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Gandhi year. Fruits and report. Dedicated to the victory over fascism that there was no war


The Gandhi Year Fruits. GHA Report.


To Victory over Fascism,

75th Anniversary o­n May 9, 2020

That there was no war!



Approved by the GHA o­n November 19, 2019


In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=905

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=817


Gandhica publication:

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=788

Gandhi Year-2019 Resume.

The GHA best fruit for 15 years in this year:

The GHA has transformed Gandhis non-violence over these years from unnecessary to anyoneUTOPIA, buried the world militaristic order for 71 years after the Gandhi murder, into fundamental, peacemaking, substantially new (Einstein)

spheral Megascience and substantially new non-violent Megathinking embodied in Gandhica as third-order Sociocybernetics of spheres/spherons.

They have no comparison in the dominant military science and violent ideologies. They are

saving for humanity from the global nuclear ecocide/genocide through the spheral Gandhian nonviolent peace democracy based o­n them eroding institute of war along with its militaristic democracy, more or less subordinate to it in every traditional state national form.

This is the humanity breakthrough from the era of violence/self-destruction to the era of non-violence and prosperity of all nations in global peace from conscious harmony.

Today, as always in human history, the better world not
will launch
without the human mind new true fruits.



1. The GHA World Sociological Experiment

2. The Gandhi World Year Peak

3. Other Achievements of the Gandhi Year

4. Robert Burrowes The Strategic Theory of Nonviolence: Phenomenal Practice, Theoretical Achievements and Scientific Limitations

5. Gandhi Non-violence: In the "Utopia" Oblivion Charnel

6. What to do when People Lack Intelligence and Education to Understand Gandhica?

7. Constructive Dialogue in the Knowledge of Gandhica. Its Structure and Stages.

8. Conclusion. Spiritual Democracy of the Gandhis Varnas/Spherons: the GHA Tenth Book in 2020. Gandhian Democracy: Key Condition to reach peace, harmony and non-violence


1. The GHA World Sociological Experiment

The GHA began the Gandhi World Year dedicated to his birth 150th anniversary o­n November 6, 2018 as a global sociological experiment with world public and political opinion regarding the memory, research, evaluation and use of the greatest historical and salvatory peacemaking heritage of Mahatma Gandhi non-violence for humanity:

https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848 https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=853 .

What are the results of this experiment for the year? What has been done and what others and we have found for the revival and life of this salvatory planetary heritage during the Gandhi anniversary year?

Let's say right away, the overall results are sad and even deplorable, if not worse, but not hopeless, not zero. We will begin our report with the positive results of this large-scale experiment, with its most encouraging achievements and worthy life examples.


2. The Gandhi World Year Peak

The GHA began the Gandhi year since the 67th project, with the creation of the jubilee Gandhi Book, which received the short name Gandhica and was published by its end in three languages: English and Russian (250 pages each) and French in abbreviated form (184 pages):

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=788

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848 and

In French: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/GandhiBook_Fra_WEB.pdf

We waited and hoped for a year that we would have something to compare our book with other achievements of this year. To our deep regret, we were greatly mistaken: there was nothing to compare Gandhica with (see below), therefore this book became a unique and highest achievement, an intellectual peak and the scientific culmination of this year. It gave the first scientific explanation in history of Gandhis non-violence law of our life as law of the greatest force of mankind, more powerful than the most destructive weapon, which 70 years after Gandhis death remains an inaccessible secret for the partial traditional social science that has been stagnant for century, a riddle for ignorant people and useless "Utopia" for its enemies/militarists. They buried it with this derogatory stigma, despite its greatest practical embodiment in India.

Therefore, Gandhica, by the right of scientific, empirical substantiation of Gandhian varnas/spherons with world statistics as deep, genetic social sources, substance and actors of non-violence and its law, is an unprecedented result and the highest positive intellectual achievement of the Gandhi World Year. We will be happy to know, if we do not know, about any other similar achievement of this year, in order to compare with it and share our palm of supremacy with it. Unfortunately, over the year, we, none of the GHA members and our friends, called anything like that.

In this regard, Gandhica is the o­nly living tree o­n the grave of non-violence Gandhi, which opens it a new, second, conscious life for humanity in all of its future history, because it provides it with survival and a new intellectual substance of development. This is a scientifically conscious revolutionary breakthrough of the new century. It gives to the Gandhis non-violence law of our life not o­nly deep, true intellectual comprehension and fundamental scientific background but also its practical application unlimited in time and space at all levels from an individual, family, city, nation to the human community and all its bodies - UN, UNESCO, etc. The global significance of Gandhica is described in detail in the book itself, and it is summarized in the leaflet Gandhicas Mega-Thinking for the UN and Humanity: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=904

Naturally, we are well aware the Gandhica peak relativity in 2019. In the subsequent years, undoubtedly, new heights will be created o­n the path of spheral Gandhian knowledge, recognition and application of Gandhi non-violence. But this is a matter of the future.


3. Other Achievements of the Gandhi Year

In addition to the Gandhi Book project, the GHA approved o­n January 15, 2019 the 68th project International Jubilee Gandhi Committee (abbreviated as: GC) with an extensive program of activities under four work modules/vectors: Education, Interfaith Harmony, Science and Womens equality and non-violence:

In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=853

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=789

On February 5, 2019, the GC included 35 GHA members from 18 countries. GC goal:

Organization of a global complex of international and national events in different vectors of culture, science, education, religion and politics within the framework of governmental and non-governmental organizations in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gandhi o­n October 2, 2019 under the general name World Year of Gandhi with the unlimited goal of deep understanding, strengthening , the possession, dissemination and wide practical use of the heritage of non-violence of Gandhi throughout the world among all peoples in accordance with his fundamental definition:

Non-violence [harmony, peace] is the greatest force in the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapons of destructionNon-violence is not the cowardice; it is always heroism. Non-violence is the law of our life.

Unfortunately, we also have nothing to compare with this GC, its program and purpose.

Within the GC program framework, GHA proposals were developed for the Government of India and Russia o­n a number of culmination events of the Gandhi Year in each module. Together with them GHA created the World Gandhi Petition under the motto Preserve the Gandhi Heritage for the UN, UNESCO, other international organizations and world civil society, which has been translated into 6 languages: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=865

Among other notable achievements of this year, there is a wide celebration of the anniversary of Gandhi o­n October 2, 2019 in St. Petersburg, where the Consulate General of India together with the Russian National Library opened the exhibition "Mahatma Gandhi - The Great Soul of India", at which the Consul General Mr. Deepak Miglani spoke. Gandhica was presented to him in Russian and English. In addition, similar exhibitions in St. Petersburg were opened at the Icebreaker Krasin Museum, the Institute of Economics and the Leo Tolstoy Library (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=902). It is very likely that St. Petersburg is the best city in the world for the preservation, memory and celebration of the Mahatma Gandhi anniversary in the world. Honor and praise to it! What cities of the world are like it in this? We do not know if there are any.

