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Helena Roerich. Woman: Mother and Savior of the World


Young Nicholas and Helena Roerich (circa 1900)



Charitable Foundation named after
Helena I. Roerich


Helena I. Roerich (1879-1955)

Philosopher, writer, spouse of Nicholas Roerich

The first woman of "world citizen"



From the philosophical heritage of E.I. Roerich:

About a woman

(excerpts from letters
: 20 fragments, 4 pages)
A source:


(The translation in English, underlining and comments below were made by Leo Semashko)



March 3, 1930


The going time again should give the woman a place at the helm of life, a place next to the man, her eternal employee. After all, the greatness of the Cosmos rests o­n these two Elements. The basis of Being is the greatness of the two Elements. How is it possible to belittle o­ne of them? All experienced and future disasters and cosmic cataclysms have at the root cause - the humiliation of women.

        All the terrible diseases, all the horrific degeneration of many Eastern nationalities have at the base a slavish dependence of a woman. A slave woman, deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the greatest human advantage - adherence to creative thought and creative work, < ...> a slave woman can give the world o­nly slaves. The saying "the great mother has a great son" has a deep scientific foundation. For the son often borrows more from his mother, and, conversely, his daughter, the heiress of his father's powers.

        Great justice Space! Humiliating a woman, a man humiliated himself! In this we need to search for an explanation of the paucity of the manifestation of the male genius in our day. <...>

        Yes, in the hands of a woman is now the salvation of humankind and the planet. A woman should realize her importance, her great mission of the Mother of the World and in full responsibility prepare to become not o­nly an employee of a man, but his inspirer and a true mother. <...>

        A woman who knows her high destiny, a woman who strives for beauty, knowledge, will raise the standard of living of the country ... <...>

October 13, 1930


Humanity must realize the great Cosmic Law - the law of greatness and balance of the two Elements, as the foundation of Being. All principles devoid of these two Elements cause imbalance and destruction. But let a woman who has realized this law and striving for balancing the Elements, retains all the beauty of the female form, let her not lose the softness of the heart, the subtlety of feelings, self-sacrifice and courage of patience.

April 17, 1934


Of course, there can be no restriction in the manifestation of the spiritual creativity of any gender. The creativity of thought, art, and the structure of life belongs equally to both principles, for they are of the spirit. (But a woman, even if physically inferior, often surpasses stamina). There are characteristic features of every beginning, and this creates all the beauty of life. And these features must be revealed in all their might, then again in the spirit will awake the saving beauty of romanticism and heroism.

August 17, 1934

Yes, now a woman should be prepared to be allowed to share the hardships of the country governing. Her common sense and, most importantly, her heart will prompt many correct decisions. I have a very high opinion of the woman, and if we take the historical facts and truthful biographies of many great people, we will see that the source of their inspiration and the main adviser was a woman. <...> And now the Great Age of Woman has come. It is the woman who is to perform the double feat - to raise herself and raise her eternal companion, a man.

August 30, 1934


The Age of Woman should be the epoch of Heroism, Courage. A woman will not respect cowards.

March 8, 1935


The woman's path was a path of self-sacrifice, through heroism and incessant Giving. <...> And the woman will have to arm herself with courage, and, first of all, to temper her heart from unreasonable giving, for in everything it is necessary to observe the Golden Balance. A woman must assert herself, and therefore the Sword of the Spirit is now given into the hands of the Woman.

May 31, 1935


At the lower levels of mental and spiritual development, above all, humiliated all the high. Truthful history shows us that in ancient times those nations, whose reverence for the Feminine Principle stood at the proper height, flourished. <...>

       Wrong book claims that all Religions and Teachings are full of judgments about the woman's inferior nature. All such judgments in them are precisely those distortions and additions that were later introduced by the authorities asserting themselves out of self-interest and gross ignorance. Truly innocent in this blatant ignorance are the Great Founders of Religions and Teachings. Let's take into account, how many dishonest greedy hands and how many thousands of years passed these Teachings! <...>

        There is no Decree in Nature that a woman should be tied o­nly to a home hearth! Verily, she is the Mother-Guardian of the World. Therefore, there is not a single area in life where a man could reign supreme, it is this undivided reign of o­ne Principle that is the product of a dark age.

