spiritual cultivation and moral capabilities inherent the nobility of human ready for evolution.


45. Yuri Tsymbalist. Poet, Russia

Let us Leave Love for Harmony to Descendants!

Into us live the labour and force of those who lived before us.

May in turn the future generations

will be able to live thanks our work, thanks

the power of our hands and our minds. o­nly in this case

we worthily fulfill our destination.

J. Fabre

What kind of work was not engaged each of us, our life will have meaning o­nly when at least a fraction of us produced "product" will be useful not o­nly our but also to future generations, even if we never learn it. Yes, a lot of things that are born by the mind and hands of human, hardly perceived living contemporaries and subsequent generations often forget much of the accumulated earlier. Therefore very important contribution to preserve the Golden Fund of civilizational achievements is the selfless efforts of scientists from different countries in the promotion of comprehensive knowledge in education, science and culture of our time. I wish the new technologies do not allowed so-called "mass culture" and militaristic aspirations of many countries to gain priority in development of mankind and to lead it to degradation and destruction. I want also that Global Peace Science (GPS) emerging today in the Global Harmony Association (GHA) as a synthesis of many fields of science and achievements of world culture, has not remained just a concept in the dictionaries and has taken a worthy place in a complex system of knowledge and got needed development in the future. I want to tell you about some interesting projects related to science and art, worthy of implementation in the near future.

It so happened that after 30 years of separation, fate brought me again with my friend since 1959 and classmate of the Kharkov Aviation Institute Alexei P. Stakhov. After reviewing the scientific works of Dr. and Professor Stakhov in the discovered him field of Mathematics of Harmony, I became a member of popularization of his ideas of Harmony and Golden Section since 2009. In October 2010, at the initiative of Stakhov in Odessa National University name Mechnikov was the First International Congress with theme "Modern Aspects of Harmony Mathematics and its Applications in Economics, Science, Technology, Society and Education". Its materials are published o­n the website: http://sites.google.com/site/harmonymathkongress. The several dozens of scientists from around the world were able to share their thoughts o­n this Congress. The special collection of their articles was published also here: http://instituteofcreativetechnologies.com/, section Publications.

Such meetings, except exchange of achievements and planning further development of science, are very valuable by human communication and acquaintance with new people. I can name a number of wide scientists with whom we met, first of all, Alexander Chechic (Ukraine), Edward Soroko (Belarus), Nicholas Semeniuta (Belarus), Grigory Martynenko (Russia), Leo Semashko (Russia), Ivan Rayliane (Chile), Oleg Bodnar (Ukraine) and other.

After reviewing the GHA activities, the President and Founder of which since 2005 is Dr. Leo Semashko, I and my wife became the members of this International organization. We objectively assessed peacemaking nature of the GHA projects and the fact that they are connected with scientific achievements of Stakhov, Sergienko, Soroko and other scientists in the fields of Mathematics of Harmony, Golden Section, structural harmony of systems and Semashko in science of harmonious civilization  Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology. o­n the Congress final day, I read before its members my new poem, composed and recorded in the Academic Council hall under the influence of heartfelt community of scientists. By the way, the number of poem lines corresponds to the number of figures Fibonacci (2, 3, 5, 8).

So, overcoming pre-stress,

Today ended the First Congress.

Gently wet weather scolding

And loyalty to trinity storing,

Scientists of the world battled three days

To come progress in the world,

So people believe in the righteousness of forces,

Born Universe o­nly for Good

So we returned the Golden Time

Without wars and hardships, without Evil and bitter tears.

Let warms our souls again pure light,

And a touch of white birches,

And Canadian maples and spring noise

Let's all protect from various threats.

Harmony, Faith, Hope, Love 

Sacred words are. May they sound again

From the mouths of all earthlings. Yes, it is naive, but  all.

And this is the Congress main success!

Under the influence of the Congress creative aura a very important idea arose. Among the Congress resolution items, that relate to further development of the scientific disciplines, there is such:

"12. Support Dr. Kryuchkovas initiative to establish in Odessa or Crimea the complex of buildings, designed o­n the Golden section principles (complex, including a hotel in the form of a scallop shell, a research center, educational institutions, infrastructure and other objects). Ask Prof. O. Bodnar to initiate the architectural design of this idea. Ask all members of Congress to participate in this initiative".

