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Leo Semashko: GHA Honorary President

Global Harmony Association (GHA) Charter: Addition

Approved by GHA: February 25, 2015

Leo Semashko. GHA Honorary President:




Article 1. GHA Honorary President

1. The GHA President, who was responsible to perform their functions to realize the GHA Mission: "Pave Global Peace from Harmony through Science" for at least ten years, has the right to pretend o­n the GHA high honorary lifelong position: GHA Honorary President. He is a permanent member of the GHA current Board. This post with similar features is introduced in order to keep in the GHA community and its Board the continuity in implementation of the GHA adopted Mission and not to deviate from it. GHA Mission is the most fully and fundamentally expressed in GHA three scientific programmed books: Harmonious Civilization (2009), The ABC of Harmony (2012) and Global Peace Science (2015-2016). GHA Honorary President is the guarantor of the scientific, value and ethical continuity in further development of the GHA peacemaking Mission expressed in these GHA books.


Article 2. GHA Secretary General (SG)

2. The GHA President is replaced after a year of probation o­ne of the GHA Vice-presidents who is elected by the GHA members o­n transient position of the GHA Secretary General (SG). Candidate for this position is recommended by the GHA Board members. GHA SG, after his approval by the GHA members, performs all the GHA President functions together with the current President in concordance with him and with the mutual separation of functions that is declared in their joint statement for general information of GHA members.


Article 3. GHA President Replacement

3. GHA President replacement takes place during o­ne year; after completion of GS o­ne year of probation, when GHA members will be convinced by practical results in the ability of GS to be the GHA President. GHA Board discusses the GHA President replacement situation, evaluates the GS ability to perform its functions and offers the GHA members to vote two separate questions:

1. Approval of the GS candidate for the GHA President post. After his approval, the vote shall be made the following question:

2. Approval of the GHA former President to lifelong position: GHA Honorary President.

The GS o­ne-year probationary period starts from the date of his approval in GS position by the GHA members.



Approval of the GHA new President and GHA Honorary President

Dear GHA members:

In February 2015, we approved the supplement to the GHA Charter, stipulating change GHA President in March-April 2016, approval of the GHA new President and approval of the GHA Honorary President: watch these additions below.

In accordance with the norms of this procedural process I put for discussion and approval of the GHA members by your votes of YES or NO during five days up to April 12 inclusively two questions:

1. To approve the GHA Secretary General Dr. Subhash Chandra, who successfully passed more than a o­ne-year trial period, by the GHA President and the GHA Board Chairman. He frees the GHA Secretary General post.

2. To approve the GHA President Dr. Leo Semashko, who responsibly performed this function for 11 years since the GHA establishment o­n February 15, 2005, as the GHA Honorary President and the GHA Board lifelong member. He frees the GHA President post.


Motivation of the first recommendation is: Dr Subhash Chandra (his personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583) is a member of GHA almost three years, shares the GHA mission as it is expressed in his reviews of the GHA fundamental books: The ABC of Harmony (2012) and Global Peace Science (GPS, 2015-2016). He has been very active in the GPS creation writing for it 17 articles (10 solo and 7 co-authored). All the GHA Messages of the past year have been created with his most active participation. To him belongs invitation to the GHA the new active members, including Mr. Ramesh Kumar as the GHA Executive Director. For the past year Subhash Chandra participated in many international conferences, both in India and abroad, where he actively promoted our programme GPS. Since March, he began an intensive campaign of the GPS book presentations at various seminars and conferences, which are reflected o­n the home page of our website (www.peacefromharmony.org), as well as in his wonderful slide film and in his Actions Plan, which he presented to the GHA members o­n April 7. Earlier, he and Ramesh Kumar and together with IASE University offered the plan of distribution of GPS books among the Government members of India, Gurgaon state, to the UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, in neighboring countries - Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Africa and others, as well as to the largest Indian universities. It is particularly important that he and Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Dr. Chand Bhardwa and Dr. Surendra Pathak registered o­n March 29 in India "GHA Trust" as a business and executive organization of GHA, acting by its founders (Trustees). This and other activities of Subhash Chandra during the probationary period practically confirm his ability to be responsible and active President of the GHA that makes this recommendation quite reasonable.


Motivation of the second recommendation is. It is obvious, as all my work as the GHA President for 11 years has been open and transparent for all. It passed before your eyes, and was embodied in the creation of our collective 50 projects of global peace from harmony and 8 books, culminating in the unprecedented The ABC of Harmony (2012) and Global Peace Science (2015-2016), a joint publication of which with the IASE University was issued in three countries: India, Russia and the USA. The last months of my work has been focused o­n two things: 1. Development of the home page "Peace from Harmony" as the GPS primer (www.peacefromharmony.org), in connection with that its attendance had increased to 8-12 thousand daily and the total number of its visits reached 8 million, that testifies its relevance and 2. Dispatch of the GPS books in different countries for their governments and leading universities:

Greece received 15 books, including for a ceremony of the Olympic flame;

Kazakhstan received 12 books (on 6 for each language);

8 books have been sent to Brazil;

Russia's President and 20 ministers and political leaders have received this book in two languages.

Malaysia received 6 books. I plan to send it in Iran, Japan, Ireland, Denmark and other countries, if I will have enough money to pay for their dispatch. Of course, I had a lot of mistakes, but they make all people and we overcame them anyway. I do not have health to work also intensively in the GHA as before but I want to stay in it, to continue working with GPS as my strength and possibilities let. The GHA members are able to evaluate my dignity for my new function. Thank you very much for your cooperation in the years to come. My personal page is here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253.


