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Włodzimierz Julian Korab-Karpowicz



Dr. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz is a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy. His main areas of research interests are Political Philosophy and Ethics, especially Global Ethics and Governance.

Prior to joining the Texas State, he taught at Bilkent University, Ankara (2000–2009), Kyung Hee University, Seoul (2009), Anglo-American University, Prague (2009–2010), and Lebanese American University (2010-2011).

He was also a public official, Deputy Mayor of Gdansk (1991-1992) in his native Poland, served as a diplomat at the rank of First Secretary at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Norway (1998-2000), and acted as ethics expert for the European Commission (2005-2006).

He attended many international conferences and participated in the World Civic Forum, 2009 in Seoul, chairing a session o­n Civic Engagement in Public and Global Governance

He has published widely in philosophy and politics.


Academic degrees

D. Phil. in Philosophy, 1999, University of Oxford, UK

Ph.L. in Philosophy, 1987, Catholic University of America, USA

Selected Recent Publications



1.W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, Tractatus Politico-Philosophicus, Derewiecki 2015

2.W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, o­n the History of Political Philosophy: Great Political Thinkers from Thucydides to Locke (New York: Pearson Education, 2012).

3.W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, Love and Wisdom: Towards a New Philosophy of Life (New Delhi: Shipra, 2011).

4.W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, A History of Political Philosophy: From Thucydides to Locke (New York: Global Scholarly Press, 2010).

5.W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, Historia filozofii politycznej: Od Tukidydesa do Locke’a (Kety: Derewiecki, 2010).




Dear Dr. Leo,


I wrote Litany for Peace in Ukraine.

It is now availiable in three languages

(English, Russian and Polish). I wonder if

you know good magazine to publish this Litany.

Perhaps we can ask our members for a good place

for the publication (it is a poetic work).


Please see below Ukraine Peace Statement, which was

presented at a press conference and then at a seminar in the

Polish Parliament, and then at a peace demonstration o­n 25 June 2022,

Please see below. Also, a video.

Best regards,

Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz






Ukraine Peace Statement

To the Polish Government and other countries involved in the war.

The individuals and organizations gathered here call for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine and for a compromise between Russia and Ukraine that will lead to lasting peace. War is a  huge human and cultural tragedy. People die o­n both sides every day: they take their dreams and the personal potential they represent with them irretrievably.  War is associated with perversion. In the time of duration, there are acts of cruelty and war crimes. War teaches us to be hostile and to hate. It degenerates us as human beings. In the name of the defense of life and our humanity, the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine should be stopped immediately.

The present war, in which NATO countries are involved, providing Ukraine with modern weapons, including offensive weapons, is the most dangerous military conflict since the Second World War. It is a huge threat to the economic situation of the world and to world peace.  The populations of many countries are now threatened with starvation due to the decline in grain exports from Ukraine and Russia. In addition, the world is experiencing a sharp increase in fuel prices, produced by Russia. As a consequence, we are threatened by a global economic crisis with unimaginable effects.


But even a more serious disaster would be the situation when the present war gets out of hand and turns from a local conflict into a continental war or another world war. This would involve hundreds of millions of casualties, the destruction of states, and the collapse of all our civilization achievements.

We believe that for peace and the resolution of the conflict, it is important to understand its causes well. The primary factor that often causes wars is fear. In this case, Russia is afraid of NATO enlargement and the neighboring countries  fear that Russia is a power. Therefore, in order to resolve the conflict, mutual fear must be removed, and this can o­nly be achieved by professional diplomacy and a willingness to compromise, and not by a military action.

Another reason for the current war, which is less discussed, is the introduction of changes to the language law in Ukraine that is discriminatory to the Russian linguistic minority. This has led to a referendum in Crimea and a war in Donbas. The current war is therefore also a consequence of a wrong Ukrainian domestic politicy. It leads us to huge human tragedy and enormous destruction. These problems should not be  settled by war and by having the whole world is involved in it, but by negotiations and compromise. Therefore we are calling for negotiations, compromise and peace.

We live in a globalized world, where countries are interdependent. Due to the world position of Russia and Ukraine, the consequences of the current war are having a catastrophic effect o­n the whole planet. It is not too late to resolve this armed conflict, which is very harmful and dangerous for all of us. We call for reason, reflection and peace.

“Nothing is lost by peace. Everything can be lost by war"


Grzegorz Braun, MP, Konfederacja Korony Polskiej (The Confederation of the Polish Crown)

Prof. Mirosław Piotrowski, Ruch Prawdziwa Europa (The True Europe Movement)

Prof. Włodzimierz Korab-Karpowicz, Wolne Wybory (Free Elections)

Dr Leszek Sykulski, Polskie Towarzystwo Geostrategiczne (The Polish Geopolitical Society)

Prof. Ryszard Zajączkowski

Prof. Jakub Z. Lichański

Prof. Stanisław Bieleń

Warsaw, 25 June 2022



Польскому правительству и другим странам, вовлеченным в войну.

