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The ABC/Paradigm of Tetranet Thinking for "New Women" harmonious feminism

The ABC/Paradigm of Tetranet Thinking for
"New Women" harmonious feminism
By Dr. Leo Semashko
 The ABC of harmonious feminism is the ABC of social harmony,
harmonism and vice versa. 

Harmonious feminism integrates theory and practice,

academic and actionist/activist feminism.


In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=824
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"We shall require substantially new manner thinking if mankind is to survive."

"Peace can not be achieved through violence, it can o­nly be attained through understanding." [thinking, science]

Albert Einstein

         The key attributes of the Tetranet Thinking Paradigm (TTP) integrated into its concept are: spheral, holistic, harmonious, systemic, networked, pluralistic, scientific, four-dimensional thinking. The list of TTP attributes is not exhausted by the named o­nes. These 8 attributes of TTP are analyzed in detail in the philosophical, sociological, dialectical, logical and historical methodology in two books:

1. Sociology for Pragmatists (1999):

http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/sociologiya-dlya-pragmatikov.pdf (in Russian) and

2. The ABC of Harmony (2012): http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478

The ABC of TTP was used in all 8 books and 60 GHA projects for 13 years of its work, but it is most widely and systematically applied in the "Global Peace Science" (2016): http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf

        TTP is the main intellectual tool of "New Women" (NW), their key advantage, their decisive knowledge, soft power and "weapons" that they make available to all through the harmonious education of new generations in the 21st century. Mastering TTP is their highest intellectual achievement, which they will achieve in the 21st century, in order to ensure gender equality and harmony of social production, liberating humankind from the "shame of self-destruction" in the nuclear war of the industrial patriarchy. The NW begin in the Women Global Harmony Association (WGHA-2018) their historical mission since self-education in TTP, from its central concept of "spheron" integrating and explaining all its attributes.

        The most concise and brief logical expression of the ABC ofTTP for the NW is represented by the following theses and models.

        1. Nature. Earth. The initial, basic, o­ntological condition of society and human is the world, universe, cosmos, nature, the solar system, the Earth planet, its spheres, especially the biosphere as the natural, natural "maternal bosom" of human being. The Earth concentrates all the cosmic prerequisites and makes up the fundamental starting o­ntological category of TTP in cognition. The Earth is the nearest space of dwelling, the life of human, the first, external, necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of society and human. Therefore, the Earth is the center of the TTP and all its intellectual theoretical constructs and models.

        2. Society. Human. The human race as a special biological species (the species of Homo sapiens) inherits and develops a common fundamental quality of life - autopoiesis (self-production), the attribute of which was discovered and installed by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela in 1971. Autopoiesis is a necessary and sufficient quality of all biological life, including human life. Unlike the instinctive, innate autopoiesis, the self-production of society and human acquires and has a conscious, intelligent character that constantly develops, expands and deepens in human history, beginning with the first elementary knowledge of the environment and its use. Biological autopoiesis is complemented by the production of new knowledge, conscious information, o­n the basis of which a person / society builds, creates, produces endless forms of their organization as the self-organization of their social production. Social production constitutes the first, internal, necessary and sufficient condition for the life of society and human, the foundation of their being. Production covers all characteristics of social being throughout the life of society and human from birth to death. Therefore, production is a fundamental starting category and integral system of TTP for all its intellectual constructions and models.

3. Social production. Its spheres and spherons. Spheral Language and TTP Logics.

Social production is internally structured in accordance with the cluster of its necessary and sufficient products as necessary and sufficient resources for social and individual life in all its evolution, culture and history.

Social production in all forms requires and includes four necessary and together sufficient static spheral clusters/elements (s/clusters or s/elements) of conditions:

1. Four resources/capitals: People, Information, Organization, Things (m/benefits and services) - PIOT resources (Comte, Park, Toffler, Parsons, Bourdieu, Braudel, Castells, Semashko and etc.)

2. Four processes of PIOT creating: Production, Distribution, Exchange, Consumption - PDEC processes (Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Keynes, Maturana, etc.)

3. Four spheres of PIOT creation: Social, Informational, Organizational, Technical - SIOT spheres (sameauthors as in 1, 2 and many others).

4. Four classes/Spherons employed in the SIOT spheres by the PIOT production: Sociospheron, Infospheron, Orgspheron, Technospheron - SIOT classes/spherons (Parsons, Maturana, Giddens, Semashko, etc.). The humanity spherons as a key element of social production and the center of the tetranet thinking are expressed in model 1 (below).

The statics of 16 s/elements constitutes the basis of society, production in all its units and determines the dynamics of social and individual life throughout their history. 16 s/elements make up a deep, genetic constant structure or SOCIOCYBERNETIC GENOME (SOCIONOME) of humanity and any society (Semashko), which is reproduced in the whole infinite set of historical diversity of EVERY of these elements as well as in the national and civilizational diversity of their systemic cultural integrity.

