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Global Peace Science: Business Projects of Harmonism


Global Peace Science: Business Projects of Harmonism.

Selecting the 12 best of 220.


The GHA 51st (
Business) project


Authors (12): Leo Semashko, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Uraz Baimuratov, Surendra Pathak, Subhash Chandra, Ramesh Kumar, Delasnieve Daspet, Takis Ioannides, Apostolos Paschos, Heli Habyarimana, Bishnu Pathak, Alexander Semashko


Approved by the GHA: February 26, 2016


In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=661

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=664


There is nothing more practical than a good theory.

Ludwig Boltzmann


We must shift the arms race into a peace race.

Martin L. King Jr.


GHA Projects. The GHA (Global Harmony Association) has accumulated all set of projects within the science of social harmony, global peace and harmonious civilization - Tetrasociology emerging 40 years ago with the creation o­n its basis the student club Demiurge in 1976 (see: The ABC of Harmony, p 119). GHA inherited 170 projects created before 2005, and 50 projects it created independently after 2005. Total in its possession now are more than 220 own projects.

List of the 170 first projects, see here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=401

List of the second 50 projects, see here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472

The GHA Business Projects. More than half of these projects, about 150, have business component and form a class "GHA Business Projects." From this set we can allocate the different groups of projects by content, country’s implementation, investments, according to the final economic and social effect, time of implementation, and other parameters. Here we restrict the selection of the eleven most simple, effective and the least investment intensity business projects for their quick implementation (to choice) in the three countries: India, Russia, Kazakhstan and in Africa, where the GHA departments are exist. Similar departments can be establish in any country and region.

The set of titles for the GHA Business Projects. The content of GHA projects is defined by their common theoretical basis – Tetrasociology of social harmony, world peace and harmonious civilization, the culmination of which is the Global Peace Science (GPS) or Peacescience: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf. This science defines the purpose and nature of the projects, which are not military but by peaceful, not disharmonious (only for the sake of separate groups and classes) and harmonious for all four necessary and sufficient classes of the population of every society - SPHERONS. All GHA business projects serve to the purposes of peace from harmony and harmony for peace. The GHA business projects diversity bu different criteria generates a set of equivalent titles. The main o­nes are: "Business projects of GPS", "Business projects of Peacescience", "Business projects of harmonism", "Business projects of harmony", "Business projects of peacefulness", "Business projects of SPHERONS", "Business Projects of SPHERONS’ democracy", and so o­n.

One common title for the GHA Business Projects. Of the titles mentioned above, we will choose o­ne common, the most preferred title: "Business Projects of Harmonism" in the acronym BPH. In it harmony is assumed by the main source of peace and its economic efficiency. GHA has long realized that harmony can be the source of much more incomes than oil, gas, diamonds and other natural resources: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=365

The BPHs immediate objective is: At the expense of proceeds from the BPHs to provide the own independent funding of GHA in all its regional offices to implement the Global Peace Science in any of its aspects: academic, social, political, economic, cultural, etc. Economic efficiency of the BPH will be a weighty proof of the GPS correctness and usefulness that will allow GHA to achieve its more quick recognition by the different peaceful states and their budgetary financing for GPS.

Economic activity and its four spheres. Tetrasociology and its crown - GPS - never neglected the economic sphere or business sphere, considering it as an equivalent along with other necessary spheres of society: social, informational and organizational. Their unity in harmony is expressed by the social genome (SOCIONOME) of the four spheres of society (The ABC of Harmony, p 40-41). Business is rooted in a single, economic, sphere but extends, serves and covers all spheres of social production. Peacescience firmly stays o­n the ancient true position that o­nly peace is the source of true wealth and prosperity for all people and nations. It is expressed brilliant art in the ancient Greek statue Eirene (Peace) and Ploutos, in which the goddess of peace represented by the nursing mother of Plutus (wealth) for all (GPS, p 612). War can be a source of destructive and bloody wealth o­nly unchangeable elite of billionaires and their ruling class (no more than 1% of the population), which is disclosed in GPS. GPS rejects disharmonious war wealth produced o­n the death and blood of millions of victims, and recognizes o­nly the peace, for the entire population wealth and o­nly appropriate, peacebuilding business in all four spheres of social production. To designate these spheres, we use a special short terminology adopted in Tetrasociology: 1. Economic (material) sphere - Technoecosphere or Technosphere, 2. Organizational sphere - Orgsphere, 3. Information sphere - Infosphere and 4. Social sphere - Sociosphere (GPS, Chapter 1, etc.).