I have fulfilled my moral life duty before my beloved mother, who saved me from the Nazi bombing in Grodno in June 1941. I hope that the updated GHA management will have a positive impact o­n the effectiveness of its work.

Best wishes for peace from harmony through science,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President,




Some responses in connection with approval

of the GHA Honorary President



Дорогой Лев, благодарю вас за пассионарныйтруд, наполненный любовью к людям и всему миру, за достойные плоды, которые, я уверена, живут в душах людей как реальный МИР - ГАРМОНИЯ, которые творят изнутри!

Мы все переходим на новые наши ступеньки внутренней ответственности, которую поручает нам наша душа и Тот, в кого мы верим! Мы, например, закрыли НП "Сибирский центр Евразийских проектов", который служил международному культурному содружеству 12 лет.

А теперь я рада буду быть полезной ГСГ в качестве инициатора Храма Матери Мира, основанного на концепции Новой Культуры - т.е качественно нового Человека, нового мировоззрения, новых отношений, нового образа жизни и все это - Единый Путь Любви.


Нина Гончарова,

Новосибирск, Россия

Автор книги «Радужная Земля: Образ из Будущего» с участием 39 чел. из 15 стран, несущих позитивный образ будущего и коллективные действия на пути к новому миру, координатор проекта «Земля – Наш Общий Дом», поэт, художник, создатель художественных презентаций «Театр Нового Времени». Член ГСГ, соавтор эмблемы ГСГ (сОлесей Дамм из Новосибирска, Россия)

В 2010 г в Швейцарии получила премию фонда S.E.R. и ООН за проект «Земля – Наш Общий Дом», который признан выдающимся международным проектом.Имеет международные сертификатыот Фонда Любви, Ассоциации Граждан Мира, Всемирной Федерации Мира и Любви, глобального симпозиума «Пробуждение Планетарного Сознания», международный Альманах поэзии, Всемирное Общество Поэтов, почетный член комитета по международному развитию Всемирной Федерации Мира и Любви. Участник ТВ и радиопрограмм. Видит свою миссию в создании Другого, нового мира, мира любви как сеть взаимосвязанных поселений будущего – очагов новой жизни, сонастроенных со Свершением в Сибири.




Dear Leo -

Thanks for all of your excellent work.World peace becomes more urgent by the day. I vote "YES" per your request for approval of the changes indicated below, and welcome Dr. Chandra to his new post.

-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Earth Federation News & Views, USA




Уважаемые коллеги!

1. Я голосую ЗА утверждение добавления к Уставу Глобального Союза Гармонии (ГСГ) в виде:

Статья 1. Почетный Президент ГСГ

Статья 2. Генеральный Секретарь (ГС) ГСГ

Статья 3. Смена Президента ГСГ в предложенной формулировке.

2. Голосую ЗА утверждение кандидатуры д-ра Субхаш Чандра,успешно прошедшего испытательный срок на посту Генерального Секретаря ГСГ, Президентом ГСГ и Председателем Правления ГСГ и ЗА освобождение им поста Генерального Секретаря ГСГ.

3. Голосую ЗА утверждение Президента ГСГ Льва Семашко, ответственно выполнявшего эту функцию в течение 11 лет с момента учреждения ГСГ 15 февраля 2005 года, в качестве Почетного Президента ГСГ и пожизненного члена Правления ГСГ и ЗА освобождение им поста Президента ГСГ.

Профессор Виктор Шенягин, исследователь гармонии





Respected Dr. Leo & all GHA Family,


My Vote is YES

Stay Blessed & Be In PEACE,

Dr. Madhu Krishan,

Founder & Chairman,

Academy Of Universal Global Peace, India





YES approve and my warm congratulations to Dr. Subhash Chandra and Dr. Leo Semashko, for this new merit positions in GHA. Ernesto

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD University Professor – Poet, Physician

Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Academician - International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH) - Spain

Honorary President- Israeli Association Writers. Spanish Branch

1st Vice President - World Academy of Arts and Culture “ WAAC/WCP

Former Vice President of IPPNW (Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize)




Dear Dr. Leo Semashko

We have been admiring how you have overcome all the challenges faced by you in the name of Peace. We congratulate you and all in the Global Harmony Association (GHA) for overcoming so many obstacles and at last publishing the “Global Peace Science Book”.

Dear distinguished members of GHA. First let’s salute Dr. Leo Semashko for all the hard work he had put in to bring GHA to where it is now.

We congratulate the new office bearers of the peace association for accepting the task of taking the association forward in the name of peace and harmony in the world.

With love and peace always.

Prof. Dr. Gopala Krishnan and Prof Dr. Sharifah Sabrina,

Asian Institute of Professionals





Голосую ЗА с большойболью. Только потому, что видимо такхочетЛев Семашко. Но повторюсь,что боль потери останется. Больза неразумность России, за то что она не смоглавырасти и развиться до такой степени, что бы ЕЕ дитя ГСГ небросилосвой дом, свою Мать Россию.

Это к сожалению демонстрируетпока еще не зрелость русского народа, который не смог стать преемником высшейидеи мира, за то чтов ней еще царит дух ограниченности, не позволивший развиться ДУХУГАРМОНИИ.

Алла Воронова,

Директор школы гармоничного развития личности,

СанктПетербург, Россия












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