        The categories of 16 spheral elements of social production constitute the spheral language and the spheral logic of TTP. Thinking by spheres, which encompass social production in a whole, ensures the integrity, holism of the spheral thinking, its PTM. Spheral logic expresses the deep, genetic structure or SOCIOCYBERNETIC genome of humanity and every society (Semashko), which is reproduced in the whole infinite set of historical diversity of EVERY from these elements, as well as in the national and civilizational diversity of their systemic cultural integrities.


Scheme. Sociocybernetic GENOME of Spheres and Spherons’ Structural Harmony


See the scheme in greater detail here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423


        Each of s/elements is EQUALLY necessary as a productive element, because the absence of ANY of them makes the life of society/human impossible. But o­nly o­ne of them - SPHERONS/PEOPLE is a living, defining and priority productive force, universal actor creating ALL elements, including o­neself (Maturana’s autopoiesis). However the Spherons productive power depends and is impossible without each of other s/elements. EACH Spheron is the productive force, necessary for the life of every society actor, resource, capital, heart, energy, motor, etc. The Spherons discovery is confirmed by several examples of statistical researches in different countries, which can be reproduced in any country, in any of its institutions and at the level of humanity as a whole in any year of its historical time based o­n the population census or relevant statistics.

All s/elements of social production can exist only in harmony (proportion, measure, consistency, coherence, balance, etc.) among themselves. It is expressed by the fundamental Sociocybernetic / Tetrasociological Axiom of Structural Harmony (SASH): Harmonious (sustainable) existence of society in any place and time is determined by a measure in the proportion of four equally necessary and sufficient social resources: People (P), Information (I), Organizations (O) and Things (T). The structural spheral harmony of SOCIONOME constitutes a harmonious human/social nature (Kant, Poincare, Luhmann, Semashko, Soroko, Siebert, Baymuratov etc.) (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=810)

The natural state of social structural harmony of the spheres and spherons of social production is spontaneous, nonlinear, stochastic and thermodynamic. It is accompanied in history by the sporadic disharmonies: violence, wars, other armed clashes, crises, increasing risks and challenges of various levels from global to local, including the family and the individual. Spherons are the hidden energy of harmony in the depth of social production. This energy ensures the survival and salvation of society in its evolution and the stability of social production. Figuratively speaking, the spherons are the "soft" atomic energy of social harmony, which no o­ne knows yet, but which will turn the world over if the "New Women" seize it in throughthe tetranet thinking paradigm (TTP). Unfortunately, the patriarchy has shown for many thousand-year history its complete inability to master this "soft" social energy, relying o­nly o­n brutal physical force according to its principle: "power is - no mind".
        4. Dynamics of social production. Its evolution, culture, history and local civilizations.

Dynamics of structural harmony of spheres and spherons of social production is manifested in an infinite variety of temporal forms of social evolution, culture, history, civilizations, etc. TTP requires considering them through the prism of various structures and measurements of social production, expressed by 16 fundamental spheral categories of its SOCIONOME. In view of the cumbersome nature of this description, we cannot use it here and will confine ourselves o­nly to the general characteristics of the most important dynamic trends.

The evolution of human, homo sapiens, his anthropogenesis begins 200-400 thousand years ago, not counting the preceding millions of years (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_evolution). The evolution of human is the evolution of his social production, beginning with the most primitive forms of gathering fruits, hunting, cattle breeding and farming, which mainly took the form of its gender organization: matriarchy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matriarchy), which was replaced about 8-10 thousand years ago by the patriarchy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriarchy) in its various local civilizations. We emphasize that the period of matriarchy, which did not know wars, is at least 20 times longer in human evolution than the patriarchal period, in which the institution of war was established and flourished to this day and come down to the extreme "shame of self-destruction of humankind" (Helena Roerich) prepared in patriarchy nuclear war by 100%.This "shame" of the patriarchate lies in the fact that it set the human mind to serve the military self-destruction of humankind and not the search for ways of its natural harmonious life and self-preservation. But, most likely, this is a necessary stage of human history, that in the future forever to say goodbye to it and never return to it clearly understanding it "shame".

The human evolution is determined by the continuous interaction of two genders and four spherons or spheral human functions in the development of social production. Differentiation, the social difference of the spherons is as natural, eternal and fundamental as gender differentiation; therefore, they constantly mediate each other, determining the longest-term trend of human history from its beginning to its end. The historical change of matriarchy and patriarchy as gender leading roles is the necessary volatility of this trend, which requires special studies not yet known to the humanities / social science.

By the forms of ownership, patriarchal civilizations sometimes differ as slavery, feudalism and capitalism, or, more broadly, industrialism.

The evolution of human and society is associated with the expansion and deepening of knowledge of nature and social production, with the development of its culture and writingsystem, which arose 8-9 thousand years ago (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_writing). Culture is a "cult of the sun" (Nicholas Roerich), in which the inner sun of human society recognizes the continuous knowledge of external and internal conditions of production, its skills, abilities and various forms of activity. For the first time the term culture is mentioned in the treatise o­n agriculture in 160 BC. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture). Culture is represented by sets of institutions, the most important and ancient of which are family, tribe, languages, beliefs, religions, arts, the state, etc.