In this Conception, we are not concerned with deep theoretical issues of creating authentic, harmonious, economics as an alternative to the equal discredited, militaristic in nature, serving o­nly the ruling classes, but not to the population as a whole, and therefore disharmonious economic theories of Marxism and neo-liberalism. The basic idea of ​​a harmonious political economy in the interests of the population and its harmonious classes - SPHERONS expressed in GPS (Chapter 5) and related works of Academician Uraz Baymuratov from Kazakhstan, especially in its law of domination of spiritual needs not material (GPS, bibliography).

Systematization of the business projects of harmonism (BPH) is based o­n the classification of four spheres of social production in SOCIONOME of GPS or to the four "D" spheres in Baymuratov’s terminology: Demography (Sociosphere), Spirituality (in Russian is “Duch” - Infosphere), Democracy (Orgsphere or political sphere) and Demoeconomics (Technoecosphere or harmonious for the people's economy). The BPHs spheral systematization is below.

Organizational-financial, investment base of BPHs. It is a private capital, private investment and state funding, as well as a mixed state-private investment. The issue of investment is solved after selecting each BPH and assessment of its scale and economic efficiency at four levels: global, regional, national (country) and local. These levels include small, medium and large business. In this Concept, we are not concerned with questions of investment of the BPHs, limiting o­nly their brief description as the basis for their choice, identification of their scope and size of investment for their implementation. First we need to identify and understand the BPHs, their subject and product, then to determine investment, organizational and technical details of their implementation.

The high social meaning of the BPHs is that they represent the stages of "peace race", which replaces the "arms race" in the wise definition of Martin Luther King Jr. (GPS). All such projects serve for strengthening and development of peace, achievements of global peace at all levels, starting with each individual and family. The natural, intuitive people's desire of harmony and peace of it is a powerful source of business, which remains for it almost untouched and misunderstood virgin today.


I.BPHs of Technosphere


1. Production of light industry - clothing (shirts, jackets), bedding, shoes, hats, upholstery / fabric, bags, utensils, souvenirs, ornaments, postcards, calendars, toys, and things like that with the GPS symbols of peace and harmony, as well as similar objects of different national origin, color and age destination, including youth and sporting.

High mass demand of these products in global scope is provided by positive humanistic meaning of the GPS proposed symbolics (in contrast to the militaristic and violent o­ne) and its original artistic design. That country, or that corporation, which first will begin production of such products o­n a global scope will ensure itself the maximum profits and high economic growth at the expense of this industry. This conclusion applies to all subsequent BPHs.

2. The services of harmonization for the population. To meet the universal harmony needs business creates the Global Network of Harmony Centers (GNHC) "GlobHarmony". This need is need in coordination, balance, proportionality and consent (coherence) of the spheral internal diversity of each person and family beyond productive employment. The need in harmony – it is the need in health at any age, the need in healthy lifestyle, harmonious all-round development, upbringing, self-education and personal growth. It is the need for inner and outer beauty through sport and special spiritual techniques including the rich variety of ancient Indian Yoga. The need in harmony is satisfied by the professional services of harmonization, the development of which is in infancy and is limited by beauty centers, fitness clubs, etc. The GNHC provides with professional services of harmonization. It can be as global as the "McDonald's" network but in tens of thousands of times more powerful, deep and effective, based o­n the franchise of Licenses of Standard Harmonization Center. The main components of this BPH are disclosed in the GHA relevant project (2009): http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=365 The BPHs of this sphere, as ant others, are directed to harmonize the respective productive processes o­n the GPS base.

3. Production of children's games for preschool and school children "Cubes. The ABC of harmony" in the format of" Do it yourself." (In the process of completion)


II.BPHs of Orgsphere


4. Working models of harmonious high-performance management. Orgsphere covers the political, legal, financial and administrative agencies and institutions. BPHs of this sphere are intended to harmonize the respective processes o­n the GPS base. The highest level of Orgsphere harmonization is spheral democracy or democracy of the population harmonious classes - SPHERONS (GPS, Chapter 1). Spheral democracy is the structural institutional mechanism for coordination, balance, proportion and consent (coherence) of political, legal, financial and administrative processes as a whole, in unity with each other and in harmonious accord with the SPHERONS’ interests covering 100% of the population. Harmonious management (leadership) at all levels and in all forms and processes is becoming urgent, difficult-accessible, extremely time-consuming but highly called for model of global management, the o­nly able to meet the needs of the population as a whole and not just particular, especially the elitist groups. Harmonious Management / Leadership excludes both internal and external violence of any form, including not o­nly militarism but also corruption and other crimes, so it meets the main social criteria – to a demand of peace (peaceful solution for all problems) management. This quality makes the harmonious management particularly attractive and popular for the population with all its attendant political and financial advantages.

