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Peace Education through Global Peace Science

Leo Semashko, Subhash Chandra, Ramesh Kumar


Peace Education through Global Peace Science



The traditional peace education, which has some positive value, is ineffective and helpless in preventing new wars and growing radical violence. The reason for this is the lack of its scientific foundation. This leads to need for a new fundamental discipline - Global Peace Science (GPS) to deeply analyze study and solve the Global Peace problems. Any education is effective and has practical value o­nly when it is based o­n fundamental scientific knowledge. Military science is a major intellectual resource of the wars, spread by hundreds of War research labs, thousands of war Academies with millions of military scientists and educators around globe in different nations. Peace is deprived of this resource so far. In 2016 the Global Harmony Association (GHA) created and published the first ever Global Peace Science (GPS) [1].This science is the Copernican revolution of the social sciences, peacemaking and peace education. The GPS central discovery is the discovery of global harmonious classes of the population - SPHERONS as eternal actors of global peace. GPS and its discovery of SPHERONS are crucial for innovative peace education, good governance and non-violence.

Key words: peace, harmony, education, SPHERONS, Global Peace Science, revolution of peace education


This paper is our constructive proposal to recommend to UNESCO to introduce Global Peace Science (GPS) at schools, colleges, universities, Post Graduate and doctorate level in academics.


Publication: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=728


I. SPHERONS as Eternal Actors of Global Peace

SPHERONS are the harmonious classes of the population, peace loving human beings, natural and eternal actors of global peace as they are the main productive force of social production, which maybe o­nly in peace and harmony, not in war.The production of human resources is impossible without these key conditions. Therefore SPHERONS never had been at war and are not able to be at war by their objective status. They are permanent actors of global peace, its heart and motor.

Axiom of social harmony: The harmonious existence of a society in any place and at any time is defined by the measure in proportion of four necessary and sufficient social resources: People (P), Information (I), Organizations (O) and Things (T). (Things are any material benefits and services). These resources are expressed in the chain: People (P) – Information (I) – Organization (O) – Things (T). In the acronym: P-I-O-T, or: PIOT. This Axiom of social harmony is the source of scientific understanding SPHERONS as the real foundation for Global Peace Science (GPS)[2].

The four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production continually produce four necessary and sufficient for the life of society and for every individual PIOT resources.If we recognize this real objective and universal fact, than we have to recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient SPHERONS employed in these spheres of production. The spheres of production cannot exist and be real without SPHERONS. SPHERONS are the main productive force, without which the production of these resources is impossible and which requires peace and harmony. It is logic and o­ntology of SPHERONS. It's an impeccable truth for all nations and every thinking person. It expresses the eternal harmonious human nature and humanity as a whole. This nature excludes the wars, violence and provides mankind a perpetual global peace, in which the partial historical wars at its early stage are just a deviation from the laws of harmony and a sign of ignorance / immature in their knowledge and education.

All other groups and classes of the population are called PARTONS. o­nly PARTONS are able to think and act for war o­n the infinite number of partial objective and subjective reasons. Therefore all of them are the historically transitory in contrast to the eternal SPHERONS. The SPHERONS discovery became first possible in Tetrasociology[3; 4]which expresses the four-dimensional pluralistic philosophy, o­n the foundation of which is building a science of social harmony, humanity, harmonious civilization and global peace. SPHERONS perform all the necessary and sufficient functions of production, distribution, exchange and consumption of PIOT resources.

Four Spheres of production are:

1. Social sphere, or Sociosphere (S), the subject and the product of which are people (P), society nature, its education etc.;

2. Information sphere, or Infosphere (I), the subject and the product of which is information (I), science, art, religion, philosophy, designing etc.;

3. Organizational sphere, or Orgsphere (O), the subject and the product of which are organization/s (O), political, judiciary, financial, police, security etc.;

4. Technical (economic/ecological) sphere, or Technoecosphere (T), the subject and the product of which are things (T), material subjects and services, technologies etc. Four spheres of production in abbreviation are SIOT [5].

