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Leo Semashko and colleagues. God created spherons. The rest in society is their work

Leo Semashko and colleagues.

God created spherons. The rest in society is their work.



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Fragments of discussion in the CYBCOM
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Spherons of the believers

Dear Rudi,

I am very happy and deeply grateful for your friendly response with the hope of restoring your cooperation with the Crimean University in Yalta, where I participated in your seminars several times.

I am also very pleased with your desire to continue working o­n the spherons that “God created” and to which we dedicated a common text as the fundamental social basis for the harmony of world religions (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=782). Your strong analytical article “The Tetrasociology of Spherons” (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=746) is also devoted to spherons. Now we must explore the spherons of believers of different religions as an anchor of their global peace, i.e. as their new conscious societal structure, fundamentally harmonizing, uniting and reconciling them. We will certainly return to this work in the next GHA project/book: “Spherons: The Global Peace Genetics. International statistics: Ghana, India, Spain, Russia, Pakistan, USA” (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=836), in December/January.

Your new fundamental essay (60 pages): “End or Continuation of World History: the European, Slavic and American World - a new Paradigm?” as an update to the previous o­ne (2014) was published with it o­n your page: “The Slavic and the American World" http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=611

Your current question about the new paradigm of world consciousness / thinking, first of all European, Slavic and American, in order to continue world history with this paradigm, instead of ending it with traditional, deadly and obsolete, excluding the survival of humanity, continues the great covenant and anxiety of Einstein in our critical days. Back in the middle of the last century, he defined with two strokes the dramatic, if not the tragic context of world history and the survival of humankind in our time, created by nuclear weapons as “the absolute evil of total genocide” by definition of the outstanding physicist and chemist, Nobel Peace Winner, John Averi (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=800).

Two absolute truths of Einsteinfor our time are:

1. Pathology diagnosis: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them," therefore:

2. Method of healing: “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive,” because (General condition:)“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can o­nly be attained through understanding” [thinking, science].

After 70 years, this context has sharpened to the extreme nuclear military "shameful self-destruction" of humankind, which until now it is unable to oppose any scientific / theoretical peaceful alternative and based o­n it - effective pragmatic navigation, except for our Sociocybernetic "Global Peace Science" (http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf) with your active participation and the central idea of ​​spherons. Therefore, your article o­n the recognition of Spherons as the key actors of the 21st century’s peacebuilding historical process is particularly relevant and represents a significant contribution to it. We appreciate it.
         Friendly, with the best wishes of health and peace from harmony of spherons,


Dear Leo:

I hope you are well. We continue to work for Mir by trying to remove the sanctions and to be able to return to the Crimea and to Yalta.

Attached you find my most recent essay o­n the Slavic and American World, and Peace. Enjoy it.

Let’s continue to work o­n the spherons, which God has created!!!
Best wishes,

your Rudi, from the House of Mir.

Rudolf Siebert, Ph.D., Professor of Religion and Society in the Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA





Dear Lou,

I appreciate your kindness to give me the opportunity to answer and I am very grateful for your detailed identification, which delights me, having met it. I was also pleased to know that we are people of the same - wartime and a generation with a difference of o­nly 4 years, so we have the same, anti-militaristic nature, if I am not mistaken.

I am very glad to see you as a courageous scientist who was not afraid of government sanctions and headed a large mathematical laboratory (22 Russian mathematicians) “Topology and Dynamics” in Russia, at the Novosibirsk Academy.

From my amateurish point of view, your remarkable research and achievements in the fields of topology, statistics, knot theory, recursive functions, polynomials and nonlinear algebra could be useful in creating the mathematical theory of spherons as the universal social reality of the sociocybernetic genome of the humanity structural harmony and integrality. Spherons have a non-linear fractal, network, thermodynamic (non-entropic), knotty, swarmed, topological nature, expressed by infinite rows of matrices of spheral statistical indices. The search for new, adequate mathematics of spherons, which we conditionally called “harmony tetramathematics we were engaged in the GHA almost all the time, starting in 2005 that has a lot of evidences, articles and discussions o­n the GHA website.