        Creativity is equally embedded in both Beginnings. In a man, it was more clearly revealed because the woman was deprived of the same education and the same opportunities to exercise her creative powers in a wide field. <...>

       It was the dark age that tried to make a woman a concubine and a nanny. And if the role of a woman as a Mother is high, then it is the Mother who is not the family o­nly, but as the Mother and Great Educator of the people’s consciousness!

October 4, 1935

The Age of Woman has come, and the woman must raise the mindset of humankind o­n the next level.


May 17, 1937.


I think that a woman should be even more educated and cultured than a man, for it is she who lays the first concepts of statehood in her family.


August 9, 1937.


The woman organism is a synthesis, and thus the woman possesses all cosmic energies and to a large extent it is creative energy. Therefore, it is wrong to think that a woman has no independent creative power. <...> It was in all areas of science and art that a woman showed that she can reach the highest heights. <...> The cosmos asserts all the greatness of the creative beginning of a woman. Woman is the personification of Nature, and not man teaches Nature, but Nature teaches man. Therefore, let women realize all the greatness of their beginning and rush to Knowledge; where there is Knowledge, there is Power. The oldest legends to the woman are attributed to the role of the guardian and the lady of Inmost Knowledge <...>


April 5, 1938.


There is an ancient saying - "where women are revered and protected, there reigns [prosperity] and the gods rejoice."


April 23, 1938.


Female Intelligence is no less than a man's, as the highest qualities of this ability are from a spirit that does not have sex. Intellectuality is acquired by education and training, so put the woman in the necessary conditions for this, and the results will be evident. Of course, the main stimulus for the emancipation of the female consciousness and its subordinate position will be a new upbringing. It from early years will lay the understanding of the foundations of being, purpose and role of man in the universe and thereby give a new direction to all thinking, the consequence of which will be the expansion of the horizon in all areas of life. o­nly then will it be possible to expect the eradication of many of the most harmful habits and prejudices that have become custom, and the most vain aspirations, and occupations that are the main evil and the causes of the o­ngoing mass decay and insanity.


May 10, 1938


The Holy Spirit, the Hindu Shakti, or energy is a femininity. A woman is not deprived of anything by nature, especially in spiritual abilities. <...> So, with the whole being we realize our great purpose of the mother, life giving and from the small years guiding and inspiring humanity along the path of evolution. The greatest thinkers and devotees of antiquity called all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas the mothers of humankind.


September 10, 1938


It is in vain that they think that now there is no institutionalized social slavery. And the most egregious of them is the slavery of thought and the slavery of a woman. <...> Is all the value of a woman to be reduced o­nly to the role of the mother, the wet nurse, and the man's amateur? But what a low opinion of a man, if his amusement should be deprived of higher mental development. <...> But you can not go against evolution, and we already know how expensive to mankind is every such resistance.


September 17, 1938


The man, by virtue of the social order established by him, developed in himself, throughout many incarnations, this or that ability. So a woman, having access and an opportunity to develop her own strengths and establishing an aspiration and perseverance, will achieve brilliant results in the very near future. My heart aches so much for women, and especially seeing how many more women themselves humiliate themselves and delay their evolution. Now time is heroic and women-ascetics are needed in all senses and in all fields.


12 June 1944


I believe that with the beginning of the fifties the peoples of the Earth will be shown beautiful planetary construction; and the discovery of science, and the new rules of the countries, the active participation of women in all branches of labor and the occupation of responsible posts, all this will raise the prosperity of the peoples to an unprecedented height.


October 15, 1944


... always knew the innate purity of the Russian character, the Russian soul. A cynical attitude toward a woman, belittling and humiliation of her, is possible o­nly among the peoples who leave. I have o­ne prayer - this is to ensure that Russia respects its newly acquired purity and does not become infected with the plague of vulgarity and corruption that corrodes entire countries.


February 28, 1946


How Women's League Against Hatred and Wars are needed now. Such an International Congress could raise the Banner of Peace and carry it around the world. We need women to plant a new science about the heart, about its powerful force that can compete with the energy of the atomic. How many wonderful and urgent feats can be manifested by women! It is commanded Epoch of Mother of the World will not stop the war?


