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Paramahamsa Svami Yogananda Ghiri




One of the world's foremost authorities in the field of Yoga and Tantra,

GHA Peace from Harmony Ambassador of India in EU,


Rome, Italy

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Paramahamsa Swami Yogananda Ghiri

Brief biography


Paramahamsa Swami Yogananda Ghiri, founder and spiritual guide of Matha Gitananda Ashram, is the direct disciple and sole samnyasin of Pujya Svami Gitananda Ghiri ji.

Pujya Svami Gitananda Ghiri ji was considered o­ne of the world's foremost authorities in the field of yoga and Tantra. The Siddha tradition of South India is now fully expressed and represented by Swami Yogananda Giri.

Paramahamsa Swami Yogananda Ghiri began the practice of yoga in the 50s. After about twenty years of experience of the various systems and methods, in the 70's he met his Guru Puja Gitananda Giri Maharaj. This encounter completely transformed his life. In 1982 Swami Yogananda received from his Guru the samnyasa diksha, thus entering into the sacred order of Dashanami Ghiri. Svami Gitananda had a very high and also very severe conception of the samnyasa ashram, in fact the o­nly disciple to whom he granted the samnyasa is Paramahamsa Swami Yogananda Ghiri himself.

With the blessing of His guru he has thorough knowledge of various spiritual traditions. In 1984 He was initiated to the Saiva Siddhanta and the deepest secrets of Shri Vidya first by Pandit Shivacharya V.K. Mangaleshwara and then by the siddha Shri Swami Bhushanam, Ma Ganamba Giri, Swami Purnananda Tirtha and scholars as Pandit T. Nambi and Shri Vidyatirtha Natha. He received purnabisheka and the title of Sivajnanayogi. He also received blessings and initiations by scholars, saints, and siddha yogi such as: Shri Satchitananda Yogi, Shri Rangar Siddhar, Dr. Kaushik, Shri Durga Siddhar, Ma Bhagavati Feroza, Shivananda Vibhuti Swamigal and others vasi-yoga and siddhanta-yoga. Paramahamsa Swami Yogananda Ghiri is continuing the work of transmission of this sampradaya, according to the purest tradition of Siddha Guru. He is considered an authority in the field of yoga and tantra and received titles and awards by the highest authorities in the world of spirituality and the main Hindu institutions.

Many prominent personalities in India and abroad recognized the great work that he has been carrying o­n for the transmission of tradition, preserving the purity of lineage, in the task, unique in history, to help this tradition take root in Europe. In recognition of this work, he has received blessings and appreciations by the Shankaracarya-s of Kanchipuram: Shri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal and Shri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal.

Taking active part in conventions, studies and researches, he joined, becoming a Life Member, various Indian institutions, such as Adi Sankara Advaita Research (Kanchi Math), Yoga Jivana Satsamga, Vishva Unnyayan Samsad, Vishva Yoga Samaj, International Centre For Yoga Education and Research (ICYER) Ananda Ashram, and became Founding Member of the Sri Vidya Trust Chennai (India), Founding Honorary President of the Federazione Italiana Gitananda Yoga (Italian Gitananda Yoga Federation), President of the International Siddha Siddhanta Yoga, Honorary Member of the International Satya Samgha.

His encyclopedic knowledge of yoga and above kundalini yoga or laya yoga is based o­n over sixty five years of discipline and study. Paramahamsa Swami Yogananda Ghiri has long been a point of reference for many people who study spiritual traditions Hindus. He has long been a point of reference for many people who study Hindus spiritual traditions.

The establishment of the Matha Gitananda Ashram has had the “weight force” to root a Hindu monastic tradition in Italy. In his mission of spiritual guide, he faces the greatest challenge: to form a spiritual family in which to develop a solid inner life. He gives himself totally to the monastic community, unconditionally, with a deep sense of responsibility. As well as being the Founder of the Matha Gitananda Ashram, he is Honorary President of the European Hindu Union and Founder and President Emeritus of the Unione Induista Italiana - Sanatana Dharma Samgha (Italian Hindu Union).

His prophetic vision that Hinduism could take roots in Italy and be recognized to the rank of other historical religions, could seem an utopia; it was, however, achieved with the Intesa (Entente) with the Italian State in December 2012. It was undoubtedly a historical event, the importance of which lies in the fact that, for the first time in the history of Europe, a religion not belonging to the sphere of the Judeo-Christian traditions has received an official recognition from the State.

After his participation in numerous conventions and specialist studies, he also inspired the magazines “Sri Vidya” and “Induismo nel mondo” (“Hinduism in the world”). To crown Paramahamsa Svami Yogananda Ghiri’s literary activity, in 2010 two extraordinary pearls were published by Laksmi editions: the commentaries to two Yoga-upaniṣad-s, the Amrtanadopanisat and the Advayatarakopanisat. Hindu literature is full of commentaries and critical analysis regarding the Upanisad-s, but it is particularly rare to find a commentary o­n a yoga Upanisad, due to the obscure complexity of texts that are inscrutable to anyone who is not a true yogin.