The GHA members from other countries in honor of the Gandhi anniversary provided presentations of Gandhica at various events: in India - Dr. Subhash Chandra, Dr. Pravat Dhal and Mr. Shasi Kumar; in France - Guy Crequie and Marie Robert, in Greece - Takis Ioannidis, in Russia - Nina Novikova, Leo Semashko and others. In a special section of Presentations of Handicap, 46 photos of 16 similar events are presented (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=902).

Outside of them, a special place is occupied by the jubilee Gandhian celebration of the great Indian Yoga Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bern, at the Embassy of India in Switzerland, devoted to the theme of environmental conservation (ibid.).

Gandhi Solar Park opened at UN o­n September 25, 2019; about 195 solar panels were installed at the UN headquarters in honor of the birth 150th anniversary of the national liberation movement leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi. According to the Minister of Environment and Climate of India Prakash Javadekar, Gandhi Solar Park will be able to generate 50 kWh of electricity. "The United Nations celebrated the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by planting 150 trees, and India erected 195 solar panels o­n the UN terrace" (https://www.aninews.in/).

List of about 30 official events in different countries dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi see here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=863


4. Robert Burrowes The Strategic Theory of Nonviolence:
Phenomenal Practice, Theoretical Achievements and Scientific Limitations

Speaking about Gandhis year achievements outside the GHA, we cant ignore probably the most powerful practical experience of non-violence and attempts to understand it in the last 40 years, undertaken by Mr. Robert Burrowes in Australia. His phenomenal practical experience of non-violent actions is widely represented in his biography (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=679) and in his numerous (about 300) works (https://robertjburrowes.wordpress.com/publications/), which we will not repeat or analyze here. We will o­nly try to write a review of his experience and his main theoretical book The Strategy of Nonviolent Defense: A Gandhian Approach, NY, 1996 (http://www.sunypress.edu/p-2176-the-strategy-of-nonviolent -defe.aspx), according to the following plan.

Practical experience of non-violence of R. Burrowes since 1981

Achievements of the "Strategic Theory of Non-Violence" by R. Burrowes

Scientific limitations of the theory of non-violence R. Burrowes.

Unfortunately, access to this book domain is blocked for us for unknown reasons. Therefore, we can write this review or the corresponding article o­nly when we get the opportunity to read this book.

Robert Burrowes is o­ne of the most prominent and significant figures in the world non-violence movement during the last 40 years, who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his phenomenal, selfless and heroic practice of non-violence. However, he is unlikely to get it, like Gandhi, who was nominated for it 12 times, but all for nothing. The Burrowes' practical and theoretical achievements, despite their scientific limitations, are organically integrated into the Gandhica conception and they will be included in it when it will be reprinted.



5. Gandhi Non-violence: In the "Utopia" Oblivion Charnel

The GHA Gandhi year turned out to be a flourishing oasis in the scorched desert of indifference, neglect, oblivion, falsification, hatred and vandalism to Gandhi's memory and especially to his unique and invaluable experience and teaching of non-violence. In a militaristic world order and violent democracy, which generously finances war, weapons and violence and refuses to finance peace, harmony and non-violence, Gandhis non-violence does not unacceptable to it in principle during more than 70 years after his murder. To the great and bitter regret, the events of a positive nature, dedicated to the anniversary of Gandhi, the preservation and memory of his unique legacy of non-violence is negligible compared to the endless ocean of its negative facts, perversions and indifferences. We will o­nly list the most famous and disgusting facts of this shameful ethical modality.

It began during the lifetime of Gandhi, with the hatred of the British leader Winston Churchill, who called him the half-naked fakir and when he was nominated 12 times for the Nobel Peace Prize and was rejected from it every time as if peace and Gandhis non-violence are separated by the Chinese wall. This is recognized by the Nobel Committee as the most shameful fact in its history (https://silamira.ru/mahatma-gandi-nobelevskaya-premiya/). The farther, the more this modality expands and takes o­n the most disgusting forms unworthy of civilization. Here are just some of its facts.

"Nuclear Gandhi" - worse than Hitler. In o­ne of the most popular militaristic American game Civilization with the highest world rating, existing in 6 versions since 1991 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civilization_VI), the most peaceful historical figure and symbol of peace - Mahatma Gandhi turns into the violent aggressive militarist, who is worse than Hitler, in the Nuclear Gandhi. He scatters nuclear bombs, arranging the genocide of civilizations and the nuclear Apocalypse. The "Nuclear Gandhi" motto, instead of his real non-violence, is an shameless fake: "The whole world is in ruin!" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru0Za8_dFaE) There is no more monstrous perversion ... It zombies future generations in fascist misanthropic militarism, overthrowing all the humanistic ideals of peace, love, harmony and non-violence. The sacrilege of "Nuclear Gandhi" is tantamount to the sacrilege of "Nuclear Christ, Allah or Buddha", which so far, unfortunately, no o­ne has paid attention to

Hatred and vandalism. The Mahatma Gandhi ash was stolen from a memorial in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. According to India Today, the ash disappearance from the museum was noticed o­n the day of the celebration of his 150th anniversary (October 2, 2019). The kidnappers also painted the word traitor o­n the image of Gandhi. Hatred of Gandhi continues to smolder in India so far: https://vesti.az/v-mire/v-indii-ukrali-prakh-makhatmy-gandi-384074

Student campaign "Gandhi Must Fall." Dailymail. Gandhi 'was racist and planned statue of him (on November 25) outside Manchester Cathedral must be scrapped due to his complicity in British Empire's actions in Africa', demand city students. Students have called for 9ft structure to be scrapped in open letter to Council. Gandhi accused of 'anti-black racism, 'complicity' in British colonialism in Africa. The statue was donated to the city to promote 'peace, love and harmony'

Sara Khan, 22, liberation and access officer at Manchester University students' union, who promotes herself o­n social media as a 'future Labour Home Secretary in the Making?', is behind a campaign to prevent the statue being erected...A 'Gandhi Must Fall' campaign has now been launched in Manchester, which Miss Khan is promoting o­n social mediaThe Gandhi Must Fall campaign has seen his statue removed from the University of Ghana and another being defaced in South Africa - where the pacifist lived from 1893-1914.


Its hard to imagine a more immoral, disgusting and perverted students campaign than Gandhi must fall overwhelmed with hatred and a lie to the greatest peacemaker in the history of humanity. It expresses the extreme degree of anti-humanism and ignorance of students in South Africa, Ghana and Manchester, who are realizing this disgusting action. Obviously, they conduct it o­n order and at the expense of interested militaristic or fascist organizations.

Indifference to the GHA Petition: To Preserve the Gandhi Heritage. This Petition was published for signature o­n the CHANGE.ORG platform at the end of January 2019: In Russian: https://www.change.org/p/------------- (signed by 11 people o­nly - information o­n 12-11-19) and in English: https://www.change.org/p/andre-sheldon-save-gandhi-s-heritage (signed by 13 people o­nly - information o­n 12-11-19). In total, o­nly 23 people signed it. Here is a fragment of this petition:


The GHA International Jubilee Gandhi Committee (GC), expressing the interests of the world civil society, emphatically states that over the past 70 years, there has been a paralysis and vacuum of political will of nation states regarding the preservation, research, development and system use of Gandhis unique non-violence heritage.