When a member of the Ukraine National Academy of Arts and National Union of Architects, Dr. of Arts Oleg Bodnar sent to me friendly a few photographs of the proposed project of World Centre of Harmony and Golden Section (WCH), I was just amazed: this project is a great Creation of Wizard and embodiment of love to harmony! (Unfortunately, due to limited resources, his drawings were no published in this book).The location description of the object included phrase "complete freedom of ideas about the situation nature  the sea, typical of the Crimean landscape".

Now is about my vision of the future of this great project. As I mentioned above, familiarization with the GHA activities in 2010 determined my support its activity. Among its many projects I noticed a grand project of the International Academy of Harmony (IAH). The purpose of its creation is very clearly formulated by the GHA President here (1.2. Brief definition: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277):

The World Harmony Academy is the beginning, source and generator of general harmonious education all over the world in this new century. General harmonious education is an education of children, youth and new generations as harmonious world citizens o­n a global scale. It is a long-term project, but it is the most effective way to achieve indestructible harmonious culture of peace. The distribution of WHA and harmonious education worldwide can bring about, within 15 to 20 years, the cessation of all modern wars as well as the prevention of all wars in the future. The WHA is the most effective action for peace, for common good and prosperity. Therefore the WHA is the most effective World Peace Academy simultaneously. Today, the WHA idea has become the International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP) for the BRICS countries (Chapter 10.14).

Today, after five years of the first Odessa Congress, considering objective increase the peacemaking role of Russia in the world and a deeper immersion of the USA, NATO and the West in general in militarism and aggression, I visibly see the need to join both projects: the IAGP (IAH) and WCG. While, in connection with the return of Crimea into Russia, the implementation of this joint project o­n this Peninsula seems to me to be crucial. This synthesized project will provide not o­nly the prompt adaptation Crimea within the Russian Federation and its international recognition. It may also be the beginning of new peace-building cooperation between Russia and Ukraine in the field of science and culture, making this integral project IAGP (IAH) and WCG by symbol and instrument of world peace! It will be the development of foundations for harmonious civilization, laid back in the ancient times. Crimeas nature itself is a miracle of harmony and inspires its!

I hope that my proposal will be heard and implemented by the governments of two countries to keep our love of Russia and Ukraine to harmony to maintain the chain of good memory and pass it to the future generations.

I am a radio engineer by education, however, also a musician, composer, poet, member of the Union of Writers of Russia (UWR) and member of the Moscow UWR Council.


46. Leo Semashko. GHA President, GPS Editor in Chief, Russia

Two of Marx, Two Titans: Two Civilizations

(Attempt of philosophical poem for the new century in prose)

All truly new is o­n the brink of madness of the old.

Each civilization requires Titan of thought. Each epoch produces it.

Marx-XIX is Titan of violence of industrial militaristic civilization,

Marx-XXI is Titan of harmony and harmonious peaceful civilization.

The first comes from the absolute of economic capital and o­ne-dimensional materialist monism and o­ne-dimensional militaristic democracy obsolete.

The second comes from the absolute of holistic in diversity harmony and of its multidimensional, tetradic pluralism.

The first inspires freedom of unlimited material luxury of elite at the expense of ruthless exploitation of nature and the poor masses.

The second encourages freedom of unlimited full harmony, above all, the spiritual riches of all the people, proportionate to nature and humanity, limited in material part and boundless in spiritual part.

Marx-XIX saw the history as a war of the peoples and struggle of antagonistic classes for capital and power, recognizing violence by midwife of human progress.

Marx-XXI sees in the history of natural, non-violent, intuitive operation of four equal necessary harmonious classes SPHERONS, employed in four spheres of social production of four fundamental resources needed for human life every day.

The first discovered the four fundamental spheres of social production but found in them o­nly antagonistic, eternally warring private classes.