These two volumes, moreover, come from the union between concrete experience and intellectual wisdom, as well as from an unusual literary union and from a precious friendship: the o­ne between a practitioner of proven spiritual stature and a scholar of vast and profound culture, Stefano Piano.

In 2014 Laksmi Editions published Paramahamsa Svami Yogananda Ghiri’s Satsamga,

Together in Truth, a photo-book o­n the Matha Gitananda Asram: its story, its evolution. The pictures are adorned by Svamiji’s thoughts in prose and poetry, words pronounced during his satsamgas, echoes of the Scriptures and dialogue, spiritual teachings and truths emerged from the depths of consciousness, sentences that have marked the paths of many.


Gentile Dott.ssa Rosa Dalmiglio,

La ringraziamo di cuore per il suo prezioso contributo in occasione della celebrazione del Dipavali 2018.

Con l'occasione, voglia accogliere qualche foto della giornata del 5 novembre.

Con stima e viva cordialità, i più cari saluti.


Svamini Hamsananda Ghiri


"Mi inchino innanzi a ogni essere vivente,
per la luce che ha nel cuore.
Mi inchino innanzi a ogni forma animale,
per la fedeltà e devozione alla natura.
Mi inchino al mondo vegetale,
per la protezione e il nutrimento
che genera nel suo spontaneo e gentile dono.
Mi inchino al Creatore,
che tutto ha offerto nel suo immenso sacrificio.
Ancor più mi inchino,
con la più profonda devozione e rispetto,
innanzi a Colui che del creato
ha cura, rispetto e amore."Tratto da: Paramahamsa Svami Yogananda Ghiri, Satsamga, insieme nella Verità.

Ed. Laksmi 2014



P. S. Y. Ghiri

Message about the GHA "Gandhi Book" publication


Congratulations and best wishes for this publication that deals with a fundamental value of Sanatana Dharma: non-violence, ahimsa. A principle of which Mahatma Gandhi has become a staunch defender and spokesman here in the West. Precisely, o­n the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth, the Italian Hindu Union-Sanatana Dharma has dedicated the celebration of the fifth Edition of Dipavali (or Diwali), the Hindu Festival of Light, recently concluded, to ahimsa and satyagraha, non-violence and truth, the forces of the common good.

The festivity of Dipavali, in its deepest meaning, is that perennial flame that lights other lights in an eternal play of joy, wisdom, truth, "Ekam sat sarvaso'kam paranjyotir dharmaha".The concept of satyagraha expresses the idea of "affirming and sustaining truth" and recognizes a foundation, ancient as the matrix of life, which was admirably translated by Mahatma Gandhi into a mass movement. He defined satyagraha as the "force of truth" that strongly supported him throughout his life.

The qualities of a practitioner, satyagrahi, should be: honesty, humility, purity of mind, non-violence, absence of fear. Such qualities are but a part of Sanatana Dharma, or the eternal laws, expressed as natural duties, indissolubly linked to universal life. The word satya that stands for “truth” means "to transcend the ephemeral or the illusory and to realize the immutable".

(Mahatma Gandhi).

Truth goes beyond the simple question of opinions where everyone has his own ever-changing truth like the wind, but then, o­n reflection, can the latter really be defined as truth?

Indeed, there is an apparent truth, pratibhashika satya and the Truth or Absolute Reality, paramarthika satya. The latter is the application of truth in sustaining and respecting life in all its expressions. The Italian Hindu Union wishes to express the high ideals of Sanatana Dharma, as its very name suggests; universal principles that are the heritage of humanity. Among these is the concept of pluralism and universality that the Scriptures express as Vasudeva kutumbhakam: "All humanity is o­ne family". This refers directly to ahimsa, that is, the absolute respect for every form of life, in protecting it and supporting it. The real enemies of all living beings are selfishness and individualism; from these arise insensitivity and indifference to the suffering of others, unfortunately evils more than ever actual!

The second pillar of Dharma is dana dharma, meaning to support those in need in every possible way. Dharma helps us to understand the law of interdependence and develop humility and generosity.

It is precisely sharing and interrelation that I hope will pour forth from this book, to inspire each of us to do solidarity deeds and contribute to the common good by making human life noble and worthy.


Paramahamsa Svami Yogananda Ghiri, Spiritual Guide of Matha Gitananda Ashram and Founder of the Italian Hindu Union-Sanatana Dharma Samgha.





Dear LEO,

Tomorrow I give the GHA “Spherons of Gandhi’s Nonviolence” Project into DIPAVALI- INDIAN FESTIVAL in ITALIAN-SENATO

I press a copy for Italian Senator o­n. Lucio Malan-

a copy for S. E. Ms REENAT Sandhu Indian Ambassador in Rome

a copy for AVV. Franco Di Maria--JAYENDRANATHA--President Italian Induist

a copy Manoj Kumar Motwani STAR for not Violence and Religion

a copy Don Giulano Savina President UNEDI and Vatican-CEI

a copy to o­n. Silvia Costa President European CulturalParliament


Rosa Dalmiglio


Dear Leo

I send you in attaches news and photos about introduced Spherons of Gandhi's Non Violence and Truth into Italian Senato, where had a great success, more material I hope received tomorrow from press, then I will send you.

Best wishes

Rosa Dalmiglio



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