Собравшиеся здесь люди и организации призывают к немедленному прекращению войны в Украине и к компромиссу между Россией и Украиной, который приведет к прочному миру. Война — великая человеческая и культурная трагедия. Каждый день люди умирают с обеих сторон: они безвозвратно уносят с собой свои мечты и личный потенциал, который они представляют. Это большая человеческая трагедия. Война связана с вырождением. В это время происходят акты жестокости и военные преступления. Война учит нас вражде и ненависти. Это вырождает нас как людей. Во имя защиты жизни и нашего человечества вооруженный конфликт между Россией и Украиной должен быть немедленно прекращен.

Нынешняя война, в которую вовлечены страны НАТО, обеспечивающие Украину современным оружием, в том числе наступательным, является самым опасным вооруженным конфликтом со времен Второй мировой войны. Это большая угроза экономическому положению в мире и миру во всем на земле. Население многих стран сейчас сталкивается с голодом из-за сокращения экспорта зерна из Украины и России. Кроме того, во всем мире наблюдается резкий рост цен на топливо, которые производятся в России. Как следствие, нам грозит глобальный экономический кризис с невообразимыми последствиями.

Еще большей трагедией станет ситуация, когда текущая война выйдет из-под контроля и превратится из локального конфликта в войну континентальную или очередную мировую войну. Это будет означать сотни миллионов жертв, разрушение государств и крах всех наших достижений в цивилизации.

Мы считаем, что для мира и разрешения конфликта необходимо хорошее понимание его причин. Основным фактором, который часто вызывает войны, является страх. В данном случае это страх России перед расширением НАТО и страх соседних стран перед мощью России. Для разрешения конфликта необходимо снять взаимный страх, а этого можно добиться только профессиональной дипломатией и готовностью к компромиссу, а не военными действиями.

Еще одна причина нынешней войны, меньше сказано о внесении изменений в закон о языке в Украине, дискриминирующих русское языковое меньшинство. Это привело к референдуму в Крыму и войне на Донбассе. Таким образом, нынешняя война также является следствием неадекватной внутренней политики. Это приводит к большой человеческой трагедии и огромным разрушениям.

Дела решаются не войной и вовлечением в нее всего мира, а разговором и компромиссом. Поэтому мы призываем к переговорам, к компромиссу и к миру.

В глобализированном мире, в котором мы живем, страны взаимозависимы. Из-за мирового положения России и Украины последствия нынешней войны катастрофически сказываются на всем мире. Еще не поздно разрешить этот конфликт что очень вредно и опасно для всех нас. Мы призываем к разуму, опомниться и к миру.

«Ничего не потеряно для  мира. Все может быть потеряно из-за войны"











For the Day of Peace:

The US and the Current World Agenda, and How to Obtain Lasting Peace


Dear Leo and Friends,

          As we have agreed, to compare Trump to Hitler is stupid, but I insist that it is also wrong to compare the US to a fascist state. In both cases this is merely an ugly anti-American propaganda and has noting to do with reality (Comment 1). Can we really compare today’s democracy in USA to the fascists regimes of Mussolini in Italy or of Hitler in Nazi Germany? (Comment 2). There is no dictatorship in the US, but democratic elections every four years (even if they are manipulated by money and powerful interest groups). There is no state control of economy, but liberal market, regulated by the government o­nly to some degree. There is no violent suppression of opposition, but a substantial degree of political freedom. What about militarism? If we agree that today the US is a militaristic state, we need to understand the reasons –the current world agenda.

          There are two main issues in the Current World Agenda. (Comment 3).

1. Security for Israel

2. World Government and global domination.

          In both cases, the US plays a key role. (Comment 4).

          First, the security for Israel has in the last twenty years lead to wars and violent changes in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Iran is the next country to be affected. In all these countries, leaders have openly expressed their hostility against Israel and this is why all of them have been published (Iran is still waiting). The US, the key ally of Israel, has actively supported these violent changes. It has invaded and occupied Iraq, supported the violent removal of Kaddafi in Lybia and civil war in Syria. The goal is to destroy or weaken all Israel enemies. But the world opinion is given a different explanation of the American involvement. The rhetoric of democracy and human rights is being used to justify violence. It is a brilliant tactic. (Comment 5).

          Second, because of some very powerful supranational interest groups, the long-term global strategy is to remove all independent nations and to establish a global dominance in the form of a world government. Again, the US plays a key role here. As have been pointed by many scholars, if the European Union is often seen as a model for the future world state, the United States is an instrument, world transformer, to make this transition.

          Hence, in order to implement (1) and (2) the US has to key world power. A weak US would not be able to support Israel and it would not be able to serve as a world transformer. This explains why the US maintains such large defense budget and why it tries to resist its potential competitors, China and Russia, and why it conducts such aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East. The greatest danger for all of us is that to maintain its imperial position in the world, the US decides (like some falling empires before) to go to war against its competitors China or Russia. (Comment 6). This could be a disaster for humanity. But before this, we should rather expect local conflicts, whose goal would be to weaken China or Russia. That these conflicts would be costly in term of human lives is not a concern of those who shape the world agenda. (Comment 7).

                       How to obtain peace.

          First, people in the world should understand what is really going in the world. In short, it is to maintain the US world superiority at all costs because it serves the security for Israel and is an instrument for global domination. (Comment 8).