In this political vacuum, the social perversion of non-violence and the dismissing of Gandhis unique historical importance creates a lost opportunity. The perversion of the symbol of peace into the symbol of the nuclear apocalypse of civilization perpetuates militaristic solutions that zombies the young generations psychologically for future violence.

The silence of Gandhi also serves this today, what is the death, betrayal and oblivion of his non-violence as the most valuable peacemaking tool to the exultation of eternal militarism and invincible violence.

Therefore, modern history is marked by an unprecedented increase of violence in all areas of human life and biosphere. It has reached an extreme, especially dangerous limit for the life of humanity in the sphere of interstate relations. Violence, like a deadly cancer pathology, SMITES all social institutions: family, education, media, the state and all social stratums, especially the weakest, vulnerable, and the most unprotected: children, women, the elderly and the like. Violence is the totalitarian ideology of all deviant, aggressive and terrorist groups. (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=865)

In total, o­nly 23 people signed the Petition Save Gandhi Heritage. This meager figure, together with all the positive achievements of the Gandhi year listed above, makes up a vanishingly small fraction of a percent, almost indistinguishable from zero, of lonely enthusiastic Gandhi followers. Where are all the others?

Indifference of governments and civil society organizations. Over 10 months, the GHA sent dozens of letters with proposals of the Gandhi Year events to the governments of India, Russia and other countries, to local authorities, to various international and national peacemaking and Gandist organizations, which are published o­n the GC page. We have not received a single response to our appeals. Total indifference to them. No comments.

None of the Nobel Peace laureates in the world remembered the Gandhi anniversary in 2019 and did not sign the Save Gandhi Heritage Petition. Our attempts to find at least o­ne response from the Nobel Peace laureate about Gandhi o­n the Internet were completely unsuccessful. No comments Maybe this unfortunate fact is explained by the stunningly scandalous fact of Gandhis ignoring during 20 years of their worldwide organization?

"World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates": 20 years of Gandhi oblivion. The president of this organization, which has been operating since 1999, includes dozens of Nobel laureates, hundreds of staff, partners and supporters (http://www.nobelpeacesummit.com/permanent-secretariat/), Mm Ekaterina Zagladina said many pompous words about the 20 years of this organization work (http://www.nobelpeacesummit.com/permanent-secretariat/message-from-the-president-2/) o­n the eve of its next 17th Summit o­n September 19-22, 2019 in Mexico (http://www.nobelpeacesummit.com/).However, in the significant year of the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi birth and 10 days before this date, October 2, 2019, she managed to neglect it and no recall at least a few words about it and Mahatma Gandhi. This is what the Pentagon, NATO and like the military ministries of all countries did, is understandable: Gandhi does not need militarists, he o­nly interferes. But why did the "World Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates" act in a similar militaristic way? Is this organization a department of the Pentagon or NATO? Or does the ultimate goal of the Nobel laureates not coincide with the ultimate goal of Gandhi global peace? Is Gandhi completely dead in the memory of the Nobel Peace Laureates, in the memory of their world organization, in all their documents? o­nly in o­ne of them is the theme mentioned among the main topics: Nonviolence & no wars, as if non-violence is possible without and beyond the Gandhi legacy. At its highest self-esteem: Our Summit is the most inspirational and largest annual event in the field of peacemaking (http://www.nobelpeacesummit.com/the-world-summit-of-nobel-peace-laureates/), how this organization can completely forget the name of Mahatma Gandhi and his legacy? In this case, can we be surprised at the fact that Gandhi is dead in the memory of more than 99,99% (except India) of the world's population? Not to mention the fact that he has long been fundamentally dead and does not exist in the memory of the militarists. How do the Nobel Peace Laureates differ from militarists of all stripes in their common oblivion of Mahatma Gandhi and his great legacy of non-violence? Is this a rhetorical question? Maybe it measures the moral decline depth of modern society, which buried in oblivion and neglect the peacemaking legacy of Gandhis nonviolence, and thereby found itself o­n the abyss edge of a global nuclear catastrophe?"

Indifference of non-violence movement to the Gandhi. Robert Burrowes, in his latest (October 14, 2019) semi-annual great report of the 108 non-violence organizations activities from 39 countries, published almost o­n the Gandhi anniversary day o­n October 2, 2019, names o­nly two non-violence organizations, o­ne in the Congo and other in India, in which was noted this anniversary (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=679). Unfortunately, both sources (which we underlined in red Roberts report) were not available for verification.

Indifference of peacemakers to the Gandhi non-violence. The GHA Save Gandhi Heritage Petition summarized the dangerous global trend of oblivion, distortion and falsification of Gandhis peacemaking heritage. Unfortunately, this great and saving heritage of non-violence for humanity turned out to be indifferent to all peacemakers over the world as if none of them knew that peace and non-violence were inseparable and identical for Gandhi about that he wrote a thousand times. We do not know a single peace organization that would celebrate the Gandhi anniversary and signed the GHA Petition

The reason for the non-violence movement weakness and peacemaking degeneration is the separation and renunciation of Gandhi's non-violence. As the facts show, both peacemaking led by Nobel laureates and the nonviolence movement, which were unable to understand the peace law of Gandhi non-violence for 70 years, separated and abandoned this heritage, joining the militarists in its funeral in the crypt of oblivion "Utopia". The rejection from the greatest peacemaking legacy of non-violence is the rejection from its greatest spiritual, moral and intellectual soft force that has led to impotence and profanity of these movements in our time, deprived them of their highest meaning and dignity, leaving them o­n the surface of small, albeit important problems and dooming them to degeneration. Without mastery, intellectual comprehension and deep use of the fundamental Gandhian non-violence law of our life" they are doomed to extinction. o­nly Gandhica can save them from this as the embodiment and quintessence of Global Peace Science (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf).

What is the GHA extensive work result to promote events and preserve the Mahatma Gandhi great heritage of non-violence? After this year, we must honestly and frankly, with great regret note the sad result of this work, with some exceptions listed above. We formulate it as follows: Militarism, militant ignorance and philistine indifference do not need to preserve the legacy of Gandhis non-violence; they are not able and unwilling to explore it, to understand its deep fundamental essence and the need for humanity to survive o­n the threshold of global nuclear ecocide and genocide. Militarism, ignorance and indifference have buried this great and priceless legacy and its memory with the stigma of utopia, for the exception of several organizations, including several universities in India, which organized some events in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Gandhi birth. He practically turned out to be useless to anyone except rare enthusiasts - adherents, like-minded people and admirers of his great heritage, who first scientifically revealed his deep social essence in the GHA Gandhica.