This mathematics would be a powerful contribution and argument of the "Global Peace Science" (in addition to already obtained statistical evidence in a number of countries), without which a "substantially new manner of thinking" for the survival of humanity (Einstein) o­n the edge of its "shameful self-destruction" is impossible. If you want and you have the time and desire to get to know them, I could send you some of the texts in private order so that you can understand their epistemological context and targeted navigation of knowledge. We will highly appreciate your mathematical consultation and it will be included in the GPS, in its new edition. Best wishes, Yours truly,





Dear Leo,

You ask "Could you identify yourself in more detail?”. I suggest you begin with:





The Link to Novosibirsk: http://labtd.nsu.ru/index_en.html (22 mathematicians. The Laboratory of Topology and Dynamics was created within the framework of the grant of the Government of Russia (contract No. 14.Y26.31.0025) under the direction of the leading scientist professor Louis Hirsch Kauffman from the University of Illinois at Chicago. – L.S.)

         Beyond that activity, I am someone who is working quite constantly o­n the nature of human knowledge. I do not join any systems such as yours. I am essentially a Jewish monotheist, non-practicing. I wish you well in your endeavor and caution you about imagining that you have the answer. Yours truly,

Louis H Kaufffman (b. 1945)




Dear Louis,

Why do you persistently call me "Lee" in Chinese, when my name is "Leo" in Russian? Or, for the "true" Americans, it is the same and no difference - all the same - the "enemies" with whom America now plans a simultaneous nuclear war and nothing more? This is a joke, but bitter.

Yes, the truth is multifaceted, more precisely, it is multidimensional, as an object and a subject are multidimensional, the properties of which are integrated in it. Your definition of our project as a “context for harmony and unity” is especially valuable. Our project is “Substantially new manner of thinking for the survival of humanity” (Einstein), because all traditional contexts / ideologies of the 20th and our centuries were intellectually unable to fulfill this mission. They were o­nly able to put 100% of humanity o­n the very brink of its "shameful self-destruction" in the global nuclear crematorium / Auschwitz. Humanity is separated from this face o­nly 30 seconds (Doomsday Clock in Chicago) so that at all 800 US / NATO nuclear bases in almost all countries and at 500 nuclear bases in China, Russia and other nuclear powers they have to push the triggers of almost 20 thousand nuclear bombs, exceeding the power of the American atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by millions of times - just for 8 billion of the world's population.

The traditional, industrial, militaristic thinking created the context of this insoluble problem, which really threatens the survival of humanity. (UNSOLVABLE!!!). 70 years ago, the genius of Einstein understood and defined this: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we created them." To the traditional thinking in principle is unavailable “the context of peace, harmony and unity” and their navigation that world leaders and politicians demonstrate every day, especially "in the circus o­n Capitol Hill", ignoring and silencing peace, sharpening o­nly the war and its endless details in their militaristic narratives and fakes. “In war, the best means is a lie”, in which they drowned the world social consciousness and all its peaceful contexts. No fundamental "good solutions", as Stewart said, it cannot offer.

From this o­nly o­ne conclusion follows: socially and morally responsible scientists and thinkers MUST, MUST find an alternative to it in "SUBSTANTIALLY new manner of thinking" for survival without delay, IMMEDIATELY!!! We see no other positive alternative to traditional deadly thinking, except for Sociocybernetics of the third order, spheres and spherons constituting the humanity integrity "in the context of harmony and unity", in the navigation of global peace based o­n the "inner harmony of the world as the o­nly true reality" (Poincaré) , opened to wide mathematical calculus in the relevant spheral digital statistical technologies.

I urge you and other courageous and honest scientists for solidarity and invite you to cooperate in their development while we are still alive. You, as a professional mathematician, a thinking scientist and a responsible world citizen are ready for this for the survival of humanity? Could you identify yourself in more detail? We could discuss the details of cooperation in private.

I have included in our discourse several responsible peacemakers and thinking scientists from the USA as well as two Nobel Peace Laureates from the GHA. Best wishes,




 Dear Lee,

Truth is a many faceted word.

I appreciate your project to create a context for harmony and unity.






“God created spherons and the rest in society is their work”


Dear Larry and Lou,

Any serious discussion ultimately comes to the most profound, philosophical problems, a different understanding of which by different people serves as the source of the most fundamental differences between them. Truth is o­ne of the key epistemological problems of the whole history of philosophy. The idea of ​​truth works always and everywhere in any knowledge. As a professional philosopher who devoted the first half of his life to a detailed study of philosophical systems from antiquity to modernity, I can summarize that any o­ne-dimensional / o­ne-sided interpretation of truth is false and unfit for anyone. An adequate approach to truth is o­nly multidimensional / multilateral, at least ambivalent, bilateral. o­nly it provides an adequate worldview navigation for all cognition (subjective), which I try to show below, integrating many ideas of our discourse.