Universal social need in the models of harmonious management / leadership in all forms and at all levels of governance is satisfied by the creation of appropriate commercial research institutes or centers developing relevant BPHs based o­n GPS and other achievements in management science, which are integrated into the GPS. Institutes / Centers of Harmonious Management provide a unique economic business and growth in Orgsphere that turns with unprecedented increase of management efficiency in all sectors and regions of economy through the development of new scientific technologies of harmonious organization's management. The models of harmonious governance and management harmonize competition and market economy, freeing it from the various financial crises, trade wars, economic injustice and increasing economic inequality, ensuring continuous rise of the level of economic equality and justice. All this makes the business of Orgsphere, built o­n the establishment of harmonious models of governance and management, highly necessary and highly effective. The main components of the BPHs in Orgsphere are presented in their many options since 1990 (see GPS and its bibliography). The key project among their set can serve this project: Academy of Harmonious Leadership for Harmonious Civilization; 2010: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=429


III.BPHs of Infosphere


5. New information technologies of harmonism for widespread use. As part Tetrasociology and GPS was created fundamentally new - Spheral Information-Statistical Technology (SIST), which is based o­n a scientific discovery of Spheral Statistics o­n the platform of spheral aggregated traditional (branch) indicators (GPS, Chapter 2 and other works from its bibliography). The BPHs within the SIST open a completely new line of business in IT, which is universal in scope as the application as and demand. SIST exists in many variations, from the system of individual development and personal growth up to the system of global economy and the global environment. More details about this technology see in The ABC of Harmony (pages 51-58: Http://peacefromharmony.org/file/6079/ABC_of_Harmony_eng.pdf). SIST is the most promising universal IT of the 21st century but it requires a large investments and a long time to implement.

6. Comparative Sociological Statistical Study (CSSS) of the dynamics of deep social structure of the population spheral classes (SPHERONS) of any countries and regions, starting from municipal to the global scale in various time lags from 1 year to 20 years. This study is knowledge of natural evolution of social harmony, economic justice, spirituality, democracy and approaching to global peace, which (knowledge) is required at every level of social management and which will be gladly paid (2013): www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=579 (see also GPS, Chapter 2).

7. Monitoring the Internet dynamics of peace and war priorities in the world public opinion for the various political and research institutes, as well as for the media; 2014: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=588

8. Publishing Business. The BPHs within the publishing business have a good start at the 8 GHA books published during its 11 years of work (GPS, Chapter 7.1). Each of these books can be updated, re-edited, translated into dozens of new languages ​​and reprinted in dozens of countries, especially for schools, colleges, universities and academies with appropriate budget financing. To the 8 books can be added hundreds of new o­n the basis of GHA projects and new researches and developments in this direction. Therefore the harmonism publishing business has no limits, and due to the new paradigms and technologies of harmonism it rises to a new level, creating a wide demand for print and digital publishing products.

IV.BPHs of Sociosphere


9. Complex of technologies of harmonious education. The BPHs of education covers all levels of harmonious education from the family to the global. The GHA created 10 such BPHs. Their foundation is the project: International Academy of Harmony / Peace and General Harmonious Education, 2007: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277,

10. World Festivals of Harmony / Peace, similar to the Olympic Games; 2008: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=342

11. World Women's Contest: Muse of Harmony; 2011:

www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=474. These Contests are like to the Beauty Contests but orient them to the harmonious development of women and free them from the o­ne-sidedness and mercantilism vices of the Beauty Contests.

12. Center (School) of Interfaith Harmonious Education; 2013:



The BPHs significance. The inability of the Soviet Union to move from the Marxist class struggle to the paradigm, technology and business harmonism doomed it to collapse. In a similar situation it is now not o­nly Russia, Kazakhstan, India, the European Union countries but especially the United States which is bogged down in wars, violence, inequality, corruption, lies and pseudo-democracy of billionaires. They ignore the paradigm, technology and business harmonism. This will lead to the inevitable collapse of the US, which was predicted by Galtung in 2009, as the collapse of the USSR was predicted by him in 1980, 10 years before it (GPS, Chapter 4). Overall, industrial civilization has exhausted itself and needs to be replaced that brilliantly expressed Nobel laureate John Avery as "the great task of history" (GPS, p.1). GPS offers a harmonious solution for this "great task of history" in the new Tetranet paradigm of thinking via its technologies and business projects.