At the end of the Gandhi year o­n November 6, we conducted an express sociological study o­n the Internet o­n a set of the following issues: What are the activities of the governments of different countries (India, Russia, Pakistan, USA, etc.) of their parliaments, international organizations (UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Religions), universities, libraries, NGOs, women's and youth organizations, political and social leaders, Nobel laureates, etc. in honor of the 150th anniversary of Gandhi? Besides the few references we used to a number of similar events organized by the Indian consulates in a number of countries (Russia, Armenia and others), as well as in some parliaments, for example, the Russian State Duma, we did not find any more information o­n this subject. This study o­nce again confirmed our disappointing sad conclusions.

A similar result of a sociological experiment and research was predictable for us; o­nly its scale and integral structural contour were unknown. Its scale, the paltry memory and respect of Mahatma Gandhi and his legacy of non-violence were stunning to us.

We see its reason o­nly in o­ne thing, in the incompatibility of Gandhis non-violence and the modern world order. Gandhis non-violence o­nly interferes with the militaristic world order and its militaristic democracy, which annually "legitimately" invests trillions of dollars in weapons, militarism and violence leaving peace and non-violence without a single cent of financial support. Therefore, non-violence was buried. They need neither global peace, nor social harmony, nor the Gandhi non-violence as "the greatest force of mankind, which is more powerful than the most powerful weapon." Why do they need this force when they are fully, 100% occupied with the most profitable business of inventing an increasingly powerful fighter weapon under the guise of defense and security. Therefore, they legitimately do not invest a single dollar in peace, harmony and non-violence, burying them together in o­ne grave crypt and not creating a single government Department of Peace/Harmony/Nonviolence in two centuries no o­ne country.

At the same time, they dig a grave for themselves, depriving survival for humanity, which will sooner or later eliminate them, replacing them with a viable world order and democracy o­n the foundation of not dying in self-denial militarism but o­n the foundation of global peace, harmony and non-violence, which is scientifically uncovered and statistically proven in Gandhica. Deprived of this o­nly saving foundation, the traditionally militaristic world order and its democracy plunged themselves into an avalanche of crises, general collapse and degeneration, which require their non-violent demolition by replacing them with Gandhian architecture.

Gandhi's year sociological experiment proved the extreme scale of this global collision and the urgent need to replace them with the new architecture disclosed by Gandhica. o­n the other hand, this experiment showed how tragic the position of the Gandhis non-violence saving legacy is, how insignificant its understanding and support. BUT as Gandhi said, its truth and inevitable victory do not depend o­n the number of its supporters. "Truth is God." It will find, eventually, itself way of life and triumph.



6. What to do when People Lack Intelligence and Education to Understand Gandhica?

Its not a secret to anyone that Gandhis non-violence is not o­nly the greatest, but also the most complicated intellectual achievements of humanity in its entire history, along with the greatest discoveries of natural science: Einsteins theory of relativity in physics, the Mendeleev Periodic Table in chemistry, genetic structures in biology, theory of the invisible dark matter/energy in astronomy, etc. The highest complexity of the subject of non-violence determines the highest intellectual and epistemological complexity of its scientific and philosophical theory, first developed in Gandhica and confirmed by world statistics.

What to do when people lack intelligence and education to understand its (as well as others) scientific complexity and apply it in life, in updating themselves and society, in solving individual and global problems, in order to ensure survival and prosperity? There can o­nly be o­ne answer: to educate, teach and enlighten. The ignorance of people is natural, universal and accompanies a persons whole life. People, by their limitations, will always remain ignorant that was well understood by the greatest minds of humanity, like Socrates, who at the end of his life and at the top of his wisdom had the courage and honesty to admit: "I know that I know nothing." Ignorance is not scary or harmful if it is not dogmatized and does not turn into absolute truth, which becomes an insurmountable obstacle to its constant overcoming and makes it solidly frozen that happened with all totalitarian ideologies of the past and present. In this case, ignorance becomes belligerent, aggressive, violent, overwhelming all objectionable ideas and achievements, as happened with Gandhis non-violence. The militant ignorance is prudish and cowardly put the repulsive negative stigma "Utopia" to bury and close it - no o­ne will study useless utopias, wasting time and energy o­n empty and false. Therefore, the study of Gandhica requires will, an understanding of its unique meaning and great effort.

But overcoming ignorance in enlightenment and education should not begin with repulsive criticism, accusations and reproaches in it, with insults, with humiliation and suppression of any dissent as a search for a way out of ignorance. Overcoming ignorance should begin with empathy and compassion, with the understanding that everyone is not guilty in it, but condemned to it by the achieved limited level of knowledge, therefore he needs help and support through education and enlightenment in overcoming ignorance through overcoming alienation from the new and complex knowledge neutralizing corresponding ignorance.

The last century of militaristic stagnation and depression of the humanities and social sciences ensured ignorance in them with hard-core bloom, domination and gave it totalitarian, violent forms of suppression of any dissent, deviating from the ideological absolute canons established by the authorities no matter what. Therefore, the mastery of the scientific complexity of Gandhica is faced not o­nly with epistemological obstacles, but also with unusually strong social barriers in traditional science, education, mass media and culture. But despite them and in spite of them, conscious citizens, teachers and peacemakers must bring the light of this new knowledge through new schools, universities and academies, through new academic disciplines and courses, to which the GHA has always called o­n its members. While there are no special breakthrough achievements here, but they will certainly be - they require life under the threat of extinction in a militaristic world order.


7. Constructive Dialogue in the Knowledge of Gandhica. Its Structure and Stages.

The dialogical way of knowing Gandhica and therefore, non-violence of Gandhi is the best way to master it and overcome the epistemological difficulties of this path. The structure of this dialogue is determined by the structure of parts and paragraphs of Gandhica, primarily the structure of its defining theoretical first part in its four system blocks: o­ntology, epistemology, sociology and statistics.

Stages of such a dialogue: questions, answers, discussion, new knowledge, comparison with traditional knowledge, criticism, construction of a understanding paradigm, development of this paradigm in discussion, game situations, team decisions in a group, choice of practical goals of nonviolence, cooperation in nonviolence, questions of its theoretical and practical development. Dialogue in a similar design, a compromise in it is better than cramming and, moreover, hostility. Refusal from dialogue is a refusal from non-violence, it is a position of violence and intellectual weakness and cowardice.

The main dialogue should be preceded by a general introductory cognitive dialogue, which should show the teacher the level of general education and the nature of the students worldview in order to understand his personality, its pros and cons and determine his pedagogical strategy with him. We restrict ourselves below o­nly to this part in the aggregate of the main questions for dialogue with the student to begin with. Each teacher who has mastered Gandhica will be able to build a system of questions for its other parts.

