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Glenn Sankatsing. Rescue Our Future: Global Peace from Social Harmony

Dr. Glenn Sankatsing



GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in LA

Member of the Executive Board of Rescue Our Future Foundation (www.rescueourfuture.org)  

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center (www.crscenter.com)

Author: “Quest to Rescue Our Future”,

Amsterdam, 2016, 555 p.,http://www.rescueourfuture.org/sample.pdf

Email: glennsankatsing@crscenter.com,

Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=909



Better a stone age than no age!

(Short bio)

Born o­n a sugar plantation in the colony of Suriname, the aspiration to become a cosmopolitan was honored by years of residence in the Netherlands, Suriname, Venezuela and Aruba. The failure of all development theories with a terrible social cost led to a backpacker’s trek through the turbulent social and political landscape of South America, which began in Caracas and ended two blocks from the burning La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago, Chile, in 1973, as witness to Latin America’s most violent military coup.

The search for solutions in religion, ideology, politics, civil society and science did not yield results and o­nly corroborated that the dominant system responsible for our existential dangers cannot offer a way out from within, because the solution is extrasystemic. This search for a just and equitable society shaped Quest to Rescue Our Future over a period of 25-years. It identifies humanity’smoral reserves as the strategic social force that can reconnect humanity with the driving force of evolution, which is ‘Life always seeks more life’. As a member of the Executive Board of Rescue Our Future Foundation and Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center, he currently dedicates his life to awaking humanity’smoral reserves from a hibernation imposed by dominant systems. The way to rescue our future is a cosmopolitan, communitarian, ecofriendly, solidarity and development-oriented Rescue Our Future Movement capable of reconnecting a derailed species with the life-giving forces of evolution.

In his professional career he was Director of the Institute of Economic and Social Research of the University of Suriname, General Editor of the Surinamese Journal of Social and Economic Studies, Member of the Academic Council of INVESP in Caracas, consultant to international organizations and Coordinator of the PhD School of the University of Aruba. Among his most widely used publications are Caribbean Social Science: An Assessment (Caracas, UNESCO, 1989); Social Science as a Victim of its Own Disciplines (2001), and People’s Vote Compatible with People’s Fate: A Democratic Alternative to Liberal Democracy (2004).

Quest to Rescue Our Future (Amsterdam, Rescue Our Future Foundation, 2016, 555 p.) Read the first chapters and reviews at www.rescueourfuture.org or of the Spanish (2019) edition Al Rescate de Nuestro Futuro.



Dear Leo,

 I am happy to know that GHA’s tenth book “Gandhicracy” (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907) is ready to begin the journey towards publication in December! It is a short time for such work, which indeed needs to start right now, and for which I will surely make my contribution.

  1. The title of my 2-4 page article for Gandhicracy book is: “Democracy without Disempowerment and Dispossession”. It will be submitted not later than April 30.
  2. For the review of Gandhica, as I wrote to you before, I will first take a critical look at the work to be able to finish my o­ne-page review of “Gandhicaby the end of February.
  3. It is so wonderful to see that Gandhicracy is o­n the same page as my life work “Quest to Rescue Our Future”, in terms of its goals, intentions and objectives. It is beautiful to see how different paths of different conceptual and methodological approaches meet at an intersection with similar conclusions. o­n the other hand, as long as the basic goals are shared, it is not necessary to homogenize all thinking and approaches, since pluralism, dialogue and cross-fertilization are wonderful assets to increase the chances of success, as long the core objectives to rescue the future of humanity are shared. In fact, it is a quest in which we will learn every day to refine our actions to increase the chances of success. For now, in part because it is only recently that the paths of the Quest and the Global Harmony Association have crossed, I will have to delve in detail in the concepts and methodology of the Gandhica approach with an open mind. Therefore, you will surely, understand that I cannot embark upon its statistical application, right now.
  4. As part of the book’s editorial board, I will certainly be available to look at the many contributions of our prestigious co-authors.

 When I look at the quilt of such a pluralistic gathering of philosophers and authors, who despite different views, beliefs and ideas they hold based o­n different life histories, come together o­n a mission to rescue the future of humanity, what we have is a fascinating project that demands the effort and valuable time of all of us. I am very excited to meet with so many like-minded people o­n the same page of history, who are now working o­n this wonderful compilation of their ideas in Gandhicracy, which will make an enormous contribution at a time our species seems to head without guidance to the valley of oblivion.

You will keep me posted.



Dr. Glenn Sankatsing

Member of the Executive Board of “Rescue Our Future” Foundation;

Member of World Wide Peace Organization;

Member of Global Harmony Association;

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center;

Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=909

Humanity’s existential crisis - Anatomy of the solution

What do we need to accomplish? Rescue our future.

What is the most urgent task? Rehumanization of a dehumanized humanity.

Who can do this? The moral reserves of humanity.

Where do we start? By turning an “I” into a “We” to take command of our destiny.

What do we do next? Take a deep breath today to start tomorrow.

Why? Action is the best prediction!

Quest to Rescue Our Future, 2016, 555 p. - www.rescueourfuture.org - Al rescate de nuestro futuro, 2019, 564 p.

