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Alexei Shepel, student, historian, St-Petersburg State University, email: shepelspb@mail.ru
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Professor Rudolf Siebert's article "Religion…. and Terror…", page 7-2 of our Website
"A New Culture of Peace from Harmony"..

After tragedy of September 11, 2001 the mankind has realized the real scales of a terrorist threat. The intensive search for decision this most complex problem began. Professor Rudolf Siebert tries to attract a public attention to study, interpretation and fundamental comparison of the world religions, which frequently conduct to bloody collisions (examples to this in a history are great variety). The scientist approves that "can not be peace between the peoples without peace among world religions". In an article the powerful appeal to dialogue between religions and between civilizations (East and West) sounds.

Professor Siebert understands that collision of the religions is extremely dangerous. At the same time he pays attention that the mankind and so has many problems, for example, natural calamities (section "Tsunami"), o­n which decision also is necessary to put all forces.  The article causes interest by that the author finds "the antiterrorist recipes", which he names as "a gold rule" in the world religions.

 At the end of article the scientist expresses hope that religion, at correct the approach to them, can essentially help for struggle with violence and terrorism. Most interesting, in my opinion, is the section "Maximization of Profit", where the author considers some negative consequences of globalization.
June 2005

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