Introductory questions block. Have you heard of Gandhi? Who is it? How is he known to you? Have you heard about the theory and practice of non-violence Gandhi? What was it like? What is the main practical outcome of Gandhis non-violence? Do you know other similar examples in history? Have you tried to understand his non-violence? How do you assess the significance of non-violence in human life and society? Why did Gandhi consider non-violence to be the greatest force of mankind, which is more powerful than any weapon? How do you understand its non-violence as the law of our life"? What social reasons for nonviolence suggested by Gandhi? What did he call "attributes of nonviolence"? In the system of which four spheres of society (social life) did he consider non-violence? Did he allow the use of violence to protect non-violence? What is the role of science and religion in non-violence, its understanding and recognition? Are the goals of war/violence and peace/non-violence the same? What is their opposite? Can strategies of violence and non-violence be the same if their goals are opposite? How do you feel about militarism? Is it compatible with non-violence? How important is non-violence today in connection with the extreme destructive power of nuclear weapons? What do you think is preferable for people: violence/war or non-violence/peace? Etc.

To start this block of questions, its enough to start discussing and understanding the theoretical part of Gandhica. The enemies of Gandhi, non-violence and Gandhica, militarists in spirit, do not discuss such issues.


8. Conclusion. Spiritual Democracy of the Gandhis Varnas/Spherons: the GHA Tenth Book in 2020. Gandhian Democracy: Key Condition to reach peace, harmony and non-violence

Gandhi considered traditional democracy unspiritual, partial, dying and incapable of being nonviolent. He considered this question to be very complicated due to its political acuteness and systemic, holistic integrity. As a hypothesis, o­ne can formulate the thesis that Gandhi recognizes a spiritual person, society and institution not their partial forms, but their integral comprehensive structures, including the humanistic religion and morality as their system-forming and value-determining components that ensure non-violence, peace, love, harmony and other attributes of survival and prosperity. Any restriction or alienation from them makes a person, society and any of its institutions partial and violent, doomed to extinction. Therefore, the definition of democracy and the economy as spiritual social institutions is associated at Gandhi with their integrity, which ensures non-violence and value-based exclusion of violence in all its forms.

In Gandhi, o­nly an integral democracy of varnas/spherons, determined by the humanistic values ​​of religion, morality and science/truth, can be non-violent and harmoniously prevent all possible social conflicts. But no o­ne knows or speaks of similar democracy in our time, except for Gandhica and the GHA. Therefore, the GHA a year ago planned the theme of Gandhian Nonviolent Democracy for 2020 in a separate module of the Gandhi Project: Module 5. Democracy of Nonviolence: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=859 Democracy of nonviolence is practically the most important, scientifically least studied and politically most pressing issue and module/vector of our Gandhi project. Therefore, its discussion is postponed for a year, until January 2020."

The development of this important topic in the GHA new book next year will be an attempt to fundamentally answer the key political question of non-violent Gandhian democracy, posed by life and scientifically recognized as o­ne of the most significant results of the World Gandhi Year. The end of history of Fukuyama in our paradigm is the end of traditional militaristic democracy, replaced by Gandhian nonviolent democracy, prepared theoretically by Gandhi and Gandhica. Its perspective is also o­ne of the most significant results of the last Gandhi year, which will find development and continuation next year.

Of course, we must understand that our report o­n the Gandhi year does not at all pretend to provide comprehensive coverage of its positive and negative events regarding the heritage of Gandhi and his figure - this is a task of a special large-scale research work for which the GHA does not have the necessary resources.

We will be grateful to everyone who, despite the completion of our report discussion will express his/her criticisms about it that we will publish. We know that we are unlikely to hear kind words from outside about it with the facts used, with their honest coverage and unpleasant assessment. But for us, the truth, as for Gandhi - this is God, is above all.


Approved by the GHA members








Another cybernetician?


Dear Klaus, Dear Loui, Dear Nick, (In CYBCOM)

          "Conjecture: The messages are composed of the forces of attraction and repulsion which can be seen as an equilibrium of self-organization (attraction) and chaos (repulsion)." is pretty much the essence of what I took away from the video.

From an epistemological viewpoint, I understand your argument Klaus that any theory starting with a given universe is problematic: "I for o­ne am working hard against the seductive nature of universalist and deterministic claims of what IS and instead inquire into novel actions that bring about UNANTICIPATED POSSIBILITIES."

On the other hand, isn't that how the game of physics works?To "instead, inquire into novel actions that bring about UNANTICIPATED POSSIBILITIES.",is a wonderful description of the Daoist approach of living, which is not really translatable into any other language, but means something "Wandering without thinking about returning", but how does it relate to a physical theory of the universe?

From how I understoodHaramein's idea of an o­ngoing feedback loop of processes reshaping the structure of time and space because the matter is an extension of space simply puts the Daoist approach into a context that allows developing this approach to some extent, along with the rules of our current of physics.I o­nce wrote a paper, which explains,on the structure of the Chinese language and its relevance for understanding Taoism, and why it isn't translatable, and the closest we get are different cybernetic approaches.

I wonder to which extent, we as cybernetics, act as a salesperson, complaining that customer somebody else's methodology?Please be aware is not meant to attack you or yourcomments, which are valuable and appropriate to me. It just reminded me of the general problem of cybernetics, that it seems that, we can't really over much to those, who have become more successful than we are using cybernetic terminology.

It can be observed that within the scientific community, we have largely lost the authority over how to use our cybernetic vocabulary, which has been assimilated to be used in all kinds of manners, but never in a manner to which we cybernetics could agree. Even worse, to have any larger success the scientific community and society at large the most profitable way is to act as if cybernetics hasn't even existed.

What are novel actions, we as cybernetics could take that bring about UNANTICIPATED POSSIBILITIES when faced with a social reality in which our limitations are very easy to anticipate?

Another scientist will come along mixing up cybernetics vocabulary and ideas, and neither he/she or his/her audience will care about cybernetics or what cyberneticians think about it?The ecocide of the biosphere within which we seemto exist will progress, the effects of technology o­n our society and biology will still be ignored at large, andwill keep tottering along o­n the edge ofa nuclear disaster,while the fact that some of smartest people have spend decades trying to work out solutions to steer this situation, will stay irrelevantfor most players in the current discourse.
Best Regards,


Lucas Pawlik pawlik.lucas@gmail.com



Another cybernetician?+++Another reality of third-order Sociocybernetics?

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for your courageous, non-standard thought! Have you heard about the unknown (but intuitively reachable) UNANTICIPATED POSSIBILITIES of varnas/spherons, which are described at the intuitive level as varnas in the Rig-Vedas; at the hypothesis level was used by Gandhi to explain non-violence and developed in the GHA during 15 years in a statistically / empirically proven societal Megascience of Global Peace with its substantially new (Einstein) megathinking of third-order Sociocybernetics of spheres/spherons in their probabilistic / thermodynamic nature?

This unknown/unanticipated possibility of social science is disclosed in details of philosophy/ontology, epistemology, sociology and statistics in the GHA ninth book dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, with the short title Gandhica, 240 pp.: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

Do you would like to participate in its further revelation in the synthesis with your social construction of new reality in communications and the transformation of spherons from the terra incognita (unanticipated possibility) into the known land and used to save humanity from nuclear shameful self-destruction (E. Roerich)?




Another cybernetician? (CYBCOM discussion)

Hi Lucas,

This video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbZO1ykipj0) displays a certainly interesting vocabulary weaving several cybernetic concepts into a narrative of what IS presumed to be the case.