The written world history of humankind begins about 8 thousand years ago, with the beginning of written fixations of various evolutionary and cultural changes in social production (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_world).

The first local civilizations as stable patterns of the world history of social production or as its "culturally historical types" (N. Danilevsky) in different regions of the Earth arose in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China more than 5 thousand years ago (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civilization). The civilizations are characterized by many signs and attributes of social production of the patriarchal form: urbanization, centralization, specialization of labor, cultural stereotypes, social differentiation, etc. These signs distinguish local civilizations from primitive culture and tribal societies.

Feminism. Within the framework of industrial civilization, since the late 18th century, a conscious feminist movement has emerged in Europeand America. In its history three waves are different: 1. Suffragettes: they have achieved universal suffrage for women in all states, except for the Vatican, 2. The second wave since the 1960s is associated with the requirement of full social and legal equality and 3. The third wave, since the 1990s has been associated with the so-called. "Sexual wars between feminists" o­n the issue of attitude towards pornography (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminism). Despite all the significant achievements of the feminist movement, it was unable to achieve genuine equality of women because of the narrowness of its partial thinking, which slipped to an important but particular problem of sexuality and pornography. It is clear that such a feminism is not able to accept and embody the key feminine goals of harmonious feminism, formulated by Elena Roerich. Only the fourth wave that proclaims a harmonious feminism since 2018 and equipping itself with the TTP and organizationally registers itself in the "New Women" movement through the organization and activities of the WGHA is able to accept and implement them.

The feminism history, which began more than 200 years ago, starting with the requirements of women's equality, Abigail Adams, the United States, has a long and fruitful path, but it is also far from realizing its main goal of complete equality as in the beginning. Passing three waves at the decline of the patriarchy and limited by its dominant ideologies, feminism emerges through the philosophy of gender harmony of Helena Roerich and Tetrism in the early 21st century to the level of harmonious feminism. It is the fourth wave of feminism, which is independent from patriarchal ideologies relying o­n the new social science of structural harmony of spherons (Tetrasociology, Sociocybernetics).

The history of harmonious feminism and its forerunners, unknown to traditional patriarchal science, is waiting for its new researchers. Their main subject is the convergence, integration and synthesis of Elena Roerich's gender harmonious philosophy and the science of structural harmony of spherons in the Paradigm of tetranet thinking (TTP) presented in this proposed its ABC. The objective basis of their unity is an inseparable link between the natural phenomena of gender and structural harmony of social production spherons.

Dynamic center of history. The dynamics of social production is focused in the dynamics of the spherons structural harmony. Their direct and feedback connections constitute the subject of Tektology, Sociocybernetics of the third-order, Tetrasociology, Organizational science of governance and management, system theory and similar disciplines (Bogdanov, Wiener, Bertalanffy, Ashby, Foerster, Beer, Pask, Geyer, Hornung, Scott, Semashko, etc.). The statics and dynamics of the spheral elements, as the ABC of structural harmony, constitute the ABC of harmonious feminism and its TTP.

        Spheral Language and Spheral Logic of TTP in static and dynamics of structural harmony of spheres and spherons of social production exhaust the alphabet of harmonious feminism of Helena Roerich. In its language, it is possible to describe any future harmonious forms of human community, as well as an understanding of the epistemological reasons for deviating from them in the past. Conscious structural harmony determines the world order of love, peace and truth, in which women and children (this is more than 70% of the population)are primarily interested in it as the most marginal groups of the patriarchy but by their very nature the most viable. At the same time, this world order is necessary for social production of humanity as a whole in the interests of its survival and prosperity of all peoples. Women, doing good for themselves and children, do the common good for all. To do this, they should master the TTP ABC. This is the main goal and mission of the NW and WGHA.

The structure of the tetranet thinking by the spheres and spherons of social production in the context of their dynamics can be represented visually and ultimately compressed by the following spheral model 2 (below).

The learning spheral logic and mastering of the TTP ABC should start from the top, from the spherons at all levels from the school and the corporation to the country and humanity, from their statistics as their first scientific image. It is further detailed in their sociological, economic, demographic, gender, cultural and similar studies and images. They form the beginning of self-education and enlightenment of the NW and WGHA for achieving their goals. TTP is the "Sword of the Spirit" in the expression of E. Roerich, which will ensure the victory of the NW in their ultimate goals and mission. Therefore, it needs them first and foremost.

Only with the help of the tetranet harmonious spheral thinking, the NW will be able to rise above the traditional patriarchal thinking and solve the unsolvable problems for it in order to ensure the survival of humankind, as Einstein wrote.


Model 1. Humanity’s Spherons


Model 2. Tetranet Thinking Structure

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