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Helena Roerich: Philosophy of Harmonious Feminism "New Women"


Helena I. Roerich (1879-1955)

Philosopher, writer, spouse of Nicholas Roerich.

The first woman of "world citizen"



"New Women" Spiritual Source:
Helena Roerich's Philosophy of Harmonious Feminism

By Dr. Leo Semashko



In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=823

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=771


         We structure the most important fragments of harmonious feminism from the Helena Roerich’s letters published here
http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=821) into two key clusters:

1. Identification and assessment of the status of women and

2. Harmonious nature of women and her social mission of harmonious feminism.

In our systematization, the fragments are arranged in a logical order. In historical order they are located in their specified publication. In square brackets [] there are small comments o­n the most important thoughts of Helena Roerich. To distinguish these texts, we highlight them in different colors: dark red and light blue.

1. Helena Roerich:
identification and assessment of the women status


“It is in vain that they think that now there is no institutionalized social slavery. And the most egregious of them is the slavery of thought and the slavery of a woman. ["The institutionalized social slavery of women now", their total humiliation is proved by countless facts, the main of which is that a woman owns o­nly 1% of the world's wealth, and women's participation in political decision-making is limited, o­n average, to 5-10%.] A slave woman can give the world only slaves. My heart aches so much for women, and especially seeing how many more women themselves humiliate themselves and delay their evolution.

Is all the value of a woman to be reduced o­nly to the role of the mother, the wet nurse, and the man's amateur?But what a low opinion of a man, if his amusement should be deprived of higher mental development. Humiliating a woman, a man humiliated himself! In this, we need to search for an explanation of the paucity of the manifestation of the male genius in our days. ["The male genius in our days" was proved to be capable o­nly of "the greatest shame of humanity - his self-destruction" in a nuclear war and impotent before a positive solution of global challenges].

The great Cosmic Law - the law of greatness and balance [harmony] of the two Elements, as the foundation of Being. All principles devoid of these two Elements cause imbalance [disharmony] and destruction. In everything it is necessary to observe the Golden Balance [Golden Harmony]. [Elena Roerich repeats here, loosely or involuntarily, Henri Poincaré's brilliant thought in the early 20th century: "the inner harmony of the world is the o­nly true objective reality." The cosmic law of greatness and the golden balance of two gender principles discovered by Elena Roerich is the foundation of her gender harmonious philosophy, from which a harmonious feminism grows, which is scientifically grounded in the theory of spherons’ structural harmony in tetrasociology, sociocybernetics or tetrism/harmonism.]

        There is no Decree in Nature that a woman should be tied o­nly to a home hearth! Verily, she is the Mother-Guardian of the World. Therefore, there is not a single area in life where a man could reign supreme; it is this undivided reign of o­ne Principle that is the product of a dark age.It was the dark age that tried to make a woman a concubine and a nanny. ["The Dark Age" is the epoch of patriarchy in the last 6-8 thousand years of human history. This era gives rise the disharmony of "Great Elements" and the kingdom of o­nly o­ne element of male violence, which tramples harmony of the "Golden Balance" of the female and male elements.]

At the lower levels of mental and spiritual development [I.e. o­n the levels of patriarchy, where violence reigns and its inherent ignorance in harmony, instead of spirituality and harmonious mind], above all, humiliated all the high. Truthful history shows us that in ancient times those nations, whose reverence for the Feminine Principle stood at the proper height, flourished.Wrong book claims that all Religions and Teachings are full of judgments about the woman's inferior nature. [These are statements of the ideologies of the disharmonious patriarchy in its 6,000-year history, designed to justify the "naturalness, legitimacy and eternity" of patriarchal domination in its sustainable system of "institutionalized social slavery."]

All experienced and future disasters and cosmic cataclysms have at the root cause - the humiliation of women.”

2. Helena Roerich:

Harmonious nature of women and her social mission of harmonious feminism


        “The cosmos asserts all the greatness of the creative beginning of a woman.It was in all areas of science and art that a woman showed that she can reach the highest heights. Woman is the personification of Nature.A woman should realize her importance, her great mission of the Mother of the World and full responsibilityfor it. We realize our great purpose of the mother, life giving.Therefore, let women realize all the greatness of their beginning and rush to Knowledge; where there is Knowledge, there is Power. [The aphorism of F. Bacon almost 5 centuries ago, "knowledge is power" is especially relevant for women today. Without this force, they are doomed to eternal "social slavery and humiliation." The patriarchy used this force in a military science, mainly for the "greatest shame of the self-destruction of humankind" brought now to the extreme of the Damocles sword hanging o­n the thinnest thread of the nuclear trigger.]

The time has come for a woman to become a full member of the human family, let the women raise their voice against the greatest shame of humanity - his self-destruction. [I.e. against continuous and endless wars, aggressions, genocides, terrorism and violence that are initiated and universally supported now by a well-known "world gendarme" with military bases in almost all countries of the world.]

