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BRICS as Global Leader of Peacebuilding Front in the XXI Century. Security: the Theory of Two Fronts

8.25. BRICS as Global Leader of Peacebuilding Front in the XXI Century.

Security: the Theory of Two Fronts. Leo Semashko
(It is the 25th paragraph of the eighth Chapter from Global Peacr Science:


         The global peace basic institutions presented in the 8th chapter form a single in diversity Global Peacebuilding Front of humanity in the 21st century, the ultimate objective of which is building a world order of global peace excluding wars, armed conflicts, and any weapons. This front nonviolently resists and confronts to Global Military Front. Let us compare these two fronts in order to understand the scope of their confrontation and weigh the strength and capabilities of each.

           The Military Front is the first global front o­n time, scale and impact created by the countries for their national defense and security. He began to emerge after origin of military science nearly two centuries ago but a decisive contribution to its building was introduced by the last, most militaristic and bloody century in history. The military front of humanity unites countless military institutions, armed forces and global military infrastructure with hundreds of millions of employees and tens of trillions of dollars of annual funding. Military front works o­n the war continuously almost 200 years without stopping for a minute.

           The consolidating center of this front is a military science, which allowed creating a powerful military infrastructure (the infrastructure of war) uniting four clusters of military resources:

1. Tens millions of armed forces personnel, attendants and military-industrial complex workers (cluster of human or people resources of wars);

2. Military science with thousands of military Academies, colleges, institutions and information services with millions of military scientists, teachers and experts. Military science is the basis of formation of military doctrines, strategies and policies of governments (cluster of information resources);

3.Military budgets with trillions of dollars annually and powerful military structures, beginning with the Ministries of Defense, using these budgets (cluster of financial and organizational resources);

4.Material-technical base of the war, including tens of thousands of military bases and facilities, billions of units of various weapons and providing reserves as well as hundreds of thousands of military enterprises, which continually produce, serve and improve weapons during centuries (cluster of material resources).

              The military front is guided false militaristic ideology: "If you want peace - prepare for war" or "If you do not feed your army, you will feed someone else's army." Peace in the light of this militaristic doctrine is a part of the war, o­nly break between wars and preparation for them. In the previous chapters was proved the falsity of this ideology, the alternative to which is GPS as a scientific doctrine of global peace. Its essence is the idea of ​​Einstein: "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can o­nly be achieved by understanding" [104], i.e. o­nly by mind, armed with the global peace science (GPS).

In the dynamics of its rapid development, the military front started to threaten in the second half of the 20th century destruction of all humanity in a nuclear clash of the most powerful nuclear powers. This clash makes little sense for any of national military defense and security. It transforms global military front into the first threat to human existence, depriving it of any positive meaning and converts this front in the basic man-made (noospheral) destructive factor of life o­n Earth. The o­nly positive meaning, which is behind it - is enormous war profits of military corporations by continuously expanding production of weapons. Only a narrow but powerful military-industrial and financial elite is interested in the infinite existence of humanity military front and no o­ne else. Pope Francis Condemns Wars and this elite saying: "Those who promote wars are not concerned with the defense of their own people but with the making of more and more money. Many powerful people don't want peace because they live off war" [105].

            The threat of nuclear war and global nuclear collision occurred 70 years ago, in 1945, after creation of the USA atomic bomb and its first test o­n humans in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Their population, more than 200 thousand people, became the first victim of global military (militaristic) front led by the US. Since then, contrary to all the countless attempts to free from the nuclear threat or even somehow limit it, it shows steady tendency of growth and qualitative renovation. This trend confirms the test of its new model in the US, Nevada, July 1, 2015 through the bomber F-15E "in order to develop the possibility of using the atomic bomb V61-12 with NATO fighter-bombers stationed in Europe" [106]. This test was carried out despite international prohibitions and aimed against Russia and China, which are forced to respond adequately. The nuclear weapons reached fantastic levels of scientific perfection in its production, dissemination and delivery to any area that allows overcoming any lot echelon system of national defense and security making them meaningless.

           Evolution of military front led it to self-denial. From an instrument of national defense and security, it became the first instrument of global self-destruction, from which there is no military defense and security at any o­ne country. The military way of defense and security is a dead-end, senseless and self-destructive path, denying self and transforming humanity in its sacrifice. It foresaw the famous American thinker Fuller: "We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims" [107]. The military front able to make humanity a victim following behind the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it is absolutely not able to make it the architect of global peace, life and prosperity of all the peoples in the 21st century.

            Self-negation of military front has that deep positive sense that it proves in the best manner that the absolute defence, protection and security of each country and each person can o­nly give global peace from harmony with the general and complete disarmament. But global peace as absolute protection and security is devoid of any resources: their comparison with the military resources (above) shows that peace resources are virtually nil in all clusters. Global peace devoid of any institutional forces, institutions, infrastructure and financing, with the exception of isolated enthusiasts-peacemakers, their fragmented organizations, their volunteer work and their miserable in size but great in sense donations to peace. That global peace as absolute protection and security has evolved from a chimerical fantasy into the real force capable nonviolently to resist and defeat global military front, it must acquire and embody into a more powerful global peacebuilding front of humanity in the 21st century with its science, infrastructure, financing and leadership. This will be the second front for the defense and security of each country after the military front, the second o­n time of origin in more than two centuries after the military front but it is the first and single front to achieve absolute protection and security in global peace. o­nly peacebuilding front with adequate infrastructure, uniting o­n the GPS base the four clusters of resources can provide absolute protection and security of every country and every person in global peace from harmony.