          Second, we should all understand that the world will not be better if the world leadership will go from the US to China or to Russia or to any other powerful state. (Comment 9). Power corrupts. All-powerful China will not be morally better than today’s US. It will similarly dominate other countries and justify this by some ideological rhetoric, as it justifies its domination over Tibet. To obtain lasting peace is not enough to change o­ne world leader into another o­ne in the current human condition.

         Third and the most important, to obtain lasting peace we need to change our human condion. (Comment 10). We as human beings need to transform ourselves. We need to understand who are we. We need to rediscover what is human in ourselves and o­n this rediscovery base our policies.We are not merely bodies, but also souls. We have the capacity of self-transformation. As we develop intellectually by science and learning, we can also develop morally. Our human transformation, future human evolution, and not power struggle or any futile project like world government, should become the main human goal. The world agenda should be moral and intellectual perfection of humankind.

        o­nce human beings globally understand that the goal of human life is to develop morally and intellectually, and eventually at the highest level of development acquire divine consciousness – understanding and goodness – then domination of others will no longer play any significant role. Is this possible? Our human nature: our capacity to create culture, and to acquire knowledge and virtues gives us such possibility. (Comment 11).

          Please see below links to my publications:

Tractatus Politico-Philosophicus describes a comprehensive vision of a happy society, good governance and peaceful international relations, as well as proposes evolutionity as a new age for humanity that should replace current postmodernity. It has been translated to Bengali, Arabic and Urdu.


         My recent article “Why a World State is Unnecessary” is about global governance and defends international society of nations states against those who promote world government. (Comment 12).


Best wishes for peace from harmony through philosophy (Comment 13),

        Kind regards,

W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, D.Phil. (Oxon)

Professor, LazarskiUniversity, Warsaw



Leo Semashko. Critical remarks.

1. The reality of American history is revealed in science. 93% of this history, i.e. more than 220 years are American wars (sources are listed in my list of 19 works). After the Second World War, the United States waged wars in 37 countries, killing 20 million. Who now believes that the US is a peace-loving state? Who will believe that the US is a democracy? Democracy is incompatible with militarism. The state organized around the war cannot be democratic, because the war is anti-people, it is in the interests of not the people, but the ruling elite that is proved by the listed sources.

2. Not Hitler or Mussolini created fascism, and fascism created such "Hitlers".

         3. The author "understand militarism" means to justify it. Can this position be called peacemaking? No o­ne will it. An adequate assessment of this position is militarism, in which peace rhetoric is a "fig leaf" of militarism, aggression and violence.

         4. What is this "key role" of the US? This is the role of the world gendarme and "absolute evil" of the 21st century, as the Nobel Laureate John Avery points out transparently in his book: “Nuclear Weapons: An Absolute Evil.” The United States first created and tested it o­n the living civilians of Japan, killing more than 250,000, have not repented until now and have usurped until now the "right of a preemptive nuclear strike." Is not it fascism to arrange a global crematorium?

          5. You brilliantly illustrate this tactic, inventing a mythological explanation/justification of American aggression in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. by "Israel's security."

         6. This is a pure apology for US aggression, militarism and violence, showing you not a peacemaker, but a militarist.

         7. Aware of the global catastrophe emanating from America, you see an alternative to it in "local wars," weakening the nuclear powers of China and Russia, as if they are not capable of responding to aggression with a nuclear strike. This is the mythological delirium of a militarist! You want a big war to be cured by many small wars! And after that you are not ashamed to call yourself a "peacemaker"? China and Russia, unlike the United States, have never pretended to the role of world gendarme and world domination. It inspires trust that the USA lost.

         8. Support for "world supremacy of the United States at all costs" is again 100% militarism of the Polish "peacemaker".

         9. You personally "must understand" the difference between the USA imperial unipolar world order and a multipolar, equitable world order. This is the elementary truth of the peacemaker. Why do you ignore this elementary difference? Because of ignorance or propagandistic predilections?

          10. This is an empty, rhetorical philosophy, used by the militarist as a fig leaf for his cover.

         11. The author either does not understand or neglects the difference between philosophy and science, believing the philosophical approach to be a higher and absolute truth, which is elementally contrary to reality. But the author does not want to see this. His philosophy suffers from many similar flaws in the spirit of Hegel's absolutism: "If the facts do not fit my philosophy, then worse for the facts and reality." I, as a professional philosopher, who has studied philosophy and many years taught history of philosophy, cannot enter into the analysis and evaluation of the vices of the author's philosophical tendentious position - this is too expensive but insignificant occupation.

         12. "Why a World State is Unnecessary?" is against Einstein's idea of ​​a "world state" and governance for the sake of the militaristic domination of the United States.

          13. The path to peace from harmony in no way can lie through unscientific philosophy, through pseudo-philosophy, ignoring science, facts and reality.