The paradigm, technologies and business harmonism (BPHs) are best suited to the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, providing it with the humanistic sense of survival, harmonious interaction with society and the sustainable development of humanity, without which this revolution is able to turn by its global catastrophe: either military or industrial disaster.

The BPHs competition develop fundamentally new its type - the harmonious competition, which does not lead to the elimination of a competitor and to harmonious cooperation with him. This is the competition-partnership. For more details o­n this, see here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=356 and here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=358


The BPHs realization conditions

1. We limit the BPHs choice by the listed 11 projects, of which each territorial office of GHA - India, Russia, Kazakhstan and Africa is free to choose to implement in the country any o­ne or two projects. This is their full competence in the selection with their support of the international GHA. Naturally, the BPG projects are designed primarily for small and medium-sized businesses, to strengthen the most harmonious, the middle class.

2. The main positive condition for the BPHs implementation is that they, with sufficient development, provide to each of these countries, scientific breakthrough, technological advantage, social rehabilitation, peace-making leadership, the highest level of business, investments and economic growth. These countries have become role models for other countries, especially within the framework of the BRICS, SCO and EAEC.

3. The main negative conditions that have to face the businessmen engaged in the BPHs implementation is conservatism of the state apparatus, which does not understand and ignores the possibility of harmonious development of economy and economic growth through harmonization. For example, in Russia, almost all the proposed BPHs submitted since 1990 to government of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences and some universities, all were rejected without consideration. Stagnation of the state apparatus and officials prevents Russia to become a leader in new technologies, reforms and openings.

4. The first problem and difficulty, with which will face the GHA departments is the search for selection of young and promising businessmen, seeking not o­nly to greater profits but also to global peace, social justice and harmony. Selection of these businessmen is decision of more than 50% of all problems of the BPHs implementation. The first intellectual touchstone of selection these businessmen is their positive attitude to GPS. Therefore, each of them should be given the opportunity to buy the GPS book or read it o­n the Internet, write a short (1 page) review of it, which will be published o­n the GHA website "Peace from Harmony" (http://peacefromharmony.org), which will provide businessmen with solid information support. The experience of these businessmen will be coverage o­n this site, the number of visits of which is daily 4 - 8 thousand.

5. This Conception is a common platform for the business contracts between the GHA departments and businessmen who agreed to fund and implement o­ne or another of the proposed BPH.

6. The most favorable place for the BPHs implementationare located primarily in small and crisis countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, as well as in the most problematic regions (states, provinces) and cities of large countries - India, Russia, China, which need new, breakthrough paradigms, social technologies and business projects for their revival and prosperity.

7. Leo Semashko, Subhash Chandra, Ramesh Kumar and their colleagues are ready to be scientific and practical advisors of any of these business projects and many others like them.


Authors (12):

1.Leo Semashko, GHA President, GPS Editor in Chief, Russia

2.Ayo Aoyoola-Amale, lawyer, President, GHA-Africa

3.Uraz Baimuratov, academician, economist, President, GHA-Kazakhstan

4.Surendra Pathak, professor, President, GHA-India

5.Subhash Chandra, professor, GHA Secretary General, India

6.Ramesh Kumar, businessman, CEO of Lambda Group, India

7.Delasnieve Daspet, lawyer, Brazil

8.Takis Ioannides, engineer, Greece

9.Apostolos Paschos, writer, Greece

10.Heli Habyarimana, linguist, Rwanda

11.Bishnu Pathak, director, Center for Peace Research, Nepal

12.Alexander Semashko, economist, Russian


Global Harmony Association (GHA)



GHA Mission is:

To bring global peace from social harmony paving a conscious way for harmonious civilization via harmonious education in Global Peace Science within a deep social structure of four harmonious classes - SPHERONS employed in productive spheres: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere and Technosphere



Global Peace Science (GPS)

Business Projects of Harmonism (BPHs) for India

Within the BHPs Conception. GHA 51st (Business) project:




Ramesh Kumar, Subhash Chandra, Leo Semashko, Kanak Dugar, Surendra Pathak



In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=661

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=664



GHA (India) Objectives


1. Implement GPS thru education at Primary and Secondary Schools, at Colleges and Universities and Graduate studies as compulsory subject similar to Moral Sciencein some schools.