Interestingly, the narrator stumbled faced by several commonsensical questions for which he seems not to have an answer.

Claiming that everything is connected to everything else locates him in the stereotypical belief of systems theories and the simplistic basis of wholistic philosophies.

From where I come from and move to, this is fundamentally anti-cybernetic.

I for o­ne am working hard against the seductive nature of universalist and deterministic claims of what IS and instead inquire into novel actions that bring about UNANTICIPATED POSSIBILITIES.


"Krippendorff, Klaus" klaus.krippendorff@asc.upenn.edu

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_Krippendorff /https://www.asc.upenn.edu/node/491 26-11-19


Dear Klaus,

Many thanks your appreciation of the GHA scientific and peacemaking efforts in promoting the Gandhian non-violent ideals. You, as a peacemaker and a cybernetics from Japan, could best briefly review our unique in peacemaking and cybernetics Gandhica, take part in its translation into Japanese and its publication in your wonderful peace-loving country with the great 9th article in the Constitution. We also invite you to the GHA tenth book for the next year: Gandhian Spheral Democracy with the corresponding article o­n the influence of democracy o­n peace by Gandhi and other thinkers. Is it possible for you? To begin with, we are pleased to invite you and others to co-authorship in the final article o­n Gandhi Year: "Third-order Sociocybernetics (Cyber-3) as Megascience of Global Peace ...." in the attachment and here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908. Is this interesting for you?

We do not know your book with a tempting title, unfortunately, and would be happy to publish it o­n our website in full or in part if you send it to us along with your brief (1 page) bio/CV and photo.

Of the GHA synopsis of recent works, primarily Global Peace Science (2016: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf), I recommend reading its Primer for Adults at 25 pages here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423; as well as the Primer of Spheral Democracy from it in 20 pages here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=424. Your reviews could be limited o­nly to the study of these synopsies. We will be happy to publish them. Their shortest (30 p) and complete philosophical generalization is presented in the Gandhica Part 1 here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848 . Best wishes, Leo,

Dear Leo,

I have been for some time much impressed by your tireless engagement for peace and Gandhian pacifist non-violent ideals. I will ask my Japanese friends who know English well to study your work.

Thank you for having published our letter.

Btw, do you have a copy of my "A Peace History of India. From Ashoka Maurya to Mahatma Gandhi"?

With best wishes,


P. S. Do you have a short, comprehensive text describing the way to achieve universal peace, from your point-of-view?



Legislative actions are powerless without social pillar and

Spheral (Systemic/Cybernetic) Science (Mega-Science)

Dear Klaus,

We published your response here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=905 in the order of discussion.

The GHA highly appreciates the maximum concern of your the SA9 Campaign for the constant increase in militarism, the military threat and budget that bring humanity every year to a global disappearance in a 100% prepared nuclear ecocide / genocide: all that remains is to press the triggers motivated, or accidentally, or as a result of technical failure of control computers.

We also greatly appreciate the constructive proposals of your the SA9 Campaign for the legal improvement of the UN Charter and its collective security legal mechanism to overcome the sad status quo: without enforcement powers, without binding jurisdiction, without its own supranational monopoly of power and corresponding democratic institutions and controls, the UN is not able to achieve its aims." Similar legal innovations have been made dozens of times for almost 75 years after the end of the WWII, including by the authors of the Earth Constitution, which is not unknown to you. The practically worthless experience of such legal efforts over 75 years has been proven and obvious. It is necessary, but it is insufficient, partial, superficial and doomed to failure for another 750 years, if humanity survives.

It is deprived of a fundamental scientific base that reveals the peace-loving and peace-making nature of human, society and humanity. This was well recognized by Immanuel Kant. This was clearly understood by Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein, as well as several other prominent thinkers. But, unfortunately, none of them created the "Global Peace Science" (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf). It was created by the GHA and substantiated with world statistics in its latest unique book Gandhica (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). But a strange (or normal for militaristic society and militaristic democracy) case, NOBODY wants to listen to and discuss this science, its Gandhian premises, which are rooted in the ancient Indian idea of ​​varnas expressed in the Rig Vedas, but which remained inaccessible to scientific understanding. o­nly in the GHA, in its named books, it received a modern theoretical and empirical justification in world statistics as the idea of ​​spherons, peace-loving in societal eternal genetics. Such ideas of Gandhi, Einstein and the GHA are ignored, they are neglected by everyone, even the Nobel peace laureates in their organization, even countless peacemaking organizations and the non-violence movement that is analyzed in detail in the GHA Report in the attachment.

Could it be better than crying out in the desert, is it better to organize a "World Congress o­n Global Peace Science and Gandhica"? Or, to begin with, discuss it and Gandhica in your The SA9 Campaign? Is your campaign capable of such intellectual action? o­nly after recognizing the possibility, necessity and real existence of the first model of similar fundamental peace science, we can hope to bring over our militaristic opponents, who for thousands of years have been repeating their false beliefs, which you quote: political scientists reject the idea of ​​the peaceful settlement ... in practice. Politicians have come to believe that an international peace based o­n justice and order is an impossibility. "Everybody knows the United Nations is an instrument of collective security. But hardly anybody knows that collective security is a myth; it has never functioned and never will." This analysis suggests that the 20th century project of abolishing war as an institution has failed, and that now it is already too late to change course. And so o­n to infinity in space and time.

You, we, peacemakers are NOT ABLE to oppose anything to these false, anti-scientific beliefs and statements. o­nly the Global Peace Science and the GHA Gandhica are scientifically fundamentally and irrefutably opposed to them. Then WHY YOU and all other peacemakers traditionally do not want to hear about any Global Peace Science, limiting yourself to the small and partial peace decisions that do not solve the global and historical task of eradicating the institution of war in principle. This problem is solvable o­nly at the level of fundamental Global Peace Science and o­nly at the level of the substantially new (Einstein) Gandhian method of mega-thinking by varnas / spherons, disclosed in Gandhica. It cannot be solved at the level of traditional legal thinking, at which we created this problem (Einstein).

Epistemology and its interdisciplinary sciences of sociology and sociocybernetics of spherons determine the quality, truth and pragmatism, the reality of legal decisions, which without them are doomed to the superficial and baseless existence of a transitory doxa, opinions. Your "Legislative action" cannot and will not work without fundamental societal science and thinking. For 75 years, no legislative action have transformed and will not transform the militaristic in essence the UN into peacemaking. This is proven in our harmonious spheral UN project, which is built o­n the societal structure of spherons (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=768).

Could we rely o­n your understanding and discussion of these GHA fundamental books and projects? Could you respond as we have responded to your message? We will be happy to publish your reply. Thank you for your understanding if we find it from you and your campaign.


Tokyo, November 22, 2019

Dear Colleagues and friends,

US $ 1,822 billion was spent o­n arms and armaments worldwide in 2018 - 2.6 percent more than in the previous year (SIPRI). 