Now time is heroic and women-ascetics are needed in all senses and in all fields. Yes, now a woman should be prepared to be allowed to share the hardships of the country governing. And now the Great Age of Woman has come. The Age of Woman should be the epoch of Heroism, Courage. A woman will not respect cowards.It is the woman who is to perform the double feat - to raise herself and raise her eternal companion, a man.[Women raise his from the ignorant patriarchal disharmony of physical force to the intellectual power of harmony of the "golden balance" of the feminine and masculine elements. The harmony of their "golden balance" determines the foundation of the harmonious feminism that Elena Roerich laid almost 90 years ago, since 1930.]

The going time again should give the woman a place at the helm of life, a place next to the man, her eternal employee. In the hands of a woman is now the salvation of humankind and the planet. The Sword of the Spirit is now given into the hands of the Woman.[This is the "sword," the soft power of the new humanitarian science of “Global Peace Science” from harmony, instead of the traditional patriarchal force of military science from disharmony, responsible together with the militaristic 1% democracy of billionaires for "the greatest shame of self-destruction of humankind."]

The Age of Woman has come, and the woman must raise the mindset of humankind o­n the next level. Female Intelligence is no less than a man's, as the highest qualities of this ability are from a spirit that does not have sex. We need women to plant a new science about the heart, about its powerful force that can compete with the energy of the atomic. [Traditional, narrow and disharmonious patriarchal thinking plunged humanity into the "greatest shame of self-destruction" for millennia and created "the significant problems that cannot be solved at the same level of thinking," whose impotence "requires a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive" (Einstein). Elena Roerich anticipated for 20 years these brilliant ideas of Einstein and formulated the demand for new thinking in a new humanistic science of the "heart" embodied in the science of structural harmony of spheres and spherons, whose power is really capable of competing with the atomic energy of military science.]

How Women's League Against Hatred and Wars are needed now. [Hatred and wars are the birth defects of the patriarchal world order, before which it is impotent. o­nly the new organized women's movements are able to overcome it in a world order of harmony, love and peace. This demand of Elena Roerich is embodied today in the creation of the movement "New Women", which rightfully receives her name, and the creation of the Women Global Harmony Association (WGHA). Similar harmonious "Leagues of Women" is being replaced by gradually endless patriarchal wars, aggression, militarism, violence, terrorism and class struggle.]

Women will achieve brilliant results in the very near future.I believe that the peoples of the Earth will be shown beautiful planetary construction; and the discoveries of science, and the new rules of the countries, the active participation of women in all branches of labor and the occupation of responsible posts, all this will raise the prosperity of the peoples to an unprecedented height. I believe so in the female common sense, in female magnetism, in the female heart and the ability to work selflessly.

         There is no Decree in Nature that a woman should be tied o­nly to a home hearth! Verily, she is the Mother-Guardian of the World. And if the role of a woman as a Mother is high, who is not the family o­nly, but as the Mother and Great Educator of the consciousness of peoples!We will not forget that the woman is commanded to save the world!


These small fragments from Elena Roerich's letters, which constitute her philosophy of harmonious feminism, testify the unique depth of her thinking and intuition, the unprecedented scale of her planetary consciousness, the historical significance of her ideas and the full social responsibility of her harmonious feminism. We tend to argue that, according to these intellectual and ethical criteria, she does not have any equal female thinker in any civilization. Can someone call such a woman's name from human history, comparable to Elena Roerich? If so, we will happily discuss it and the ideas of the women's mission associated with it and include it in the Women's World Pantheon. Their names awaken and stimulate harmonious feminine thinking, without which there can be no replacement of the obsolete patriarchy and the achievement of true equality of women along with their social leadership.


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Helena Roerich: Harmonious Feminism to save humanity


Dear GHA members, friends,

Very shortly. I am happy to send you in attachment a small text (3 pages) "Helena Roerich: The Philosophy of Harmonious Feminism "New Women"”: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=823.This is the Preamble and paradigm key to our project "New Women" to study and understand its updated version, which I will try to finish and send you tomorrow for the second, final reading, discussion and approval.

Let me remind you that "New Women" are women of the 21st century with a new philosophy of harmonious feminism, Helena Roerich, with a new tetranet spheral thinking (I'll send its ABC tomorrow). They are capable to lead humanity to a harmonious civilization that is replacing an obsolete violent patriarchate in order to achieve global peace, disarmament, salvation of humankind from nuclear war, genuine gender equality in all spheres together with the justice, brotherhood and prosperity of all peoples in a single family.

The philosophy of harmonious feminism Helena Roerich o­n 3 pages is the spiritual criterion of "New Women". Whoever accepts, recognizes and supports this highly humanistic and nonviolent, peace-loving philosophy recognizes and supports the historical mission of "New Women" as the leading actor of social transformations in the 21st century, recognizes the corresponding project and becomes a member of the WGHA, which initiateв the global movement "New Women."

Best wishes for peace from Women's Harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

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