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Key to Global Peace Science as Alternative to Nuclear War. Could be another alternative?

Key to Global Peace Science as Alternative to Nuclear War.

Could be another alternative?

Dear GHA members, friends:

Together with Dr. Subhash Chandra we are happy to present for your consideration, editing and approve a new key paragraph of Global Peace Science (GPS) in its fifth chapter - "GPS Subject’s Area Matrix", 3 pages in attachment. This matrix is based o­n a formula proposed by Subhash and which outlines the GPS subject area: One Earth ~ o­ne Humanity ~ o­ne Harmony ~ o­ne Peace = o­ne Global Peace Science (GPS). I transformed this formula into a matrix and expressed it in tetrad model.

As a result, we believe, a compact expression of essence and significance of the new science of global peace was received. It is very important for it as all new, as we know, is facing enormous difficulties understanding. To overcome these difficulties and ease the way to an understanding and recognition of the new, the authors have to take care of the different ways of its expressing. We can confidently say that this matrix, along with the social genome (SOCIONOME) and other models is the key to understanding the new science GPS, which becomes a necessity in order to prevent another world war in the nuclear option, which is already being discussed publicly in the USA and NATO (
http://www.vz.ru/politics/2015/6/5/749253.html and http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com).

GPS has the intellectual potential not o­nly to prevent it but also to provide to the end of the 21st century complete disarmament and the historic victory of peace over war, i.e., the transition from the military past history to a peaceful future history without war. But this requires a deep understanding of GPS, which, in turn, requires a variety of different cognitive tools. o­ne of them is presented in our joint article, illustrating cultural unity of the two peace-loving countries with the deep spirituality of peacefulness: India and Russia.

Best wishes for peace from harmony based o­n science,
Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President and
Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA Secretary General,

Global Peace Science (GPS): Subject’s Area Matrix.

Leo Semashko, Subhash Chandra

Publication: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=624

Публикация: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=650

The subject’s matrix (S-matrix) of GPS was created to express the GPS system subject’s area within transition from the architecture of knowledge of SPHERONS (see 1.5.-1.7. in GPS book: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585) and their laws to the architecture of global peace. Simply put, S-matrix expresses the architecture of global peace in its key structural blocks. In it the systemic unity of diversity of global peace is defined by the formula: One Earth ~ o­ne Humanity ~ o­ne Harmony ~ o­ne Peace = o­ne Global Peace Science (GPS). Where tilde ~ is a sign of the unity and indivisibility in this matrix of the five different elements, which together reflect a fundamental super structure of global peace. The equality sign is a sign of inclusion of the first four elements in the GPS object and GPS unity with them. Or else: the first four express an objective system subject of the fifth as knowledge about it. Therefore, GPS S-matrix is forming method and description of the architecture of global peace in this science. It expresses the GPS universal scale combining five universal structures: Earth, humanity, harmony, peace, and science of peace in o­ne super structure of GPS.

The Earth (planet, nature) universality is expressed through universality of its seven spheres: litho-, hydro-, atmo-, iono-, bio-, noo-, cosmosphere, which are presented in SOCIONOME (see 1.5. in GPS book).

The universality of humanity is embodied its 4 spheres and 4 SPHERONS of global social structure, including the entire population with all its groups, without exception, which produce society (noosphere) in all its diversity (see chap. 1) and which is defined in the ancient Indian Vedic tradition as "One World - o­ne Family" ("Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam").

The universality of harmony covers all natural and social spheres and all the relationships between them, o­nly because they exist. Therefore harmony is a way of existence of nature, society, human and peace; therefore, social peace is - "from harmony" or "through harmony" of SPHERONS; therefore SPHERONS are cause, source, actors and guarantors of peace. Disharmony, antagonism and struggle of classes/groups (PARTONS, see 1.12) in social harmony system is o­nly a particular or extreme case in global harmony of SPHERONS, hence the theories of antagonism and struggle of PARTONS in its knowledge is o­nly a special case/deduction of general theory of harmony of SPHERONS as Newtonian mechanics is a special deduction of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The special cases and deductions of social harmony are historically transient and degenerate forms in an endless evolution of its perfection, search and selection of the most effective forms, ways and institutions of SPHERONS’ harmony.

The universality of peace covers all social spheres and relations between them as any antagonism (disharmony) between them as well as between them and the natural spheres may become the source of o­ne or another war. Therefore, the causes of war can be infinitely many and a cause of global peace is o­ne global harmony but in all its infinite variety. Therefore war is primitive state of humanity and peace is infinitely complex in the integrity of its diversity. This explains its (global peace) inaccessibility to the past history of a variety of different civilizations over more than 10 thousand years until the present day. At this stage o­nly GPS can provide holism and adequate complexity of the spheral harmonious thinking able to explore, to understand and to build conscious global peace of SPHERONS in its first historical form, which will constantly evolve in the future.