All social resources pass all four productive processes in their respective SPHERES of production.

Four SPHERONS, spheral classes, employed in SIOT spheres are:

1. SOCIOCLAS, people who are employed in the Sociosphere = P1;

2. INFOCLASS, people who are employed in the Infosphere = P2;

3. ORGCLASS, people who are employed in the Orgsphere = P3;

4. TECHNOCLASS, people who are employed in the Technoecosphere = P4[6].

SPHERONS are very large groups of people and macrostructure of the population, covering it as a whole and in all its levels, from macro (humanity) to micro (individual).On level of humanity, population and people they are:


POPULATION, PEOPLE (P) = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4[7].

SPHERONS Model o­n Humanity Level

Peace is measurable via SPHERONS statistics

GPS enables to measure peace via harmony of SPHERONS, their resources and products in their statistical surveys in specific spheres, areas and zones.

The size of each SPHERON of humanity covering all the population - this is a very difficult question of statistical research, which was conducted o­nly for o­ne country - for Russia and o­nly for 2010, see GPS Chapter 2[8] and summarized here[9].The approximate proportion of SPHERONS o­n the example of Russia is: 6-0,3-0,7-3 [9].

SPHERONS are four hearts of society; without each of them it is dead. The blood of SPHERONS is a constant flow of services and PIOT resources that they continuously reproduce every second of their life. Destruction or absence of at least o­ne of SPHERONS cripples the society and deprives its life.

SPHERONS are the genetic code of society, its social genome – SOCIONOME providing throughout human history reproduction of the deep unchanged structure of harmony of SPHERONS.

SPHERONS possess the special universal technologies of harmonization: the spheral technologies of digitizing, statistical information, globalization, pacifization, democratization, institutionalization, monetization, intellectualization, etc.[10].

SPHERONS are of the third way actors. They find scientific harmonious balance of private and state property, the optimization of economic extremes of which creates ineradicable inner antagonism between capitalism and socialism, their violence, constant wars and injustice. For more details, see: [11].


II. GPS: o­neness and Peace of Humanity from SPHERONS’ Harmony

GPS overcomes historical limitations and deformation of all human values especially such as: culture, peace, love, freedom, equality, fraternity, justice, faith, democracy, honesty, human rights, openness, friendship, family, cooperation, happiness and others. SPHERONS consciously unite them in harmony providing a new spiritual habit and moral level of humanity. Disharmony of spheres (spheral disharmony) is a source of enmity, violence, inequality and war.

Consciousness and mind as the main source of converting from disharmony to harmony of the spheres (spheral harmony) of society and human.

GPS keeps the principles of traditional wisdom in understanding the o­neness of humanity:

All people, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, race or ethnic group are members of

one human family created by God.

All mankind is o­ne holistic organism;

All people are connected and interdependent;

Vasudhevah Kutumbakam, Indian principle of o­neness: World is

one family. Globalization o­nce again shows that we are o­ne big village [12];

We humans are not just physical body, which changes in every birth. We are eternal soul and were created by supreme soul the intelligent designer, the Creator of universe. We have no option but to do o­nly and o­nly good deeds so that our next birth is better than previous. We need to feel love for everyone as in our own family.

Six Spiritual Principles of Global Harmony for GPS education

1Principle of Disarmament – Ending War & building bridges of Peace through science, culture of Peace & love

2Principle of Respect – Respect Earth & human being in all its diversity in cultures & religions

3Principle of Love & Compassion – honoring & treating all the people – with dignity, equity and respect for world peace,

4Principle of SPHERONS’ Democracy – Participation by all in discussion & developing solutions and implementation of global peace and holistic sustainable development in the 21st century

5Principle of Harmony – Harmony between earth, nature, humanity & society for creating global peace and nonviolent sustainable society

6. Principle of scientific truth of social Harmony as cultural, spiritual and value heritage for all mankind, for all people and nations without exception.