In the understanding of truth, we must recognize that at least two sides / “anchors” are necessary: ​​reality / objectivity and subject / subjectivity of knowledge. The denial of any of these “anchors” is a fundamental misconception, as shown by the entire history of philosophy. (I cannot illustrate my judgments with examples because it will require a lot of space and time. I can o­nly refer to my textbook for sociology students in Russian, “Sociology for Pragmatists”, 1999: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs /sociologiya-dlya-pragmatikov.pdf).

Denial of reality / objectivity immerses us in absolute solipsism, relativism, mysticism and subjectivism, devoid of any fundamental criteria, real supports / anchors, practical suitability and real meaning. The reason is that a person / society can change the world around it o­nly in o­ne way: BY THE LAWS OF REALITY AND OBJECTIVITY and nothing else. Physical reality is transformed o­nly by the laws of physics. Chemical - o­nly according to the laws of chemistry. Biological - o­nly according to the laws of biology. Social reality is o­nly according to the laws of sociology as a science, which does not yet exist and which is in the infant stage of pre-science, not knowing a single fundamental law of society, above all its genetic societal structure of spherons. These are absolute axioms and "anchors" at all their complexity. They are confirmed by endless collective practices of history. (Violence of objective reality by purely subjective fantasies is hopeless, destructive and doomed, even if they find power / military dominance.)

But relative axioms are just as absolute. Any knowledge of truth exists in the o­nly way - in the consciousness of a person / society as the o­nly subject / actor of knowledge, to whom objective truth is always given o­nly partially (never fully, never 100%). Therefore, truth can exist o­nly in a subjective, relative limited form and ever-changing shell of narratives. The limitations of subjective knowledge are removed o­nly in the endless historical process of changing o­ne relative truth to another (Larry is absolutely right here), but in which the objective / absolute truth is always preserved and built up, endlessly striving to 100% but never reaching this peak. The seeds of objective truth grow in the tares of subjective knowledge, constantly replacing them and freeing themselves from them.

Maybe Kant was more close to such a two-dimensional, dialectical understanding of truth, but he became entangled in the problem of his noumena-phenomena, the object and subject of knowledge. The Hegelian-Marxist-liberal tradition of the 19th and 20th centuries followed the path of absolutization of objectivism (materialism, economism) in its partial variations and failed that is now obvious to everyone. If at the beginning of the century the Bolsheviks boastfully asserted "Marx's doctrine is omnipotent because it is true," then the opposite is evident in a century: "Marx's doctrine is powerless because it is false." But the opposite trend of subjectivism, mysticism, psychologism, postmodernism, which long ago dispelled itself by practical nonentity, charlatanism and destructiveness / nihilism of extreme forms, like Nazism, is no better.

Examples of relative truth in mathematics of Lou prove nothing, except that mathematics, as the most sophisticated form of subjective, quantitative knowledge, effectively used in "hard objective sciences" (physics, chemistry, biology), demonstrates an unlimited range of variability of its many forms from Euclidean to non-Euclidean versions. It illustrates the unlimited possibilities of the subjectivity of knowledge and its infinite potential for penetrating objective reality. In mathematics, truth is indeed a subjective “game” of the diversity of possible noncontradictory worlds in the space of mathematical laws that can predict / discover a new reality “at the tip of the pen”. The third way of truth is integration and harmony / measure of opposites, a significant contribution to which belongs to Gordon Pask in his dynamic and holistic theories of conversion (Conversation Theory) and interaction of actors (Interactions of Actors Theory).

The 20th century broke down o­n a false, o­ne-sided, materialistic / economic (for society) Marxist-liberal understanding of truth, arranged by endless military and economic violence, growing to this day, but dying, exhausted first by the fall of the USSR, and now by the coming fall of the American empire of the US / NATO, which threatens to destroy humanity in the global nuclear crematorium or Auschwitz. The 20th century, under the pressure of these partial and false, but ruling ideologies of thinking, suppressed the most accurate, pluralistic definition of objective reality given by the brilliant French mathematician Henri Poincare at the beginning of the 20th century: "The inner harmony of the world is the o­nly true objective reality." There is not a single scientific objection against this definition, and Lenin’s swearing in his direction - “conventionalism” - is just an empty label of an ideological opponent.

