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Tragedy in Kemerovo March 25, 2018: International condolences of the GHA members

Condolences of the GHA members from different countries

About tragedy in Kemerovo o­n March 25, 2018



Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=769

English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=819



Condolences for Kemerovo. + Shame of humanity

Dear GHA members,

We highly appreciate your sincere condolences over the 64 people who burned down in the shopping center in Kemerovo, among which there were many children - 41 people.

We received 16 condolences from 12 countries, which are published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=819. Many thanks to you for your sympathy. The GHA and its women's organization WGHA should do everything possible to prevent not o­nly accidental tragedies with children, but also their conscious killing as a result of the atrocities, violence and military aggression of the Western militaristic countries in their endless wars against humanity. Elena Roerich, almost a century ago called them "wars of suicide and the shame of humanity"


Today, this "shame of humanity" and the UN shame are the "great" trio of the West: USA, UK and France, which, trampling o­n international law and their duty of the permanent members of the UN Security Council to maintain peace, unleashed a dirty aggression against Syria. It threatens to burn all the world children in a nuclear patriarchal fire. This is yet another proof of the inhumanity of the patriarchal order of hatred and wars o­n the basis of a totalitarian, violating all human rights, freedom of violence and deception. Only "New Women", like Elena Roerich, can replace it with the order of love and peace (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815).

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President,




Dear Dr. Leo & All GHA Women’s Peace Leaders

Russia shopping center fire: 41 children among 64 dead.

My deepest condolence & sadness from my heart and sympathy to victims and Families members of the tragedy in Russia shopping center fire: 64 people burned in a fire o­n March 25, of which 41 are children in the Kemerovo.

We pray peace and harmony for all the people who have suffered. We pray and committed to build peaceful & harmonious societies in Russia & the World.

I appreciate the GHA the "New Women" movement and support establishing thenew women's organization "Women Global Harmony Association" (WGHA) AND "New Women"for women’s empowerment.

MARCH 8, 2018 GHA Message Global Peace movement for women’s rights of Empowering for women’s rights, equality and justice in the 21st Century.


Friendly Greetings of Peace to all.

Dr. Subhash Chandra, Conference Chair

GHA President and the GHA Board Chairman






Dear Mairead, Ime, Marie, Guy, Rudolph and all,

Many thanks for your condolences in connection with the terrible tragedy in Kemerovo, where 64 people burned out of which 41 were children.

I corrected my mistake in the original message, excuse me for it. It is now established that 64 people died, 41 of them are children. All condolences will be published o­n our website that I will specially inform.

I invite everyone to the new women's organization "Women Global Harmony Association", whose project I am finishing and will send it for discussion in the coming days so that our children will not burn, die from starvation, be killed in endless wars, etc. The first pages of this project are published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815

With love and gratitude,




Dear Leo

I write to convey my deep sadness and sympathy to victims and families of the tragedy in Kemerovo where 64 people were burnt in a fire o­n 25 March of which 41 were children. This terrible tragedy challenges us all to increase our efforts for peace and harmony to build fraternity amongst all humans and countries. No more nuclear wars no more war.


Mairead Maguire

Nobel Peace Laureate


Belfast, North Ireland



Dear Leo,

I would like to express my deep sorrow and condolences for the victims , especially children, in the fire accident took place in Russia. With love,

Takis D Iosnnides 




Dear Leo and all members,

I express to Russia my sincere and heartfelt condolences for the tragedy at Kemerovo.

I express to the bereaved families my compassion and sympathy in this terrible moment.

I express to all those who died, the children who o­nly asked to play and enjoy the best of life, my deep sadness and my prayers go to those souls brutally torn from their happiness to live.

I agree with Leo's proposal for the organization of a new women's movement within GHA.

It has been so long since I’m waiting that our words of women be finally heard and respected, understood by the male population of our humanity, still conditioned by the fratricidal wars and the expression of violence through conflicts and thoughts...

Thank you to my peace brothers. Thank you for this Leo proposal

Respectful greetings to all members.

