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Feminist News 16 May 2018


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Women (RE)shaping Power


[Brussels, 15 May 2018] We are happy to announce that our second flagship Women’s Forum in Brussels is coming up with an opening event o­n 7 June 2018. This year’s edition, in recognition of the upcoming European Elections will address the theme of “Women ReShaping Power”. Over 100 leading women’s rights activists from the EWL membership across Europe will be in Brussels to participate. This will form an important part of our efforts to build momentum towards the 2019 European Election.

We will (...) Read more: https://www.womenlobby.org/Women-RE-shaping-Power?lang=en

EWL News

POLITICO Women’s Summit 21 June


[Brussels, 15 May 2018] World leaders and key influencers are making gender equality and women’s empowerment top priorities at this year’s G7 Summit in Canada. In 2018, gender equality is no longer a goal but a fundamental human right - with real financial, social and policy consequences for leaders and stakeholders.

European Women’s Lobby is glad to support the first Women Rule Summit organised by POLITICO in Brussels o­n June 21. Join us as we debate women’s leadership and gender equality in (...) Read more:


EWL News

#Twittertakeover European Commission DG Economy and Finance


[Brussels, 15 May 2018] SAVE THE DATE! o­n Tuesday, 22 May from 14:00-16:00 CET we take over the Twitter account of the European Commission’s DG Economy and Finance! Join the debate o­n #Womenomics: the gender dimension of economics via @ecfin and @EuropeanWomen.

We are doing this in the run-up to this year’s Brussels Economic Forum, the flagship annual economic event of the European Commission, bringing together European and international policymakers, opinion leaders, academics, (...) Read more

EWL News

More than 3800 organisations in 49 countries in support of the Istanbul Convention


[Brussels, 4 May 2018] The European Coalition to End Violence against Women have sent a strong letter of support to the Council of Europe in support of the Convention o­n Preventing and Combatting Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, the Istanbul Convention.

Convened by the European Women’s Lobby, the European Coalition to End violence against women and girls, is a strategic alliance of more than 27 human rights civil society networks and European NGO’s dedicated to social justice (...) Read more

EWL News

Gender & Development civil society organisations: #EUbudget where is the money for gender equality?


[Brussels, 4 May 2018] This week the European Commission released its Communication o­n the Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027) which makes no reference to gender equality. Gender and development civil society organisations come together to call o­n the European Parliament and o­n Member States to safeguard the promotion and protection of gender equality and women’s and girls’ rights in the further development of the post-2020 EU budget. Joint statement: "On Wednesday, the European (...) Read more

EWL News

We are hiring! Administration & Finance Assistant


[Brussels, 18 April 2018] Do you want to work for a Feminist Europe? You are in the right place! The EWL is recruiting a reliable and well organised Administration and Finance Assistant to ensure the smooth running and administration of the Secretariat of the European Women’s Lobby. The Administration and Finance Assistant will provide administrative support for the office, finance and human resources management. It requires a person with prior experience in office and finance administration (...) Read more

Members News



[Brussels, 16 May 2018 ] o­n Friday, 25th May 2018 Ireland will hold a national referendum o­n maternal and reproductive rights. Currently Ireland has o­ne of the most restrictive laws o­n access to abortion in Europe, and pregnant women and girls are not treated with the respect and dignity afforded others when accessing healthcare.

The referendum will ask the Irish people whether to remove the Eighth amendment to the Irish Constitution, first introduced in 1983: ‘The State acknowledges the (...) Read more

Members News

Factsheet available in 9 languages! NEW: Czech!


[Brussels, 15 May 2018] Despite progress over the last decades o­n equality between women and men, there is not a single country in the world where women and girls are free from male violence, and there is not a single area in any woman’s life where she is not exposed to the threat or reality of acts of male violence. o­ne in three women in the EU, or 62 million women, has experienced physical and/or sexual violence since the age of 15.

That is why the European Women’s Lobby created this (...) Read more

European & International News

Sharing Europe festival


[Brussels, 15 May 2018] We are delighted to be Content Partners for the Sharing Europe festival, organised by the European Movement International and held in The Hague to mark the 70th anniversary of the 1948 Congress of Europe.

Just as in 1948, Europe is at a crossroad, facing challenges of existential nature. 70 years ago Europeans from all sides of society and from across the political spectrum gathered at The Hague to work towards a united and democratic future for our continent. The (...) Read more

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Disrupting the continuum of Violence against women and girls


WITH facts, stories and campaigns a European Women's Lobby publication


Despite progress over the last decades o­n equality between women and men, there is not a single country in the world where women and girls are free from male violence, and there is not a single area in any woman’s life where she is not exposed to the threat or reality of acts of male violence. o­ne in three women in the EU, or 62 million women, has experienced physical and/or sexual violence since the age of 15. Male violence against women knows no geographical boundaries, no age limit, no class, race or cultural distinctions. It is manifested in multiple forms and involves a wide variety of perpetrators from intimate partners and family members, work colleagues and acquaintances, to strangers and institutional actors such as police, health professionals, teachers and soldiers. All forms of male violence against women are linked and form a continuum of violence, as conceptualized by Professor Liz Kelly in 1988, and which takes very diverse forms, from obvious violations of women’s rights to subtle or distorted forms of control over women’s lives, bodies, and sexuality.

Male violence against women is clearly linked to a culture of sexism in our societies, coupled with indirect forms of violence against women such as women’s poverty, women’s economic dependence, gender pay and pension gaps, women’s unequal participation in political life and the lack of parity democracy, women’s unequal access to public services and common goods (including health, education, culture, transport, housing, media, etc.), sexist stereotyping in the media, etc. All forms of violence against women aim to silence women and maintain them in a subordinate place. This is why ending male violence against women and girls is a prerequisite to achieving real equality between women and men! It is time to listen to the voices of victims and survivors and to end the persistent impunity by bringing all perpetrators to justice, all over Europe!

Putting an end to all forms of violence against women and girls has to be intrinsically linked to the commitment made by the European Union (EU) and all its Member States to achieve gender equality and promote women’s rights, a fundamental and founding value of the EU, as stated in Article 2 of the Treaty o­n European Union and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.

Any action to put an end to male violence against women, at all levels, should consist of a comprehensive policy framework, which addresses male violence directly and also mainstreams the issue and its impact across all policy areas. The content of this factsheet is based o­n the contribution of the experts of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) Observatory o­n violence against women. This is a unique structure established 20 years ago to bring together 35 women from frontline NGOs, academia, women’s organisations, all working at national and European level to end male violence against women and girls. The EWL Observatory o­n violence against women supports the advocacy work of the European Women’s Lobby membership throughout Europe.

You will find here data, campaigns and stories that illustrate the reality of violence against women and girls in Europe today. There are many more inspiring examples of actions to end violence against women and girls, which could not all be included here. To find out more, get in contact and engage with EWL member organisations!


Facebook: European Women’s Lobby

Twitter: @EuropeanWomen




Press Release // Brussels, 8 June 2017

Disrupting the continuum of violence against women and girls in Europe: Women’s organisations call for “revolution, not reform”.


“We are far from a Europe where all women and girls can live a life free from violence. 1 in 3 women is a victim of male violence in her lifetime. 50 women die every day in Europe. A man rapes a woman every 8 minutes. Women and girls are trapped in prostitution markets, are victims of female genital mutilation, and face street harassment every day. All forms of Violence Against Women and Girls have the samegoal:tosilencewomen,maintaintheminasubordinateplace, andto maintainhierarchicalrolesbetweenwomenandmen”, explains Edith Schratzberger - Vecsei, EWL President.




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