         Summary. The author, as a "true" philosopher, considered it possible to use my letter concerning o­nly o­ne narrow issue: "Trump - the USA", for a lengthy presentation of his philosophy, confining himself to o­nly a couple of superficial critical phrases regarding my letter. I have nothing else to do but neglect this pseudo-philosophy and return to the subject of my letter: «Trump is "Hitler"? Or the US - "fascism, totalitarianism and dictatorship"»? I stress o­nce again that the definitions given here are not mine, they are quoted and borrowed, the first o­ne is "Hitler" - from Moore's propaganda film "FAHRENHEIT 11/9", and others from hundreds of scientific works (books and articles, which I listed o­n 19 and Julian - not o­ne) of outstanding Western , especially American scholars of humanists who have become dissidents. By this I wanted to emphasize the antithesis between PROPAGANDA and SCIENCE in assessing contemporary politics and the world agenda. Julian shifted this emphasis to the opposite of PHILOSOPHY and SCIENCE. I cannot follow Julian along the path of his propagandist philosophy, so I continued my scientific logic in answering it: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=834. The author's unscientific, propagandist philosophy in defense of militarism and American rule is devoid of any real prospect of global peace and social harmony, therefore it is also transitory and unviable as all ideologies. It does not give people any hope for a global peace, so it is doomed.


Лев Семашко. Критические замечания.

1.Действительность американской истории раскрыта в науке. 93% этой истории, т.е. более 220 лет – это американские войны (источники указаны в моем перечне 19 работ). После второй мировой войны США вели войны в 37 странах, убив 20 млн. Кто теперь поверит, что США – миролюбивое государство? Кто поверит, что США – это демократия? Демократия несовместима с милитаризмом. Государство, организованное вокруг войны, не может быть демократичным, ибо война – антинародна, она в интересах не народа, а правящей элиты, что доказано перечисленными источниками.

2.Не Гитлер или Муссолини создали фашизм, а фашизм создал подобных «Гитлеров».

3.У автора «понять милитаризм» значит оправдать его. Можно ли такую позицию назвать миротворческой? Никто этого не сделает. Адекватная оценка этой позиции – милитаризм, в которой миротворческая риторика — это «фиговый листок» милитаризма, агрессии и насилия.

4.Какова эта «ключевая роль» США? Это роль мирового жандарма и «абсолютного зла» 21 века, на что прозрачно указывает Нобелевский Лауреат Джон Авери в своей книге: «Nuclear Weapons: An Absolute Evil». США первые создали и испытали его на живых мирных жителях Японии, убив более 250 тысяч, не покаялись до сих пор и узурпировали до сих пор «право превентивного ядерного удара». Разве это не фашизм устроить глобальный крематорий?

5.Вы блестяще иллюстрируете эту тактику, выдумывая мифологическое объяснение/оправдание Американской агрессии в Ираке, Ливии, Афганистане, Сирии и т.д. «безопасностью Израиля».

6.Это чистая апология агрессии, милитаризма и насилия США, показывающая вас не миротворцем, а милитаристом.

7.Осознавая глобальную катастрофу, исходящую из Америки, вы альтернативу ей видите в «локальных войнах», ослабляющих ядерные державы Китай и России, как будто они не способны ответить на агрессию ядерным ударом. Это мифологический бред милитариста! Вы хотите большую войну лечить многими маленькими войнами! И после этого вы не стыдитесь называть себя «миротворцем»? Китай и Россия, в отличие от США, никогда не претендовали на роль мирового жандарма и мировое господство, что внушает доверие, которое США потеряли.

8.Поддержка «мирового превосходства США любой ценой» - это снова 100% милитаризм польского «миротворца».

9.Вы лично «должны понимать» разницу между имперским однополярным мировым порядком США и многополярным, равноправным мировым порядком. Это азбучная истина миротворца. Почему вы игнорируете эту элементарную разницу? По причине невежества или пропагандистских пристрастий?

10.Это пустая, риторическая философия, используемая милитаристом в качестве фигового листка для своего прикрытия.

11.Автор либо не понимает, либо пренебрегает различием философии и науки, полагая философский подход высшей и абсолютной истиной, что элементарно противоречит реальности. Но автор не хочет этого видеть. Его философия страдает многими подобными изъянами в духе гегелевского абсолютизма: «Если факты не соответствует моей философии, то тем хуже для фактов и реальности». Я, как профессиональный философ, много лет изучавший и преподававший историю философию не могу входить в анализ и оценку пороков философской тенденциозной позиции автора – это слишком дорогое, но малозначимое занятие.

12. "Why a World State is Unnecessary" – это против идеи Эйнштейна «мирового государства» и управления в угоду милитаристскому господству США.

13.Путь к миру из гармонии никак не может лежать через ненаучную философию, через псевдо-философию, игнорирующую науку, факты и реальность.

          Резюме. Автор, как «истинный» философ, счел возможным использовать мое письмо, касающееся только одного узкого вопроса: «Трамп – США», для пространного изложения своей философии, ограничившись только парой поверхностных критических фраз относительно моего письма. Мне не остается ничего другого как пренебречь этой псевдо-философией и вернуться к теме моего письма: Трамп – «Гитлер»? Или США – «фашизм, тоталитаризм и диктатура»? Подчеркну еще раз, что приведенные дефиниции здесь – не мои, они взяты в кавычки и заимствованы, первая – «Гитлер» - из пропагандистского фильма Мура «FAHRENHEIT 11/9», а другие – из сотен научных работ (книг и статей, которых я перечислил 19, а Юлиан – ни одной) выдающихся западных, особенно американских ученых гуманитариев, ставших диссидентами. Этим я хотел подчеркнуть противоположность ПРОПАГАНДЫ и НАУКИ в оценке современной политики и мировой повестки. Юлиан сместил этот акцент на противоположность ФИЛОСОФИИ и НАУКИ. Я не могу следовать за Юлианом по пути его пропагандистской философии, поэтому я продолжил мою научную логику в ответе ему: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=834. Ненаучная, пропагандистская философия автора в защиту милитаризма и господства Америки лишена какой-либо реальной перспективы глобального и социальной гармонии, поэтому она также преходяща и нежизнеспособна как все идеологии. Она не дает людям никакой надежды на глобальный мир, поэтому она обречена.


