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Gandhica’s Mega-Thinking for the UN and Humanity

On the United Nations Day 24th October 2019



Gandhi’s Varnas/Spherons:

New Reality and Mega-Thinking of Humanity/UN in the XXI Century.

GHA Gandhian Peacemaking Proposal 2019:

Toward a New Era of Nonviolence, Global Peace Science and Nuclear Free World


Dr. Subhash Chandra, India (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583)

Dr. Lucas Pawlik, Austria (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=887)

Dr. Leo Semashko, Russia (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253)

“Gandhica” Editors (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848) and

Mitch Gold, Canada, United Nations Resident Coordinator (http://www.homeplanet.org)


We, humanity, require from the UN a “substantially new” mega-thinking by spherons to guarantee survival and global peace in 75 years after the Victory over fascism o­n May 9, 1945 in the bloodiest WWII with 138 million victims of 62 countries.

To the UN Ambassadors in New York,

for your education and enlightenment in the Gandhian peacemaking mega-thinking by spheres/spherons as “a substantially new way of thinking if humanity
[and the UN together with it] is to survive” (Einstein)


The next year marks the 75th anniversary of the UN birth along with the Victory over fascism and the militaristic atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with about 300,000 civilian casualties 75 years ago, which, unfortunately, have not been condemned by the UN so far. The growing militaristic trend of history over the course of 75 years has brought humanity close to the nuclear catastrophe of the global ecocide/genocide with the participation of the UN, in the eyes of which all international brakes of this catastrophe have been completely destroyed in recent decades.

The UN owns during this time many private peacemaking initiatives and achievements. But in solving the fundamental problem of achieving global peace, the UN is as far away as it was 75 years ago. Moreover, humanity, together with the UN, for 75 years has gone even further from peace than in 1945. With its former, but long outdated partial micro/meso-thinking, it is powerless before this global catastrophe at the door, does not see the light of survival at the end of this deadly tunnel and is not able to offer an adequate agenda. This requires understanding and scientific knowledge of the new reality and substance of humanity, discovered more than 40 years ago - spherons or spheral classes of the population employed in the spheres of social production/autopoiesis and therefore called spherons.

The fundamental statistical evidence of the reality of the spherons of the foundation, support and source of peace and non-violence and the Gandhian "substantially new" non-violent holistic mega-thinking developed o­n their basis are presented in detail in the Global Harmony Union (GHA) of the international peace organization ninth book, briefly called "Gandhica". Its motivation and main content see in the abstract below.

1. The humanity key existential requirement today. A. Einstein formulated the law of survival 70 years ago: “We shall require a fundamentally new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive,” because “the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level thinking we were at when we created it” [1]. This requirement has been formulated dozens of times by other prominent thinkers. [2]

2. The centuries-old stagnation of the traditional social/human sciences of economic materialism with its political violence. This is the stagnation of the dominant partial and torn micro/meso-thinking under the baseless ideological motto: "it is omnipotent, because it is true." The past century has proved its falsity and powerlessness in solving global problems. It stopped the progress of social cognition/sciences, depriving them ability to find and discover the “substance of a new manner of thinking” according to Einstein. It buried for 75 years with the stigma “utopia” the o­nly example of the latter in the teaching/practice of Gandhi’s non-violence [3]. During this time, it created a “super destructive” nuclear weapon of complete ecocide and genocide, but it was powerless to scientifically understand and explain “non-violence as the greatest force of mankind, [which] is mightier than themightiest weapon of destruction” including today nuclear weapon o­n Gandhi. It is primarily necessary for the UN, which, however, ignored it for 75 years, not understanding it. But with the traditional partial and depressive micro/meso-thinking and its ideologies, humanity and the UN in the 21st century cannot live or survive, because they are not able to free themselves from the fundamental threat of nuclear self-destruction "at the same level of thinking at which they created it” (Einstein). Therefore, a “substantially new manner of thinking” is required for survival, which is hindered by the century-old stagnation of the social sciences and their partial micro-thinking.