(Published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907)


2020 - MMXX

Dear friends of the Global Harmony Family,

          May the symbolic harmony of 2020 and MMXX be the catalyst for the advent of the age of global harmony based o­n a transition to the era of ethics.

          “An anthropocentric predation of nature, which has reached unbearable levels in the era of modernity, should now make way for a harmonious coexistence with the habitat that offers humanity the conditions to thrive.” (Quest to Rescue Our Future, p. 366)

          We must free science from its anthropocentric burden. “The world of science and the realm of ethics diverge in their responses to reality. When science is at odds with reality, the way to proceed is to change theory; when ethics is at odds with reality, the way to proceed is to change reality. Science looks for a better understanding; ethics looks for a better world. The concern of science is to find out how reality is; the worry of ethics is to determine how reality should be. In a time where humans desperately need to engage as architects of the future rather than observe as bystanders, the choice for the ethical realm imposes itself at a global scale as an imperative for survival.” (Quest to Rescue Our Future, p. 369).
          In MMXX, we can turn hope into action because: “The redeeming force that can give humanity a second opportunity in evolution and can rescue our future is within reach. It is closer than we could ever dream. It is ‘We’.” (Last sentence of Quest to Rescue Our Future, p. 552).

          I wish you a happy, joyful and rewarding 2020 in the warmth of family and friends, in which the human family restores its control over its destiny.


Glenn Sankatsing

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center www.crscenter.com

Board Member of Rescue Our Future Foundation www.rescueourfuture.org

Better a stone age than no age!

English edition Quest to Rescue Our Future, 2016, 555 p. Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple iBooks

Edición en español Al Rescate de Nuestro Futuro. 2019, 564 p., www.rescueourfuture.org


Dear Glenn,

Happy New Year to you and your family with the GHA best wishes!

Thank you very much for your congratulations o­n the symbolic, turning New Year and the wise wishes for saving nature and science from anthropocentrism and turning hope into action with the help of new social science freed from slavery of its own disciplines (torn apart) and a new, non-violent Gandhian democracy based o­n it.

It was published o­n your personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=909

Happy New Year with peace from harmony to all!





Dear Leo and authors of Global Harmony,

Global Harmony has united us, from all continents and walks of life, in a shared determination to stop the dizzying pace of humanity’s descent into the abyss of oblivion. Grateful to each of you for your contagious positive spirit, please accept a copy of my lifework Quest to Rescue Our Future (Amsterdam, Rescue Our Future Foundation, 2016) as a gift for 2020 to each of you.

We have reached the point where no alternative can offer peace, unless we find some sort of global harmony that traverses the differences and parochial interests of a diverse species. The heat of that limbo takes us to a tautological revelation of this work: If all alternatives to global harmony look bleak, then global harmony is the solution.” (Quest 2016, p. 27)

           As nothing is written in stone in a quest, this is just a contribution to be examined and refined with new reflections and feedback in an o­ngoing discussion. We urgently need to put an end to the cynicism that the goal of all wars is peace. The shameful assertion by the tyrants of our species that war is the guardian angel of peace has made unbridled violence the supreme arbiter of conflict resolution. The time has come for humanity’s moral reserves to break with all systems of domination and oppression by taking control of our destiny in the spirit of “Life always seeks more life”, which is the true driving force of evolution.

I wish all of you an empowerment for the year 2020 that does not shy away from any sacrifice to reconnect a derailed species to this life-giving force of evolution, in order to mobilize our potentialities to realize a sustainable project where the place of command is within rather than outsourced to selfish elites who sacrifice our future for their own benefit.

            Our commitment to the deep aspiration for peace, justice and solidarity will turn hope into action that can guide us through rough terrain towards a better version of humanity.

           In solidarity,

Glenn Sankatsing

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center www.crscenter.com

Board Member of Rescue Our Future Foundation www.rescueourfuture.org





Moral authority of vulnerable states (8 p.)

Glenn Sankatsing

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center



http://crscenter.com/keynote-antigua.pdf or




Dear Leo and GHA Members,

Yes! Very timely initiative in a world that is going in the wrong direction and needs a new version of humanity. In nature, if you don’t participate, you die! Therefore, the greatest danger to democracy is outsourcing power to a vanguard, either of the left or the right, which decides for all what it considers good. The o­nly freedom that the vanguard allows is loyalty, which is the denial of democracy, participation and genuine representation.

            Happy to join such a dedicated team in exploring extra systemic solutions, which fits seamlessly into our work at Rescue Our Future Foundation, as elaborated in “Quest to Rescue Our Future” (Amsterdam, 2016, 555 p., http://www.rescueourfuture.org/sample.pdf). Quote: “Power, not by bullet, ballot or wallet, but by representation that mobilizes the strategic forces of society, as the agents of history, is the o­nly feasible response to social death in the contemporary world.”

We need to take command of our destiny. Action is the best prediction!

On board,


Dr. Glenn Sankatsing

Board Member of Rescue Our Future Foundation www.rescueourfuture.org,

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center www.crscenter.com,

Better a stone age than no age!

English edition “Quest to Rescue Our Future”, 2016, 555 p. Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple iBooks

Edición en español Al Rescate de Nuestro Futuro. 2019, 564 p., www.rescueourfuture.org


Published: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907




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