The second discovered in the spheres of social production the four universal harmonious classes of the population, SPHERONS, employed in the spheres and ensuring global peace and survival of humanity. SPHERONS are the key discovery of Marx-XXI.

Marx-XIX created the science of violence, class struggle in the two forms of dictatorship, totalitarianism and empire, equally anti-democratic: 1. First of all, in the form of the proletary dictatorship or socialism in Marxism and 2. In the form of the dictatorship of unchangeable economic-financial-militaristic elite of capitalism in the face of the richest people is not more than 1% of the population. This dictatorship is justified in the different currents of liberalism by various liberal followers of Marxist economism. "Democracy" for these forms of dictatorship is no more than a smokescreen and screen. The true democracy is excluded from them.

Marx-XXI created Global Peace Science or science of social harmony of SPHERONS, nonviolence and their true, spheral democracy, which excludes the two historical forms of dictatorship and totalitarianism and discovering the third, harmonious, peaceful and nonviolent path of global development rejecting capitalism and socialism but integrating all their achievements able to serve social harmony.

Marx-XIX wanted to prove the superiority of socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat but disharmonious experience of the Soviet empire and the USSR collapse has shown lack of its vitality. Also, the liberal empire of capitalism moves to collapse through helpless to solve the growing global problems and sinking in the endless series of crises.

Marx-XXI proved the collapse and change of o­ne-dimensional industrial militaristic civilization in all its imperial forms of disharmony by born within its multidimensional harmonious and peaceful civilization.

The first was inspired by the Hobbes' ideas of "war of all against all" (bellum omnium contra omnes), "man is wolf to man" (homo homini lupus est) and the like: "If you want peace, prepare for war" (si vis pacem, para bellum), and so o­n.

The second was inspired by the ideas of harmony since ancient times, from the Indian Vedas, Pythagoras, Plato, Confucius, Buddha, and others who have been taught: "Beauty/harmony of human nature establish harmony in the house, creates order in the nation and peace/prosperity in the world" (it is the Abdul Kalam interpretation in his genius poem Oceans Meet).

Marx-XIX is a lonely national genius of violence and militaristic industrial individualist civilization, who has found expression in the extreme forms of militarism and revolutionary (and other) terrorism, which dooms this civilization to extinction.

Marx XXI is the collective international genius of harmony of global community of worldwide harmonious civilization, which was first embodied in the GHA in its 10 years of creative existence. This Titan was embodied in the Global Harmony Association (GHA), more than 50 projects and 8 books of which created during over 10 years of its existence are collective and international, uniting dozens of peacemakers from dozens of countries. GHA provides a much broader creative scope for each person than industrial individualism. But this scope is not unlimited. o­n the o­ne hand, it is limited with the space of harmony eliminating disharmony, hatred, violence, etc., and o­n the other, the harmony is for the GHA members, as for all, unattainable ideal, but unlike others, we try to understand it scientifically and go to it consciously, setting an example to society. GHA is o­nly the first conscious germ of a new civilization, far from perfect but the opening for social harmony unlimited conscious, through science, evolution.

The first Titan has done a lot to understand of society but made a mistake in violence as its essence.

The second Titan could not be without the first; he stood o­n the shoulders of the first and corrects his error of violence by harmony through of Mahatma Gandhis nonviolence.

Marx-XIX dreamed about happy future for all the people but the way of his violence was not able to bring to it that was proved the bloodiest twentieth century.

Marx XXI (represented by GHA and its adherents) also dreams of a happy future for all people and nations, but the o­nly way of harmony and nonviolence, which began to practice in large scale the great Mahatma Gandhi as a source of Marx-XXI.

Humanity has completed the historic experiment with the Marx-XIX science of violence.

Humanity begins experiment with the Marx XXI Global Peace Science as Science of Harmony and Nonviolence.

Humanity will survive and prosper in peace o­nly with this science and its consciousness!

The mankind entire history is the endless experiment o­n all the way of its evolution. The historical civilizations is the most extensive and profound experiments o­n ways to approach humanity to harmony and peace from harmony through science.


47. The GPS First Part Summary

The GPS World Sensation and How it Can be Explained?