Mme Théa Marie ROBERT - FRANCE

GHA Muse of Harmony


Artiste Créatrice

Fondatrice de l'Art Cosmopoéthique

poésie des mots, des images et des gestes

Professeur de danse contemporaine, Chorégraphe

écrivaine, photographe

Membre du Cercle des Ambassadeurs de la Paix Genève 2005

Artiste nommée Messagère de la Culture de la Paix à l'UNESCO en 2000

Médaille d'or Académie Arts Sciences Lettres Paris 2017

Docteur Littérature Académie Mondiale des Arts et de la Culture 2008

Médaille d’Or présidentielle  Académie Mondiale des Arts et de la Culture 2012

Médaille d’Or Union des Ecrivains Mongols - décernée à Oulan Bator Mongolie 2017



Dear members of the GHA, Takis, Noor and others, friends,

Many thanks for your condolences over the tragedy in Kemerovo, where 64 people burned in a fire o­n March 25, of which 41 are children. We all mourn and compassion. I'm crying. Forgive us, children, for that inhuman material order, which burns and kills you. I have nothing more to say, except o­ne.

I am convinced that this order needs to be changed, and it will be replaced soon. This should and can best be done by women's leadership, the mothers of children, if they arm themselves with the soft force of the science of harmony, to organize themselves in the new women's movement and together overcome the obstacles of the traditional order, which left the children the last, most helpless and disenfranchised place in it. o­nly women are able to establish a new, harmonious social order in which children will be given priority, first place in all political and economic interests of society and power instead of wars, violence, profit, wealth, domination, money and other "gods" of the old obsolete order that burns and killing children.

For this purpose, the GHA organizes the "New Women" movement, whose draft and program will be submitted for discussion in 5-10 days, but its first part is published here:

Its doors are open to everyone who agrees with the leadership of women o­n the basis of the science of peace from harmony. The soft force of this science will allow women to rise from marginal position to social leaders and provide children with a priority in society in order to secure them as much as possible and ensure the best development conditions. GHA invites and waits for you in the "New Women", so that children will never be burned or killed again.
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President




Dear Dr. Leo,

It is in fact very sad news about the fire and death of many lives.

Dr. Noor Larik,






Fue muy doloroso lo ocurrido. Lastima el alma. Nuestras condolencias.

Somos 8 mujeres trabajando por la paz… Somos las Juglares Universales de Luz y Lorca. A pesar de nuestras limitaciones de tiempo trabajamos con amor y en bien de esta sociedad. Vivimos en una ciudad muy pequeña, pero siempre que podemos caminamos hacia otros lugares.

Felicito vuestro hacer. Mis disculpas por contestar en español. Mi inglés es muy pobre, estoy estudiando pero tengo 76 años y voy lento. Mis mejores saludos de amor y paz.

Ime Biassoni, juglar argentina.

Было очень больно, что произошло. Болит душа. Наши соболезнования
У нас 8 женщин, работающих за мир ... Мы - Универсальные Югадорес де Луз-у-Лорка. Несмотря на наши временные ограничения, мы работаем с любовью и во благо этого общества. Мы живем в очень маленьком городе, но всякий раз, когда мы можем ходить в другие места.

Я поздравляю ваше дело. Приношу свои извинения за ответы на испанском языке. Мой английский очень беден, я учусь, но мне 76 лет, и я медленный.

Мои наилучшие пожелания любви и мира.

Име Биассони,

Аргентинский менестрель.



My true condolences in the facts o­n Russia.

Lic. María Cristina Azcona







There is many tragedies, alas, all over the world. France, for example since 2015, is the permanent target of attacks, and it risk is that alas of a kind of habituation to the dramas. Indeed, nobody within our networks addressed his compassion to French people.

In my turn, I address all my compassion to the victims of the tragedy in Kemerovo, where 64 people burned in a fire o­n March 25th, of which 41 is children!

How Léo SEMASHKO, I think, that it is necessary to change the exacerbated liberal order which dominates the world = order without mercy nor benevolence as Octavio Paz indicated it!

Of this bridge of sight, GPS: total science for peace = is a hope and o­ne of the decisive means for this purpose. It is true also, that the liberation movement female which is expressed with force all over the world, will be o­ne of the levers to recall that humanity has 2 components of male sex and female, and that any domination or subjection or attempt of the o­ne o­n the other contribute to the decline of humanity.

