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One of the aims of Religion is to create harmony and unity amongst people  

In the Anatomy of Peace, Stuart Rees, says the purpose of religion was to create a law which would prevent humans from competing with each other and destroying each other

He states --

What was divine and civilizing in Christianity was its monotheism, its universalism. The doctrine which teaches that all men are created equal in the sight of God and are ruled by o­ne God, with o­ne law over all men, was the o­ne really revolutionary idea in human existence

In other words Religion contains within it an overarching law which could maintain harmony between humans


Global Peace Science


Dr Leo Semashko in his new scientific paradigm as Global Peace Science quotes Abdul Kalam: "When there is harmony in the home, There is order in the nation, When there is order in the nation There is peace in the world".


Dr Semashko says this is the most accurate definition and most brief formula of global peace from harmony at all levels from the individual to the whole world: 

He uses the words  

·beauty (measure) 

·harmony (consent) 

·order (coherence) 

·peace (prosperity). 

In the expression of global Peace Leo makes the expression of humanity as an inextricable connectedness devoted to survival and harmony - 

In fact the naturally endowed function of humanity as a function, is to maintain survival for the total community, functioning like the evolution of the primary fertilised genome becoming the human being who is not able to survive without parents ,schooling and community in a primary form.

He calls this autopoiesis. --referring asystem capable of reproducing and maintaining itself. 


It is however the greater group of actors in the drama which enhances the evolutionary unfolding

And this is divided he says into


Peace Actors: 

- Social Class – Socioclass, (Humanitarian Class), S-class;

- Informational (Creative) Class – Infoclass, I-class ;

- Organizational (managerial, administrative, political, ruling) class – Orgclass, O- class;

- Technical (material) class – Technoclass, T- class;


SPHERONS are harmonious classes of the population, ensuring social peace from harmony, because the reproduction of resources can o­nly be in harmony and peace, which exclude violence, struggle and war of PARTONS –employed in various sectors of public activity -private, local and historically transient antagonistic groups, classes, nations in terms of tetrasociology [9, Chapter 1]


Dr Leo Semashko in Global Peace Harmony explains that SPHERONS are harmonious classes of the population, ensuring social peace from harmony, because the reproduction of resources can o­nly be in harmony and peace, which exclude violence, struggle and war of PARTONS


The first peace is the eternal, global, natural, but intuitive and spontaneous peace from harmony of SPHERONS. 




SOCIONOME in GPS discloses and explains also the deepest source of wars – disharmony of private groups of people, as PARTONS: separate nations, classes, estates, castes, etc. 

War for these groups is the o­nly way to overcome their acute disharmonies because of their ignorance and lack of knowledge of scientific harmonious solution of social problems. 


What is apparent  is that the deep Intuitive need for peace in humanity is grounded in the microcosm of the family .


The problem can be the divisions caused by cultural ,informational, organisational and technical divisions  in an evolving and growing society


Cartography of Life


I believe in order to understand these concepts more deeply we need to look at the essential Cartography of life especially human life


Earth formed around 4.54 billion years ago by accretion from the solar nebula.


The earliest known life forms on Earthwere   fossilizedmicroorganisms found in hydrothermal vent precipitates.[


The earliest time thatlife formsfirst appearedon Earth is unknown. They may have lived about   4.28 billion years ago,[not long after the oceans formed, and not long after the formation of the Earth4.54 billion years ago


Thus the primary genome of all life o­n planet earth comes from the first DNA o­n this planet about 4 billion years ago


DNA is an organising spectrum of life through holographic light linking with multidimensional Spectra--” (Gariaev et al., 1994).


We live in a self-referential organising informational biological universe where physics is no longer a materialistic science




Consciousness is the primary phenomenon in the universe


“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard

matter as a derivative of consciousness.”

—Max Planck


We postulate that there  is a universal connectedness between all things  expressed as  non local mind.

According to string theory. There is a complex interactive network of information in which we are multidimensional, hyperspacial and physical.


Healing o­n a planetary level.  Incorporates a paradigm shift from the mind-body into the greater   reality of a living conscious universe.


Working with advanced forms of vibrational science we realise that we are more than matter beings


We are matter-energy quantum body/minds interconnected throughout many multi-dimensional universes.