April 13, 1946


The time has come for a woman to become a full member of the human family, let the women raise their voice and make a good decision to fight against the greatest shame of humanity - his self-destruction.

July 12, 1946


I believe so in the female common sense, in female magnetism, in the female heart and the ability to work selflessly. We will not forget that the woman is commanded to save the world.


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Dr. Leo Semashko
Philosopher, sociologist and peacemaker from harmony,

the GHA founder and Honorary President

Helena Roerich’s harmonious feminism and its reinforcement by the scientific idea

of ​​the spherons structural harmony in social production

        The brilliant ideas of Helena Roerich, whose core is represented in 20 fragments 4 pages above, constitute the unique philosophical conception of "Harmonious Feminism", aimed at achieving the equal, partner, but leading role of women in society as "Mother and Savior of Mankind". This paradigm was formed by Helena Roerich almost 100 years ago. This history not o­nly confirmed the need for similar paradigm but also prepared a scientific supplement for it, which strengthens it, equipping it with new conceptual tools that are adequate for its effective implementation.
        The paradigm of harmonious feminism is complemented and strengthened in Tetrasociology, in the philosophy of Harmonism and in its "Global Peace Science" (2015/6) by the ideas of structural harmony of the spherons of social production and the decisive importance of the humanities, scientific social truth in the arsenal of the spiritual transforming means of humanity. It is necessary first for women, for their harmonious, nonviolent governance at all levels from the family to humanity as a whole.

        The genius and historical uniqueness of Helena Roerich allowed her to predict, substantiate and clearly express the decisive role of gender harmony in the development of humankind, a priority in this harmony the women as mothers and savior of the world, ensuring the establishment of the world order of Harmony, Love, Peace and Truth instead of self-destructive and shameful o­n her words patriarchal order of disharmony, hatred, wars / self-destruction, lies, deception and humiliation of women. Therefore, the Global Harmony Association (GHA), forming the International Movement "New Women"* of harmonious feminism as its fourth wave in the early 21st century, in full scale accepts Helena Roerich's ideas about the role of women as its spiritual foundation. The GHA and the "New Women", integrating her ideas, supplement and develop them in new historical conditions almost 90 years later, forming that new scientific thinking that equips women with the "Sword of Spirit" of soft force that will allow women to achieve a harmonious priority and leadership in the world to become his real Savior.

        Helena Roerich rose to the highest level of human thinking, which along with her in the first half of the 20th century predicted such geniuses as Poincare, Einstein, Vernadsky and others.

        Helena Roerich today is the ideal of every thinking and responsible for children and the human life woman. Therefore, the knowledge of the basic ideas of Helena Roerich's harmonious feminism is the first, historical intellectual minimum for the "New Women", from each of which we are waiting for a short review of up to 1 p.

        The second intellectual minimum is the knowledge of the spherons paradigm, which integrates into the harmonious feminism of Helena Roerich and forms its main tool. This paradigm also requires a brief review up to 1 page from each "new woman", as well as direct participation in the scientific research of spherons: statistical, sociological, mathematical, gender, etc. "New Women" can work effectively o­nly with this minimum baggage of knowledge.

        The intellectual minimum for "New Women" is the execution of the will and testament of Helena Roerich "Where there is Knowledge, there is Power" to future women who recognize its ideas to realize them.

        The final formula of Helena Roerich's gender philosophy
for the "New Women" of the 21st century can be formulated approximately as follows: Harmonious Feminism of Helena Roerich is the intellectual minimum, the spiritual source and the main criterion of "New Women". In our time, it is complemented and impossible without the knowledge of spherons, without the "Global Peace Science", without the spheral (or tetranet) thinking that make up the modern "Sword of Spirit" in the expression of Helena Roerich. They are equipping women of the 21st century with the "soft power" they need to "get up at the helm of life o­n an equal footing with a man" and fulfill the mission of "Mother and Savior of the World", saving humanity from "his greatest shame of self-destruction" from wars and "to plant science of a new direction of thinking, new knowledge". This knowledge and thinking becomes spheral knowledge, knowledge and thinking spheres and spherons of social production as the o­nly and eternal foundation of the social and human life.


* GHA Project "New Women": http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=764



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on the GHA website "Peace from Harmony":


Helena Roerich. Woman: Mother and Savior of the World



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