It is now time for peace researchers and the peace movement to ask governments to take legislative action to renounce the right of belligerency, confer primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security o­n the United Nations and launch a genuine collective security system that will allow nations to disarm.

If you have read our "Second Article 9 Campaign" message, would it be too much to ask you for a comment? Of course we realize the difficulties that arise from the fact that starting genuine collective security will harm the arms industry. In Germany the Federal Government, possibly with the consent of some research institutions, is aiming at establishing Europe as a united military power, rivaling other world military powers. We believe this is a dangerous path; it is expensive and not likely to be successful in promoting world peace.

Regarding the establishment of an effective system of collective security supported by an international court with binding powers, many politicians, political scientists and peace researchers may say: "Why, a person could no more do that than he could fly!" Really? Should it not be possible to conceive of the possibility that the failures of the System of Collective Security will ultimately lead to their success? 

Just as the Wright Brothers were criticized by important scientists who explained to the public why flying was impossible, so political scientists reject the idea of the peaceful settlement of international disputes through collective security and an international court in practice. Politicians have come to believe that an international peace based o­n justice and order is an impossibility. Although at the Hague Peace Conferences in 1899 and 1907 Germany had vetoed "obligatory arbitration," the great majority in favour, including France, the United States, England, China and Russia continued to pursue the world order project proposed in The Hague. 

However, like Simon Newcomb (quoted in Fred C. Kelly, The Wright Brothers: A Biography), supposedly "a man of ... profound scientific wisdom," who had "demonstrated with unassailable logic why man couldn't fly," so a bunch of academics seem to agree with German political scientist and senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Ernst-Otto Czempiel: "Everybody knows the United Nations is an instrument of collective security. But hardly anybody knows that collective security is a myth; it has never functioned and never will."(Die Reform der UNO. Möglichkeiten und Missverständnisse, München, Becksche Reihe 1994, p. 25). 

Of course, this view is outlandish, absurd. Those who promulgate it either have neglected or don't realise the tremendous progress that had been made with the United Nations Charter. Obviously, however, this is precisely the view which led to the Federal Constitutional Courts ruling in 1994 rejecting the idea of collective security as envisaged in the UN Charter and the German Basic Law. Since then regional military alliances have sprung up all over the world, all of them audaciously referring to themselves as 'systems of collective security' (findings based o­n Google Alerts). 

This analysis suggests that the 20th century project of abolishing war as an institution has failed, and that now it is already too late to change course. Possibly the o­nly way to avert the impending catastrophe is by following the course John F. Kennedy outlined as a young journalist attending the San Francisco UN Conference: Things cannot be forced from the top The international relinquishing of sovereignty would have to spring from the people it would have to be so strong that the elected delegates would be turned out of office if they failed to do it

To comply with this we need a grass-roots movement similar to the o­ne taking place with regards to the environment. We encourage academics to take the lead.


The SA9 Campaign

"Dr. Klaus Schlichtmann"




Dear Marie,

This is a great contribution to preserving the Gandhi heritage through Gandhica at UNESCO! Thank you very much! We greatly appreciate it and admire your Gandhian responsibility in fulfilling your promises!

We were happy to post your valuable message and wonderful photos in the Gandhica Presentation Gallery (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=902), now it has 48 pictures, and o­n the Gandhi Year Fruits page (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=905).

          But the "Summit of Nobel Laureates" stunningly scandalously ignores Gandhi and his unprecedented legacy of non-violence during 20 years. Please see the Report. What do you think about this? How can it be compatible? If the organization of Nobel laureates has stubbornly ignored it for decades, then what remains for the other population to do? What militaristic example do they show?  We understand now why this organization rejected our GHA Global Peace Science (2016) in the same tacit ignoring.  They dont need it, like Gandhis non-violence. Can global peace and non-violence come with similar "Nobel Peace Laureates"? To who should we hope if they are its traitors? Etc.Etc.
        With love,





Dear Leo and all,

As I promised, o­n 15 November, during time of general conference at UNESCO Paris, I transmitted o­ne book Gandhica for referencing it at UNESCO Library. Mrs. Petra, in responsibility of this office, received me (photo).

I transmitted also a Gandhica Book at Mrs. Audrey Azoulay, General Director of UNESCO and French woman, with a dedicate from all of us.

With love for harmony and peace into the hearts,

Dr Thea Marie Robert,

From France,





Gandhica Education System

Dear Lucas,

Many thanks for your warm words, appreciation and strong support of our, GHA, Gandhian practice and theorizing, which were published together with GHA Gandhi Report: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=905 .

At the same time, we share your criticism and highly appreciate your innovative proposals, although not all of them are available to me due to my ignorance in mushrooms, their role in the biosphere and ensuring democracy, about which you write. I am not alone ignorant in this matter, so could you supply us with the necessary sources so that we can overcome our ignorance here and understand your pathos in it that does not reach us.

We fully share your call to act locally and concretely, not limited to the general theory of Gandhian non-violent survival of humanity. Your appeal is fully consistent with the practical strategy of Gandhis non-violence, which in our time is most consistently and stubbornly promoted by Dr. Robert Burrowes from Australia for the past 40 years (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=679).

You perfectly intuitively understand that the first practical action in this direction is the education, teaching and enlightenment of people, especially children and youth, in the new scientific knowledge of Gandhis non-violence, which is presented in Gandhica. Therefore, your brilliant decision to educate young people in this knowledge in your ethics course at the Department of Pedagogical Ecology is a powerful contribution to building the global educational network of Gandhica, making it a fixed part of all education programs, i.e. all schools, colleges and universities, as you write!

As Gandhi wrote, if you want peace and non-violence, you must start with the education of children and youth! Your Gandhica-based ethics course is an excellent practical implementation of the Gandhian strategy of non-violence. We congratulate you o­n this! A similar system is starting to be created in India by Dr. Subhash Chandra, Dr. Pravat Dhal and Dr. Maitreyee Roy as part of value education; Dr. Takis Ioannidis in Greece in his system of Harmonious Enlightenment; in Argentina by the publication of the Spanish Gandhica and the efforts of Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Dr. Maria Cristina Azcona, Dr. Susana Roberts and Bella Ventura; in France by the publication of the French Gandhica and the efforts of Marie Robert and Guy Crequie, etc. The GHA members in Russia, Nepal, Australia, Pakistan, Ghana, Canada, Kenya, Bangladesh and many other countries intend to join them in reprinting Gandhica in their countries and developing appropriate education system.

Your Austrian example (together with the Gandhica nonviolence curriculum o­n 30 hours, pp 175-178: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=854#top) will be a great model for others. We hope that you will send us for discussion your curriculum of Gandhica and Gandhi Petition, as well as your materials o­n the role of fungi in the autopoiesis of the biosphere and sociosphere. Thanks you.


Dear Leo,

Thank you for speaking so openly and documenting so well, what we are actually doing here! It paintsamuchclearer picture, which great burden you carry!After reading your summary, I felt proud to have helped the voice of Gandhi speaking clear and informed about the state of turmoil we are in.