From the definition of Poincaré, it follows that it is not matter, not consciousness / spirit, not order / organization / power and not “thinking reed” (Pascal) of the highest reasonable existence of an individual (Jaspers, Heidegger), but o­nLY THEIR HARMONY, MUTUAL PENETRATION, SOLIDARITY (Durkheim) ), FRACTAL (Anaxagoras’s “all in all” and Mandelbrot), COMPLEXITY (Wiener), FOUR-DIMENSION (Pythagoras, Parsons, Braudel, Bourdieu and others) are able to provide “substantially (OBJECTIVE) new manner of thinking of humanity if it wants to survive” (Einstein). This is the truth and the path to it. o­nly o­n a similar path of development of subjective knowledge, primarily in its highest and extremely complex form of social knowledge, naturally lagging behind the evolution of the “simplest hard sciences”, is it possible to solve the greatest epistemological task posed by Einstein 70 years ago.

The greatest potential and chances to solve it lies in the holistic interdisciplinary Sociocybernetics of the third order (spheres and spherons), focused in its SOCIONOME (its scheme is below). It provides a relatively (most) true, scientific (OBJECTIVE, FUNDAMENTAL) knowledge of society / person and its practical non-violent, peaceful transformation. To paraphrase the aphorism of Leopold Kronecker at Lou “God made the integers. All the rest is the work of man,” we can say that “God created spherons, and everything else in society is their work”. Yes, spherons are the fruit of scientific sociological imagination, which requires not o­nly “the courage of imagination”, but also lengthy evidence, primarily statistical / empirical, which we, the GHA, have been doing for almost 14 years (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=836) not counting the previous 25 years. The knowledge of this objective / social reality, discovered by sociological imagination, frees humanity from all the false, subjectivist, monistic, ideological violence of Marxism, liberalism, conservatism, Nazism, terrorism and similar practices. o­nly a similar relative, but fundamentally objective science is able to put society o­n the path of its conscious, nonviolent, collective / solidary harmonious transformations / practices in accordance with its objective genotype, genetic code, even if it is known o­nly as a first approximation and is very relative. The core of its absolute truth in the shell of multiple relative truths will o­nly grow and be strengthened by the knowledge of infinite generations of subsequent human history until its exhaustion.

In this regard, I again and again invite all social scientists, especially social cybernetics and mathematicians and statisticians to join the knowledge of HARMONY SOCIONOME, i.e. to the development of the Sociocybernetics of the third order as “substantially (OBJECTIVELY) new manner of thinking of mankind” through its spheres and spherons constituting its integrity and holism. o­nly this thinking, integrating all constructive ideas and positive achievements, is uniquely capable, in our time, to save humanity from extinction and ensure not o­nly its survival, but also the prosperity of all nations along with the harmonious solution of all global problems of the past created by traditional o­ne-dimensional defective thinking.

Hoping for response and solidarity in this key knowledge,



Ps. Some pieces of our useful scientific discourse are published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=598


Thanks for your response, Leo.

         I treat the laws and principles of physics, chemistry, biology, all the sciences, as “best currently available knowledge”. This is a practical matter, as we do need agreed-upon foundations for making decisions. What is important to me is the recognition that I accept this knowledge temporarily because it is useful to do so, and that it can change and in fact has changed throughout human history. To accept it as absolute or eternal is to deny the possibility of change. By the way, applying the word “truth” to a statement as a logical construct (relative to certain conditions) is not the same as applying it the realities of the universe.

          I think what you may call a social genome, I call a “prevailing way of thinking”. Prevailing ways of thinking can change and have changed.

           Humans are not ants and bees. I use the term social system to talk about those aspects of our interactions/transactions with each other that are uniquely human and over which we can, with intent, change. Ants and bees just do what they do in accordance with their biology; they do not think about it and are not aware of what they do in a way that allows them to change with intent their ways of interacting. If humans were not endowed with the attribute called consciousness, we would just do what biology requires us to do. We would not need the term “social system”, because we would just do what we do without awareness or thinking or language, or with any intent to change the way we do it. Our (humans, not ants and bees) use of the word “social”to talk about the behavior of ants and bees is not the same as the use of the word to talk about humanly-designed organizations and societies.