Beyond the opportunities given by the science for procreation and of the debates which surround them as regards assisted medical procreation, and of Gestation for others, it does not remain about it less than the woman develops the life in her body, and of its body is conceived or is born a child, and thus the woman often has a larger sensitivity concerning the respect of dignity of the life.

Of course, the basic rights of the woman overflow and by far her o­nly reality of possible mother:She is entitled to the respect of the rights and duties of very human!

For my part, before leaving the international public life gradually at the end of 2018, I recall, that o­n all these subjects;peace, ecology, development, religions: ethical morals and terrorism, sciences and philosophy (and within this framework the reason bioethics, biotechnologies, and trans-humanism…” in my test “what a to become for the Homo sapiens at horizon 2120 “published by Bruce COOK! I specified my argumentation!


Unfortunately, my linguistic concern with English caused by my situation of quasi blind of my birth at 15 years, and then gradually improved up to 20 years, harmed my notoriety. However, I had and courage and the chance to find in region of Lion in the Fifties a Professor considered as a world celebrity which helped me to combine multiple handicaps gradually: presbyopia, strabism, basic problem of the eye, and separation of retina ...............

Today, at 75 years, duty to insist, see begging, to obtain a translation is unbearable! For little time still, the song took a more important place in my contributions, and soon in recording and in concerts, I will pay homage to Johnny Hallyday, French Elvis!

Thus Guy CREQUIE (Gil CONTI,) lyric singer with voice for the human peace and rights and duties, will pay homage to a popular singer!

Cordially, and congratulation for your works.





Dear Leo,

I express deepest condolence to the victims (especially Chidren) of the tragedy.

The shocking news was that the door of movie theather was locked and the clercks of the shopping center were firstly escaped without making alert for custumers.   Their responsibility is heavy.  It needs education for human life. It needs checking the emergency system to save life in all shopping centers, schools, station.....


Kae Morii






Dear friends, Leo, Maria and Ernesto,

At this moment I am recuperating from bronchitis and at rest. I want to let you know that I am at heartwith those who have lost their loved o­nes in this tragedy. We need to continue looking foward to peace. Many in this world have lost the sense of reason and compassion.

My friendship to all

Celia Altschuler

Puerto Rico

Celia Altschuler




So many condolences!..

In sorrow and reflections in this easter time in this southern place of my Argentina.

Susana Roberts.


Susana Roberts









Dear Leo:

We are so sorry to hear about the fire catastrophe in Russia, which cost so many precious lives.

Particularly sad was the death of so many children, whose lives had not even really started.

Here appears our theodicy problem again, which we have such a hard time t solve, no matter if we are believers or secular enlighteners,

I am with all my best wishes for you and  for your dear family and  for your great country, 

your Rudi, Prof. Rudolf Sirbert,

 from the House of Peace 





Mr. Leo

Expresso minhas condolências pelas vitimas doincêndio, na Rússia. Mais de 40 crianças perderam a vida... Fico imaginando a dor dessas famílias... poisessa inversão é muito injusta - a partida prematura de filhos. Quanto a afirmativa do senhorde quemães, mulheres, possam se unir e superar obstáculos, é altamente louvável. E penso que a mulher, é sim, capaz de estabelecer uma nova ordem social, baseada no amor, na solidariedade, no respeito, na compreensão.


Delasnieve Daspet

Lawyer, Poet, Writer,Speaker, Ambassador of Peace, Peacemaker, Activist Peace and Culture of Peace, Human Rights, Environment, Social, Global Citizen - ID number 078 - (Brazil ) .




Campo Grande-MS-BRAZIL


Mr. Leo

I express my condolences for the victims of the fire in Russia. More than 40 children lost their lives ...

I wonder the pain of these families ... because this inversion is very unfair - the premature departure of children. As for the Lord's assertion that mothers and wives can come together and overcome obstacles, it is highly commendable. And I think that the woman is capable of establishing a new social order, based o­n love, solidarity, respect and understanding.


Delasnieve Daspet




Good evening,

I am with you in these times of death in Kemerovo. 

With my sympathy and wish for courage to those who have been sorely tried.

I support any peace initiative from women, men, children o­n the planet, even if I do not get involved in every process. In trust with what you do for the peace of the world. Kind regards and respectfully.









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