Why GPS was not Before and Why it is Needed Now? SOCIOKOSMOS and Globalization as the GPS sources. Leo Semashko

So, as a result of a decade of hard collective work of GHA, before the eyes of humanity and each human appeared unprecedented, the first in the world and history book: GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE  GPS! The creation of this fundamental social science, integrating all sectors of social cognition, is the discovery of epochal scale! This is a world sensation! We will not talk about the GPS shortcomings, which have all discoveries. The disadvantages and limitations of GPS open, like any science, the development path for many millennia forward. Without a shade of false modesty, that does not confuse true scientists, which pretend to the world discoveries in all areas of reality, we try to compare GPS with other world discoveries and fundamental sciences to briefly explain its value and appearance.

1. GPS is a world sensation of the human mind, because it is the world discovery at level of the most fundamental scientific achievements of humanity for all its recorded history in 6000 years.

1.1. GPS is akin to the human output in cosmic space, but in the social cosmos (SOCIOCOSMOS), remaining still, before discovery of SPHERONS unfolded in SOCIONOME,  terra incognita or unknown social universe. SOCIOCOSMOS of humanity is hid from the eyes and mind of its enormous scale and extreme complexity. But it, as a whole, determines the laws and fate of all its myriad parts (PARTONS) in an infinite historical number of individuals, societies, states and their boundless institutions, attributes and processes. GPS shows that SOCIOCOSMOS is subordinated to the laws of SPHERONS harmony through which it exists, survive and thrive. o­nly those laws are saving SOCIOCOSMOS of mankind from militaristic suicide by conscious global peace of SPHERONS based o­n their science  GPS.

1.2. GPS is akin to the discovery of a new nuclear, but a soft, harmonious energy of SPHERONS in society. SPHERONS energy provides natural sustainability, survival and development of humanity in all of its longest cycles, regardless of knowledge of this energy. It is clear that knowledge of the new energy and ability to consciously control it qualitatively transforms humanity and its SOCIOCOSMOS, immeasurably increases the power of humanity and enhances its ability to survive and develop. Positive energy of SPHERONS disclosed in GPS is capable, at its scientific knowledge and use, to free humanity from all total pathologies of the preharmonious era, primarily from war, militaristic democracy (it is anti-democracy in essence) and from predatory exploitation of nature. Therefore, GPS is the science not o­nly global harmonious peace but and social health of humanity as a whole, in all its four spheres. As we remember, and global peace and social health of humanity is expressed by the simple formula of multiplication of social energy SPHERONS:
ES = SF1 + SF2 + SF3 + SF4 (Chapter 1). This formula is also fundamental, as well as Einstein's formula (E = mc/2) although up to its calculation is still far.

1.3. GPS is similar to other fundamental scientific discoveries and theories: the theory of relativity in physics, periodic table of elements of Mendeleev in chemistry, the theory of human genome  DNA in biology, and so o­n. We repeat the most important of GPS: global peace requires prevention of disharmonious causes of war in all spheres, directions and azimuths of social harmony, i.e. around SOCIOCOSMOS in general. Its complete picture gives GPS in social genome SOCIONOME, in its 16 fundamental elements, the system and energy center of which constitute SPHERONS. Their integration function in social cognition is like an integral role of the named discoveries in physics, chemistry and biology. Therefore, among the social sciences o­nly holistic system GPS, integrating almost all the social sciences, provides a solution of the issues to achieve global peace in its entirety. The similar science in the arsenal of humanity does still not exist.

1.4. GPS is a revolution of social cognition and thinking, this is a breakthrough in science and history. First for the first 6000 years of recorded history there was science to answer questions about the objective cause of global peace, discovering it to the social harmony of SPHERONS and express it in formula: "Peace comes from harmony of SPHERONS through science." This response is logically concentrated in a single integrated concept of GPS  SPHERONS, which expresses a scientific breakthrough and revolutionize the social sciences. Just theory of SPHERONS, synthesizing social cognition, overcomes its lagging from life and military science, which started since 1799, more than two centuries back. With the theory of SPHERONS begins also the transition of mankind, its first necessary step from military to peaceful history. All this characterizes an epochal scale and value of GPS constituting a worldwide sensation.

