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World Intellectuals Endorse the Importance of Global Peace Science

All of us, without distinction, have great responsibility to build and position ourselves for peace. We have to go different paths that lead us to peace and social justice from social harmony, which has respect for human rights and needs. We can bring everyone love and messages of hope for peace from harmony o­nly through science, which gives o­ne truth for all nations and people. Global Peace Science appeared o­nly in 2015, across more than two centuries after the military science in 1799 inventing new weapons; therefore peace more than two centuries loses to war. The o­nly weapon of global peace is its Science, for which can follow every person, if he/she wants to live in peace and not to die in the war. We must teach it to our children.

Delasnieve Daspet, Lawyer, Poet, Writer, Peacemaker, Brazil


Global Peace Science opens up before European Union the new opportunities for revival and development o­n the basis of social harmony and world peace as the unconditional Common Good of Humanity and a key condition for life o­n Earth. This science animates multiculturalism and tolerance, which without harmony crash down as we see now. Such an initiative can help to overcome this destruction because of the disharmonious state of European society, which is submitted to the hegemony of market and as an appendix of the USA world policy.

François Houtart, PhD in sociology, Profesor en el Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales (I.A.E.N.) de Quito (Ecuador); Professor Emeritus, Catholic University, Louvain, Belgium, World Harmony Creator


Global Peace Science offers the world unique leadership in resolving and hopefully preventing war, terrorism, environmental crisis, economic instability, and genocide through use of a WMD that it can develop from a variety of dual-use technologies. GPScience offers a strategic road map for maximizing human security and individual freedoms via the transformation of global systems and structures by focusing o­n universal peace from harmony education. An education that is key to overcoming the self-destructive flaws within our human mind those are now threatening our future. Our misplaced value for money, material goods and national independence must be transformed. GPScience recognized the urgency of essential values in sustaining human freedom in peace.

Chuck Woolery, Former Chair, United Nations Association Council of Organizations, USA


The world needs for harmony becomes more urgent in the face of constant military conflicts. The emphasis o­n harmony as the paradigmal system of human existence disclosed in Global Peace Science (Peacescience) provides rejection from the arms via formation of a new, harmonious, democracy of SPHERONS. Paradigm of spheral democracy o­n Peacescience base is able to create a new, harmonious dimension of mental and social space, where chaos turns into the cosmos and entropy - in beauty. Militarization destroys the necessary dialogue "I-World" and civilizational thinking. o­nly Peacescience, to know social harmony, it is aimed at creation of Global Peace Era so necessary to mankind today.

Tatiana Kablova, PhD in Arts, A/Professor, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine


Global Peace Science is the true spirit of human beings, because it gives them the most important knowledge for social life: the knowledge of cause and creators of global peace, which provide life to people. This knowledge excludes war, which brings to people o­nly death and which is embodied today in the US/NATO villainous New World Order built o­n aggression, death and militarism. Peacescience opens a third way of human development in social harmony. This way is alternative to equally flawed, militarist and economic narrow roads of capitalism and communism. But this way preserves and integrates their achievements in social harmonyclearing humanity from militarism and war.

Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos, Greece


Global Peace Science (GPS) is the first attempt with the help of sociology, philosophy, mathematics and poetry to engender in the sick, evil, mired in wars, disharmonious world the another world bases of Consent, Good, Truth, Harmony, Love, Conscience and Honor. The creators of this science will be proud with their principles of gradual building a harmonious civilization o­n the basis of ancient knowledge. It is extremely important to keep the continuity of generations in promoting GPS for a better life of all earthlings! As said our great poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko: "It does not matter - whether you have the pursuers, but it is important - do you have followers? What is our word, if there, loaded thirst awakening is no hidden the seed of future times - a sacred opportunity to continue?! Create, artist, courage, burn and speak! Let be the word revealed, simple and great, like an apple - with the beginning of the apple trees in the future!".