          We do seem to agree o­n the dysfunctions of current systems, and I very much want to work together to create systems that avoid these dysfunctions and their accompanying violence. I claim that, to do this, we need a way of thinking about ways of thinking (cybernetics?) and a new approach to human consciousness. Best,




Dear Folks,

          There are no absolute truths in any sciences.

There are relative truths, truths relative to certain assumptions.

Some may call these assumptions beliefs, such as our belief that the earth is a ball in orbit about the sun.

But for science all beliefs can be questioned, so these beliefs are different from dogmatic beliefs that are not open to question.

The clearest case is mathematics. It is a mathematical truth that a^2 + b^2 = c^2 where a,b and c are the lengths of the sides and the hypotenuse of a right triangle. But this is not an absolute truth. It depends upon the assumption that the triangle is in flat Euclidean geometry. Triangles made from great circles o­n the surface of the globe do not satisfy the Pythagorean Theorem. It is a mathematical truth that 11 + 6 = 17, but this is not true for the hours o­n a clock. There we work in arithmetic modulo 12 and 11 + 6 = 5.

(Hey, I am working with a 12 hour clock. Don’t bother me about the 24 hour clock. Then 23 + 6 = 5.) All mathematical truths are relative truths and the key to doing this form of science is to understand and sometimes change the underlying assumptions. What I have said about mathematics is true in spades for all the other “hard sciences”. My favorite joke is: THE o­nLY ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS THAT THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Best,

Lou Kauffman,


Henri Poincare:
"The inner harmony of the world is
the o­nly true objective reality."

Nicholas Roerich. STAR OF THE HERO. 1936.

New York. http://www.roerich.org




Abstract for the XII Kovalevsky Readings "Solidarity and Conflicts", 15-17 November 2018, St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Sociology:




Semashko Leo, Russia

Scott Bernard, Britain

Heylighen Francis, Belgium

Network Fractal Spherons of Organic Solidarity:
Global Peace Genetics. Narratives and Scientific Navigation.

God created spherons. The rest in society is their work. ”
Periphrased aphorism of the German mathematician Leopold Kronecker:
God made integers. The rest is the work of man. ”


The great French sociologist Emile Durkheim created the evolutionary holistic teaching of organic solidarity of society. He identified two of its key factors:

1. Universal interdependencies arising from the specialization of labor, integrated into its cooperation, and

2. The collective consciousness of the necessary interdependencies of organic solidarity. It allows conflicts, but excludes wars, destroying human interactions [1]. Organic solidarity, in fact, is identical to the concept of “global peace” of the end of the 20th century.

However, Durkheim’s great ideas remain at the level of the solidarity narrative without rising to a higher level of scientific worldview. The relationship and mutual transition of these levels is investigated here [2].

In this paper we will limit ourselves to the innovative scientific worldview of solidarity within the framework of third-order Sociocybernetics, i.e. the sociocybernetics of spheres and spherons (four spheral classes of the population employed in four spheres of social production), proposed by tetrasociology more than 15 years ago [3].

John Kennedy formulated the self-evident truth of modernity: “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” But the following questions still remain: “Who, How, at What Level and When will put an end to war and the militarism that feed it?"

The first attempt to answer them was made by the Sociocybernetic “Global Peace Science”, created in the GHA by the efforts of 174 coauthors (including several Nobel Prize winners and the President of India) from 34 countries during 11 years of teamwork [4].

The formula of its scientific response is: "Conscious peace and solidarity from the structural harmony of spherons excludes war." This follows from the Sociocybernetic Genome (SOCIONOME) of the 16 fundamental spheral clusters of social production below. The discovery of spherons is confirmed by statistical studies in three countries: Russia, Ghana and Pakistan [5], whose number is growing.

Sociocybernetic Genome of structural harmony of the spheres and spherons in their organic solidarity:


1.Durkheim, Emil. The Division of Labour in Society. - M., 1996.

2.Heylighen, Francis (2012). A Tale of Challenge, Adventure and Mystery: http://pcp.vub.ac.be/papers/TaleofAdventure.pdf

3.Hornung Bernd, Scott Bernard, Semashko Leo (2003) Tetrasociology and sociocybernetics: towards a comparison: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=255

4.Semashko Leo and 173 coauthors from 34 countries (2016) Global Peace Science. New Delhi: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf

5.Spherons: Global Peace Genetics of the XXI century. International Statistics:




Illustration beyond abstract:




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