However, I must insist that there are supporters of Gandhi willing and waiting to take action with us, which we have not yet considered, or approached in the wrong way. There are too many people in India alone, whose life has been transformed through Gandhi!

As a consoling note, I would like to mention that I will teach about our Gandhi petition so save humanity as part of an ethics course at the Department for agriculture and environmental pedagogics!

It is a small step, but a challenge anyone to make Gandhica part of any fixed higher education curriculum!! We must build a Gandhica network around the world!

Knowing how humanity can survive is not enough! We must apply and teach it!

Beyond politics, we live in a biosphere build by fungi, which is collapsing, no matter who believers to be the winner of our human conflicts. Souveranity of food, medicine, and a clean environment are the basis for a democracy.


Dr. Lucas Pawlik,

Vienna, Austria,






GHA Report "Gandhi Year Fruits" was approved. This GHA Gandhi year closed


Dear GHA members, friends,

I am happy to inform that the GHA Report o­n the results of the Gandhi year was approved. We received a lot of responses without a single objection. The report has been edited in connection with additions, especially Dr. Lucas from Austria, who prompted us to o­ne additional scandalous fact regarding the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, which for 20 years has ignored Gandhi and his legacy of non-violence, has never mentioned them that is analyzed and evaluated in our Report.

We thank for all replies, of which the most important were published together with the Report and updated banners at: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=905

This is our final of the Gandhi Year, which we close and at the same time open the Year of Gandhian Democracy, to which the GHA special regular project will be dedicated in the next 2-3 weeks.

With love and best wishes for peace from harmony of the Gandhi spherons,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President




Thanks to Dr Subhash Chandra for this wonderful presentation and thanks to Dr Leo Semashko for a wonderful book that is the entrance door for a promising future to our Global Peace Science and GHA.

Maria Cristina Azcona

Educational Psychologist

Familiar Counselor

Forensic Expert in Psychodiagnosis (Advisor)

GHA Vice-President Latin America

Peace from Harmony Co-founder

WWPO founder president

IFLAC Latin America Director





I agree with the first icon also..

Love, peace and harmony

Susana Roberts from the south of Argentina.



The reflections of Lucas always relevant and are adapted to the context. With him and so much of others, our network lays out people of value. With Léo: o­ne of the thinkers of our time, certainly with o­ne crowned character and its way of working: our network has a visionary surrounded by remarkable personalities.

Thus, a innovating approach as ours disturbs many established Institutions and organizations of which the ambition is to continue even exceeded, this, to preserve their power and their influence even if they became unsuited vis-a-vis the requirements of our time.

Then: as Lucas indicates it, it is necessary to reinforce our cohesion, our unit, enriched by diversity by our courses and our cultures.

With the external plan: it is necessary for us to think of a precise communication by using the modern means like the professional editors. The Whole is to safeguard our capacity to be said and our independence of judgment and operation.

Our network lays out remarkable women: generous, qualified, given that many organizations must envy us.

For my part: tomorrow this Sunday I present the GANDHICA at the time of a literary living room, then absent for care from November 19th to November 28th, o­n November 30th = I will present it at the time of a conference o­n the peace organized by Masonic cabins.

On January 8th and 21st, 2020 I undergo 2 surgical operations!

Among us: some tired and old will not know all the development of our audience, but there are the successors! However, there will be inevitably at a time given the verdict of the history!

Even if the recognition of our projections can appear sometimes millimetre-length = time plays in our favor!

It will occur at o­ne time a qualitative jump which will allow a transmutation

(I.e., the passage of a state with another.) I want to say an acceleration of the diffusion and audience of our ideas.

We need: to be patient, courageous, given, but time will agree to us.

So long = Sunday evening or Monday =je mets o­n line photographs taken at the time of the living room of Holy Foy Them - Lyon.


Guy CREQUIE poet, writer and ordinary French singer



Dear friends,

Gandhi year is far from over!!!

My deepest gratitude to everyone involved in the French and Spanish translations. In the absence of a strategic plan, these efforts are vital to our organization to reach a new level of capacity to act.

We need this capacity in order for our efforts to bear any influence o­n the dynamic of the military-industrial grip over democracy. Otherwise, we are just documenting our own doom.

I agree with Leo that it is an outrage that we have not heard anything back from the Nobel Peace Laureates Organization!!! Without Gandhi and Einstein, not so many people would know about the Nobel Prize at all!

Second, and not less important, not responding to an agenda involving so many of their laureates completely discredits their own institution!! If they are the best by your own standards then ignoring their actions makes the Nobel prize organization complicit in the homicide of humanity through culpable negligence.

I agree with Leo's report o­n Gandhi Year. I would add that it is an important insight that as the current institutions fail us like the failed Gandhi we have, to adopt the perspective of hackers.When Leo writes that others don't understand what we are doing as a call to action, this means our current methods of communication are failing.

As a first internal step, I would suggest following Guy's call and practice to o­nly use non-violent communication in our email collaboration!!! We must practice what we preach!

For our communication to the outside world, it is vital importance, not to move o­n to daily business, but to continue the momentum we gained in spite of the lack of support.

While supporting Leo's efforts I will write a blog o­n this scandal and my current perspective of what has to be done to save humanity.

I have also included this subject o­n a keynote for an upcoming world (WHAT?) congress to bring our current dilemma to the attention of a bigger audience.

Let us all put our heads together and show them that it is better not to ignore us


Dr. Lucas Pawlik,





DrLeo Semashko, GHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President (2016); &

All Global Peace Leaders,

Greeting from GHA India

YES! I approve the "GHA Report o­n Gandhi Year"!

In my opinion, the above picture is better than others are for the banner.

Peace & harmony to all.

Dr. Subhash Chandra, President & Chairman Board

GHA Global Harmony Association, India-




. . , . , , . .




. , . , 2, 3. ?





GHA Report: The Gandhi Year Results.

Discussion and Approval by November 15


Dear GHA members, friends,

We are happy to send you the GHA Report o­n the "Gandhi Year Results" for discussion and approval by your YES or NO until November 15, inclusively. The report was published o­n a separate page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=905 as well as in the attachment in PDF format. Whoever it needs for editing, I am ready to send it in the DOK format. Please also select the best banner from its three drafts presented in the text: 1, 2, 3 from top to bottom. Thanks.

The GHA express our heartfelt gratitude to all the GHA members and his friends who, during the Year of Gandhi, in o­ne way or another, participated in the creation of our unique peacemaking "Gandhica" and in any events, not o­nly the GHA dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who is the greatest thinker and peacemaker in all of human history.

I refuse comments here: all the main things are said in our report. I will repeat o­nly the last paragraph of the report. Of course, we must understand that our report o­n the Gandhi year does not at all pretend to provide comprehensive coverage of its positive and negative events regarding the heritage of Gandhi and his figure - this is a task of a special large-scale research work for which the GHA does not have the necessary resources. We will highly appreciate and will be grateful to anyone who supplements this report, finds its errors, edits any part of it, etc.

Best wishes for peace from harmony of Gandhis Varnas/Spherons,

With love,

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President




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