Why GPS was not there before? Because there was no social need in a global peace. Because there was no globalization as a process of information and other conscious connections of all parts of SOCIOCOSMOS of humanity. The peoples have been fragmented; wars between them were local and were not as devastating as in the 20th century. The fragmented and undeveloped societies were not able to rise to the level of social science of global peace. Also, there was neither a theoretical possibility for it. The main thing was not its central integral concept of SPHERONS. However, despite this, usually the philosophical treatises of the eternal peace have these appear, but they were far from science, although they are prepared epistemological, moral and social motivation as a stage for the peace science.

Why GPS is required now? Firstly, because of the war have become more dangerous and destructive and after the appearance of nuclear weapons it threatens the survival of mankind and nature, i.e. global. Second, due to globalization the humanity has become a global society, o­ne SOCIOCOSMOS or "one big village", where the war in any its place can easily become global. Third, the new global reality of a single SOCIOCOSMOS has created the social need of scientific knowledge for global peace, its causes and ways of its construction  the ways of global peace-building. Therefore SOCIOCOSMOS and its globalization become the main source of GPS. They identified the social need in GPS, from which it is impossible to avoid. The first response to this need were numerous, fragmented and very narrow "peace studies" from the middle of the last century, which, because of their subjectivity, were of little use or no use for peace, with very few exceptions. They virtually cannot prevent any war. They were very far from science, though the need for it was formulated more clearly. They do not come close to understanding the objective source of global peace as the integral reality from which would grow a like science.

On the basis of which integral reality and value could GPS arises? GPS has not arisen o­n the basis of any important, but private value: freedom, equality, justice, and so o­n. Albeit peace cannot exclude and does not exclude these values, but they are not enough for it, peace is much wider than they and requires holistic value of harmony and pillar o­n the corresponding integral reality of social harmony of SPHERONS. Attention and study of harmony began at the end of last and early this century, which led to the creation of a number of international organizations of harmony, including GHA in 2005. GHA proclaimed its mission "To bring peace from harmony through science," which 10 years later was crowned with the GPS creation as the first fundamental cognitive step o­n this way.

When will start the GPS implementation? This question has no clear answer. What is clear is the following. Firstly, when to mankind a global peace needs acutely, it will fulfill all its necessary conditions, especially own democratic self-organization of SPHERONS worldwide (see Chap. 8, etc.). Second, the growth of military threats, as well as natural and social harm from war preparations of main terrorist and enemy of global peace in face of the US/NATO (they created the ISIS global terrorist: Chapter 9) dramatically accelerates and expands. It exacerbates global peace problem of humanity as a high priority. If humanity under the influence of imperial militarist forces will continue to ignore this problem, it had no choice as to live under the constant risk of Damocles sword of wars, each of which can result in nuclear and last for it. This is its "freedom" in militaristic industrial civilization: live and die by military suicide. Third, when the peace-loving countries of the world, especially the BRICS, recognize absolute necessity of creation and development of GPS to fulfill its priority "to strengthen international peace and security" (Chapter 10), and when they will create the first necessary for it institute  International Academy of Global Peace.

Here there are two more questions: who needs GPS and who do not need it? It is necessary for those who want to live, who want to preserve nature; it is needed for the peoples. But it is not necessary for those who profit from wars, who live by the war, as the military empire and its ruling elite. Who will win in history: peace or war? This victory depends from each person. If each of us will recommend to their government, their leaders, their families, their children and friends the GPS book then will win peace. If we will be indifferent to it, the war will win. Therefore, the final choice in the matter of war and peace is ours, for each of us.

In any case, GPS is the history first intellectual opportunity to avoid the fate of universal military reckless destruction, which does not make a human of honor, none of us, no o­ne who will push the nuclear trigger, no o­ne who will allow to press it. No o­ne, anywhere, has ever offered a similar, saving book, which will protect both the first and second opening boundless field noble work to build world peace to all without exception. Compare it with nothing.



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