Yuri Tsymbalist, member of the Writers' Union of Russia


Global Peace Science(Peacescience) from harmony conceptually fills the meaning of humanity security in a whole and the life of every human being with a NEW cultural, moral and spiritual component. It is evolutionarily called to be not o­nly the core of a new civilization but also its conscience. It is well known: "If the growth rate of the culture behind the growth of the economy, society degenerates." This is confirmed by unreasonable behavior and cruelty of "liberal" capitalism. The unlimited abilities of a person in conjunction with his conscience, based o­n Peacescience from Harmony are able to elevate and meet his needs, to give happiness to society o­n the Earth.

Victor Shenyagin, radio engineer, Master of Economics, researcher of harmony, Moscow, Russia


Militarism is the plague of humanity! Global Peace Science is perfectly wonderful original work marking a new era. The evil of violence while confronts its coming. To reduce the power of violence we can o­nly be acting o­n the minds of young by peacemaking. The Creative Education opposes to the destructive tendencies and, if it will be implemented, will reduce them to zero. The leading role in this process will take Peacescience from social harmony of SPHERONS. We hope that the mind of mankind will win the war and militarism by means of this science.

Henry Skvortsov, Creative Education author, academician of International Academy of Fundamental Education, Professor of System Analysis, PhD in Education, St. Petersburg, Russia


The horror of steadily impending third world war and constantly going local wars must be stopped o­nce and for all. The human must learn to live in peace and harmony with the Universe, God, Nature and with other people. Otherwise, our civilization will be self-destructed. But for adequate "response" to the global "challenge" of our time, humanity needs in uniting idea, humanistic ideal and positive global project. Such an idea, ideal and project carry Global Peace Science. The o­nly question is we have time to bring them to life.

Andrei Smirnov, PhD, member, Methodological Council, Russian Association "Analytics", Great Novgorod, Russia


The Peace from Harmony conception (spheral or SPHERONS’ approach) contains a profound meaning: harmonious world of humans is full of energy, ready to bring in the work; but we have to choose a direction, and we need a certain level of freedom, which manifests itself as a will to responsibility (Friedrich Nietzsche) and as well as the will to goodness, truth, harmony, beauty and justice. Freedom does good, beauty, truth by the most important steps of the evolutionary construction of the absolute value of harmony within the universal ideal, the achievement of which is associated with superattractor (Vladimir Bransky). The representatives of St. Petersburg school of social synergy treat with great respect to the Global Peace Science authors.

Sergei Busov, PhD, Saint Petersburg, Russia.


The nature is fractal at different levels of the organization, and the war is absent in the nature. Maybe here there is a higher harmony and justice of nature? Should not society be fractal and built in the image of the human brain? No coincidence that information networks are now beginning to permeate our lives and in the future they will transform the information society into a harmonious ‘nervous’ similar society at all levels, from local to global within its o­ne social genome (SOCIONOME) of Global Peace Science. The connectivity growth is a barrier and at the same times a protecting instrument from destruction of society in its disharmony. This tool is social Global Peace Science from harmony, revealing harmonious spheral and SPHERONS fractals of society.

Alexander Savelyev, "Neurocomputers" Journal collaborator, o­ne of the Founders of the World Neurons Society: http://wwns.org/, Moscow, Russia


The solution of global demographic problem is impossible at the national level but o­nly at the international and o­n the basis of scientific, very deep, its social structure of SPHERONS covering the entire population, without exception, in all its ethnic and regional communities. The deep social structure of the population in SPHRONS is disclosed and statistically proven in the first approximation in Global Peace Science. o­nly it offers a universal approach to the scientific solution of global population problem, because o­nly SPHERONS, most scaled and harmonious subjects of population, armed with a scientific mind and organized at all levels, from local to global in spheral democracy (democracy of SPHERONS) will be able to take under control the growth and regulation of global population.



These responses authors are true world intellectuals and thinkers, because they think about the world and at the global level! They think responsibly and o­n a new, wide, freed from the Procrustean bed of old and moribund ideology of Marxism and liberalism, kneaded by narrow economism and dooming society to eternal disharmony of wars, flagrant inequalities, mutual hostility and violence, but helpless to solve in harmony global problems that they created. These thinkers inspire us. They give us confidence in the ability of humanity to the new, not war, and harmony to solve all his problems by providing it survival, sustainable harmonious development and happiness to everyone. They concern with prosperity not the ruling elite and its "golden billion", increasing wealthy o­n exploitation of other billions but prosperity of all nations, without exception, via equal for all and vital to all social harmony.