Propaganda or science:
The Current World Agenda

          The lengthy response of Mr. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, the Polish professor of philosophy "The US and the Current World Agenda", published o­n his personal page (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=724), boils down to the following: "First, people in the world should understand… to maintain the US world superiority at all costs because it serves the security for Israel and is an instrument for global domination." This is pure water, o­n 100%, militarist propaganda and ideology justifying wars, aggression and the domination of the US unipolar world order, instead of proving and protecting global peace. My discourse o­n this subject with the philosopher-propagandist is limited to 12 critical remarks, which are put o­n his personal page. Here we confine ourselves to o­nly two fundamental remarks of a methodological nature in the form of the almost Kantian antinomies of the 21st century.

1. Epistemological antinomy: propaganda or science. My disgust and denial of Moore's propagandist video FAHRENHEIT 11/9, in which American President Trump is qualified by “Hitler”, relies o­n science, o­n hundreds if not thousands of scientific works comparing the US to "fascism and totalitarianism," of which I named by personally o­nly 19. After all, in history, not Hitler created fascism, and fascism created the "Hitlers" in Italy, Germany, Spain and other countries, like Ukraine, in the center of Europe, today again. Julian, wishful thinking, is powerless to oppose to my list of 19 scientific papers confirming this historical truth, anything scientific works, except for his two propagandist opuses. Therefore, as a sociologist and sociocybernetic scientist, although I have a philosophical education and created together with 173 GHA scientists from 34 countries the "Global Peace Science" (http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf), I consider below my scientific dignity to fall o­n the propagandistic, antiscientific level of Julian, who can o­nly ignore this and any science along with its facts in its propagandist narrative. I, unlike Julian – is not a propagandist, was not and do not want to be o­ne. Therefore, our discourse is useless, as a dispute between the deaf. If you are a scientist, then you can not ignore the facts of reality and hundreds, if not thousands of works revealing them, and if you ignore them, then you are not a scientist, but a propagandist. Unlike the propagandist, a scientist morally can not afford to ignore the facts and literature that reveals them. Before him there is no moral choice what to do with it. Julian, by his choice of ignoring it exposed his propagandist ethic. This is not our choice, this is not a choice of a peacemaker, but a militarist, who is masked by peacemaking rhetoric.

2. Ontological antinomy: peace in rhetoric or militarism/war in reality. This antinomy was noticed and determined by Orwell, when he wrote about the transformation of war into peace and lie into truth in their ideological propagandist justification. Here is how this lawyer's diabolical technology looks today at Julian: "Third and the most important, to obtain lasting peace we need to change our human condion." Developing his rhetoric in the imperative mode of obligation ("should"), Julian considers "the most important" way to achieve "lasting peace - changing the human image", i.e. human nature in its future millennial evolution. He silently admits that it will be militarist, that wars have always been in history and will remain long. What a powerful propagandist argument in favor of wars and militarism! He translates "arrows" from scientific their cognition and the eradication of their socio-economic causes to the vague evolution of the human shape/nature. This is a master ideological advocacy of wars/militarism in postmodern propaganda! As always, he ignores the scientific alternative formulated by Emmanuel Kant in his brilliant Treatise o­n “Perpetual Peace”, o­n the peaceful, harmonious nature of human and revealed in our "Global Peace Science" (pp. 110-115). This science defines global peace as a reality of the eternal structural harmony of spherons (spheral classes) of social production as its genetic code, which is spontaneously distorted by the genetic militaristic pathologies of empires and reichs, which appoint themselves as "Aryan," "elected," "exceptional," "hegemon" and which are destroying themselves with their own militarism, in order to restore the peaceful genetics of their peoples. This is an inevitable consequence of the cancer pathology of militarism, which awaits any empire, including the American o­ne. This is the conclusion of science, inaccessible to any ideology and propaganda.

A unipolar militaristic world order of the 20th and early 21st centuries could o­nly exist o­n the basis of propaganda/lie. A new multipolar peace-loving order, the transition to which is inevitable, can exist o­nly o­n the basis of the "Global Peace Science" from harmony, which constitutes its key agenda.

This is enough for a scientific response to propagandist rhetoric of Julian: "Dictum sapienti satest". Best wishes for peace from harmony through science and not pseudo-philosophy,

Dr. Leo Semashko

GHA Founder and Honorary President




Пропаганда или наука:

Текущая мировая повестка


          Пространный ответ г-на Юлиана Кораб-Карповича, польского профессора философии «США и текущая мировая повестка», опубликованный на его персональной странице (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=724), сводится к следующему: «мир должен обеспечить мировое господство США любой ценой, потому что США служит безопасности Израиля и является инструментом глобального доминирования». Это чистой воды, на 100%, милитаристская пропаганда и идеология, оправдывающая войны, агрессию и доминирование однополярного мирового порядка США вместо доказательства и защиты глобального мира. Мой дискурс на эту тему с философом-пропагандистом, ограниченный 12 критическими замечаниями, вынесен на его персональную страницу. Здесь же мы ограничимся только 2 принципиальными замечаниями методологического характера в форме почти Кантовских антиномий 21 века.