           For appearance of the peacebuilding front primarily requires two key resources of its infrastructure: 1. Global peace science (GPS) and 2. Global leader. GPS in the first version was created first in 10 years in the GHA and presented in this book. GPS identified actors – SPHERONS, their laws, values/principles, ways, institutions and roadmap of global peace together with them. GPS has created a broad panorama of scientific sociological imagination of global peace in the 21st century in its basic parameters, dimensions and directions. This scientific vision acceptable to all peoples and countries, as it serves to their absolute protection and security. o­nly people with a misanthropic ideology like Nazism, the reckless and suicides may object to it, which include narrow military-industrial and financial elite who receives benefits from the infinite totalitarian reign of global militarism as a constant threat to life and security of every country and every person. It's all clear.

           The second necessary resource of key importance to peacebuilding front is its global leader, able to unite, organize, finance and manage all of its actions in all directions of peacebuilding. Only in this case the peacebuilding front will be able to advance and win nonviolently military front in all peacemaking "battles." Humanity knows and everyone intuitively and personally feels the global military leader - a militaristic block US/NATO, about which much has been said before, but scientific evidence and detailed illustrations of this fact is shown in the following, the 9th chapter. It is much harder to determine the leader of peacebuilding front, which does not yet exist and peacemaking leaders of which do not show themselves, expressing the peaceful aspirations o­nly occasionally and unsystematic. To such peacemaking countries-leaders are primarily BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which recognized the "international peace and security" as its top priority [108]. Russian President Vladimir Putin in his final press conference at the BRICS summit o­n July 10, 2015 identified the peacefulness, tools and ultimate goals of the BRICS:

"We’ll use all instruments of cooperation with all countries … primarily develop relations with those countries that want to cooperate with us. The BRICS countries … are powerful states with a strategic prospect of development. They are leaders – the future leaders of the world and the global economy. Look at their human and natural resources and potential; look at their growth rates. So I’m confident that new instruments of cooperation will appear. They will have a favourable influence o­n the citizens of our countries and we’ll live in a world that will be more balanced, more safe and prosperous"[109] (emphasis added – L.S.).

              GPS arms BRICS as the most probable global and collective leader of the peacebuilding front with a key tool for the scientific understanding of its peacemaking mission until the 21st century end. At the same time, GPS opens all nations and countries the conscious and democratic way of joining the BRICS and its "second" peacebuilding front. This front under the BRICS leadership will ensure global peace as the full and non-violent security, social harmony (balanced world) and prosperity for all countries and peoples. The peacemaking front uniting all peace-loving countries around the BRICS cooperates with all countries, without exception but actively and nonviolently opposes by all legitimate means to any war, armed conflict, aggression, militarist alliance and militarism in a whole, contrasting them the peace projects, initiatives and actions as the o­nly acceptable alternatives.

           We see no other international organization, except BRICS, which is able "to arm" with GPS to lead the global peacebuilding front and become its leader in the 21st century. The UN cannot fulfill this mission, for the reasons discussed above (8.18., 8.19.). o­nly peacebuilding front led by BRICS is able to realize the great dream of Martin L. King Jr. "shift the arms race into a peace race" [110] and make humanity architect, not a victim of the future. The military front and its leader - the US/NATO makes him a victim, and peacebuilding front and its leader - BRICS make it an architect. Confrontation and nonviolent struggle of these global fronts, the victory of the peacebuilding front ultimately constitute the main meaning of human history in the 21st century. The nonviolent struggle disarms and neutralizes the military front, transforming it into peacebuilding front in result. The struggle for peace, o­n the o­ne hand, and the struggle for war, o­n the other hand, will determine the future of humanity: life in peace or death in the war. This contradiction requires the intensive, accelerated development of peacebuilding front, which lags behind the military front for almost two centuries, is, in fact, in lethal condition or in a century coma, deprived of its own science, infrastructure, financing and organizational center. History created BRICS for revival, de facto, - for the new birth of global peacebuilding front through GPS to fulfill the most humane, life-saving and rotary mission of mankind in the 21st century.

              The primary tasks of the BRICS as a leader of peacebuilding front are:

1. Create in each government of BRICS the Peacebuilding Department (8.3.), which all together constitute the Joint (International) Headquarters of the second front, which will be the first practical proof of BRICS peaceful intentions;

2. Establishment of the International Academy of Global Peace (8.4.) in o­ne of the countries, such as Russia or India for scientific maintenance of all the actions of this front;

3. Definition of a modern militaristic front, its leader and scope of its threats to global peace and security of all countries, to what Chapter 9 is dedicated.

Other functions and tasks of the peacebuilding front leader are presented in general terms in its Road Map (8.24.), and its more detailed substantiation is in Chapter 10.

The theory of two fronts of security, an essay of which is presented in this paragraph, is a continuation and development of the theory of SPHERONS and PARTONS in GPS and philosophy of peaceful human nature, disclosed in Chapter 1. The two fronts pass through each country, nation, community and each person acquiring different weights in them and determining their peaceful or militaristic quality o­n priority of o­ne from them. Therefore, the two fronts theory in GPS a philosophical and sociological theory, which is presented at this stage o­nly in relation to the leadership issue in global peacebuilding. In the following steps, it requires a more detailed and large-scale development.

Dr. Leo Semashko. GHA President, Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science, Russia



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