Here manifests the universality and uniqueness of GPS as necessary and sufficient element of global peace as well as four others. Global peace as a universal and constant attribute of humanity and the way of its existence, survival and sustainable development can o­nly be scientific and conscious. Therefore, GPS also is included in the subject of the fundamentally new, revolutionary scientific thinking in its epistemological function of self-knowledge. In this function GPS is a new philosophy as philosophy of the future, born in the 21st century. Its sources, stages and content were discussed in the books of Dr. Leo Semashko for almost 30 years (since 1976) and in the GHA eight books for 10 years, since 2005 (see 7.1.)

S-matrix determines the GPS subject not o­nly from the standpoint of global peace but also in terms of their possible military destruction, which is identical to the impossibility of global peace. As long as nuclear weapons will exist until our planet and humanity will be in danger of full military destruction. Concern of their conservation from this threat and its exclusion through global peace, i.e. liberation from war, its sources, actors and its infrastructure is a task and function of GPS, which are included in its subject and make its organic aspect of security. But GPS is not limited this negative aspect, putting forward a positive priority of building global peace of SPHERONS. Therefore GPS is, first and foremost, the science of peacebuilding, in which the security feature is a derivative and secondary from peacebuilding priority.

S-matrix can be represented by the following tetramodel, elements of which are listed in the formula above with their some details:

1. o­ne Earth (planet, nature, 7 spheres) ~ 2. o­ne humanity (noosphere, society, 4 spheres and 4 SPHERONS) ~ 3. o­ne (global) harmony of SPHERONS (their spheral laws) ~ 4. o­ne (global) peace from harmony of SPHERONS (their values, ways and institutions) = 5. o­ne global peace science from harmony of SPHERONS (spheral thinking, knowledge and science).

Model-17a. The GPS Subject’s Matrix

This model clearly presents the relationships and attributes of universality, uniqueness, necessity and sufficiency of the structural blocks for the architecture of global peace, which are expressed in the general theory above (see chapters 1-5). Each of blocks of this model is detailed in the corresponding models of this book and in the ABC of Harmony. The complete picture they get in the social genome - in SOCIONOME (see para 1.5).

Why it is the matrix? - Because the first four building blocks creates their unbreakable and multi-dimensional superposition, overlap, penetration and interdependence. Why it is the subject’s matrix? - Because it outlines the objective area of GPS and its architecture. Of course, it can have a variety of other expressions: table, statistical, holographic, mathematical, etc., some of which are presented in part below.

Logic of this matrix is simple. If we interpret humanity as a unity of private hostile social groups, classes, nations and similar PARTONS, then into the place of social harmony we put discord and antagonism, which generate wars, displacing peace. o­n the other hand, if we discover a deep social structure of humanity as a unity of harmonious spheral classes SPHERONS, then we find in them the fundamental basis of global harmony; and global peace from harmony gets its ultimate cause, source, actors and guarantors to exclude any war and ensure historic victory of peace over war. These are two fundamentally different logics of war and peace, which explain them from different objective foundations (PARTONS – SPHERONS) and from different levels of their knowledge. But these logics are interconnected: the logic of war and struggle of any classes and groups is an extreme, temporary and degenerating case of the logic of harmony.

The second logic - logic of peace - depends from the discovery of objective harmonious classes - SPHERONS and their transforming from spontaneous (intuitive) in the conscious o­nes. This transformation of consciousness can take place o­nly o­n the basis of GPS knowledge, which SPHERONS will get through the global harmonious education and other spiritual forms of the similar quality and scale. GPS is the theoretical basis of the highest and most excellent – SCIENTIFIC – peace global education of civil society, which does not yet know of such education. GPS also serves as a tool and platform for integrating other forms of spiritual peacebuilding: religion, art, social sciences and so o­n (see chap. 7).

This matrix allows also identify and explain the existence in our times of peace-loving countries in their unity to achieve global peace and opposing them aggressive militaristic countries and blocks hostile to global peace. Of course, hostile to peace can o­nly be elitist, aggressive-minded ruling classes PARTONS (see 1.13).

Peace in the architecture of SPHERONS is a normal harmonious state of mankind. The war in this system is disharmony, pathology, HIV infection or cancerous tumor devouring the planet and humanity. Peace from harmony of conscious SPHERONS is a complete healing from this tumor, sustainable development and prosperity of both the nature (planet), and humanity in the unity of all its diversity of peace loving peoples, societies, cultures and civilizations.

The GPS S-matrix is another expression of social integrity, holism and completeness of SOCIONOME (see 1.5.). In its content and logic it and S-matrix are identical but with a different decryption of structural elements and for different epistemological functions and tasks. S-matrix is the most compact expression of global peace architecture, detailing blocks of which are implemented in the models of respective spheres and their laws in the first approximation in the chapters above and below with a focus primarily o­n humanity (noosphere, society).

S-matrix is a key to understand the integrated and holistic system of GPS in its entirety. GPS and its matrix may be based o­nly o­n the notion of SPHERONS. Their discovery allowed the GHA, for the first time in the history and more than two centuries after the emergence of military science, to create an unprecedented science of peace - GPS. The discovery of this science, in turn, will allow humanity to come out in the 21st century to the way of radically new, peaceful history, eliminating war and closing traditional, militaristic history. It will be a historical and civilizational breakthrough o­n the basis of GPS revolution of traditional militaristic thinking. In the GPS framework will qualitative change our understanding of the key social institutions of economy, politics, democracy, media and education, their transformation from a militaristic to peacebuilding o­nes. Some of these institutions will analyze briefly below, in Chapter 8 within positions of S-matrix.

Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the key importance of GPS together with its fundamental discoveries of SPHERONS, SOCIONOME, S-matrix and other unique cognitive tools for a radical change of human history and thought. They will ensure building global peace in the 21st century and "shift of the arms race into a peace race" as brilliantly foresaw Martin Luther King Jr. Their final outcome is a general and complete disarmament and the historic victory of peace over war. As Albert Einstein wrote, "we shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."

The traditional Western thinking, dominating in our time and in contrast to the thinking of other civilizations - Indian, Chinese, Russian, African, etc., in its mainstream showed in history ineradicable militarism in numerous wars, in the creation of military science more than two centuries ago, in a continuous arms race, and now, within the framework of the US and NATO, came to recognition of nuclear war (http://www.vz.ru/politics/2015/6/5/749253.html and http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com), which excludes the survival of humanity. The Western thinking has become militaristic contagious "infection" for other nations, states and cultures. The West does everything for the war: military science, military-industrial complex, priority of military budgets, the arms race, and etc. But for peace it does almost nothing: peace infrastructure and its financing are virtually zero. The West nurtured a major threat to global peace - military empire of the US/NATO, which threatens all other civilizations: o­nly it waged the wars in almost all parts of the world for the past 70 years after World War II; o­nly it has military bases o­n all continents, etc. (see chap. 9).
      Militarist mindset is hostile to peace and deprives humanity the survival prospect. This perspective can provide o­nly a peaceful thinking and consciousness based o­n GPS and o­nly global peace dialogue o­n this basis. Therefore GPS is an alternative to nuclear war. Could be another alternative? GPS has intellectual potential not o­nly to prevent it but also to provide up to the end of the 21st century complete disarmament and the historic victory of peace over war, i.e., the transition from the military past history to a peaceful future history without war. This is the historical mission and meaning of GPS.


Dr. Leo Semashko,

Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005; State Councilor of St. Petersburg; Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony; Author of more than 400 scientific publications, including 16 books in many languages; Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia; Director, GHA Website “Peace from Harmony”: www.peacefromharmony.org; Editor in Chief, the GHA 8 books during 10 years, including "Global Peace Science" (2015).

Address: St. Petersburg, Russia, Phone: 7 (812) 597-65-71, E-mail: leo.semashko @ gmail.com,


Dr. Subhash Chandra,

GHA Secretary General and GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583;

Board of Trustee Global Peace Foundation, India; www.globalpeace.org;

Associate Professor (Hon.) at Intercultural Open University (IOU), NL;

Chief Advisor at Central Institute of Business Management, Nagpur, India;

Address: Gurgaon (Haryana), India; Email: schandra101 @ gmail.com



Global Peace Science as Alternative to Nuclear War Hanging over Humanity

Dear GHA Members, Friends!

We are happy to inform you that a key paragraph of Global Peace Science (GPS) 3+ pages: "GPS: Subject’s Area Matrix", which cannot publish any site or edition in Russia (non-Marxist dissidence suppression continues!), was published in two foreign Digests:

1. STOPNATO Digest # 5368 from June 14, 2015: http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com

2. TRANSCEND MEDIA SERVICE, TMS Weekly Digest: 29 Jun - 05 Jul 2015: https://www.transcend.org/tms/2015/06/global-peace-science-gps-subjects-area-matrix/

We gratefully acknowledge the publishers of these digests: Pick Rozoff and Antonio C.S. Rosa, who were not afraid to publish the GPS key paragraph and what else be afraid to do in Russia.

We define this paragraph-article as the "key" because it gives the most concise and most accurate representation of the new science GPS as an alternative to nuclear war, revealing its (GPS) anti-militarist nature, aimed at exposing the aggressive imperial block of the USA/NATO as the main enemy to global peace and the main source of nuclear war with Russia. Any nuclear war is a global war and the end of mankind. Preparation of this war by the USA/NATO block puts humanity to the brink of nuclear catastrophe in our time. We need to declare about this deadly threat as the responsible peacemakers of the responsible peacemaking organization - Global Harmony Association (GHA). We call o­n other peacemaking organizations also public and openly declare about this most dangerous threat for all the 70 years after WW II. When this war will start, all its warnings will be too late and to no o­ne.

This article also illustrates the GPS scientific revolution and its new, spheral thinking and knowledge. GPS creates a new, productive theoretical platform for global peace dialogue, which is the o­nly reasonable alternative to nuclear war. In this sense, GPS is alternative to any war.

We draw the attention of readers of this article to fact that its content is constantly being updated in some of its parts for better understanding of the GPS theoretical foundations. We will be happy to publish all responses and comments together with this article: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=624

Best wishes for peace from harmony based o­n GPS,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, Russia and
Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA Secretary General, India,


© Website author: Leo Semashko, 2005; © designed by Roman Snitko, 2005