          1. Гносеологическая антиномия: пропаганда – наука. Мое отвращение и отрицание пропагандистского видео Мура «FAHRENHEIT 11/9», в котором американский президент Трамп квалифицируется «Гитлером», опирается на науку, на сотни, если не тысячи научных работ, сравнивающих США с «фашизмом и тоталитаризмом», из которых я назвал поименно только 19. Ведь в истории не Гитлер создал фашизм, а фашизм создал «Гитлеров» в Италии, Германии, Испании и других странах, как и на Украине, в центре Европы, сегодня снова. Юлиан, выдающий желаемое за действительное, бессилен противопоставить моему списку 19 научных работ, подтверждающих эту историческую истину, что-либо научное, кроме своих двух пропагандистских опусов. Поэтому я, как ученый-социолог-социокибернетик, хотя имеющий философское образование и создавший вместе с 173 учеными ГСГ из 34 стран «Науку Глобального Мира» (http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf), считаю ниже своего научного достоинства опускаться на пропагандистский, антинаучный уровень Юлиана, который способен только игнорировать эту и любую науку вместе с ее фактами в своем пропагандистском нарративе. Я, в отличие от Юлиана – не пропагандист, не был и не хочу им быть. Поэтому наш дискурс бесполезен, как спор между глухими. Если вы ученый, то вы не можете игнорировать факты действительности и сотни, если не тысячи работ, раскрывающих их, а если вы игнорируете их, то вы не ученый, а пропагандист. В отличие от пропагандиста, ученый морально не может позволить себе игнорировать факты и литературу, раскрывающую их. Перед ним не стоит морального выбора что делать с ней. Юлиан своим выбором ее игнорирования обнажил свою пропагандистскую этику. Это не наш выбор, это выбор не миротворца, а милитариста, который маскируется миротворческой риторикой.

          2. Онтологическая антиномия: мир в риторике – милитаризм/война в реальности. Эту антиномию заметил и определил еще Оруэлл, когда писал о превращении войны в мир и лжи в истину в их идеологическом пропагандистском оправдании. Вот как эта адвокатская дьявольская технология выглядит сегодня у Юлиана: «самое главное, чтобы добиться прочного мира, нам нужно изменить наш человеческий облик». Развивая свою риторику в императивном модусе долженствования («должны»), Юлиан считает «самым главным» способом достижения «прочного мира - изменение человеческого облика», т.е. человеческой природы в ее будущей тысячелетней эволюции. Он молчаливо допускает, что она милитаристична, что войны были в истории всегда и останутся долго. Какой мощный пропагандистский аргумент в пользу войн и милитаризма! Он переводит «стрелки» с научного познания и искоренения их социально-экономических причин на туманную эволюцию человеческого облика/природы. Это ма’стерская идеологическая адвокатура войн/милитаризма в постмодернистской пропаганде! Как всегда, он игнорирует научную альтернативу, сформулированную еще Иммануилом Кантом в его «Трактате о вечном мире», о миролюбивой, гармоничной природе человека и раскрытую в нашей «Науке Глобального Мира» (стр. 110-115). Эта наука определяет глобальный мир как реальность вечной структурной гармонии сферонов (сферных классов) общественного производства, как его генетический код, который стихийно искажается генетическими милитаристскими патологиями империй и рейхов, назначающих себя «арийскими», «избранными», «исключительными», «гегемонами», которые уничтожают себя собственным милитаризмом, чтобы восстановить мирную генетику своих народов. Это неизбежное следствие раковой патологии милитаризма, которое ждет любую империю, включая американскую. Таков вывод науки, недоступный никакой идеологии и пропаганде.

         Однополярный милитаристский мировой порядок 20 и начала 21 века мог существовать только на основе пропаганды/лжи. Новый многополярный миролюбивый порядок, переход к которому неизбежен, может существовать только на основе «Науки Глобального Мира» из гармонии, которая составляет его ключевую повестку.

         Сказанного достаточно для научного ответа на пропагандистскую риторику Юлиана: «Dictum sapienti satest». Лучшие пожелания мира из гармонии через науку, а не псевдо-философию,

        Лев Семашко,

Основатель и Почетный Президент ГСГ




Dear Leo,

Thank you. I will send a detailed response asap before 10th November. Of course, the discussion can go o­n.


Ps. My new book Social Harmony Or the Principles of a Happy Society [in Polish-- Harmonia spoleczna] has come out today! It has been presented at the International Book Fair in Cracow. This book is a continuation of the Tractatus Politico-Philosophicus and is published in the important book series: +/- Infinity, as you can see o­n the cover. We can translate it to other languages if you are interested. I maintain translation rights.

The book presents social harmony, harmonious international relations, happy societies and good governance. It ends with a vision of human evolution -- of the new age evolutionity, which replaces the current postmodernity -- and a vision of the new politics -- a new cooperative and evolutionary o­ne, which replaces our today's power-driven Hobbesian politics.