-We need to make the GPS textbooks (GPS Primers) for different educational levels.

-We have to identify the authors, who can make the GPS Primers with graphics contents and live conditions to understand topics easily by students.

-We should present a few copies of GPS textbook to HRD (Human Resource Department) Minister to meet his understanding and explore the implementation in schools.


2. BPHs Implementation.

Initially we can select following four projects out of 12 (BHPs Conception).

ProjectI: Production of Light Industry in India.


-Sell the GHA Logo, symbols, slogans, mottos, captions etc. to corporate fabricators of production for mass consumption like soaps, tee shirts, jackets, bags, greeting cards and etc. Use of the logo/symbols will create awareness about GHA and its peace activities among masses.

-Corporate houses will be approached to buy the logo/mottos etc. by donating o­ne time some money to GHA, minimum 500 USD.

-We will need to design the attractive GHA logo/symbols and mottos o­n Peace/Disarmament etc. and get designs patented also.

-We need efforts of a team work. We need artists as volunteers who can design free or at very low cost. Thiscan generate long termfunds for GHA.

Project II. Establishment of Global Network of Harmony Centers (GNHC) in India with support/participation of corporate bodies.


-We need to create GNHC as independent low profit Business Company with the GHA as governing body. GNHC will share about 20-40% of profit with GHA (India). All policies and activities ofGNHC will be governed and approved by GHA before going public. GHA will ensure that all activities are within defined roles of GHA/GPS to guarantee GlobalPeace and harmony.

-We need to create the GNHC Charter and

-Mind and Body Harmony Fitness Club + Yoga/Meditation

- Harmonious Life Management Workshops (Spirituality/Harmony/Humanity/Relationship) o­n the base of GHA PSYNOME (Psychological Genome): Character-Consciousness-Will-Body (The ABC of Harmony, p 44-45).

Events for Management Workshops:

* International Yoga Day (Peace Day, Interfaith Harmony Week)

* Global Harmony Day

* GHA Birthday and other. A few more can be added later.


ProjectIV.The Working of Harmonious High Performance Governance Models in Orgsphere of India.

A small team of social thinkers and management gurus will make guidelines within the GPS paradigm for good governance. The main goals to achieve it are:

1)Harmonize competition and market economy,

2)Freeing it from the various financial crises, trade wars, economic injustice and

3)Decreasing economic inequality and justice.

4)Better political and democratic system within the SPHERON democracy theory in GPS,

5)Employment generation using local resources

6)Conflicts Resolution Forum for Global/ National/Local issues

7)Humanity Forum to promote Humanity, dilution of religious fundamentalism thru adoption of Yog and Harmony symbolism and lifestyle.

The developed models will be implemented in association with local government bodies.


Project VIII. Publishing Business. The GHA (India) Publishing House.

On later stage the GHA (India) may go for its own publishing. Some publishing projects can be

·GPS Textbooks and Primers for schools, universities anddegree courses

·Global Peace Science Journal

·Book: SPHERONS’ Society Ethics

·Book: Harmonic Governance and Management

·Publication of NGM statistical, sociological, demographic, political and economic studies and researches.

·Reprinting the GHA 7 past books and 50 peace projects in different languages, etc.


The BPHs India implementation is achieved via association, cooperation and partnerships with other organisations. The large NGO and other organizations are active in India o­n social issues of ruraldevelopment, health care, education and economic development. GHA (India) will approach these to explore how we can work together.


The BPHs India implementationfinancial long-terms targets are:

  1. $14.000 – for republication of the GPS books in Russian and English languages in perfect translation, in more thorough editing and updated edition of 500 copies in 2017/18;
  2. $18.000 – for translation and edition of GPS textbook (616 pages) into French and Spanish in 2017/18;
  3. $24.000 – for payment of the GHA staff per year, minimum (4 officers x $500 month x 12)
  4. $140.000 – for Statistical study of the SPHERONS dynamics of four countries for 70 years;
  5. $480.000 – for payment of the Int. Academy of Global Peace Science in India (20 scientists x $2.000 month o­n average x 12)


Top. The BPHs immediate objective is to provide the own independent funding of GHA in all its regional offices to implement the Global Peace Science in all of its aspects: academic, educational, cultural, social, political, economic, technological and etc. Economic efficiency of the BPHs will be a weighty proof of the GPS correctness and usefulness that will allow GHA to achieve its more quick and wide recognition by the different peaceful states and their budgetary financing for GPS.



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