3. The epochal breakthrough of the tradition by an asymmetric “substantially new manner of [mega-] thinking” of Gandhica by the 82 GHA co-authors from 25 countries [5]. It statistically irrefutably proved [5, 45–96] that the “varnas” of the Indian tradition, in which Gandhi saw a social pillar/source of “the greatest force of non-violence”, are identical to those discovered in tetrasociology [4] more than 40 years ago - spherons, spheral classes of the population employed in the four eternal spheres of production/autopoiesis as their necessary actors and substance.

4. The definition of "substantially new" Gandhian spheral tetranet thinking. This is a systemic, creative, cybernetic, nonviolent, asymmetric global mega-thinking by the mega-structures of the spheres and spherons of society in the statistical mega-laws framework of their genetic harmony with the planetary spheral mega-ecology. Its holistic visual expression is the sociocybernetic GENOME of spheral mega-structures of society and planet o­n p. 27 of Gandhica. It is comparable to the discoveries of genetics, cybernetics and computer science, but all this time it has been ignored, dooming humanity to the eternal threat of global nuclear ecocide/genocide.

5. An alternative of survival. Humanity in outgoing postindustrial society/mindset was put before the alternative of either their surviving with a new mega-mindset, or self-destruction in a total nuclear war, the international brakes of which are completely destroyed. To survive, humanity and the UN should nonviolent “hack” the dominance of micro/meso-thinking and its “crumbling” world order [6; 7] by a “substantially new” tetranet mega-thinking by spherons. There is no other way of survival and future without and beyond spherons for them.

6. The UN education in the “substantially new” mega-thinking of Gandhica as “the most powerful weapon to change this world” (Mandela) and to survive humanity. For this, the UN needs to create, under its auspices, the Gandhian Peacemaking Mega-Thinking Innovation Scientific Center (GPMT ISC) of 12 to 15 GHA experts with annual funding of $200 thousand so that it can ensure the development of Gandhian Global Peace Science and its nonviolent peacemaking mega-thinking in the Gandhica’s spheres/spherons. To begin with and experiment, we propose creating this Center for 6 months with financing of o­nly $ 100 thousand to prepare for the UN an appropriate strategic agenda along with a detailed plan for the development of this science and its thinking o­n the basis of a broad democratic international Competition for the best version of this science and its peacemaking mega-thinking.

Will the UN, or at least o­ne member of it, find $ 100,000 for the “substantially new” Gandhian peace mega-thinking in order to provide a breakthrough to global peace and not move away from it for another 75 years but to approach it? Here is the Shakespearean question: to be or not to be global peace? Can the Gandhian “substantially new” peacemaking mega-thinking find at least o­ne supporter in the UN?

GHA is happy to congratulate the UN birthday and wish it to master breakthrough peaceful thinking in order to surviveand not repeat the sad fate of the League of Nations. It is the GHA Message for this. Happy birthday!

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Flyer: Gandhica for the UN o­n its birthday.

GHA Message and congratulations


Dear GHA members, friends,

This morning, I sent our leaflet, “Gandhica’s Mega-Thinking for the UN and Humanity,” (see Attachment) to over 200 addresses of UN Ambassadors in New York. This is a natural extension of the Gandhica areal (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848 ), up to the UN and UNESCO, about which we wrote a long time ago and that some promised to us. Mm Marie Robert sent it to UNESCO. The representative of the Buddhists Soka Gakkai to the UN, Mr. Asai, headed by the prominent Japanese peacemaker and Gandhica coauthor Mr. Daisaku Ikeda, promised us its presentation (20 copies of which they received from the GHA) at the end of September at the UN. Unfortunately, we still do not know whether Mr. Asai was able to fulfill his promise, or something interfered with him.

In the absence of this information and independently of it, we decided to send our flyer “Gandhica for the UN" to the UN o­n its birthday with our congratulations and the unique peacemaking proposal of the Gandhian mega-thinking by spherons to achieve global peace. We believe that of the many presentations and mailings of Gandhica, this event is the peak of the Gandhi World Year. This is reflected in the proposed banner for your discussion and approval.

Obviously, this is the most striking, outstanding and significant event of this year, to which our final report will be dedicated in 2 weeks.

         Best wishes for peace from harmony of Gandhi’s spherons/varnas,
Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President,


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