Dr. Leo Semashko



The world's Maecenas of Global Peace,

Dr. Apostolos John Paschos

Physician, Metsovo, Epirus, Greece

Donation for “Global Peace Science” book publication in 2016 is €2400



Dr. Apostolos John Paschos: Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Nuclear Medicine, physician, philosopher, physician-nutritionist, author, historian, poet, Medicine lecturer, former Lecturer at the Aristotle University of Salonica, Member of Global Harmony Association GHA, Member of 18 scientific societies, Member of the International Society of Greek Writers and Arts, member of Union of Greek Authors, Honorary member of the non-government society for the culture “Argonaftes”, Member of International Academy “Thea Athina”, Accademia Del Fiorino, Accademia Ferdinandea, Societa Storica Catenese and The New York Academy of sciences, Knight of Grace of Malta.

The man blessed by God is working constantly for any humans o­n Planet Earth physical and healthy food locally, with love, peace, harmony, healthy quality of life and philanthropy.” Dr. Dr. Apostolos John Paschos




Stele of a little girl with the doves of peace and love, ca. 450–440 B.C.

Greek, Parian marble; H. 31 1/2 in. (80 cm)
Fletcher Fund, 1927 (27.45)




Eirene & The Infant Ploutos

Eirene (Peace) bearing Plutus (Wealth)





The GPS editor in chief comment.

Already ancient Greeks knew that o­nly peace and not war is the source, generator and mother of wealth for all. Conversely, the wealth, economy and growth of well-being are the result, derivative and child of peace but not the war that is o­nly their murderer and a destroyer. Why this obvious truth for almost three thousand years has not found realization in the history of mankind? Because it is extremely complex, holistic and intuitive truth, embracing all peoples of the world are able to realize o­nly via Global Peace Science, which was born and was published o­nly in 2015, in the GHA in Russia. It is necessary to emphasize o­ne more feature: almost all ancient sculptures and temples of peace are forgotten, abandoned and destroyed. This is relation of modern industrial and militaristic civilization to peace. Obviously, it needs a war, not peace ...



The US/NATO Militarism: Main Obstacle of Global Peace.

The Key Sources in Bibliography


America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776.

The U.S. Has o­nly Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth


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The Global Peace Science Chapters 9 and 13



Statue of Liberty as a symbol of unlimited disharmonious freedom became banner of the endless wars, militarism, terrorism and global dictatorship of violence.


Its alternative is emblem of Harmonious Civilization in Global Peace Science and Model-24 below.



The GPS Generalizing Holistic Tetranet Thinking Model-24

Global Peace Science:

Vaccine and Immunity from Global Militarism/Terrorism;

Victory of Peace Soft Force over War. Geopolitics of Peace in the 21st century

(See Chapter 13.23)

The GPS resulting scientific formula of global peace: Global peace consciously comes (is built, created, ensured, guaranteed etc.) from harmony of SPHERONS in their spheral democracy and economy via science, education, religion, arts, journalism, through the culture in general, nonviolently overcoming militarism and terrorism of irremovable ruling elite ("golden percent") by Peacebuilding Front of SPHERONS, 100% of the population, which wants to live but not to die in the endless wars of elite. Center for Global Peace of SPHERONS and common cultural path to it uniting all other ways is Global Peace Science (GPS). It opens the Era of Peacefulness in history since 2016. GPS was completed in 2015 by 174 coauthors from 34 countries in result of the Global Harmony Association work almost eleven years. But GPS needs continuous further development. 01.01.16



Dr. Leo Semashko and 173 coauthors from 34 countries


Global Peace Science or Peaceloveology, Peacescience: First Common Good and Human Right, Revolution of Social Sciences, Creating Peace from SPHERONS' Harmony and Nonviolent Victory of Peace over War in XXI Century.

World textbook. The GHA 48th project



The first publication in Russia, in St-Petersburg, 2015, – 432 p.

Publisher: Polytechnic University.


The first publication in English in India, New Delhi, 2016, – 616 p.





ISBN 978-5-94422-035-6

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