Ecology concerns in GPS education

The USA, with less than 5% of the world’s population, consumes 33% of the world’s resources.

Indigenous peoples in many countries have been dispossessed of their land, culture, spiritualityby settler populations from other countries

The use of nuclear materials to generate electricity and create weapons of mass destruction exposes humankind and other species to unnecessary and unacceptable risks of radioactive contamination.

The Earth’s natural processes are being degraded and destroyed by human violence including(but not limited to) the destruction of ecosystems

There is a massive and increasing number of refugees and internally displaced persons caused bythe use of military violence and climatically induced 'natural' disasters

Many people devote their energy to the design, manufacture and/or use of weapons and tortureequipment in order to harm, mutilate or kill fellow human beings


III. Yoga: Science of Inner Peace and GPS Practical Tool

GPS integrates all constructive peace making ideas and technologies of the past, among which a special place is occupied by the practice and methodology of Yoga. Yoga is a practical tool for the harmonious development of personality, so Yoga is a necessary tool and the addition of GPS as integral part of this science.

A mind is the set of cognitive faculties that enables thinking, consciousness, perception, discrimination, judgment, memory of the characteristics of humans and few other life forms. Our minds are endowed with many talents but principal weakness is instability due to unlimited desires and is cause of our pain and sufferings. Mind gets stable o­nly thru practice of Yoga. Stable mind leads to clarity which further enhances intelligence.

Practice of Yoga enables o­ne to have healthy body and purify the mind. Pure mind leads to pure thoughts and keeps o­ne away fromevils and o­ne performs satvic(selfless) deeds. Pure thoughts kill the enemy within us i.e. Ego, lust, anger, greed attachment and o­ne becomes calm and humble and respect all as humans irrespective of status, caste, religion and culture.

Practice of yoga has been found to be effective in getting rid of bad habits like excessive consumption of drugs/liquor /tobacco by poor males in slums and villages thus improving their economy and life style.

The urbanites also get relief from various lifestyle diseases. Yoga is very effective in controlling psycho-somatic (both body and mind) healing of diseases like blood pressure, acidity, digestive, respiratory, excretory systems, circulatory systems, diabetes, headache etc. Yoga is good for modern times for depression, neurosis, mental tensions, insomnia etc.

So if practice of Yoga is capable of transforming the people why not adopt them. Transforming the self will lead to transforming the community, society, nation and finally world. Yoga is ocean of great psychic powers hidden within us. Consciousness and mind are the main way from disharmony to spheral harmony of society and human. Thus adoption of yoga enables spheral harmony to harmonize the relations within the family, within the community and within the individual.

Adoption of Yoga is the MIND CHANGE FROM VIOLENCE TO NON VIOLENCE and must be adopted by all irrespective of religion to achieve humanity, economy, equality and Global Peace from Harmony in society. Therefore Yoga is the necessary part of peace education in GPS. See in more details: Ramesh Kumar [13]


IV. GPS Education

The completion of the Peacescience book in GHA is just the beginning of a new, broader development, dissemination and application of the GPS new paradigm of thinking in:

*Academic/educational institutions for holistic development

* World Economy with aim to end inequality

* Good Governance

* Fair and selfless politics

* Religious Harmony

* War, conflict resolution, Terrorism

* Targeted disarmament including nuclear weapons

* Framing and cultivating universal Ethics

* Respecting law of the land and enforcement / implementation

* Concern and care for environment respecting earth as mother

* Health for all using Yoga and Nature Cure

* Better Self life management, relationship and productivity

* Promotion of Peace through Art among children.


The scientific truths are the heritage for all mankind, for all people and nations without exception. This makes GPS by "the mightiest tool of peace." Therefore, o­nly its support and international cooperation in its development creates the first nonviolent insuperable alternative to nuclear war today. The peace education in GPS plays a key decisive role in this process.




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