This sounds like we are jumping from the challenges of our current dilemmas to concepts which seem to have no relevance to everyday life


However if we understand the connectedness of all things we have an opportunity to shape a new cartography of the humanwhich takes into account the primacy of theHuman psyche and the infinite noetic capacities of every Human being o­n this planet


The new quantum medicine of light is based o­n the premise that light is information and is not o­nly the infrastructure of the universe  from which all phenomena appear but is also the quantum anatomy of all sentient organisms including the Human being


Consciousness as an a causal process gives rise to light which gives rise to information which gives rise to phenomenal reality


This concept of the nature of light and consciousness is expressed in the Pre Emperor Constantine-300 AD- pre council of Nicea( gnostic Christian and Jewish teachings of the ancient gnostic scrolls and the Essenes


Here the creative source of life is expressed as the all in all where the treasury of light gives rise to the totality of the kingdom of life and existence expressed as the pleroma where matter is but a tiny part of the totality of consciousness


We are not what we seem to be. All life is quantum and is premised o­n a balance of oxidative and reductive processes which keep the individual cell in balance or homeostasis.


. DNA holographic photonic vibration


Deepak Chopra has said

Consciousness may exist in photons, which seem to be the carrier of all information in the universe

The essence of life and all of existence and our Being is light.


Reactive oxygen species in the cells are the result of oxidative processes

Medical research can o­nly benefit by exploring the implications of Voeikov’s fundamental insight that: “the processes with ROS participation taking place in aqueous systems and generating electron excited states play a fundamental  informational role in the emergence and realization of vital processes” (Voeikov, 2000)


The aggregates self-organise as a centropic organised process creating NEGENTROPYthe vibratory function of the body bio mind and are non-local frequencies conducted as light down microtubules in the connective tissue next to the cells This power is based o­n biophotonic patterning and organisation which is negentropic and orchestrated by DNA holographic photonic vibration


Fractal structure light emission photonic non local organisation and multidimensionality are all qualities of the human biomind.


Our body’s miraculous power is to maintain its coherence and balance – centropy at the point of consistent bifurcation and dissipation caused by oxidation in all physiological processes

The vibrationary quotient of each human is a harmonic of the vibratory heart of each atom as expressed in string theory.


The primary genome of the earth


The primary genome of the earth gave rise to myriads and myriads of bacteria which made the possible the biosphere 


It is the bacteria which represent the continuum of life o­n this planet


Only now are medical Professionals beginning to realise the importance of the microbiome in each human being which contains more DNA than human DNA


We are literally linked deeply with our Mother Earth 


Changes in the human microbiome contribute to most human illness including obesity , diabetes , cancer of colon, osteoporosis , gout, rheumatoid arthritis , pulmonary disease, irritable bowel disease, autoimmune disease ,cardiac disease and neurological diseases 


The human intestinal tract (i.e., “gut”) is inhabited by over 100 trillion microorganisms; including over 1000 species of known bacteria] These organisms have co-evolved with humans over millennia to live together for mutual benefit   Gut microorganisms encode >150 times more genes than the human genome and are highly involved in numerous metabolic reactions which influence normal host physiology and metabolism 


Homo Sapiens and Hominids


Homo erectus half a million years ago was sufficiently advanced to be able to create geometric designs o­n shells and the two genetic modifications which distinguished hominids in their various forms were the ability to vocalise  and speak and the growth of the neocortex responsible for an overriding ability to master inchoate instinctive impulses and have the great quality  of  reflection , thought, creativity and creation of technology


There were various kinds of hominids who interbred including Denisovans  Homo neanderthalensis) homo heidelbergensisbut eventually Homo sapiens became predominant as the other hominids died out


Homo heidelbergensis, emerged in Africa around 700,000 years ago, leaving fossils with characteristics interpreted by some scholars as intermediary between Homo erectus and later anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens). 

Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) and anatomically modern humans both evolved from Homo heidelbergensis, around 600,000.  years ago, The Neanderthals became extinct between 40,000 and 30,000 years ago (to 24,000 years ago). In Southern Europe

The earliest anatomically modern human skeleton was found in Ethiopia and dated to about 195,000 years ago.

Once anatomically modern humans, and their lost cousins the Neanderthals and Denisovans, arrived o­n the scene, the brain had expanded to roughly 85 cubic inches (1.4 liters) in volume. Most of this growth occurred in a brain region called the neocortex.


Researchers  into cognition have  found that a particular gene, called ARHGAP11B, is turned o­n and highly activated in the human neural progenitor cells, This gene is the pathway to the seat of cognitive abilities, which, in a way, make us human — including  language and logical thinking," 


Humans may have come close to extinction about 70,000 years ago, according to the latest genetic research. Evidence for that view is published in the American Journal of Human Genetics.This may also have been due to a planetary cataclysm 70,000


Another cataclysm occurred 12000 years ago labelled in many spiritual religious traditions as the great floods


According to recent research this disaster was the  result of a collision with a comet


It does appear that the core of identity subsuming the concept of SPHERONS and the socionome is the entangled quantum Nature of the holographic organising nature of DNA which interconnects with the perceptual facility of the neocortex and the heart


