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Andre Sheldon




GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in the US

GHA Gandhi Committee member:


Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence, For the Children

Facilitator, CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign

Cell number: +1-617-413-9064, Home number: +1-617- 964-5267


Website: www.GlobalStrategyofNonviolence.org


Facebook: Global Movement of Nonviolence

Newton, MA, USA



Resume: Andre Sheldon,

also known as Sheldon Earl Ziff


1968Graduated Kenmore East Senior High School, Buffalo, New York

1969Attended Buffalo State College at Buffalo, New York


1970Attended State University of New York at Binghamton, New York Studied Math and Economics


1970 – 1996Manager, Maitre D, Co-owner –in restaurants, hotels, and country clubs

1978 – 1979Co-owner of a family-run French Style Café and Catering Company


1986 - 1992Researched and Developed a specialty restaurant called a Supperclub, a restaurant with dining, dancing, and romance (Changed name to Andre)


1992Presented plans to Westin Hotel, Boston – Would have been the largest, most exciting restaurant in Boston – The economy was in a recession and therefore the restaurant was never opened.


1996- Present: Real Estate Agent, Newton, MA

2002- Became a Peace Activist


After September 11, 2001, I began to work directly with the peace movement.


2002 – Present:


Researched and Developed plan for a Global Movement of Nonviolence, the largest movement of nonviolence, the world will ever see. www.GSofNV.org


Networked with non-governmental women and men leaders from around the world, planting seeds.


2004 – For the women’s segment of the Boston Social Forum: Produced Placards of 50 women nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize


2008 – Event Director for Women’s International League for Peace and Nonviolence, Boston Fundraiser: Hosted Yolanda King-daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)


2009 – Boston Coordinator for the World March for Peace and Nonviolence:


Hosted Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) for three events in Boston


2012 – Honorary "Official Founder" for Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc


2018 – Presented plans for a Global Movement of Nonviolence to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres


Before September 11th, I had been writing a book about my elderly parents, Alzheimer’s, and caretaking. It was boring. To enhance the story line, I attempted to spice it up by adding international intrigue. The main character would become motivated by all that she had learned from the sacrifice of caretaking and become dedicated to working with women in a women’s peace movement. Interestingly, I had no experience working in a peace movement, but was motivated because the ending of the plot was apparent to me. The women’s movement had strength! I kept writing to get to the end. The women win.




Gandhi’s Nonviolence:

The Doctrine of All Societies and Countries


Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and all the sages throughout time lived and died to teach us that nonviolence is the answer.Their work is alive and well.The question is, how can nonviolence be in the mainstream?The following is a theory and a strategy to create a people movement of overt, constant promotion of nonviolence to set a precedent for all time.


On a global basis, we must create trust and good will between nations!Individually, people will be asked to commit to nonviolence.Therefore, a plan called a Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children (GMofNV) is developed so that people know what the movement is about. A GMofNV is a plan of action!

A GMofNV is designed for “Peace to Dominate the News” – to capture and keep the attention of the people of the world and the media.Everyone must know about it. The people in every country – Iran, Russia, Korea, the U.S., Palestine, Israel, Kenya, the Congo, Mexico and Venezuela – everywhere, must participate.A GMofNV is designed to entice the people, all the movements, religions, and mayors and community leaders in every village, town, and city in every country to unite under o­ne umbrella.The simplicity is to ask the people that while they are promoting their own cause to also promote the umbrella movement – a GMofNV.

A GMofNV is designed to change the consciousness of the world.This is all about psychology.The people everywhere will be asked to mobilize to state that they are not enemies with other people and issue a proclamation:With respect, we, the people of the world, proclaim that we will not allow war in the world and we will intervene with every NONVIOLENT means possible to prevent it or stop it!   We do this “For the Children.”


A GMofNV is different than any other peace movement because the plans call for leadership from a group that represents nonviolence better than any other – WOMEN! Women are usually socialized to be the least physically violent, therefore they have an advantage for promoting nonviolence.Women are usually the caretakers of the children, have a desire to save the world, and have been uniting and practicing mobilizing. NOW is the time to take women’s leadership to its highest level – to promote NONVIOLENCE everywhere – Non Stop!It is time to “Harness the Energy” of women and nonviolence into o­ne movement!If you look at a waterfall, it has power, but its actual power is it creates even more power! This is all about POWER!


The power will be used for constructive purposes!This is the piece de resistance’!Unlike any other movement, a GMofNV includes a plan for a “billion dollar” Global Philanthropic Foundation (GPF). A GPF that is designed for people to have the funds to work together to help each other – starting with the children.Funds would be used to promote nonviolence, promote programs “For the Children,” provide the means for the women leaders to operate and administrate, perpetuate the movement with a Global Funding Plan, and ensure local application.The people must see that nonviolence is a motivation for change in all categories.


Research has shown that the other main item found to be the motivation is the children!The people in every country want their children to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.Everyone is asked to unite to illustrate “For the Children” that we are committed to resolving conflict nonviolently. A goal is to make “nonviolence the doctrine of all societies and countries!”

The political goal is for people in every country to demand their own government renounce war!


If the world can reduce the threat of war, efforts and funding can be devoted to solve global problems instead of spending money o­n war.When people everywhere see it happening, they will participate. We must take away the threat of violence!


In conclusion, to be successful, to promote Gandhi’s legacy, promote his strength – nonviolence.A GMofNV is a people movement – a new global peace movement for everyone, not just women, but if women lead the way, there will be change! It will not solve all the problems and there will be risks.The world needs it now.The conflict areas need it now.It we do not unite to renounce war, the world will never change.


The first thing that Gandhi and King did was to ask the people to commit to nonviolence and to practice committing to nonviolence.The people must use the strength of nonviolence to influence all governments, all at the same time, continuously, until there is change.


There will be unbelievable obstacles because change means people in power will lose their power and they will fight back.There must be a strength that prevails over everything else, even personal injury and death because there will be a need for nonviolent direct action and organized protest which will create a constant threat of violence.

Activist and physicist VANDANA SHIVA said, Nonviolence, in my view, is stronger than violence.Stronger because it builds the resilience of the spirit.And no power o­n earth, no force o­n earth can crush the spirit.”Rev. Dr. Rodney L. Petersen wrote, “How we participate in events and movements tells others whether we want to be known in the world as the beloved community.”Thomas Merton – in Ghandi and the o­ne-Eyed Giant , Chapter o­ne, stated, “Non-violence heals and restores man’s nature, while giving him a means to restore social order and justice.”

We are o­n the precipice of falling into the abyss or reaching for the sky.Which way do we go:towards “Shock and Awe” or towards kindness, compassion, generosity, respect and genuine caring?It is all about direction!

Grassroots organizations and initiatives are everywhere!Now leadership is needed to guide and nourish the ideas and strategies.WOMEN can make it happen!It is time for a CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign.

Until women rise-up to proclaim they will not allow war, the world will suffer. The new doctrine is the promotion of a new narrative – committing to both nonviolence and working together for humanity -- helping others!The people are waiting for something good to happen!


In o­ne step, a GMofNV could begin – Enlist the women leaders to announce the movement!

The power of NONVIOLENCE, the power of WOMEN, the power of the PEOPLE will meld into the behemoth of military, corporate, economic, and patriarchal dominance to create a partnership society of women and men promoting nonviolence and create change nonviolently!


By Andre Sheldon, Director of Global Strategy of Nonviolencewww.GSofNV.org

Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence, For the Children

Facilitator, CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign

Cell number: +1-617-413-9064, Home number: +1-617- 964-5267


Website: www.GlobalStrategyofNonviolence.org




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