W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz is o­ne of Poland's most renowned philosophers and political thinkers. Brought up in the city of Gdansk, he was a student leader in the Solidarity movement. As a graduate student he was awarded the Scholarship of the Leadership Development Office of the Presbyterian Church (USA). He has received his doctorate from the University of Oxford and has taught at many universities around the world, including Anglo-American University of Prague, Texas State University in San Marcos, and Lazarski University in Warsaw. He is currently Professor at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at Zayed University in Dubai. He is the author of several books, including o­n the History of Political Philosophy and Tractatus Politico-Philosophicus: New Directions for the Future Development of Humankind.


Дорогой Юлиан!

Я счастлив поздравить вас с новой великой книгой «Социальная гармония»!!! Это заметное явление в развитии научного и философского сознания социальной гармонии в 21 веке, которое, вы абсолютно правы в этом, способно заменить отживший постмодернизм с марксизмом и «нашу сегодняшнюю силой управляемую Гоббсовскую политику» войны всех против всех.

Глобальный Союз Гармонии (ГСГ), который развивает философию и социологию социальной гармонии более 12 лет и опубликовал 8 книг о ней и создал около 60 сетевых проектов о ней, надеется, что его уникальный мировой потенциал гармоничного сознания 21 века, объединяющий вклад сотен современных мыслителей из более 60 стран, не прошел мимо вашего внимания незамеченным и нашел отражение в вашей книге. Тем более, что вы сотрудничаете с ГСГ уже около двух лет и мы открыли вашу персональную страницу на нашем сайте (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=724), где теперь опубликована инфо о вашей замечательной «Социальной гармонии».

Конечно, мы будем рады содействовать переводу вашей книги на другие языки, прежде всего на английский и русский, если вы пришлете полные данные о книге, ее аннотацию и содержание на английском языке. Может быть вы знаете русский язык и могли бы прислать эту инфо на русском?

Что касается вашего «детального отклика», то мы ждем его как можно скорее, но, в любом случае, он будет учтен, обсужден и опубликован на нашем сайте.

Лучшие пожелания мира из гармонии,
Лев Семашко,
Почетный Президент ГСГ,


Dear Julian!

I am happy to congratulate you o­n the new great book "Social Harmony"!!! This is a notable phenomenon in the development of the scientific and philosophical consciousness of social harmony in the 21st century, which, you are absolutely right in this, is able to replace obsolete postmodernismwith Marxism and "our today's power-driven Hobbesian politics" of the war of all against all.

The Global Harmony Association (GHA), which develops the philosophy and sociology of social harmony for more than 12 years and published 8 books about it and created about 60 network projects about it, hopes that its unique world potential of a harmonious consciousness of the 21st century, uniting the contribution of hundreds of modern thinkers from more than 60 countries, has not passed by your attention unnoticed and is reflected in your book. Especially since you have been cooperating with the GHA for about two years and we have opened your personal page o­n our website (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=724),where the information about your remarkable "Social Harmony" is now published.

Of course, we will be happy to help translate your book into other languages, primarily English and Russian, if you send complete information about the book, its annotation and the content in English. Maybe you know Russian and could send this info in Russian?

As for your "detailed response", we are waiting for it as soon as possible, but in any case, it will be taken into account, discussed and published o­n our website.

Best wishes for peace from harmony,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President ,




By Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz


The Polish voters in the US have a special reason to vote for Donald. Trump’s grandmother Elizabeth came from Poland and as a young woman in 1919-1920 twice defended the Polish city of Lwow (today’s Lviv in Ukraine), first against the Ukrainian nationalists and then against the Bolsheviks. In early twenties she immigrated to the US where together with her American husband, she developed a network of restaurants. This was the beginning of the Trump family fortune.


Donald Trump has a rich family background. He has inherited the tradition of being a patriot and an entrepreneur.He wants a strong America that serves World Peace, and not spreading continuous wars. He has condemned the "military adventures" USA in other countries that "last forever and cannot be won by those who lead them now." Also, he wants to improve America’s corrupted political system. His program includes reforms of the economy, governance, and the fight against corruption. He wants to limit the term of office of congressmen and introduce a life ban o­n lobbying the interests of foreign companies to senior officials. In addition, he wants to stop the flow of illegal emigrants to the US and the reduce the inflow of foreigners into the US from countries considered to be breeding grounds of terrorism. To stimulate the economy, Trump plans the reduction of corporate taxes from 35 to 15%, the lifting of restrictions o­n the production of energy, sanctions for companies transferring their factories abroad, as well as the simplification of the tax system.


Let us give to Donald Trump our full support! This is a great chance for more peaceful and greater America. Vote for Trump, Vote for Peace!


Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz


Włodzimierz Julian Korab-Karpowicz

This is the text that I put today o­n my Facebook page:




Trump America greatness is peacefulness. Hillary America greatness is genocide, fascism, terrorism and crimes against humanity in the war without borders. This is her global totalitarian democracy.

Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz:

I found your call to vote for Trump, for the triumph of America's greatness as a peacebuilding power, which it still has not, a very important and relevant for the entire world. So I was happy to post it o­n your personal page GHA website "Peace from Harmony" here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=724 and Donald Trump's page here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=685. Relationship to global peace is a key criterion for evaluating any political leader of any country, especially such as the United States. Trump's slogan: "Let's make America great" in peace rejects Hillary’s militarist slogan: "America has been and remains the great" imperial and militaristic power o­n the planet. This is her global totalitarian democracy’ (William Engdahl: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=659), since which she began and continues into the future.

Thereareplentyofevidences forTrump’swin, forexample, "FiveReasonsWhyTrumpwins" by MichaelMoore (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=685) and many others. At the same time, the mainstream media, which are under the heel of the ruling elite, headed by its patron, "Nobel Warlord Obama" (Michel Chossudovsky: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=682), demonizing Trump with endless fabrication of falsehoods, attributing to him all the mortal sins, since fascism, racial hatred, gender humiliation and etc. Of course, some careless attacks he gives some reason for such accusations, but he was always apologizing for them and disowns from them. But the motif of "Trump’s fascism" sounds even at some peacemakers, for example, John Avery from Denmark Nobel Prize winner, who dedicated to him a few articles, following the advice of Noam Chomsky's "Hold your nose and vote for Hillary” as if Hillary would be the greatest peacemaker. But this is a complete jumble in the minds of peacemakers who have lost peacebuilding guidance in their degenerate and impotent methodology.

Avery and Chomsky are my friends in peacemaking, but the truth is dearer to me as the saying goes. They are brilliant in the criticism of militarism, but powerless in its positive alternative. Avery calls the most dangerous militaristic characteristics Hilary: "her known involvement in US wars, and her support for the present provocation of Russia, which might easily escalate into a catastrophic thermonuclear war.... close ties with Wall Street and the Israel Lobby, and her failure to propose cuts in the obscenely bloated Pentagon budget" (https://www.transcend.org/tms/2016/10/what-u-s-progressives-should-do-on-nov-8/). They make its brilliant portrait of the "true hawk and militarist misery of the world" (Jan Oberg:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=703). But this does not prevent Avery say that "Trump would be worse." What exactly?

What could be worse than nuclear war??? In my opinion is NOTHING!!! But at Avery worse than it is climate change: “his most dangerous feature is his denial of climate change, and his proposal to scrap the Paris agreement. Climate change is an even more severe threat to the long-term future of human civilization and the biosphere than nuclear war.”(Ibid). I do not understand here the great scientist-chemist Avery. If you know that within o­ne hour of a nuclear war, each side will destroy all life o­n Earth many times and plunges it into a "nuclear winter", then about WHAT future and WHAT climate change we can talk, when they will be destroyed at 100%??? This is an obvious logical inconsistency in the reasoning of my fellow scientists, which I cannot recognize in any way. It is contrary to reason, logic and scientific facts/experiments.

The worst nuclear war Hilary are "the serious flaws in Donald Trump’s character", created for the most partbythe mainstream media purchased democratic Washington elite. What the flaws: "a vulgar misogynist, and a racist bigot, he is a neofascist who appeals to the lowest and most violent instincts of voters. He is also a poorly informed egomaniac who is unable to recognize his own limitations" (Ibid.). Avery uncritically repeats the demonized image of Trump, created by the Washington propaganda. As this paid mythology is more terrible than nuclear war??? HOW propaganda doll for peacemaker Avery could become more dangerous than a real nuclear war???

Why Avery ignores numerous peacemaking intentions of Trump: 'shake rust off America's foreign policy', ‘have a coherent foreign policy’, to withdraw the NATO troops from the western border of Russia, to establish a dialogue with Russia and cooperation in the fight against terrorism and so o­n. These are the key peacemaking proposals of Trump, which are violated Hilary. Why Avery did not see them? Or he does not want to see them? Ignorance of Trump is better than Hillary professionalism that led to genocide in Iraq and Libya and is leading to a global nuclear war and global genocide. Therefore, the progressive minded people of America and not zombie by propaganda see it and will vote for Trump. Hillary Clinton, by definition of Diana Johnstone is "Queen of Chaos" (Diana Johnstone: Queen of Chaos The misadventures of Hillary Clinton CounterPunch 2015: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=685), with her global ‘totalitarian democracy’ (William Engdahl: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=659), genocide (Mairead Maguire:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=678), fascism (Gary Brumbak:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=675), terrorism (Alastair Crooke: How the US Armed-up Syrian Jihadists:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=716), and war crimes against humanity (Joachim Hagopian. American Empire War and Genocidal Crimes Against Humanity: http://www.globalresearch.ca/historical-tradition-of-american-empire-war-and-genocidal-crimes-against-humanity/5393997), is immeasurably worse for global peace.

Therefore, the progressive-minded American people should vote against Hillary and for Trump. It is our objective conclusion, the opposite to conclusion of Avery. Here truth is dearer friendship. This conclusion is expressed by tens of thinkers, including Julian Korab-Karpowicz and it will be supported by the voters of America. Thank you very much for your courageous appeal, contrary to the mainstream, to vote for Trump, for peace, which is supported by the GHA members and the Global Peace Science coauthors!!!

Regards, best wishes for peace from harmony through science (GPS),
Dr. Leo Semashko,

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