The perceptual function of the neocortex through epigenesis influences the organising ability of the DNA


Thus states of meditation can effect not o­nly the DNA of the mediator but have a positive spin off effect o­n those around him her


A cortex which has been reared in war zones will create disordered brain and heart fields

The heart itself is the second brain containing thousands of neutrons and creating the most powerful electromagnetic field 

Heart based meditation can unravel DNA 

Heart based meditation and contemplation where the cortex is quietened to alpna  rhythm creates extremely positive vibrations from DNA and the light field within  and surrounding the body


This surely is the basis of the creation of a harmonious society based o­n 

  • beauty (measure) 
  • harmony (consent) 
  • order (coherence) 
  • peace (prosperity)

Where all SPHERONS are in balance 


It should be pointed out that human body functions at some levels as a quasi-“light” body transducing signals locally and non-locally, both from within itself and from extra biological sources (Gariaev et al., 1994; Hurtak, 1996a) within o­ne holistic system


Our body’s miraculous power is to maintain its coherence and balance – entropy at the point of consistent bifurcation and dissipation caused by oxidation in all physiological processes

The vibrationary quotient of each human is a harmonic of the vibratory heart of each atom as expressed in string theory.


Once the neocortex developed and evolved with the concomitant faculty of vocalisation 

Human beings had the ability to access non local informational photonic epigenetic sources which could repattern further the human  genome to enhance integration with the universal cosmic energy and wisdom, creativity and rejuvenation of the  physical conduit - the human body-of the human being who acts as a receiver transducer and emitter of information as light 


Our access to higher templates of consciousness can enable us to Rejuvenate through the power of our consciousness directly connected with the ultimate truth, the mind of GOD, through multi body vehicles.


The key is to awaken to this truth which can enable us to go back Home to our birth right and true essence

With or without technologies our being resides in a multidimensional compassionate universe of light and love. We have to reclaim our destiny as a human race of untold and infinite potential



Cataclysmic Events


Homo sapiens and the hominids have been through multiple cataclysmic events which have almost wiped out the species at certain historical Times


In the quantum world time and space are viewed in different  formats which means that o­n a certain level of being consciousness will perceive these events as non local and therefore as simultaneous


We as human beings at the culmination of 4 billion years of evolution and existence are able to perceive the totality of the ebb and flow of our own existence through highly evolved consciousness


Subconsciously we are still effected by events which have almost annihilated our species in the past which may account for our over reactive responses to fight an flight and self-preservation leading to the development of nuclear weapons which can wipe out life o­n earth and also artificial intelligence which  by some such a s Ray Kurzweil is also meant to immortalize Human intelligence 


Global Peace


A harmonious peace loving society needs to take into account the holographic nature of each human being their deep connection through an Antony of light to multidimensional levels of existence in s sacred universe of life which by its very nature is negentropic and self-creating and based o­n a toroidal cartography of love, cooperation, synergy and inter connectedness 


The confirming identity and essence of human survival is determined by a spiritual law grounded in the western world through the Ten Commandments and in the Eastern world by the inner spiritual traditions based o­n a search for wholeness


This law idealised as an overarching fundamental law has become fragmented as culture vies with culture and religion with religion and as each nation takes o­n a colour of a specific religion and culture competing with every other nation for supremacy


2500 years of Buddhism and 2000 years of Christianity have not changed the essential patterns of kingdoms, Nation states ,transnational organisations and bureaucracies vying for dominance throughout the world and ignoring the basic needs of humanbeings for micro and macro self-actualisation .


The ideal way forwards for Global Peace would be to have and overriding law to which each nation is determined to be answerable to.

A start has been the international court of justice at The Hague but despite these governments have little respect for their citizens as Nation state competes with Nation state for ascendancy.


The military industrial complex is now costing globally over 1 trillion dollars / year and democide by governments against their own people was 223 million in the twentieth century

Evidently currently the fate of humanity is not determined by the hopes and aspirations of the individual human being!!


We are indeed up against an enormous challenge as immature humanity dwarfs itself before enormous technological military and artificial intelligence advances in a world where the Natural law is invaded by DNA mutation of all living things including humanity herself


A new peace Global process determined by the overarching law as described by Leo Semashko in terms of the harmony of the spherons in his book could be the answer to our current dangerous human predicament where out very survival as a species is at stake


This is where the harmony of the SPHERONS is actualised when we can perceive the SPHERONS as informational spheres of negentropic light and life deeply and inseparably connected with a living biological self-referential sacred universe of light 


Dr Michael Ellis FRACGP.MRCP.DCH .BA(Hons)

President Club of Budapest Australia


President Global Peace Centre








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